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Tagiffa m^ittMa M^iqua (iy Nova: 

Or, a New, £xa&, and Comprehcnfive 

S U R V E Y 

O F T H E 

Ancient and *Prefent State 

o p 



I. ACompleataQdAccuntteDefcriptioa 
of the CitUsy BoTOHgfity n-wKs and 
Fmrijbet in Ae Kingdom. 

II. T)xAx ^nti^tks. Thax Ealtpafii- 
eat, C'eaily NftHrsl^ and UtersTj Hi- 
ftory ; with 2 View of die MMMtrs, 
V»Uey and Cmjltms of the Inhabitants. 

in. A Copious Account of the Vomnda- 
timtty EMJovjmemtt^ Oriptul State^ 

• and fnfan Condition of the Catbt' 
drmh^ Mowafitrks, ChurehtSy Tmlatet, 
and otiier fublick Stnidures. 

IV. CompleaiLiftsof »»/oftheCharch 

. Livings in Enoland, and in what 


Kmndred at Heaiury they lye : Their 
Valwt in the King's Books, and rtalla- 
conej alfoanAccountoftnaayofthdr 
PRBSENT Patrons and Incumbeiui. 
V. A full Hiftory and Defcription 
of all the Noilewmt and Gentlt- 
mtiit StMts and their preesnt Pos- 
sessors, vnth Pedigrees of their F«- 
mliet, Jbuient and MeJer»j according 
to the beft Accounts. Likewife Me- 
moirs of the Uvts and ^Siota of 
fuch eminent Peifons as have parti- 
cularly fignalized themfelves hy their 
CnduH or Writingt. 

The whole being more Comprehcnfive and Inftruftive than CAMDEN^ 
or any other Author on thisSubje(a. 

And Illuftrated not only with General Mapps, but alfo particular ones of each 
CouNTYj and other PtAxss curiouHy Engraved, reprefenting the Romak, 
Saxon and Danish Antiquities found in this liland : 

Atlikewile Tables flvwiog at S'^h the Difiaoces of Makket Tovrm and other re- 
markaUe Places not only from one another but alTo from Landn. With many other 
Paiticola* th« are twitui and worthy Stt'ie*. 

CtXk£uA and Compled from the jtntitmiiiei aaiHifim 

Accounts accuiatdy(aJf*M(^^/«/, andcoiiimiuiicacedfi/reveral Jun 


L O Ji D N, 
Printed for and fold by Caesar' Ward and Richard Chandler. 
Bookrellers, at the Ship without Temple Bar^ and at their Shops in Coney 
Street, Tcrk, 2ad it Scarhroueb Spaw. MDCC XXXVIII. ■ ,-,,,-, 
* ^ V^iOOglC 


nKe three Gninnt boiud and g^t. In SixVoi-vubs. 
NtB. Pardfln- Ceimlitt nuijit hui_fifarate. * 


I 7' r 
v. i 







Tfc COUNTY of MIDDLESEX defcribeJ. 

MJDDLSSEX U an, Inlind with their Cmotry Hoafd^ to which tbey 

County, Co ciIW, becaDr« o&en ntbn, that ttiey tniy breitfae a little 

it was iniubitccl by a Pirry of fweet Air, free from th« Fogs and Soioak of 

Sttam/, who being GtQKcd the City. Fortheconrentent.GDverninem 

in the inidS of the three af tt, it is djvideil into fix Hundredt, vt'e, 

pcttT KioKdoBU of the Eift, Well, md Sftbbim, IJbwtrik, C^n, Uiitn, Gmt*, 

Sondi SMum, called themfelrei, or were and Kdmmm, and two Libcniei, «'«, Fin- 

called 1^ tlieir Neighbottn and Brethreo, wutmy and IfraUxisnu, containing in thein 

iUddk-SMMm, and in Time their Conntiy fety>nine Parithei, beJtdei Chapeli of Eafe, 

watikaownfqrtlieNaiiffaf MMiffM, la it five Mirkcc Towns, beridea the Citiea of 

ftiU coaii«m. Ii ii dirided (ram Biuiiag- LtmJmwA Wtpminfln, all onder the Juril^ 

bmfiirw on the Weft by the River CtU, or difiion of the BMhop of Lmltn, except 

Oh, which the BritsiMt called Cf; from (omt few Pecaliin, which we fhill iiu 

^rifirdfiiM on the North, by parochial Notice of in oar Sarrey of tbeoi- 
Boimdanet, from S/ix on the Eaft by the In the Time of the Britm'ur, this Connt/ 

Rinr £«*, and on the Snuth by the River aad E^were inhabited by the TUmtmuti, 

Ihmui, wluch Jividei it front Ktni and who about the cooing of the R»mmt, wsro 

Samy. a tittle Kingdom governed by AnvaMntfJav, 

It ■■ but » finall Coonty in Extent, con. bat Ailing ttnder the Power of Ci^Mm, 

t^ng not above twenty Milei in Length, who flew their King knd banifhed hia Heir 

and fcaicc twelve Mil» in Breadth, ana fo and SoccelTor UtmMFattm, were the firft 

not above eighty in Circumference ; bat Ctanof the Bti'Mm/, wboftll cotfaeftMuw; 

comprehending the Citin nf Lmdta and fbrM«Mr«riav flying to Jiilitit Cirptr, who 

JK^M^arin it. ia tbericbcftand moftpo- wutheninOMi, anddefiring hlaAfliftance 

pnloai in Ea^ldmd, hiving but 147000 Act-ei to reftore him to hit Right,- the IHMisMn 

of Land, and yet' above loocoa Houfc*. were fa afraid of hit Arnty. that they feoc 

The Land ii very fertile by the Improve- their Embaflidori to Cf/ar, njd having 

nent of the Dong and Conipod broaght made their volantary Submilfion to him, 

oot of thnfe Citiei, and the Inhibitantf ez- requeued that Maftjmimim night be thciir 

eaediog wcaJihy, by the Trade Of their Gevvmor under him, and gave him forty 

navigable River the A«wr. We may call Hoftagea, as Pledget of their Uaan Snbw 

iialnjoflall Lmdn, being inhabited cotcfiy jeAion to the r«wm Scnan. Under the 

lay t&e Cjtixea^ who till tfce Towns in it AtwM ProteSiioa they Kved to Ptace a con. 

A lidcrablc 



fidersHe Time, tntlW Governor! of their witb Linds the Church of St. Pffw ttVTifi^ 
ono, as CMMhliM, C*rM»im ind Tlftrf**- minfitr, went to Ami and became a rwora 
Mw, ai we hive mor« it hrge (hewed in Monk. Mrtd f««e«eded htm, md in hit 
(be Defotiptioa of ifi>h » wUcbwcrcfec Socccllbr ilNt^^Mfc Reign, .%iM the vifixK 
the Reader. ""'ons Weft S'xn King fubdued bis Tcrrito> 

Upon thcSettlement of the S»**ut in thii riei, and united them witfa fait own. Thii - 
Ifle, this County, with all i^«i and Part of, Priace ereOed the S«mm Monarchy un. 
HtriMlbiri, fwhich WM the Couniiy of der which wefind nothing pccnliar to this 
the jyimttMtit) becime the Kingdom of tho County^ 

Baft5<M»i w-hofe King, tho' be took hit Afccf tbeComiiitft of- this Nstioti by 
Name from that Part of hii Kingdom, the ttm^mu, this Connty underwent the 
which was called EaiC Seaxa. or Bj^m, like Fate with others, jod was cantou'd oat 
yet had hU Palace in this City « 7.«A-; «aior.g the Conqueror's Followers pmly 
ihere, tho* we Ikall fpeak of the AG. of «« "f ■^«P »'**"« of the 5jw«i-Fidelity, 
rhefe Kings more at large, and in out Ac- Ma P««ly to reward their Valour and At^ 
count of E/« have given the Names of ""^J^^^,,^ -.,, ^,^,,. . . 
them, yet it may no| here bt amifs to men- "^KlLT'T^^*" «>•**»« '•"2 
tionruchAaionsortheirs.aimoteefpeci.I- ,„yr*^?7'" , »i_,t_. , . "■'«'"*• 
Jy concern thii Part of their Kingdom, the f'j'fK E" of ^T'^'^'f*^' . ' 

fCntB r,t \xJJur.» Judith Conntefs of Umhmmhrhind; ■ i ■ 

Tb? ?;« fifft if .h. fall 5.»~ ia.g., «•»«?■'' »' '*«»'' •"J c"™*. ! 

&<»»./» .iidSJ«««,wtrtHcMtenPiiiicu ;««»":'« "'""7 • 

boi Srf/T.ihc third King, beiniintoenccd f"' y ""• ,,,, ■ 

by £■*<»<« King of Jl»<,- tamed ChriOUo, ?#?' * "j*"'"'' .. - ' 

cnv' .ted the Tmpio of K— into . Chri. ?^^*" »";^^'^"'''',Vj j, -j^, ' 

Si.n Cbuich, which hiving dtdiottd to. SJ?". "»•"/'". ""'»*»**" , . t 
St. P».<, he give it «UK7 tor bit Cthedr.l. Th.i il "11 the Jtnetll Hiftory «i find of 
Tbefe King, founded St. P.I.«M mfmt.. thuCoiinty, welh.J theeefete froceed to > 
Clr »* tell.-u., tb.t !»*.•«.. it thii piticoUt StJtv.y of the Town, follow.oj 
^».e . Princely M.rtTbwn, oiwy People oo, former Method of r.nging them laider 
trlding thither both by S=. .id Luid. Af- 'i' f'""' Hundred., .n3 feonbing ho 
terS.lT,., biithreeSoi.. S.r«i, Sr»ri, end M..ket-Town., the .d|o,n,ng V.lle. 
aip^m, reigued the E.« S«« toge. g..- A. to rt,. two L.b.rt.e. of ir»;.rf„». 
tir The? I».nimou0( returned to thei. end n"«.«»7. «■ "j". •«°"" 'b'™"' 
old Heetben Sopetflitioi, end were foe Hundreds felfome Writer, elfcen. them), 
gaded by S*.Ew. the Sbn Of s.~™l, .ndrom.llee.ght,ntbi. County. ,rf«. 
5ho.ncoVir.|:dtb.f.n.e Rites. He h.J . I'"*^' ?Sf ''T^ ., 

both . Brotbftmd Son to fucceed himi bu< 'fi^*. O 2-T^' ° 

the People rejeaedbolb end ehofe %.. "V-'M i ^■f-.l-rf*™. 

i«rt the Gr.ndfon of 5.W(. Ht redored e.,.,i.„ n..-J™4 

Chlilli.nity, end procured virtuous MUt '■ ff'"»<™ Hundred 

to eli.blilb rfae <iofpel- in hi. Kingdom, ^ , n^ . ... ...... 

S.£h»,, .nd S^fcr. ia , Tsthe ruolVSoutbern PJrt oPtMsCount.. 
their SueceOioo upheld. &«.. their Sou- 'V"*"" '?'"'" f'^' 1 "■ ."l" 'S?""" 
eVffor, w.. li ».1ou. . Ptofellbr of the '■" ™ '>» W"". 'J? Sooth, .nd Pm of tho 
eh.iIU» F.ith. tb.t he .fide hU Roy.l &«. 'I' '!» "'•^"•S Current of^the J.ver 
V.»o»m.. end becme . Monk >> the Mo. »•»". on the oiher Pert of the E.ft. by 
mflery of'S..»iA, M^ i» wbicb de- theHundr.d of »,.«», .odon.heNo.rfc 
.out IWpofition, be .W.1 followed by hi> by the Hundred of Bilm. The only 
ftmi .ndSucceffon Sii.'i .nd S.!^id, M.rket-Townof this Hundt.d n, 
JS,.lh« e.^.d»lb,o/i, wboef^hi JTIOti, , pretty ^ejown , th^ 
».d.iJ«rgedwithBiiUding!, mdetuiched M.rliet u oo wiflr weeMy^ w» Feir 



■** ^ , I •■* boihWiogiiMrt*!**, tb<rnipoi fcized vith fitch a PtniA B«. 

cAcniMer. Ir. tbf ««« Tongu. rt w„ A«rc«acM wUh rht Lord,, .nd .S,in«3 
caM 8-can«« wbidi l!gnifi«th a StoM, ■ Meeting with tbem k ilTii PUce Moft 
bKia£c bete wag ancientlr t Boandiry- jf t^* Bifliopa ippeaixd for tbs Kiiu tad 
Sum ktm, to mark out the Extent ef ""neLordt, bnc nMch the gTcarer Namber 
cbe Citjf ei Lmka't JiififiMbon up«n ths of ^"i vcn on du Btreu Side ns 
Wtint. Soae will hate thit Town foiu- ConTuIcatiea wu lung, Mid fhe ICiiw wag 
oaed froma &mmb UOisHmm, ar UiU.fttm, rrfoliue, bot perceiving Wmfelf unable to 
which tlwjr i>]r wai placed ktn ; bvt'tliif ^ithltaad c^ Birons Power, ha at lensth 
Coajeaott fieott « MiAike, b«ea«& stmii coB&tMed lo robTcribe and &il fjich Xr- 
doth not licapnii the Amrm Way, between ^ieler concerning their tibenias, u rb*v 
■Imdm a«d a< Pmmi, or any oibcr of that demanded, which were in afanafl the boie 
kind, npoD which tbe iuOisriM, or Mih- «"« ■« tbetwo peit Charttri of onrl«r. 
-CCpnei, w«e only let. m Libenjet, Aftgir4 Qhw««, and OkMrtslk 

Aa Anof ef Omw, ..4m Z)*a>. 1009, af. Aiyj^* ; lad to win hit SubjcdT the more 
tutbey h»d barot Oar^, reniTmng to the firnly to him, not only allowed the B». 
»^Side,aadhcartagtkataiiArtByifoni «"«■ w ehoofi! tveoty-fiiFe Perfons to fta 
■t*K d m was camtog igiiaA them, p«Cftd the ">>* AgnamcM pu in Execataon, bur hira- 
Kircr M cUt Toarn, aa tb« ^AwiChraincle i^f famoot his Leiteri Pateats to th- ^he- 
teUf OS. and fo weM into Xwff c» repair '^S of the whole Rcaioa. comnundine 
<D time Sbip*. ihentsiee thatcho rctreii] O'diiuocef ot 

Tbe T«wa it BOfttnted by tw» CMfta- ™* Agrcewent be diliunily ohfe^ved - 
UMand fiMir Heaaboroilghs, and being a *««nriiiiwa*only«he£ieainf th^KinB'i 
t wdfci p belMging ao the Cmwn, «he OK- 'ears, wbich were no Tcwarr worn off. than 
, een ar* eppoiated hy bis tfajetl/s Stew- •** fell '"to a fit of Anger, tnd coffcd the 
*d. OaybewaibBrn, for W*»t he had done, mi 

The Cbafch bare, wirb aft in Appttrte. fo"* 'fur cuicdied aH Upon chta Agree. 
•uca*. WB ^en by King ^»mi the ""'. the Amhor of tbcfiunoui Poem fn 
ConfaObr, to the Abbot and Convent of '" was«fteemed in Mr. Cmiidd^a 0*n) cal 
Vifimm^iF, bybiiCharter, dieed lotf^.O^, led, 71m MMfritge if Tame and Ilii ba« 
iti-andtbeOirewiviappIied by'tbeMonks tbnfligbt. 
of that Abbegr, dU a Viemge was appciint. 

«daad eodowed.aod fo conciimed til! the Miitf Us Prtttm, ^atiiinit Hoiened 
j Pifl nbtion, when %«Th (be ftoAory and 'i^tf'^, Itc. 

Vicarage cane totbt Crown, and hive fo In t»^^ to ihtt Seoie. 

maained ever finee. TheViMrfaere (jiih ''•wXaneaied i^nTame'sSMir j^«i9 
^Glebe of abore finy Acres. Afkfard, ta >W«w Mtmrmnm'd f*r H um m, j/rmr, mU 
called frem/the-Foid of the h'ttle River j^ (HUn 

cber^ isaChapelrytn^ia Town, endowed MrraivfwMfittSur*, mwnntfcif jyi^^ ' 
«atb aa float*, CwenTy-«igbt Aoreiand rwa ^*^^^*tA'tlit»f from hug Okti^mimn^ 
yanfarfif Land, -as • Maitnenance for hth J ft aw mmi tbm civiimrj tbi Lmd ^jrtfi'd 
Rr&o. aaioiwestba Care there. iM Lewis with hk JPcench Ak s^tk 

Near tbie Mkc in a Meadow, oiTIeJ, f Cm^gti iutrtu'i 

Hw^ iMiaif. or «a<N«/, w» The finana 

Meeting af^CingTsbi and hi) Nobha, jimm Near iMcPbce alfo, was the Agrenneiic 
Kuy, whmc Cottliag the Liberriac of tfM "••de between the Nobles, Gaardhntf tb 
lprda«nd i>eap1e of E^land. The Lords ^^B ""v? M- San ^ King JUn, and UmJt 
had got tbe "Oty of ZmJm on their 'Side, the Dauphin of fynwa, whom tbe Swons 
•CJ £iaf ]M«, who before bad piovided had Imrtted into t^e Re4«n to aflin them 
ta^aaf.tBnitK»^matoi/tHit09ty,wti ig>iaft£i»g9^ who badJlawnfinm tha 

A a 4cTi»er 




fbrnwr Agrwmetit, ind bcfia ■ new War. wirbant piying >ny Rioibm, mi that Hicfr 
which VII not finifiied whca be ixi. Tbii h hid covenaoted to pay. ind on tliit Ac* 
Qoanel, how juft focver it was agrioft the connt were At it Liberty before the &w- 
Eitber, the Genenlity of the Lordt, with clorion of tbii Peace, llioald be difchirgcd 
wbom the Pope joioed, did not cbbk it from thcPiymentof illfucb Sanu ai re 
Ksfonable to carry on agaiaft tbe In£iRt mtined oopiid. Dated Stpt. n. mS. 
King, hii Son HObTi wb» waj bo t nine Col. Bsrd wbowu (ai Mt. in$d ^iiik. om. 
Yeiia old, md therefore tbey fought to defcrtbea himj a compa& Body of Vanity 
nuke aa amicable Conclurioo of ill Matters and Ambition,but a proper. robuft,and«ome> 
in Difference, and difmif* I'M and bii lyPerfon, wu tbebaaofMrGwxrSnWV^ 
Forces into bis own Country. The Dao- cir of this Town. He wu cdocated at s«. 
phb, wAo dream'd ef nothing tefs tbinob. $m, and being made. ^Iknr of gj^'t Cd- 
Uining the Kingdom for himlcif fu the Bi- Ugi, CMmtrit^i, trivclled for fome V-eirs in* 
rons bad promifed bim, and to thit Eod to FrmKi, Otmm^ Ittfy^ nr>^ PattJUwt,. 
hid fworn Feiliy to him) wii for carrying Egffi, tad ArMt, of which he (eot s-large 
on tbe War llill, till bis Dcfires were sc- Account to Mr. Ct»rl4t tl»fi»i md at his 
complilh'd ; bat being excommonicKed by Return, prefented bii College wich a fatr 
the Pope's Legate, defiitcd by many of bis Alcoran, worth twenty Ponnda, which he^ 
Pirty, and dibppointed of the frcfli For- wasruppoTcdto have Qoln oat of i Mofqtic 
«csbeexpeaedfromhiiPadter,beat]«>flth in toff . Upon tb» breaking one of the 
ftbmittcd to an AgieeaoeBt about hia De- grand Rebcllioa, he retired to bis MijcOy 
pariure, and hying down Arms ; and a King Gbtriu L at IMt, where being mide- 
Meetiiigwu appointed here to that End, known to the Qoaeit as a Traveller, and one 
vbere I«m» himfelf; CtM the Pope's L»- that could (peik tUmb, he bad a Caamiin- 
gate, and tbe Earl of Ptmhtkt, who was on to be ■ Colonel gircii kim, ind was af- 
then the Governor of tbe Realm, fettled terwards made a Governor, fivft of Csm^tH* 
tbii Agreement and coofiimed it with aa Hoafe in GhKtJhrfiin, and then of the Ci- 
Oithj W6. *y of tnntfitr. la thefe Servipe* Iw ae- 

t. That Lrwtf ^ith all bis CwDMicei, gained fiimfelf To well, that be was created 
who had been eicommunicated, fhonld ini&«], 6rfta Knight, andtbenaBarooet: 
fiaod to the Jodgment of tbe Holy Chnich. Bat thefe Dignities did not content bim, 
«nd be faiwul to the Pope and Ct»rdi of wd tharefbre by bia owo, and ottwrt Endea> 
jlMft vooTs, be WIS fkrthtr hoooared with tbe 

3. That liwcr with hit People fltonld Title of Baron of Wmirj, and Vifconne 
' Tonbwitfa depart oot of the Realm, and Bttmm in InImI, am*- iC^. At 1engTh> 
4iever retain again with any evil Inttnr. be was taken Prifonet In one of the Baror- 

9. Tbatfoflraa in him lay, he fhonld ranate Battles fitr his Majefly, and to get 
srocoie hii Father, King PMf, to make Re* his Liberty, wrote thus to tbe Parliament, 
fiitution to King Htmj, of all tbe Ptkccs That he bidtikea Amu, neither for Rcli- 
which be bath any Right sod Title to, in gion (for there were then So many, Tbu be 
tlM Parts beyond Sea ; and that ^ea be could not tell which t»4>c of) nop for thlc 
fliall be Kng of R>Mwr, be will refign the Monfe-tno tbe Law ; bat to re>cllilili(h the 
fiate 4)tttetly. On tbe other Patt, King King on hta Throne, which he perceived 
Stwij, the Legate, and Bari sf Btmhnkt, took coald not be done,andiberefbre he drilired to 
their Oitbs lerenlly. be difcharged from bii Imprifonment,«]d b« 

4. That be woald reftore to the Bkrons would leave the Nation ; which wu accord- 
of tbisIUalm, andhis ocber SabjeOa, all ingly granted sod per&flned. ile retired ro 
tbe lUghts and Inberkanacs, with air the King {Avkt H. in Exile,, and was feat by 
LtbtftKS demanded, for which they had fi> bimao EmbaffidortotbcEmpeiorof frrjl*, 
hog cooteodtd with King ?afaa hii Bather, upon Hopes of obtaining gmt Siuns op 
Ana moreover agreed, Money fiom that Prince, for tfae Servica 

e. That all PrifoDCrsoo both Part! iboBld the Xi«lii^ Fleet bad done the pM-jteratOr* 
^ findwitb nleafU and ft* at UlMrry, aaai, bot he wu choked to the Sands in bis 



MIV D L £S E X. s 

Wn ttudwr. U« died a Pipift, Kid left in Ordiniry to hi* tAikAf, he wtt prcfer- 

huEuniVr poor^ Tba Vill^e* idjoiaing redto tbe De*nery of Ifnutfw, ni to the 

K» tlus Towa an, RcQoriet of ^Hm in UJdltfix, tnd fIi)/'/i7 

StnMS, bordering on Ic oorehwird, a in Ot^Mflrirt, and wis fwotn Scribe of the 

VilUgp EMBoas for btviog betn the Sett of nioft doUb Order of tbe Garter. He hatli 

tbe noble Family of Fitxrttivt or di IfM- written feveril Piecct, viz. 

fw, iam the Vmmm Conqncft. WUtfr Htxr Mtrw^w Rujtitm, in two Firtt, «nd ^n- 

•r^, wbo tud been one of the Conqoeror'i riU Cmnair^inp, giving in Acconnc of 

Folknwrf, having recewed four Minora in tbe. Suffering • of tbe Clergy in tbu Univer. 

thh CdtDty, u • Reward of bii Valour, fity, and the County, 

and {cctled hii Habitation here, and bii Fa> Utn-d/rtmcm, or a brief Chronology of 

■nily enjoy^ ir,till King Hny VllL Rtgai tbe Battlot and Siegea which happened be 

31. tdtliged (Im7 Lord fftB^yar to exchange tween bii lUifefty King Ci«r/M L fromtht 

tbii hit Sett, Manor, and Appttrtenances beginning of tbe Civil Win to Umb aj. 

in this Cotnty, Smrtf, Bwi/ntMjInv, BmU 16^7. 

fiin, and O s u f fb i**, (wbich Jaemi it to have Some Sermont Upon 1 niv. d- 10. iTt'aK 

been a very great BfiateJ for the Lindi tat*> 4. 7. and one before the Honfe of Com* 

Jy belonging to Biri^ Abbey in the ConB> mont in 16^0. He died at Wiwdftr, Jm^ 

ty of Wmtuftr, andcoaimanded him inune> i]. t677i indliciboried in thelQe, on th« 

diately to remove from hence, which be fonth Side of St. Gttrgi'a Chapel there ; and 

wtt forced to do with focb an nnwilling over hit Grave, on a Marble Table fixed in 

Mind, that he- died within a Vear after, tbe Wall, 11 ■ large Inrcription in Laria to 

This Family failed in Timor Lord ifiwJfif, bit Memory, Aicwing bis Snffcrings, Emi> 

wbo died in rd^i, and was traoflaced liy bb nency, and Piefertneott, On the other Side 

Sifter to tbe Hithmsmt i her Son litmst «fStM«*is 

fTmdftt OitlamMt, by Diiif BiAmm, Efii; be. UUm, or Uliimm, > little Village, whero 

ingnude, on bet Accouuf, Lord IKaJfi^, Cdfm being about to pifs the Thmmtt out of 

■ 3 Car, IL He WM created Earl of Pti- BMtk/aghtmfiirt, the Britmmi to prevent bit 

tmaik, )4Car. n.idSi, aodfeii two Soof, Itadioff on this Side, fet »II the Bank and 

ef wbrai thepre&QC Eail of Ptmtmk itde> thick Ford wirb Stilcn, ftoiir which the 

Icended- Place adjoiflifig to this Village, retains the 

Tbe Chnrcbof thiiParifli, wisanciratly Name Bill of Cntsj-St^i. 

a Reaory in the Gift of the fTim^t^ but Tbe Church of L*Um it a Vicarage and 

being given by fiime PerTon of this Family Cbapelry, anciently belonging to srwur, and 

to the Abbot and Convent of (Airtfiy in was in the Prefouatioo of tbe Abbot and 

Smrtj, it was appropriated to it, tnd a Vi> Convent of WtjhKiwfiir, till the Suppreflion, 

cartge endowed, to which a Cktk was ad* when itcameto tbe Crown, with the Vi- 

mitted in 1427. The ReQory remaintd in carige of Stamtf bnc wti granted back ■• 

that Abbey till tbe Oillblmion, when it gain to the Abbey- Chnrcb of fn/wiajfcr,, 

tilled widt the Manor to tbe Crown, ai it by KingMnrr V[II.Rv.]4.wbtchQ.£/<xA 

aforementioned, and renuini dill in k. htk, It4g. a. confirmed t yet we do not &ni. 

Dr. Stmm RfiMi, wasViciTof ihitParilb, (bat vitlurtheCfaorcbof (fV"''*A'^t o' ony 

andReSnrof St. MarfM/^a h Vmfj {i.e. cliioMng under tbtm, did ever prcfenr tf> 

in the FMrrv-wardJ Laarfn. Hewtianoted ihii Vicarage ^ biK^ttbe Reftoration, Sr 

and florid Preacberj and being Chaplain tn Tibamw A^mUi Knight, prcfrntcd to tbo 

ICng <Amitt L ftt&red with bjt Royal Ma> Church, or Chapel of LMam^ ai a Vicarigp„ 

fter, was (c^neftred from hi| Vicarage and and his Cleih being admitted, the Advow. 

Paribnage, tnd forced to fly to fave his Lifif. fan and Prefentation haa contioued in his 

Heatmded CingC^Jrr U.-iD his Exile, Family, or their Afltgns, ever (ince, but 

and wu by lum made 1^*9 of cUthtfit^ upon what Title , or Pretence, ff noc 

aod Maftef of the Hofpital there, hot had Icnown^ 

DO Prtrfit of either till the RcQntirioA of Mh Bmjmmu Hfudkr, tbe Son of Ttmurn 

MXug<Si»kiVL wkea being fworaCfMfiltid JBadfar^ Gwtlenuo» miborniatbisParilk. 

4 H* 


,6 m IV D L E s e:x. 

He WM edaeitcd M J*n&mt.r«i'/trr School, fhlly tStAvi, thic ifrerliii Refarn be rud 

tai beipg chofen Fellow of Sc ?*!«'( CtUgt Gntk LeQnrei io Oafird, *nd becimc i gnu 

0»f§rJ, comply'd wichtbe Pirliamcnc-Vifi- Friend indTucor to ErMjmu. .Being mide 

. tor«ini&48,llGW»(fEerwirdiiaid<Miai&cr MkBer of ihe Callcge ofM-Mtwt itiM^. 

. of the Chuich of MtrgMrtt Uil4t,MJ^Sa-Mt, fmt in-Env, be refif ned'Nn«M-L*iftvtf^, md 

' where he conrinaed till b«w»eie&«l for bis ratired ihitbci in his old Age, md there 

Nonconformity, As* i£tfa:Aficr which be dkd in ijiai, being eistity Yearj of Affs. 

. retired to Strib-Ifimihi'twgb in -tt^mfflart, Md wu baried in tr. He wrote feveril 

where he lived. pcintcly twenty Ytui, ex- Boolu, u, DvS. <MfM mjHikm ITlUbn* ; 

erciling his Funaionloilie Times, itod. died -GrMmp^m, Gfc. end-ii chteH* owtnonble 

' there JmfitfSs. Hcpicicbed (l»i»ofthe IwhifLefiaiet in St-'PoWi Chnrcli apon 

. Setmont in the Morning EierciA, «^ at Dim JrMftgit»jtn which be innighed it firft 

• CriffUgMtiiSetm, J. \nS*mlmmk, Serm. ij. uuafl&chu denied the AotfaoritTof thic 
. *aattii,QiUi'tiutb*-&tlii, 0Di7*.f. 9. Book; Bot tfterfie bid continned his Le. 
. Somh-E(ft of this Place, upon the Banks of fiares fooM Time, be re«nt«d bit Opinioa, 
. the RitfcrTiMUf, flinds md openly deth red, Tbatbe did not be. 

siufetm, or Sttftrttu, ■ fBii II Villi gie, -liere toe EMdQ'jfiw mentioned ^i9/ ry. 34, to 

■ whofe Manor WIS in the Lord ?iA« B«m- ' be the Writer of tbit Book. And 

. thamf of fUnht in StrnttfajbiN, 16 Bdw. III. £(WJk Higiu, wrha Wis the Incumbent in 

. tdvtrd tha.ConfclTof, by hisChutei dated ^6^i, or thercabouit, when tbc Civil Wan 

Dk, 3tf. 14A5, coofirniw, among odiec began. -He was eminent for hisConftancv 

Lands, to tbe Abbot and Cosveot of Ukfl. aod Loyalty, for being cje^d firom hij U. 

^minfitr, ^ight Hides of Land in this Parifli, ving here, and ftqacftefed, be was impri- 

> jvhich had been given them before by one fooed for fpciktng too ttriflily egitnft tie 

■ Uf hisPredEcelTors. The Biamchs m ft conti- -Proceedings of tba Parliament tgainfltfaeir 
nned Lords of tbii Manor for feme Time. King- He died before tbe ReSoratioo* 

- bot alienated it to. the Jiftffih who hold if, JCecpiog tbe Cooifi «f tbe Ttmmi, we cMne 

> till JtSu Tiflfft Earl nf mrufitr loft kis to 

. Head for adhering M KiagUmmdlV. aed Smtmf, orSadlmy, anotfterTiBsfelitna. 

then it was feized by tbe Crown, from ' ted on tbe 7b«w ftank. Tbe Manor hath 

which it baspafledtDSirAwrMnerpftaM^ from ancient Times beloaged to the Billiop 

. and hit Heirs, in whom, or their Afligai, of Lndm, Aa' we-find, Aat King Sdvtrd 

itremaim. the Coofeflbr did by Ua Cbamr above- 

Tbe Chureh it » Refiory, - and for outiy mentMoed, oonfrnamoi^ other Laodi (c> 

.-Ages was infeparable from tbe Maoor, and ven Hides in (bii Parifli by tbe Name of 

the Loidi ibovemencieoid prcreotodto itj Sm^tipi, rivan by one of Us Predeceflbr^ 

.bntof Iitcit huh been feparated, and in to the Abbey and Convent of mjhsMjfrr; 

-tbeHandsof Jivers otberi, who have pre* bat the Gburcfa of tbts Place 1m been all 
ienied to it. Two of the Reaors of this along appiopriated to the Dcin and Chap- 
Place are funoiui vw. pmsitm GrMfm, or tcrofiSt. ttnU, Indm, who ate the Ti. 

y.&t^n, a fingularly learned Man, who was irons of the Vicarage fbr that Reifdn. In 

incumbent in ifo^. He WH ed«c«cd«c this Parifli atfo, theic wmnciently s Porti. 

.Wifint\ School it IfSwA'jW. and cfaoTea 00 of Tithes belonging to tbe'PrioryofSt* 

Fellow of M« CiAfV, Orftrd,ia t^, who Batthtlmm, mWtp.3miMtii, Lmdn, ind 

.prefentedhim toibeRefiory ofMwtM'Xaqg* a Penlion to the Abbey of Gm/iv(, or Gn. 

•vi'A in Ssf^f . AlRitbis, applying himlelf flau fai ■MiW w w^. Norifhweft ^om thit 

to Divinity, be became jb emioeBt, that Place, it fome diflance from the Thamti, 

he was chofe Divinity'Retdcr in ■ W ^fd iti ei ftandetfa 

• CaA;*, where he dlfpnited befm Jting -HMWarfi, a little Village, remaricible fijr 

• B-ithTdlM. aod gave btm (b.gceac Satis* notbing bataRoyal'Seat, which, tKb' bat 
faflion, that he rewarded him 'ibocnti&lly. fnall, wi»fb machadmirvd by£1ng tUwy 

.He went initifrWrto-«CC(Uipli&bt«>rcU'in 'VIII. tbit hetnadc ft bis chief Place for 

tthei2<<*fni HtdOrttk Tvqgwt, 'wUcb- Jw A him PlnftiKf hivinstfae thamn inlProTpea', 



m inD L B S Bj: 7 

iglt dtKctoBi Chainpngo (booth, u well the DiocHi of LJffiA/V. Hedicdin ijji, .. 
u two food Parkt on cicb Side, fhe one ind wii buried in the North Ifle of Sf M«- 
oUri ■ »>■*■■■ the etber RMmrfA Fifk, 7*1 Church, wbcte he wis MiniAer. ' He 
wkwe b« tud (be Dlverlroa it tit Tlfflc^ bid ■ Stone Monumeot ercfted over bim, - 
of the lock or Hire. In Afcer-timei, vix.. but Time his dcmolilhed it. Adjoioiag to 
7 Or. -I. it htd the Honoar to confer the thii PniCh is 

Tids of Btron npoa ftmk Lord e*ttiapim, Ftbb»m, 1 faiill Villige, whofe Church 
vtekr that Prince w« creited Lord ftac wis givcntocheHofpitilof St.GiZrr'/jM t^tt 
•M*. He VH the fnuith Son of Piitif. Fltl£, by B«wjfi* CounzcCs o{ Rmmsfijwbo 
c wM ^ w of-Otdm^fltn, Efqi is Simirjit- prohibly wu then Lidyof the Minor. Her 
fiin, mad Innog hid hii Educifion uiider Gift,, with the ochci' Dooitions bellowed ■- 
Sir CiMrltfCDvmtt Knight, white hewn on it, n>u confirmed by King hmt^ II. 
IMUinc in ^pvAi, iirjbeing 1 Petfon of This Hofpitilbcingl Cell to SarfM-Lwun ' 
gmt Hkniral Pirti, qnick Appiehenfion, in Ltictflwr/hirt, the Mifler ind Brethren for 
■ad foOd Jtt^gmenr, wtsijsc.t. cmifiitu-. theTimeibeing,weTe Pitrons of tbii Church, . 
ted one of lAeClMki of iho Council, ind which being in Piocelt of Time ippropria- 
{Ma after wm niide rbit Prince'i Afeiit in ted to them, and 1 Vicirige appointed, they 
^■Ai,"in which PHcet be merrred fb highly, were PaCroni of the Vicarage till the Dillb' 
tint he WM upon bit Return tp Jmc, 1 crea- lationi AfVer the Suppremon, King Hmy ■■ 
ted ■ Befoner ; xnd being every Oiy more VIII. ft/f . j 8. granted this Reitory, Pirilfa. - 
om^ieoMii for Hs Prudence and Gravity, Church, and AdVowfoa of the Vicarage to 
WHConMtmcdChancellarand UnderTrca- thcLoid pwUfjfibnt we never find, that he 
fanr of «be £icheqirer by Kiiig Ci^ritf T. prefuited j for at the uelt Vacancy jfiuln» 
Rtg. s- and PWoVcaiS afrera Barooof this 8*17, Gentleman, pot in 1 Cleib, at //«» ■ 
Reahn, by rtte Title of Lord Ctithgtin of jwri Pdtrnm, and ever (ince, there has been 
lUm mrth. Headbcred to his MijelW ifl all a new Patron at every Avoidince. 
huTrovbka, indwai made Lor^ Treifu- Kffi-Btdftiit, To called to didinguiOt it 
fevatOiiJbrd.- After his Mailer's Death, he from FfVJf Bt*/ffirt; an Hamlet in thai Farilh. 
eoBtitiBnl in the Seivicc of hiaSon King Wefind not who wasancientlyLordof this - 
Ctarlrtn. tntrn EsHc, af?d wiij with Sit Manor, and fo may fuppofe it was given to - 
tdwrnri IKA, fent EmWTidar into Sf»in, ctie of the Conqnefoi's Followeta, The 
wherebedicd at fW*irtj'if. He left tio Child, Church wts appropriated to the Convenrof '■ 
ta that lib Sr«bei*s Sou, Msurict CttHngtm, the Hify Trinity it Bmifltw, by Gilbert Stgr^vt 
wethisHetr. Bilhop of Lmm(m, and 1 Vicarage ordiined ■ 

The Church here i* ■ Reflory, and the by bim, of which the Miftcr ind Brethren 
Atfvowfon was moft ntcienily in tbeFimi^ of that Houfe -continued PattonitilF the Dif- - 
ly of the BxiraCr, oi dtHnriSi, whofe Seat folntion by King Htmy Vllt when ibey 
WH K LtS/Hgtn \o BmkiwgbMtnJhire, which cime to the Crown, and remained there till ^ 
Tthcefrom them is called Li&i£tmt-D»ittll. Queen ElizMhih, Rtg. 33. give theReQory 
Tlicy ptefcmed fornear ■ Century, and af. md Vicinge, with other Things, to3»i»-- 
ter then ithtt pafled thro' fcveril Hand;, /^/mcr Bilhop of Z.m</m, and bis SuccefTora 
Oheof the Reaofiofihii Parifti., nimed forever: According to which Gimr, the - 
M^m dt Bnmt, w« I grew PaVDurite of Reftory md Vicarige, continue annexed to ^ 
Hog timtri fl -who nnde him Keeper of the Sf e of Undn ever fince. More withinr 
Ms Seal, ud OiinceDor of the fiiftioprick this Hundred if, 

■«f D«rl'«iH, in iti Vacancy, Archdeacon of LittUtn, at lyltlntn, a fmill Parilh and ' 
<t»w, and Minifter of St. Mrrft in Oxftrd, Villige, fiiuite upon the little River jl/b, '- 
whefc faetnRituted a College of Students in fo called from the fmill Quantity of Grntind 
Theology and Logick, by the Kiog's Li- .belorlging to it i mdfojKMr.Nirdmrtyt). 
.eeoce, -of whfeh lie became Mailer It is 'jruly a little T-own. G19' dt fir/aa, or BrjtMtt - 
BOW called OrittCtligi. He endowed it Baronof W./w^^mj Caftle in the Countn of 
yAA the ChurCh of CaM/ in Lintttnflilr; Fimtrtkt, fn Lord of this Minor !n tbc- 
Mtd » Mtnety of the Church of Skimm in Reign of King Edm*rd III He was a Per; 


Dyrzco ,*^iOOglC 


Ton of gKtt EUfCitt witb dut King tv bi* Tlic Charth wn awBaiint to the MiaOr 

Comtge, of which he g>vc i notable Proo^ when it ww in (he Poffcflion of the Prior 

wbeci he vis Srindird-Bi^irer in the Binle and Moi^i of Tah^y, aod mu with it fiiuj 

»g»lnlt the Erntb at CuUU j and it he wis by tiftf Edmard HI. and fo remained la the 

rewirdcdwitbayeiilyPenlionofiaoMarki Crovn, till iPiilbMiof V7cU«i^ Bilfaop of 

out of the Exchequer during bit Life, fo he Whieht^tr, having obtained the Re{fa)rv 

obtained a Chiricr of free Warren in ill bii which hid been hefoie appropriited tone 

Dcmefne Linda in this Paiilh and elfe- faid Piiory, ind the Vicitige, of Kjaa 

where. This Minor (under the Name of Ktcbard u. (ettled them upon fate Mir 

Utcle/hm) (ccnu afterwirdi to have been founded Ci^lege at mmthtBir, tbv Maficr 

given [O the Priory of St. Jtlm't io Ltud*; and Fellows wbereof continued Propriemn 

■nd being fcized ac the Diflblutton by King of the great Tithes and Patroot of tEie Vt 

Hntj VIII was exchanged with Sir Thmm carige, till Htmy VUL got die Re&Hietof 

Hniagt, Knight, for other Lands, tfo td- aarmtiu^trtb, fkrtm, tflanrth, Tirittahtm 

*fd 6. and this of a/u^m, aad their Vicaragef inT 

The Church here, which is a Re&ory, to his Hand, by exchange with the ^ar. 

doth- not fccm tohive been appendaot. tip- detu, Fellows, andScholancNf thsaidCoI- 

on the MiDorj for in the fourteenth Ceatn- lege, for the Lordfhip siid Manor «F Harm 

rj, tfiOitm it Prrktk is found to be Patron ) mnJ^teth. Qy this Meios the ReOon lud 

and in the beginning of the fifteenth, the Prelentadoo of this Vicir^e wisunitedto 

AfiAcc ind Convent of the IMooafiei^ of the Crown, and fo rcauioed till Kins 

thxH^ Trinity it HiVfim, as it continued 7fmtt\.Rt$. ^. gave then borh to l£tk*H 

till the DiflbturloB, when it was veiled in CMi, Efq; and others, from which Tinte 

the Crown, *nd fo remained till King 7mm/ th^ have been in private HanJi. 
I ilf^. 7. granted the Advowfoo of the The RoyilPilice hare, CMnmaDlycaKed 

Church and rhe Glebe-Laods to Mr. ViBdm BMf rsM-Cawr was Jwilc br Cardinal Iftlfy 

itagbtt, to be held i* ttfiti by him and hia (wfaon the Marriage £f 3bM« ind Mt 

Heirs i but he foon alienated them, for we termi, f«r^nv faitr iit fp««k, gr»mi» ili 

don't find he ever prefented, butfome> fjutrdu, i e. the pnrale Earher lod grand 

times one and fometimes another, till Prieft) purely out otOflcatKioa (lays Mr 

the Pitronige came to be fettled in Himm CamUn) to Jbew his grest Wealth. It it 

W«»d. Efi]; who hith prefented the two laft cnviron'd, both Houfe and Paik^ on three 

Incumbenu. Rcracning to the Coorfe of Sides witb the RivcrTtnH/.ind confeqaent- 

.the ThaMti, we come to ly ftaods in as pleafaot a Sitttitioa, 11 riw 

fUmftta, a rmill Village, famoQi fiir no- Prpdence ofits^dl Fooadcr cocld felcA 

-thing, but the noble Houfe built here in for it. Monlieur BiBmj, one of the Attei»> 

the Reign of King Barj VIII. by Cirdinil dints of Monftcur Mntmwuiq, Lord Steww 

JVtlfiy. and fince become a Roy*l Palice. ard and Matfhxl of Frmtt, who bsiqg EiD> 

The Minor of this Ptice fecms to hive been bilTidorfrom the Frttub King to King Hnty 

of old in the Priory of T»kitj \n Eftx ; but VIII. wis treated here by Cirdinal IPtJfy 

when thir Houfe was diffulved by King Ed- four or five Days, tells us, that the Parnj> 

.vtrdXU. who fcized upon the Tempo rili- ture was is noble asthe Baildisg; tfacHan^ 

ties of it, IS a Priory Alien (it being 1 Cell ings of the Chimbera were of wonderAiI 

■to the Abbey of St. falny in PUarl^) to Value, there were aio Silk Bedtfor thcRe. 

enablehimiocarry onbiaWirswith Aawf. ception of Stringers only, andevery Plus 

.it was united to the Ctowni and To conti- glifteted with vifi Quantities of Gold and 

^aed tiU King flf«7 VlU's Reign, when we Silver Piste; yet when he had done be 

find tbatthatKingdid gnnc to tbeViur founds: created hirafo much Eovy.'thaC 

.of Btmfim, and his Socceflbrs, a perpetual he ihooghtlt Policy to ikrem faim^lf from 

Penlion of fifty-five Shittings in lieu of giving it to the Kiog.wha in ^change. 

'Hthci, ifluing out of his Manor of Hsmf. fuSered him to live in fait Piface at JCwi- 

^Nt-CNrrf, which ( that the Manor wat mtU. Mr. CsmUm tells us, that it wat t 

tbea inthc Crown. very magntficeat StruOiire for tbc Age it 



WK bB% b It fir0, both ii to vbat th>t Pre- AtlviDC«s an itivj^y-lRtile towsri* ir, oujr 
Ute did, »d «lm King Vtwry VIII. added { appear by 

for be «>br|ed ii fo mucb, thit it bid then ■• The noble Chipe), bciuciiicd by the 

five (pieiom Contcs, Ac tound with ncit Ute Quf«n Hmjt wbicJi bit oa the rrghc 

BaiUin|i,offtiGbe>c(edJagciirions Wor^ Hand of it. a «^le PonicB. iupponed 

ibat I<Ud<rcnbiagtbciD, U^t, by D*riek Pillart, wbicb leadi to (he great 

Siair^ which are finely piiottd by the fa* 

Bit Ru BfwiVaw tslii 03»viu> diti, tDOOt Ualim, Seignior far/t. 

Ertmt, fuUi tut ftl awm vkt >■ The Apirtmentc, than which there 

iteviixi are nsnti more ougniiiceBC, nor more ex- 

a'aiy difpored in any Palace in the World; 

la Et^Ufi Am. far King ffjA'm, who built them from 

Bn'i Jktb m Ps1m§ Henty'i mik ittk the Groand.hid ■ good TaAt in Furniture^ 

(fiiw, and bit adorned tbem with all the Niceocu 

JitU SmtmikUiig Cw/t ittk n mbtn imiKinable. 

(vitm. ). The famoas Cirtooni of itii^.iW Ur. 

tin, a Pcifan fb much celebrated over £f. 

Which Dcfcnption Gntiui't CbinQerof T*f; which hang in the great Gtlleiy jinj 

it rather ucreafea than diminiihcs in th«fe (a anotber Gallery the triumphal Entry of 

VeiTci. ■ Rimtu Empetor, very ciiriou>,wiih i good 

Collcflion of Porceliint, and other Curioli- 

ti fear ^i mfiit (fid fair tsmtn iSiJ ) tieiof the late Queen Uaijiii, asalfoa fine 

tritmmut, Ojllcftion of Flowm, Birds, aod other 

Btmftm ttH», iMt a»faU* iSi l»ii : Paintingsin the King's Clofct. 

CmwUhi i»ti ttm fftrfi PdUtit mmA, 4. The Cbimney-Piecei, which are moll 

OUUfUi Htgft iitJuiitsri Dt»t. of them adorned wiih thcOfiRimUof F'jm- - 

^ki, and 1 CBiioui PIQure of King Wil' 

In fiq^/tyb thus. ti'M on Horfoback by Sir Gti4^t>9 Ewfn*. 

y«V Britain, w^r ar Wiglth, /m't hum, f. The drden on the foocb Side of tb« 

T* Hiinpton' Court Itt bim iinBtjg,* : Palace, fqnk ten Foot, to give a View from 

Wbm hi mEPtlMiihsib viand wit, tbe Apiitoienta to the River, and enclofel 

Hi'lfrj, lift Xiagf, imt btrt ikt GtJt Jt with a Balndrade of Iron, finely wroogbc 

(dmi. with the Atms and Dcvicei of the tbreit 

Kingdoms, ind the Cyphers of rhe lat« 

luttbe late Additions made to this Pa- ..Kingfff'Am ihe Third and Qoeta M«r/. 

Iiecby their MajefVies King JfiBttm and 6. The noble Front to tbe E*ft. all of 

Qacen lUry, do fo fir excel any Thin^ Prec-Stone, looking into tbe P>rk. over a 

(bit <rai cre^d before, that ihey evidently curiom Parterre, ■ food half Mile lonf; 

fbcw, what vaft Advancements Architeabra embrllifiied with Vafei, StatiKt, Gravel 

bat teccired lince that Time. The Gardeii»> and Green Walkr, and feparated from ii\* 

are improved to a wondofiil degree, not Park by 1 Baluitrade of lioa. 

eoly inibeWilks, boihopenanddafe, and 7. Tbe Puk, which extends irfjf near 

tbe great Variety of Topiary Woibi, biit two Miles in Leogtb, and has a fine Canal 

W'ch Grcen-houfcs too, which hive Stoves in the middle, of about balf a Mile long, 

Under them, fo artificially contrived, that planted with Rows of Trees on each Side, 

allforeignPIintiarethcre prcfcrved in gra- and Walks delicately fliaded every wherc^ 

daal Heate, fuitable to tbe Clinics of their ai they are at Whu^tr. 

rcrpcQive Conntiics, where tbey nacurally S. A moQ curioni l^abyriatb in the lit. 

8 row, and from whence they aie brooghr. tie walled Garden on the north-Sid!e, md 
1 fine, tbe Whole fecms to be deligned 'the noble (errafi WaM: along the Side of the 
wttbfo much Magnificence, ihar when 'tis River, leidtng from tbe Palace to the Bow* 
SniQHd, it will egoal, if not eicel, all the lirg Green; in each Corner of it, is a Urge 
iiobkB Paltcei ia tbe World : How great Pavilion. The Btttldings, Gardeni, and 

B p4ik« 


to W ? fi & £ fi 5 A X. 

Virkt in kbaak tkn* ||ikl ia CircoffifiB- 

rence, ,»aA ire encompifi'd in ■ Semicircle II IJtiiMHiHmiAii 

by the Tbamti. 

nJiwgttt, Mhtftn,, or TUddltgm, it i WfeicbisfxumdedonthcEift indNbrAj 
fm»U P»nfli »djoinirtg to ttimftm, tnd ftind- with the Hundred of £/(*»«( j on ihc Weft 
irte an the It—w Bint The Minor ind by theHnndred of Sfthhtm; ind on tfwSoHth 
Cfiurdi of this PUce wii giren to tbc Ab- ind South-Eift with the Rivet liamtit which 
bot and Convent of fVtfimiufltr, wiihstntt ptrti i( from Swrriy. Thii Hundred being 
(ro which it wii then • Chipelry) by King but fmill, and bordered upon BmtfiMi, hich 
adwrn-J. tlie Confeffor j but mtigm BiOiop no Market-Town in it. The Villages of 
cftaM/mfepirltedthisChipelryfromsmfr; Note are, 

•ndobliged the Abbbnnd Convent orfPtJI. A/w, of vhicbPIice Mr. CMWcMtellt. 
i^ia^rr to prefent a fit ChipUin to him and m, That the Whcit, brcd^heK, madefiich- 
liif SaccefTori, for i Licence to fnpply the delicate Plour, ihit oar Kinga in ancicnc 
Cure, and provide him i Miintcnanceont Timet made Choice of it MrHcuIirly for 
of the Tithes, ind other Profits of the Pa> iheir own Bread, and the Ufa of their own . 
rlfh, as it continued till the SnpprefSon, Tible. At to the Minor, we have no Ac* 
^hen the Manor and Church cimc to the count whofc it ^tt, and fo believo it to. 
Crown, and was tnide Parcel of the Manor be given to one of the Gonqaerot't Follov. 
of Haflipras-CMrf by King Hiwry VKI; era abovementioned^ 

In the next Reign, KingUwariVI. Rtg. The Church, whicK.U dedicated to St. 
3' "by his Letters Patents grinted and to ttpMtrd, wis in uicicnr Times given to the 
Farm ht to Ottrgi C»tft, bis Execntors and Abbey of St. f^ibrf in Pitsnfy in A-Mtt, 
AlTignt for twenty-one Y*ari, the Manor and waa confirmed to it by King Hnar^III. 
tnd R^Qory of the Church of, Tkdiwgttm, Rtg, ^4.. md the Prion of Tahtfy, a Ceil 
' withits Rights, Tithes and Ofieringsfrom to that Houfe, ofoally prefentcd ro the- 
'MVi«/w«r taen next enfaing; before theEx. Vicarage, at Frocoriton to it. King Ed* 
^|liritiDnofwhic1)Tenn,Qaeenmi'»ir(i,Rr;. jMrdllt. feized tlw Temporalities of tbit 
■ o. granted the Ame to R/tbsrd Bnww, Ef^; Priory, ii 1 Priory alien, and among them . 
"hit Executors and'AIifgn^ for ihifty-onfc this Redory and Vicarage, as h« did that 
,V*^irs, from the Determinatiion of Mr. of Hmaprm bcfOTemeniioned ; and hiS' 
'C«f(f's Leafe, paying yearly &/. 6). to the 'GrindfanK.RfeKn granted theiatofKA'«i9a* 
jCrOvn, and 6 1. ^1. to the Chaplain who of fVlMMm^ Blfiiop of WiMbifitr, who fet- 
^^fiiciated in reading' Service, and idmini- tied them on fail College at (riKih/<r; by. 
finag SacramentJ. Foorteen Years after, which meaos the Warden and Parllows there 
the (aid Qt>'cn grSMed the faid Manor and became Proprierorsof theRe^ory. and pre- 
Chttrch, after tbe Expiration of -Mr. S»»n's fented to the Vicarage) till King Htwy will.- 
Grant, to Sir Amtfiat. pMtt, Knight, for obtained them in Exchange for the Manor 
the Term of forty Yciri:. Before the Oe- of BtrmMjfmnbi, is isrelited in our View- 
Wrmioition of which Timci King 7'nK I. of Mra^raii; and they remained, in ihc: 
granted the fame tojshu. Hit, Zfq; one of Crown till Qncen C/tsofrfib gave and grant* 
the Auditors of the Eicheqaer, his Heirs ed them to theBifliopof tiM/a* and his SaC- 
Hgd AfGgilS for ever, charged with the ftniB cefTars, in pure and perpetual Alms for 
I^ymenta befere-menrtoncd ; and moreover ever; by VCrtiie whereof, the impropriate - 
foutSInllinpi Year far Bread and Wine^. Redoryand Collation of the Vicarage has 
'•pdaFoifeitoreoflirePotitid for every De. continued in that Bifliopever (ince. 
ftolc in the Payment of the Cnrate : So Richtrd Cttfbirt, Dofiorof Dtrfnity, who • 
t|u thisXhoKh is a Donative, in the Gift was Minifter of the Reftory of St. Iticbttm^ 
tf the Owner of the Minor and ReQory, 'Obw, waS collated to this Vicarage by the 
^IWO is t« prefmt ■ Curate to the Bifliop BiWiry of LwdiMia ■ ^6^6. Htf lived to {be 
liPtkiitflCcoce. . Hlvingthut (Drveyed this the Quarrel between King ciarlti I. and bis 
if«S$^di>e.aii1l pafsto. Pvliamtntf.but oppolingtbe Current of 

\ - . ■ the 

Digitizpfl nvGoogle 

M t D D L B S & X. it 

thcTinm, WMiweBAtpQaithotb^dsf. wtombm* Boeki, wMefi were an Argo- 

t«rf«MneMol«ft«uen.rtil|lithe»iOM>te' «cm sf aii greit Ptm, IndnBry, ind^ 

Crrf$, «M plKcd b/ tbC: Uoufe of Oxn- Quickncfi. Jdtnitam Bifiild v*s b'u &n-' 

awM is Sk.OI*vu. He livai not titt Cbr Mr* MVtism ^nmtt, or Otmtt, wii foar- 

lUftoodoo, Ci fir u wa can find. Men Ynn ■ licens'd Lefturer in thti 

f^mnnkt or *s it ii ceauaooly cdhd, Charcb ; bat leiiritig the Cute in ifi^o, be 

•Aifk^trtb '. la locicnt Record* it ii iMktboCovmint, uid becamsMlrtJftcr nf 

■fauiini by tlw Nun** »f {Unwrt* or G^. St. Olrl'i Cfanrcb in Rr«^n>; in Bfri]Si>f , 

•mtrti; ii fbnds opoD tbe Bmkof tlu Riw' Uawua vorf liboriout Preicher, indhiib; 

JSmM, and it nnoiu ia Aariqaiq for ai writtenannyStfTiiransindTieitires, which 

FibcBof Ritkari Kiocof ckeitMomr, lod irtio print, ind ctinQatcdfonMPirtofDr. 

Eail of Cmwp^ wbicli wu burat da«rft1>y 7iww«0Nim«*f Workt into Latin. He died 

the Lmd$wrt io an Infmicftlon : Vctitn fall of Yeiri, 7m. i.^. t6^^, and lefc i 

«f Note forbeiog [beSaatofCfairjHBariof' condderibkLegicy of Books toiheChurdi 

$imntar;,aa wiKUiithȣHldoaadBVfllvad' trf St. Grfin'ij in the CbinceJ whereof bt 

by riw Death of tlie Iwe Dike. wm baried. 

Tbe CbBrcb, in andent Timea, war ap* ^ _ Urmijbm it a Cbijwif y or Himlet belong. 

propriated to ibe Abbey of St. FAri ins to the fbregotng two Parifliet, tUp» 

ahorMwaatraed, and the Vicaiage wii ia lad Thifiltwrnh, the north Side to the mft' 

the Gift of tbe Priors of T*^lty ; buc be- andfche foath ro (he fecond. 

ingEeizedhyKing E^a«rWIII. wasiranifer> Here wis formerly iFriery ciUed, Dvmit 

red by King A^u^dU. to th« Stfliop of Avmnn CJ^/vmnti, 0r, ThOrdtr ^TrmiiM- 

Wimhfitr, and fcided Hpon bis College riswt fir tht RidtimftitH tf Cftivti. Tbcy' 

there, till Kitig ^vy VIIl by Excbinge were inltitnied ..rfMM lair by Jintttt Mn 

got it l^tlcd iatheCrowo, as may more rmfis, ni FtlUt tn Anchoret, who having 

faMy he dndeiftood ia our Oefcripiian of lived a wfanle a folinry Life, went to Pope 

riaafiM King Sdwar^ VI. ftv- 1. in Con- Immmt Il{. ind dclired htm (o appoint 

fidcnttoa of dtvera Lands,' affigned and them a Certain ftttle of £.iring. He ordcr>' 

Made over to bia Father lUng ll««;|p VIII. ed tbtfmtobeapparelledina wblteGirmenr, 

Iw tbe Dean and Canons of the free Cbapel figned with t blue and white Croft, and 

vfma^ar, gave this Parfimige, with divers commanded that they fltoold be called 

otberpMioiMga, TaMneats, and Portions Brethren of the HolyTriniiy for theRe- 

of Reots Boa tithe*, to tbefiud Ocrn and dempiion of Caprivet, and that their main 
Caoams, hat pttfcreed the Advowfin «f ' Bnfiners and Ore (hot^ be to redeem for a 

cb»Vicsts«e to^ Crtwo. Price, fuch Chriftians as were taken by Ir- 

On« 7^ 01^ or a»ih, Viearof tbit fidclsf and to that End, thii they fhould 

Parik, with Mm Prior cff tbe Cimtif- ticgAims to redeem Captivei. Thla.Or- 

ai^, and (cveril others, were all Gon> der, asAthfays, came firll into Zi^/ni ia 

dcouMd for Treafon, and were hang'd and ijtT. and the firft Houfi: creftTd for this 

Sartcr'd at »>iaM > , X^ 4< ij^l, and their Order, was at ytgbam in Nirfilk. llity 

adssadQaarcera leCi feme on rhcGata prafeSed the Rnle of St. JmJIin, boc had 

tlKftdm, and (Kbei^ on tbe OkOTM^Haai/f. fomt particularConllitutioni of tbeirown, 

tt^btUi Biptld, Pieacber at St Pttir^s which were approved by Pope Antfrar IILl 

Ckacich at Chtfitf, where he was much foU Who was the Founder of this Piiory, we 

lowed Bsd admired, atlengrh became Vicar know not. tJnIefi Ibme of the ancient Fa- 

of dtis P*f A, and continoed here to his mily of the Witidftrt. 'Tis almoft. certain 

dying Oay,which happened in itfis.He was tbey trtre the Patron^ of Ic, becaufe they 

■ xofaiat Obrerver nthel^rd'i Diy, and had their Burying-plice tn the Church of. 

wroeeievcralTbingxtoperfwada others to tbi* Priory. Thus tiizMhth the Wife of 

iti aswoUatpreacbcd mack fbrfuch a de- AihUiv Lord tViwifir was buried iu rhe 

Vim: Keeping of ii Mr. Sdw»rd Bi-irrwttd, Church of the Hitfy Trinitj at fftws^w, 

oMof Ua AadtMca, oppofed hit Obdrine. between the Pinan, and afterwirdt, iii%> 

Hadicdic4aA]>>&ail[Ma(if Aae,bariag 34Sn)>yVII[. the ftid Lord faimrclf|order. 

4 B a ' cd 


12 MliyDLESBX. 

«d by bif lift Will to be laid by her, ind ■?• lowt by Eicbinge f>r the Minor of Hm-^ 

poiated a coDVcnient Tofob of Frco^Ston* mm df mw i k, mmI reultd itaa tbo Crown, as is 

(0 be crcfled far faim. above rtlaccd of tlie CboTches of tUmftwm, 

After the DiOblution of t be Abbey i, it Otfim, Bit. bst King U»«rW VI. Rtg. w. 

wisgivento (he Lord fHM^ by way of Ex* tranirenvd it to rbe I>e*n and Cinoiu of 

chinge by King Hnry VIU. bnt wit foon tlw free Chipel of JVhulfir Caftlei who ar* 

after fold by ihit Lord to Auditor Kttu, noir the Patroai of tfae Vicirige. 
vho bcnoncdtbcChipe], and40 j.^ Aki Io tfaa Cbmcel of tkit CEnteh, in a- 

upon the lofaibJtmti, upon Coiiditioa, (hit Vaallinade'fortlie Lord ytkBSiMrh lietli 

tbey by farther Coaiributiont lbo«ld ratio borinl 4fae Body of Sir Wltimm Uirklg, Kr. 

a campeceot Miiatenance for a Minifler lo nbo being conftitatedGovernororfTiYiM^- 

officiate in it. TbiiHoolc ttthe Snpprcfii- io 1660, after the Death of Colonel M>*r> 

on was valued it 7 3 /. S r. 6i. Dagd, 8e I. thtm, wrote a Defcription of that Coontry, 

ij i. 6d. Spud. and colleQed the Lawt, then in Force, into 

, Atfirr A f/twt^fv wit born in this Village, oiieBi^y, and addedmoftof thebeftLtws- 

Wbich is remiirkiblc for the Road tbto' it, hiroTelf, whicb ha procorcd to be confirm- 

■nd Heath hefide it. He wM bred ■ Frier ed by the Grand Auembly jtm» i66t. He 

of this Order of the Htf/ "Mnitj, who by died J»^ ■}■ 1^77, and wu tt firft boried- 

their Endeivouri did mach good, and be- in the middle Chancel, and removed into - 

inga Mm of Eminency amoog then, wai tbeVaoltin \6i9. The Righr Honoui-- 

chofcn their Provincial for Ei^Md, imUad, able IHtktrd Gar] of BrM^mlluthlt Snf in-> 

and UAmd, and wis fo ifirdionately zeal- tUt Place, at ilfo 2himm Earl of Vr^ftrd^ 
out in Iliiring up rich People lo contribore 

cowirdt the Redemption of Ciptivca, To Ui. Ofwifi*^ Huodted' 

ihdufirionlly colledcd their Alms, and fo 

carefully preferved fach Collr Aioos, till Ii bonnded on the Eift with th« Riror ■ 

they could be fecurely tDnfmicted ,- that £M) whicbpamtbif Cowityfrom ^«ion > 

the Liberty of miny Chriftian Cipdve* wis the Nonh and Weft, wirh the Liberrin of: 

eSedmlly procured. He wrote many Sy- iirmr/ior7andlf<mf«)tt<r«f, and on theSaath^ 

nodal Sermons ind Epiftlciof Canfe^neoce with the River Ikamit. Prom thi) Hon- 

to fevetil Perfoni of Quiliiy, to ftir op dred, the Right Hoooorable Gk«r/t/Eul of ' 

their Liberality. Heflonriflied in 14JO1 a Tmdunib talut hit Title of SarOn 1 hii Fa- 

Year famous for the Floor i(hing, or Fuac- tbcr Sir ^alw iMiUt, Knight of the SmA, aod- 

ral, of eleven faaioni Writers, of which Lientenantof theBandof Penliaoaninthe 

tbiiour Rfhrfwasoneof the chief Reign of King Cfarim II., beipg created bf 

T»ieki%b»m, or Twiiktttn, lb cilled (Tiyi Letreri Pitent, dated Nrv. 04 16S1. )4.. 

Mr. Uvdtn) either b:c*ufe the Tiismu, neir Car. H. a Baron of this Reahn, by ibe Stylo 

chit Place, ieemt to be divided into two and Title of Baron pfulfim of t^ttffn tit 

Rivers by the lilanda appearing in ir, nr wis the elder Brother of Sir Hiwrf Btmitt 

elfe from the two Brooks, which at each Eailof<*r/iijr«, hereafter OKntioned.Thia 

End of ibe Towi^, enter into the ThMiti ; Earl CbM-iit Btmit, Earl of TMAtrtH*. ha. 

for rfalih he) Tmtik»im if the finiq as Tmi- ving married the Lady Mny. the only 

MM, ^sfi Mir Hmt am*ii foam. Daughter ofJW Lord Criy of WmtIu, and 

The Church here wai of old ippropria- E»l of Tnivmlt, was by his Majcfty King 

ted to the Abbey of St.f'lirj in fie»rdj, Owgt dignified with the fame Honoar. 

and' the Vicirige in the Gift of the Prior Thii Hundred being fmill, and bordering- 

ind Monk) of Tdi*^ m f/rx, is 1 Cell to upon lA»d§ii, 1 confidenble Pirt of which 

that Abbey. King Eiwari III. feized ir, as City fiindsin it; there is no MirbctTown 

belongir^g to a Priory alien, lod King in it. The Vilhget of noQ Remark (which- 

Rithm-dW beflowrd it on fffffiiM of fnri. im all very popolous, and bifget tbiB 

•lum^ BiOtop of mubtfiir, who having fet- CooiKry Market Towni) are, 
tied ie on hit College of mmhtftr. King RMtlfi, n it is commonly calkd, or 

amy VflL got u of the W"diR and BtV. JUdttifi, which turn t^ pnfer Ni«e» 



na U taken fit» the red Qiff, hj wbicb tbonsht) on thefinw Plitof Gronnd now 
■bcTtemi hsTintleft i>mdm. pmn npM bvilc wiibHourei, bst Tcuining tbcNiou 
dbeBotdcicof thiiTovn. IiiiiiimtVil- of Bifi*ft bai. Qt. Hitbtim RiZy, BiAop 
hee, iBbiUttd chiefly b; Seamen Cfiyi Mr. af Itttdm, gruitcd the Manor, with the 
tiamUn, who fpcaki of hii Time Of.lyJ fat Adrowfoa *pMnainr,ro King £d»ard VI. 
Uf.«HwaIlsvi, in hit Time it wu fo in- Rv- 4. and Ute Manor of HMivgr ; both 
cmfediaBuildingtcaftward, thac is ibe whicfa the ftme King immediacely mide 
nace, wb«K keooce koew a broad High- over to Sir Jbtmti mwtnrth, Lord tf'ni- 
wn, juiced with large EbB-crcc) on both 9trti , then Lofd Cbamberlain of bia 
Sides, riiere are Hoolra ettending at fac ai Hoslhold, in Confidarition of hit good 
Ua^lmf, or Um*-h*fi, corntpcljr called and fitiihFul Services berote done, tqbcbol- . 
Umi hit(i, f^tch wu fome Time t Mile deo of the Cfova in chief, by the Piymeoc 
diftaBtfromRMfl^r, and on ibe other Side, of the twentieth Pirt of 1 Knight^ Fee. 
almoftaifaras r»fi»r »a6 BlMtkwsB. There happening fomcDiffciencesbetweeo 

Aw O^ tb« Wfc of KidnLm GOfm, lUmm Lord V^wrth ind tbe Tenmti of 
G»eer, and'Oiw of tbe Sberifii of Umdm tbe Minora of thit Town and Btdam^ 
m tT3^, by the Licencvaad AUowince of about tbe Caitoini, Benefiia, and PriviWk • 
htr Hn^nd, fcandcd ■ free School in ibit ges of tbe ftid Tcnanti ; > Bi)l of Con- - 
Place, appointing the fame for tbe Inftrn- phint wii by tbe Copyholders esbibiced 
fiioaofdzty Children of tbe poorer Sorr, uainft the fiid Lord Watwwrib ia the High • 
giring to tbe School-MaAcr aiM Ulbcr fifty Court of Chancery in TUtupf Temi, 1617. 
J%and ^ Amm Ibr thnr Salaries. She tlfo 15 J»c >. which being conmled to be true ;: 
bmltAlms-h«ife»forpooraod'agcdPcrlbns, byche faiiiLord, a perfcaDectec wu made 
endowuig thea widi fncban Bftate, that by the faid Coart, Jtij 11. of the lanM 
•e^of tliem fliall have fix Shillingi and Year, wheret^ all tbe free CnftomttOrderi, 
eight Pence paid tbem qnarur]y for ever, and Immunitiea Ctbe Panicnlai's oi which . 
Tbe Government of the School and Alma* were annexed to the fiid Decree, and are - 
bwdfes Ihe left to ibc Coopers Con^ny, found at large in &n»\ Snrvey of the City . 
is CobUcbcb of tfieir fattbAtI Manage-' of Lmi*; p. fio.; were for evereflabtilb'd . 
RMBtof them. - Her PiAme was placed in and cenfiim'd,:.bnt are too-large, and numc- 
the Chapel belonging -to tbem, and the ronshere robe infcKcd. . 
Oroceri Arm* hung v^ irrtbe School-hoafe, The Chufcb of thit Tnwn it dedicated to < 
opoa tbe oa:w>rd Wall, but they are pid> ^.Cmfim and ^ UMi, and is both a Rr. . 
eddown, and>t)te£^ooperi Arms IVt np in fioiy and a Vicarage. The ReSory it a , 
(bctr ftctd. NwAvnl -o£ thif. Place Sfne.Curc,~ind wai all along in the Collati. . 
fianda onff-thc Bifc(^ aS Lmimi till Dr. RiV/ily . 

5(^avy, in artcjenr W^itmgt-and Rtccrds, alienated it to. the Crown, with which it • 
called n>(b»i^i< Uyktmhjthitad Stthtabt»tk. paJI^d, iv»hthcM*nerT to tba Lord Jf'MT. . 
Tfcia is a-vaft large Parilh fnot with (landing wtrthf in whofe Family it now is, or Jatelf .' 
thattbe^P^rifhof St.^mTs f>«iawf wasta- was, and the Vicarige it in the Giftof the . 
kenoocof it'byAdof Parliimcot,3i C4P. Reftar. or fuch ai claim by or under , 
11. 'and made t' d)ilin& Parifb to itfalfj him. H th'Li..Cbuuh'- vc- diroi* Mgna* . 
for ir flill coottintiivitreveiiHtiiileiai -w'*. oientt, -wt; 

lt«r(&^< ' above dcfcrtbfcd, Milt.Md, Liwn- ■ 1. An anci«nc one far.Sir-f/Mn'C*iri>, Kt. - 
Jbvjf, PtfUr, .Sfitilifi<U,:Btda»l Onn, and- twice Lord- Kftyor of Z^tiaa, and Father of : 
tr^rft»f. befides the- Haotlcti of SiMiftrJ, Dr. 7«^« CtStt, ibmciime Deao of Sc> 
ind OWfrfA which ftiil are reckoned ai be- PsmT.iLmJn. 

lonpngnHbttPariA.lha'.tbeyhaveaChi-. i. At tba-apper End of -tbeClliliCcJ 1 
pel of rbcirown at JrriW^iibBn''for che-.-.chere ii another fiir Monument for ^litt.- 
PerfernMncc of OiriiK Seraice. ttih £larfstt, . creOid by Captain Mtbtt ■ 

The Manor of this Town did of old be> Uiri^. who married her Oiughtei>. . 
long to the BiOtopt-of Lmbw^ who then 3. On the north Side nf the Chincel ii- 
hid » Pi1a«e hmt,. wUfch<ilMd.£*>:U-..iaoiber-fo£R<#r<£jari<, Efq;, Son of Jtyii- '- 




Clirkt, tht l»te AMermin of (he City of i Profcflar of the Ciril t««, «u oaa g( 

tWwr eicQed by ««««» fail Wife in thofe who w»i cooMBiffioned Mv, <. 1J4;, 

i^,g ' to treat with the King of Ptrt^al, tEwtu • 

4 On ihe Tooth Side of the fimcCban- MtrrJage with tte Blade Ptioce, or ujr 

cetatnlnfcripdon,fotfnasmPmnj,E(qi other of the Kiog'i Sona, with aoy of the 

Fclloir of Umlm't im, fit up by hit Father- King of fwt^Ml'i Daii«htcr, nd »bout the 

in-Ltvr, RithMTd Stmlif, tfq: Portion. 

t At the upper End of the Ghwcel, U^rwutUu I w iy, ^cTceoded of the 

thttt ii mother iDfwiptibn in Memory of Lotds Lm^gi, and. Btfluip of C-ri^ ww 

7n« Vra7, Lady Dttbitkt, ordered to be Plffon of thit PaiiOi. He died » Xav^ 

ereaedby the Will of bvr Hnsbind, .^iirK' and gave loni. cowiidt the SaUdiog of 

mnttrUtvil, Efqt butlct Dp- by bii Biecu- &]fiffsC»BigiiaCtimiri^, aod beftowede 

tor TtiiM mrtkingtn, great many good Book* va the Xibcaiy 

£ On a Brafa Moonment on the footb there. 

Side of the Chincel i* written, ' Here lleth mx»m JMaap. educated ar Oj0r(( in ftw 

< baried SiehilM QlifM, CtciXen and Grocer htlu CtBtp, and Minifter of be. JldMt't 
* of tmdtv\ and Avis hia Wife, who were Chnrch there, remov'd fromthenee to thit 
' tfie-Foanden of tbe Free-School and Church, where for hia loyal Treadling, he 
' A1ms>hoafes at KsnUfft. He died St^. fafiered Plundering aitd Sequefiration, and 

< 31. tfio, and (be 09- S. i;s4- was impriToned at length; but obuining hit 
7 Tn the fime Chincel alfo it an Infcrip-- Liberty, fled to On^mI, whereite was madt 

«ioo -Qiewing, that Sir Thtmar Sftrt, Kt. Doaotof Dignity, bythe fpeoial Order of 

lieibaried there, who waafomcTimeCon- the King. After thii he foUowed ihe 

.rrtdler of the Nivy to King Htvy Vm. Prince beyond Sea, wai made ChapUio to 

•nd both the fiift Founder and Matter of the Queen of Btktmit, and a Preacher to 

-the'-Society and Corporarioo of Ihwrj'- the Proteftaora at Cfc«wri« near P«*. He 

ttMjt whodiedin 1541; bar tUi Mona. was a zealnns ASertor of the l«Ji>b Limr* 

. ment wis ereaed by the Company of TrM' gv, aod died at the «««, ^U J. i6tfi. 

, ij.fiwfi \a i6xi. Mr. Orwefc'/ was pHt into hia Living, upon 

'8. There ii alfo another Monnment in hia Receli^ by tbe Parlianeot. Hewaaona 

■ the 'fime Chincel nnder the Communion of the Affembly of Di?ine», tod appoint- 
Table for HiwjStiwiM, Lord Dm-Mij, Son ed Chaplain to the King'a Childreo, the 

.and Heir of Mttiim Stwmm* Earl ot UwHt, Dakea of Ari andcbm/fir, and the Lady 

-JWho deceafed, K«.a8. 1S4J. Totbefewc HmitttmMmna. Heiti^ Anthoref alarge 

■ may add, EipoAtioo of tbe Prophecy of SmbW ia 

1 -A Stone at the eaft Bod c^ the north fin Volumes 4M. and of a Difcourfe, eati- 

Side of the Church, fixed in the Wall of tied, Ifa fiud'htmtdGkriJHm. 

the Oot-fide, brought &omC«(*ti^ by one Charitable BenefaOon to ibif Place are, 

tlinmibibu in i<33, with tbii iofc^ yatfaaAJir, Efg; who gave the Alma-houfe* 

,^oi,_ on taU-tnd Green, and f o /. par j^amm for 

ever to twelve poor fingle Men of fifty 

Xf Carthage mt m Sint Iwm, Veara oF Age or more. Mr. Jtmt of Rst- 

O l^taU : rt»i »ttk Pity i -dift, ^ I. fir jtmam. Nln BH*.. G*Uim a /. 

mm* ttwfvBH *l, it fitrtthimr, -5 a Mr. Cmtm of UOt-trnd 60 I. fir Jimkm, 

Mm, »tKiMi»s, Tkva, (fCitf: Co be diftnbated amoog the Poor of this 

^irtfm, O MirtMli^. </ UthiiA farifli and Hamlets. Otheri have given 

•r»u -mbtrtm^* pmm»fi, Moneyato purcfaafe Landf for the fime Ulet<; 

«M(aaw fathfituUBmliimiUt « Captain Jtlmfim ciS In-ttftrnt 400/. 

' JB tMritd milM Dufi. Mr.RiAsrdUmUrh96ol. The Ladies ffair- 

■riitu and PbiUd^ha mmtmtrth aooi. bac 

AmongtbeVicariand Re&irt'df tbiiTa- only loe /. could be recovered.' 
.rill thele-ire ftmoai. On the South Sad« of the Church- yard of 

-•■ - . ■ »_ j._- ^ J.:, o-j*. ^!.D..tii. — leaAJnu-hoBfafcrteBpr— 




MtVDLRSki. ,5 

WMiami of Mercerc, »{k) receive Weelfy the ftme Chxpel bf Mr. fHinutt, vtio give' 

) r. 4 rf. c*ch from the Mcrceri GomMny, towtfds it 1 1 / ^ AmfM, «nd otlien. 
giv«a by D*me 7<m Mn, Relid oF Sir BU thiiPrecindof St. M'ry mtti ChtptI 

tiiMif. tfe| Mercer^ dcceafed, bsilc to being of )(t« Yetn fo much enltrgcd, chat 

l«9i. It WM jadgcd one third Pirt of ihe Pirifli . 

Of the feveral Himlett belonging to this fn A^ of P*rlitment wit piOed s&6 G«l.^ 

KjfMi, tbefe He now noted : Mwi« to ftpirjte it frDOi-the fiid Pirifh, 

seed into-tbe Hinds of King Hnny VIII. but tbeir Poor (becittfe they provide fat, them- 
aeinainet} ntic long in theCrann; for King felrei, ind ehufe their own OfTiccdJ 1 cbitd 
Edm^d-Vt lUg. I. gire ibe Site of this P*rt of til Gifts and Ltgicies given to 
Mjnor, and certtin P*(cel> of its Demtfns fPhit* Ohwl ; as dfo of the Rents of ccr- 
Liwls, to ^«fai D»dlty then E*rl of 'Wcr. tiin Honrei there, and of Mr. BJxi's Gift 
^itk. Here w»ilfe 1 Chtpc) built for the of 4 r. /vr Week, ind 1 d. oat of every ShH- 
Bife of the Inbibtrsnti of tbitHimlet, not ling given it the Communion, befides fevc- 
hmg before the ReAontion oF King Cbtrltt ril Chitities bedowed on their Himlet pu- 
ll, end it Sill made Ufe of foi Divine ticulaily, amonncfng to i} I. ftr Anmm. 
Woribip, bnt is aoc yet hflown to be In this Himlet, in the Yeir itfitf, there 
confecrsted.. Wi) built ■ lirge Houfe by one Mr* Dinur 

Wffiw^ Ac this Dbck ii the nfiii] Plicb ind others, for miking of Allom, which 
lor the ezecniing of Pirttes, ind Sea Ro- grew to fuch in Inconvenience, thro' the 
vers. It the Low-Witer-Miik, there to re- Annoyince it wis to the Inhibinnts, by 
anin, till'tbroeTideihidDKrflDWBd them, boiling of Urine ind other Miteriilt, by 
Here veie no Hanfei it ill in the fifteenth the ill Stvour of ir,ind the Excrement of it 
Cefttary ;;bat now there ire diRri Streets b«ng found to bei Corraption oftheRiver 
Mid AUeyifud of fraill Teflemetm, inha- T%*mtt; thic thelnhibitimscompUined of 
bitedby Skilorsand Viftnil)er», ill along ittotheKingand CoariciI,tohive it totitly 
^ the ZfaWrSliU, ulir aslUrrf/jfr, irfaich foppreSed orremovcd.Their Petition being 
u above a Mile. Very urg<nr, bis Mijefty and Conncil order* 

Here it a Chapel belonging to thit Htm- ed that the Ptefident of the College of Phjft- 
ler, bailr in the lErir 1617, by ■ Cotledl- ciant, accompanied with fix Dofisi-s of 
00, partly, from the Inhabitants of it, »nA ' Phyrick-of that Society, and fome oF the 
partly bf Iwnerr Pttcnts otu of {cvcril Aldermen, Ihonld tike a Vietr of the fiid 
Goantlesi the Citizen ■ of Um/m-coniribu. Adam Woikr, and mike a Report of their 
ring liberllly towarft it. Ir coft i6col. Opinion to the Conncil-fioird ; who tc< 
•ad the ftbele wis procured ind minaged, cordingly went, ind hiving cfbferved thenij 
chiefly by Mr, Kav/ow^ OUnvw, Mi^er of give in 1 Certificite of ibeir Opinions, that 
Ja UflidiM Ship cillcd, the Rt^t Jtmit; thofe Works did breed greit Annoymcri. 
It watdedkatedto Almighty God, and con- to the neir Ibhabitinti,. made their Dwel- 
Aerated tei tin Honour and' Glory of bis Hngt unpleifint, and mach endmgered 
yew and wonderful Name, Jatji- itfi?, their Healths : : Whereopon the Kir g and 
Sy-tbeRlghrReverendlbtber in God, 7«ih( Council ordered, That the fiid Allom- 
JDB^thealifliopof La«di»; tnd Mr. Richsrd Workt &ould inei^ht Months be removed ^ 
Stjmitl-wts midc the lirft Mlnidernf it. firther from the City of UBdMi^ and th^ 
1^ ifbrelaid Mr. Oa/M«r( alfo procure d a Suborbi thereof, ind not ro fetrle elfewher'e 
GaUny to be erefied on the fonth Side of r without their Approbation. 
iW fatdCtlipel, withacertiin Contriboti- Mntif$TdUB»'m [n this Place in rhe begin* 
oh obtained of' the Miriners of his Ship, ningoftbe itfrh Century, moftoftheBreid, 
llMra UaU« a weekly lieaaie founded in which nit fpentin the Ou^pl^tI,lndReneft 




Streetsof iheCity •flM^n, wubikcd,iiiil Oiy, lod the third Holid^ la VUtfim^ 
ctrricd thither in ccroio C«r», ctUcd, Week, to their M«bcr*Clwuch of Sr/fMf, 
Brsid-CiRi, diily. Here tte lUo certain tod heir Mtfs, &t. 
Lindi in thii Parifb, rented yciily >c ai /. i That upon the faid third Holiday ia 
which were purdiafed with 40a I. f.i. si- tniifu^Wcei, they OiouM go along with 
Ten by HicMmr Rmr, Scrivener in CtTMiS the Other Parifltioncrt of Sttfmtjf, io Pt«> 
(wbofe Fithef wis Clerfc of thit Piiifhj to ceflion to St. I'mTi j which Cafiom, wbcQ 
be bellowed ind diftributcd to and among WifimiaSir wat made a BiEhoprick fiy King 
the Poor of the Parilh of St. BUtlfh's Bifitfi- Hiwy VHI. vm changed into going to St. 
fM(,Lni/m.The Bridge of thti Town, which Ptttr'g, fT^/hmMftr, and there the C a ran 
fromthe Archetof Stonei,aaTe Name to it, and Cbapel-waideai to ufler to t'. upon 
VIS. &tr0tf»rd It S«w, wu Duilt by »i»iild*, the High Altar. 

the Queen, Wife to King Umj I. Tbia 4. That the fiid Inhabiunti, inflead of 
Himlet, with Oldftrd in ijir, petitioned paying totheRepainof tbeMother-Choreb 
Ralph BaUici, then BiOiop of IM^M, togive and Orniinen»,lho«ldpay ifr.yearly atibe 
them Leave to build them a Chipel for Di- Feallsof St. yiibmi itii Btfiv i and if they 
vine Service, pleading, Thtt by Reafon of fiiled in cbeir Paymcnti fifteen Oiya, to 
their OiQance from the Parilh-Church of forficit 10/. mmintfrnrnti and if they then 
Sttfatf, and the Bidncfsof the Wiy, they refufcd, lobe intetdi&ed by tbcBilfaop of 
were not able to be Time enough it Divine the Oiocere, till the faid Sno* and all 
Offices, The Bilhop reidily granted ihem Charge) were paid. 
• Licence, Ntti. 15. ijii, tobuild nwiaGfc {. That the lobabitanti of Srr«f)>^ and 
ftS»m in via Rfgit, x»t»t» Stratfird f the Re* Oi^ifd flionld for ifae fntore be freed from 
Qor and Vicar of Stifntj, by an InAmment bearing the Office of C bo rch- warden of the 
' onder their Hands concurring) yet on Con- ChnrcEof Sitf^. 
dittOD,that they (honld provide a fullicient fftJb'aM G«^,Minifter of aUtk fintr§,Lmt- 
Maintenance for a Chaplain to officiice ^m, was born in this PariA or Hamlet. He 
therein t which Chaplain uould be depoted wai bred in Kit^t CtSigt Ctmhidgt, and it 
by the Vicar of Stifm, pay all Parifl-'Daef, fiid never to have been ahlent from pabtick 
contribute to the Repiira of the Church Prayen, Morning and Evening, for nioe 
- sod Cfanrcb.yatd, as often ai Need reqgi- Yeara together, and to have read fifteen 
fed; go to their Paiilh-Chnrch upon the Chaptersof the Bible every Day. Hcnever 
' greater Holidayi of the Year, and do all took a Journey merely for Pleafare all his 
other Thing* that the other Parifliionctt Life. He preached fo long, till it wat ■ 
:did. greater DimcuHy, ibro' Age, to get into 

' How thele Conditioni were obftrred, the Palpk, than to make a Sermon. He 
• doth not appear, bnt it ii probable they died fcveoty-nine Years old, leaving an Ex> 
were not (b punOnilly kept as they flionid ample of Humility, Faith, and Patience to 
bave been, bccaufe ibaut 300 Years after, tbe Imitation of Pofterity, and was buried 
' there htppeiKd fnch a Oiference between in his own Church, Dttt!iii4r 16. itff]. He 
tbe Parilhioners of Sttfmr and the Inhaht- wat a good Textuary, as hii Workf, Tit 
' tintaof (hcfcHimlelt of fn-jt/ari^and OU- wh!* Arrnvtr 4 ^''^ His CfMwratary 
jird, chat a new Compodtion was, bv the m rtt •mbtit Spifilt t» tb§ Hebcews. Hit £»• 
Mediation of Th»mm Snugt Bilhop of Lav. ftfititt m tbi tm£i frtftr, aod hjs other 
imt, made between them, Amm 1497, to Writings fufficicntly prove. He was one 
this ES(A. of the Aflembly of Divines, and in good 

I. That the Inhabitants of StrMftti It Eftecm with f^m, Sktr*, and othec Oat- 
'bw and Oldftrd Oiould for tbe fnrara landifh Divines. 

acknowledge themlelves Pariflrioners of In rbit Church ia a Monument fWr MrM- 
Stifm^, BM their Chapel fubjcQ to the hMm Jtett, and Mmtj h» Wife, ercAed for 
Chorch. them by their Son Jtbn J*tiii and another 

t. Ttiat in Token thereof they flionld for Ififfiaw ftrrtrt. Son and Heir of fnUmi 
JO twice every Year, v>&. «n St. D^wfim^t Ftrrtrt, Citizen and Mercer of Lmdm, who 
died JKg. 15. i6>$. BtiKtl- 



■JiM* G«M, whw* WM formerly • Ch«- y«ily n Mtfitr to the Vie«r of »/>«*, 

^1, but wbetber it WM ■ Chipel of Eife which by en iitcient Compolition, the T«. 

tot the labibiteats of the Hemlet, or ■ pii- nentt uf Sktdma piitl the Uid Vicrr io Liea 

vitc Cbipel, we tlo itotfiotl; ilttbrt>p- of Tithe* 

peitieboutttit, Thit £iM«i finorr Bilhop Jfnb;', ftt (»1Ied from the «<mm Word 

"L'^n-" "■ y^ ^"^^ T '¥' '^V ,' *'"""> '■ '■ '"»°' "d Leas . Pield, he- 
»d . Meflueje ba.k tinder the &»= Roof, „„fc i, .|,„„j, „;,,, b„,„» ,, , ' 

S£- ri'^ S^''""i'"V'"'^"' '°»'' « •" "" link Town, .hou, S, 

.."■'?''i^lJ"l''?.'""'""V" ?'?■ Appor„o,„ce., theR,aory.oiv,c.„.e 
J«wtth..t»uP.r.lhofs/,w, but.tbe. did Ulonj to the IVIonrBe™ rf 
Mof l«.b.coow .try popoooi, byre- St. t,,«W here. b=ing ,i,e„ V. i!b?sf, 

lh« D;Jo of StJ-^f! (.fterwrd. Areh- ,„, K,, Bo, he htid th™ bot . h«Y,.„ 
l,a»,ol^) who ,., O.or, of ,„j rt,„ ,1,. r,ij Kins «,,. ,«. „b„i.;'j 

ASM rkrliifflent to Oe mide a PtriOi by I,. ,„ Fuchinoe fnr nrhor i .„^, .„j »■ 
^S'^dL"' "dS^r [■"■■"■■'r "-t"' ''■'°>f"b"°' S; Sfid'ii^^l.rply'^', 

51.'r„'h.w.l„':i?.odiw''d'ltV?4SS r"."^--'- «;".'s-ii».j ." iS 

sr„t'&Thr,,;:;„r&-s,.i;h,i;co"K, °d"' ;,w"n/".'7,r',e°d"',h''""' 

■"^7r"'°."?"''""''"'"t°"'"P ^^-i-^^Vforf^yVe '.totb" 

a«Jf"r7l'^..7'"ST'^"";" D,t.,mi„.,io' of, he former L.lJ°8« 

PoftlSoo for fueh • re.fonible lleot, u he the M...or flill r.ouioed io the C,o.„ °„J 

cooUgetorproconr ».> by Kin, J.w, I. «,, „. Ii„r,d "„ 

B, the Aa, the Ad.nwfon ,„ ,o b. n n, Joi, ciJ!,,. P,i„c. of K-ir, who S 

Mr WrJdnr.n. h„ L,ft. .nd .fre, h,. I>.,h, m, „„i ,„ ,|„ c,ow .„,;j ^ gPJ 

,.theD.-.nof S,.P«f..nd h,iSucce/ro„ ,«,, ,„'£^„^o4,j(,i»„d otb,„"Si 

wt ever. Tne Pitfon n ro bt lublc lo rlie their H-iii "■«»i ••»• 

ViSrerioo., '.rf "th=r Jn.if The Choreh fm.!!, end Ae.. 

d.a.™., I. ,f ,t h.d bee,, .„ ,nc,e„, P.mII, „ |,.„ i„„ . p,„ „„,' „, ^ JJ '" 

Of tal,"w'i,t r.'l'«T ¥he Vk ? S'"' '"S""' '«'"«■'' » "" Moo.ll,,. 

jTT^' t J ! J ■ L » ^''' ■' " ■ 0»»«i»e or Coney, >nd »» li,.f, 

.nd Cho,ch.y.rd .,. vell.d ,„ the P.rfon ,„ ,b, Oif, of Sit J.*. «*«,, K, S 

; t",^; ? "• '^"!" o'Tl"'";"' "oof«»ood t., i.foppof.dl n,h= PJ„' 

.nd Chitrch-yrd, .r. ; .nd .he P.rfon „ to j.j, .|,.y, p„'„„d^ ,k„ ;, '„„ .„ ^J 

^'VTj ir,k"il^' "'•""."'^^"''J ,"" ""Ptftomtb. Eilkop-.Jorirdiaion, b„, 

be by the Cho,ch.w.,d,nt, .nd le. (., ftme think) without Ground, it hein, 

ved qomerly by . foo"d-R«e, beSde. b,f„= ,|„ R,fo,„„i„„ fubjeS o the bE 

.11 Obl.nons end other Church Du,iei for ftop's Jutifdiaioo 

Cknlloing, .nd Bori.It, which Ib.ll be K,fa^, fl.^^ „> a.l«./,, .nciently . 

.eeord,ngtotheR.tei»red,nsr.Wi bu, Cn.,, (,„, .',„^,, VilLje, with fever.l 

•otof them the P.rfon Dull p.y =«r. t i. Stroe.., iho Muotof wlOch Woo.ed of 

C • old 



i8 M t D P I E S S X. 

old to the BifllOp of Lnim, till Dr. Sithils* before Mr. Sttm took hit CftilogOe of Hi* 
yidltj, Bifhnp of th)t See, by Indeninre MoiiDmenii thece, beciufe we find no Ibch 
belting Dt^ jipril \\. ^ Edm.VI. ^r*nred unong bif, ind 'tis likely he voold nor 
rhii Manor C<*icb ihic of iitfiij, u isibovc h(ve omirtcd it, if he hid found it there, be 
thcwed) to the faid King, bis Heiis, ind being foconflderibic i Perfon. 
SuccclTors for ever : fiat it rcmiined not Another for Sir Ktnry Rtm, Kf. fbat in 
long in the Crown, for thirKing foon after what Part of the Cburch is not meat ion ^d>. 
granted the Aid Minor, with the Appnrte- Lord Miyor oi LtndtK, it hii Fiiher Sir 
Binces, to Jht»M Lord U^tnliftrtk, Chim- Humtt Jtaw hid been, with i long Infcrip- 
beriiin of hii Houthold, in whofe Pamify lion in SHgUfh Verfe, who died H*v. is. 
it remiined, till they alienated iti ind it i£i3> inrbe 6Sth Yeirof his Age. 
now in the Hindi of Tht Cwi, Efq; Anothet for Elitthth the Life of Jtfm- 

We lind in an incicnx MS. that > Ei. VL BMMr, who died S*v. i8. itfif. 
die Manor of H»ilmi^ mu given by that Another plain Monnnrent in the middle 
Prince ind hit Council to Sir VFiBimt fUr- of the Chincel for Cbrifitfbir Vffinct, who 
im, Kt. ind there it it eilled Part of the wit ReQorof this Pirifb, ind greitly in 
King't Ml jefty't purcbifcd Lands ; tod Dr. fivour with King Wtwy VU. ■ Hit chief 
AA/- lelli u>, ihit Jiht shiridirth wit ilfo Monument wai ere&ed on the norrii Side 
the Owner of it; bnt how tbit can be con- of the Chiocel, with this Infciiption 
liAent with the former Account, tbit fcems only. 
the cleireft, it hard tofiy. 

Here ii in thti PariOi i greit Field, called CHRISTOPHER VRSWICK Refior, 
IndiMfUU, which wis Pircel of the new MISERICORDIAM 

Uofpital without aHf»ffi't*i dedtcitrd to 

the Virgin U»rj, which being feized bf Bat npon his Body is laid i grey Marble 
King Hi»rf Vin, when he fjpprellcd the Krone, wich his Pifiure in Brift upon ity 
M-oniflenes, w» given in Exchange to Sir with ■ Latin Infcription, which rnni thut 
n*»«f Dtrtj, Kt. one of the Gentleman of ia E^tijh. 

thu King's Privy-Chtmber, 38 Rtf. fiw 'CAwil*p*#rIfi;/»i<l,Alrtioner toKingH«». 
tther Lands, ' 7'Vlr a Peifon fimous in hit Time, and 

ThtCburcb is both > Rcdory and 1 Vi- 'lovedby hitSup<riors,asweli islrt^riorst. 
carige, and wit at lirft dedicated to St, A- ' eleven Timet in AmbaSidor to foreign 
M^r«,bac batoflate Years gone by the Name * Princes, who left theDeineriei of Tlri and- 
o( St.3*k»o( yiff'ltm TheRedorytsa ' fTisi/'tr, ind Archdeaconry of Ritbmtiid, 
Bine'CurCj tnd wis collated by the BiOiop ' whilebe lived, ind refafed the Bifhoprick. 
Bf Lmdta, till Dr. Jtii/ra conveyed it to the 'of Utrmiib, whenoficred him. He'defpi- 
flrowh, ind then the Ftmihr of the [f<nir. ' fed great Honours, ind aiFcQing a private 
9irtbi became Patrons, and the Rcdor bad * Life,lived and died here, full of Vests, yet 
the Gift of the Vicirige. He wai, till of * defired by all. He forbid ill Funeral Pomp. 
'lite. ■ Clergyman, but now it a Layman, * by his Will, ind lies wilting for ChriQ't 
who havlog tbe pi^cOion of the Parfo- 'coming. He diedOfF. 14, 1511, 
tnige, or greKTiihei, preftnn to the Vi- Anornrrfor Hm^nirdi/, Efq; aBench* 
CiTige. er of Linnbii /m, one of the Mafleri in 

In this Church are divers Moneinentt, Chancery, and one of the (ixteen Cover* 
W'k> in the Chincel for H1M7 Lord ?i*rej, nors of the Cbsfitr-HMfi, ippointed by 
Sari of IkrthmMaMd, who died » his TtrnM Swirm, Efq; ihc only Founder, who 
BouTe in HmAmj, Jwii api. a;} Hin VIII. died M*; 11. i6ij ; and of Jnt bis Wife, 
This istbe Earl of SmbmhrUml, who hi- who died Atg. 18. i6i£. 
«ing been tontra&ed to ^m« B*l*m, before An Epitaph upon the Death of Edwsri- 
berMarriige with K. JAW? V ill- wasdivor- £mitrr, Efq; in Si^AyK Verfe, ettollingbis 
eed fum ber by ■ formal Sentence of Law genteel Birth, good Life, and pious DilTo- 
licfore ber Condemnalion. 'Tit probable lution.. He died Iftv. 30. 1^59^ 
Kl>fpDMniit wu remaTcd, or demoli&*d. 



On the noitb Side ef the Chance), in h*d done ihs King («i«. King Ethrtrd II ) 
Memoifof thtl^tdy trnffUtimtr, id long whole Proiefti on he bid to l?cure bim in 
Infciiption, dcfcribing her Ptrcange, Mar- the bfe PoSttRoa of thrm, 
r'wge, Childreo, tfc- compos'd by Sir ml. Dwid canUm, or D*Uin, Dofior of Ot. 
inmCtrwwaUt, Kt. whooMfriedheryoiing* vinity of St. 7<fciV c*ff>j(in ctwAridi*, ■ 
eft Dioghter. learned Divine, wai Vicar of thit Pirilh. 

A Monument in the Church for Sir 7KM4tf He watpromoccd to theSteof Bn^ir, but 
Ittx, 8t. Alderman and Lord Mtyor of Icept iinotabovea Vear, djringin iSjj, and 
Urndn, wlih an Inscription in &V^A Verftr, it barfed in the Cbnrch here. Or. Riibtird 
He died Sifs. a. 1570. SivUn, afrerwirdi Bilbop of Lmdn »nd 

In this Farilh w«f born Sir R«lfb SMUtr, Archbiniopof Cmfaiiw/, uii bis Snccellar 
Kt. and bad a fair Inheritance derived to in this Vicarage, and co him fucceeded. 
bim by hii Father. He was firft a Servant C*hiM Dtmuwg, Di&or of Lawt, who 
tatbc LoxiCr$mmtB, by whom being com- hid with thii Vicirafe, the Parfonage of 
mended to King Hiiir7 VIU'i Favour, ht Ktlftrdin Bukiwghtmflnr* i bat thefE Pre> 
was made Secretary of State to that Prince; fermenti not fariifying hii afpiring Te«i* 
He waa aa eminent for the Sword ai the Pen, per, be ftaod in Competition wirfi Dr. Qllm 
for in The Bitcle of mJtltitrH^k in SatlMd, htri SbiUim for the Wiidenlfaip of AtStMlif 
where the imlilb were almoA rosted, he and loftng that, wat a great Suitor to ba 
broaght up oar fcittered Troopf, and Chaplain to the Earl of Strand, Lord 
invited them to fight by hii Ezainple: Licstenant of /r«fa»</, thinlcing chat Plictf 
Which Piece of Vatoor fo plea&d the Go* to be « readf way to a Sifhoprick ; But fail. 
oenl, thw he created bim 1 Kaigbt Baoiio* ing there alfo, he fell to the rebcUioui Par> 
ret. He wu fmiU in Scatnre, but till in ty, and became a greater Promofer of their 
Peifotmincct.Hc died at hij Scat at St»»dm Dcligna, and in a Sermon preached before 
ia Hirtfirdflurt in theetghtieth Year the Artillery-Company, Sift. 1. i6*o, del> 
ftf hii Age, and left, beitdcs a good vered this Doarine, ' Thtcfor the Defence 
bis Family, a Pardon gained of che Popo ' of Religion and Reformitton of rhe Charc\ - 
by^his Servant, wben be wii at iiaaae with * it wis lawful to take up Arms tEainfl the 
bii Mailer OnmrnS, for his own and Sue- ' King': Bat fearing to be ailed In Queflion 
ccflbrs Sins lor three Generation! ; bnt be for this AfTercion. he retired to the Hoofe 
was too wile to make any other Ufe of it of Ktktrt Eail of WtTm€k it LitiU-Ltn in 
tbao to be merry. It ia thought to b« Eftx. After thii be became Chaplain ta 
■mong the Records of the Fimilydill. the Lord Aatirr's Regiment, and in rtf^j, 

Sir Bofj IHtd. ■ firm Loyalift in the wit a grand Covenanter, and one of the 
Time of the Rebellion, who had his EQate AlTemblyof Dirinei, but died inthemidft 
(tqueftred by the Parliamenr.Commillioners of bis Carreer in itf^f . He hath Tome Po- 
for that Realoa, and wis fotccd to redeem liticil Difconrfes and Sermoni inPrinr, and 
it by paying a Fine of 37] /. wai an Inha- wis Farher of Sir Otcrgt Dmu'ty, made by 
bitint of the Parilh. King cb^rhr U. Secretny to the Treafury, 

AiaongtheRcaorsandVicirsof this Pa- and one of the Commiflioners for the Cu- 
riO), wc find fcveral Men of Note, u, llom*, hiving given fome Prorfi of his 

QMwfiUntit, Cardinil-Pretbyter , by the Loyilry, in apprehending B«rtj!#«< 'okif. 
Title of St. tUrttUa md St. fitir, who be. and Cw^if, three Regicides, and delivering 
fides his Re&iry in this Chnrcb, ^M ijaS, them np tojnflice. 

bad the Prebend of Di^U in the Church. W-Siam Sfnrfltw fucceeded Mr Dtwmiitg tn 
ol tirk, the Refiory of HtmiKibaji Chnrch, this Vicirigc ; He wis defcended ofthe Fi. 
Prabcadof SaBt» in the Church of Litck mily of the Spmfitwi in CiiJbiM, md edu- 
fiiU fwheie be was alfo Treafurer) and of cited at C»mtrUg, in K»thirhn.b»S, where 
Xji^ in the Chorch of LinttU, the Redo- be took hia MafterofArrs Degree. Hebe, 
ries of Psghmm and QtyiAmutt, Ummtmg and came a grand Presbyterjio, and wii one of 
Mrriybrr, which nnnKroasPrefemcntt were the Club bell known by the Name of 
beAowe^on him for the good Services h« SMECTYMNUUS, who oppofed To vio- 
C a lently 



lently the EpiftApil Order, in Anfwer to 

Bilhop HmO'i Remanfirince In Mtintenince Buj«tt ^shb SmAvU*, ^«. i.t. Here I'lei 
of our Enilijh Hierarchy. He w» one of mM Satkvile, who was Priorcfi of the 

the AfT^mbly of Divines, i Preacher before Priory of CJarkanHt, when it wit dif^ 

the long Piflianunr, MiQer t^ KMhtriat- folvca, oati. k. 1^70, .Omt la, of 

b»S in CamirHgt, in tbe Place of D'- K« ><t Qaecn Ebt^hth 1 Reign. 

Brtwirig, and then commenced Do&or of 

Divinity. He wai pat oni of bii MaAer- The Manor of this Town Wai in the 
Ihip for rrfudo^ 10 take the Engigement Ntint, till the DillbJniian ; after which it 
(ai Dr. niJrr aflufM aij *ai cfcued from at lengrh became theloheiitance of H^Sifm 
bit Vicarage for Non Conformtty in 1661, CavnUifh, fifft Eirl, then- MarquiD, and at 
bat lived in the Neighbourhood exeicillng length Duke of Ntwtsfib, in whofe.Dc- 
bis MinilVeital Gifts to has Death, which fcendancs it continues, fo far af wc knof. 
happened in [hii Town in iS6t- He hatb The Church here li neither Refiory nor 
divert Sermons is print, but ismoft famout Vicarigr, &uc a Donative or Curacy, and it 
for his two Treatifes, called, Tir tnii *f the fime that belonged to the Pnory. The 
Mhi«ffa« ifnr^, iA/t*varntf sb Morf^Ga- Steeple of it ftlldo«n in itfi], md mncli 
^l?T*mifn, &c. and his Prafiicsl Treitife d>miged the Church in the Gallery, P*wt, 
of the Ufeof thctn. (?r. but was rebuilt, as to the greatcftPart 

Cltfkn-wil, fo called from a Well, called, in iCtj, and lince it To fully leftoied, that 
CltrkfrnS adjoining, faflioas for a Prioty now it has an handfame Sreeple, with ■ 
here, founded by ?iriM firJ/tr in 1 100 (of Ring of Bells, and fo is like to continue, • 
which we Iball give an Account in our Ec- thr(7 tbe bounty of fome Bencfiaois, wc, 
clefiaftical Hiftorjr) and divers Peifoos of mMism Htrm, a Maflcr of Defence, and Yeo- 
Etninency, wf«. Sir GMtg* Stnad, a Gentle- man of the Guard, who hath given certain 
Sian «bo did good Service to his Majefty Lands and Tenrnientc to the Company of 
King Cijrirr I. in the TinK of Peace, while Cloth- workers in L»nd*», to pay yearly t^l. 
be was ■ ConferviTor of it, and therefore to the Churchwirdeni of cltrimmtl, to. 
mochtruAed by his Mafcfty in the Time of waidsthe Kcpaiation of tbrir Chnrcfa, and 
Wir, being mide the fccond CoomilBooer Relief of the Poor ) to which narj Stikr, 
of the Array for iMdn, by which he much 1 Gardner has added ao / forever 
ftipprcffed the Tunaalts in that City, lie In thi< Church lie buried Jth I^^m, Efai 
faflvteil the Lofs of many Thoufindt for md if'M his Wife, Ltdy Agntt CliM, 
hit Loyalty, facfidcs tedious Iniprifonments. Rul/b tbimiUiy, E% Lady Jm, B.roneft 
He WIS, while living, very chafiiible, ind of Qrtjfittk, and 7a«i* Lady Arrm, and 

Stve many Hundred* away by weekly Di- more lately.Mr. Jajk Wtnir, Author of the 
ribiitinns!iSt.^«atr/lCJ<rlMmJPariih,St. Book, intitleil, jtrnttut Hmtr*t Mtmi,mmlf, 
Stfulchru, (St. and very devout in bis feri> who had an Honfe in CUrknwthltfi, and 
ous PteparatioftS foe, and often receiving dying in rhis Pirift, lies interred towardi 
the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper i and the weft End. In the north Wall of the 
dying, left 61 » Yeirfor a monthjy Sermon Chancel alfo, ti a fair Monument with tbe 
on mJ^y before the fitft SkuiIsj of the Portraiture of ■ Man. lying upon hii 
Month at cl*rkaiwiB (where he lies buiiedj Shrowd, erefied to the Memory of Sir mt 
to eoconrage and help forward the Prepa. lum m/ltu, Kt. Lord Prior of St. yaita of 
ration of others for it. He was ■ great P»- •Jirnfjtm, who livirig at the Time when the 
tion of tbe LoyaliiTt in the lite Troubles. Monaflerief were fupprrlTcd, and heating 
tftU Ssikvih, the lift Lady Prior* ft of that this Houfc was difTolved, it f^nick him 
Ais Houfr, of the Family of the S^tkvilu, to the Heart, (though King Htmrj' VIIL 
■ow Earbof Dtrfil and MiJdItfiK, She lies had ordered ,htm an Allowance cf 1000 t. 
buried in tbe Church here, under a Maible )>ve*r during his Life} tbsi tie gave HP tbe 
Stone, near the high Altftr, which hatbtbii Ghoff. 
lali^iptioa «b it. 

IV. 7U 



Below this Town, ihcTismtt u fbliil- 

IV . The HoB^Nd of Ikitn low, at Low.wtter (being not tbore ihrea 

FoDtdcap) tbtt if istoidib[e,is our Hill»> 

liboandeioQ cha&ft with Hm Liberty rinOKWbyfoaic Inftmccf When the Smm 

o€ ffnbJdn*, and Otr* Hundrod on tbe b«lic|ed LMdm, in ihe Reign of Mdmmi 

Noitb, with tut of H^rtfirt/birt f on cbe Irtafdt, tbir »liiDt Hero, bi/ing obliged 

Wei! with (ho River Ctlm, wbicb dividci it tbem to raiic tbc Siege, purTucd ibcm u ftt 

&om amduKg^amfkrt I tad on tbe South utbisTown, ind itcaclt'i) th«in fofiernly, 

wich tbc Huadied af ^H*^- Tbii Hon* th*[ be forced tbcm to * dirotdcrly Fligbt.ia 

dred bu two of ibt aioA confidertfclc Mv- «'hich he killed grcK Nutnberi of lEtem, 

kct.T«wiw of tbii CooAtjp i» it, vt». Jlr.M- before cbcy could ptk the River ind get in- 

ftrJ, and UMirlJf. to MTiji, At another Time, the rime King 

»aw fa ' rf , B'mtfird, mt Bf^afird, fo cil- bearing thit the SaaH were tiv*gin| tnd 

led CrotB ibe iktle Irook amw, which raoi plandciing Xrer, pvllci the A*w<« at the 

Ant' it. Itis but a Ch*pe)ry,'or Hamlet, to fime Place, and went in Purfnic of the Enc* 

Bmwti, wbicbi) aboat two Uilci from ir, my, and fo prevailed againft ibeai, ihic be 

yec batfa • good Markec on Tltm^ weekly, drove tbcm into the Ifle of t^tfty. 
and I Fair jeulj mpon St. Lttmrtmtt'i Day, Tbii Towa ia alfo famoos for a Batti* 

■^V^ IS- Tbe Manor of HmmiM, wiib tbjt happened here in 1641, betweeo the 

ibe Advow£>n of the Reftory and Donati* King and Parliameu'i Forcet, which fcH 

aa of ibe Cbapel of Mr«ywi, waa before oiii afier rhia Maontr, Hit Majedy c^ 

Mdmmd the Coiofclibf's Time, in the Abbey ming atter hit ViQory at MdgbUl fiom Oxk 

and CoaTcarof ffVjteiqftr, and To remain- ftrd to LaaitB, found twotff [he bell Rcgi- 

cd wbea that Abboy wai coovcrted into a menu of the Parliameot's Faroea at (bit 

ftftop's See by King Kan VIII. R*g. \\. Town, which having attacked, he beat 

Batthat BiCboprick being loon dilTilved fay tbem out of the Town, wtrh the Lofa of 

King Mdwmi Vl. Queen tttrj, by ber Let- ten Men only, killed their Conunaoder in 

lert Patents, bearing Dito Uunk^. Jt^. t. Chlaf, took ^oo Prifonert and » many 

gave, amoiig otber Thingi, the Manor of Armi, 1 r Colour*, and i; Pieces of Cannoo, 

ItmrniM, with the Advowronofthe R«Qary and (hen mirched by CuaUndi and Riaiim 

and Chapel of ^n^wd, ra Qt.'Umm* a««> bacb again ro Oxftrd. In ibis Rencosnter 

•tr, ibea Bifbop of Ltidu, and bii Succcf. tbe Riglii Honourable Patrick tl*tkt». Earl 

Tors inthicSeefor enc, to whofe Collation of Firtk ia StalUwJ, perfiitnung tbe Part of 

they faavc ever Snce contioaed. This Town an expert aad valiant Commander, was firft 

being a great Thorough fire far the weftern made Gcneralof tbe ICing'a Army, and io 

Countiei, and lying near LtnJtm, is enrich- fnrtbcr Conddcratian of hit eminent Str^ 

ed with a very grcic Trade, the Market vicet, by Letterc Patent, bearing Date at 

diawing ■ cooiiderable Concourre of C,VUf 0*f»rd, Htn 17- 10 Qtr, 1. advanced to tbo 

tens to flock to ir, on purpofe to buy op Dignicy of an Eart, by tbe Title of Birl of 

fucb Cammodities as it ttfords; and the Srtnr/frd in rhii County, upon tbe Accotint 

Kiver T%a»M/ running not far from it, being of his brave Bchayioar in this Place; but 

Very conducive la beautify and enrich it, this Honour died wirb him, not long afteri 

while by thar Means all Soitt of Gooda are, for thii Earl died in i6j 1 at Dmtdit ia J<ia> 

with great Conveniycy coavcyed back- Uui, and was there buried, leaving only i 

Ward and fomird ihicbef. Swiax-CMtr/.tho Uanghter the Lady J^ar. who afterwards 

Celebrated Seat of the late Earl of Air**, married [to Jsma Lord ftrrtfiit, a Baron of 
''<^i'> lies near thia Town. The Houfe, thaiUcalm. 

Parninire, Rarities and Gardens, are well Or. f*atr gives lu miny Paititnlars of 

warrb tbeCuriolity of a Stranger. It be- this Fight, which he fays happened N««b 
longs now to Sir Tbw«r Awsi/'ffJ, lata la* vc Thatic begin near j»a Htnfi with 
Poluiiilcr-Gcneral, to whoa (be Eail his the great Ganc, which funk a Bom on tbe 
UnckJeft i». Ti^tut, witbmany in it, and among them 

a Captwa 

C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

M! M I D D L B S &JL 

-Ciiltain Sfi»rttt (iHMlMuCitJMti for iho Aniinder oF ihil Duke , tbe (iiik Kiof 

tbc Scene of tbuTrifadf reilKiVcd U^ttw tltrihnmtnUwJ, md hii Heirs M«Ie ; but lie 

OttTlk Side, nc>T ^iSm, wktn tbe Kiagt be iog 4ib Ktaioied in Qnna Utfft Rein, 

f orcu falling fiercely vpon Colonel IMrW it «Mne info kcr Hindi, md Ate raftored 

Mfit's Regiment, routed ihem quite: Tlte tbeMoni: Bat it beingdifloWedby Queea 

Wtifit nndcxCoJoKl Ssliihuj, who fl»wcd SiiMiitk, ttwNnnifled to UIm, and tbeir 

funic flceli it Edif-bii, ufed u Qoot Aiou Honft ww wftoud co the Pofteritf af tfait 

It iny in ibic Eigbt 1 Tbe Nusber of the Duke of Umtjftt, nboA Attiindcr wis re- 

fliin on beih Sidct, did noc iinMint to 1 veded by Qmra 'UAMfwtifc, lod bit $<>■ 

tboofind, md ttie Rcpntitioo of. the Vifiiki laide Loid ^mtkaw^ «nd Eiil of Htnftrdj 

ry WIS on the Kiing't Side, bot bid no other but they recovered not the Title wF Daka 

EffcQ, thu to produce > Triomph; for the till the Reftorition of King ClurUi U. Tliit 

Citizeni did notcotnc over tothcKing^iwi] Houfe it a noUe Seit, being ilirge fqnire 

expcQcd, cbooflng to keep whit Loyilcy Srqne BirfUing, finely FnrniSicd. The lice 

they bid in their Hcirti, to prefeive ^heif Queen ..<NNI ufed t« Felidc in it, wheo 

Parfei. Tbe Kiag freely difmilTed the Pti- once &c wiiout of rbe Fifonr of the liM 

fbners witbouc my Rmfoae, .obliging King Milliam.- Tbe drdcni ire tolerably 

them to uke m Oith to fcrTe no more well kept, md it the End «f one of iti A* 

uiinfi htm : But tbcif Coafellori ibfolved vennci, lice 1 pretty Village by the RiVer 

tbem from tbe ObligitiCHi of their Oithc, Side ciiled l/ltwmk. Tbe Villigei neir 

and afcw Wetki ifter they ippciEcdoa tbe tfaiiTown ire, 

Pirliimeot'l Side, u fieic* as aver. Ofitrln Hoafe and Virk, built by Sir Tin. 
Tbe fioie Doftor tclh m tbii Story of w^ Grrjatm, wbo magnilkently entertiin- 
one 1>tfirMm, a Gairdncf of thii Town, eibo «1 Qa^n Elm^trnk and her Attendanii in 
at feventy.fix Veirs of Age, fell inco 1 noA it. Her Mifcfty taking a View of it, bc> 
violent loAimmtcion of the Lungs, KCOMv iag then bat newly erafiid, found bvh 
smied with e terrible Fever, Shonneli of with the Cottrt, w too big, faying, Tliae 
ttrcaib, Siitch on both Sidci, 1 dryCongh, it would *ppiar more huidfome if ic wera 
and - nnouenchible Thiift: Or. thttdtn divided by t Wall in the middle. Sir Th*. 
DfJutt (who wai at tfcat Time FhyCcim mm took Nocice of her Mijtfty's Wordr, 
to Piinca Hmy,tai tbe Lidy Einutttk) was ud fendi fivthwiih for Workmen to Lt»Jm, 
fail Ndghboar, ud feeing him of 1 fm- who in the Night fo fpecdily wd ffienily 
guine and rsddy CompleiuoD, let bim iwlied tfacmfclves to their Bufiners, thic 
Blood, md at threcTimcf (ibo'fooldjtook the next Mprning the Court appeared dQU> 
from faim above fisty OoncM, which cured ble, acooiding to ber Majefty's Opinion, 
him, fo that he lived ten Vein after, and with which ffaa wit not more pletfed thin 
died in ifii^. Near tbii Town Binds ftuprifed 11 the fudden Pcrformince. The 
Si*m Httft (ii it 11 now cilled,bm anciently Conrtiers were ifiedcd with equal Wonder, 
ikm Moniftcry) of which we QdII give a but ezercifed their Wit in rcfleaing on the 
full Account in our Chorch Hiftory, ind Work, one particularly faying, It U na 
fhall now only (how how it became 1 Seic ft'^H* '^H '^>'* htfbtmU elMngt e ^Mtlditg, 
of -the Dukcof Sftrfti't. This- religious ■^Aiisth tuili MCbtwgi (for he bid before 
Houfe WIS one of (he firft that wia diflolved built the Riyai Euthtmgt in Ltmitn) Othert, 
by King Unmj VIII. biving given him tbe wbo knew the DiffiErences tbir been bad in 
moQjuftOcctHon, in harbouring the King's that Knigbt'l Family, rcfleding on them, 
Enemies ; ind hiving been Accomplices in (aid.Tbat twj Hmfi k Ufim iyuUti thmt tmiitd, 
the Balineft of tite Maid of Xmt. It re- This Honfe and Piik, after fome Time, 
nained in that King's Hands during fcii became tbe Seat of tbe famous Parliament- 
Life ; md his Son and Saccc0br, King Ed. Generil, Sir mUmKM'MAr. He wis the Son 
wtrdVL Rig.i. granted ic to IdwM^DiAe of Sir 2iaw«r WUErr Kt> ConRable of Drov 
of Smirftt, with the Sitaof the Mooiftery ; CaQle, ind chief Butler of BtgUad, by bit 
-'Sat it dcvolring igiin to ttw Crown by tbe Wtft Umtmi, tbe Daughter otSmmffim Lm- 


M IV D L B S EX. f? 

mi, Lori IMnv, anrf Wing mftnificd to and kfttSmof both hif^IiTimer, who wn- 
fcDU ttA [ide the grcK HDrfain the Ac»> illb knighted, aod ■ Juftiee of PeiH fn 
jcoxyof Ptfrif, ha wcnr into the Gi^mm MMIrftx; bottbisSncwn ilienited from 
Wui, uidrcrved in the A/iny of the Coil> thf Family, ind bectnie Dr. AfrhiN's. 
f^eiKePrinccm m^Mnft die Emperor, After Grtmfird lit^m, to tild Recordi, etilcd 
hitReninf Iw «ras kaighced, and ekS::d ■ fometimes OrtnJttU,' ind foffletiffles Gtn- 
Air|^ for itirfi »m in the Pailiinent of fifJ, the Minor of which, with the Reftory, 
^40, where he fbewtd himfelf tctj t&xn belonfed.M Inciently ti BJasnt the Confc> 
ifiiaft the Prerooativct When the Rehetlion Tor's Rcirn, to the Charch at Wtfimlwfitr, 
btcJteoiiT, he washed ia fo greM Efttem who conRrmedthemby Chifter to it. At 
fciUiMartUl Skill, tbic he wueofifttTuted the Diflblarion of the Abbcyi, King Hnrj 
bf the fud Pkrliaaient, one of the Gener*h Vllt. feised this Minor with the Advow- 
tofi^agunft the Kingin i&fii, in which foni intohii Hmdi; and they remiined in 
Yur he performed fo mitiy notable Ex- the Crown til) King Edmsi^ VI. Rig. 4. 
ylo'Ks^ that bis Rinc wai ilmoA raifed to a granted the Mtnor to the Bilbop of LtnJm,. 
CoBpeutaon withthek Captain Genetit Re- and bit Soctrilort for ever, wiiich Queco' 
itrt Enl of BjUm. bat fooo after irntry lef- Mm? Kqr. 1 . conArmed. 
ftocd by the L<^ of two of the Parliiment The Church here wis in Hie GifV of the 
Amies ^ y«t in itf^tf, when m»ehtfiw Abbot and Convent of tVtfiminfttf', till the 
Hoofcwas difgarrifbn'd, it waa given to Supprcllion, when the Advowfon of the 
bim ai a Reward for hii former good Ser> Rcaory wai gnnted by King BtitryWU. tO' 
Ticea. Sir Thtmm It^tti tni hii Hciri, who [rinf- 

In the Year itf^?, when the Quirrel be- ferredittaSirUawrifrW^rvwjbinitreemi 
tweenthc Probyieriana and Indepsndtnca thit Sir 2^n>jri< toti the next Prefentition, 
WU at the Height, be took Part with the by Vertue of iLeafe (printed to one Ttnajw 
Preshyteriaai in the Ifcsfs of Commont, TiwwM, by the fiJd Abbot and Convent of 
sod WU on that Account impeached, with WiJhmiMfter, nf the Minor of Gntt Orituftrd, 
fcTcralothen, of HigbTrtafon, hy the Ar- and all its AppOrtenancei, for a certain 
toy who fided with the Independent!, Nomber of Vein, not then ezplrcd. Thta. 
whcrenpoa be aWconded for a Time, and Contcftwiiin 15^4. 

then rctoriied again (O hii Place, but waa tdvri Tttty \»ii ReAor of rhii Parllfa,. 
fooo after larncS otit of the Hoofe, with horn in K*fH, educatrd !nOa/wi, nrhcre he 
forty other Menbert, by the Army. About proceeded Mifter of Artt, in i$i4, Tn 
»Moi|tl»or five Weckt afber,. he waa ipprc' the Ycir following, he took ■ Voyage wi-h 
bended; and fceisg kept Prifoner tit! the certain Mercbantr into the En/f Miii\ 
~ ' Reftoraiioa, to Under him and hia where being arrived, Sir Titmm Ru, Am« 
_. _ m fran carrying on their Plots to bafndor from King Jfmitl, to the GrrM 2f*- 
bring in the King, herecoveredhitRepuri- ;*/, Tent for him and rhade him hii Chip- 
tioa wi'h theRoyalifti) wai counted an ho- liin, is he cnnrinued for two Yeart, inbi- 
nefi Man, and cnaeinfbra Reward, when biting in the Court of that mighty Empe. 
"' Cfarifi U. obnined the Throne. Thete ror. Being Refbr of thir Church, he fub- 
'cralTliiagtin Print, noderhisNiine' mitred to the ufurping Powers, and fo con* 
Nime, vit. ' Poar Ntrnttens or Letter) irf tiniTed his Cure. He was an ingenioos and 
' Vifiorics obtained by him at M</M(Jiui-^ in polite Mm, of a plom and exemplary. 

* lPii'fiir», Abiti a). 11S41, in rilcing the Converfition, a good Preacher, and muctn 

* Town aild Cefik of dnnJit in fajrv, Dft. refpcQed in the Neighbourhood where he- 
' io. taijn- 6, li^'it ttjIbtaiaSuTtf, iHt. lived. He wrote and publiOied feveral' 
*-! ). 164%, and igiinft Sir Jdnut U»g. She. Things, n, ' Sermons on Ff i\.% and cvii. 
'riffof fOli^, tttitlU^fn. j. Divine *}D,1r. A Cirechifm and Summ of Religi- 
'ModkitionaoafenratOccation).6.AVin- *on,forthe Ufe of hit Parilb ; AVeyagc 
'dicationofhittahingupArmi agiinll the ' to the Bufi'luJiet, defciibing the Mv*fiK> 
'iIk King! Andr- AMilitary DirconrreoF 'Dominions, and a Cban&er of King: 
*'wibnng. of Soidkisi He died in- itfeSj. ' ClitrUi II-*' for which bft «{>eQfcd Pteferw 

King'i Ref 
SteoKQ f 





meat, bat miM of it. He dwd 09»h, 8. DoQor of Muiick, wtt ban in thii Pirift. 

i5<!ft, and wai Cuccttitd by hit Soa,.but He »» ooo of the Gentlemen b«loiicinf 

be kft it foon »f[e( for Non-CoaformUy. ihan to bii M«jt;fty Kiog 7mw/I'( Chtpd 

Liiih Qrifwfird idjoining, is now ullcfl »nd fo gre«t >n Bnccurager of hit picuity', 

Ttnv»U, but that NuW is not JOcieBt. th« hn tbaiuJed rbc Mofickl«3i]Ki (both 

Cra^jrd, fo cilled from tbs litdc Bfook Theoiick and Pridicd) in the Univerllty 

naiocd CmM, which rniu by it. 7«i» I'f of OKJird, where he took hu Drgrcpi. He 

C'lnfird, mu the moft incicni Lord of cbii died in 711/7 1617, md wit buried in tbe 

Manor, and the R=aory appendaqt j but he fouth Ifle, joining to the Choir of Se. p^ 

;ave them to the Knights Templirs : Which «r's Church, Wtfmi^tr. 
Order being diflolfed in ihc beginning of Unhurt is anoEher Market- Town in 

the fourth Century, ihfe Minor and Church this Hundicd. The Mifkct if on JhfrfJn 

was fettled upon the Knights Hofpiralitri of wetkly, and the Fairs on St JU«rx«r a'i Day 

St. 3*iti of JtrufMltm in Inglmnd, who held Jaifio, tad St. Miiburs, Sift, ly It was 

them till the Supprtflioni after which King anciemly called WaxiriJgt, md foinettmeE 

H-'wy Vlir. giantedthefti to m&am Lo>d Oxiridgt. It it a Jitc built Town, fall of 

Windfw ; but it feems to haire been cither Inns, and Qictcbed out into a great Length. 

foi Life, or I fetTinie, for they were both Ic ii 00 Paiifli of ttfelf, but « Member of 

in the Crown in the fecond Year of King Grw« HiSmgdtM, tho' independent on it as 

3»mu\*i Reign, who granted the Advow- to itj Government, being m]ed by tiro 

fon toR»«et J;I«, Kr. and R*;- itf- granted Bailifft, two Connabfcs, and four Tithing- 

both the Mtnof and Advowfon to ElUabttb, men, called ilfo Headboroughs, H«m it. 

Lady Bifkltj, and her Heirs, to be held I'lt cj. Earl of Limifim, being Lord of ihii Ma* 

t»piti. She was great Grandmother to 7«)a» nor, procaied a Market ro be held here on 

now Earl of Beriltj, who has a Scat in MnJMf. and 1 Fiir ycirJy on the Eve and 

this Place , 0*y ot St. mbtUf, Dtt. 6. and 7. But both 

HMrtamdfaftrib, fit Himtttdtfwrlh, in the Mi^kei and Fair are now changed, asabove. 

Conqueror's Survey it ia written, Hemi^*/- He had it by hii Marriage with tUtgtrtt 

war^i and the Manor is then thought to have the fole Oaughler and Heir of mEmm 

bfM Eirl i»gtT\ i. e. di Untitrntrj, bur it Li-iifpti, Son of mSitm Lmgifftt Eirl of 

wto afterwards given to the Abbot and SmlkiuTy Mr ifttd, in his Catalogue of 

Convent of St. -**« in VvmMndy, toge- religious Houfes, mentions a Monaftery 

ther with tbe Cborch, which In Procefs of founded here by H^i ««»/«, dedicated to 

Time wu appropriated to that Abbey, St. Mny, hat give* us no Account of the 

and a Vicarage ordained, and endowed. Time when,, nor for what Order it was 

King £d^trd HI in his Wars with R-ant,, built, not of wh.'t Valoe. 
felzed tbeLandsof lhisMon*ftery. as of a This Tqwn.being an Hamlet of Gr**< 

priory alien ( and King R'ri«rJ IL alieni- OHingdn, md a Mile diftant from ir, here 

ted them to mSMm of mAhsm, Dilhop of was For the Eife of the Inhabitants, a Chs- 

Wimhifiir, whoftttled themupon the War- pel built by Rthm OUvtr, fthm F*lm*r, and 

den and Scbolirs of his College near Win- Jihm Btrfird. three of the Townfmeo, end 

'thtfir, and they continued Proprietaiies of dedicaicd to St. Mn(M«, on whole Day 

them till King Unrj VIII. by way of Ei- their Fair is kepi, jtin» .447, Df. Edwin 

chanKe for this Lordibip ind Manor, got Utidt, Lord Bilhop of Lmdwm. and Patron 

the ReOnry and the Advowfon of the Vi- of ihe Vicarage of HiUiwgd»t, with the Con. 

carage into his Hands, as is Oiewed in the lent of the Vicar, Mr. 7Matr Ha^mfm, and 

Account of HamflM. King Ww VI. Rtg 1. feveral of the Parilbioaers, did, at the ite- 

■ this Refiory and Vicarage, among goeO of the Inhabitants rf Ifxir*^, grant 
r Things, to hit chief Secrerary, Sir a LiceDfc under ht« Epifct^a] Seal, ft^» 14, 
■»m Pogit. Kt. the firft Baron of the IS?<S. to tlie faid Inl»abitantt of Dk*f«i*,0 

gave I 

mJtiM P'S". Kt. the firft Baron of the IS?<S. to tlie Uid Ini»abitantt of Dk*r«4*;„ 

f amilv. in whnm they (1111 lemiin. bury their Dead in their Chapel, and new 

mBi'«' Httttbtf, t>tHe}tbf. whnin itfia. Churcii.yaid. whiehjheyintended to tn«te, 

•ccomttlated the Degrees of Batclielot and faving all puties to ibeir.U«befChar«h ef 




M I D D L & S E t: ss 

OM0 iSBt^m, vte. tO'piy rotlieR^iifs ^Irliimenc hid their Inltroftioni not to 

of ttie Cbarch md Cbarch>y*fd, tni Sf. fgree toinyThing but iiotilSubverfionof 

g tl. foe every Pctfon they buried in their tilt fettled Goveinment tn Church ind Scire, 

Chapel ; tod f«r every one buried in their Vhich, becmTc hii MijclW's Commtinoncrs 

Cbarch-yiid, i d. to the Clerk of Hit- Could not ■{Tent to, the Treity concluded 

jtnyAv, ind he to be exempted from m*- withotitEffcft; tnd the W>r went on vitli 

kiog the Gf rre. thit Fury, that i Deluge of Dlood orer- 

Sm thefi; Condirinns not being obfcrved flawed the whole Nicion. If my delire a 

by the labibkratf of UtirHgt, Complaint more pircicnlir Account oFthii Trcity, wc 

WH made by the Fitifhioneri of mKngdtii, mad refer him to Sir tViBitm DmJsIt't 

taOt.Gttrgi Mtt,BiSbop of LtnJn, thiC nnttftbtUtnyniUi, printed KOt^trdin 

the People of ITxtriijf rcfufed to piy their i6Si, where ic isfetdown tc large. It is 

Boritl Chie9,iccordingtotheformcT Agree- no fmitl Hononr to'thii Town, that ic 

fsent : Wberevpon the fiid BiQkop, after givei i Title to 

afall Hearing, decreed the^fiid tf r t if. to Hnry faget, who having been Crcited Bi- 

be paid for rhe furore. Agiin, another ron at Burtn, in his Fither, tfiffUaLord 

Cmnplaim was made to Dr. Lnd, Lord Bi- P'gff, Biron of Btnitfrrt in Oxftr^Jhlrt s 

ftop rfLmVaaiby theMinifter and Churcfak Lrft^timr, and upon hif Father's D.-ceife^ 

wardens of Riliigd*», that the Inhifaitinil being by Inheritance Baron of Biamdifirl, 

of VMbriJgt rtfdfed to pay to a Rate for was created by his prcfcnt Mijelty King 

the Kepiiri of their Steeple ind Church, Onrgt in 17 ij, Enl at UxhiJgi. Thit Eirl 

Kcording to their ancient Agreement i harh married M»^ the Diughter and Co* 

which mien the Bilhop had pcrofed, he ri. heir of TkiniM C^rfff^, Efq; of tnnftm in 

tified the aforefaid Articles, and ordered, tftrtbsmftnflurt, by whom he htthone Sor, 

That the Inhabitants of UMhiJgt Ihnuld UtMrj Lord Psgtt and BartiM, who is marry* 

pay tbe Rates, for repairing the Chnrch, ed to the Lady Btitj Egtrl*», the Eirl of 

■nd Steeple, not only in prcfent, but ilfo BriJgwtttr't Sifter The Villages near iC 

foftfte future. are, 

Gaw{« Tiwnfad, Efq; of Uvnln't Im, by fSKngJm, in old Records Hitdtndtnm, 

Mslaft Will, dated Dittmhr 14. iiSSi, did which wat Part of the great PofTclTioiis of 

gtre eight or Btae Tenements in or near M^a CVi/^/a here in Cn^Ma^, in rhe Timeof 

OmOi-M/ in Drifj-l'M, within the PiriQi the Conqueror's Survey. Thi] Mih dying 

of Sr. UM>r»'a te tbt FitUt, l£ddlif»x, to withoutlfTu', 7 Htn. I. his Honour (which 

Peoficer, in Tmft to pay one Moiety cf the was WtBingfnd in Btrkjhirt) and ill hij In- 

Rents and Profits towards the Maintenance hetitince.cameto Britn Filz-C»iuit,'m Right 

of a Minifter, to be refidcnt in or near the of Maud his Wife, Widow of the laid Mil*. 

Town ofUxiridge, and to officiate in the whom King Ht»7y I. g»ve to the fiid Britm 

Chapd there. In this Chapel nfat a Chan- in Marriage wiih all her Inheritance. This 

tty, founded by one Mr. STiiftngitw, for ore frwawas a hisTime.nobiy dercend. 

Priefi to pray for hii Soul for ever, of ed, and of grea: Dignity ; but miflruning 

which the Ptovoft of £««:C«Jr;*. and the his Title to his Wife's Lands, came to a 

Fellows were Patrons. Soch 1 Prieft waj Compefition with KingSTr^tm, Rfg-j. and 

adtnitred in 1470. gave him 16SI. for the more fscurc Enjoy- 

Thls' Place tt famoos for a Treaty held ment of it. He took Part afterwards with 

her*y«-40. 1^44, between^ing cA*r/«L the Emprefs againft King S«;t«r, an J when 

and his Parliament, both then tn Arms, one they came to an Agreement, he took upon 

againfi the other. Gwat Hopes and Expec- him the Ciofs, and went to ?«*/*/««. Up. 

nrioni were frotn this Treaty, thatthcWar onhii Return, he and his Wife A/«i tork 

mifhtbeat anEnd, andhis Majefty'sOjn- upon thrm a leHgioui Life, which King 

ceSotU proved how defirons he was to have Hmry U. obferving, ftii'd on his Lands. 

hi* Kingdom fettled again in Peace.they be- The Church here was long before thi« 

' tng as large as could be reafonably expefted given by the fiid Bri*n 10 the Abbey of 

from htm; bat the CommilConert for the Evifh^m in Wirtrfiirjhirt ; but upon feme 

D Char get, 




Cbin|e^ it wu tfierwuds gnated to Gi^ Conmtet, indpirtiooltrly la S*^^ wbei* 

frid BtAiop of ffffMjtfr, ind fail Succeflbn, b« wu fcMed it Clsn, tad (bmetimei wat 

lo their otrn propti VCtt, and i Vicarig* from thence utied BJthtrd d* CUrt, tai bW 

«u ihcTcapon ordiincd, *nd eadowed Aim Pofterin, were dignified v'ah ifae Title of 

1181, tbe ColUtioo of which wis it that Girls of Cl»rt. 

Time fcctled upon tbe BiQiop of l>»^», k . TheCfiaicbherebcing alicnitedfiromtlic 

ii hii continacd ever fince with the Chapel Minor, upon wbic Occafioo we find not, 

of Uxhridgi. In ihii Chaich fvii 1 pecp^ came into rhe Poficflion of A/«(nM ^f Btl^/^ 

ruil Chintry founded in King Hiwrj I's who aaire it ro tbe Hofpiul of St. Jtim of 

Reign , for the Soul of ifnliir RsU, wbofe Jirufilim, which h'eld ic to the OilToIutiDn, 

Family picfcnted to it above too Yean when it coming into the Htnds of Xing 

after. Htwy VIII. thir Piince gave the Rcftory, 

J»hn Lord SirMn$i of Kntfkiug fits buried with the AJvawfoa of the Vicatige, S^ 

it) ihit Church, under a Tomb covered with 34. to Atifrr T^ra/rti. who pirred with ihem 

a Marble Stone, hiving on itanlnfciipcioO, foon, and they came into the PoflelTion of 

fliewing, That be mirried JigHitm, or ?«- the KiwdigMtti, ^Edwsrd VI. in wbict^Fa- 

gfutt*, Siflcr oi s!it*iitbQyiKtBoiE^l»uJ, tntly they Dili lemain; Sir Rdmrd StwdU 

Wife of King Ed^^rd I. that he died gti being the prefent Owner of the ReQo- 

OS*. ij. 1477; and that Jun, his fole r)*, and Patron of the Vicarage. ItiinOffs 

Daughter and Heir, caufed this Tomb, a Donative or Cgricy, andtho' while kwas 

vrith their Pifiorea on it, to be eretlcd at in the Hands of the HofpitilJcrs, it wu ez- 

her nwn Cod and Charges, ,Am§ ijo$, empt from Epifcopil Jarifdifiioo, it hat 

Mt' PkiUf Tdvtrmr, who with Mr. G««i^ been fubjcQ to it ever fince the DiUblucioD, 

fTMM and Mr. H*S, two Minifteri, bad a yet Sir Rithtrd Siwd^su bath of late coiw 

publicit Difconrfe at the Mcetiog-haufe at telled it. 

Wift-DrspiM, Jam. 18. 1557, upon feveral Rifilif. of which Minor we find no paa^ 

ticads, gave an Atconnt of it in Print in ticul a r Account, but the Cfanjch Is fiid 10 

r6;8, was Minifter of this Chuich in the be a ppt op tilted to the Priory of Okiinm 

Times of the Ufurpitioo. He wu e}^£ted in mh/hirt, which being in the Reign of 
in idtfi. "m^. Htmy IL thtPofftiZon of iUtilds dt lOMling. 

/diiml)ard$ Sthtnhrg, Duhe ofSthiMitrg and /art, Ihe gave it with all the Minon and 

tf infiiT, lately deccafcdi.iiAd a Seat in this Churches to the Abbey of St. Wm^ of bfc*' 

Town. inthnmrnly, on which Account tbe Abbot 

Bnai^itr, a Place famous for being the and GoDvent becicie Patrons oFthis Cburcti» 

Seitot an incient Fimlly of that Nime.of and prblcnted to it. Hmrj IV. feized the 

which wii dcfcended Pope Adritn IV. Cil- Priory of Okitttra, and all the Landi, Ad. 

hd btfoie NUMm Brttifimr. He preached vowfoos, &t. thefcunto belonging, when 

tbe Gofpel £ifl to the People of Strwty, he hid Wat with Ffant*, and give them to 

whom he converted to the Chridian Faith bit Son Jthn Duke of Btdf§rd, who conlider- 

in greit NombcM, and dieted tbe Tnmulrs tng that Rcfiorict did property belong to 

of the People of Rtuf, at that Time en,- Spiritual Pctlbni, grimed this Rcflory and 

deavouring tn recover their ancient Liber* Vicarage to the Warden and Canons of 

ties. Fruifri k riitt Firft, Emperor of tbe F(7a4*^; which King Hrn^ V. and Kjng £1^ 

JtaMM/,held(his Pope'sS(irtup,as heilight- murdiV. having confirmed, the Dem and 

edfrom hisHoife. Hcwai choaked itlaft Chapter of Windfw enjoy the impropriata 

with a Ply. Sm more of him in Htrthrd^ Tithes, and are Patrona to the Vicatace at 

>(>*. this Day. * 

HtrtiJhU, or tUrvil, anciently HirtfiUt, Iik.nlum, or Hiinbam, of which Jthm- 

which was in the Time of WiilUm theCoo' Shirdinb w*i\.cTd in 1389, and his Pollert- 

qutror, the PuflelTion of Rukurd. Son of ty continoed foch for above loo Years. Dr 

Count Gi/tbin, wbofe Fimily fioniifhtd nii&r fiys, hii Heirs had a confidenble E> 

for many Agrs in ifgltmt, and held this flite here in hii Time ; and Mr. Ktmaart 

Manor and many Other Lands' in other finds, tift Rifhtrd stirditth, E^; prelented 


Af ID D L E S E S. 27 

to tUs KcStoiJ in i6So,MthiB Bjfliop of ArcbbiaiepCnvwrptbtt Manor. i»ith th« 
Imbt'iRcsiftTy. ' Advon£bni of ihe Vicange ind Pirfoiu|«> 

MrfbaS, mtitrib'tlt, whicb wu inciently ind fevetil ochen, by wty of Exchmgetor 
the DemeCie of J'S'rij di Marndtiil^ who lu- rcveril olhet Manort, L*nds ind Pirfonigei, 
viogfoondcd > Priory H*t'Mldt»\n Egi», which bU Rccompenfc for tbem, 
feKkd tbil Church by che Nime of £««J</;« printed to cbe fiid Archbifhop *nd hit Sue* 
dtStnhaU, upon the Abbot and Convent; ceHort for ever, being much ibout tbclinia 
bat in After-tiates it belonged to the Bifbop Vilne. 

of UmJm, and the RcSory being appiopri. The Charch tf ■ Vicarage ordained by 
Ued to that See, ■ Vicarage w*f inftituied ArcbbiChop HPurbtw, aod by him endowed 
aod endoived erer (ince KXag.Htn'jllVi. v'lih ia I ftr Aai»m, tobe paid by the Rer 
Dip; bat the Eadowment was not lo clew, ftor to the Vicar ac the four Fetftr, 
bat there were anciently divers Concrover- 40d wu in the Gift of ihe Archbithop, till 
fies between the Bilhopa of tnAa and Vi- the Manor and Appurteaincei came into 
cars of this Place, till there waa a Compoli- King Hn«f7 VlTI'a (lands, ind thenthe Ke- 
ttonmade, Fit. 11. ifiS, between Riihtrd ^ly and Vicarage were granted by thtc 
FitXi-JtMti, Bifbop of Lund^m, and 3a£a Rid- piince to Sir tdwsrd Nrrtk, Kt. for 1 ccr- 
Nw*, Vicar here, to thit ESed, vie. (1 j tain Sum of Money; but he kept tbent not 
That the prefent Vicar and hit SuccelToii long, for we find, that the Eail nf P<a» 
Ihoutd have all theTithei, both rmiU and triki in if 57, bad the Adrovfoo of thcR^ 
great, with all the Obventiou, Ohlauoni, Aory to his PolTefBoa, and that the Arch* 
Cfe. forever, (i.) That the Vicar and bla biOlop collated in ijio. 
Succeflbri Ihoiild pay the BLlhop and his . Dr. R§6trt IVUgbt was Refior of this Pa. 
Succeflbri 4/f AmnB, for ever, and di- liOtinitfoi, baing then alfo Chiplain to 
ligently feire the Core, (t.) That the Queen tUtshuh, and foon after Rcaor of 
VicarandhiiSaceelToriOloafdforeverhave fl«rtM i^t» tbt Vatrr in Ghitfitrjhiri, tni 
the Barns belonging to the Re&ory, and Canon Refidenttary and Treafurer of IVeit. 
kecp'them and the Vicarage in Repair at h>s Being made CbipUin to King Jdmu I. he 
own Charge. (4.) That the BiOiop IhouI'd wis made Bifliopof Brifiil in iSia. rranl1a< 
pay all Tenths and Sublidiea to toe King, ted fromihence in i6]3, to Litfhp.ld and 
andall Proc a ilttoos, Synodal*, &(. to the Ciwa/ry. In i£4t, he wai one of tbe nine 
Arc^eicon, &t- Bithops committed to the Ttwr by the 

Among the^icars of this Parifb, wefind Houle of Cammoni, for drawing op ■ 
QMbrhl ftlaur, B. D. prefented to this Pioteftition igajnfl their anreafonible Adi- 
ChUTch, D«.io<iS]7, but falling into the ons, tho' he made an eloquent Speech at 
nnqniet Timet, he was feqaeftred, MMtb theit Bar in bil own Defence. He wii 
i$4i, and Mr. R»iirt Mtltharfi wis put into kept Pdfoner eighteen Months, to bii great 
his Place. Mr. Pa/Mar died before the Re- Charge ; bat being at length releafcd, he 
ftotation, and Mr. itMlthmfi, who had held retired to KetliJhMl CaAle, 1 Seat belonging 
this Vicarige till that Time, was removed to hii Bilhoprick. and then a Garrifon foir 
from it for his Nonconformity. Mr. Cr/a- the King, where he died in i6^j, leaving 
a^ in his Defcription of him, fays. He was a good Bftite to hii Son Caivm WHibt, who 
of great Eloqnence, butdefe&iveinEIocn- prodigally fpentit, 

tion, and loll ;oo I. fir jtmMm by his Non« The famoui P»triti nay (mentioned in 
conformity. If he means in partiog with Efi») was Rtdor of this Parilh, and iJs- 
his taring, as he got it anjuQly, he paiccd BJM/#in Dti^ghfbi't, bat was ejefted out of 
with it fi[eely, and 'twii no Lo&. both of them, whether by the Preshyteri- 

B^tt, or ai it is called in ancient Re- ons or Independents, is not certainty 
cords Haaff, Hijfi, at Heft; the Manor of known; becaufe,iho' he fided with the Pref. 
which, withthe Advowfon of the ReQory byterians, they could not love him, be- 
ind Vicarage, were anciently Part of the caufc be bad too much Learning to cotnpty 
PofleHions of the Archbilhop of Csntirlury. with their EcelellaAical Model, and too 
riU^DS ^'*7 ^^^ obtaioed for ever of pinch Hooefly to d.igeft their Politicks. 


a8 MlVD L E S E X. 

B«tveen both, to be fun, he wii ftript of (a huh eontimted ever finee. tt It io tfac 
hismtny Prefenn«ntSf anil in Melincooly, Pitronige of the Eirl oi UtirUit. The 
retiring into £/m, di«d A BttmftU, and Lords P^ff, who have ■ Seat here, have 
lieibunediD thatChurch. ilfo ■ Bnrying-plice in thit Church, io 

Aboat two Milei trooi. the PKilh- which are intert'd the firft mSinm Lord P*. 
Church of H*yt'. fiandi the Ghape] of Mr- fM, bit eldeft Son Hnni, and two other WTf. 
m*^, or fkrttmtU, i Chapel of E»fc Ummi bit Sncceffori. The Right Honoui*. 
to tbit Motber-Church. The Vicar of bleCio'lrf Earlof IkMtn^A hath a Scat at 
Hm/ being inflituted to the Chapel with Pimii? within « Mile of tbit Place, 
the Vicarage it bound to fupply the Cbapel Cmb;, ■ fmall Villaga, of old written 
of ^rwtd. , . . . C«/y.fte*«, fiom the Family of the PnbtU. 

OrJ7*»ii, the Lofdfcfp of which wat,ainong who were Lordt of thii Manor. One 
leTeralotheTiigivenby King ^Ah^Mfoihe Branch of them were Sironi in theReien 
Cathedral Church of St. Fw*, u appetn of King Htmy III, The Church ii • Reaol 
fhiia OHwT''*; B"*' whwe it ii that record- ry. and dedicared to $t. Lswrnti. and haf 
ed, CmHewiti Snlh Pt»^ tnm Drsytn, Gf: ill along been in the Gift of private Pa- 
i. e. Tbt Ctatm •/ <*• Paul'^ bM Oriyton. traoi. 

b it rated at ten Hidetr and the Arable Olbsm, a Manor anciently belonging to 
Landt at lix Canicatci. To the Detnefne the Baront It Strngt, from whom it ha< 
btelong five Hidei and' on* Carucate, (!ft. ptfled long (ince to the Earli of Dtrlr 
Md fo in the fii^Dilition made Am iiSi; Here it a Portion of Titbet, which before 
of the Churches lod Manori bcloi^ing to the Diflblution beIonge*to the College of 
the Church of St. PmwTs, it wat reiurned, St. Pridtfmidt in 0^*rd, which King Hmr» 
EtiUR* d* Or«r*M «7t in Dmimt Cumttrmm VIII. among other Landi and Tithei fettled 
^ UmuTiMm fi difndAM Umft't tfmMl OBOtr i. Rig, 37. upon Chrip'i Ckwrth in 
Bf maiibmi Dta^i r* **"^ H'dit.i. e .The Oxfird. 

Church of Dr^f i* i« the Oemerne ot the ^Ungtn, or nmUngtim, anciently called 
Canons, and the Manor in the Time of I^ng nanlingtm. The Rmsm Highway pil&i thro* 
Vtnrj I and WtH** the Dean, was rated at this Town, and To over H»nfltv.Tiimib to- 
Ten Hidet. K'"8 ^•"'^ "• S""""* »•>" W"^ PW". i e- Caifrarf. The Manor, 
Immunity to the Canons of St. P«Ji, that which inciently belonged t0 IfiA'«n ig 
throughout all their Manori, no Purveyor H»rft*», from whom it piffed to the liwli 
■ef the King's (hould talie any Corn within bath long been the Seat of The ancient Fa- 
tfae Precinfts of them ; and among them tbit mily of the BanMjt of whom Sir Bmy a»- 
«E Vrajtm it named. , - ,. . j- **' *" defcended. Hb was bred up in ge- 

Thui ftood the State and Condition of neral Learning, buttaking Notice bow no- 
this Manor and Church, down to King Htm- hipptly the Nition was imbroiled in Ciwil 
TyVllft Reign. wh«n that King havmg Wart, he laid a fide hl» Dooitt, and betook 
wocten it of the D«n and Chapter of St. himfelf to the Camp in the Service of bia 
BtnTt by Bxchange, or otherwife, granted Majcfty, in which he gave many Proofs of 
the Minor, Rettory, Paiifti-Chorcfi, and hit Valour, aswell arFidcHty, and carried" 
Advowfon of the Vicarage, with their Af . the Marks of it to bis Grave. At the Re- 
parlon»nces,.to Sit WiBi*mP>t**, Kr. one of Iteration of King Chtrkj II. be wat on that 
thePiineipal Secretirietof State,in whofe Acconnt in fpectal Favoor, and firft fent 
lamily it bat remained till thit Time (fa- Embafladnr to the Catholiek King, then 
vingfomefew Yean, Whenil was m Queen mide one of hiaMtjefty'sPrinciparSecre- 
jfcB«i«(i*s Hands, by reaftn of the Attain- tariei of State, and one of hit Privy Coun- 
det of 7t«w* Lord W^ar) for (Tiawi Lord cil ;: in which high Pofts, he behaving him- 
tatt w»i I 7« I- reftoted to bis Hononr felf with the fame Dexterity and Fidelity 
jodEftate by Aft of Parliament. hit Majefty thought fit to fct a particular 

the Churdi here it a Vicarage, coftRini> Mark of his Favour on him, by creatine, 
ted' at we may fuppofe, foon after it was him Lord Ail/vgm of this Place, and to tte 
T^ptopfiatedtotb«ChuichofSt.P*iJ*t,iiid Heiri Male of; hit Body .- Which Honour 



he ilorBed witti (o noeh Predence lod Ac. dd Charter of Edmsrd the Confeflbr) by 

riviry foT the NMion'l Good, ind his Mtje- E^gmrtb. 

fiT'«lat«ieft,ihat that King, in ■ few Yetts The Church hcr« ii a Donative or Ciirj> 

■^er, ctnted him Vifcounc Ttttftrd ind cy, in thcGifiDt' ihcEarlof C«tm<(7 ) but 

EmI of ^Htgtm, wich Liminrion oF ill the Cnrite mutl be licenced by the BiOiop 

theft Hoooon, for lack of lawful Iffae, to of UmJ»», oi hii Cbancellor. The RcCto. 

Sir Jfto Bamrt, Kt, his Brother, ind his ry did anciently belongto the Priory of St. 

Hcin. This Enl left only one Djoghter 7»<h of Jir^ftUm, bat being feiz'd by King 

niinnl f'tti^t who was oiiTned to Hit^ Hfv^ VIK. at the Diflblation Reg. 34. was 

HtM^RMf, Earl of twfim and Duke of Grsf- granted by that King to J»k» H^iBUmi and 

»>, one of that King's Natural Sons : And others. Tbe Villages are, 
hia Beoiher dying without Iffue, his Ho- Bttmm n tbt BtB, Co called from its Situ- 

WHsr became citind. ation on the highe&Partof the County. In 

This Church is a ReQory and hath been old Recordi it is called Rirghti, perhaps 

alIa|on|tn the Gift of private Perfons, but from the J^jmb Word fjep^he, tcpiSe, 

mottly la the £««(J>, who held the Manor or tie\it. which figoifie* an Army, which 

longeft. Thefe are all the Places remajki- probably wa» Enc«inped here. In the Arch- 

Mc ia this Hundred of fir*»ni, and fo we biOiop of c«»'»'*«7'» Records, it if fomc> 

IkaD proceed to times called Hanwu. 

Tbts Manor was ^veo to the Cburch 

V. The Hundred of CMT,. of c*««r».^ of old. by whom we know 

not ; but it being tikeo amy from tbic 

r, , , . Chmch by itflwWV, King of the JWra'm/, it 

Which u boonded on the Soot* ind Eill «„ jo the Veir Sia rcooxred, with fcye. 

•iibtheUbiiticiof Fnxilnnind »mla- „\ other Lindi, by IK»Yd Aichbilhop of 

tow, on tlM Nottli errth thriftrdlkiH, end cniirtm 

on the Weft TOh Che Handled of Uii..». The Church hei« »'■■ both ■ ReOoiy 
Thii Bnodted Imh m it oik Miiltet-Towo ,nd > Viciieje j the Reaorj on a Sine. 
»»• , , I ,. „ , , cute, to which the Archbiflioii collated « 
Ugwrlh, eoiraptly by Tonie called, s*. K,aor. who theleopoo became P.itoo of 
•era. TheMaiketuheit weekly on rt»/- the Vicarage, whidi wai endowed by St. 
ijp, and a Fair on .hii a Town M»,w Atchbilhop of Cmiartarj, with the 
of on Antiquity, and contain one mam Bread,Candlea. andalloth.tThingi, which. 
Street, the well Side of which beloogeth are wont to be offered at the Altar i aa al- 
to uuh S<J.«ra, caHed aUb mtilmk, f, ,i,|, ,|„ „|,„|, xirhea of Uoibi. Wool, 
and tbe nther Pare hath a Church lo rf, and cheefe, Butter, Milk, Coin, Calaei. Goata, 
u properly called £i<cwrrri; the Manor of Beta, cerrain Foriiona of Hay, Fawnage, 
wMcb did of old belong to mttrn iMff Milli, Fl.i, Hemp, Bark, Eggs, Merchao- 
/jir. Earl of ItlUmj and waa enioyed by jij„, ,„j „,i,s, |J„]] Tuia, referving to 
an>7 A L17, Earl of iiaral. by Vernie of ,he Reftor the Tithes of Corn, Pulfe, 
has Marriage with Aiwjam the fole Heir of Hay, Failure, &t. Here were alfo two 
that ooblc Family of the LMitjpui. The Cbantriei, one founded by mAaaa dr C*/*a, 
Military «a™« Way, commonly called andthe other byoneXnriki the firft wai 
IKii;i<ji(r«rr,eoteritb« County, towards the endowed with a Meffiiage and nineiy.fonr 
With Booode of It, and eoonng Draight Actei of Land, and 4 r. 4 J. i Rent, foi > 
along from OUCir.l.w, through Hewt/Irad. Chaplain to celebrate Ha& daily for e»er, 
ieaak (from which one hath a cunoui Pro- for the good EOateof himfelf, theArchba- 
fpeaof the nioft beautiful City of lia^i., fhopof Crn-lerr. the ReBora and Vicari 
««i pleafant Country) pafietl-, not where of thii Parilh, aid all rhePariOiioners. 
tU Road now Ilea, thro H«<.grr, for thn The Manor and Church of Harra.conti. 
«u opened only about thirty Veari ago, by „„5j ;„ ,1,5 Archbilliop of CaerrrJwT, rill, 
the Pemullioil of the Biihop of IW-, but ,|„ |,,ig„ „f gi„g „,^ yill. ««.j7. 
lyltatl>i>r<aiKiealMe(«>pp<mb!tbe when ArcbbilhopCramir affiiied them to 


30 M J V D I E SB yi 

his Mtjctly mi hisHeirs for ever, by wiy ftificitioa of bowiosat tbe Nino of J^, 

of Exchinge far oiher Minon, Lindi, ina which the Archbiuiop Miiis Secreliry 

Piifoniges, of ibpvc an equ»I Viluc ; af- Wfote to him not to publiOi, but Dr. t^aaT, 

ter which hia Mrj^liy fccded rhem upon [hen Bilbop of LnMte, otderrd the contra- 

Ciri^.Ci^iirrfc in Ox/rriJ, which he wai thco TT, it being in Defence of a Caoon of ibo 

building and endowing ; but it ieems thia Cliurch, and at bis Majeliy'a Defire ) aa al- 

Scttlrment was not permanent, for King fa fome Animadverfiona upon Mr. Htlti't 

Edasrd VI. [Ug. I. gave the Advowfona Treatilis of Schiiii], and fame other Tliingf. 
of the Rcftory and Vicarage to Sir trilHtm There were ancicmty two Chapeli of JJafc 

Utrhrt, Kr. and now the Manor and Ad- tothia Parilh-Church, «i». Primmr and Tbt- 

Vowlbn of the Vicarage is in Sir 7iai)Mr Ra^ traraM. fnanir (lill remaina in the fame 

a«r, and the fmpropriation of the ReQory Condition, and is abont two Milci from the 

in Sir CW/» Gf rr«r,^. Mother-Church, to the Northweif, hue 

Mr. Palrsiaii, the lUinifterof thbPatiib, iMitdtn js quite dilToived for a Chapel of 

who was ejefled for his Nonconformity in Eafe, and the NaiAc (]uite abohfhed, onlels. 

rtffii, tho' he etercifed his Miniftry in pri- we will fuppofe the Hamlet of Ziaraa, 

vate Eloufcs, and educated feme Youth for which is a Mile diHant from the Church of 

a Time ; yet afterwards living with his Harraar ealiward, was the Place where thac 

Children in lae^aia, he attended on Dr. Chanel of Eafe flood, which has not I9 

JttWar's jVliniftry, and fometimes received much left of the Building, as of the Name, 

the Sacramenr from him. Hedied in itf^r. This Hamlet waa granted by King JamirJ, 

in the fevcnty-eighth Year of bis Age. and to Sir Sfifiaw Hariri and others. 
Dr. Kiililir preached his Funeral Sermon on Sndm, or, as the SaxMi call it, J^igen- 

Raer.xiv.ri, .. „ Cudt;. which, as Mr. iftrrfarr fpeafcs. (igni- 

In our we meet w,th a Roman- fie,. High Woods, from the plenty of Wood, 

tick Story concefmng this Place, of mj,,, ,|,„„b„„„. This Manor, Dr. ».»»< tellr 

*'"!;,?"?' Z- a- »•".»■'•"'» ra „, „„ purehafeil by Archbillop !>«.. 

*,.rljt,U, that betng greatly afraid of a De- g„_ who ufed all hia Endeavoura Vo ad- 

Inge.which was prognoHrcated from certam „„ce the Monks, for fome few Gold Bi. 

Eclipfes in watery S.gnr, and was to hap. „„„„„ („ti,|, ,,„ I„pe,i.l pieces of 

K"d W;- 1l' ;"4-" """f'j'P"" Gold, coindat tf^mlla., or c..;I«i.,/,; 

the h ghell Ground ,n thia Town, and c.r- ,„j gi„„ ly n„ „ ^ ^„„^, ^^^ ^^ 

ried all forts of Prov.lions with him into it, „ ».,j„„j,„; What Ground the DoSor bad 

to fetve him for two Months. Hia E,,m. fo, , bis Account, we know not , but wo 

plewas. followed, not only by the Vulgar, (i„j thatthere were twenty Hides of Land 

tuttheUatned whowerefo onresfonably j„h,w»., confirmed to that Manor by 

snfstuated by this Dream, that they vlaua^ Ki„j cj..,d the ConfelTor, in his Charter, and got up into the bigheft d.Kd Bara.iar .5. io6«, amoog other Dol 

Grounds, tofecnrethcmfelves from drown. „,rioos of the Kings of B«l«.5, bis Pre. 

sngMr.K.. denies this Story to be true, dec.flbri. Dagi. «a.. ij The Manor 

and fays, Bata built no Hoiifc, but only a „„,i„„,d i„ ,hat Abbey till the Diffoloti- 

P°!^'?'l',°. . .' '""' '■'I' f 'B""'. •""' on, when being feiied by King Saw, Vlfl 

he h.d loll h|S Priory J but this is not pro- j, „, given by rhat Prince to Sir 7fawa. 

bable, becaufe the DiiTolution of the Ah- Barfc,., in whofe Family it has continoed 

beys was no, then thought of ever fmce, -»». in Ibe Jonoge, Branch of 

IntbaParilhwalborn Dr.»i««,P/j. ,jcE„|,„f ^i » 

School-mafter ofj'-'iag. and Reaot of The Parochial Church here was of old ■ 

.-B|(-ta.».« laSarJfira. He was fequellred R,a„,y ,nd Vicarage , the ReBory was • 

■from his School ,n ■«„, but held his Li- Sinecure, in .he Gift of the Abbey and 

ving nil his dying Day which happened Convent of m/I^.JI«; and fo continued 

fat. a,. i««,. He was eOecmed to be well f„ , ,„„, Time Reaors, being always ad- 

»eradintheOrtaJFathers,a good Preacher, „i„ea „ i,, with this Clauli,C«. CafaKa 

•odBlfpiumt. HewrMeaTieatiftioJu. d, Brntfii tUm ma., i. ^ With the 


u.i,.„ ■,»-.iOOglC 

MIV D L B S E X. 31 

Chipel of Bmmpfiid UQcied (which mighc in HimleC or Chipelry to the former, and 
iMRcmto treat of Ikn^id in thrtPUct, >ll Divine Servicct ire perfornied iDthcit 
bn it not boDS comiooaly known to be i Cbipel by > licenced Cunte. 
Ou^elrf, nd teing in the Liberry of FliV S»giii^, ibe Minor ii not known t« 
mil«7, wefhall fpuk to it tberej The Vi- whom it incicntly belonged, but miy be 
.cirage wu ia the Gift of the Reftort fbr 1 fuppofcd given to one of tbe ibovemention- 
long Hue ; bat in the Yeu- 1478, tbe Ab- ed Utrmsm Loidi. Tbe Charcb it ■ Doni- 
bot Jiid CooTcnt airnnKd to thcinrelvet rtie tive or Coney in the Gift or Nominftion of 
Frefcfltstion, aaA held it till tbe OilToluti' tbe Dein lud Chipter of St. P^itTs ; bat 
on, when it came to tbeCrown, ind pifled the Curite ii licenced by the Bifbop of L«^ 
akMig with the Minor ind Hcfiory to Sir ^m- ' Tbefe ire all the Villigci of Note in 
TiMMw Hcrbrf, wbofe Pofterity, tbe Eirli this Hundred, thai b»e come to oat Know> 
of P*wti, now enjoy ir, or lately did ledge ; wherefore we proceed to 

$l—tri MfgWB, or Stmuur*. oft, King 
of the Merriwu, apon his founding and en- VI. Tbe Hoodred of Sdmtmm, 

dowing the Abbey of St. Mtrn, by his 

Cfaitter, dited ^9], gave tfaii Village or Which is boonded 00 the Eift by thft 
Parifli, coofifting then of ten Minfioni, to River Lis, on tbe North with Part of Htrtt. 
the tiid Abbey ; and Pope Htmriin III by firJJbtrt, tad on the Well and South by 
b'a Bull, dued Fti. 18. Akm Dum. 1118, the Liberties of A'amfAa[7 and Wm/m^ww^ . 
confirined it to the Abbey, together wtih This Hundred hicbbot one Matket*Towo 
tbe Church. in it, vis. 

The Advowfon of this Chnrch contino. EmfaU, or as it ii called (fayi Mr. Mr^M^ 
ed in the Abbot of St. Mmu till the Diflb- in fone Records, M»ftw, or /a^, taking it» - 
lotion of rlut Abbey by King Hiwry VTII. Nime tram tbe Fenny Situition of it, fome 
who having feized it, together with the P<r(i of the Parilh being > ftnny or morilh 
Miaor, gave them, in the very Month he Gronnd, tho* of Ikc it u fo drained, thit : 
died, to Sir P*iir QnAti, Kt. i Sfmmri it is broogfat to be good Meadow or 
\Mta, tod hit Heirs, inCooJidentionofbit profitable Pa &ure. The Mailcet here ii on 
good Services done him, to hold them of s»t»d»j weekly, snd the Fairs yearly on 
the Crown by Knights Service. The Church G»*d-Wid^, onibetetRiofPhUiftniJaui, 
af tbis Parib being too remote from it, and M9 1. Siji. 13. ind St. Anjrtw, N(u. 30. 
being very niioous, wu by Licence from Dt- F»Sf obfervei of this Town, Tbit as . 
the BiJbop of Xante pulled down, and a UmIm is the Stipte Mice for tbe Slaughter, 
fair one bailt «t the Charge of Sir Jthi of Beifti, To BnftU (in his Time) wis for 
tftifimbilm, Kr. f who was nurfed in this Pa- tanning their Hides. 
lilk) upon a Piece of Ground of two Acres, The Minor here was the Demefne of Gf/.' 
given (or thaC End by Sir 7;6mmv Latb, Kr. fi'fT ^' Mmdivil, who gave it. with that of 
Mt(. BMwtf, ind Mr. RaMr/iM, to be inclo- Sdvnitn, tothe Abbey of (foUn, towhich 
fed for ■ Church-yard. Dr. LmJ, then Bi- the Church being appendant, was appro. - 
fliopof laate, confecrated itTe^ i£. i6j3, prilled, and a Vicarage ordained ^ the Par- 
dedicating itto God, and St. 3*b» the Evan- fonage of which continued in tbe fiid Abbeys 
gelift. and Convent, till tbe Diflblution of it by 

Among the Redors of thit PsriOi, we King Hnty VIM. who bellowed the Tem-' 
&nd Mr. 7*^ 8yl*> »Knulfl> Mm born, ind poriliiiei of thit Monaftery upon Tlnmsr 
Brotber to Riihtrd BtjtU, the Rrft Ear) of Lord A*dlij, wicb the Parionage and Vi- 
Cart. He was promoted from this Living' caiage; but it feemi that thti D^ation wis-. 
toihcBi&nprick of Cart in InlatJ, wicb buc for Life, For we (ind thu the fimc 
Liberrya/lowed him tobotd theSeeof Aa^, King, jIhwi^^s, not only prefented to the: 
if Cmmtmdsm He died-in rSio, and wis Vicarage, but ifligned the Parfonage of Eit- 
boried at TifgM, of which his Brother was fi'ld, and ViciDgc, late Parcel of the Phf- ' 
giton. ' feflions of rfae late Lord jtudliy, to tbe Ma- 

Sftmm P^nmt now ailed WbiUhartb, ii flcr, Fellows^ ind Scholars, is Ptrt of the 



32 M / 1> P i a S £ X 

Endowment, to hit acw CoUego ia C*m- t Seatu ^rty-isM near cbii Towil, T&e 
irijgt, now ciUed ~ IViW^O/^r. Tba moftreuudubla Vilbgct crf'thu Hsndred 
Church is * Vicuage in the Gift of tbc faid aie. 

College. ., . EJmtmn, ^tlmtrtm, and £i>/MWM, tbe 

Here WIS anciently a Royal Sear, btult by cbief Tourn prebiUy of tfaU Huadred »». 
Thntgt lAwl, a Knight of the Ganc, and cicntly, besiufs the Hundred ii danomiiia- 
Frivy Cauncellor to King Htmj,\H, u ted from it. Tbe Minor cf dib Tovb was 
miy be iafcrted fiom the CoiES of AiOM tbcDenicfMof thi JliM^'W*Zr,£irIt of JEffijv 
obl'crvible in if, Ncir titis Houfe is a of wbam Vgrij dt MMirat/, tbe Sen of 
Plain cloidied with green Tttei, and fii- tba[7<F/r«;wbo founded iIh Abbey of ito/. 
■nous formerly for Deer-hundng, called flill dm, in tb» bid County, fw the Bnlargo- 
E»fiildCb»ft, formerly tbe Foffcflloiu of tbe menc of bit omi DcHsefnei, did onjuftly 
titgnrnvili abovementioncd, iben of tbe B*- take avay &oa> cbc Ptrocbril Cburch berw 
inmi, Itheir SuccefTort ; but now it belongs what hi« Father had fetclad upon rim Ab^ 
to the DiUchyof L«)w«jl(r,evcriinc^ Hinry bey, a largp and fiuitfnl Fidd, wftkh vt» 
IV. King of SnglMtid mirried a Daughter Fart of tbe GJebe idjoiniag it, and weroM 
and Coheir of the left Uumpbrf d* Bth"- not be parTwaded to refloij it j tbo' be cof». 
King Ritb^ri HI, give thit Manor and firmed all bit Fathcr'a Domtion* befidet i 
Chite to Hmry Sff»rd Duke ai aatkia^um, Tbe Manor Gontinned ■« the Fani^ for fome 
among many oihi^ts, ^mentioned parti- Sucufliant, and then pafled by the Pemile 
cularly in D^d.Bar.t- 1&9) ai > Reward Branch to the 5«)rr, a noblo Bami^. 
of hii Services, in raifing him to the The Chorch wis given by 7«j^« ^ JM^^ 
Ciown ; but 'tis queftionable, whether he dtmiU tbe Blder, to his Moni^ry aSWtidm, 
took PoiTefTion upaa that Grant, becaub which being appiDpriited to the Abbot and 
thar Dake foon changed bis Mind.andcoi^ Conrent, a Vicarage was ordained and en- 
fpiied with the BiOiop of lij to dcthroiN dowad, and wm in tbe Patronage of the 
him : which was accordingly done, though laid. Abbot and Monbs till the Suppreffion 
the Duke did not live to,£:e it;, for being ja Umj Vlft when: that Prince granted 
betrayed to King RieA#ri hy fail own S«. this. Re&Ky and PariOi-Cbiirch to Timm 
vant, he was carried to s*/i«*iirjf, and there Lord .Ai/ii^fcnbiS' Life : Afrw which, they 
beheaded. In the middle of thisGbace al* returning into tbat King's Eland^ he grant, 
nioft, are the Ruins and Rubbifliof cd rhnn to th» Dian and Cbapter of St 
eient Houfc, which, the common Peo^e P«J!s,and their Smwefliiafarever, in pnie 
from Tradition ifEnn to have belongjcdto and perpewjj Alms ; by Vertitt of which 
the MfgMMwli, Eitis of Efeie. Grant, tbey are ftill Proprietors of the Re. 

In this Town was born U^Bism mtUum, ftory, and Patrons of the Vicarage ; In this 
theBilhop, firftof liwi/a, andthenoffR'a. Choreh was anciently a Charity founded 
(*a^if, where he may be called WiffirtTlfliefc. for two.Priofts , by Ptttr Fmitltwr, one oi 
jUn junior, beciofe of his famous Prede- the Founders of GatU.jiaff, umdm, to pray 
^iTof, WtSiam »f Wi(kh*t», who built tbo for his Sofll, and of all tbe Faithfol decea- 
College there. He was a Per f on equal, to fed. It w«S endowed with twenty Marks 
any of hii Order in Piety and Painfulneft ftr Jmmm, and the Vicar and Ms Succcflbrf 
Ctho' nothing, as f<r as we can find, is ex- were appointed the Patrons. Hediedaboot 
tant inPriatJ andfuperior inPattenco, dy- tbe Year 1)68. 

iag.Arm isofiof the Scriogury, wbw ho jtlmWtU of this Parifltj Efq; dwrlline 
bad not made Water for fourteen Days, at; K bii Honft called ^mtldt, diftanc about 
tVi»thtPfr.b»iifi in St. «*^ Owrfcirftw _ in two Mllea fromthe Morber-Chnrch, forthe 
StMthvMrk, in which Church he was buried, Eafeof bii Family and Neigbbonn, livinir 
underaStone, with > large Latin. Epiupb in tbeHamlee or Wards, called SimiiS>tn 
infctibeduponit, and contained an Eooo. andBHM, in thefameParifti, built a Chapel 
mium of his Gravity, Eloquence and Piety, to fail Honfc, and bad it confecrated by Dr 
fet'up in itfoo. The Right Honourable Xng, then Bilbap of Lmdn by the Name 
.fTjAaw/VriMAiiCu-ay, Lord Hmif^r.halb oi mUtCb^lf 1900 theft Gondiriont 

1. That 

' ■ . _ c,„z.vs,G66gic 

MiS^ L B S £ X. j3 

«. 7M ^e VaanitT, Ui HenfindAf- liteltebdUop, is r^^t; bae liring.tQ tbp 

-fi«n». ffailt, tviift die Conftrit af tbis R«J1oricion of King C&««hf, l|e wju rc-id- 

Mmiftcr of the Mother-Chnrd), ptunlnite mfncd to hit Vicarige bore, iiul wt)4yf4 

tHPtrftmto qfficiite Tti;rcin> being /irft It- It for nJacteco Ytus befora Are died, is 

■>cci>ced-br AeBifhop, ta whmn Mr. ITt//, 1(^79, 

^btiHeifiind AfC^ni, 1114 Ac TahilMtints Dnrsiut, iScitof tbe'^iif£«,RPiiDilyof 

ef tftefiidWiTid),' flnll sHow ij {: 6(. 8/. good Repute ia chitCoamrv, of vtii^ ww 

fir .Ommm. 1. Tfait rtie Inhxfairintt of the WiSMt Wrtih, the Anci'nar o( 5if Hmn 

Id Honfr; ind Wirdi, fhtll rece'fre the Si- Wi%th, who wh living ia . \6^\y in ^ic 


_ .^icJieirMoifcer-Church, tt ttfitr. Town. His grxt Gr»Jid(»th«t, $|r AiiMr 

-erny Voir,' ind not In the Chipd, nnlefi l^rftb, fled into Gtrmuwf (of hii Rdi|ioo,is 
inr Licence obtiiacd from the BlUtop, or hii the Rciga of Queen U<mj f and '|)i otfluy 
Hncn-Gcoenl. ]. Thit none of^tht pi- vible, Thit he thit went aw«y for hii O^ 
riSiioaers flul] he mirricd or bipcizcd in fciencr, bath alon^ q{ #U hit Fuiily, hit 
the fffd Chipcl, vitfaont Lcive obtained Nunc reouining in tbii Qonpfy. Thiitf/A- 
«f die Vic«r tnd FMroa. 4. That the faid V'm, was the Son of lfiii*m ^Mp, £r<ti • 
Tmmdcr, Mi Heirs and Aflignl, fhall Gttadhn gf J^lm Wrub, who tofricd Idfii 
fiijr ihe bme Pees ro the Vicir for burying the fole Diqgbcer of Htm^ Dva^i, bf 
•ay of tbeir Family in the Chapel, ai they whoa this Manor of OurMtt, the Eftttf of 
were to hare paid b^ Quftcm, for burying the D&rmtd' wai devolved to hia. . . . \ 
jntbeChtnCel of the Mother-Church, mitij. Called fllb tUdi^^tttfthtinmt tM 

The h^nor bf f^^^ liu In thit PiilOi^ M»^tiif.lf*dltjt, bectufe it b(ina[h< EftttVflf 
ind TWfwbAi wis ifl&iud by King Hnr^ 7<tf^«r 4t iUndtvilk Em) of JEJitr, the Vw^ 
Vm. in Exchange with Sir fhilif ntb^flOK der of tVaSibu Abbey, it vu givv by bi« 
•f htf Majefty'i Privy-Chimber, for tbd to tbt Abbey lud Monfcirtwr?- The Ckotcb, 
Muiot of Kftfhftn, and ill Appnrtenan. doabtU& piScd with the Mfoor, fin v« 
^fs in Wwf*ip*r^t, granted to the Queen flod in tap Charter oif the FeilodKivn of 
for bet t>fe. without iny iDcnmbranccs b^ the Mooillerjr, that the bi4 Sf il 7<!Jf^ li*^ 
ffre bid Sir Mtti^. . give, isiong other Thiogi, Xft the Mftnkf 

A ceitain Mcflnage iTfo, with other Te- of tl)it Houfe, the Henaiciga of Hf^t^ 
nemniTf and Lands In this Town, which with its Appuitcqince», by which t> prcp 
King Bn7 Vlll. had before grtnied to Sir bably nwint the Picilb'Cbsrch, wbichwM 
Wtiitim P'ga, and the Ltdy jimu, hit Wifs, then but ■ Cfaspel to the Hcrniugpr for wt 
for the Term of their Livcf, wis exchin- find it not Prcientative, either ^i 1 U.*&Qrf 
sed wiib the fame Kln^ for other Landt, or Viunge ;frQoi which femijcwuMt 
Rcntf, tad AdTowfons in the Cbuntiei of thit it w» 1 Curacy ft Ori^iaf, »nd in th* 
St^d ini Dvtj, oa.y. Rtg. }9. Donation of the Abbet %dA Convent of 

Kiag Edwmd VIch. tifo ««. i. grinted ^»Un, till the DiOolutioa in King Hnrf 
to Us Uncle Thtmm Lord Stpmv, AdmU VIII'i Reign, buC the Ciirate, Of puK£iiit<d 
filoC BvlMn/, diversLiiodf indTeneinentl by the Abbey, was alwayi llcpnc-'d \^ ttM 
in the Town of SdmrnBt^, Parcel of the Bilhop of iWm. 

PofleflioDf of St. fft'oi*! Ia l*wd»n', amd of Since the Sup predion of the Abbeys, tfin 
C/r^i<m' near thkt City. Lords of the Minor of IfW/t; h«*e ever bad 

In this Pa/iQt alfo fit ipaeari by the the Dooition oftheChjpd, «u'x. }i*w«« 
ChifTcr of King B$wrf III.) there wer; Lord jMItj, to whom King Umrf Vllf. 
fbny-two Acres of Arable Land, one Acre gave it, SirTl^nw Ptff, to vhoiti Queen 
of Meidorv, with the A raorte nances, 1; t. Marf, fttg. 4 Of 5. grioted it, aiid fKl- 
tfi yeirlf Rent, >ndhilf iPoundof Pirp- li'm Xjmpim^ Culzen wnl AlderoMn of 
per given by Rmfyll Bitnm,mmwm "Aruf* Undut, whp wis Lord of the Mingr in th* 
and Witism StrUag to the Priory pf the iSrh of Qucm SM**itA\ Reign, tnd p/e< 
Af; Tbwftf in iwdi ^ fented Btrnsrd C«Tw,CleH[,co ir, under th»^ 

Of the Vicars of tUi ParMh, Mr. mSftm Name of ■ free Qtipel^ upoi) tbefe Condi- 
JHi^ wu fi^r bis Loyalty fequedrcd in the tioM, «/>, ■. That he fliould bear Fealty 

■ E to , 


to bim the {ii3 Wiliim. s. Tfait be IbovW Behivioar, their Niece, were eondemne^ 
demean himlelF wdl in ia\ Life ind'Con- topcmnnlImpriroBmenC, inddKirEQatc 
verAtioD. 8. Tlut he (hould perfoim Di- coniilcited ; by wbich Mcuu thii Muor,. 
vine Officet, and idminifter tbe Sicrimeot with the Appureeninccs, cime igiin into 
u he oDsht. 4. Thic he fliould keep the King Utary Vin'i Hindi, who glinted ic^ 
Chincel in Repiir, md pay him stf i'. S d. Rig. 36. to the Dean and Chiptei of (be 
«nd hit Heirf , according to Cuftom, out of CathedriJ Chanh of St. FMi't, in pare and 
which the fiid H^Sium was to ictnrn £ /. 8 i. pcrpecnal Aim, who have crer Gnce been 
for Tithes. the PoOcObrs of it, Tbe maiihRoid from 

Id this Parifliwii born ^tWiSimm Stsnd. SntJM^to ZJii^liet duo* thii Town. The 
ftrJXt- being the Son of fPiA'^ai Stmmidfird, Soil is generally good, either (or Corn or 
a Merchant in ImAn, who hid aa Eflite Graft. The Air is wbolTome and tcmpe- 
iMnre. He was bred a Common Lawyer, and rate, and has no Bogi, Moors, or Pens f 
Mtaincd to fnch an Eminency in ir, that he inmEl or diftemper it. The River £««,. 
WIS made one of the Judges of the Com- which rtmi bv the Side of the PiriflL far- 
laonPleii. He wrote a learned Book of the nilbci ic with many plealanc and nrtile 
T!ts$ if tht Cnwn, which will ever ten- Meidows, but is no ways ofitnfive. to the 
der bim firaoat among Men of his own Inhabitants, becufc it Itet onibecalt Side 
Pxoleffion. Hit Family came oat of 5r«/. of the Town. 

jfriT/lirrf, and as if he had a Spirit of Retr*. The Parlfli is divided into (bar Wards, 1. 
fiioo io him, leiilinff him into hii Native KahtrWMrd, where fiandi the Carfooage ai>4 
t>>iffltry, he pofcfaifed Linds ^nd fettled Vicarage, and a Gentleman's Scat, inhabi> 
^isSonthere. Hedied^;.iS. l55S,and ted fornurly by Mr. GtrrMrd Gsn, witb 
was buried in the Chipcl here, in the bQ whom Sir JJm Cttk, one of ihe Principal 
Yesrof QueenM«7'i Reign. Secretaries of State, bad often his Abode 

nrsmfc«M, 7WM«M, orntAMi; a Manor, in Sammer-Time. 3. Miial/nMr^, compr^ 
%hich in fi^jr^ the Confedbi's Days, ac- btniiagibrJb-firMtiadChurfhnd.'i. Bigb. 
Cording to the Conqueror's Survey, was trrft.vMrd, containing the Hall, the Mil], 
toofletTedby ir«AfaifEirlDf Mr(;&Mi^rr/4M/, P^r^rnr and B^htr^i. 4. Vto%rM«. 
lawhofe Family it continued, till by a Fe- »md, comprehending all the reft of the Pa* 
Ime Branch it piflcd to the Earls of Chtfitr, tiOk, and containing more Ground than all 
•nd from thence to D^vid, Kina of SiuUad, the three former. 

Vho gave it to the Ctnons of the Church of Tbe Church here hath ever been appeiK 
Uttt'tlth Tiniijr in LtmltH ffoonded by bit St- d ant to the Minor, and being ippropriated 
'fter Q°c^ Mnd.) in perpetual Aims , to the Canons of the Church of the Htfy 
for tbe Heilth of his Soul , and of the lUniq, iMdm, abovemeniioned,~a Vicarage 
f«llf of Qoeen MsMd hit Sifter, and was ordiiiicd and endowed by mSism dt S. 
Queen Mnd hit Wife, Earl Simtm, and all ' MmtU, when be confirmed King Dsvitts 
bit AncelVors, by bis Chirrer, which was Donation, by re(erving to the Vicar all the 
confirmed by HTAnw dt Sm3* Msris Bifhop fmill Tithes, Oblations and Obvenriont, 
ttf ImJtii. ft continued in the PoOeflion and ao 1. s-yeir our of the TreiAiry of the 
ofthit Monaftery till the Dillblmion by Canons Houfc. So long » the Canons heU 
KingHiMrVin. when being come into that the Manor and RcQory,. they, were th& 
Prince's Hands, he grsnted it to FRCm Patrons of the Vicarig,e, and after tbe Dil^ 
Lard Uwm^trdof Eghgbtm, ind Usrgsrtt his folution, they went all together, and are 
Wife, and the Heirs of their Bodies, to be now in the Dean and Chapter of St. ttwTtf 
held in rail's* for the tenth Part of one- who are the Pitronsof tbe Vicarage. 
Knight's Fee and'yearly Rent cf rwenty-ons TheCborch, for a Country Village, is a 
Poundti but this Lord H«««ri, and hi) La- reafonable lar^ and fair one, with a plea, 
dy, being not only convified at Common fknt tunable Ring of five BelIi|Aandingnp- 
Law, bat attainted by Aft of Pirliameni ;. ' on an Hill, encompiflcd on the WeS, North, 
•f Mifprifion of Treafon, in concealing; ' and Eafl with the little Rivulet, »i»^U IC- 
, nklt they knew of QocetflMier/H Hmsri?' it dedicated to 4ifSsmti. 


Af I P £> 1 « >S IE X. 3i- 

. IftllMf CboKh.vuratMiaDtlj'.a.Cbutfery^ <.TIwtT(Mr»ii-ilnH>a* ftrthrw Proftrbt. 

fitmded by 3tkm OMpmt, Citiwn and Gold-. «i», i . TotKnhnn Wtd ii twnti French, 

fiouth^ lJM^wlto.g«*«aUhuL>adiMML Mr. Mm« praArai himftIF not well to 

TeacBKotsia diatCity, aaAcUef beje, af- nadaiftuii tbeOrigiDiIof thhProKib,c»> 

cerhts Wife's Dntfayto tlKDeuitedCiw>' captil^MoA. apHi AtOcat^oa of mmy 

ler of St. PMif s, and tbair'Sncociliui, for AwwAfdMUinginir; vineli Dr. JW«> nn- 

cver, » find two Prie&, tbe out to lay Di- fee that, ' About tli« beginning of the 

noe Service in -the Cb*ptl of JUl-S»int$ ia. ' Kcigti of King Bimy VDf . Fnmk Mechi- 

^uCatbedral, aodtbc otbet in tbeCharcli. 'oieki fb fMrnned in Englimd, to the gmt 

of M.t»imtt >t ZimAjw, at th« AJtir of Sc> ' Frejndica of tbe Xa{A|k Artifti, tbK tbey 

Kmfktrim, tod on WtimfUft md fWiifrf iik ' tnv in Difeutcnc In hwf^mj on M9-i<>y 

tbcCk^l offt.^taf.nlkdrbfrttriwfty** ' inTinorwiif.MA«oalrfiIkdwithtb«n, 

iatUaPariOt. fortbe Soi^ofKiagJbVtM *fcat allifa* ViKgas-fbr fbsr or five Miki 

II. and hi* Qoecn t Rtgtr fPMm, Biflbopi * mmd, atoag which tt t hw h a m, which peiw 

«f Imdm, of iiimfelf. ud his two Wirei, * haptW Ibau Time bid Rood oat and de- 

Ut Panoti, Beoafidon, tod all tha EaiibH 'fptU tW Ami* Fafhiom, was at kngtk. 

fviicKoM, : 'oncJ) •od.'iiachitProiwrbcanM into Ure» 

The noft racraonbl* Things in rhii P»- '-aai kpnudi to the People of THtnkwm.. 

rilh.are, i. Tbe Crofs, whicb wis once ' THfflMatJi Jurned AvwA, i. a. if at foaltb 

very high. Mid gaft Name t4 tbiiP'sca of 'at other Places, to leave ibc good Cnftoou 

»Hi i>w *fej> Crecw, or Righ-t^i. Mr. BrW- ' of [heir Coantry for foreign Fiftuooi^ 

Ml 11 of Opinion, That it was fetup .^ -r l' ,« j . - « 

Wb» rhe Decree was made hy the aurch. »; "*« Tot«[»m W-.i «»ll«iFl». 

That every Parifli, in tbe Platei.noft -fre- "*■ Toienhioi Sirat u wkng hm Mn. 

qtteotcd, fhoold fet qp a Crofi, ,aad ^t ' ie This Proftrb (fiys Mr. B*dait) wis oc*. 

was only repaired, adorned, ind perlupi cafioo'd from a great Wood, cdled 7^~ 

raifed bi^wr, by King l^war^ i becaufe bit timh»m Wood, of many Hnndred Acresj 

Qneen EUmm't Corpia rcfted there, nben lying upon the top of the Hill , on 

it wu bfODgbt from HvMjt near Lim»h, the weft Side of tbe PiriOi, ind fo eifijy 

Cyhen flwdied, a* be wu.goi«g wirh-the (een by allthx dwell in the Screett, wbcn 

Kiiig cowwd smlmid) to |«nA« to brborie^ ■ foggy thick Mift, Jike Smoke (and where 

I. St- £«7*a Well, which i« alwayt brtn-fti]}, there is Smoke, wcfiyrhere is Fire? irifech 

but never raos over, and S^'s Well, of out of the Wood, and hmgs over it ; tbe 

which tbe People tell of many (Irange Cures Inhibitints obferve, rhit 'lis genenlly a 

dose upon tbe Dtfeifed and Impotent, bjr Sign of ntny foul Weather, which fills the 

drinking the-tVaters of iu ). AWalimt. Street, lying low, with Water, indturntic 

Tree, Sanding in the midft of * ciicglar into Dirt. TheWood it in great Pirr dc- 

Tufr of Elma, at the End of tsgi-grtn, ftroyed, bnt the Dirt isasmucb as ever. 

trkjdi'luch ftcwd there nnny Years, flou. }. n» JImU at tt^ly rtmvt Totteohitn 

iSdog, bntneitber growsbiggcrnor high- Jfiti. This Proverb ii ufed ro esprcfs 

cr, for which tbe Paople give this Rearon, Thingsimpedibleornotltkely to be effcQ. 

That tfacM wata Pcifcm batnttherefor the ed, for if tbe Wood be removed, which ia 

iWcffion of the Gofpcl ; sod ■ gttn PoU very great, 400 Acres it Icsll ; the Hill, 

Ind film, not mnch higher than a tall Man, which isvery high and Urge, muftbecsr- 

vitbnot many nor lirge Boughs, and (bel- riedwith it, and tberefbre neither of then 

tered by high Trees, wbicb w*i blown up can be removed cot of their PJtce. 

and bid i^on the adjoining Honfe, cirry- Near thit Town was born Sir ^/wCr/iw, 

iog witbit opontheRootsfnr two Rod tO' Kt. his 'Fttber having en Houfethete. Hi* 

geiber, not mnch left tbm twenty Cart- Father wis DoAor.of Phylick to Queen 

load* of Earth, a* Mr. Btttwti, who fiys ir, ElitMinb, and dcfcended of the indent Pa- 

COniefinred : Tbe Inhabitanrs drew it hick milyof tbe i3(/w«ririn ItMfy. He wis bred 

taneP'*ce wbere itflood, beeiofe it w» ■ sroi^^, and sfrer other tntermediite Pre. 

ShckcrtocbeUoofesjaod it grew. ftnBSQth wa* aude Msft«r'«f the Kolh, 

£ a which. 



3f. ifiBS L^S & X. 

wUtb^ Phw he kM bom thM twtotf Qht^-OkntM, Jm>. >r. 96^; »- mumfr 

Xta. Be «M of fiMh po^fMii Bounrr AlMr* % w, ^ fim KifimtmM tbr pthtihvr 

Millof WoithofWut. tktt KkMa-Cciv BnmUMnHJmhJkndmtfit^ilMChiijUmi- 

tlMHHiliiikor»mdbi*..€«Kfa»-fcB«(M fe etoml^- «- mm>«v <ii »>«.}. Jm.^. 

cedcofliMtlMDjdihe MooqritiWtnivft iUctaft Men fer tiRtr p«rAi»r Woitfr: 

n gee rid of theoii H« Unkwled inOrMy have Afinrtid our bttnonnUt McHnon of - 

». ilrJm'i Cliirch, I w di^r ondar t M9d» tbcm ) A tbcrt aM «t4eri, krlto my act be 

iUR^wfaichhttliin1i>fcriptiBaiathei>onn oinitrKl fbr «bair diaririblc I^mIs tti tfiit 

ofa Oce4, witb a Sfitto ir.iBVOrtinft Parih, «Ak i.Mr. BiM«/»ZiiitMM, ■ Se*.. 

A«t««Mr»iCn« '•f9' fc'« Afc' f « MMWr iri<M km, tli« fidi Co»lcAfHn*f vtiitfi • 

m i nm mi r Otdplufii. anrr.wHtntbialCinedvK, •bOftmnMin 

' Dr. Bdw»rd finafw wai alft bora in thk AhBa-ha»fit with rngbt Dwclltngi f^r eight 

Pirifli, huPatfaerbring-MiatAR-ten. ifc poor Cn|^Pw»)a, aitber Mot DrWumcR- 

w»aiwani«tin0miiikr,maiotMrAitm4- sf Thb PHlIk in »;;<. Vpoit ttivmldft'- 

frin, and in ahwtjyCtayt.Oaw W ^ »bcra off ako Hcxifct right afaklft tlic Oh», ra. 

liiviDK nken hit Oegmt, be bcumc Chap* tringiaco tbe Yard bcnra it, ii thh Infcijiv- 

MntoSir M^/(ffMk. wfaofc FwMnJ S«f^ tibii. 
■on he prcadud wicb gnat Applrato, Re- 

Aor of SajfAiv in Jb«», n wMcb he «u NOT UNTO US, O LORD, NOT" 

prefemd by tbe Vifconntefi tMt/hm, Sk ONTO US, BUT TO THV NAME 

M^h*! Ditigfater, and Prebendary of Ow CIVE THE GLORY. MjlLUCXVUt. t. 
riaghmm. He vii 1 great Proficient in Ct>- 

licil and Htftoricil Learning, of whieb be ■ ^.) Th* Lt^ Mlul lm^, -mho ^ii^ h» 

8 ire a AiflkiAt Proof » hit MoAiefc faid rfiePaifbaage In tbe Vkw iCbi},,eiv« rhirtT 

ilbolick HiAory, printed in itffi at Ov> Poubdfto lenuiin -for • perpctwl Stodt; ro 

/md, mAhiiCkrmitmi, towbithDr.aJwmd beletovt for fof. *-7^', •nd tite Profit 

M^tUi, wbo wat than Vtca-Cbamtllw^ in 10 be yearly diridcd iMtvkMf brrwccn ten 

bit Licence of it to tbe Piefic, gira* tUl poor aged Pto^. 

Cbaraftcr, Mgrigi^m & w^Amfimmm Opav, \. Mr. jUiMt WknUf aF WHu/ptnt; a- 

fmmms itJ^lhit, •mm^im Erwlititm, m^Ht Proaorof' rfft ArCbaa, iHw -by bit hft 

MbM,a^ mm/imw jMMnMi ii^p/r* frad»0«a. Will and TelHoimi, give to rbe Voor of 

MrafiaMrM, Fff/MJ, &<. He died Aiil- tbii Parifli, jf. tff. Srf. fo be dtlMbiKed 

dienly in itf^a. totbcm at'the Diftretton of ibe Vicar and 

bifr. mUMbm BiiwtB wii Vicir of thit Pa- Cbarchwardana, at ibe "nine of bh Burhf. 

rifli He wij one of tbofe learned Me(i, and every SbmU^ wftrr fbr ««er, >a # to bit 

who«iieaiploycdby ittM7<Nw»!. inoM- beftowcd in <Brcad, nbadiftilbnted by (be 

king • new Tranflarion of tbe Vibic, ani Vkat and CburchwardcniTofomanyt^rbe 

wrote the Account of thk PaiiOi, ft«m pooreft cf tbe ParMb, trpriciaDy of'lflii^ 

which we have been enabled to make fo p*f\ and for the dne P(rft>rfnanCe,bomnI 

large * Dtfcriptton of it. all hit Landi in the faid Parift, with tCUnfe 

, Dr. BAMrW5f»f*« waihUSucceflbr. He of Porfeitmc of 3 *. ^ Weak, if negfc^ 

wai for hii Loyalty in the late Rebeliion, ed, and the Vietrand Church* 

ajeded ont of the Churcb of $t Mmit't wardcna for the Time being, if denied, *e 

i miani g tr- Imr, and pluodei'd of hiiGoodi often aaanyfuch Oefaak Iban happen. Du 

by theRebeta: But oot-living the Storm, he red?***!^. 1611. 

was rtftorcd to that Benefice, and made 4. Mr. Phtfiuu, foate TinK an Inhtbirant 

a Chaplain to King Chtrlti II. He wat in- of thia PiriSi, Fither of the Lady amiif of 

flitutcdto this Viciia^ie, Jtm. 3) i6$j, by L nd m, founded an Altnt-bonri; for three 

ibe Dean and Chapter of St, PMitTt. He poor People, opon the Church-Land, ^t 

barb written and Pfinod, 1. A Stnam, en- not being endowed n liketo betttterly for- 

tithi,1luChifi»mi»UfiftkiWtrU,fivMb- gotten. One Mr. Ihrftr alfo. a Pifttmmger 

ti M tkt nmtrtl 4 Huuy Cbkuop, i^ in Ln^ gavc.certain Bandi of Hcningt 


BTia D LBSEX. 3y 

gtelWiihlWil Hllm fcyiiiM af Zm» pte, jori sndwtd <bt (iiaw il ha Dtlth 
IB the ^Biw Sort of thii ri4flw bat tfam witli a Rent of if Z ^ .Anmw, ind fonw 
VtUtW> S>M4*»(R|M9[4«f tliit Gift R MberArivmMgei. «««)rag»Rbir biiWtll 
bcfinmAi )S«<«iM%oiiMbuw, m iiaUa 4 Wfifaeeo: paw Frapte of ttiii Pirifli, two 
tSiSktS 4D4.#r ^nmK givenliijr Mr. Siw fihUti, oar pair of H*f«, md /}ne mir <^ 
fAij V l j^ mii op** (h« flaw Amoum. Mc fihor* , y«»)r t la /. yurir m The Mmifter 
mini '•Kf mU» nt, Tkt In iMNtwd is for > Sornoa to be preidied every New* 
fiMiJtqpoft, TWt m UosTb. with cIm ycir'tDiy, mdM thiClerkiadStxton j;r. 
t^od-ifaHaaBt* iKiipyig, b«iag«ouMy »ar abc hrfiHrniaociof whidi, and other 
^lantkyt npo« Pmt- GM m, wac glvcMot Lcgacin, he gave hit Manor of Wtitiwtt^ 
Ihc Miiwnwa W" of * Ft— -fchoofc fr fooie and other Landi and Tencniem) in tbtiPtT ■ 
MJHr foth cbtrifAbie Ufc hem, Wc thnr* Peria,iii Tnift,to iha woifeipfal Comptoy ' 
tdag^o Paed t w atfjiw at, (he Ch>MC|r ii offcevcri, IiaiM. Theft are allthcPla- 
M iooc — c whi y. eei inihit Hendm), which are come to eat 

JaiaA-MaN, « (inall ViUife ^iag io tht Knowledge, hariiig any Thin* worth ouf"'- 
■IMefl Mrih AmIc^ thi* Cooavy, A> aai. ObOmcioa ; wfacfefeio we ball ptfi to ■-* 
U, K <Mftia««A k frDmMmrkitfwi, a Vil' 

)i^ ahoM two Milei diftaoc frooB k, aa VIL The Uhenin of ntmAmf and 
9^ tf tr( Aim . The Mmmt of thja ?im» mm iWtmkMktnt, 

i ii iTirr '^" — f'-~'*^f^ -»- ^— '— » . 

Earlof 4f^i^ who hiwkif iianded the M** Whuh not being dCftiagoHhed fton«c&t> 
naflcriF «f fPii/dni, give it, with aH thia other, wcjwbA rrtat of them together. Tbe^ 
If^iiiii— iiri Tn HiatHoiifc, towhiiAit aeeplacedahiloA inAe middleof theCtmn- • 
bekoaed, till tU OiSohtioa. It renwaed tj, Md Tooch spoa all the ether Hun- .- 
in «biQ:««iHiU the f fi^.Vr. when chic dtada, yet haw feme Angln, which ■ 
iii^gaw it «o M'. l^tmw A^, who es. bocdaifmihe Xm on theE*ft, thrtfirJJbin - 
chwigail iiTTirt fir"'rT"^i — i-'tf^. frnn on the Morih, and the River Ibwu on the - 

■fciai iipi*"* T "-"* "r Kc. Md Saath, aaJiingtnttagrBattaPaTtofba^, • 

K hft «u> AkM ki Mr. WAea* Htnifim^ end aH H%|fMM)o<. They hiK 00 Market- 
indeibiii. miil i*r-r Ueiaa. Tovn ia thcai, being ohthe Morth-EiA» . 

TbcGhMch. whicb k M^qed BO Sl atae A9M, *» the North-WeA, nearU^ 
CAf) «*> ipprDpaiand to the Abhtj of ««". or KJgwtrtb, on the Sooih-Weft near 
VUU(%aad«ViGMa0eordiMedaiid.tadow. m im fm i, end on ihcSowh-Erit near UwJtm ; , 
ed, «hiadl WM ioehe-Ahbcy wd Cantfentof but they h«ve Fn rhem many confitlerablB- .- 
MMatiBeha Dkflctlmon: aadthonhMog Vi)Uge% which wo ftaH'defcribe in iheir ' 
ftiawJ, wk* tfce Mob bi^ ■wat.granted dong Order, mw,' 

■rkhitMtkaPcffMa«ha«»aicatiofNd. h AfJ«<M,-ciIhdby by tfarSMMn/, FuIIen- 
»hiaCtaa«h«f a Chwtry fiwnded fee hamrne, itid Fullen-homme, which -. 
ttMMduMlti'MMbiiWrf^ who fi^ige^Va«Mr. C«i»Ae.»tanwi»«a», 
& ^."TL" "^ J**?!^; *"''* ; **?^ '■'^ An Habitation of Fowli. beemfe It ^ 
^"■■*^f ^^ ***' ^"- '**"'^"*f h"i«g beenfeimerly a woody and moorifli 
f t^* J^Sl.""'^ r* "!?°Trl:r*^ Croond, ne.rthe7t««* Side, both Watfr 
*T^}?^^-'^ '^ !**'J"'*''y*^,^ 'ni tind-Fowl much harbourei^ cKeri^ 
H lahM*tai«ffejwdy&lig-«w»7VHt ^„ . fc„, ^^^^ fj,^ i„ ,fc. 5^^ „ 

■^^"r.^t*'?f*'l?^*^f^ Tongue, fignific. .Ifo At.*, (River, 

Md .*(• hiaWafc Ifcew Ueira end Aifigna othefi think that A»«a, .s properly in. 

^.•fT^c."*?'^"^'^"'!"?'^. •^'T' PW'". «'•«"• >*«»fc. ^ a. a Viver of - 

finhfalSernoea, bmef»«>*paid«totbe f^^i the River of »iiw«, which ii join. 

J^Kr*' -•'* ^^iT'^'r" ^''^o*''; «<» »*«'* >^ ■«"'« BroflS, being hereibont - 

KMfClUb. *•« a^r*. Efqi *1« d«* w«n flocked with Powl. m. »»«.«• in h(e . 

*"J?***fi ^'^ *"** i'" ''?".■ '° S««« Oiftionary, hath another Derivirion - 

4te Ch«^ff -#■'«»»«, »Md««, built en „# ,htf Place, writing of itthui. Ptllen- 

^ta»tea6 n tku Bn»a>,ior lU poor»oo. j,,^ ,i«>aaMi, e-fc« Vtiim,- jao/JFooH 

■ hitD -.■ 

C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 


M 1 DV L E S EX 

htm, Ontjs h^Mth, i.i. a dirty Dwel. md SAmm ffmm. wb»'lMt M*ft*r oTilpnaV 

luiS- Oilbgt, CMOnilft, CiMn of IKm^, hi4 

The Minor of Mhtm is th« Demefae of Dean of- Exttir, ind died Rvdof of this 

the BiOiop of £m^w, and wat b in The PIko in lift.' Of the Vicirt, (he moft 

-Conqueror's Time, lod long before for it noted wii Dr. ThimmWtlklngtm, who waa 

is fiid to be given to IrkimmtU, Bifhop of the Writer ind Pablilkef of ■ TreKift etU 

iMdm, vfao was conTecrwed to that See, led RxhMjr; ilfo of two SermoM, the one 

.i^na £7f, fayooeBilhApQwAf>/Hr, wich the eati|ted, M«7 UtgdtUm'i Tlari ^ Simw 

Confent of SigtbtTt, K.\ti%oi At ^tfi SsKmii, awdStlatm John xr. t6. and the Other mi 

and'Cnrti King of the MtrtimK. Here the Etelif. xii, lo. He wu foeceeded in tfais 

Bifliopt of i^Min have allalong had i Palace, Vicirafe by Rhbffd Cbmi, Archdcacoa of 

where they often relide in S am oiei. Timet fttMl^x, who filing into the rebelUoiH 

being at a convenient OiAaocc from Ltmdm, Tinef, was feqneftred from them both. 

tho' the Sitaation ii not very healthy. In thta Church are Monnmenti for Sir 

- The Canons of St. FmwIs held in tbil |fVA>wBi'A/^,Door-keeperoftbeTreafiiTy, 

Town in the Cosqueror'aOayiiof the King, jimt his Wife, and M«f>rfr his Dioghter* 

five Hidea for one Minor, and had on it who all ditd in 1607 and ttfol. Sir Ittmm 

eight Villains, (ixicea Coctagert, and two Smith, Kr. who died Htv. sS. 160]. Sir 

Servants. The People of the Town had 1 mUmmB'nti, Phyfieiin to King Urmy VllL 

Faftnre on fire Acres of Meadow, and Tnn> who died Wv. 17. i!4f. tniThmurBmd 

ning for 150 Hogs in the Woods. This of s«rtA in CtmnaJ, who died in Mm-, tffoo. 

Manor wis tn furoilh their Table. Rith»fi mt»t. 6%. 

tU BiKiuBw alias R'fat I. Bifliop of Umbm, BMmmtrfmitk ii an Hamlet bcloaginf to 

in the Reign of King Hm I. granted to this Place, fiill of little Scatf. 

Ib»7 Mailer Af St. PitaTi School, aMesdow Cktlfit, or, as ft it wrimn iooldReeotda^ 

j( }ml6»m, wi[h the Tichei of iZi'iq; and CMiMiith, tnAcMfyth, fo called from a 

tbdtltf i and Riiisrd N^«J, who fae«eded Bed of Sands in the River Thsmu, n Mr; 

Mm Tfmp . Ri(li. I. give to the fime Scbotrf CmUt» telh Uf ; for Mt. Stmur fays, Ci»^ 

ill the Tithes arifing in his Demernei of ■•,at it were slulfi^, from the Sbelrct of 

fulbsm and Hufit, with an Acre of Land Sands near it ; hot becaufe it ia written in 

io thif laft PUce, for the Reception of tbcn, Records OWahf bjtb, he finds anotfaerOeri- 

when gathered. ration ftir ir, from Crair, Cii£t, Cbilk, and 

The Aathorofthe.Additioiuto CtmUn Hjtb, Ptnu. Mr. thritn it pinfed-with 

in chis County, telli ui ont of the Smm neither of thefe Derivations, bat fays, That 

Chronicle, and that of M«>M, that an Ar. Cik(r*r ■> fo called from the Ci^fW, whiirb 

my of Dmiui winter'd here, jlwm 879, and the Sea calls upef Sandsand Pebble- Sronet, 

<(rhcn they dicamptd from hence, they from which being firft named Cbtji^, it is 

marched into fUudirt, then called F/ianC- now fliortned to Chtlfn, as CkAfij in Si^flm 

Une>, and encimp'd themfeWei at G«Mf, «- which ftindi upon «ie very Edge of tke 

where they remained another Year. ■ ■ Sf ■• " **>'» ^own does upon the Bnok of 

The Parifh-Chmch of Att**, is both a the rt*w/. Bat Mr.Wa.rwv hath a Con- 

J Reaory ind a Vicarage, the Reftory il a pfto'c npon thia Town f Name,.-wbiA 

Sinecure in the Patronage of the Bifliop of ^"^ " prob.hle ai any, *^ Th»t it isd^ 

Lmdm, and the Vit.tage, which is endowed n«i*««°.^<="^ ,?"■ ""i^'*. » P<*S 

iotheGiftof theReaor, at whofe Prefen- wdft fignifiesa cold Port or Haven, wbidi 

ration the BiOiop inftitutes and indoai. »K«« Y'^ »<» «» the Sirnatioo of this 

Among the Reaon of thi* Pirift, we find Pj*'^ « ftandmg very bleak, and open to 

Ihefe Men of Note : '''1.'*^?;'' *'"7 '^^",^'1.7 * ^ 

ma^ shrhMrm, aPerfon of tharp Wit, The Manor of jCirJftr •« l'»7g* W .*• 

and B'eai lodgment, very fednlous in bu Crown,and waj inQoeen EflM*r»*iReign, 

Stadiei, excellently well verfed in Philofo- Part of it,in the Ocmpation of a^fa. 06jp- 

phy and Divinity, and scommendibJeWri- *'^- ^"S,*^"^^-, '*''>'■ ,?*«*,^"; 

re/inbochkindfc He iooriOicd ia 1390- nemeot, »itb a f «toi. or Cnall O^j^ 

Dyrzfo ,*^iOOglC 

M I P I> L B S B X. 3^ 

iMdt fKcd ttA* Poibffioiic ofSlr IAmmv tbe Oeccind bute^ibliOrtbe Tioocooi ind 

JMr, utunted, to fKAfl* P«sitf, Lord jf. Donbcing in the Do&iiata held by the Pro- 

7«fai, GicnMi&er of tbeXinK'aHoufliold, uftiot Chorcbcf. To thii godly Dcfigri 

uiUbctniiaLmdi and Tenemeon, Put King 3smii biaifelf gm the iiiQ Encou. 

in this pMilb, ind Put in Kufi^ttm, ftiul rigemcnr, by incorponiing the intended 
of tbe fimc Pofleflioni, Sit JHhwr G*rtu of Foundation by the NuncofXING JAIfWt 

tbtt Pi'ilh <f u emiaent fbi hit Deidy I^yil. COLLEGE, in Chilftt, «nd hivipg ippoint- 

(y to Kuig CharUi I. Hu Efttts wu fcqac ted the gj-H Pjovolt *ad F«Ilowt, vt'k 

fiered , aod be vis oUifed to pay j 1 1 ^ to 

tb« P«ili«mciii to icdctm it. Thie P»i{b> ■ UftthqtSatilif, Demof Entttr, Pravoft. 

CiiDrcb here Cwhich ii dedicited to St. tth) 7*hn Owrsl, thta of St. P<uU. 

\t a RcQory, lod vu fonaerly in ih« Gif^ Ttnmm Sirtm, Dein of Wmtbiftr. 

of tbe Abbey «nd Coatcik of fFffimi^tr, Riftf^d FhU, Dcin of Qk^ifitK 

u it continued till the SuppTcffion, wbeo it R*t*rt diha, "J 

wu feticd i>y Cinf Urvji VUL ■i)d remitn* 7*Ai Sftmttr, f 

ed ta tbe Crown till Qoeen Elit^ttk dilpo- JUi'/ti fM/l^, f 

ChI of it to tbe Duke <^ Smtrfa, whafe F«. fff f'f <■ OviVf, I 

mily alienated it to tbe Eirl of Suiiagbam, Jtkm Stmfim, | 

and biiConoteft, of tbeFimilyofrheiftar- J*^Lm)fi*ld, trw«_ r r*- • • 

urdt : bat fince tbe Reftotation it hai been Bi»jtmi»C/,^i.ft ^Oo«Wl Of infinity. 

in tbe Gift of the Cbmft, and tbe Loid Mw/in fitbtrhy, ' 

cAn^ If now Pitron. 7*ii« B»fs, -L 

Among the Reflort af tliif Parilb, we Kititrd Brit, J^ 

find S*itf« Ritkardfim, who wu ejcQcd io Afc U/^, I 

Queen "'^'t Rcign,if54, for beino a mat' Frmntii Bvlij', j 

ned PrieB; boi upon tbe AcceQion of WiMttm HiBiir, Archdeacon of Birn^Mt.- 
Qaea EUuAah, be wu leflored , aa (ppean J*b) ff%(», Fellow of JAtntbtOtr College. 
by aDeed,dated i jtf£, between him, as Re- WiSimm CswAin,C\>.ftt»UMTt, Xu-», ■ 
fior of thif Cfaiucfa,. and the Maiquii of 3#*» H*pw<V, Doflorof Law, J"'"*""** ■ 
Wim^Ptr, for the Exchinge of the Pitto- 

nage, and abonc feveotccn Acrei of Land He endowed the Tdtne by his Letters Pa- 
foreigbteeo Acrea, and a new Houlc litiu tcnrs, nitb ibe Revctflon of ccKsin Lindi< 
afe opoa a Piece of Groond, eighty Foot in Cktlfy Cihen under Lcafc to Ckntu Earl 
wide, and >8o Foot long j which Deed wu ci Uiiii^bmm, in which wii thijty Ycais to 
cpoirmcd by E t i mmt d Crwdai, then Bifhojr comcj. and gave it a Ctpiciiy to receive of 
t£ Urndtm. his loving Subje&s any Landt, not exceed* 

Bnt tbe moft rcmiikable' Thing in cbii icg in the whole the yetrly Vilue of.jooo^. 
Town tit Ckilfiyttiigi, projeAed, and in and heciufe it wii thought by manyjudici- 
fbtne MeaAire endowed, by King 7«wh L ousMtn, that To bring Water into tbe City 
tu§, {■ mtof iKalout Cars for upholding of laa^nwould produce* great and laftins 
the troe Religion, and defending ic «£sinJt Revenue , the famq King proevred, an AS 
■II Heretical and SchiDniiical Ofpofers. of Parliament to euible the Corporatioa of 
The Intention of erefUng it was this, Tbat the Provofl and Fellow* af Chitfy c»Btg§ tOj 
a certain Number of oioft learned and god- bring Water from thcRiver Lim thro' any 
ly Divioa, fiiould ibeiein be liberally Msiti Ground (paying rhem for Damigei/' 
muntained and fopplied, not only with to theCiiy of Zm/M, 
all neceflaryConveDiencicsofLife, bntplcn* Hiring tbas laid tbe Ground- work for «• 
tifnlly fornilbed wkb Baoki, and ezcmpred College, the next Thing was to expedite, 
ftemsll otbci Secular or Ec deli a {I i oil Em. the Building ; and to that End the Provofl- 
ploymentf, that by ftadying all Conttover. and Fellows having agreed vith itie EaiJ oE 
fill Poantt, efpecially thole in Contell b«- Stit\agh*m for tbe Term of hli LeaTe. *c 
twcco tbe Cfanrcfa of E^lnd and Fipifia, 7^■ lo i. a-Year, King 7«wrr himrdf \ni 
dtera^dlt^ *Uc not only to convkot tbe firft Stone ihcrcor in aPieceof .GioutiJ 



of fix Ktxtp, eatln) fhmtff^, and gire After flw Reflenrim, 'Rntf (A^rfcTlt. 

them * LicenTe to tike whic Timber «m wincing » conTenimt Hcr^rrifnrreteiVtng 

rcqaUirc to complete ft doc of M^ndftr Vtf- ficit, Rifim'4 ind Veterin Soldierr; incf o1>. 

reft 1 Bur for (II thii, tbc BsifdiTig.went on feeing tfie BuHding of rbe- intentftd Co|. 

Ikiwly, ind before in eighth Pirt of (he lege to be of na Ufe, refi^red to creft « 

Model v%s finilhed, their Money wisfpenc. Royil Hofpitri in tbe ftmc PiKe, ind «e- 

vJe.' full 3000 J. and the Riiildiflg fiood ftill cordtngly begin it ; but nor finiOiing ir, 

fame -Teid ; bnt at length the fnne King to King Jmmii \\. citried it On is fif «s bn 

■ advince fa good a Work, fcot bti Letccrf, ftort' Rieiipv ftodld perarft, *nd left if r* 
jiimtt6tlS, to the ArchbiOiop of CwrirMy King WHiam tni Qwen lAtfj' to ptt(e€(, 
to ftir up ill the C!«gyin his Province to wwr«iftfd it to tbic Mignifrcence it'nei^ 
conuibure tovards it ; which vn tttoti- ii, which well^cferress fhort Scfcriprion. 

.ingly done, and fomeColleftiont «efe nude The miin -Bnilding if 1 lerge Sqnire, 

in all thepirilhei in EaglmiW, bnt they were whereof one Side ii open to tbe Rirer, 

but fmill, and fo fwillowed up hy the Col- which is- abont 1 o»P«eet diftint, md bis a 

lefiarf, or elfe were declined ind imbczithd coflnnodioDi landing Phce ; the ochet three 

by fuch 11 were intruiled to receive them'. >re the Front, whidi contiini the Chipel 

Certiin it ii.thatliccle citne tacbe Provoft'i arid Halt, and the rwo Sidet or Wingr, 

Huiii, and fo the Bnitding ftood at 1 Stay, whfch ire fanr Stories high, tre divided in- 

•nd the PiojeS of tbe came to Witdsbr Grfleriei, two in eichScrry, 

to nothing. containing each twenty-fix diftmft Apiit. 

Buttho'tbere wiiitprcfcncno great Ap- menrs for Foot Sold ien- Ac eicb of the 

iwiranee of iccompliOiing this pjoni Vn- four Corners ii a fiir Pirilton, in wbich 

dertiking, yet fome Men hoped Time are tbe Governor'E Lodging!, the Council- 

< might produce fach Bcnefidon 11 might Chimber, and other 6ir Lodgings for the 
give eooagh to cotopleit it ; of which Opi- feveral Officers of the Hcrnfe, Civil and Mi- 
nion we miy foppofe Dr. Saulif the firft litiry. In tbe middle of the gmc Court is 
ProvoQ wif, who dying abonc this Time, placed oponiMarbTa-PedEftil, t moft curi> 

. left foar conliderable Firms, vix..KtiK(lm'm otii brazen Statue of KingCib«r/rrII, ercA- 

Sttwttim, Hsmrd in fUrbtrtm, ^fUhm in ed at the Coil and Charge of Mr. "My 1t«. 

Char(bii»,tni SmtrlsniXaSuli-RivtTt.M ff- The Nomber of oidlniry PcnGtonen 

in Dtunjkir* ; bcfidcs the Benefit of an Ex. is 475, belidet the Officers of the Hoafe, 

-tent on a StatDte of 4000J. acknowledged Matrons, Landrefles, Waflier-women, CTc, 

by SIrLflvit Stfw(%, &t. But hisExample and the Out and Enraordinat? Penlionei^ 

was not fallowed by any Pcifon of Note, are more numeron*. The PcaSoneri wear 

^ther In Chiuch or State, ind fo the Build- allredCoitr, lined with blue ; indarepro- 

Ing wat not only Anppedfortbe preft:nr, vided with Ctoaths, ■nd.pTentiful Dtec, and 

i bin after fame Years EiptQitioa laid afide cleanly Lodging, Wafhin^. Pire, and one 

Mufelefi, and the EAite given to it by Dr. Day's Pay in every Week for fpending-mo- 

.4eff/(^ all returned to his Heirs, except one ney. The Qntlificationt for Admiflioo ate, 

' Parnl flamed Xr-'iHrJni^ ; yet tbe Corpora- That each one prove (hit be has been difi- 

■ Cion wai kept up for ■ while, another Pro- Med in the Service of the Crown, or htth 
^ toft being put into Dr. Sitft/J^'iPliCe, af. ferved twenty Years in the Royal Army. 

ter him a third, Dt. Ftttly, and ifoonh Dr. To defray the vafl Charges of this Ho^ital, 

SmmuI tPiltinftn, and fc of the Fellows ; fo the Army piyi Poundage, ind ev^ry Officer 

■ that when King 7muj died, the Corporation and ^'oldier gives one Dij^VPay once a. 
flill remained fall, but aiterward fell to Bt- Yeir, which in Time of the late War 1- 
ter {)ecay, for tbe State being Aill of moonted to above 1 jooe /. His Gnce the; 
Troubles, ilmofl all his Son and SaceefTot's Duke of itmiftrt fairh f noMe Sen mthis 
Keign, King ChatUt I. this College was Town, as hath ilfo his Gnce Rafrrs Sif*. 
thongbt need left, bccaufe tbe whole Church ty, Duke of dtK^fttr^ Lord Great Oiam* 

> Wis notable CO fiibdae its Enemiett beiMn, 



M rnD L E S£ X. 4.1 

flnf*^, 01 Bmnify, cilltd in oMRccords it (wittLHorpiUliry oat of hii own EDkT^. 

B*riwgay, or Htringff, a pMiIb ffhofc Minor He wis much ravcrcnccd «nd refptQrd by 

•od Aavowlon of the Cfaarch h»*e been the E*f1 of tUOiwd, ind other Noblemen, 

fiDiB the moft »('■(»[ Time* ■■ ihey now before the Troubles c^mc on ; but w ii ii 

are, in (b« Bifliop of Ltndn. In the Parifl^ m<ch conrcmned, when the Bi(hopi grew 

the fiid Btlhop hid heretofore ccrtiin out of Fivour, being diflurbed in hit Oe- 

Woods, fiill CiWeA Lndtn Woods; ind ■ votion, wronged of his Dues, ind looh'd 

?itk, long lincc difpnked, bat flill reitini upon nowi PormiliD, tho'he wts cfteemcd 

the Name ofHtrmfj Pirk, 1 Place mernon- not long before ooe of the moft devour ind 

ble in oar Htflocies for the Meeting roge. powerfal Pieacheri in the Kingdom ; but 

ther of TbtmM.'Du^e of Ghueijlir Rithtrd^ this we may fuppofe noc to be doDC by rhe 

£iii of ji'MBdtl, Th*m»i, Eirl of Warwiik, Pirliament'i Authority -, becufe we Rod in 

and other Nobles, lo Siitb.l\.'\a in hoAJIe Order of theirs, dated M*j i). 164). cora- 

Minner, to rid chat King of thofe Tritrorf minditig fail Tenints, ai Difhop of Brifift, 

be hid about him, v/ft. RtUrt dt ytrt, Dulte to pay him theReao, and fuffer him to pifi 
of hdnU, jlitfMJtr tJtvl, ArchbiOtop of fifcly witit hit Family to Brr/lrl. being him- 

Tkra, MiibMldi U M. E>il of Suftlk, and Telf of great Age, and a Peffun orgrcit 

orhers ; who bad confpired logeihei how to Learning and Merit. He wis aftertviid c- 

murtber rhc Duke of G/mm^ip, lad the fiid {eded, and died Jm »$. i6^t. He preach* 

Earls of /trandfl, Ifmrmtt, Dtrfy, and H»- cd the fiifl L»tin Sermon at th: Ere&ion of 

ttafbrnm. Am CtZ/fgi, and tho* he printed Nothing in 

In this Piik (fays Mr. KtrJtn) there ii in liif Life.Time, yet two little Volumes of 

Hill or Fort, called UJgtHitt ; fccming, hiaSermoni, intitled, E>r//ai>i^i Frnfivitt /f- 

hj the Foundation, to have been rather, in "ri > Gisfi : containing eight Sermnnt op* 

old Tim:, I Caflle ; whereon fometime on Pftim cvj. 19, 10, Sff, and Tbt viiia 

flood a Lodge, when the Paik was repTc- R*ii ir Smrflitt vinditattd, in ftvirtl Sw 

nifked with 0<er. With the Stoitei wnic^ mm/ ; the firll printed in 1^4^, rhe other 

were taken from the Rains of thii Place, in itfito. He wai buried in Brr^jfi^ Cithrdral 

the Charch of Htrafy (failb hej it fiid to neir Dr. Ptl in{h, the firft Biftiop, and bu 

1m built. • Stone with an Bpitiph over him. 

The Charch here u dedicitcd to St. W«- Here wai anciently in ihit PiriQi a Ch*> 

17, and ii a Refiory in the Collation of the pel, bearing the Nime of our Lady of .Ue/^ 
Bilhop of Lnin. Among the Kedors of »«1, in the Place where AMcrmin Itia eieu- 

this Parilh the mod fjoioai is ed a fiir Houre. It raknh I's Nimc froma 

TimBM, Wiffiiid^iNtuwe of tlj, and edu. Well f which it now in the Compifsof the 

cited in Jtfm College lo C»mhri<l^i, where Houfc) near which there flood an Image of 

he Was Scholar and Fellow fome Time ; but our Lady of Ata/in/f, whrrconro there wai 

appearing in pobltck, was, fiilli AITiQint to 1 conrinutl Reforr by wiy of Pi'grjm'ge, 

Dr. tliibtitt Ftlm, It St. tiMrf It Brm, iMdm ; becaufe a King of Scin, who was Aringely 

■nd then prefentcd ro this Church, and I'oon difeafed, was warned in a Dream to- r'efort 

after to St, 5r(rij&(/fm<B's,LM/M:m>de Arch- to this Well, by diinking of which he found 

deacon of Sc jt&m, and at length advan- a Care. The Manor and Chipcl were fold, 

■ cedrofie'Seeof B'jl^'^iiasoneofthore Per- 19 Wi*. to W/ttaw ««, in whofe Fimily it 

foni whom hit Mifefly found benquilified continued till Sir 7lbw«r Rm fold them in 

for fo great a Place, for Soondnefs of Judg- the later End of the lift Century. In this 

fneotand UnblameibleAeA of Converf^tion, Village ilfo, and ptrrly in the Paiidi' of Sr. 

for »hich he hid before preferred Or Pri- PsHfrM, (land* the Himlet or Vinige of 

MttMti, ro the See nf IfVaif^r; Dr. fPinmi^ HifbgMt, Co called from an high Gtre no' 

to £i«r«i'»] Or. Brtwntig ro tMiir ; aud Dr. the Hill there, ere£)ed upon'lhe Charge nf 

Xi'v tol^mif*- He wii offered the fame the Highway ,(the former pubfickRoid from 

See in i^itf, » ■ Miinteninc<r, but be then Grmfi.}»» to Higb-Ba-nH, being To deep ar^d 

refbfrd ft; bat having now go'ten fome miry, tbit Cirtt, Carriers, and Pick.ncn 

Weallh, be accepted it, ihaC hi: mifhtadorn could not pa&) chro' tbe SiOiap'a Lsritt, 

F ' f..r 




for die more Ceareniewy of piying Toll 0a»0**' °^ oU ulW .{Mm- Skimur in 
to the fiilhop oiu*d*nfot it, which » o«» bis'-wn* liy*. That ic is denvcd Uota the 
firmed M40/ /«»-.Aii.tb«t p»8ing tfaroBgli i-xwWoidi.Girel, •*/«', »n<i Bunc, or 
thii Gate noae might cfupe Paymeat. fun t»»*liiijot*ffidmm\htuMitfifQ\i'iio^ 

On the Top of this Hill ft«ndJiCh»pel ^^ ' j, ^^^ ^ heie.TbijPiiiffi, .S 
f«rthe Eiftof the idjoinmg Inb»bi»nts. „?htHMdMinor,b<loii«*dimicn(Ij [o the 
died thcChap«I of Sc M(iw/, from Ui !>«„ ,nd Ch.ptet of St. P.-Tj ;bui icfeem* 
Dedieirionto th«t Afct-Angc), whe.e wii ^^^ pju^, of s«-«/M// fc^h»d fomeCUiio 
nwiencly in HermitMc. OocoftheHer. „ the Church, which b.ving begot » Con- 
mili of which ouftd the C.ufwiy between „ov„rit between th.t Houfc »nd the C»- 
aiihguitad iJUnsiM to be, ukiDg the ^^^^ ^f ^^ p^^i^^^ j^ ^.,5 refcned to G,l6trf, 
Gr.vel from the Top of the Hill, where 11 ^j,^„ ^-^jf^ of LWf-, who thui determined 
now •Pond. A two.h.nded Chirity (f»y» j^ . xh»t the fiid Nun» Ihonld hold the 
Dr. fniUr) providing Witer on the HiU, chuich of IJI,M of the f.idCwonj.b) the 
whereit wai winting, ind cleinneft m the p,y^ent ot one Miib ye.rly on Srv. 7. »nd 
Viliey, which before, efpeciiyy in Wioter, j,,^ OQ»vei of PemecoQ, ind thereupoa 
wii pill^d wiih gre*t Difficulty. This miuht orefent freely to the Church j but 
Hsnnittgc w« in the Difpofil of the Bi. .f,*^ t^ij the Reftory wu ippropr»icd to 
fliop oft«A«i for we find the Houfc, .nd . odiined ind 

WiOism UuhftU, ■ poor old Hennit, pre- endowed, of which the Nnns continued Pa- 
fcoted to it by Aok*Tt ir Sr*;*/rf», BtQiop of ^^^^^ „ ^^^ Suppteflion. 
U<idn,tih. a«, 1186, w vuntim »m»*jM, i. i„ thii P.tifti there ii Jfo mother Minor, 
., for the Merit of hi* Soul. And „„gj C*»»>«rf, r»nd now in fhon CwJ-rr; 

IFiBismrhuby BiQ»op aj*«^, ^«/ »o. ^^^.^^e ir belonged to tbe C.noni of the Pri- 

»Iji. iQ ConCdcrmon of hii Services in „„ of St B^irt htUmttf in U'lft-SniilrfiU, be* 
pnying for hii Soul, >nd the SonUof hit ;„„ -jy^^ t^^ ^^^^ by Rilfh d, ntn>,fji. or 
Predeceflbri, .nd SucceObri, lod ill the B,%^,,,nd confirmed to ih« Mon.fie.y by 

Fmhfol deccifed. ThU Mm «m the hQ - - - • 

Ijermit of agig0it. 

Meir idjoining tothe Ch*pel u 1 Free. ^_^_ 

School, built by Sir Ktgir ciilmtrndtlf, or byPriVrW(«" who Ii" 

Ubtmlij, then Lord Chief fi«on of the Ex- j^^^^ p,^. ym 

chequer, bur ifterwird Lord Chief Jullice . ■ S. ■ ■' 

«f the King'i Bench, -itjau is^i- *t hii 

own Charge : He procured it to he elliblifli- 

ed *nd confirmed by Queen iiix*ttth't 

Letter! Patenti. ind endowed the f*ro« 

with 1 yearly Miintenance ; yet Mr. Mr* 

im fayi, the MalVet's Penfion it precirioui. 

E^»7)iSMn^, fiilhop of tMiJ^v, enlarged the 

School in ij;*. and added a Chapel for 

Divine Service, which has aifo been eolar> 

ged by the Piety and Bounty of divers ho- 

noutibk and worthy Perfans, is appears by 

■n Infcriptton over the Gite. 

Mr. Cmrltr, Mafler of the Free-School in 

this Plicc, ind Reader of the Chipel, wis 

iprned out of hoth.wbile hii Wife was in La- 
bour, and that with fa much Cruelty, that 

■bey would not wiic her Deliveiy ; but 

bfving thrnft her Huiband ind her out of 

the Houfc, fhe w» delivered of a Child ia 

ib^ Cbip«;c^. 

KingNMrr in. by his Lacers Patents, d*^ 
tedTsMif. 115J. The ManfionHoufe up- 
on, this Minor WIS built fii fnme coi-ji Aurc) 
lit HtiKO of 
thiv D.y by 
his Device, which i> the B»1t ajid Tun cut 
in Free-Stone, and fixt in fcveral Pljcti of 
the Girden-Wallt. Thii Manor, tfcer tbe 
DifTolurion, was fettled upon the Lord 
CritB'KtU, cha'ged v'iil) in annual Rent cf 
to I. i.yrar lo the Li<Ty jfimt of C//ar, du- 
ring her Life ; i(,d being foxfeired to the 
Ciown by the Attainder of the fitd Lord, 
wii given to Jftn Dudlij, Eirl of Uarvict, 
by King £i»#riVr. He alfo wii attjlpr. 
ed, and from the Crown it cime ti Sit Jit* 
Sfnctr, Knight; from whom by his fclc 
Daughter and Heir, it pifTed to t^iiU»m, 
Earl of Kirlhtmfttm, in which henoutabitt 
Family it i^ow remains. The famous Mr* 
S»itn, Founder nf the CWrer-H*^, imon^ 
other Gifts of the likeNature, besucathed 
in Ms lall Will 40 Marlc^. or 16I. ijs. 4^. 
towards the mending of the Htgh,trayf t«« 
iween this Town aad Uiwiwgm.' 

■ The 



Ttie Chm&x Inire is • Vicinge, (fcdica- -^a mAtr, Ubi ZNtt^fir qF fltlk 
lEd to St. lOrj, ind vu in rhe ^>t¥6AiEc VTflbi, trho wu hdtA in tlih PkilBi, h( 
fif the Nons of Sir gtfwd It Bi», till ifie I^or PtVnitage t fjtft ftemi toftive'l J^Ct. 
DiflotaTionby King»iM7Vin.rince wfaicli M Providence ittcndtng ber in tieV AtM^a 
Time it liu b*d diveriprivitcPnront. In Sure; fbr ber Ctb wm cifainy Qt« AV^* 
tUt Cliirch ire alfo dived MonumenCi : wMan Arrow, wtthoiic iny Htirc to Aer 
Aa t. for Hinrj GrfmfftB, third Son of Sir Hitd \ «nd in her Mirrhges jfmiri'^a ; ftr 
BartmU Gritufitn, Knight ind fitroiiet ;whb "le mirried three Timet, i- To tkmf'kt- 
died Jufy fi.. i6ij. 3. For tlirhtlJe Ktmf, iikfm, hj whoid (he End (ik Sont and fiVs 
Knight, «Ja(Kce of the Peice ind i Mem- Diughceri. t. To (t^JTi^ laia, Eff; Al. 
ber ef the High Commifllofl Court, ffho dermin of the Ciry of lWm. And, j. iSi 
died Sfff. 3. 1614. }. VoxWiSiamKiaht'it, 7*#*>»0«»«,tfnedf the JodgeiiHtbe Conrc 
of CMM^avy in toil PiriA, Efq; who died of Common P)eM in Queen u/iof'ri'ReikiV. 
Nw. t8. ij£i.riV«r>t 14. 4.. Fur A*«, the She built it ^/^rin, neif tlte Plid: Af Mr 
hte Wife of Hmy ciittii^, tCq; Chtfitr- Delivennce tboremenrionea, *jfi Almf 
Henld (t Arnif, who died U»ji. itfji. f. HouA, and endoired it wel)> Sh* ft fiiil 
RithtrdCiMfliy, 1 good BencFiftor to the to have ez|tended in chirtcible Utek thcrs 
Parifli, who died in ip7' Among the Vi- *nd elftirhere rbe Sum df ijoo/. ind op. 
Cart of thit Parith ve find, wardx. She lieth buried in ^iiKpfx Church 

MtHikh HMmtr, born in S^ri^rf, but hy the Name of ..4fiff Owm, with a large Fn- 
deTcended of th« Hdwmtrt of tJMmtr in ^ia(- fcriprion opon her, (hewing h«r Mamiget 
ft^t who wai admitted Pirfon of cbiJ 'nd Children, bnc not the Time of ber 
Church in rrSt. He wasMinilTer ofSiirf. Death. 

4^tk, (rat lefcboth in 1^91 and went in- Mr. Pttir fnnt, a tiKhriPtiTt Man, ana 
to Iflmtd, where he at leagth Itccame Trei- Schtrol- Mailer in tfiti PaTilb, v^o tiavinj 
furer of CbrifiChmrtb, Datliw, which he been beCnrcd by a blind Miniller, whoof 
beld to his Death, which happened in 1 S04. be hid relieved it hii HouA, for iiStvriAnf 
of rhe P}igue. He was cfleemed an cxaQ tin pretended High Court of Juftice, wboca 
Oifpntant, a good Preacher, an expert Gre- he cited to appear before tllegreacTribtl* 
eian, and m eicelleqt Hiltorian, both ai to 'n't was murdered it Chtrhg-Crtfl, itbeto 
Ecclefiafticil and Civil ASViri. While be » hii Death he wimed the Sordicry of the 
was in O^lnd, he engaged zealoofly >• dangeroni Principles they went on in, 
pinit the Papifts, and wrote profeflcd openly hts Adherence to the King, 

jt CtnfktMiiim mud Aiffmtr ff ib* grtn {'• *■ Cbtrlti II. in Baile)!and the ChurcL 
Bragi, and CbMitn£t a/'Campiaa tbt Jtfuit, Commended hit Soul to Gad's Mercy, and 
tec hi* nnmeront Family rn Gnd's Pro+idcnce, 

Ibt Vf»it't Btmur, dirptaying their Ori. fiying, Ha «4i/sr< tbt Kiag/hnU h n/irHl, 
g^il, Succefi, Vow, and orhci HypocriHe Bfc. 

and SoperRition, theii Doftrinei ind Pofi. kiditrd Qdtlm-il, of (Ms Town, Eftj who 
tions. Both printed in 15S1. TKefe Bonki bad been a Citieen and Piinter-Sralner of 
were written agiinft a Treatife, intitled, taw/ae. founded in OiWflfti«f 10 CW;/i/»f«fr- 
n« C«#ar# af fw* tttki, &C, wbith Dr. Hih- Ward, i j Almi HonRrs for fo miny People 
mer tufMtid,tcz.. While hewat in Inlnd to live in them Rcnr-free. with an Ailow- 
be ilfo wrote tnt*ofid. apcice weelcTy, ind a Load of 

Ibt cbnwiilt $f Ireland, in fw# PJrr^ Charcoals imong them y^aily for ever. He 

.Jm Efbtmiru tf tbi Sdintt if • Iteltnd. alfo left Come Lands In thti Town to main* 
Be illb wrote tain his Fuundation. 

J CiirtmgrMfh frf" '^' BiiiumKg if Colonel tA^, t famous Commander lii 
tht fTarflt (I tbt ^^^ib ftf ^ Cbrifi ; Otmwtll't Army, wa) firft a Drayman, and 
dAffai tit tf Eufebius. Socrates, and E. then a Stoaker in the Brew-honfe in thi) 
ragriui. PiiiUtd«La»A», ijSj.OlhcH of Town. He Was a PerTnn of more Bolt thiri 
Noreire, Btatns, and more Strength than Wit. Bv 

ing cntred into the PitltuDcac-Army, ht 
F 1 mA4 




M I D P L B S E X 

Mfled tbroDgh tbc fereril nlilitiry D«- . Dr. Thnw stftdlin, n bo wit ilfo Mint* 
«r M till [|B beCitne ■ Colonel ot Drigoofii, Utt of Sr. fiM*./^'i AlJgtu.He for his duenc 
jnd macb io t>»m»tlti Favour, who, so- wiy of Pie^ching wumuch tbllowed^thc 
knuwiag CO him, infcrccd bit Nioie imonK oithodon Pircy ; buc in the Beflinnt/'g of 
tbc King'i Judgei, in vhicb he wii forced the gi»nd Rebellion being cftccmcdone of 
to *& for Feir of difpleiling Crcfn'tf, AichbifkopLi)«i'st''*vi<urirM, wisr(qi)cl>c(- 
wh (B yet he left, when he fiw him edtplandeced, «nd liis Wife tnd Childjfp 
>in)Og*libe Gcvernment alone, tnd wis tut md out of Donti, himfclf being cxiied 
.theieupon diprivcd of his Regiment, *nd Piifoner fiift to Cri'^t^n C«%(, ard then (p 
impnloned for « Time. At length, iJpon i^r^att.vhtn he Uy tiom Cttimk i6.\6^%, 
a Fo^fight of (he Reimn of King KistIii till 16^6. when hiving by Tuaie meins got 
II he fled inio Hi^«i'^, ind with Uitit C«r. loofe, be reiired to Onftrd, and was rbcic 
i«f and Jthn Bnkfiff fettled h D*Ht, created Doaoi.afier whichhe taughtSchool 
where they were (II three feizcd by Sir in diveis Places tn fupporc himfclf and F*> 
Gittgt D»««i')y,his MijtQy's Relldcnt at the mtly. At King cfc«r/«/& Rel>oritionhe wii 
H't") *^^ being feni to Lwimt, were fen- leinvcAcd in bit Church oi Aldgau, but bc> 
iciiccd to Oeith, and bang'd, dtawn, and ing wtiricd our with iheContcutiouluEfs of 
qui ter'd, Jfril 19, i<5£i. yet bit Quitteit hitPatilhioncis, he t'emovcd to Dtvtr, and 
were interred by Mi Relations, and not befidrs hid the Church of ^:BHmIiwi in 
hanged on fevtraJ G«tci, is the other Mem Siamftrd given him by (be EatI of Cl^rttuini, 
were beciufe in bis I1IV Speech be had abichhe held to hii Death, md is turied 
jppktn dutiftilly of his Miiefty. in the Chincel □( that Cbuich. He has di* 

St. M'17 /« Bmt, or Mar^toM, in antient vers Seimon; in Print, a Manual of Dcvoti> 
Recordt called 7>Wm, of which the Ma- ons, and wai the Author of Mtrtwrtm Atadt. 
BOt, fo 6r at we can find, was in ihe Bi- w»w, &c. 

fliap of Lndia ; for Aa^rrr B"jtr^; not on< H^ffitd, called by Sir W^UUm Dagdah 
ly allowed fhel/ihibitantf to build iCht* Himffiid-Mfrjb*!, uhich fVandeih vtidii an 
pel, but palled down ibeir Church which liill. in t very healthful Air, yet bath a ve- 
Rood fo inconveniently upon the Road, ry pleafmt PiorprQ of rhc City of Lrndtm-, 
init il w» often robbed ; and built aoo* from uhich ic is diftmt about 4 Milei. Ic 
iber in the Place, he bad before afCgncd is a Iar|e and pleafani VilliHe with mineral 
ibtmfor ercQing • Chapel ^ind WiBimmd* Waters likeTki^MV^i^ but tne Company on 
Sm& Writ^ Bi£op of LtnJtm, appropriated the Walks is not neir fo good, unlcft it be 
the Church oT Af«;bm to the Prior cfSt. much amended of late: lis Nearnrfa 10 
ts»riKi dtBUftmtri in EftK, with a Refer. Lmdtu bfings duwn fo many loofe Women 
vation of a competent Maintenance for a in vampt.up old Cluiths to catch the Afb. 
Vicir, who wat to b« prefented by ihe Prior prentices, that roocicft Compiay are aftiamcd 
of BUtkmirt and Convent. The Manor to appear here even with their Relations, 
with the AppnrteniDCet was afteiwirdi Here it a gieai deal of playing daring the 
graoted by Quten BhK»inh, Rtg. 31 to Seifon; tut it is all Diamonds cutting Di< 
J4ha Cixtafor}* Veart, and afterwards by amordi. King EikihiJ, Father to King £^ 
King Jamti I. to Bdwrd Ftrat, whofe Heir irurd the Conrtifor gave the Demefne of (hie 
gencial carried it into the Fimilv of A- Pa.ifti to the Church of »>jT».«/,r, whidi 
fiwfy who ntwv enjoy if. .Tb« Rcflory. af- King £i/»«fic(infirmed by his Ch.ricrdatci 
ter >be DilTolution of the Piiory of BUd' Dici»i, 27. jqCS. to the faid Chuich, in 
Mara, was granted by King It^Mri VI. if*;, whom wc fuppofe it dill ccninix.', 
t. to W'lti»» Rmv sad J»bn C*mm, Gent. The Choich of F/nn^AW wis aniient'y » 
to bold of the Minor »{ Mtfi Gr§4n-rith, in Chapel U longing to the Chtiich of Hndm, 
$Ocag«. whofe ReSori were inftUur-d with this. 

The Cbvreli t> aov 1 Donative, or Cn. Cfaufc, Ckm Ctflli dt Humfjltd lidtm ja- 
lacy \ bow it Ctoie to be To, we Itnow not. nigd, and To continueil frum the Yeir i^tfi^ 
Amongth* Cnratctwe sfareive one Manof to about the Year 147S. when the Abbot 
Cjoineocy* via. wd Convent otm^mittfitr being Patron* of 



ihe Reftory of tttmdm, btcimr Propriiror* Leire, yet they coHit^ to the Vicarigr, 

efthis Cb*pel, and repirating ic fiom k,. (od^n Otdlnatiei of the PiKe. 

made \ Cmacy, or Doowive of it lo ebdr ' Tb^ Diorch' it 1 Viciri'^- frt rhe Pitro> 

Gift, »i It Tcoikined till the Supp:t£on, >t nigc of tltvDean ind Cbaprtt tifSt. PtmVt, 

«^chTvme King Ktvy VIII feitkd it on TbcChnrch-Yird being tooroKtl for chc 

bu new Dude BiOioprick offffJIwwjSfribuc PiriOi, JtbndtBt^ obtained the King's Li- 

tbit Sm being di^lveit by King tdwtrd ccnce to give hilf in Acre of Gioond to 

VI. ihii Prince R^. 4 -grtntpil the M*nor enUrgc it, 4lm» 1 \^g. It r»ms tbii Church 

«nd Cbtpel of Hamf^td ta Sir r^« Ifihib, htd no Srceple for fome Time, till milism 

fri fir-BUit, u it is in the Record, i. «. for Swdalt, (or 19 Wt»vtr oil* him, BijdtU} 

biigoml SBtvicetdoneCDihc Cr»wn There Victr of tbif Cliircb, bnilt one it hisoirn 

ire ibundance of picity pleiltnt Lcdgingi Citirge. He died on Otf«i. 4 if ]f- indlter 

inthti Vill*ge, with i tine Hnth to fide buried ia thii Church | u were Sir Mnxw 

out and tike the Air on, but thcCompiny Ch»i*ir, and hii Lady, the Pirenti of 

u too much inixed,aad there 11 little Choice. Mr, Edmtrd cb^bmir. He wti edaeited it 

Adioiniog to this Villige the Duke of 0«/W, where he became Fellow of M-SmU 

jifgji* hath a fine Sen, cilled CamiMd. in 161 1 ; and entring into Orders, wiimtde 

fft/JMtrs, or Xn/fown, is in Hamlel or Vil- Chapliin to King y«mii I. and Doftor of 

I'ge in thii Puifli of Hjmplttd It feemt to Divinity, and Principal of 4lk/in.n»B. Ho 

like its Niipsfftith Mr. Nt'din) troin Kiil wts rtputed 1 very learned M>n far his 

and Bnrm, wh:c(i lignifies cold Wtiet. In Time, *n able Preicher, and good DiTpu- 

old Records it if called Cmntturma, and tint. His Compolitions were mnch valuett- 

KalbitMrmt, Th= Minor of this Hamlet by the greateftUcn tbett in the Chorch.and- 

was in the Nuna of this Plice, of whom we the Setmoni nbicb be poblifbed in hit L>fe> 

Ikall give a fiill Account in our Eccleli- Time, ai ilfo tbofe pablilhed af^cr hi* 

aQicalHiftoty ; but after the OilTolutionthe Death, in all thirteen, were then looked 

Sciie of the Monaftery was given by King upon as choice Piece*, very terviceable to^ 

EdwtrdVl nil. i.tajtht Ondlty, Earl of th* Chnrch-and CommonwFikb. He died 

ifar»itk. ofihe PUgae atOs/'W, ^afyif. itfif. be* 

Chfmiti, or Cbtfmti, a foMil but p'eafanc ing b«t }4 Years of Age, )n«cb hmented by 

Village, fciiuate on the River Tbgmit.SQatb- many. He was batied in St. JMry's Churcb- 

^ffe& ot lUmKirJmitk. Here are two Manor*, Y«rd, and an Altar- Uonumeot laid over 

the one belongs to the Piebendary of Ci-f- bint triih an Epitaph. 

via iatbeCatbedral-Church of St. P«W't, The Earl ofBvriia^iM, Sir Strfin Ftir^ 

which togcthet ifnh the ,M<nlion Houfe, and rcverilachtr Gerfflcfnen »f Diffin&i- 

and ij) tbe Manors, McfTuagea, Landt, Ta*. oniha«e very ag'ervWe Seati here. 

neiiKDt*, l^tnta, Reverlionf,$ervi[ea,Lealn, Rwthhf, or ttmkjtly, I Parilh feveA Mile* - 

<i-«. Cooits.Profitiof Courta, (^<. is let to Norih-Wcn of Z.*hWm. We find no Ac- 

ibe Drao and Ch^per of Wtfimixftir, and count of the Manor, and fup^ore it to be- 

hatKbcen fo ever Ance Qoecn C/'Kaia'i'i. given by ibeConquerar to one of bis Fol. 

Reign, and was rentwed ca them for tbaer. lowers abavrmmcioned. The Chnrch ii > 

Lives MMTth t i6i^. by ih^ then Pr«bcnda>' R(An(y,dedicit(d t* the Viagin Mar;, an^ 

ly of Lhfmiek. Upon it there ii •■ frit hatS bsen all ahinyiii^the GollMion oftFie- 

HotttV, nhcitun'o in th; Time of atty iiihrp ofLMi/aa In it VMsantientry a pet-^- 

common Plague or Sicltnelf, ai lifo to take petuil Charity foonded for the Souls of) 

the Air in Summer- Fime, the Scholars of JViUism di Htifitik tnd hia AnteAors, abonr 

Wf/l»Maj8«r School do ufoally withdraw. 310 Vean firaee* 

Here alfo is another Manor, called ib« In lh« North Walloffhis CImivShMif*-,. , 

D«m'/ Umiir, belqoging to the Chnrch of in ■ Tebhr, the liR-WHT and Tcftament of 

St. Paa/, fa called, bccaorc the Dean and onsTil>ti»«r Stwwf. inand by whicbhegive* 

Chapter of char Cithcd'al are Lotds of that (tatrp a^i'a) his Hrnfe and Lands, calkd r»<^- 

Manor, and Refiors of the Church ; and tho.' dm and S*ttkwt*dfi*U, to pay 40^ yracly (» 

ibeyktoitt the great Tithes and Manor by long at thoWofldJaAi, to ccaaao KieAvrar- 




fins for bii Soolt mi ibe Souk of Us Wife, ?«*■'• CoUcbc, OitftH^ wM i hMnMMrt In- 
Childten, t^e.ttiA iNoble foe the Rcpara- fcripriQH chepcoa. He wli a fetoft 'mfttA' 
tlon of rh« Ifid Hou&, md MtwAfp^d oafrLMixPoer, is reveral Pocn*. CpisrttBSi 
to the Highw»]K Poor, and OVhci ctMtin- ^r. .occafiDnilly printed, ind p^KicuUrtf 
ble Deeds ; and ih« CEwrchwirdem Ifaba'd bii Caimen 'A-teMi(»fiti'^Mtr, e*ft s. 7*i*^ 
fee it done. Tbefe Lands are ao» »1icd b«^. fbew, 

ttrt-ridirt and SifiuAU, and are, or lately. firrmt fyt^nu, fo called from the MaJror 

were in .tb« PofltlQoa of UAtrd Smmj, of M»mt in this Pirifb, to diflingtiilk it 

Yeomui. from i;«xA B'rnr, a Matket>ToWn in H#f- 

J*bm Him, sliM BtftHI, offlut PiriOt did.. ftrJJbirt, ind !«/)- 5«W(f , a Vilhce ap6n 

io ind by hii laft Will,. giVtb^- Crofti of the Gdge of the fiid County, to wbich this 

Land lying ia this Paril^ caKed Ptjtatlli, Village ii joined. We hive gircn foAe 

cooMining 6 Acres,. l*te in the Tenure of Acconat of the greit and dkcifiw fiirttl 

Edmuud Cttkt, for the performing of divert whi^h wis fought a|Wn GMmM Gommbn 

ch«ritftble Dccds,«id4f(nall Uoafm with near S«^W, boiwcen King £i»«r^ IV. SAd' 

divers Gardem thereonio btlongipg for the RHhMrd Nnil, the great Eirl of U^iMilA, A 

Habitation of cenain ^or Folk*. Rttirt Hiib-Bfrntt in Btrtft'djbiri, being induced 

W»rrn, Efq; alTo gave a HeiTaigc, with a to tc by fkltufbtd, and Sir It CliM»g % &ut 

Barn, Garden, Orchard, and Field of ii Sir Ifti/rJM Di^ifA/f, in hisBirona|e, tflens, 

Actei, called RjfiiU, lying in Sttbtr-Strut That it was at Sariirr in MiddltfiH, #bcre 

in Finehlf, now in the PofTeffian of 7«fc* ihii Battle wai fought. Bar. 1 97. t^l 1 . 

nuhdtt bat divided into dtree Parte, for the which we are the more inclined to fo1lDto>, 

Perfoipi^ice of divers claritable Deeds, bectafe we find 00 facb Conttrton near 

Tbefe Charities were aot long iince much Higb-Bsrnit, and there ii a Iir^ CoibrRon 

abofed by tJte Feo&es in Trail, for which near tbii B'nwl, which tbo' 11 geoerill/ 

Complaint being nad« to the Keeper of the bears the Name of ftvriA' Common, tnfght 

Great Seal in idS^.. he ordettd and appoint- fo long ago have the Name of OMAtr* 

ed, T(m the Charities above<Md. fliotrid be In this Battle the Eirf af U^viti had fo 

rightly, taiployadt end hid on fot the. much che better at lirft, that many oF the 

Ulet expreOtd in ibe FeoffincaU, via,. For King's Men ran away, and carried Ne*s 

Reparatioa»o(the{aidHaMfe*,ferP*yiaent to LeK^ie* that the King was rooted, and 

of4ai. yearly tOthtPDorin HwibJVChiirch, the Eirl, who tben waj for rcftoring King 

and the Refidue of the Rtnlk to be em> Hmj VI wai viOorioui ; bnt Fortnoe fooa 

pk^ed for repairing or sdeming Fhuhfy changed Handi, the Earl't Men being con- 

Cbarchi, «r ttending die Highways. fafed by a MiQ, miftor)k their Enmiet, 

Among the Remrtof ihia Chofch we and fell upon one another, which the Earl 

Sod Dt Riciifr^ fi^naMP, a laWaaw born, oF ff^»itk ofaftiving. cried oot, Trcafbn, 

and educMcd in St. JtWt Colkge in 0». Treafon, and ilrd with 800 Men, kaving 

f*^ From whence being chofen Chaplain the Field to Ring timard. In the Fkghc 

to Ck»Ut Blmit, Lord Mk«<f»)', when he the Earl of Warwick wh fliin, and hii Ad- 

WH made Lienibnaac of Jnland, he want berents beingforced to fly inre other Coan> 

over with bit Lard into Chat Nation. Hi cries far Safety, King Sdwtrd eftabliflied 

attended this martial Hew to the Bane) of himfelf on his Throne, and held it pnce- 

GirJa«/M, which^tbo' the ViOory fell to ably to his Death. The Honour and Eftite 

■be UfU^ wba atttrly defeated nr.Ota of ibia great Eirl palTed by his Diaghrfcr 

•nd his Irifk Rebel', y tt it wa* with fome jtm to Oitrgt Duke of Clamtt, King Ed- 

tioA on the S^A Side ; and among a- wards Broiher, to w6om fee was after 

. cbert tfaK were UMii, Wki Or: Lmaw»,the fome Time married. 

Lord Depaty'sChifl^, and Cramer his The Clmnib orCbapel of this Place hath 
Secretary, both of them learned Mcrv. and long been and flill Is in the Collation of 
mDch bvloved. His OeMh^iappened J*fy itf, the Oem and Chapter of St. PM^t, who 
iCSi. «r«(ar4i. ind-iban alter an ha no ni- have the peculiar Jurtfdifiion of it, at Or- 
ry Monomeat was fet uf Sot turn in St. dinaries of the Placet 


MIBD 1. K SE X. 47 

rmfm^n. > ViQigc ■ little. diSant Croat Hid the OoHVcm rf Cth, Uttt tba Mor 

IbfBePafts vSW*fii^M0,r, whicli wii given, and Convent ofC)£* Ihould Tor ever qait- 

hj the Coaqoeror, MappcArK bv hit Sof- cidn alt tbcii Right to die Ghdren of 

vcy, to .^tto ^ '^v, in who(e Famity, f(«yh!p*>*> to 'be Abbot nif^ Cnnveat 

nude by Qmco Maad in King stifbtm't of Mi^J^ii, mtier tbe Stall of the Con- 

k, Eark of Ox/wW, it rcmiined miny vent and Patron. Thii Church wit, by 

Ccnrririiwii; and it it found among tbe Licence frem Pope 'Akm^/t, apprapriated 
htstion f which were many in EfiB, and to the Abbot and Convent d{ ^liagJm, toi 
cdfcwberej which rt>«* Eirl ofOxfir^, jj. a Vicirige ordained and endowed, with the 
cd po&flcd of ^iw 1J7I fo it it one of Agreement of Aigtr di Bt0trf, Vicir of 
thfrfc Maoon, which in tbe Will of J»k» Ktnfi^tn, by Mi* ir Btfu, Bi&op of Lm- 
m. Earl of Oi^i, il faid to be the old A«,on rheie Condttiont: i. That the Abbvt 
iBbertcaDCe belonging to the Earldom, and and Convent Iheald Ihue the great Tithet 
thKaccordtDg to the old Entail, and which equally with tbe Vicar, and hii Succcflbrt, 
acbciaheritedrfroiii hi) Anceftors, fo hede- dividing them h) the KeH. i- Thar the 
fired it mighi dcfoend to hii Hciri male of ftid Rengious Qui] have all tbe other Re- 
hie ewn Mdy, I'wAiHy begotten, and for- vniaea, Homagei. and Caltomt, at Pi- 
wanr of Jbch to hit Nephew JtH dr Fire, trontofthe Cbl]rcn,fora yeirly PenRon of 
mmI b» Heirs, and in Deftnlt of them to jo i. eicept one Crofi, abinting upon ttic 
Mb db Ffft his Goafin, at neii male Heir. Ktng't Highway on the Sooth. ).Than the 

VIm Cborch of this Place was in the fatd Vicir, and hit Socceflbrt, (hall take iH 
KcigB ef^ng TInrfJ. given by jAiirii d* the Tithe-Hay, Ttche of Milh, all fmall 
Xtov, called Sna'ir, with theConrent of his Tithet, and the Altarage, escejArtbe great: 
Wife BMtri*. to the Monks of Mmgiin, and 'fmill Titbti of the Drmcrne of the 
with two Hides, no Acre?, anil one Abbot md Convent. 4. That the Vtcir 
Vard-Land, tsalfe bii Hotrfe in H^^mi«fitr ball bear the ordtotry Inctimbraiicesof tho 
nc»t I mim, for the Health of the Soul of his Living, and the extianrdiniry flitll be born 
ficond Son ytftry, who died in bit Life- between them. 5. That rbc Bifliop of 
Time. Hit Son Mhrit, who focceeded hioi, Ifdn, and hit SKcetToit, filall coHate ta 
eoafiroied all the fe Grinn 10 (he Monies the Vicirage for ever, becaufe the Appro* 
of ^Ui^dm. in whofe Monaftery hit Bro- ptiation was made without his Licence. 
ther was boiitd. This Abbey ifter this This Chnrch has fuSered divers AlEen> 
was in great EAeem with rbisFHnily, but tions at fundry Times, viz. in itfSj. the 
becaale their Rcfidence, (vi» at C*/» in Pariihioners, for the Eiilargemifnt of it,and 
X^») was at too great a Didaoci: to enrich increaling of the Number oFSean these*' 
it much with fpeciil Gif s, Atttrie Stititr in, builr a new Ifle on the South Side, by 
built a Monanery at C*ln St ^driw, neir the BHhop of tMiJn's Licence, and in ifi^j, 
hi* Honte, and made ic a Ceil ro the Ab> they obNined 1 Licence to pnll down the 
b«y of .rffcifgiaii, endowing itwiih feveral North Ifle of the fame Church and Chmcel^ 
Manon, Lindi, and Churches, which he and build mother inlVeid of it, which wis 
confi'med to the Abbot ind Convent, ind' tcc<rdingly done', but not pleifing the 
thf ir Sof cefFors, giving Taritinf, then Ab- Piriftiioncr.., or not anfwering their De- 
bet of^rmdut. who hjil cured him of a (ign, the whnle Phurch and Cbincel were 
fonBcr Srckntf', prffcnt PofTefllpn of it. pulled Jnwn in iffjS. and a more ftately. 

fiat long afrcr this (he Print and Con- and convenient Ftbiick bnilt in its Room. 
MntofCaAa, pretending a Right to this This Plice was hot a fmall Village till the- 
Chnrch of KtnpHpm, it w»a agreed, among Court cimc there •, bar now ic is become 
other Things, by wiy of Compolirion, a Jirge Town, ind in fomc of the SquateK 
Mtr.ji> ijii- at the ewncft Rrqueft of are Honfes fit for the Bntertainment of Per- 
RikM dr Pirt, then Et:\ of Oxfird, jnd 'fonsofihegrcaieft Quality. The Court fet. . 
Picron of the Aid Priory, between Rithird (led thereupon this Occafion. Hii Mljeffy 
tfrcn AbboC 6f ^ivgdta, and the Convent King WiBimm III. being much incommodedl 
there iiul ^*'* '^' CMfrim, then Prior, by the Smoke of tbe Goal*Fixes of thi«> ' 

' Citf. 


'^ M IJi) S X £. &.ErX.. 

.Cicy,by.R««rQaoftbe.AahiiM,-withwt|ioh ii Efiitia tbc. GorBi oftbe Ctuocelfor-of 

he WiS alwiyt traabUd,, puicbiftd ^he tbs ^.iihtdnl Cbuicb of Sci'Mi't^.tnticnu 

E»rl of MKij-A-"'^ Sc^^ ticii?, beci^ff jt ly .cilUd Aft^iVl**- ^ti^nw j but chU, 0*.J 

ftood in » free Au,' and ■! » lnulM>kr fice being, utrtiwudiiuw^d iii.o « Ct)>n«- 

DuiCf front Ltndtn. h& ScUuiciun was, <), ^'e. lor, "tie Tiibct. of. thn Piice jEturnid to 

wiys commodious for the Court, but King the Bifbapof Lnr<i«n, of whom SiOiOp Rrlfh 

WiiUim iDidc ic much more {o, by giiking >!' Btidnk, coolidciingib.ictlx' Rcveniici be- 

■ Royd Way througti Hidt-park and Si. longing to the Chtnccllolhiji of the Citbe> 

Jamis'i, which joining to cich other, extend diil Cbuicti wtra not l'utfiC'.«iit/to enable a 

a> fir » JTca/djifit, wid<; enout^h for turt) Pcrfon (o undexgo 'hit QtK;C'(tQd jbc (>tl' 

Coactici ■•bfMn, with Lincetni on ty of teiding i Divinity- LiQure wtatA 

£«£h S^dc, at convenicat Qiftaocea, for Rithari di Grtwfiwd, his PiodccelTor had 

pilling It ali Hourt in the Night. ord>incd)did byhi>Giint, in A ut> me out ion 

This Seit being (hut convetted into a of the Revenues belonging to the Chaucel. 

PaliCe, had fooa ffveiat AddUiont made loiOiip, give and appropiiate [.bcreunto ihb 

to it by that Prince, whicb could qoe be Cbuicb of ^lini, excepting lo I fir ^m, 

done wittoiit ui ireegular Appearance oU(- to be paid. for the Maiotenance of aVicar, 

wardly, bfit within, icaApaitiscntt are vc- who ii to be collated by ttte S(A)op of 

I y fine, and well dirpofed. KingffiJI'f't Z.iR</m, and bii^ucctlTors, an^ii fuTtfjer, to 

Gallcty and Clofet,(ai they arc cilicdjiie hive a Mintion.Houle, and the Glcbc^heie- 

very curioufly conCiivei), and contain acu- unto bclotigiiig, alt the fmall Tirhef and 

nous Collcdion of original Piintinga.much- Oblaitont of the Altar i but tbttt be mu(t: 

tbe bcftfaj fomc tfaink) of any of theKoy- buy Booka and Oinaancnrs for theCbuich, 

al Palacea. Her Majefty Queen A HUE. and bear the ufuaj Incumbrancosi The' 

often redded here, and in the Apartment Collation hath ever finer continued in the. 

• ofber M«jefty'«Coi»fori,G<ar^#,lirc Prince BiQiop ni Undtu, of whom Dr. Hiftbmmm 

vi Dmrnari, are fome very good PiQurei, e>vea Piece of Giound of lo or n Rod to 

■nd a Gallery wilb the Piaurci of all fuch. augment the Churcb-Y^rd, and the laft 

at were .^dmirali of the Pleet. while he Bithnp Dr. Cia^fM confecrated it. 

wuLoid High Admiral, ; The Gardeni of ramouj Men of this Patifli .in intient 

thii Palace are very fine and charmingly Ti^nei were, 

kept, and clie Front of the Palace on ihit Ihuum Trtwitk, Owner of GuBwr/.Birryin 

Side ii very noble. Near thii Town it ihia Paiifh, Efq^ who liet bLried in the 

HtBsml Houle, the Seat of the riftbl honour* Church here ; be was tbe Father of the fa- 

.. able Edm*r4-Htwj,'Eu\ oiWar^iik and mousjudge, 

BiS'id. Sir ThtmmTfvick, Kntghr ; who wai born 

High, or Hiu Park, which borders upon in this Place. He was bred up in the Stu- 

tliis Town ii larger thin the litilc Park at dy of our municipal Liwa, wherein he ar. 

tfindfir, but not lo large ai the grrit ooc. lived ai fuch an Emiaency, that he was 

It ii inclofed with a Biick-Wall fix Mile* in made Lord Chief Juftice of the Common 

Circumference. It is well flocked with Pleas, ii-pr. ip i8 »«. 7. ijoj. He fatfour 

Deer, andbat an Abundance of fine Pond* Yean in that Place, and was accounted the 

and Refenroirs of Water for the Benefir of Oracle of the Law in hi* Time, iho'oncof 

CbcCourt. In ir is a grandTouriOi Ring, the youngcll Men that ever enjoyed that 

for the Ladies fo tike the Air in their Oifice. He ii faid to have died young, «ib. 

Coichea ; and in fine Weather tbere bat before he was 40 Years old, and lietb ba> 

been above 300 ai a Time. The Keeper's ried with Jaw his Wife in f)«tHj Church 

Lodge is extrcamly pretty, and belongs to in this County. His Monument k much 

a Gentleman of the Srymnr Fimily. defaced, but we undeilland f>om the Cir- 

ttt>{iOrGrt«r fome Records it cumfcription, that he died Odt^. -17. 1 jefi, 

is written Z»ii/(«4, or ZiSimg, of the M<nor He left a great Etlitc to hii two Diugh. 

of Oihich Place we hive nothing to write, ters. of which B/«A, the eldeft, wis ma tried 

The Cbutcb. together with ihai of B.«i>*w to Sir JtlnSftlmn, fooe of thcjufticei of 



%% Vnc*i Bancb) Md,F|tlitr -of thf n^ CiM)i«rS«4, m)4 bcfa HMiifil ind Ra* 
n*w«itd Aoti^iury, Sir HW7 ^fteow, Ko^ licft^ihc;Daii) »nd ChifKcf «f that £•• 
1^ Wnt<r M amy azoelJcDt 9ool|i of tiudral wvw KcvBomad 10 fHy Mm. 
ABtiqniitei. Gr««7 Ata. VW(#r, iMb R«aor of this 

Om Mr. Thtmm GiUtrt, npvn rfii De- Chacch, maeb ibowt ili« fime Tine, give 
prmrM« of Mr. Ktltrt CfMWP, wis puc in> tbies MclTuigct in this P*ri(b, tnd two 
to ite Chnrch hjr tbe PMUincnt'Coinau& Shilling* yculy Rent to the Dein indCbip. 
iiooMi^ ftadapDii the RcQotmhm of King ui of Sr. PmUi, (or the fvthct Miintc* 
CiwrlMlI.bippenedtobe thefiffl Mto that nine* oft Chtpliin to celcbt ire in the r*id 
WW pat oat of Ul Benefice, wberenpon Cfaintry, which wji confirmed to the fiid 
fce-Acd iu» thm-MwglmJ, and dying thece, Dnn and Chapcar by Ptitr Btz jtlmf, Uaf 
had an Infcriftion put upon hii Tomb- i). 1344 11 Hm. j. jidtmdi Htmimtn, Clerk 
floiwi OewMg, Th*t be wai the pTotamtr- alfo, 1 Ktlw. j. in Confidericioo of a Sum 
lyr m the CMife of N on ■conformity, 1. «. sf Money paid, granted to the. Prior and 
ioc being cjiAed o«C oft Living to vbich Convent of f «rtM*a«n* in f^iftmtmthfiiU, 
he WW yrdeaud hy in ufar^d Power, certain Land* and Tenementi ia (bit Pa- 
witk the Injury of the Incambent and Pa- rilh, whicb he held of the Bilhop of Lnr 
moi, widi>f which he wMdoprived for not ^, which Grant $frfibra AOnm^fr^, the 
conformisg to the GoveraiBenti which then ■ilhop, confirmed to the Paid Prior 
Caafe, whether it give bin ■ nil Title and Convent, and their SacceJTori, doing 
to St. Xf^frft ApH^ttiMi of f ROTO- *H ufual Stfrvicet, and piying a i- >-y»r, 
MAitTVR, let th« lUadtf judge. and a RcUef to the Aid Bilkv, and hb 

jMm, Ca called) ai we m*y believe fron £«c(!ofl»ri, according Co Cadorn, <W. 
A«iOak, aod Tta a'Tow«,or Village; The Chorch of thii Towa it > ReOo. 
fce c a «fc , 'til probable; 'twat well ftoched ry, and hath been all along in the CoIIati^ 
with Aoft Trcca. At to the Minor, wa Had en of theBifliap of Zwdw for the Time' 
■othiac Bwrc of it buttbat in the Reign of being, ai often ai any Vacancy bti happca- 
MiaiOmyiaL Itgyy 4t Lw;,lhen Dean of ed. 

Sr. XWf, foaoded * Chantry in chit C*- Men of Mote, who were Nirivet of thit 
*btini% I* whicb be gave hit Mmorb Town, Mini&ert,orInbabitanta of it, were 
Uaafe aad Laodi in thit Parilh, referving Rtlfh it Mn, Co fiiraimed from hi* 
too/, pep .Aa^ t*be paid EoaPricft for ca- dwelling here, and wai bred in 0»ftrj, 
khrariDf Oiviae Smticc in the faid Cban- where B»b f*yk he attained tO^fftrim Th*. 
•ry, for the liealcb of bia owa Sooi and a < %Mw >, i. c to be a Do&or of Divinity ( 
Ckrifc of MmjiMtd* St l ttHttr g .tiOiop of Lm- andaaotber addi, to hiietirnal Commends 
Ae, Md hia Sacoeflbrti aod Pkiiif ii F^m^ . tion, that tm^Umm rtpti Dti, &c. i. e. be 
iwXt Arcbdeacoa of li — rrf yl w , tod payinf preKbed the Gofpel of the Kingdom of 
90 f. a-year on the Day of nit <Mtr, and ■ God, wiib la eirnafi Zeil in the inidQ of 
Mark «a fba OU* of tbe faid fii^rsU the Darkneftof Raww Saperflitiont. And 
t mi tr g. Witnefiej to thii Charter were tho' romctimei bit Tongue lifptd with the 
Jt««-. KOiop of U^im, mH^m dt il0ti^, SiUtUtk of tit*t faperfUtions Age he lived 
TiMuirer of tbe Cathedral of Mmitr, Rfgtr in, yet be generally ottered much precioua 
A /• Ot^ OfTf d§ Dmt m m , Sec Truth in tbofe dangerona Diyi ; for he 

We ftutber read alfo, Tbtc Ptttr Htit* floDiilbed under King Mdwrnrd II. Am» 
JUtf, t**e '" <"/«*> Bilbop of Im/m. for* i}jo. 

ty Acres of Linid in ASm, in the Fidd Dr. Dua/W rt»tltf, ffo commonly called, 
ctUed fw&d^ he p»yiflg yettly to the faid tho' hit true Name wit F^iftltrngh) wii Re- 
A»r Dite Pound gf Cgt&tn-Seed, whichi fior of thrtPmlh. Hit Birth mat ttCiaW' 
after the fiid Bilhap, w«i yetrly paid by Mw io Oaf^^Urr, and hi* Edneition in that 
rhe Oreo of St. Prntt-i but tfterwardt the Univerfity. He wit 1 Perfon of fo great 
Aid Pttft f°' ^^ Heiltfa of his Sonl, r»< Lsiining, and Acateneft in Controveriia, 
Blitzed att*' qoic-diicied to God and the as well tt Glocjuence in PfetehJng, that the 
Charob ttf St. FatTi, tte yearly Rent of ta-imai)!/, whiiefaewat ia i^wwi give bin 

O the 


the CbinCUr afPftldm stmijjtmm & tetr. DoSor ■ Spy, i Betnycr of the PirHtf- 

cfimv, tnd Dwned, that bis thiee Dlfputi* meni'i Cidfc, and falu to fail Tmft, f» 

tions.nith thtm hid done their Ciuft more ^neftred hU Living* for th< very Cnmei 

Harm lb*n thirty-three befoic. Andbyfais wbich they had voted before ftivoloai-s . 

Sermon!, in rhe nMfarjofsr,G(mM(,wh<:rc feized hii Perfon, and connnitied him Pri- 

Sir Jhtmm KJmntdj, Kmgjamit I. Leiger Em- (oner to the Lord Piiir'i Houfe ia jiUirp 

btflidor into FTMwtt, whom he attended, re- gmti-firm. Sift. ]o. i6^i. where they kept 

fidcd, ha confirmed thirty-two Peifoni in bim till Marfib 1^44. when b^g drawn ve> 

the Proteftint Religion, and converted ly low by a Dropfie, he obtained Leave of 

eighteen from PopiQi Cormprians. After the P)rlitment to remove to VMfy C»lkg* 

bit Return from Frmic; he waa mtde Re> for bis Heilth'i Sike, but died within a few 

Etor x>i Ktrtkilt \n CmivtM, ArchbiQiopWk Week after, on Jtfril 17, i6^$. and wat 

iar'j Chjplain, RcQor of LMu-hib, » Bro. bnricd in the ChanceT of Lgmitih-Chmtch 

tber of rhe Stvtj Hofpitil, Minifter of ^0- He wis a great aitd good IVriter, andput^ 

htSmi^BrMd^riit, which he exchanged for liflied many Books, of whicfa yoa may ftt 

thii RcAory in 11^17- and was the third a targe Catilegoe in ffanTs jttb. 0»*- VeL 

M*&etofCbtlf4jiC*Bigi. In tfait Preferment a. f. jS, 39. 

he concinoed qaietly, performing all the His Gncc Bviljm PiirfMU, Dakt of Xing' 

Offices of a godly and learned Divine, md- fim, hath a pleafant Scat in thil Placc< 
mired and loved by all that knew his PsMiwgtm, a very fmall Parifh, abonc 

worth, tbo' not hit Perfon, fill the fatal three Milei from lWmi. The Manor and 

Year for good Men, 1641. when the Re> ReSory of old belonged to the Abbey of 

bela, after the Fight at Brnifird, took 09 '-HHfimhiflir, and upon the erefiing of that 

ibcir Quartert at ..diffaa, where they fell Abbey into a Btfhopiick by KingHnrjrVIH. 

|aul on Dr. FtMbji, whom they reputed a was Cttcled- upon, that Ste ; but King Ed* 

Papift, drank and eit up tit Proviflon, wm-^ -VI. hiving iliflblved that Biftoprick; 

barot down ■ Barn full of Corn, and twoSta- give tbem both to Dr. Ifitbtlst JlitUtf, the* . 

bles, pulled up the Riilj about hii Commu- BiOxip of Umiin, md hit S«cceflwt for 

nioO'TiUe, and burnt them, demolilhed ever, who have leafed them oMt f(om Tim* 

the Font, and broke the Windows of the to Time. When Dr. Oittrra sbfUm wai Bi- 

Church.. The Dofior wat fled at the faoie Oiop of Ind.ii, the Leafs of tbia Manix- 

Time, or » they fiid, they (hou'd have and Parfonage exjrired, and falling into the 

f^aeezcd the Pope out of hii Belly ; but Handi- of the (lid Biftiop, be gave the 

•hey did not give ovcr-tbeir Dedgn; for Leateto bit two Nephews Sir ^a/rpi SA«/i/aM . 

aoi long after they went to L»miidi, bis and Mr. Dtrntl SbtUmi but at the fime 

Mhcr Livings where tkey hoped to have Time augmented tbs Carafe's Penfen to 

met with him- upon the Lord'a-Day, with 8o /.^ Aviw, to be paid'^nartirly at iht 

> full Porpofe to murder hha ; bat upon ufual Feaftt. 

Notice, he withdrew, and fo efcipird their TfaeCbutch here, which it thnnglit' th 

Handt. He ftiil enjoyed both his Livings, be dedicated to Sf-JTiRJ^w/M,- was but very 

and was in great Repute for his Learning, fmall, and ' being very ruinoi;! was pollta 

upon which Account he vas chofitn one down to the Ground by Sir Jtf'fli siiUm 

of the AlTembly of Divines, and being a and bis Brother, and a newonebutltattheic 

Man of modcsate and peaceable Principles, own Cofh and Charges. It is a Donative, 

fat and voted among tnem ti)! rhe Core, or Curacy in the Gift of the Bifliop of 

nant came to be urged and impofcd, which Ltndui, who by hti Licence commits to the 

he oppofed with greit Zeal ; but deltriag- Curate the Cw« «iH*m4rw». Hii Penfion wu 

Dr. tfyWa Opinion about it, be «-rote a- \>w fmtW, viz.- ti I. fer jtm. till the Bilhop 

Letter to him who was then at Oi^i with' iboveaMntioaed midc that Augmentation 

tb« King, containing the Reafons of his to it, which, with J'^veral of the like Na- 

DilagreeBMOt. This Letter was inrerctpt. tare, wa> confirmed by Ad of Parliament 

id, and > Copy, of it carried to the Houfe 39 Cxr H. and fo the LcITce is now boon 

•f ComBinii* wba thereapoit voted ih« topay tke Cnratc So/.ftr^iM ntfitfrm. '- 



St. rsmrmt, titjm Kiwtif^liwn, the Minor give Mr. fiMd, Paifoa afi^. Parift, by 
whereof is the Cofpc ofthc PrabendofSc. alt lift Will. t]/. 6 1. 8i. One WiKsm 
^mt^m, wbkh bath the fixih Stall in the Bttah, RcOor of chu Parilh, wii reqneftred 
Cathcdral-Clnirch ofSt. FmTt. The Chnrch for hit Loyihf ia itf4a. b»E lived lo cetn« 
H Aedioud to St. pMXir^f and ftaodi in to hia Church i|aiii opoo KingcW^ iTs* 
the Highwiy kading from IUUwm to EtH< Keftoration. 

t^r^mm. It is an old weather-beaten H'iBfdn.oxiViaifdtm.mgifdtmM. TUiVat 
SuiJdiag, perhap(asaoticntitSt.?«i/'(, hi* one of the fevcral Lordfliipi *ith which 
ving ba4 vaittf Hoofei ahont it, but all de. King Aihitfiam endowed the Cuhtdral 
mmA and gone,' tin of kte fbffle new onet Church of St. Paml, and bad the Ame Im* 
li^w Iftea ere^dnear it, Kruijh-nmx mi maoitLea from the Kiog'i Parveyor in the 
"vAf* are Mciohers of thia Parilh, bat Reign of King <<:'w4riill. uihe oihrrLord- 
feldom cone to the Chnrch, beciole tbey Ihipibelonging totbe Demand Cbipter 
have Chapelt of thvir own, nnlefi it be to hid. There ire no lefi chin the Coipi of 
• bniy their Dead, and on the firft Sunday of eight Prcbendi belonging to the Dnn ind 
ercij Month, when they are obliged to ply Canon of St. PtuTs in thtt P«rifh, vi^ 
their OcTodon at the Mother-Cburch of St. Bmnfrntid, vhich bich the lixteenrh Stall 
Paacrm. on the right Side of the Quire in the C». 

This Charcb,WHk ill it> Appartenioen, Uiedril. a. Ch»^trlaimmd, which hith 
wu, with the ConfcDt of GtJJn-f n/i*f, Bi* the fifth Stall. on the fame Side. j. H«r/«. 
ftop of UmiM, gi/en by WiSitm it Btbrnti, fin, which hath the feventh Still, iUd. 4. 
Cinon of Sr. P^uri, Nephew of Ricb^rd it Mtfiihirj, which hath the twelfib Stall, iHd. 
Btlwim, or Btmimii, BifllOBof I^h/mi, to the f> Mffdtm, ot Kufiim, which harh the lif> 
Cinona of St. /■««rf, for the Health of hia tecnth Stall on the Side oft be Quire. Up- 
Uncle'i Soul, and the Soul of bis Father 00 thia Manor we fuppofe 7ite £J'(V'Mhad 
RttiTt it Bilmtii, ind wai confiroied and ip. an Honfe, the lift of whofe Family oamed 
p:op[)atcd to Ibe faid Canons by the faid 7*^ Elrtmgitii, Filacer of the City of Lib- 
Cilitrt,vhomtie *t the (tmc Time oae PmI- dtn, and Keeper of the Records of the 
tb^riue, tba perpeioil Vicir under the in- Conrtof Commoa Pleai, died in 
ana] Penlion of if. After this the Oein '<ci buried in HiAatj Church. 6: Oxgmtt^ 
■nd Chapter give this Cbnrch of St. Ptm which hath the thirteenth Still on the right 
tTMi, with the Lands and Tithes thereunto Side of the Qnire. 7, EM^Twjftri, which 
belonging, to an Hofpital founded within hith the eleventh Stall, ihid. 8. tVUfdtn- 
the Libertieiof the Caibedfil Church of St, ^<m, '^'«r Bfi^fi and B»»nt, hitb the 
P««.' by Hnn^^f Mrf^aei^rM,! Cinontherc- twelfth Still on the left Side of tbcQuite. 
of, for the better Miinienance of the poor The Vicinge heic is in the Gift of the 
thereof: Provided, That Alm—dir the Vi< Pcan .and Chapter of St. Taafs, who it^ 
cat and the Tenant of the Titho Ihoold koih Ordinaries of the Plice and Reaort. 
boUibcm ofihe Horpiral, atthcy haddone The Church is dedicated to St. M»ry the 
of the Dein and Coapter, reterviog to Virgin, ihtmi di Blii. by hit Deed, wi(b> 
tbemrelvei 1 Noble, to be paid to them not Date, granted to thil Church half an 
by the Horpitil. The Demand Chapter of Acre of Latid lying ia Hh Und neir f«- 
Sf. Pm/s are Pat'Otis of .the Vicinge. U»ifii^ in fure and pcipctuil Ainu. 

Stmipm,fliM Si9tM,Sukttlmi]^tiM,at Esfl T»;fird, be fore- mentioned, fo cilTed 
»(w.r» CMawrwwi*. The Manor of thia tn diftitrguilh it from ffrjl.nv/op'^.f faid by 
Place if the. Corps of the Prebend o( Kiw. Mr. Ikrdtn to be 1 Parifli with but one 
r^ti"- The Church il dedicated to St Mmtj, Houfe in it, thm inhabited by one Mr. Jth^ 
iai whaevcr ia Pre^dny of tf/wnjtaa, ii trsur) 11 a Hamlet in this Pirilh, which of 
tile P/tron of thl< ^eaory, in the Right of old had a Chipcl beltinging tn it. to which' 
his Prebend ; infl. the Cleik, to whom it rbc Tcnjrrt to the Don ind Chiprer pre* 
it girtn, it. iuftiv^ted and idmitred by the fsoted, arid they Jnlliruted. , The Clerk fa 
D;in ind (jfiaprcr. Mr. Sac*.*, the Fqun- prefciwed, is abligrd to fwcir Fealty, to the 
der of the Ck»rttr-Hnft befotementioned, G a Tc- 


5t MI DDL Jilt BX^ 

T«MM, utW TouM M» wtb* Oho«4 hantbMgtit fiet*dki tiMai • Avwhl^ur 
Ch»t«T, ^ ciKin£»l»«iiB thii Wock, mmI OmU gift 

ImJm, u w the grekcft ^trt of it, and m AKODcit of thca ia wmt max ftlMti^ 
dl WtfimMJhr, (WO (3riai •nUcmily, buc »iiHRi«. Ai M 

now fa calt^, ibu 1^ fcetn but ooc £Mf*Mrft,wludifi)Ctti>Diardc»£«Ai^ 
continaedHe«p of Building!, yet ftitt dif- the Bti<i%», MtCfSabwhii it boiBgin dM 
fcrkw in Privucgu Hkd GoTecntneiitt fee- Goaacy of awM/, wc AhII refer tbi Dtlcf^ 
»g la ikeb Liberticf, yec ft ordered it ta pcioa of k to chit County, mliff »« fiaJ 
fee u k wwe dtfibfoH Coanciu, exempt ftwti ■ Oaf^ademcy of cW Bonagfa opoa 
from tbc ordtairy Jutiraiaton of tW budm, tbtc we oni'c aukt oar IfiMtf 
Couey-Officcrt* lad by t&tia Cbantri. b»i pei£t& tticbaae idmiitntg it taw ii; lr« 
ing sompkM Bodie»^ by ebcoircbrci,. w« Li«b*ni MsMbarof it. 

The Natural Hiftory. 

TH 1 S Coanty, (*o' the Sm ilmoft fe»^etf is my, 6ot ffadi Mtthlradet ofPeo* 

duh vifits it by tbc TJdct of the pie wonld mike th*r or my otber Pl*ce » 

River TfetfMK, yetcin't becfteemc' anwbnierome tt LnutM is. Thi Air itfclf 

■ Miiltime County, no Put of it touch- is »t good there is tny where peihipi in 

log upon the Se*, or being To much is EirgJind, but is more coriopted only, wbScb 

couch'd by Silt-Witer, snd therefore matt mikes it onwholcfomf. 
be reckoned in inlind County, which we As to the Witcrs, the River rt^wr, 

tfteetD much the moie heikhful »nd plei- which is i Urge Streiai of moft eicelienc 

tint, IS our fcort Account of this County Witer, without confidering the Benefit 

will mike it ippesr lo be. For ind Conveniency of Nivigition, rcnderi 

The Air, » Mr.CMmHtw fiys, il ex- this Cosnty not to be pirillElltd, cicept 

cceding fweet ind good, if we get fully by the oppofire County on tbe other Side 

out of the Stinks ind Smokei of L—dn, ofit.SWT^. Pron this Kiver g^ett Pitt of 

which notwichftinding its chin Seituiticn the populous City of Lmdn ii foppticd 

en the Side of in Hill, produces To much with Witer,. ind our Siilors cfVeem in 

Filth, ind occilioni (o miny niOy Vipouii Wirer the bed in the Nation for tbcii l^fe, 

from Tridefniens Furmccj, thit it is im. efpeciilly for h>ng Voyiges. This River 

■ofEble the Ail ftioald retiin itj necelTiry (ffords greit Plenty of Pift.ind the Titmit. 

PicncCi for bieathing, which it the Rei- Stlmon is of nn oieio Eftceiiii but this 

fon thit miny Aflhmitick People cin't greit Rivei running oa the Sonthlide of 

ftiy in it 1 Diy ; ind orheri, who htve the County only, other Pitts might winC 

Colds, or »re troubled with Phlegm, beir Wirer hid they not other good Riven, 

the Winter but unei(i1j, beciufe then the Brook), *nd Currents of Witer, » the Ri. 

Air is thickefV, by Reifon of the Muhirode ver CiAi, which wiHiei sll tbe Weft-Side f)f 

jgf CoilFires ; hut at the Diflince of four the County j is the River i^M doth rhe Eift, 

9r five Mitel from Lm^m, tbe Air is fo ind the NfW-Ri4wr|)ad the River Mrtwt d» 

mpoi, thit the PhyTiciins think it fuflicient the mtdliod Pitti, ill of them fiUing into 

*orerdtheir Tick Pitients to frs^ri«-Gr«. the Rtverrtawr/; belideiminy other Qime- 

mlPii'. Oriiwwi ft' Psri, aMmffitsd-HiMib, lefi Rivulett, efpeciilly ia the Hundred of 

ind A <h like Plices not fir from Uwdm. Edmnttu. 
Not tKK t^it <^"T it not U whokTooely 

Digitizpflnv Google 


Mlwl Wtent «« am wmriag ito thii At ca CiRic cUi Goanty ii too rich foe 

CMWtr. t" rr gjwf j faii rf hrfomtwiitiofwj, ttmdtng then ^ btit u t^e Stables io U^ 

dw* not fo plmtifut u in finae other Cmu- A> eontiin the fineft HoiCei boih for Coieli 

tict> ind Saddle in Ei%Im^, i'a perhaps berc m 

The ntoft (erttle Gromd in the Ktnf - the greateft Herd* of Cawi, Vota » ca tht 

lam ilia tUi Cstaityt fcr fottt or five Nomber and Liigeiieri, Angle Men, 

Miles diSaoC fra*i iMJ i m it being contino- of any Place in ibe Woitd ; fomc keeping 

lily iopmiag with tite rich Craipoft of fevcral Hundreds of Caws lo fupply (h« 

fftaC City, to wkicfc If v*« wld the warm City with Milk, and thereby have railed 

Tempcranre of the Air iiifing from tbe cotilidtrable Eftacet for their Families, few 

Bitwof fciM**, <^ nay b«tie*e, th%t tbere Sheep are kept bcre,, anicrs ic be for fome 

Ii bardlt wy nrc exatkk Plants, bat will rrBalf Time for killing f beciufe tba Lndn 

grow here, ai if they were almoft in their Butcheri are To plentifully Aock«d with fic 

Bwa CiioMV, aathe HirlKMarhefirn'^M^'K Sheep, brought out of tbe Counties at a 

do fafficteotly leftilie. But we will not Difhnce by the oeigbboortng Markets ■• 

intift upon tMe Ttirngt, tat proceed to AvMrftrW in £^x, Arnr/ari and A'dm in tbit 

fiKbViaiti of the Eafrtii u arc moft ne^ County, &t. 

•efiar]> for faamoe Life, and they are Thu County proJoces many Hcttw and 

Paftore, Corn, and Gardening % tst which Plants, which are either not found, at all^ 

«« may fay, that no Coimry exceeds rr, if w not fo comoionly and pleatifully is any 

toy «ome near it ; for, as lor Paftvre, with other County, vi'x. 

irAich (his Coonry abonndimt)!!, e(^?elally yifiwm jmrttit, C^ aUtmm arhmm, Mif- • 

near LttxUa, rhey art alFTcrj^ trch indvcn' feltae, op [bme Trees at CUrntin Houfe. 
dant, and in the f/r if Digt, which T\et be- ' Cti^irvn rttieuUta, Netted Crow-filk, ii^ 

tween BUciwIl >ad the lltmnf, ofer •• the Ditches about HimJU» Httth. ' , 
gainft Deftfirtt, thtrt ii ttiougbt to ti« the U»Jf»rtlmm »jusUtmm fmtrmm,SittefCTeWetf 

moftftcteningPaftnre inZnj^m'ferHorfei on the Tbtnii Bir,k between Fttirhntigb^ 

a%i bhck C<cffl. The Corn that it pro. HrvCe tai Cht^i;. 

duces it good, bar it growing geneririy ar MjtJmm R*fis, Rofe ffurdock, near tfie 

too great a Diftance for L*wJn-Dohg. it Th»mtt, between Wtfrnnptr and Chitf-j. 
not much better than of other Counties; 3>wm tanli tritngnltri, Thret comcr'd: 

biK fuch Improvements are made for fome Bulrulii,in the n«m(i neu the ifarfa- 'any* 
Milct about oath Cities in Gardening, that Sogitta tftaiiis minius, The lea{l Ar- 

wc ire iofornied that the Land that wai row-Head, growing near the former^ 
formerly let at ji ftr Acrr, and tksngkt Grgmm fsmtmm H^J sjftrtlj Rongii-ear> 

higb-renred too^ tanowcomanhly rmfed ar eJPinlck GralSiaDEhcTSdraM-nnknetithe 

10 or lai. ^ Acre yearly ; tome fay moch Itft-HMfir. 

nore, buc we do opt ca« to nbn what Jfttmn» iiffnh & il»^ ftongA anl 

wc are afraid to believe. fmooib- hradci BalHrd-Poppy. about CiwA 

Di. fW/er telli tu. That thisCoMtjr is fif, in the Cor* FieMi, and elfi^hert. 
nnchinfeSed withMildrw, whtch,hcfayt^ GrMmin ^Iv nttt^m tion f^iir Srigtik; 0»C 

he knows to hii own CoR ; but could ne- grrfs with Hiiry Awnj, aboOt rhe Moa- 

Terfind Out a Way to prevent or curftii* which encotnpilfes Am Bifhop'i Palace aV 

Jf falls in a kind of Mift when tfia Cora tl fvlhim ; as do alfo Nymfb^n Imi; tke great 

near ripe lor the Sickle, and wirlma ic bo- Watei-Lillir wirfa iMiite Pl»wer*, and Q*r. 

fan *tu filly tip*- Wheat is not fubjcfi Jimau in^titm, Tht impatitRC Ladhi 

te It, and 'til moQ c^nvBSB. in nuri* Smock, near the Garden. GnerlierK. 
tioM Goantiea, which mfinaatu, that the T»ritm, Towvr-Mufhrd, in. a Lattc n<ir 

Sea is'ftme Caufe of itk It if to be «ilh> Tbijliwtrtb. 

(d. that a J tbc fmuitiog of Wheat ii in ■ jtrmiris fiirt fiigabm\ The fingic Stwtr* 

great MeaGiTe prcveniid by liming the jng Pink, in HMnfim.G»<iri Puk. 
Seed, Jo tbu Malady may ia Time find * uH.grM» >M«iw#, The Ikafl Raptnrewoir^ 

Xemedjr. or AU-Seed, on Hmfn-lbih. 




'Cituts aqnstitm tagufiiftlU, Long leived 
water Hemlock, in tkz tools ttThifitwmth. 
'■ Sim Uimmmn, The l«afl Witer ^irrnip, 
in the Ponds On Himi/l)» KcJlh. 

Pttgwtgittn, Pond-Wcc^, of /"evtr»l forwl 
\nxhtTt»mii betuetn Tii/^<*'J> tnil Hamftn^ 
C*Nrr, ind' in the ycv-RiVrr Hiad. 

Uijibatilts, or RtwmKuUt nmurt/m. Tube. 

- rom MoTchiteb, Ob the Mtut^Side near 
' Jttk Strtw'i CiflU. , 

jttmunlgrM'Btfiiftta.'Tht ^Uer, (hit 
beirf Jllickberries hy the BtarJtdiRfvir, la 
i Wood where the Gr«Mi«« Ar».niin»tt; dr 
t^ftrt'Jlr, Rrrd ind Cypreft Graft, grow. 

Smmhm PtiufirU, Witer-Elder, in ■ 
Wood neur ibe Btardid Riiw. 

Mi/aw murttu Pttifl'hjlUf.'Btotd IciVed 
Mori an I Bnck Will neir Htmfty. 

■ MMfeut trifhiiJit, of fcvenV Sorts, Goldi* 
locks with round, long indTmill- Heidi, 
' foond OR 1 Diich-Bink between Motbet 
' HmS'i ind Hsu^pi. 

MKfetu tritHtidti', Brtrtjtmilit,' Cloflerheid- 
' cd Goldiloclu, « ringalir Mofs foifnd in a 

- Lane going from Mother HMfi to Higtiftt. 

Filix MMt rtmfm, » WM rsmtfr. Three 
'Sorts of Male'Fcrit, found in the Woods 
aboDt UighgMt ind Bamffitdi as it M- 
(m, Chkkweed, of two.fcindt. 

CyftTiM Grtumimw, Millet; Cypcrn-GArs, 
and Squiatum Sjfhttitmm, Wood HorfisMf I, 
both tound in the fame Woods. 

/ifmnrjKmimM, The leaft Cliret5, (arm 
W»ll ne«r H^ikmy.^ . ^ ■■- 

CAifttmu XtillMHt, StaC'Thiate, in-rofflC 
barren FicMc near m/U Chfftl. 

Ch^UriBs -Fi^^M hmiUt, Th» leilt 
Wild>Leiiuce, in a Line ovei>fg>inft ?«*. 
CF«'- Church, 

SfMtB «fiW(M, WateT>RockM, in a Ditcti 
in the Road between V'biitiiffti an< 

Ltf0thwm 5iM«rmi, Addie-Dock, in Bmh 
hiU ami Mur-Fiildt. 

yUrturlmUi puf & fd^k" , f^ntk Mcrcory , 
which fcircely growj wild is any Part o£ 
biglnd, . yet grows fpekuneoufly in lh« 
Gardeni about /.Wni. 

17/bww filU lMi»Ti, The Wycb-Hafel, oe 
broad leaved E'm, at Htstttn near Lmdm 

Ctnatfm, Bucki-born Plantine, in tUt- 
tU'Fitldi near fn/fmn/fi-, 

Oeulm Ctrifii, W.ld Clary, in the Fields 
qeir Griyrlm and Cbtlftj. 

Cmialk, Croff-worr, in Hamffttd Charcfc- 
Vird, and many Meadows abour Lmdtn. 

PBfky Pitrt, or B'cak-hone, Stlimim Ltgt- 
lalt, aboDC fi0mffitd-M(§ti, HMU.Psri, and 


The Baronets of this County arty 

GtUm GtTfmi, of Hmrtm m tht Bill, 
EfqiCreatsd Jfril t^.1610. Bar. 117. 

Sir PrMmit AJhty, of H«ffiiU, Knt. created 
Jwat 18. i«ii. Bar, 181 

SitTimm- Fifbtr, of the PariOi of St. 
OiU$% Kot. created Jnfy 19. itfi?. Extinft. 
Bar. J4S . 

SitlSMmM B^tr, ^ I^mgttw, Knt. treated 
Utf 11, iifiS. Ettinft. Bar. 154 

3tbn Jtfmi, Efq; one -of his Majefty'a 
GenilcaieD PenHonera, created Sifttmhr a. 
Ditti. Bar. a66 

TiftaaMw TVavar, of EnfiU, Btq- created /tag. 
1 1. t6^i. Exrind. Bar. 740. 

Sir Hmrr< of SImmu, Km. created 
■tiBtt. 9. 1(44. Bar. ^8. Made after- 

ward Vifcount 'Stttawaar, in JmImJ, bat 

y^*fb 4fbt, of Tyiitowhsm, tCq; Created 
Sift 19. 166a. B>r. ftfi 

Jthm Crtflij, of c/rrira»ff, Er<ii created 
Htf, 7. 1091. Bar. tf]9. 

WilsMm Rihrts, of Wi/Ir/</a»,Erqi crested 
iAv. 8. i6tfT. Bar «Sr. 

Sir midMlv Criff, of Htrnmrrfinhh, Knt. 
created ..4^7 14. t£(Sf. Bir. 7^8. 

Hrmj S*j»Mir, Efq; nne of his Ma]'eft;*( 
Grooms of his Bed-Chamber, created jitfy 
4. 16S1. with Remainder to his Fa*her 
Hnry StyWiMT, Efq; Bar. S61, 

Jffiph Jlfitm, Stn. rXoht^ef, Efq; created 
In. 10. itiSi. Bar. 8df. 




Sir mSMk Omdk, ofMmfi^tm, Knt. CK- JVWMt-Hi^, of Bfq; en*. 

lied Mank 17. 1686. Btt. 893, . Mnl tUrth 31. r^yr- Bir. 919. 

jMWf Smrt,'.of Ifimnth, El^; cmttd 
Jjpril ao. 1694. Bar. 911. 

Gentlemen of Note^ zvho were of thU Cotmty., but^ • 
of what Place is not known. 

GS*r£§Bl*tlwtU,eductteiKOKfird,b\it, >s Chiplain to the PrinceA of Otm^. He - 

being incluwdto theJlmw* C*tbo- lived to ibe RcftorMJon, recovered ill hU, 

lick Religion, weni beyond Sci, uid lia-. Prerermenti, ind died it Wtwdfm in itf?)* 

Ting /pear rotne T'uav in tbe Etiglifi> Semi- He hatb fome Seimoni in Print, is ilfD A 

nirtei -there, wai conftitated by Cirdiml S^ftitKii^'tC»Hmt,DifirU:uJt7iirs-' 

Csjitf, PioteQor of the EngUpi Nitioa >t. f""" PluUti, 6ee. 

iUw ; Soperiar of ibt Eiiglifli Cteigf, by SirGMix* fPfa/Mww,igt«tSttpport ro,Mul. 

tbe Name of Arcb Pricft of Englf^^tad SufFerer for his MijcRy King €£«-/» I'i Qoj^ . 

Notiry of the Apoflolick See. He wrote vernmenti il-hu'HibititioD in tbu Coun- 

l«veril Books opon the OceiHon of the ty, bii Confcienc* hiving coft him' (for, 

Quirrel between thejEfuits and Soculvi tus greit Age would not permit him to 

in B^ltmd, At ttffrtittiim tf tht Q*tb if fervc hji MijeQy otberwile) >fooo/. bcfidet,. 

Mtgitjut, ind lie died fuddenly in t6ia.' Plunders, Deci mi tiont, ind muty other 

Ihtm^ Bnmn,D.D-.oi Oiffitd,Ctnoa of Tioables ; he fupporced miny ortbodaz.. 

WSv^ir', tic. In (be Rebclliaa he left his Minifteri lod dutiful Gentlemen, to whoiii, 

Prefcrmenti ind rciired to bis M>jel)y King he ii fsid to hive given f oao I living, and 

Citrlti I. at O^d, to whom ha wis Chip- mucfa more at his Deicb. He wu ■ greiC ■.- 

liin. Afierwird being forced to fly out, fienefafior lo the Repairs of St. P«a/~s in, 

of the Nitioa for, bii Loyalty, btofficiitcd idji. 'wbeo be nas Miyor, He.died . 

The EcqlejiiafticaJ Hiftor y, , 

THEEcchdinicil Government ortbis taraaUw PeCQliirs.whicherefubfr&tafhe . 
CoanryiichicflyintheBilbopof&Mc Dean itid Chipter of St. Ptad, vi». Cbtf. * 
dW ; of which City, when we corner wiik, B^mii, St. FamirM, SraEi-MwwyfM, 
tonreat we fhill i>vei luge Accooot of ibe Iftfi-Dr^iai.tnAJMifdfiii and <o the Arch- 
OrgitMlaf thit-S«0, and chc. -Succcllion of biOiop of Catttrturj, wz H^rrtm -m lit 1 
rbcffifbopslo oorTimcT. And in the mem Hill, ind N-9» ; thaCommilTiry ind Arch- 
tioK it miy not be improper to fpcik of deicon of Lm^m, -oi*. Clnkmvli, IJUwgtta, 
tbe fabordinire Authority of the Archdei- and Skmditth ; but to milie up this Dcfcft 
am of mddliftx, nhn bit the immcdiite in thisCoonty theArcfadeacoa of Middiifi» : . 
JwWdi&ion o£ xtaift- whole .County, euept-, hitb ft fpirinul Power ovtt.mar eighty P<- ., 

nthtit I 



M BB IX L E- S H. X. 

lilkss.iVE/ex, tod thitey u iUrtftr^Ht, 
VIZ. the DcAmitrvof OfHta**; H<irji*, «id 
Btddingh*m in the former', ind ihe Deieif y 
of Braiyfaq; in the litter. We bive a pretty 
pecfefi Citilogue of the Archdeiconi of 
this County, wbich it miy be imputed to 
jis IS I t'lutttoomit. 

it V, ivho died in 1 138. 
. Ritbtrd FitMrWslin, v£» wii prefcnt it 
tbe mking the C*nlKta*iofc dthae ir Cv- 
. viff, in 1 1 JO, by K^lfh di toHfird, Dtm 

R»d»ifb dt Dititt, aftenrards Dein of Sr. 

^iHm, wKogkve hii'Aftrtt to At- St*- 
cure of Rendenee, Aide by H.»ifk d§ Oiittt 
k wfaen he mt Dt«n. 

mihtlmt0, vim wn Witncfs to the Con* 

firfflKion of the Church of iMlti^h in Kjfnc, 

. IP the Al>bot and Monks of St. 7*^ at Cf^ inBwA Cmffai UVW^BMiopof 

Rip^wM, who «)■ Offictil to Aqfan A n*. 
MMfvfXttheBiQiopoflMi^, when rfae Abbot 
and Convent of ffoUor reftgned the ChttrCh 
tt aniri/fiftk to the KOiop. 

Arffpt iv a*MMf, who wii Wictieft to 
the Endowment crf'the Vicarage of Time- 
ti4 in Ifi«. 

JW» d* »mf¥f4. 

fitmf dt Wtig^mm, who wii Esentorto 
dta Bilhop of b»tM ofrhefame Name. 

1h*mM dt itigtUrftiwf, who wu afcerWMd 
Dean of St. Pm»1's. 

R»lfb dt Bitduk, who wij aUb Bilhop of 

Rtlfi it MsKng. 

Rithsrd dt Ittwfrt, who was firft Dean 
and then Biffltop of Lmdim, 

Snitrt dt BsMpcft, who being noch in 
Favonr with King Mdwtrd IL wai made bjr 
that Prince Lord Chinccllor of S^lmd, 
Prebend of ^Itttitry, in the Church of Li»- 
tti», and of fitxtm, in the Chorch of Litib- 
pU, and waiehaed Btlbop oS tarmitb,hat 
nev«r*nj<iyed rhic See, bccinfe ttie Pope 

EBC in Wimtm dt d^tnmjm % iba Mob tbr«w 
tat into tkwgstt, where be di>d. 
titgtr dt H»ltt,in ijitf. 
l^mMt T*afii, in i3)o> 
Ikimst ^Jbiir, in i]l}> He W» t Pr> 
bmdary in th« Cbonb of IMm>> aai of 

Rfitt: ^ eM t f k rU , who Wm Tniftre 

in tbia Charck ', 

. g fti M i fianiar, whv wn alfc Chmvpfior 
of thit Charch. i '. 

^driw Of»rd, or T^d, afterward mide 
Bifhop of St. Davidi. He wij much in King 
ai»*rrfIII.F»voor, was one of the Coun- 
cil to LiiMl, Duke of CUr'tnii, who wat 
made GmJUi r^fni, when the King went M 
Sea, tAd a. CnMniffianer tt> tMat.'wiih th« 
King of PtrH^tl fdr a Marriage oF ona of 
his Datfglrtetj with Pi^nce Edamrd, &c. 

MMtbiwCrmmf, \a Ijfii. 

WiBiam dt PtlmtgKM, or Psitturms, the 
Klhg'a CbapMn. 

jMm Tkttmd, tifTjhU.'Of the latne t»m 
tnily of Siaam Siidbmj, BiAop «f UmdtiL 

B»rtbtlimtw Sidttj,ia tjp^ 

miiam sttrtftfd, who met at a Convo- 
cation atOxjW. 
■ti,itk»rd Brmtity in li^itf, 
' KitbmdCUffird, in 14TI. 
-5/Mt« Hfrtiftfw, tn 1^12. 

WiKtm Bttbt, in 1439. He wm iRer. 
ward made Bilhop of UtitfitU. 

Sitfbn mittm, D. D. afftnrard Bid« 
Archdneon of Svim. 

AfimfrjfMr, in 1443. 

litrn^r Xmf, afterwards ffltd« BiOtop t>f 

THhi miU#. Reftorof Cfcfoi/M mtfx, 
in i4ftf. 

fflftaw iMi?, Dwt of King M>«rW (V*S 
Chf; '., and of mndfrr, in i47fi. and af- 
terwirda Bifliop of Dmrbout. He was the 
third Son of Tate Lord DmdUj, 

hifbm'd lithfitld, in 147^. He wat aUb 
Canon RefideRtiiry of St. P»^$. 

Jtki Jltjm, alias Ktnttr, io H^^- 

RitbMTd fin, •« ifitf. 

HiwT H/M7, in ijji. afterward Precn- 
tor of Sr.P-nTr. 

3»hm Wjwmtdptj, before Aichdeacoa of 
KmWm, in tvf4 

milimm Citdftf, Chepliin to BiBiop Bax. 
■w, a learned Man, aod b moderate *Pa- 
prft, that after hit ffifpota with Ptttr itm^ 
tff, in 1^49, the Pjoteftaoti took him n> 
ba on« of then ; yet in Queen Mark's Days 
he vai zeaioui againfl them, and obtain 'd 
many Ficfermentt, la Canon of Wn^tr, 
PreMmt of Cirfaw Qhrifii College in Oep- 
ftrd, sftd MiniOor of jOuUtm/^ artMdBf<M*. 
I He 



He fi(^«d wid Ctnmrr, tU&f, *aA tttti- Wilism G^wm, iiy^'tf. be wis SntKAJ- 

ma M Oxffd. He lived to Qaeen ^ru- mooer to Quftu Eiamhtb. 

htV\ Unfa, and wu impdron'd- . RJchtrd cluti, [), D. in \6io, he wu feo 

.^■liniubr Nmw<, taijjf, afierwimDeu ^ueftred for hit Coyilcy in 1^41.. 

^HMM^fTtftf/, in ijfio, tfterwards Dean Dt-^ux**, then Bilhop of IW«». 

of BtnfalV in 4J7(«t He wu ■ great Bene- TitmM Cittt, in 1669. 

£As to PfwJrnl«-a«Jl C*miriJg; fbeing ^ffA'jM ywr, in i6jy, being tbe Bilhop 

tbeie educated J giVing ceriaiii Fatint in of LnUm'sChtpUin. 

.J^mtl ud RMr|Mb for the Miintenaoce of 7»J>n G*tdm»», Refior oF Uuch-Htiiam, 

tetCD GrnlScholiri. Hmftrdjbiri, in i5S£. 

^aa Sfairf. Mtfter of B*liti-CtB*gl It it(£*rf Grfvr, in i6^<f, afteiwildl BiQiop 

Orfad, a learned Man in 1577. ofCbiehfitf. 

BJthtn'd F»^gh*n,io iil8,afterwirdf coa- R4i4T c»rty, ta t6pi. 

fecnted BiOiop of LmWIn. Dr. Ltnufiir, ReQar of Sr. Mtrtint. 

Rahrtlfjit, ioitfio, ooeof the TnnlU> Dr.^ibmr.AcQot 9t St. Btttlfh , Bijhiif- ■ 

toK of tbe Bible. X'"- 

The Monafiirm of: this County. 

X^ jUva, an Hermittge, bailt bf one Jball contribDEe notbing towards making 

J^^ Ga^«)n an Hermit ; bnt beiog ea> War, or fiipportiog Bridget and- CaAIes. 

Jailed and improved in hi* Time into a Upon tbelB.Termt tbe Mlwr Stnhrt, 

Nuaotry of BmdiBimt, by Htrhirt Abbot witb the Coafent of bii whole Ciiapter, 

. of mfimttrnfiif, it was made a Cell to that endowed tbe fime witb Landa and Renu 

Abbey, mm. dedicated to 7ffiM the BiptiQ, in in KM^htirigg, tai otbej Place*. 

the Reign of King H«at7 I. GiUnt Umvtr' But nocwithftanding Giltm, Bi(hop qf 

J^m, chca Bi&opof£aMW, granted by bif LtndtH, bad granted the whole Subjeaioa 

Chireor to the faid Abbot, and hit Snccef^ and Jurifdifiion of thii Cell of Blhm to 

fori for ever, the fopreme JarifdiQion over the Abbot and Convent of WtPmiw^ir, 

that Cell in Thiogi fpiritail}. fo cbac it which Power they had flojoycd, >i in 

Jhoold be free fron the Power and Snbje- tbeir own Right, without any Contradiffi- 

Qion of tbe Cborcb of Lmdtm for ever, on or MoIcQauon from the Sec of Lndm, 

which he corroborated witb hia own and fome other Comefli arifing ibouc ihjs 

the Chapter's Seal, The Abbot hiving Hoafe in the Year ia}i. the BifhaipofLiK. 

thus maJe k a Cell, the Prior Oihrt dt dm and Abbot ofWtfiminjltr cime to tjiii 

C/w/, aod toe whole Convent gave it to Agrceoicot, viz. That the Bifbop ()f Lan/wf, 

three yonng Maidens, EmmM,Gwiu!dM, and .for. the Time being, lhi!1 vifit this CeU, 

C^j/hmj and to all thofe that would live when, and is often ai he plcafet; That be 

there for Rth^iofi, yet by the GrtntGtd- fiiall preach, confefi, and enjoin Penuics 

ava the Hermic was appointed their firll to the Nuns here that ire willing £b to be 

Maftcr or Cmfim, daring liis Life, yet un- confeQed, bnt be Ihall pt*S[ no Pro:ur|Ti. 

der the Condiciouaod Liberties that Hfw^- ons^. The Ciijiti of t|iii Houfe IbiU be 

fid, and other Places, hid been fettled' on prcfented by the Abbot, and hU SucceJibm, 

the Chprcb of mfimixfltr, by Edwird the to the Biffaop, who fhall lilinit him without 

Coabflor, ««. That it fitould be free from Difficulty or Delay,. and he fhall piy Obe* 

dlCoBotnsand Taxes required by the diencelo tbe Bifhop in all Things toathing 

tiajf, 01 Bifliop»aiid tbc^t SciyMft j and ^t^gi^meati.ind. That the vkoU. Go* 

^ ■ ■ H vern* 





«emn»tiroftUiHMfe|UtotheCoTreaioa, bv Ung tUibtri h JfrU \i Awn ngnl S- 

or Rvfarmirion ofRffonr, cb« plicing or Tbt bid KiagbfChuKritKi it if tfmhifitr 

difplicing rbe Abbcft aiiil Nutu, thill be- ^Api tipi t. coofirmed to the Gfaurcb of 

long Co the Abbot, who fliill reform any St. Jilm S*}tip af Bihmi, lad to the Nan* 

Abwei iriliog rii tbit Honfe, wbich if he fenriog God there, the PUce on wbicb the 

refufe to do, upon Notice given, in ft Chorcb oo« Hinds, with the Moor or 

Month's Tinte, vx PrioFcri fhiU then in- Meadow in which the Foantiin, ciO'd Ifr. 

terpofc, and do at h moll cipedient ; but !t»*t, rifeij with the Lands givea hj Iti- 

not to derosite at *U firom the Right! of tt»rd,' UuBi{bof ot Uadtm, IP«/rtf Prccen- 

the PrtoreUor Nunf. tor of St. P^'l, Jib* Biliwit, and others. 
ValoedatcheSopprefGon ■ 74'. 1^ 11 d. Ribnt, Eu\ of Gtntiptr, giVc to Rthrttb 

ftr Am. Dudg. 86 1. Jt, j d. Sfiid. '■ Hitbimsgm, an hundred Acfd of Land io 

CUrktwmti, a Priory of BtntdiSinii, feond- Ctmivwill, which the Aid RUert gave tO 

cd by Jtrdnm Br'ftt, Son of RtuitUfbrn, Son the Nans of HiljwB, in perpetual Ainu, 

of Brjim, whogaveto God, St. Mn^ and JUh paying the Lord's Renr, which was hilfk 

S»imt, and to Rthrt the Chiptiin fourteen Mirk ^rr 4UMKm. Other Lands in Ptcksm, 

Acres ofLind, lying near the Welt, cill'd, SoMrijItld, Sic were given by S*/Mn« if &*• 

■CltrVt-Wci], quietly to be enjoyed, and fag, RtgiwaU Ptiwtz, and other Beneftdors. 
free from all Challenge or Claim of the Stifinm it Qravtjini, BiOiop of Lmdm, 

Horpitsllen of Sr 7*^ ofJtn^tUm, to the Jbnm ijiS. was a great BenefiiQor to this 

End thic the f«id Rihri fliould baild there Hoofe. Ic was rebuilt by Sir rtmtiw £«wr^ 

a religions Houfe, and Oiatory for the Knight of the Garter, Who alfo endowed 

Service of God, fuch as be thonght moft It with lM>ii, and wis buried here io s 

fi{( and for the erefliogof aMill. Wbich large Chapel bnilt for that Porpofe. He 

Honfe being built, aod dedicated to God died Jmn 1134. In moft of the Glafi 

and the AJTumption of our Ltdy, and made a Wiadowi of the Ho»fe tbefe Verfes were 

Nunnery, for Btick Nans of the Order of piloted cationfly, and not long fioce legi- 

St. amdiB, MMtiU0 di H*i. Qtrtrd di Cmm- bte. 
wt, Birl Mhrit, Ht^j di Efix. fUthtrd Bm- 

««i«, BiOlop'of Lm^m, H^t dt Nivia,mii»m ^ tin Vu»i tf Holywell 
St. Gwti. Ahftd dt Lttttln, MmUfm, Kinfof fr»j fir tit Sial if Sir Tbomai LoTCl. 
Sttti, milium dt Udadtvlfff, Earl of Kffix, 

MtMrgtntdt Ridtvm, and diven others, were This Monifterf wis vilncd at tlw Snp3 

Benefiftori in Linds, Rents, ind Churches, preffion at 39] /. 10 t. j d.firjtm. W4»mi. 

which were conRrined to God ind St. M«- 397 '. Stiw. 347/. i. 3. Sfnd 
ft dt CUritnwit, ind the Nuns ferving God 3m, a Monifiery of Canont Regular of 

there, by the Charter of the BiOiop of Urn. St. -^fiin, founded by King Btnry V. Amm 

dm, dated A.D-ti^^. bytheHeiri of the theHonoor ofrfae everblcffedTri* 

Founder, ind by King Hnry II, niiy> the (tlortnos Virgin Mmy, and ill tbe 
Jtrdmi dt Briftt, the Founder of this Apoftlei.Difciples, ind Saints of Chrift, and 
Priory, who died Mv. 15. iito.wii baried efpecially of St. Briigtt, (who hivtngfouai' 
in the Chiprer-Houfe of this Priory (as ed 1 Teligiont Order, be^i ring her Name, by 
WU alfo Ator/W his Wife, who died Jfril divine Infpiration obtained, ibst in wbaie- 
30. III3. rer Nitioo her Order was foanded, conti- 

Valued it the Sapprcffion at atfa /. 19 /. nuil Peace Biould be arcferved by her Me- 
ftr Ammm. diilion) to be oiled by tbe|4i>ac of Sr. 

Brifwil, ■ Priory tX BntdiBimi, dedica- StvituT and Si Bridgtt't Mooiftery of StM> 
ted to St. 7«<hi Bayai/. It WU founded by Ai- of the Order of St .A//*, and to con lift 
thari it Bilmtit. BifhopoflpmJM, for Black of fixty Nuns or Sifters, one of whichws* 
Nuns. Divers Lands ind Pofle^ons were to be the Abbefs, and twenty- five rcltgiatT» 
f iven them by Qflfrtd Ctmittim, Gmlfrid . Men^ of which thirteen were h) be PrieQs. 
aod miliMm dt Uilkbtr, Gtwmr0d» VtlmHi, 4 Deacons, and eicht Laymen; miking li|» 
and divers othcn, which were con&me^ the juflNoiBber of Chrift'i t] A;poil]c, (9r. 





Ak^ beiag rtdton'd for one) ind fcTCncjr- .Aa. Sfiul. 17J1/. tt. ^d. i. D^d0lt, 

two Difciples : Ooa of tbc tweniy'fivc to Not ftr from thii Hock, it 1 Plice cillrd 

be Coofeabr to the ntt, wbo fiioatd iflia Brtmfird-Emd, Aood ■ rcligiont Foundaiion, 

iaS^ViitaalCalct, inpreacbing, inftrtiding, ciUed, 

elcbltuting to them Mittcri of Ftidi tad EetUfianmum» //ifgiUTwm,i-t'thleCiiwdi 
Suvstioo. To livf leptntely in clteirpro> of -^U tht J%iU, a Fracemicy fooaded 
psr H'bintioDi j the AbMa ind Nuni in by 7«is Saurfit Ghiacellor of cbc Eache* 
one CloiHer by tbeiBrelTes, the Confeflbc ^^er, and the King'i Cbiplaln : It uai by 
aod Bretfarea in a ftparite ApimDcnt, or bim niaile Parcel, of the Honour of Jlbiwf- 
Conrt, by tbcmfelvei, to ferve God irith tt».Ctpr$, apd of rbe PofTcHioni of ibe Mo- 
fiocere Mind*, and chifte Bodisi, in their n*ftery of Sim Ring tdwMrd VI> Rig gave 
r^aht Habits dUliDgiiilhing their Ser, ac- .it to idwtrd Bake of Simnfit ; boc upon his 
cording to the Rnks Inftitnted by St. fin'^- Attainder it cifne to the Crown, and was 
tt, and there to pray for the Saul of the igiin rofiored by Queen Usiy to the Mo- 
King, and Us Wife Umy, and for the Sotd itaftery of Sim, which the erefled i-ncw ; 
of ^Am Dake of Lmu^tr, and S£«ri( his hot Queen tUxJitttb diSblved it again, and 
Wife, d>cii Anccfton, #nd other departed it rcmsined in the Cto^n till King 7"sm I. 
SaintM.- granted it to Cnr/f fmtmuri, ECq; and 
TUsHonlc WW founded upon ■ Piece others^ and their Heiri, to be held of cbe 
of GnniDd to the fiiid King's Demearnr, Manor of Xaff-Grtnw'ti, from whom ic 

" ■ ' ■■ • ■ - othe ;- ■ 

„ . a little before to the Monks A> was alienated by a Licence from King 
licfU, in the Manor of iJUmwth, in the ChsrUi I, to Mr. piciJCiU, and ocher^ and 
Parifli of TwiduiAam in the County of .tbeir Heirs. Valued at tin Diflbluiion ic 
mdJUftu, near the River of Thmmti, in l^t^L 8r. tfi.fn-.AMMi. 
Length ipjS Foot, in Breadth 9%$ Foot, Strstftrd at Btw, ( fo commonly cilted, 
H appeari by the Abottiogs siiid Bound- - tbo' it ii fitoate in Bumlij Parilh, upon the 
ftou. ntmoQ Coniines touching upon Strstfird U 

It ia fonber provided. That the faid AwJ a Priory of Nuoi of the Order of 
.Abbcfii asd Nsns, Confeflor and Monks St. BmtdiS. dedicated to St. Imgrd, and 
QuU be oae Body corporate, to cnjtty the Cas fbmc aOcrtJ by Chrifii*n» it Snmtri, and 
fame Common Seil, to fae and be iued by her Sons ,* and by tbem eadotved wirb 
the Name of St. S^vimr's and St. Bri^a'i Lands in BsfingfitU, which were confirm'd 
of Sim. And that thefe our Defires may by King Sttfhm. Bat Mr. TMmtr, in hii 
beswe-efieOHHyeKecuted, M^tiU* Mm- Vmitim htmsjlitf telli at, That (his UmTe 
Na was conflitoted firft Abbcls by the was founded by WiUimm (he Narwra, then 
King faimfelf, and WilUtm Ahtwick the firfl Bilhpp ofLndm in the Conqueror's Reign • 
Cw^i^or, giving Power to ^e CpqTtnt, and that in King Hnrf the Ud's Time, 
npon the Death of either of tbele, toclcQ Sir Rslfb jrfilm, Kc. gave to thefe Nuni 
mother. the Minor of Bnmttj. ChriJIiam* dt Smmtri, 

The faid King alio did grant them a and her Sons, were early BeaefiQors to 
Reot of a thoufand Marks ftr jiwnwm, pay- this Nunnery, as appeiri by King SlifMi 
able tmt of the Exchequer at Emfitr ind Coniirniition of their Endowment { but 
J Ahth m t , till he or hit Heiri Qtoald fettle we can't lodge them the Founders of it. 
tlia faid yearly Value of a thouAnd Marks RUht^d the r», King of Ew/mi, and Duke 
Bpog them for ever, with > Provifion in- of Ntrmtntfy, confirm'd to Gnd, and the 
siM*d far the good Payment of the fime ; Church of St. Luntrd of SfMiftrd, and the 
which when bu Majcny had doiie out of Nnns ferving God there, the Church of ' 
the Lands of the Priories Aliens fwhich lffni'A*,(no where now to be found) given 
he tonlly fnppre&d, ) he provided by a them by GtiioM, and her Son Btrtb^imrm 
Law, That they (boiud take no more of dt Dsamsrlin, the Patron of the ftid 
any Mui ; but what remained of their Rc> Churcb. Dated at Wtflmin^tr, OStitr 9. 
vetrae OverpttlS, they tb^M beftow it on Jm. Rig. 1. Rtiirt di Btrg'ii alio, ajid O*. 
rite Poor. Their Income tt the Sapprel^ lims his VTife^ give them the Tithoe of 
fioowsfl given in, 1944'. tts. td, ). fir their Farm called ^mtd in Vmm, and 
H 1 confinneA 



-fe' M ht> £> l E SB X. 

confirtHed to tHem ffie Church of Hmhim, them, i third Pirt wii refcrved for tfae 

(here called Hiri/k, which Mr. Ntaetwtt Ri:deeaiing of Ciptivea ; and if the Girer 

conjeAures to be Keritu Mutdiril in £^w, would not confent to it, they woald not 

becaufe tbit Chuich his all ttong befong'tt tike it. iilj. Their Governour wis Mint* 

tothisNunneryJIn the Abbty Chorehhcre ft«r. 3^//. All riieir Churches were tabs 

fometime liy emomb'd the Body of Jtbn dt dedicited to the Holy Tfiuity. ^tilj. Thch 

B*bun, Son and Heir of Hamfhrj di Ethim, Garments were mide of white Wool. 

£irl of Htriford ind E/rjc. Thti Monider^ sehty. They hy ' on Wool , end never on 

at the DifTolution, wis vdued *t 108/. 1 1. Feathers, unlefs in Sickntffs. Sthiy. Tfiejr 

lid. ftr Ajinum, Da£Jtlt. i2it. 16 1, o d. never rode on Horfci, but Adet. 7(i^.They 

Sficd. We find alfo iherc wi) it filled three Diyt i-Week froffithe Begin- 

UtunJlDr, in Houfe for Ciptive Brethren, ing ofstftimbtr till i^fltr. %thly. All, both 

of [heOrdcrr of the Holy Triniiy, which Clergy and Liityt muft work. 9thlf,Thtj 

Order wis iciniiuted by Pope Imittnt III. were allowed to go up ind down to beg 

■t the earneft So1icitatiO(i of Jtrnui M»t- Alms to redeem Ciprivet, (^#. 

tis, or Mjiiha, 1 Doftor of P»nt, ind one By whom this Fraternity wit fbundcd if 

Fulix »n Ahchoret, for rhe Reception of not bnown, unlefs it were by fiime of the 

Travellers or Pilgrimt/ and Redemption of Family of the Windftrt, who hid their Ha> 

Captives. bitation it StamnB, not far off, and had 

Ann* 1196. Thefirll Hoofeof ibii Or- this Friirs>Cbi|>el for their Bnriil-PIice ; 

der wit at Rtmi, etcQed by the fiid Pope, which together wtth the Hoole wis, ^ 

and named St. Tliaast 4t Fmuit , and in wiy of Exchange, given to the Lord 0^»h 

tr»Met in the Monaftery of Urttt Fripdmi. fir by »»7 the Vlllth. 

B»ilt tells m, Thit the firll Houfe of ibis This Order tnigbtily increffed, To tbic 

Order in Engttnd wis at Ingham in Ntrftii, fniny Monafteriei were erefted in diflferenc 

fovnied by ffiSi»m Si»f'tri!,n, in ijs'7- ind Coontrtei under it. Six are fiid to be 

from hence the Monks wereeilled rhe Oiw builc in Ei^lMwd, of which this at Btmfltm 

der of Inghtim. Tbey profcfled the Rule of was doubtlefs one, tho* the Un^fiien men- 

St. Aujiin, but hid feveril other ConRitn> tioni it not. It was valued at the Sop. 

tions of their own, of which fome among prclEoa ft 78/. 8/. 6d,ftr jhwnm, DigMt. 

tniny other were, ifi. Whatever was given 8d/. 15/. 6d. SfttJ. 


JOHlt DENLET, I Ktntijh Gentleman, he remain'd Prifoner fome Time; but 

tiken up II he was going to viflt fome when the Commifnoners fiw, ihat by all 

of hii Friends in Bftx, by EdwMrd TfrrtS, their Arts and Perfwafions tbey could not 

Efqi an iQive Juflice of the Peace there, prevail, they fent the faid Jtbn Divliy, with 

who apprehended him upon Sufpicion, and one PMirUk Pttkinhsm, to Bilbop Beamrr to 

upon Searching him found ■ Cnnfcflion of be handled after hi* fitheily and charitable 

hit Fiirh about him, and forihwith fent Manner. Upon 7mm aS. they were 

him 10 be examined by the Queen's Com* brought into the Bilbop's Palace, who exa. 

midioners, fichtUt H*ri , WiBitm R*fir, mined them upon their own Articles, and 

RUbtrd Ri*d, and WiUi»m Ciik, who fate in fome of his ; but they courigioully flood 

Undai, with Power to eximine fnch Per- to their own Opinions, and anfwcrcd ge- 

fons as fhould be fent up to them by the ner ally the fame Thing. Upon the ift of 

Country Jullices, according to the Queen's Julj they were brought into tbc Bilhop's 

Letter, enjoining them to apprehend all Confiftory in St, ?«/*», where hejroceed- 

Perfons furpefted of Hercfy, Qrt. Here ed igiinft tbem aftet bis afutl Manner, 



M I DDL E SEX. 6i 

^ate. He read their Confoflionj, mi Aa- cirrted to tiiieCmfttr, where fhe ky Pri. , 

fwentothe Aaideiobjcfied tgiinnthein; foner rill ibe iitbDiy of 7mm, it whic^ 

foiaettmet ioconnged ibem with Promirei, Ticne (he mu brought to Htmgut, ind re- 

fiHaetimei thrutned tbem with Fire and main'd to the End of 7a{r. Then the wis 

CaSBM, thsft powcrfal Argnmcnis of Per- fent by the Commiflloaers ibovcmentioa'd 

fwafioa. When tbeC: wimld not move to Btuntr, Bifhop of Lt»i*», whofe chief 

tb«oi Snm the Coofitncy in their Piith, he Objedion wu concerning the rc>l ind 

proce e d e d to CoBdemnition, which hip- corporti Prefence of Chrift in the Stcri. 

pea'dopoo^ J. The SubQince of which meat of the Altir. She ippeired bcfon 

WU} That tbn deoy'd the Church of £«;• bim feveral Timet, bnc no Am, Pcrfwili- 

Umip af then cSaUiu'd, to be ■ Part of the •»», or Argninenti coold prevail with her 

C«lcDlickCbnrch of ChriA, bat ritber wai to alter bcrFiith. She bad them do what ' 

of Andchrtft, the Bifhop of Am* being ita they would with her, IWr Ibc wia conyin* 

Head : That the Mili aa now ufed wai ced, That if Chrill wu ooc in an Error, 

TO^t, ■bominaUe Idolatrr, and Blafpbe- fhe waj not in an Error, Upon which An- 

mj ^tinA God'a Word : That Aariailir fwer. Die waa conven'd into che Confiftory, 

CoBniEBoii if not good, ai nfed then by the adjudffd and condemn'd a> an Heretick on 

Cbarcfa of Sagimds That th» Ceremonica Julf ii. and w^i burnt as foch at StrMfifd^ 

of uliog Cream, and Oil, and Spitde, con> if^B** in thvfiid Month, jtmt. Dtm. ijff. 

jui'd Water and Wax, or Chryfome, or Dr. sttrjt, ber Kinlinan, being lately made 

Salt io BaptiTm, were fupetftitiona : Thar, a Commiffioner, wu the chief iDRtHnmie 

as CO che bodUy Pretence in the Sicnmenc in her Death. 

4>f the Altar, Chrift'a Body is in Heaven, R»^M]smUb, Servant to Sir TAmm/ Ah^aI; 

and will not be contaia'd in fo finall > Provoft of &*m, from whence he wh pre- 

Fieca of Brtad, &f. ' ftrrM to ■ Oerklbip in the College of 

After Coodemnatien they were delivcr'd M^iidfir of lol. ph An. wia brought to 

to tbe Sbetiffi of tttddUfiti, whokeptthem StwgtU Stv. ;. ifj^ being a Man fcr> 

in ftfe CnSody till they were eommanded vent iir Religion, as it wat taught in t^ 

by Wrk to fimd them to the Place of Suf- Dayi of Edmati VI. He was levenl Times 

fin'iag : Accordingly Mr. Dm/w waa carried esainin'd by Bifhop Bmmt, concerning Au- 

to Uxifi^ioa Aj*^ 8-' ifffKwhere was rieular Confeflion, the Saerament of the 

every Thing prepared for hiaffiirniog. In Altar, the Cborch-Baptifm, Otden, Holy 

theTime of theFlimesbeingabout him be Water, Anointing,^', in which he A e w- 

fiu)gPfaIais,.tilIDr5(«rroidef'd aFag^io ed his Diflenc from the Church of A«mw, 

be tbfOWD into hU Face, it which he defift- and accordingly wai coodemn'd J»fy i3. 

cd for a while, to the Rejoycing of that and fu&r'd at llKiriJg*, ■i*q'^ "■ Where 

good MaMiwhoprotefted that he had nian'd it is rematltibje, That when his Body btV- 

a good Old Song by it : But he Toon re> burnt wia fiUeo down in the Eire, black 

ooni'd himfelf and fang again, tbo' hurt; and reeoingly dead, he rofe up and lifted 

and fo fingng expired. up the Stumps of hia Arma in a rejoycing 

MochPiins were taken after his Death Minner, ind then feU down dead. 
w'ab Pttriii PstkingbMai to qiike him re> UiBiMm H»l; a conftent Martyr of Chrif%. 

cinr, but he refolutely ifTerted, That the was examin'd the fiaK Time with the two 

Church they would hive him turn to, was former, and with ihem received SeaCenoc 

the Chnrch of Sitio, and' no Part of the ef Condeomatton ; ii slfo did tttfhm Hm^ 

Cbgrch of Chrift ; and that he could not »f»d, ■ and were burnt ; WiUUm H«J« at 

join with it. Upon which he alfo was BMruit, and Sttflttn Htrwmd at StrMfvJ-l^ 

batm At Oxhidg* on Aufimfi ii, i$^f. Bmr, about the latter End of .^a^, r^jf- 

Uwfofib [fiarM, Widow, the Wife of Ac which Time affo Gnrgt Sing, Thmm ■ 

JAuir^rM ao Upholller, {who had before Lfjnt, and Jtbn Wadi, being Tick, died ia 

fn&red for bis Religion) wis apprehended their Prifbn, and weie buried in theNl'gbt 

in a Honfc hear Bm.Cibarii^ on J*mm>7 i. by their Friends, who durft aoiappear ^^ 

when divers w«ie nut to pray, and w«l to- awna Judainm^ 




Wbcii:be wascDodemnedbr the Biflio{> only tvo : Tiiit the MiA wm fncb t TUi^ 
o{ L«siM, he gave the Stindcrs-lijr thii Ex> that could nor, nor tbonld not eoMr dwir 
tiorticion, [poincing to the BiBiop,] ^h'- Cool^caoBi: Tbic they did hold it Co be 
GtU Pttfli, htvari (/ thii jtUttr, amt thti IdolKiiRti > tboogh tfaey confefc'd that 
jtBtichrifi : And then wu delivered n the through lalirmicy 4hcy hid been pufeoi tc 
Sheriff it Tbefe cUftcen Perfou , ifter ibdt 

Hmb Lfvtridt, «f tbo Parifli orjjdb^, Coadenicutioii, were carried fram Xi m g sia 
Pfinicr, of the Age of ffS, a laOte Crip, to StrMfird-U-Bi9, the Place appointed far 
pit; ta& Jabm Jfpriu, t bliod Mas, btiog cbdr Minyrdom, and woe divided fotD 3 
Mcat'd by Toae of their Nrighbonrg to Partt, TheSbcriff camctoonePirtof then 
Bi£hop Bumir, were fcnt for bf the OfEcer, and told them, That the reft bad recahtcd 
*ai BMmta'd in hi* Palace at tmdm, on and faved their Livct, and advifed tfao^ 
iOf I . where be prDpoaodsd to them niDe like wile Men to do the fame i biu they 
Articles, nfaally obfeCled to othen on the refiiTed, finec their Faith was boik on 
Hhe Occafionf , To whidi Hi^h L^vtnA Chrift, not on Man. From tbcnoe he went 
£itd, He could not God ibcm in the Scrip- to the other Part with the fame Lie and 
tarei. Jtkm Jmitt, That their DoOiine Perfwafioni, who gave bin -the latne An- 
vat Co agreeable to the World, that he fwer. When he lotud bit fiodeavourt of 
thought it could not be agreeable to God perverting tbetn in vain, h« brought them 
«od the Scriptnrei : That they were not to the Stalce, to which the Men were tied* 
the Holy Catholick Church, for they had and the tVooen peraiitted to be loofo, 
Lawi to kill Men, and made the Qn^W where thwfnngPraUei to Qod, andfaffbr* 
their HaDgman. At which the Bilhop be> cd Deachforhii Sakeoo-3MW 17. Wkk Caw. 
ing incenfcd, ordcr'd them to talkmm thu ijfiS. 

Day, and pronotioced Sentence of Gon- Ralfk ^^Imn, being apprehended nod 
tarnation igainft thrill fn the Paiifh> brought before the Lord Darif t^ (Aidt^ 
OiDrch of tUlimm, and dcKvor'd them to waa eceafcd of ab&nting from the Cktucb, 
the Secular Power. Hpre they were not and ccachiag othen to do To toe 1 For thte 
fnffir'd long to^ rcnaii^ but on tUf t ; , he wu carried before the Council, who re. 
being convey'd' to Strmfird-h am, were ferr'd the Determination of bia CaA to Bi> 
burnt in the Unte Fira. BagbLMiiindLhK- fliopBMMr; who by Threitoinga, m4 o- 
aDgchain'd, and caftingaway hitCmtchci, thcr fubtle Meant, made bin recant hit 
becatile they had done no Harm, faid to former ProfelGon atSt-PirtCrofiopei^l 
bil Broriwr Snfierer , Be of good Cheer, the but hit Coofcieoce woo!d not fufier hm 
hati of Vmim it onr good Phyfician : He to continue in hit Errort, bnt teaching h!e 
willhedBsbothlhort]y,yoaofyottrBlind- former Ooftrinet, he wat apprebended a- 
ocA, and me of my Lanenclj : And fo pa. gain, and examined by him fevcral Tlmci^ 
cicntly they fafibr'd together Mgt ir-if 5^* «Bd accofed by one 3)* a Prieft.u a rcdideu 

Hnii7nrBrcwcr,m*«wH«^fSmith, feUow, chat perfwaded other Men to do 
Aj^A jMofm Servant, of abotu twenty- ai he did : At lad he proceeded to the 
foax Yeari Old, LMnrnn Ptrwkmm Smith, Ooftriae of Trufubftantiadon , and to 
Jthrn DtrifM Labonmr, iftaaMf Stmjw Wea- exhibit Atticlea agsinft him 1 in which it 
ver, eanxa 5«ari<r Taylor, Lpm Csmti Bra* wu alkdged, that j^krtm aOerted, That in 
fcer, amy JMagtm Savrycr, 7tfai ^mth La- the Sacrameot af^er ConfecrMion there flill 
boaror, Maaskth Ptfftr • Weiver'i Wif^ remain'd material Broad and material Witw, 
MtMf CMtyt, Wife .of Ridktrd Omf Hut That he wo«Id not come to Mais, tgt. ThK 
AandnMn, w«-« fiHimoiul, wd had the Ar- be fpoke agaioA the BiOwp of itaw*, Cfaarch 
ticlef •dniiniftrcd to them by Dtthfiiri, and See of the fame 1 That he approved th« 
Bifeop J i— if'i ChancelteBrf to which they Of^niont a( Qrmmtr, RUifjf, and LMmtr, 
gaw their Anfwor^ Wk. That the true lately condemned and barnt ; That ha ap. 
Heligien of Chrift waa, wherelbever the proved the Book of Common-Prayer at put 
Word of God was truly pretched : That oat in the Tine of EJmard VI ai good and 
tkej denied ftrea SKruMnts, and idivitd godly, &t. After many EadeaToon n 


C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 


bnbg Um ta RecanntMn in vdn> Immt Rthn HUUt, Sifkn C**tn, RMurt CUnti. 
ukcd Um ii\mbUtMf TUog u Iky, »by ff^bok tf^iibt, jMlm SUA, If^Sim Fllut qr 
be fcavU act pronoanoe the Sentence of fittrt ■ Tinner, being apprebendeil md 
CooAcOMdM anjnft turn: But be ob- tiken by the ConftiblB in i Clore by ihe 
IcAei (M^ tht Trittb of hii Filtlli «nd Tova of ijli^pm, wets cirncd befoie 
' ' e wt% DO Herefy in wbu he held. Sir Rtgtr Gh»hiJif, mi from tbence w«re 

Si» fci wit eowd c B illed, ind delivered over feot to Mrayarrj where remiining fevcii 

MCkTMmnI Officers. Weekt, fhey were ■[ lift ciimtnd, ind 

ysma ^i^f and Margtiy hii Wife, were hid leven) Articlei exhibired to tbcni by 

•pppdiEB4if at tbe faoie Time ', but nei' lUmsi Omftffkir; B Hwir ' i Chincellor, on 

tMrd* KeAa, Tum, or Manner it cer^ Jwm the letb, lift, isd and ajd. To- 

tunlr kaowH. Bmmr eximia'd thtm con* which they give tbetr Anrwen, viz. Thic 

oaiaam tba Opisioa they- had of the their Ritei, Cnftomf, and Ccrcmonief. 

ChordE* and RcKgion then ared, which were tgiinft the Word of God, and that 

they dierted to be corrupted, and chit they would obferve no Pirt of thefime: 

thou wIm wear m it went ratliar fat Fcic That ihey would noc come to Cbnrch fa 

cbao Love n> it : That they did not believe long ai tbe Crofr wat crept to, and Imiges- 

the Updy and Hood of Chrfft to be prefent worbipped t That they were not fcven bat 

in tbe SacraiDeat tS the Altar i and that only two Sicrementt, Biptifm and tbe 

tfanr eontd not, and would hot join wich Loid'i Sapper ; Tbit they oonid not allow 

an Idolatroat Chnrch, or in a Temple of tbetr Service, beciole in a ftrange Lan- 

Idob. Upon which be pronoaneefl Ska- gsage noc nnderftood by then jTbat if' 

fence OgainA then at Mmw, on M N mitf Ihey oiigtlt receive tbe Sacrameoc ai they:' 

ID. >od deliver'd them to tbe Shciin to bt did in Eafawirf the Vlth'i Time, they weuMi 

kept ia &fe Caftody till cilfd for. wiffc all their Hfearti. 

tiUh^ri ntib wat among tbirfe alfe that They were order'd afiin toippearnpon' 

were now awdiendcd ; he wai Mamin'd >a^- 1 1. where i Rcoinucion, and Rfetnm to 

ttf Anw. wbotook a great deal of Vaint tbe Mother Cfaarch wii required of them,. 

■d mdte bim believe fevea Sacrfinenti, and which when they refiifed, the nen Day 

Tranfobftaotiation ; to which he at firA Sentence of Condemnation wat prononn- 

infwer'd, TfaK 'if' the Scriptores did fo cad againft tbem, and they were delivered 

teach, be would fo believe ; But upon a over to the Secular Powtr, who remtnili'dl 

fecond Elafflinatieii, and apon better tbm to Prifbn, where they ftaid to the' 

TlHwig to . be declared the contrary, and Day of their Death, which happen'd at 

held their ' ^cranent* a dead God, and trmfwi, fevcn Milcsfrom Lta^, on "Jnlp 

the Hbfi detcftaMe Idolatry, front which 14. ifjt. 
Opinion be could not, and fvonid not re> 

cede. On 9tft. id. the Mbop ebjeacd to Among thcfe ibit were takea at iflhgtM, 

bin, That be wh a Comforter and Bold- ftne made their Efeape, and fome of them. 

ser of %reticfa: And after Ame Dil^ were fcourged by the Hand* of fiawup him* 

coorfe had farther with bin, ha eondemn'd fetf, ii2*maf Wia/hwatidyaAaiffJff, who< 

and deThvr'd faisi to the Sheriff. Divers were kept in HtwgMtt (cm Time wiihont- 

tfaen pfelent wootd hive bad Mm recanted, fieillg any of their Priendl; then fenC' 

and have atk'd of tbe BUbop Mercy ; bnt down to SIham, where they Were whip*d}, 

be told them. He wonid not »k Mercy of and fet In tbe Stock* Ar eight or ten Da|>„ 

bim That could nor give it So lk»ifk M»r^ and bandtcd.wlth great Severity' and; Inb- 

M, MMr./Ai|la*,-and Mf^qgiUaWife, and lence. 
ftwAM'WJtMfr ended their Lira ia •ne Viie 
it{ff>fMa, Stft. »7- 'in- 

*, 4 ntV.I3*.«: 




DIVINE of Eminency bom or livir^ in this 
Comity, im.the Place not known. 


Ieh»r4 tJtrtbti, > Ctrmiitt, Ghtplahi wrote > Set of Scnnoni for tlie wholo' . 

_ _ to King Ritlurd H. who for bii-gosd Yeir, lived batoved for bis Leiniiog toi 

Pleaching wii mide fiifliop of ofirj, by Virtoet , end died lamented Jwly zo, 

that Prince, then Cbincetlour oflrtUmd, i}yj. . 

Mid It length Archbilhop of tMiim. He 


The C H ARITY SCHOOLS of this Gmty are, 

BUfnit, vhere it a School fer eighteen Btwdtw, wbere ife two Scho^t (br tirea- 

Cbildren, Pirt out of Biittm, in. ry Boys lod tea G'vls, all taogtc aod 

idunlet in thtt PariQi, being lU tfait ire cloithed. 

. fie to be ttught, at tbeCbirge of che Mi> Mtm^tltm, were ire twelve Boyt taught 

siftei:. and cloathed, cbicfly out of tbe O&nory 

■Brttufifd, where are two Scboolt for at tbe Sacranent. A two-pcnpy. Loaf uF 

twenty-ciglie Boys, and eight GLrls, fup- good Bieid it alio given to every Child 

ported by Sobfcriptions of tbout 6ai. ^ that cones to Chiuch oo Swmd^, Morviog 

jtm. Tliey are part cloitlwd, and twelve and Afternoon. 

Boys and ten Girls have been put out, fince Shtfftrttw, where ii a School Sotaaogt 

the Schools were opened. bat not quite [cttled. - 

Chtfvitk, where is a School for twenty siMit, where is 4/. ftr,dm^ given hy a 

Boyi and ten Gill, all cloithed ai well u Gentleman, for teaching 6vc Boys; and 

»aught. tot. a- Year given by another (br tcachiag 

CrMnftrd, where are twenty poor Chil> twenty poor Children, and pioyidbg thcH) 

drto tiught to read, write, ind caft Ac- Books. 

•ounts, all provided with Books, and tntby StmtmiU, where ti a School for nioe 

of them cloathed at the Charge of a Per- Boys and thirty-fix Girls, taught by two 

Ion of Quality. Mifirellct, paid ottt of the Offirtory, «nd 

Sling, where are two Schools for twenty- fome private Charities, 

five Boyi and twenty Girls, their InOiu- TMitgtm, near HsmfUmCttrt, wbere it 

.tt'\on being paid for out of the Subfctip. a School for twenty>lix Children, who are 

tionsto fiTMt/iri Schools. taught for 11 i. a.Vear, and a Legacy of 

FintU^, where it a School for fifteen 40/. ftr Am. left by a Lady. 

fioysi eroded in 1714, all cloathed. 7ifVIi<wir(jb,whcre are twoScbooIl foiind> 

Hgmmtrfmitb, where are two Schools for ed in 171S1 for forty Boys and twenty 

twency-feven Boys and twelve Girls, all Girls, all ^loathed, 

cloathed and taught. nttinbam, where is a School for twenty- 

Hari^ld, where is a School for ten Boyt, two Girls, all cloathed and taught, 

and ai many Gitlt, all ttogbt and cloath* TmitknAam, where it a School for fifty 

«d. Boytt all cloithed and tiaght. 



■ ■ WUtAmA, »3ii» Stumn ftrvs, wbete u Pirifli ( who flill eootiniKl her Bsniity, 

) School, which from k finftlj Bcgining, if Ao* fits u fioce rnnoTedi Upoo thitAos* 

cana u ■ conGdenble Bigwfit u the fol- tneatadon of Miioteamee, fix Girli more 

lowing Accontit will fliew, A private were added, wfaich nude rhe Ntunher 34. 

WiJhmuJtr biviag OcciGoa la i?!]* ibete wai 1 CoIleQitm made for 

to viiii bit Relitioiii aeie, and ofaleivini a this School at Gn^n.Stmmm't Cborch, and 

great want of a Charity School, o(wn oil fa miKh Money wai gathered, with fome 

Kemm (bllicited bit Acqaiintioce io Lm- GDatribatiou fr«m Lm d m, where an no- 

^m and Wi^winfitr to ' fiitrfcribe to iC) in known Gentleian gave ; il u to en^lo 

which be vat fe fnccefifiil. That he ob> the Tmftea to clewi >tl (be Children the 

tained fsfficlent t* open a School far firft11ai» Thii YcaraKb oaeMrf.CM-i^ 

twdvB Girb on Mt(i«^ww-Day, 1710. to w/ left n ber Death jl. a>year, for foor 

be tao^t CO read, and t»y the Cbarch Ca- Yean, which raiied tlte Numlwi of the 

leebtTm. la itii> the Snbrcriptiooi, and Childron fixBoyt; iriiich locreafe fo plea. 

cafini Bene&Qioof at Lmd m To increaled, fed an Hooonrable Ferfbn, and hit Lady, 

that eii^iteen Girli were UBght in the that they f^bfcrihed aoi. i-ycarto it; by 

Saomer, without any Help of the Neigh- whidt, and fome Cone&ioos it Whit^tk 

boorfaood. In i7ie, a Snbfcriprion wu and tdgtwmi Chnrchci, the Girb were 

promoted in the Town of Wkiuhvth, and compleatly flftirfiiwl ■ ftcood Tinei ind fi> 

there wu railed to/, a-year, half of which conoaM. 
wai giren by a Lady that ^ea lived in the 





>C T. 

UmJitl. ^ 



A CioaE>« 



K. Uiddkra 





Buaa Friurs 



BEdrind W<II 

V. Middkbi 


t] 4 



ttMtod OU 


granrford Nc» 


R. MiddUAi 


e • 





K MiddMi 


< t 



V. KOddkfti 


It ■ 












R. Middldta 


• -© 

Dnytoa W>(1 


V. MiddleCs 


< < 





V. MtddkTa 




V. HlddlcKi 





V. lUiddlcfa 








Friira Birnet 




R. Middkfci 





V. Middlefii 





R. Middklti 

Grecnford M*fM 


R. Middldii 


e • 

Grcenford P«rw 


R. Middlefei 


13 4 • 



R. Middkrn 




V. Middkfa 











V. Middkfo 





R Middlcfa 

• 00 



R. Middk&i 


13 4 




R. Middkfa 


13 4 



R. Middkrci 





V IMiddkfn 


Huiaw on the Hilt 


R. Middkrn 



Hum OQ thi Hill 


V. Middkrcs 







e » 


V. Middkfn 





V. Middkra 





V. Middkbi 





V. NiMMoi 


• 00 












K. HHiUbx 


0' e 




R. MUdkrei 


« « 





» • 



V. Middlefez 





14 » 



V. Middl<r« 


S 4 




V. Middk&x 


R. Middltlci 


• • 




K Middltftl 


D • 



V. Middkfa 


• e a 





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V. MiddliftI 


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V. MUdfelei 


• « • 











* • • 






3 « 





V. Middkfa 



R. Middleli< 


« s • 

SCMunorB fjrw 






• • • 


R, MiddkTai 


• « • 





4 t • 





R. Middkfti 


• i • 



V. Middk&i 



« t 

e e e 





• • • 



V. MiddMtr 


• • 0. 







R. MUdlchi 


7 r i 





• • » 




tf s • 

Sk. Ain't WefimIo«« 


SLCknatDino . 




7 1 





ScMirguet Wttaiohr 







London defcribed 

LOttDOK, thachief City of die 
BriUP Empire, ii 9nt of the bk^ 
mttt lod ricbcft Cities of toe 
worid, the Reridence oF their 
Itinsi and Qmeni, ind the 
Sosrce of all Trade ind Commerce iTsatwi, 
PuitK^, and Jmtmdmm ciU it Lmdnmm, and 
iMpdlaimm. jtmmtmat, Lmaiimm, and A(- 
g^, St*tha»u in hii Book of Gties, Aiy 
JWmf } the BritMtn, LimJaj*, tiie old S#Mit, 
I.oa&<m cearcep, L^n&cn-bypij md 
LonE>eti-pic ; Forcignen, Imdr*. tai 
Lndrtt ; oar offo Njtioo £Wn ; the fibu- 
loDS Writers, TVy* wv, or D-«'»w«r. D/- 
Mt BtUn, or the City of Stiin, and Catr.L^d, 
the City of lai, who, they tell ui, wis a 
Mfiyb Kiog, who built it »nd gave it hii 
Name-, bat this not being credited by the 
IeirDedlr«/imif .he will have tbiiCity to tike 
iti Name from the Liaitm, a City otRMa ; 
but Mr. CsmUi* chafes rather to derive iti 
Name from the Briuint, in wbafe Lan- 
gnage Ukwm tignifies a Wood, ind Dikmi a 
City or Town ; and fo UudiK impliei a Ci> 
ty ioa Wood, which ezidly agree* to the 
Manner oif the Brtra/af making of Citlei or 
Towns, by fencing in Woodi or Groves, 
with Trees cot dovn, plifhed within, and 
trenched about, at Ci^<r and Strmh alTure 
H5 ; but if this Derivation pleife not, the 
fame learned Writer gives us another, *«. 
Ftom the Bntijb WorM Lbing, which figni- 
fiet a Ship, and Dtnu ■ City, and then £.«• 
Aw mil import a Ciry, or Harbour of Ships, 
which Conjedore, he conceives, is much 
fivouted by the Jbrementioned Name LtHg'- 
a^tm a »itlSk Bard'i Song, wherein 'tis 
Bnned l»^*rt*» >■ c> » P^^ "^ Hatbonr of 

Ships, and the ofaal Caftora «f givinp: 
Namea to Citiei from Shippi*g,ai H««p«i- 
im,Vm4tnhm», UmiuUm jtagmjh, Gtfiria" 
mm, Nramlt, &c. OOlie of which CHI lay ■ 
better Claim to the Name of an Htrbouror- 
Pori than LtfAn \ for the River Tiam*r, by 
its Depth and frequent Tides, afibrds (o - 
eslie an Accefi for Shipping to ir, that » - 
Malcitades of Ships are contianal^ lyin^ 
there, fo hardly any Thing appears (o Jike a 
Wood as tfceir Mafts utd Siili. 

TheOiiginil of mol> Ciciei being ilmolV . 
ifflpoflible to be esafily fixed we (bill not 
attempt it here, but pilTmg ovcr Jtffi-i^ of 
Mfmmmb'i fabalons Account, that fimiM 
the lecood Nephew to the finwUt ^ni»i 
was the Fouodcr of £nuk», upan wbncfi 
Suppofition OUT HiOoriaos ground the 
Computation of its Antiquity thus, 'bic 
That this City is about ii*? Veais older 
than rbe Birth 'of our Saviour, j^o than . 
the Building of Jl«a»«, and <I«o Yean be< 
fbrefhe Fall of the Jffjritn Empire by the 
Death of Bilfbrnuttr, we (hill coofine nur 
feives to thfe moll certain Accounts of ihs 
State and Condition of this City uuder the 
BriiMu, Ktm0Ut, S»x'Mi, and SirmMi, which - 
we can find, and then Ihall proceed .to de* . 
fcribe it in its prefent fljurifliing Stare, 
which Time and Misfortunes have aitg- 
menied rather than diminifhed. 

In the Times of the Britswt it wa« the ■ 
chief City of the TnmiMatt, and the royal '■ 
Seat of their Kingi, of whom we have no 
other Account but this : Qsj^Mnn, King of - 
the (Atttntbaui, a valiant and artibiriout 
Prince, wfaofe Refidence wis si TirWMw, 
not contented, with his own Doimnitms, . 
made an Invalion opon feveral of bi« Neigh, 


70 L O NDO N. 

bouii, ind (mong tbe itft catered the ingilmoft deftncclels, Aearft«iiucaaKop» 

Councry of -the TVintimnii, taA (uvios fliin on it, ind lacked it, dcftioying all tha P«o- 

ImuMmMiai theit King, foBghc to fliy pU tfa» were left without aoy RegirdtoSex 

MmiJutrttiitt hit Son, ind tbe Heir of bii oi Age, which Sacccli being nccoanted ft 

Kingdom, thiE ta mtgBrpflba Unfttr-of g&od Omm, bhAAj wcdc bi rnrftiic 

hit Temcoriei, ind idd them to his own. of SMitmim, wirh whom Dm engaged, Qew 

MmtiutrtHm wti fendblc of hii Defigns, and feventy thoufind Rtmsmt, and t£eir Coofe* 

not baing ible to oppofe CaffhUm^t Power, deritei, ind pinndered Tmhm in ^rtftnU 

fli:d to d'/'T, who than liy in G»wl with Vie ^(, and MnUts in ^i^ wkeic ^axftUmmu 

R*m»a Army, -f nd ftuKiM fcinfllf «n4er hid faKhd tbeir CaloMW- . 

iits Pratcdlon, conduacA bin ind hii * SMMmkO' n«frtbtlafs jmt tt>c alwgether 

Army innr Bfttsin, ia order to be reflo> difcOOri^ed-, oat witflr piolligioBrCttifitn* 

red to his Kingdom. OtfMr wii gree- cy ind Kefoltttion determiora not to give 

dy of an Opportanity of inviding Bri- over the War, ind having reinforced bis 

Miii, MdKamthigly &oa baginhit Bxpe- Amy widi ftcic ecothoOHod'ffglRingmHI 

ditien tfaich<r. Upon hit Atrivri the Tri* oMmtho fonrtcenth and tWeatieth Lt0f 

. H^MrfiM defired «f C^, by cbcir A«liiir»> on^ to wlusb C^fit added cW» thonraM 

At)TS,totfyaateM»»Jwirmiiu't.C*uk»piaA Le«i>nuiic» fooai OtnMm, niglU nxiIiK]r 

Ct^'l^l indhiviiiglikbmiceadtbeiiilidvee Conorti^tnd ttfaoUfiind Hoifer bt tiSbk the 

ro [he KaMMT, pGcitioned htm thit Mnub- Fiald 4hi>i 'nd «ngigtAg wkh th* Brp- 

ir^tint migbc be nnde dtc De^ty-Govcr- rww, ue« tbove famCBmn tbooTaad' •# 

Boar of tbeir Cky, end gave Kioi fofty them, and Mieily dvlaMwd tbeir *lnle 

Uofliges for their Mature Obedianee. Army. WktiHtif poi^mtd> harfeif Cw ti^ 

The RmuHH having ibm giiaod Foonng Lofi^ and' thr A tmm t, in tfae^ Fnry ewt 

in BriUia, proceeded it fift ■■ they enard Trtomph, wiftadnotpnlvcbefiacBy't b«t 

to conqner the reft, ind foon redncing it the neutrjil Countriui ^er tbia the tn- 

iqta tbe Form of ■ Province, begin (»&kt tsins were ^ici for a Time, and Jffinl» 

tbeir afail Minner) to build Towna* im- being midc Lieurenint, perfwided' tbcm 

prow Arti ind Tride, md eivilizcibe'PvO' pnblickly, and affified tMoi privately to 

pla, in which Warfctkcy nnde fa gmr s build Houfet for tbemfdvei, TeMpIe* for 

Progrerr, tbat A. 0. aif. this City, wfaiclr tht:ir Godt, and Couni of JiilEke ; to brio( 

Tattiui ctlli Li e dw w , . nui bvconia a Ittce up ibeir Noblemeni Childrea in good Le»- 

(whe fpeiki^Qift'J Mg*tiM*rmr» 6" ttmwm M tt ten, and apparel tbeMTcIvea like tie lb. 

w«/i( tttthtt, i. e. vary fenooa f*r i MbU m*3U> wheieai ihey were naked bcfoe, 

litnde of Merchintf, and for TidGck ; btic only punting their Bodiei for an OrnaoeDt. 

tbii [t< Pio^rity lafted not long t forin Lmdin now began to recover itt fel^ud 

the Rei|;n of tbe Emperor NirtrhttAflaiaii^ in i few Tcira inoteifcd fo such in Peo- 

ThWanfwbivingfoKicipad the nil ot the pI^Triding. and Bwldiogr, that StrtliaM 

BritMiwt to a general Revolt, lefolved to te. In the Life of tbe Emperor SntrWi call* it 

cover their old Liberty by the Condeft of Vrh mtpm &> ifalmta, i. e. a great and 

IJuCinignaniniaDi HeroifKQMenSMdlrrJ*. wealthy Gty. 'Til probible thK it was 

Su-.tmmi Pnliimt wu the AM«* Lieutanant idtout tlda Time that Undm hid the Naow 

at that Time,'and liy then in thtsGty of .A^« given it, tofliewitiOipiity antt 

with aR««M LegioB, but itot jadgin^ tin Grcatndi, and was made ■ Preftdnte by 

City (which war then anwtlled, and tfaBFO* the JtmM», who could not think it dwir 

■fytc called fly^^ew only) to be temblv a> Intereft i« make it a Colony or fSree Bo- 

fltijnfl fo great a Force at BwjIWj wii rough { becaolb they law it drive fbcb a 

bringing agaioA bhn, he took- alany w4ik valf Trade, and therefore' made it fubiefi ea 

bim the choictft of the Citiaenc to affifl a PrcfcQ, in Inltatian of Smm itfel^ wbo 

bim leainA' tbe Enciny, and depantd. ^Tb« was lent yearly to do Tuftice, ai^ aft in tU 

bhabiiann that remained, befbvght bls^ pnblick Mattcn, at TiMi, Tnkote*, la^ 

witb Tearii not to leare'thien t bat they - pnfti, military Afiiirs, and accoidkig to 

ctM oKprevttl, wbcrtopeB ikiiGtybe. the loAmaioai of tbe AmmSetutti bac 


L |,.f. ,t<_iOOglC- 


itMitofIomfl<HWah<d hrfiw it iwl lib Port. In the Reigo nf Srfer, r&e Nepbeiv 
Kokawbecane « Pwy te oeruia A-mlf. Of Etbilttrt, King of Zrw, tbe JirA Carifti> 
who being Woqght oki to 4(Ii(l CMw 4- tn Kiag UM»g (be £>««/, 'tij probable 
itSai in niionisifig hii urnrMd Goyun- tbii Cky, fgr tbe pioQ Ptir, followed the 
BUUnEtbUUl^fwhKllliB bu bcl4 ihific Eiimple of thai/ King, vho being coDverr. 
Ycuri vben ibcy fiw ibejr MtAer coi> cd to CbiiHiioity by kit Unde't Perfwifi. 
Haend ud dcfo&d by M. 4»**iii>t Jjftitfi- 001, permitted ic to be (Hide in Epifcop*! 
.MisMi^ fnOed u shw City, iqtb 4 Penan to Sa jinitt £iIbop MZ/Mf, ind the Temple of 
jiFige and flwxlar it 1 bat PiofMcnce ^J'<«* w ^ loroul iate 1 Ciihedri], iDd 
vxflBgbt a g»KC>*lwciMM« forit bycef- iedictui to tbe Apaftle St- P»ml. The 
lURAaaMSaldiut, wbtbeks pureed ft«ai £«mw, iCcar ihcix Settlenent, were noc 
the ottW Fkit by a Fiif, ch» *p abc qaietlosg, bat by caotian*! Wan ind En- 
l itmti, iod arriwd tbcKc Tbcfc fell ppaa crAicbsicntt vexci me another, tiU ic 
the VubarUof ia all P«r«iof tjte City, aod length they fell under tbe Power of King 
HOC only fidtttwni tb« Cicuwu £coiq intmi^ JJf ^ who, by CoMqel>. becune the 61& 
oewRjoimbat flwe tbasi cbe Sutt&AioB ^Mbliw Monucb of^tbe t^iijbmtw* Thp 
of &«ng their Pnrmiw iJefboyed. AUw Dmmu, » cruel Nition, nude three Attcmptf 
thir rime it wu (as psr AsBaJt tell ut) of invidiflg hu Kio^oio, Jindiog ibe mft 
tbat L. GmUm WW flaia near a little KiHf Tijsc ajt Lmt/ftrm in the North t^Kaghw^ ■ 
ia the Gty «aUed 60a bifll, V4wtf«/ by the (be oezt Time in WtpmW»itt, where tbe m- 
AAuqw. MdlfUtfMb fo A|^ a Naow f«iM joined and aSfied tbcni, and the hi) 
wUcbffillf^otaisc w a $cieet there, the* Tiowin the Iflc of ££*]>; iaXnr, bm vwr 
AeCarrant trf Water i« ioordefed, m to every Time diiven luck by that raliaoC 
ydf sOfUr Gcraod thm^ a feag Vault Prince without any great Lofi to hit Armyi 
iOID tbe Zfc«>tf ■ Thefe chiagi happened or Penple, whicn To much drfconriged 
.L — ^ 1^ y^^ ^f Chrill ip(, «hea it ia them, that ihey made no fttrtber Atccnpt* 

of Mr. C tmk 4 t» t th» this City doiringKiag f|[4e-t's Reigo. 
w a» n ot walM ipunrf. ssmm*^* bu jSoa (ucacjaded him, and- 

ttvC tfctf grou Eftapc of fo anwunt a vii fcuxely warts iaMsTbronei^whenrbr 

City from w gfaat a Danigar to which it Dm", ai if ihey had been srcpuing for (b» 

■31 dUt^ euoCed for WaOft of Walli and ntur Snbyeriaon of bis Kingdom, hegaa- 

Bll«<«f|s. jinMBfid the Thooshta of tbe Chittt Hoftilitie* vJtb greater Force ai^ 

fiofrtft Sr/Mw to do (bmetbtng for the Se- Fnry ; for in the firft Year of bii Rei^ 

Csntf «f at, m4 laCMdiagly parfawded bar they Imded u Jeireral PJices at pace, at ac 

Soa CH^flifnw «fa.CnMf <o wall it in mob Haaf/«>, P^'ifiuHtt, C'^b'm, fltc. nubing- 

htmn itaae ai^ Mtift tt'uki, which be merctUIs DepopuUcioss, and dcftroyiog aU* 

Ibos aftar ^i^mad, and ft»kei a Wall xhioga befora tbom- In fonte of thefe 

AWld.abaiiC ifiM CityjOontWHDg in Con- Places they were ovcMbrown and defeated^. 

^ajb abwt (hfflc Miilat, ja a igmtie Vara, hax QilJ reciMitiog their Fivccs in the Wiop- 

<04lMi^tbjiB-fw«^Mi>tpf'¥2. ./hmCiri- jtlici, and at length in the fituenih Ifeaf. 

#> 3«tf. Faam tlw Time iao^M for *)toi» of tbas fiji^g'a Reigo ealcrcd the Jkamtf 

MrA(»drcd ywMMOtiMiad xz^fitftig*- wirhxwohiiiid^and fifty Shipi. and Jta. 

JOHMdiAlib iwtwiabfl«Uing ahe inualwp viog Xaron Sboxc a great Ar^y of chAfe- 

of^ Ihm apd M0I, whoiliid wal^ tbe Nvihro Pif»a, jacked, ^nndared, an^ 

2f0MhliliAir«(:itfthBlfi«,iwLtV£an«M(t bout this great aoi c>pnkni City bf Ssa- 

phichchaiUMvaMdesf <he wboki-vhp .piixc. aod thtf (bey might unpkat >»• 

4M^diciKo.£!rcnKMgAD|)iK ' Peftrn^Jonf sucbMiurcLhe Yeats jctiKDcd' 

iaHht iRahbfiiia»io«.4Hc^«e<th« •Ma- again, and dcHroycd or maJc ^wtj nha* 

Mpolif af cha e^-SMm Kin|dois» wd theiy btdhe{«jektt,aod tbitUmtgbina«e» 

11 <fc ■, M lliafa ralli ni. i nriaiwlj Miir iccover iti former Wtabb, Kvthia Uttit 

TonLMWned iff a ftbgiSrata, called a mow thna ap Yeau Quaitered their wbofa 

*iMr,i,«uai«fiMar«r6wi4iii»«{« Anny then all ibc Wiiitti.ACJ7A,Afr 



King, bU Sncceflbrj, not being ible to op- bemf ovcrpoircr«d wirh Nnmben; anil 

pf fe them, till ' ftriitned for Pro^ifion, tbty were forced it 

Mfrtd or e^iJ, the fanrtti Son ef VM- kngtb to tdmit him (ml bii Army to vrin. 

»*i/f,ciiiiecothcTlirone.Hewu>Piinceof ter in their City, and pay him Qicfa Coa- 

inviDCibleCounge.indtho'ic his Entrince tribntioni » he dcmtnded of tbeiii ; bgt 

upoahiiKingdomhewisforced toiight the tho' they weie opprcilcd by the Enemy 

Psatt with vciy unequil Forces, yet fa>p- (while, yet their Hearti weat along wittl 

pening to be viaorioui, the Si^lijb flocked their iniored Prince, to whom they iffixd- 

in (o ftA to hit ACTiftince, tbit be hid gp^ ed *I1 tbe AiEfiaoce tbey were able, as loag 

ten foan t coDfidcrable Army, with which as he lived, which wu alnoft three Veart ; 

having attacked tbe D'wi, who were led and after hb Deceafe, riio* the greateft Part 

by their thiee Kia%s CvtbrMm, Etkitii, and of tbe Nation (cosfidering tM Power of 

Arnmmd, in fevea Tcveral Datteli, he reduced the Dmii) both feared and favooKd Cmm- 

them to fnch law Circumflancei, that they tmi, who by hii pKber Summt't Dcitb wm 

lent to faim to beg a Peace, and offiired bim now become King of Onaunt, and reached 

HoKaget lo give him an AlTarance that they at the ^Upt Crowni yet the Lmitm n flood 

meini is they Tpike. Thefe Propofab firm for Prince Ummd, furnamed for hii 

'were accepted open ihefeConditioni, That Valour Irmfii, and fo far prevailed, by 

their King Jhonld be baptized, and that the their lotereft and AQiWty, that Uvaigmi, 

whole Army of tbe pMir (bonid fonhwith Archbifltop of Cmrfrfwy, crowned him at 

depart qnietly oot of the Kingdom. King IB'^m apon 7%m>», almoft at the facne 

^Ttd having thai rid hii Dominions of Timethat theCtergy otdainedCm>f«rthcir 

-his Enemiet returned to Unuhn, hii Capital King at Kmhrnw^tm. 

-City and ReAdence, and from thence dri' King C<M«r being greatly inceoied »- 

ving ill the Dmut, repaired and reftored it gainfl the Lmimtrt for tbti FiA, reftlvcd to 

to itf former Libertiei and Beauty, com- befiege that City again, and to that End 

jnilling the Coftody of it to hii Son-in- cauled hii Shtpi to fiil op the Ttmmtt a> far 

law Bihthid, Duke of MfrtiM, who hid nar* «i the Weft Side of the Bridge, and from 

ried his Dmgbicr Eihtlfrtds ; butiti Bean- the River with a deep and Urge Trench 

ty lifted not long, for ai R0lfb Higdeinent coeompaBed the City, ftntting it up lb 

ur, it was much waQed by Fii e, <Mm $8) . clofe, that none could get out or come in ; 

This City wx at that Time eompifted but the Citizens, cncogragedl by tbe Pre- 

with ftrong Walla. feoce of their new King, made fiich ■ brave 

' The D«»f/, nutwitnftanding this Agree- Reliftance, that CM«r« thonght fit to wjth- 

ment, were not quiet, bat very often d^ draw his Army, leaving onfy hn Ships to 

flurbed the Nation, till at length, after ma- cootinve a kind of Blockade, that when 

ny bloody Battels and much Sltnghter on he found a fair Opportunity he might re. 

bozh Sides, the EMgliJb were fo broken and ram upon them with better Succefs^ forbe 

fubdued, that tbey were forced to accept owrdthem a Gfodge, and above all things 

C«»arr, the D»tu, for their King. In thefe defircd to conquer tbem. King CMUtt In- 

"WiTs l»uJin was a great Sufferer ; for in ving the City thui blocked up, marched 

the Yeirioi], 5»«isKlng of Dmaaori, hi- with hii Army into tbe Weft, to reduce 

Ving fubdued all the Northern Parts, in IV/W and HMi|^(, a«d being followed by 

the Heat of hii Counge hifiened through Kiog SJmmd, was worficd ia feveril Bn- 

Mini; by WiMthfitr and Oxff4, which all tela, and fo porAed from Place to Place, 

ffabmitted to his Command, to tMins, that he wu obliged to raifcf the Siege of 

which he immediately belieged, not doubt- Zan/av, into which i Jmm a d entered In a 

iig but That tbe Citizens would have yield* triumphant Manner. Tbe DsHit being 

.el tohim wirhoutOppofiritnt, bathefbnnd thus rooted, King Edmmid was In great 

bimfelf miftafcen ; for the Prefence of their Hopes that he (honld be able to drive tbem 

King Eththii fo raifed and fupportcd their ont of the Nation, and with that Oefign 

Coarage,thrtthey beat the D#wr from their followed them to B>''«t^w4,wbeie faeigam 

'.Walls at iirft with i (;reatlS]iughter, bilt vait^uitkedthtm,**! be did Am after at 


or^M ia Jr«r ; bat fc«n UkL Ktng lA Myprrftatedltiinlf AeCti«iiit,iail Pro. 
wM^fBfsdKr-is-kw, begu ki* Ttfebaty, vo0, /. r. tbe chief 'GOTcreoar of • Town. 
' nding Ina bm n pwfbtth* M- .Tbit Cfaartcr W(t confiimed by diven 
ba bail mtcD, fin- Ftar af M A(D> KingtdFthe MmwnRacr, the Sncccflbrs of 
txAr'aniltbat iiM weirkd SMdifln atiflK ' the Cctnqueror, who added dtveit Prtfi. 
nft ud reeoww tfaenfelTef j hjr wlhcb fcfeito it, v's. 

Meu> Kiw C«Hn had TtOM given him to King Hmrjl. gnatei to the Cirizeni of 
|Mi( laftly into ^a, when he much in- tmdmtbitthtirSherifiiOioiild hive Power 
-CKi&dhM Anoy. by fpoiKBg alt that would *nd Aaihontjr, u well ortr all UiddUfix u 
w>ca£ftfatiBJ IdM M^ mm me (otmtt tatde ' Lmlm. King Nm7 U. granted tothjsCi> 
feofiUc of King Qwr w' i Ptaawdlngi, but ty in Acquittal of Mbrder committed with- 
be owtched toward* hitn wiih hii Ariny, In it»Precin&i> which wai confirmed by 
«ad 'ca^*ff''>B ^^ ** ^JUm obu UVdm, King 7*^, *l>oaI(b give an Aeqnlttil of 
bad giveo tbe Dmm a total Onithrow, all fnch Datinopoa the Thaw/ n are claim. 
had wot tnitefoni M^k revolted id tbe ed at the Tower. And King Jtin not 0D> 
Oamm wkb all hfa Men, and. earried the If eonfinned tbil Grant, hot ordered that 
V^tmj with him. ' EJmmlbatif that be- the two Bailtffi of tbit City flioi'M be 
tnftii rctinJ t6 Oi taa j hr, aod Cmmtt, changed into one chief MaBiftrfttc, who 
iiwvlTd with thi* Otnqneft-, marched to ftoold be called MAYOR, or Mu>«. 
Lendai^ which itot daring to opfott -tbe from the Hetirm Word U»r, t Loid, as Fft- 
Cocrcat, op«ied iti Gitct to him, and wh Unfiitd telli ni, and ■cco>dingl)> Rrg. lo Him- 
fatnti not ootr loafibid Wintcr-Qoaitert 7 Witt-Alwin wti cbefen the lirft Mayor of 
Co bif Amy, but bay their Peace with a LmdiK, and Pirn Dth and fttrnmr tttnl were 
large Staoa.oF Moaey. Omm< being gai 'Arorn SheilA, (which Confllmrion is ob> 
chat into the Paffiffion of ihia potvnt City, fervcd ro ihii Time) allowing tbe Citizens 
kept it till King tdmwtd't Death, and wit a Liberty oF chafing or depriving their 
ibencroWBcd tn it by ttvimgmi, Aicbbilbop Shertffi it Pleifure, and elefling thirty-five 
^tSCtm-mimy: J,C. loif. ' af the oioft fubftmriil Inhtbicants and wU 

£mm!iw hitherto ftfuggled with Pntf^ri. Aft Cirizcnt to be called the Council of 
ly mm! AiKerfity ) bat the Mmni hrouht the Clr/ of Lmdm Hiny HI aJdcd. as 
JwrfiKb a prvfpetOBi Purtdita; ihat Ihe bit A(1in>nra to the Mayor, Aldennen, (iTcrm 
enjsy'd alnofl ever fincv HMlijni Day*, of greit Dignity, (igniting i nitionil Mi> 
and fe nny dace all herGDeamera from gilfnte; for the chief Jud ice was calltd 
thance. Forto be^ ac tbe bigbeft Pi«, Aldermin of tn^tnd) to he elcAed leitly 
(hewat tftSimm tbe CotMMibr'a Favonrite't a* th« Mayor and Sheriff) #ere ;' but ihcy 
He befiowed Bpon b«r tiie firA Chatttr df Imne time afterward berime pttpctuaf, i. t. 
Libcrtiea In thaie Werdi : tt> hold that Office for Lift- TKi!. King it- 

fa 4wm 1114 arinred 1 Power to the 
WILLIAM e^, Or««a William hif- €onHnonilty oftbeCiry ofLMi/iN to hive 
^kf,awdGodfreyIVtTCW,ani(«i rAi Avjreaf a-Common Seal, ind in luff:. confirmed 
wkMaLaoda^ Franeh aadBoglift. AH9 toibe CirrZenaFree-Waaen, or Libei;y ro 
igfsm jmttiM iwH^fhm y»if^ytml0m b«ni wkhin a -certain Circuit ibiut the 

mrtk, tkm yt wwv im. £dwanl'# Cfaryr tlii City, and In the Wirrcn r^fstiui. and tl>u 

Uv. ^tid i wathm ilk CHU tt Jd'/ «fc theCitizent might ptfi Totl-fret thnn^h- 

thm tfft.Mti r^tfi^mt, tht aay Mm yi* oor all En^lmid; which Privilege! whtn the 

mf l^m^iitd. GWin^^ML fime King had niified, he reqairid ^m 

In thi« Charter tbe chief Magi ftntte it calf. iiib. thatrhe Miyori, upon their AJir. 11i- 

«d »9mtrM§, i.e.theGofernoar «f aPotr on yearly, Ihoatd be Tworn before the R/- 

orTawn (bWlfcu Name did net dpotlnne rolttofthe t*tht^nir and iccoidirgl> Str 

loag helbr* it wai changed "ttttt .a Vm»n 7*hm Htm^ wii the ftrft Miyur who went 

lltle of Mli^ «'. '■ one that lMfl«fiiboTdi- by Witef to fnjlwrajfftr for that End, at the 

aKaConaiflioa to govern otban, by King Cuftcm !» to this Day. King tdwrd f. 

4iMlwtfl.iaB«Mmfr[akrteSiUiiofMs. alfe •ppoimed that the Mayor tboutd b» 



AQiSno N. 

^(rpudI«djutbtAI<lM0U9kud>^«r' ' Bm uUah^wi OHnr -«»r* C^mmk 
tif, iyi(yqt,'bcj(iii itJC-ic hM coatumedieMr *ni PHiikgESicks ZMfMwn •cM:i)eyri«Bd 
Snce. .')-.-' ■■■,>.■• jofby A4bM#VmpiihiiMgfai:M«Bft tMi 

Privilegcj ^wn ijifi. f.fg. A- jr'nting,;^ i«g-^tii«a4fli*ftTbnR«xhiAi^'4>B«K4i, 
' the City, i. Th)t the MayntpOf ic.fbUl 4I- ^xf thtjaiguijmt.tiiymmut, miff)!!**!, 
. wiys be ■ Juftice far -tbe GuLQeliKcty of tni thta CSmtet mm, KcDciMg oo «tec 
Uivgiit. a. ThU/tbe Cifizeu of J>u^ SeiiKMettiliaaifirota thenii PfomhaaM* 
Ihill not ba oUifcd <o 8° (^'' 0^ l''^^ ' Am^ thli CkjiwiMlifd irnliAiti'randittt 
* City to ai^ W*r. t Afid |. That \lm U- er -lawMtioM :^o»w «t* Yoft, iiiK.-4ill 
bcrtioindFraoc&i&sof.tbe'.Ciiy ftiUmt c^i^wu <«riwlMw4e; iAd Cbmodfcr 
lieicifterbe ukfh oa ,>hy pceten^ ^luit- 7<^« kMOflbt fheir. -CbMcer >gui with 
focver. iiKD the £in|'? Uasdi; lad in «i««t Far«»d««ft ; -^at the Cnncai did 
i3]3.tb« fuocJCiag guaced (4;-ThMtbe aoc- (hMr thuRiAitdiian faSbiciK, wmI 
Miyor, Sb«riSJ, .and Sergewis aHycaiT|r idenfbn <tii ftee tluitirfalvei iia>a all IMT- 
MicM ofSQiurgilt.u'iththeKiBg't.A/m* AiVciai ivbidh iM|lit acctne w -tbMi by 
eogHven tticTooo. And (f J He coD^rcwd tlia'fftir«er J«dBBdir,.:th^ pwcDml an 
to thcCicy kUtfaeLibfrdesiadlnMnHniiMM A&.or l^li«RHat-a>NU^iMjr. c S. to 
gruttcd. by th» M«M'CJ^rf«t or Gm« Mvuft. dw ftid Jttdgmcitr, nd itiaft«i« 
Chirtef.. Further, CftgfiibMr^ IV. mde ifaea i» all tbetr Jbtmer fttgfati,'Cbm«n, 
jboic oibei large AddicioD* by bn Ckanct, ^..u»d becaBTe tbt; CitizeaabdiiKibiiie 
gi*oting |. Tbic no ^icixcfi Hull bCMUf- tUngi aOad m tW ihcy |UU' vacMintd « 
ced biM ■ccoi'diDg to'tbe C'f^(^w.^a) 3*dyfCor^ne,-]eniMig LmA«i' fiilEtig 
IThic th«^ddrmenfiiiIL(«ni«inroibr'C«rAi JqdgoieolS'M-dieir^ Cofrts, and -miking 
!of Lif^ i-i) That foca u bivabDro tbe Mea Ate, tbir Aft not wl^'rciidMcd rueb 
Ofiice of Mayor thai) not be pot \a «ny AAJoiu rUid, bnt rcftoi^ every Vttfon 
AffizeJurieijOr^cuinUillecQgaiBamctiBar and Thing m tbit-fiftm hi Hbich it wit- 
TgguUitioiu, nor b^ TMcrtoftlip faiae^ nvr before the Sentence of 'Dcpii«Mo» -tfts 
■>emideGollcao»ofTaTHow ^rtteit* ^tffid, ' - ■ ' ^ ■ 

ty, jior Infier .for reroAqg: fach, XH&ei*> , By ViaottiAf (hiiAft^ and'tlh fonsB" 
A- That Aidermea, paftth&Cbair, ibill toe ing QbM«*rae&ibli(hcd trf %, a(» Or3«r 
Jnllicesorthe'Peacft. f. Ttiu t^ Mayor, tod good Gowrnment of thii great Cirjr 
Aldermen and Recorder {haU bejufticet of ii reg^arly oWrkd on tinv: Tbe Mayor, 
Oirr and Amrixrr) and the Hflfat- to be *f vbo ii the fD|»reNn A^iftrate, h«tb, Tnac 
the^funrw. tf^ Thu-fbeDicbcc dinto tbe -oat oCAfinl, iiad;«be Titk'vf Lord given 
Citizens at Lmla paid, «r-»h% ilHmt.lintbAly beciiA niQianrif tfle'<llef 
Debtors difchirgf: ^hemlelyflS w, the OSiyi Citizeni were caUed -BaMH, fin cdcrr 
3. That the. P^ckiog- of aJ) Maoosr of Morningtnihe Plice where be keeps hti 
Woollen-Cloaihsi Sheep, Calf, 'and Gom- Mayoriky' {ooeording '4o't Cuftam wfirctv 
SktDi be in tbe Power of tbe Mayor, in ktt been okfemd n*« hundred Vetn) to 
Confideration of 7o«e!/.- yaid lbac'iVin«^ ^McNninam^ -SiffilDniCcfe ifciC' happen aL 
which laft PiRicuI/ir^.wa^ fonfittncd 'b* mU9ttt»>0itmlmfiti»dbVi'ftKttAi^,oT 
King Chtrki- l w^ added in «fae Jljit^ 4i WaBki,larctHer>dgMf Oyt^Ynd IWW- 
Ghirter, That aU forfeited Re«>|^turton «r, « 0*M>Delheryh-«f-M«S«»r, for'jfits 
abont AleboaTes, lonMriei, Biflard-Cbltdnni, XitptkA^ke-.Caamj of HiUitiifiK: B^ en. 
Appearances It the SeflioDs of Gaol^elivci. dihiry Aathnrkir aSTtnds ill over tfieCiff, 
ry. Fines, and IfTues of Jories, (ciictipt Aoyki 41tdcD'Partof klie-Sbbttrbt; fttallb on the 
t\) fhill belong 10 the Giy ; andby aoA^fof Ktfet Xkram^-BritcMrd as far n-TtudM^, of 
the ad and jdofKlog f^/'uidQtiSrnMay jtafcocpand- the MMidi)((9 th^ River'Wf^ 
|he Miyor, (fr^ -miX-ruineWaVMtwn yms ai^V^nd Wcilfrard^LU A'F M-C*^-Cif^i 
If to be Overftcrs of rowtr^'Ofl ibeUve# aAoveJkMMiStidge-; andtitftiMifi-PoweiTo 
jhimiif fiCm (irsvffqHi ^'Ifjin^. i pmifl) jnr vdrreft «4I that -ftall '^ttndy tte 

SiCcatD^'Aish^w f ift ;■ fw^iUch' End h 

, ' " . ;i k"p» 



kMpi f<Tflnt Cevrti la tAw'Cwmliridji- Tin Sktrift of tliU Gty in eboTeii br 
eeoc for the CmfervHton- tf tW lUvir, fueb Qiriitnr^n «n of the Livuty; vat of ' 
■ndPanilkiiKtit'of OffbndtMt ^'tb« S«- tfittroarjiMumbar, in OwU-ffai upon M>4.i. 
cuiiiy of cat Merchai»d)ke, ■:«nd'a|*i^ Er fiumt^Oty, hm an tmt Cwota tWt MltM^ . 
neniescomiogDpit, isthcininiEdnMCan ww-Evc-wUn cMrhSfaeriffgiv^Bond ro- 
of the King. To the Lord-Mvyw dfo be the CorpoMtMo to kne it fiirhfolly. If 
Jcwgsche tiictetitCoaTt of Haflmfhwbicb my PcrioA wfcok-cbofea Sbetifi', rel^fctii 
pre^rreithe Laws, RtglMM, PriBcMTe*, ■od Co bold tbit Office, he » fined Tourhundfed 
Coftoms of the Ciry^ «nd theCotntof Re- *Dd twenty fannds, of which four hon- 
qned and Confeience; which medAt* wiih dK«( 4>«NBcl«'if<ioba'p*id to the City, ind 
no ControveTAes above the Vkhie ef fbrty the mother twfcnty: Pomdi diflniotcds. 
Shitlingt. Tis ryfBcieni Proof in thii moigthe OfficeVi •ftheprUbnt, unleff he 
Court that the Creditor nnfcetfa 0*tb, thit Cwear» himfelf norto be worth ten thou- - 
(he fiid Sam it ■ jnft Debt. Tbia Goart faod Potntdt.- Thefe Otiken, by t Grant of 
fita near the Bad- End of GU'/i>M»3 ercry King £j«jrW IV. -beiiing Date 147J. are *p- 
Wiitifdfj MBd MJff ; as^lA-rfKOontnof poinAdte&vccachTiSteen Serjoann, and 
Coroner or ETcheator, 'ind WwdiBote, every Sfrjeanchii Yeooim V a^foa S'ecOtidi. ' 
which iftifaaHy hcldon St. Thmdi's Day ry.wx Clerln, a Clerk of the Papers, four ' 
for chafing Omen>. Under-CIeifcs, and two Under- Sberifft. - 

The Aldermen who arc w Nunber Tbey have two Courts held in GmU-;/«« • 
twenty-fii, have every one thaiit fcveral wecft)y^ hoth of chem Courts of Record, 
Ward,tothe CoveioBwht of wkfeh they «(«- o» ffUaffUmjM mkI Jt->i«r# fof AfiioDs 1 
are more trpecialiy to tmtd. 'Soch of eniered arl>M|fr»s-Coantvr,anil< on irfiii^ 
(bem athavc bee»bei'd Miy*r«, (who are <^.>l)d i«wiA9>ror AfittmaenMVed atthe 
ft'iA to be abare the Cbtir) and three of Pmb*ji-Commr, which Me' for Dfe&r, Tref. 
the eldefl, that ■!« nen- it, arejafticet of paAet, Accotints, Covenant-breatiitg, At> ■ 
the Peace by their Charter. They every taebmnifis and SeqoiflntiOiM. The Shr> • 
oeoof ihemkevp thciriWirdidoM' fbrebh- riSh oiay At with the Jnigcc of-'thelb' ■ 
fing Ward Officers, and (Vtt4tng'-the Af- 'C«at{/,«pon Tt4aU, if they plealoi 
ftirrof rhs Ward, m nihe&Gi^nieit,' tJfi4er theft GovertMUfsite a very HifAe>!> 
and prrfenc all Defwlts fovnd fn ttke-'ron Ctwmonii inkaM^ngwithia; ta0#)<c- « 
Ward. The Aldermeni with che-'May-. don-oftheCity.partly free.wfcioh weibay • 
or, luvB the Caftody of the City-Ot' call Citizens, and partly,compweil * 
plUnSb Every AMerMirhartt t Daputy to from th« fiilb- « Monality,. Nomhcr of 
trmfaft flieh ttiiag«:iMdcr''hhv as i>« f'or"HaiifM withhi the f«id Bills, v^hiela artt'> 
chcGnod of dia>Vra«d; <dr>'«ny-p**tfou^" reckoned to be one hundred fivt thODTind ' 
PteelnA'ef ity aad<'feift»la»g» Wirdst fai'tbrec'^gndred fiftMB, whkh having- Fami-' 
nringdm wirfaoat <ba Walh) have rwo Dew lies in thcai of fix PtrfoAC, (whii^ confi* 
pwy Aldermen. The LowKMayoV is eb(H dering Lodgers, Imni net, &t. is thon^tto 
ftn an MbA<rfMR Day, farom oa^St.'MMo be the leaft Nomber) will milw the Total 
aod Jwdt ttvmtd-ma, and tb« Daf alfcr of th« IntetlitanM to be Ao IdV-tbin fix 
befbiv (h«-Ba>iM» of tb«<&re*MMr. If tb^ himdred^ ninety thr«e.thoiirand' MyMSve. ' 
Perfon elefted Lord-Miyor. (wbonloffaaHy 'Tbvfc/'foirtheConTeftieiMyof Gor^rnmenr, 
the Alderman ocit the CbMr) refiiftth ts-'aredivldcdintofweaiy-lii Wards, and for 
aft, be ney be fined at the WiH-oftho the mo* regular ca'rrytilg on of Trade, 
Corporirinn, nnhf) ke«an pliad fame rea- 'into ilvency-tam CoiBpantef, of which ' 
fooablalelpcdiltfant. WbHr an Atdenmn tw«lveare the chief, who havetbiaPrennni. 
ii to boahefen.'tbeWanlmoteratWn' two'nence, that the Lord-Mayor mod always 
to the L«pd-Miyof and AWemten, Who be (rav df "Dtia of thim ; tor if It hippena 
chaA one- of- tnxH, and rfihe Poifctr fo that a Maynr be elefted onr of 'any other 
chofen refafetk tn hnkl theOlReo, he 'n Compmy, he mull remove to one of 
liahW tn be fined' fiv^ bondacd Poonds, ttiofe twelve, before hecan foe faiorn, and 
wfaich'AiiM'V«)ilKUilpet|ybilD^1My.'. - aft. Thefe Companica arc, 

K s t. Mir. 


EOON~J3'0 W 

I. Utrtvt. J, MirfJimi T*^frt. 

a. GrHtrt. B H»^4-*pt*-i, 

5. Gtldfmttbi. -II. f'lWMirf^ 

The other Compiniet hc cqutl t&.thcfa:. 
in oilier P(ivik^<«) tK nf ibim «o)ariDg 
l^rge Iiqpaiiiiic* Md Dcntliri by fhctr : 
Royil Cluiidi gixrcd to ifaem rcvciallyr 
■n<i oioft of iliviii )t«vefiir U'lta rS atvct 
in for liie leguln Giivernmcni of thtir 

This wbolR City conflfting of Lnid-Miy- . 
or, Sheriff), Aldermen and Common*, arc 
governed by rheCauK of Com son Coun- 
cil, which it ■ Ciiy-P«ili4intnr, (much M- 
ftmb)iflg the ^rtn Coificil of ihc Naciob) 
confining of two ll<ulfi, ona tor rha.' 
Lord-Miyor md Aldnmcn, wblsh is the ' 
upper Houfe,'>nd tnothei for rtie Com-- 
iiioni:M,(cogiino»ly cflltd CoaMvon C«ia- 
-xilmcn.) fn this Court *rc ratio ill By* 
Li«i wbich bind ftU the Citiztnt of Lt«- 
Aa> bcciofe tvtry M*a either by himTcJ^ 
or hiiRcprefenttiive, the ConXkoo-Couit- 
cilmcn cbofen by h)| Ward, gii>ci bis 
Aflevt to it. The Aff«iri of every Witt 
ire tnnCtQci k cariun Mcciingf, oi 
CoUitl held It their fcvcial Hallt, cilkd 

lo dcfcrib>ng ihli popoloas.ind illtinri' 
eiH Citytth*t we miy Mk< in every thing 
leoiailAble, Ave bfll fi. ft ireit of the fcve- 
ral Wards, wid therein obf^ryc fach Pffr> 
fogs, Buildings Ctilloins, ind Thingsu de- 
Itive our Notice, which vUl an only 
comprehend the whole Cky included with- 
in the WaUi, but (iMnc Pin ofihs Sub- 
iit|u, «s far 11 the Frccdoo goes, and then 
proceed, to tbs Subuibi which arc with- 
Diktbe Freedom ; but contain maty ihingi 
very remikibte; and both of theiD in ti 
ffliOH a Sptce at the CDpiouiiK& af the 

subjca jaiowi. 

I. The Wsr4f oF xiU magnificent Ciry 
ire twenty>Ri, viz. 

1: P*rrjUnWird. 
a. Ttwnfim* W^rd. 

4. Lim-firut Ward, 

- 5 W/WjifWWarf: 

6:B»^*fifnt- Ward) 

^.GtnlM WW. 


.10, firMlgrWard w)ibin<- 

<ii. flrH4iy W'rd withotic. 

1 1. CMdltaidt-jht I W tli . 

13 MW^TMt Ward. 

14. Dt»iMt* W*td. 

If. «»f»7Wird. 

ij C»d9*i»*r 0mt Ward. 

ilCbitf Ward. 
, ^l Cflrw^v-lrnf Ward) 

19 b»fiHl^SW»id. 

ao.Oi^f^(WK(l within and witbottt*-' 

ii./fkfrfgli Ward within and wUfaout. 

13' Farii^dm Ward within. 

>) Arhv'''"- ^Vatd withont. 

=4. »«NfjhtfM'Waf<h 

iti Cit|r/«-B«)««-iWird. 

3. etr^*hm Ward. 

The VVord Am/mIm fignifiea > Fiinchifa 
at the Gate, and lb this Ward hat tbu 
N»n0, becaafe U begin it MgMii and 
was cftabliflied tfteithit M*nocr: Thiiteen 
KnigbtifOr Soldiers,' who by their good 
Services done in the Wars, bid well defers 
vcd of King tdg»r aod hlsKiogdpni, re> 
qveted »f ihM. Pfince to give iheiii I Pair 
lion of Lmtfr, on the <«/ part of the Ciry, 
which hid btendereiied by the InhiWt«H(» 
ind grant ihem tbe Libeity of a Guild fbr 
rvci : The King conlcnred ro ihcir Periti- 
01) upon thefe Conditions, «/» Thst cacb 
of them (hould perfortn tbicc Combitee, 
viK. One above Giouod, laoTber undsr 
Ground* and a third Dpon the Water j 
which being gloiioiilly iCcoawliOKd in M/f- 
SaiititjbU, ibc Kidg cilkdtbeai thcKnigb. 
ten-Guild, and let omt the Bounds of iKir 
L«ods rrom JUg*tt, Eiftward, is &tM the 
Bars »n both Sides the Street ; Northward, 
IE far as tiJk^Mt i and Sosthwud, , to tlia 
nMMf.Bank j and firoin theme as 6r loto 
the Water- as an Horfcnaa lonM ride ac 
]ow Tide, and threw hit Spear ; To that Ul* 
- • .llM 

smtifiM, ti» iMgioi oS St. 



•oewird Stoae>Wall utd Diich of tbe wbo is fcckoned one of the Altfernien nf 
Town were id ihcir Fee lod Libcicy. l.mJm^ and ck&cd by the Citizens u ihe 
Thefe KoisliU b«d so (^rnr for this Aldernni of the Wardi ire. The Aldrr- 
Gnnt ill tb Reignt of tbe Kings fiom £^ aui ^ thti Wird >t piefenT ii Hvm^rf^ 
fw TO ILing Edmsrd tbe Confrllb/i Time, P»fmu, ETq; ind his Dcpnry Mr. 
when ibe Heiri of thols Knigtut bcfonghc ; and there belong to it dfo four' 
that King to coaSrin their Ltb«r tic), which Coraaon-Coancilinen, foar Confl*bles, ti^ 
be accordingty did, and bis pipus ind good i> maay Scavengeri, i. tt far the WatdiDOtc,, 
EKampIe was followed bjl the iCiogs mtdMm In^Beft, and s Beadle] 
Rmfitt and Hawy I the' they did noc enjoy Tiwngs lemsfkibk in ibis Ward arr, 
ibem long ; foi i. Ikmtr-IUi, anciently ■ rpKioiis Plot (^ 
MttiUm, or ilMLi, tbe Qacen of ibia lift G<o«iid, many Years fiace much conrraQ^-' 
Prince, having boiit a Chwch aud Monaftf •A by TcDemants baili npou it, and Gtrdeor 
ry within ^Uttr, Ltudtm, which Ike dcdt- taken out of it. There is at prrfcnt no. 
cated n> the Holy Trinity, Muliitudct of thing oUcrvable but the Ktng'i Store- 
Monks ft>cked to.i[, and rpent their Tims Honfe fbr getting and kcepirg Provifionr- 
with foch Devotion in praiCag God, and for the NavyRoyif, coaimonly called the 
jirayiagto bim, that the whole City was King's Slangbicr-Houle, and the Mcichant- 
iBDcb delighred with them, and pa^ttoitsr- TaylorV Aims-Hoofe, a neat and llron^ 

Stbe Kaighcs of this Guild, the Progeny of Building of Brick and Timber, and cover- 

C Fouodcis, who going into the Cbaprcr- ed with Slat*. TIm Ground whereon ir 

Uoale, after tbey bad taken upon them Che Aa»ds was ginn thsrCompany by RiAs'^ 

Ume BtofcOion, gave to tbe Cioont ferving HUl, Tome time Maflcr of it* it bad then on 

God io that Ctinrcb, all the Lands and it fotse fmall Cottigt^ wbtcbvere potletl' 

Sake called KMiihnm-GmiU,^tht Hands of down Co make Room for its Bbildin^e,- an<k* 

their Prior N«r*M«) and to confirm their ^mbttf Rmtliftt AiHeiman of- tbe Came 

Grant, oScjed King fiawifi Charter, ,ind Company, gave one hundred toad of Tim- 

tbe lieveral' CooliriDaiioas of it upon the her lowaida ir; fourteen Iheihten of the- 

Alnr, and pat the faid Piior into the Pof. Mcrcbaat-Taylotii with thtft Kitfudh^ 

fcflioa of tlum, by admitting bim into the compleated the Building, and caufed four.- 

Cborcb of St a««V^, which «M built upon- teen poor Widowi, or Angk ^t^omen, to 

the Head of the Land j and to make all be placed inir, endowing it with an Allow*- 

^ings fore, tbe Monks obtained a Coniif ance of (iitcen Pence weekly for' eatrb oi^ 

mation of this Gift from King Hreqkl who tbcm, bcJIdes vtl tf i. which ir piid* 

fent his Shcriffi Aminj dt ftrr, and Av^ ''>*<» Y^^^J- by' tbe laid Cr-ntpiny for- 

the Nephew of a*f«r«,ia inveft the Priory Fbc).. 

of the Sa^ T^mity with the latd Soke awL In the Reign of King BdwtrJ iV. ihtre- 
LaitdL ' we* a Scaffold and Gallows fct up hete by 

Tbe Prior and Canons of the Bttj Tri. tbe OlScers of the Tkwrr, for the txtcori.' 

mity beiog chut feizcd of ihciTaijiim QmU, on of fucb Malefatlnn as (bould be con» 

tfefaoG rriorwu, foshimfelf and Saceef- demoed to fuffer from then:e| but mo^ 

ton, admitted as one of the AUcrmcn of. of them having been for many Years laft 

iM^n, to gpvctn tbe faid Land and Soke, paft either IVrfbiu of Qiialry, Of orhrr*' 

aad according totbc CuSooi of tbt City- wifr of great Note, tbe Gillow* is long,- 

did ride with tlteMayorand bit Bretfarca. (iacepnlkd^own, but the Sc^ff>ldiTmaini. . 
tbe Aldermen as OEU' of tbem, aod wn. ia i.- Several lelrgioos Ifcnfcs, tho' long - 

^parclled, till the DiSblutioo by King fince demsUfbed, as the nvw A*)bey n-tr- 

JlsyVIfL when tbe Priory ntMgivcn by . ■Xtfi-Smli^U^ >n the Pficeof whkh ii t!r6- 

dtK Prince to Sir 3i«w«r AadUy, .Kt. then foreioeniioncd King's Slaughter-Hunfe ; tb«- 

Loid Chancellor of EMgUad, whn pulled Abbey of St C/^^f.fortlte Order of Nuo*,' 

do*Ri tbe Cbnrcb, ud totaed the wbok called Uhuriu, where King Htntji built cer~- 

Libern into- 1 L>]^Bm; fines whieb Time laia Stere-Houtes for Armour andother' 
il W Mmflovcracd bf Manpani EeiAn^ Hibitinisats for War, wi^h dinn Werk- 





HouCit f«r tbs Am« Pufpaft, tf wliUh wa tUi Ghureb i for Qttrgt UmMpu, Miftet 
fttillniv* a msr* full AcemiM laeut£«^ of tht Hobltil, who dM ?«'* i}. itfti. M 

Cullegiiic Chorch of Sc. K"ii»nn*, fo c«Uait bis S'lRtr, who founded i Chmcry for four 

from Sr. £«(A«f«M the Vifgi» and Mirtyr. Fiicfa, who wcietohnerwelve MtrktMch 

TbUHofpiol WIS founded by UMiUgi, or am of bit Manor of mtb Gmidefiltm in Hirh 

litui. King Slifbia^s Qut:ea, by Ltccflce /M/krw, tapriy for his own ind their Souls. 

fiooi the Fiiar *nd Cosveqc uftbft Htlj^ Hcd'ui tiiii^fi j. mT-fot T^dtritk Buttr, 

Ti-inylj laLndt*, and for tlu GrixinA wd » D»t t b m*» , who wit drowntd in the Iktma, 

Site, whereon file bitik k, grtnud lothem w,!}! ]a. i'6tf3. Far Jtnm*, the Wife of 7t<hi 

lix Y»d Lmds in the M«n«r of SrwtL.' a^imf^m, who died in Child-bed Drtemktr 

iim$, in ibe County oi Ht^tftrd. Queen <■. if. 1694. Por M«r/«r{t, the Diughter of 

liA»tr,Reli& of. K.'mg Hnnj III. give by hcf. R«brtCwr«f,iBTorticrof this College, who 

Cbuter, bearing Dace ^ii'ji j. uyj, to thtf- diid Vm* af- i(S8). For. Mr; 7»iht Giiim, a 

Hofpidli fhe Mafter aod Bretbrno feiving Fallow of the Colkgevf Henlds, who iitha 

Gad iheic, and ihcir Succeflors for «vcr, .Aothor of the Lm^ Introdu&ion to Heral- 

ceicaiii Lands io the VUliges of rW»» and dry, For WiSiim CttHift, a Benefi&or t« 

Uirelift \a KtiU, add ocheis in the ViUtget tbic Hof^tat ; Dr. loir, Chtptain to Queen 

of Am^, or Rtid in Htrtfirdjbin, md foote Marj and Qneen Amu, to whom in tbeir 

ia Esfi Smithfiild, fottii^Wt'taiag ofihree Minority he wit Taror, and Pi-ebendary 

Br«iher-Pri«(it, ind a Maflfr to celebiets and Archdeacon of Stattr; and for Mr. 

I)la£t for the Sou) of Ki*g ffflH7, bci Lord, StMtftnl, bit Wife, and fiiteen Children, 

l|er own Souli and the Sonit sF the Kings . who died ?mhs4. i6t9. 

, and QuEcni her PredcceJTors and Svcccf- 4. St. Trimitj in the MWnVr, a foiiU 

fore, and that every Day.inibQ Year lai. Church built in or near the Place where 

be given lo twaniy-foor poor People { and fbnnerly thedifToleed Abbey of the Nuns 

aaHwv- !(!, the Fcaft ot St. » A— J , the of St. Ovt flood, for fuch Inhibifanrs 

ArchbiJbop, m Hilf-pcny apcice to a tfaoiH chiefly ae dwell within the Prccinar of the 

fjnd inore< . late Moaaftnrv, and dedicKed to the Hoi; 

Queen <lM*tr, Wife to King 2iw«rrf I. and ever St^M Trinity. The old Church, 

retonnded t)us Hofpital, aad hiving giveo built foon after the Reforsiatton, being 

to it tbe Misort of Cl»rlm in ff'ihfii'*, and nmch decayed ind rninsted, war taken 

XTfihveb in Smit, appointed one MaOer, down in 1706. and rebuilt front the 

three Brethren, a Chaplain, and three St- Groond, neat half hy. the Gifts of Mr.Xi^f 

ftcrs, ten poor Women, and fix poor and the Lady PritAtnlt ind'thBreft by a 

Perks. Queen f^^, Wife to the &■. t^tiOtRacc. It is a neat Cbareh svell pcw- 

moni King Edtitrd III. fbusded a Chantry ed and oi-nsnicnied, the DinMaAoiif tleinK* ' 

in this Church, and gave to the Hofpiul in Length Hxty^thtee Foot, and Breadtb 

10/. ^ .itai. Icis nowaColkgiste>Chorch twenty-four. It huh no Tower, bat a 

conft^iagof a MaAer and cbtce Brothers^ bindlome Tuiret. It is « Curacy in the' 

with as many Sifters. The King has the Gift of the Crown. 

Appoincinent of the Men, and WJSm* Th« Menuawnti in thit-Chareb lae. i. 
famrr, Efqi is^ the prefeoi Mafter. The For Colonel mtlmm Uggi, Groom of Ae 
Precinfii oi diis Chnrcb are large, comiin- Bed-Cbanbtr, and Lieu ten an ^ General of 
ing Part of 7&«awr- Street, and niiny Courts rb« Ordnance to King Cktrln I. and in the 
and Lanes which have in them eight ba» late Civil - Wars- Govern qnr of Chfitr and 
dred and fifty Houfcs. The Church isan so- QefW, eiid apon the Kefluiarfoir of King 
C)HK but plealsni Building, Gxty.nincFirat CkMfiii It. reAnred to bis fi^niieT phcei. 
loffg, and Itxty broad. The Monnmeocs He died OStt^r ij. 167^. Mttt. ft). For 
in it arc, for the Right honourable Grwgf hii Son Smg» Jjgg, crested for his own and ; 
Mafjfef, Earl of Umuhtfitr, who died >■ Fathci's S«r«ioe»'lard;Ojmm«(fr. He died-', 
Ij if. i6ft^ ID theS'ifne he vasrepeirt^ io ttw Enw>sOlM<r ty. 'r0]ti;'B>r-Sir7«i^' 

a' Pti- 



aOm, toi Colonel £«r*i Wife, wbedM PwQmrgt Cimt«, CtizM M^Vbtne o^ 
in i6ia. J^Mta, mho, bf hit lift Will gm m tb« 

S. SI. BfftJ^r 4Ugau,~ fo ciScd. bMnift Ul« ofrlie Poorofthii PaiiA a9J l.6r.%d- 
ittsAiUamdcaSc. Sfn'^ ■ Srifta, [bom te laii for Mr.7«ltt ITmbii^, who died (tf*> 
C«*w<, and boried in Ij«M&/Up«. Tradi- iw i8. 16^, jSta ]8. N«r th« Gite in 
tisn ucicndy give lb full M Accannc of tbii Wirdftood inckntlfaGonduirofBood 
tte nieny Uiracki lie wnvght, tbit «or Wawr, broaght in PJpn froa NxfaM^, Built 
fciigioui Ancefton flintcil bim, ind dedi- in ij)$.by cbe Coniribiifioni of tbs Gtri- 
ated iiitay Cbordici to him in chb Chy xciis la tb* Miyoralty vf Sir Jtbm ABiw ; 
mil cJJjcvberc] bat beisg Ittntce ■ litcle b«c be^g fihiited on th« Sooth Side of 
witbonc ^Ut^tti '» of rbii Ward, dio' ill die Street, k wm (bond tncomaiodiotii to 
du Pariflt is cor in the Preedon of tbs Piflen|ert 11 well ai for the poor People 
City. We find not by wbom thit Chnrch th*t ntched Witer frocn it j ndierenpon 
wms bmlr, bat thit k wit in being in 1 1 1 5> when the Gate, being very nacfa deeiycd, 
we ire Cire j btcill(e wben thit Ward wi) wiitifccndown in itfor. to berebnilt.the 
fanendend to till Ufc of she Prwrutd Conduit ww removed,' lod pl*eed in a 
&iBV<nt of tbe n^ Trimi^, Pofleffion wii Coort idjotning, md«iad« very convenient 
neen tbem by putting the Prior into tht* for tbe WeterBeirerf, and no Annoymce 
Ckorch, wfaicfe tben OcMid et the Hetd of to the Street. Thii ii ill we find obrciVK 
tfae Manor or Fee. Tbe ReSory of tfaii Me in tfili Ward, tod lb we pift 10 
Parib being appropriated to the fiid Mo^ 

naftery, tbe Core Wat foppUcd bytim of a. Jiwtr. Strut Wtri. 

dM Canons till tbe Diuolution, wben it - 

was (d«d by the Crown, in which If re. ' Thii Ward take* ita Name from |be 
■Mined tiO it wii given by Queen ££u- 7Mw of Lisinr; tbe chief FortreO of tbe 
Mab for ■ Term of Yean, litft, to Rtttrt City both by Sea and Land, the Armory 
B«Kw«l,*nd then to Gtwyr r»tMi<M, which and Archive of the whole IHind, (7r. md 
beii« rxpired, King jMm*J I. granted it tt^ it the tirft Ward Baftwird witfiia tbe Walls 
A-irtoV Mrr*«r, and otberi, front whom tt of the Of ty. It is governed by one Aldtr> 
is fince pafled to Charln V'^eviU,- Efqt the« man, who it at prefent Sir ChurUi Pttri, Kr. 
laBe,ifaot tfaeprefentOwner. The Living and hit Deputy Mr. S/rpin Xi»;, indcha. 
tt a Donative or Curacy. Tbe Imptopria- feth eleven Cotnmon Conncilmen, thirteen 
tor pays 8 1, i-year to tbe Curate, and Gonftiblei, twelve Scivengen, thirteen 
tbefflaaboat 11 A ffr d»m. given to him Wardmote' Men, and one Beadle. 
for Sennont. Tbe Domtiom to the Poor Thingi of mon Note in it are, 
are abCHM ijo / fir Amwtm. • r. The "nmrr of iMdm, anciently a Roy- 

Tbe Monatnenti of thti Chnrch ate.' 1. «l Palace, where our King*, witb rhetr • 
Pot Mr. Refert Ttylir. x. For Captain Jla- Ceofl!, have fometimei lodged ; but now 
hrt Silk. ^. Sir Edward DMrtf of DanfirJ- made Ulc of by tbe Government fen: divers 
rUtt inAvT; he wa; third Sen nfS'\<Ar- Purpofes, vfe. r. As a Royal Arfena), for 
«iw i)w«y, Gentleman of the Privy-Cham-> iu*eping the Arms and Aminonition for 
ber to Qneen'KliMlvtib. H* died OAiw llxty-tbourand Men. a As a Treifury for 
It. ijix. Jetst.69. ' ^'fofTlKmst tord- the Jevelt and Oma-menct of the Crown. 
Darf, a Knight of the Garter^ Sit fUtMat- ]; Ala gfeit Mint for titiining of Silver - 
QwfW, and fail Lidyi and Sir Artbtr^O^ny,' and Gold. 4/ A great Archiveto preferve 
TCtmcer Son of the Lord Otrtf and Uwrf alt the lneiF>)t Rccordi oi the Conrtt of - 
Us Wife.D>agbterOf9irJArM«rC«R*,»ir wyffM^/Tir, &c. And f. The chiefPiifon 
in one Vault artd Bnd*r ontTomb. j. F(» forrhe Saf^rfy of grtif Perfont, charged i 
Httmt Dim, who gave the Nomination of with high Ciimes againfV the King 01 State, 
twoAlim-Wonicn to Mrt6mt.T9brr Aim*- for «hich divert Parr; of it are alletie'l is 
faoaleito rbtsPatifh, and 10/. ■ Veir ro be Offices convenient for rhem, of which we 
ditribnted every Sr. T&him>'s Day equally th*ofe it net rmproper to give a psriiciK ~ 
aoiong lisry poor, aged- and impotent Men' taf ftX brief Account. Af, 
aifd W*mfn. Uedicd M»j -x. \6iif 6 



1. The 'OriniaettOSc*, which fa kept of Ka§imd htwt been cnviwi witfi ever 
ill Mi-HThiw. Hfic ftiid Aeconnu lince King C^wrf the Confl:(rar, Aw 1043. 
«re takm of, tnd Oid«n giving forprovi- tbe Royil Scepter, wirh 1 Cnftt on which 
4ir>g >nd diCpuiing of til wiilike Miteiii)* ii ■ Jewel of grcit VjIuc i rhe OrJ> of 
ncccfTiiy for the Uercnoe of (be Kingdom, Globe of the World, held itt the KIng'i et 
ill Timef both of W*r tnd PcKc. The Queen'tleft Hand it the Coronilidn, oil 
chief OfTiccT here >■ rhe M^fter-Geocrat, the Top of which ii ■ Jevel near to f nch ' 
whi ik *U'*ys t Peifon of grett Merit, tnd tnd lulf in height ; ■ Scepter with ■ Dove 
iUillciI in AUrtitl Aftirt. He fail the In- on -it; Sc, tdwrf* InS of beaten Gold, 
Ipcilion iiid C«K of all the Magazine] tod carried btfbre the King or Qacen it *h* 
Kio-cK HOC only of (biibut ill other Plicci C«ronitian ; the Diadem wora in tbe Pr^ 
111 thi N*iir>n. tnd Js to fupply our Atmiei ceffion tt tbe Cocooatian ; the rich Crown, 
ailiuau %.i ibroid with all kind of Inftni- worn on the Throne in Parlitmenr, ia 
menu »xi.rff»ty foi War. To fern under which a large Emerald, 1 Petri tbongbc to be 
him tnd tfM W'tn, there «ie thefe Patent- the fined in the World, rail a Rnby of ia- 
(^liiccTi, till, a .Lit ntcntnt General, a Sar- eflimblc Vtlnev tbe Cort>ntrion<Crown, 
vt)nr, Ckik of the Ordnance, -Keeper of with | Scepter tnd Globe made for die lite 
ijie S:(irc<, Clerk of the Deliveriet, Tre^ Queen Man I >n Ivory- Scepter and Dove 
llircr and PtytiMflcr, cliief Engineer, Ma> made for the lire King Jtimti the Iff 
tVct-Gunuer, attd Kerper of the fmill Conit Qieen ; rhe golden Eagle, which containi, 
•<;oiitiotlrT of the Fiie-woiks and fevcral the confecrated Oil wherewith our Ktngt 
ether infrrinr OlfictTf. end Qoeeni are anointed at their Corona. 

1. The mitt TVairr, (itntteon rhe liMMtt- Hon, and (he gnlden Spoon, tnto which tlia 
'&j^, >nd fitd ro hive been built by JmHtM Dilhop poan it for ihti End, they «re Pieces 
C^*, hut with more Probability by mjc ofgteat Aollquity; the golden.$pDn and 
MNtheConqaeror, Aea 1078 ThitPbce ArmitU'r, which arc alfo worn tt theCoro- 
is ufed 1) 1 Mtgazine for keeping Gon- nation; Ctirtani, or the Sword of Mercy, 
l»9«-der, nf which there have been three bo'obctween the Swordsof Jnfticc, fpiriiu> 
ihoufand Banelf tt a Time in ir, with vift al and tempori), at the fame Time. The 
Quantities of Match i 1* alfo Swordt tnd Fware of the Ttwar, md a rich Saltieller 
Gini for mnunring great Gani, &t On ufed ttihefime Solemnity, and fctontlie 
thcEad-Sideof it if a Placefor proving the King er Queen's Tablet a large ininr 
PowJcr before it h« Itid up, belnre the Sor* Foiuitain prfented to King Ch^a H by 
vcyor and other Ofeeri. Thii Tower wm the Town of Plymtath, tnd t noble Si hrer- 
alfnoft new ertfi^d in the Years i6]7, and Font, double gilt, which out Kings and the 
t6}B. briitg built of Boulder and fqnmd Princes of the Royal Fitnily wete chtiBen- 
Stone. In 'his Place ii a Room called Jaii- ed in* 

«M Ca-/«r't Chapel, where arc many Cart-loads 4. The Horfe-Arainnry, wkerein ire tbe 
of Records and other Clurt4 tmtnM, and Fignrei oFiifteen of oar KingiRnce ITWmw 
Tianfcriprs, made and doiK before and the Conqueror, carioofly reprefented op 
ftncc theConqueft, to the Reign of King Horfcbacs in lich Armour, Ctp>a-pe, ud 
Taha, when the Records begin. Mr. Prymt, fome of their Horfei alfo in Armoiir. Here 
■ bole Incendiary in the Itre Ttmea. wat are ilfo Xing <^mUs I. «nd Ii. and King 
made Keeper of there Rccordii ittbeRefto- Wli'iw Ifl.t^c with their Guards inArmonr 
ration of King ckarUi II. and k^th with in- backward. In it lUb ii t Suit of Armonr 
defitigable L*bi>ur collt£ted <nd printed faid to hive been 7«ih* AfGMmr'a, feveo Poof 
miny of them of publick Ufe in three tnd a half high ; likewife that of the Lord 
Volumif, bcginninf 1 7*<w in tbe Years Mi^gfalt, with the Swotd whidi he took 
i6io, ifi5t, 166^. from a fttmth General, for which he and 

1 Th: J-.we) tlonfe It kept near the his PoAvrity have the F'voar of being co> 
£t1 End of the Grand Armoory, and vered in the King'* Prefence ; the Eail of 
T'lnt'int at prefent tkcfe Rcgatii, ma. itrgyWi laidins Staff, and imny other Suits 
Tbe (nperlil-Crowji, wUcb til the Kings of Amuwr tod cnritws Eigbtt. 

a J. Tke 


f. The gnnd SfOrdwnrs Tor the fioeft ind Woitb. His Offici is to reeein the 

aodlttgeft AmlUiy, t wAb'iod very 1^1- gold ind Giver BaHion brought by the 

uMs Bi^dikg nctr th» Gbarcb, witA > MvrobMtt, Goldrnltbs, or otbers, ind to 

ftnety Door-em.' In lUs Storchttoft, on fay tbcm' fi>r it to 'the ftilt Vi'Iue. (the 

AeCifoaiid-Sloor, ii«'fis vet7 lirgv Mor- Chirge of cb?niUg being defriyed by'i 

tws, nrrying Bombs oFtwo hundred Ponnd Duty on Wine imported^ The Miller ind 

Wei^hr rwo Milev with their Cirriigei, Woiker receives the BulKon from the W*r- 

md feretkl oib« Itfortsr^ ; in Engine for den, ind c*nling it to be melred, dcHvers 

fluwmff fe*cr*l Maiket-BiIIi it once; it n the Money trl to be coined, ind when 

€t t » *mm th Fnuiu, to fceep off Horfe i twtenJ it i> minted rde^ivej -it sgiin. The Con> 

ty BnTs-Gnns, weighing etdh of thetn thir* irolfer is to fee thst the Money coined be 

ty-two hndred ; > Pratoenj ind fcverit mide' MMrding to die AlEze, ind conti(4 

Giuii talmi *t t^c ; ■ Reck, to extort Gon< the Officers if the Money be not mide ts 

feflioo ) an Engine of finsll MoiUrt, to it ought. Tin Afl*iy-MafteT is to try tbe 

fltoot thirty Sheik «t ■ Time; end > Can B*ltwn, ind to fee tMt the Money cainej. 

Ak dHcliwget ftven BnTletV H-on^e; \ ■ whether Silver or Gold, be accordifig ta 

Smitb't Forge, to bi Bfed in i Cimp ; ■ riie Srindird o'f Fioeneis, vfs. for Gold, 

nftNoinbtr of otber'Csrinon, mountedon twenty-two Cirttf fine, ind two CirMi 

Cirriages, wkb ill Mrteriili for drswings Alliy of Copper i knd tbit tbe Silver be 

Train of Anilltry j fcVeril Kettk-Drnms, eleven Ounces' two-penny Weight fine, 

tikM at tbe'Btftle of Btdftts fiity-two sml eighteen- penny Weight of tne Alhy 

Gatn On TmmWtmi, filed in a Hinge' On by the Ptonnd'Trt^. Tie Additor is to 

tbe Gnmnd, to be dlfcbarged M odcalum of tike all Accounts, and' nike them np ; and 

Viaorto>,CorMiltioof,^f. thriSorveydr of'the Mehrnf is to fee the 

6. Tbe New-Arnwnry tot finill Arm*,' Bnllion be not 'altered; u to the Finen<-6, 
it a fpicMOf Room wbemn ««kept Ptbes; I'm it is areertaitieil. by the Aflay-Mafler 
Bayonet^ Carbtoei, Piftoi*, Hilbertt for an aad delivered to the Melter. 

Amy of abovC' Any thoniand Men, nd t* The Office otCowt oFRecordt, ew* 

tbn not only To bciurtM uid clem, but fHts of a -Stewifd, DepDry-Stcwir^, tn4 

in fisch sdaiirable Order, forming virioos Gentlemm-Poriei', who is in tbe' Nature of 

FifMrcf , m render the Scene not a tittle dfe- i- Sheriff of ■ County, hivinr tbe like Pow. 

ligbtful to tfac Eye of all Spedanri, and cr within the Liberties of the nwr, ftf 

thcAdmiratimiof'Strangert; It fixteen Pe- which Compili a Conrt li beld every 

liScn of Pikes and Piltok, Cbeqner-work Ucnisj, for deferorining of Matters, it A8i> 

ofCarbmci and Piftolt' Half- Moon t. Semi- Mi* of Trefpifi, or Debt of any Smn-givK 

circlet sad Targets of wyonets, the Ftimi or fmall. The old "ArtilleryCtrden' By 

of a Battery in Swordi and PiflOls, a Pair SfitlU- Flitdt, ini tbe Lfrt/rMrnrir/ ire wfth* 

of Gates of Halbcrts and Pillcrft, feveral in tbe rnaw. Liberty. Tn former Timels 

Blundcrbofis, Sivordo, and Pikes taken from many Controvnfici! irofc bctwrcn the May- 

Sf mean* Pirkins in 16^6. with one of or and Cinzcm of Lndin on fhe one Part, 

wbicb King WdH»m IIL wis to have been and the Lieotenint nT the Tvvtr on the o- 

ftoronTknkiN-Grws. 8tc. -Ten Peopieare ihet, touching their Ltbertirt ; fbr'hegrant- 

COflftantlr empliiyedinkttpingrfiere Amu «d PrPltaionicotheCi izcns, and encroach* 

cfcati and in good Order, and for their ed upon ihe JarirdifiiondftbeCity, where* 

Labour have to y. a Week allowed them, Upon Complaint wis made tbereof to her 

which is condantly paid. Majefty Queen £/rx«lrt£, ^ho bv the Ad* 

7. The Mint, which is a - Corporation, vicvof her Connetl referred tbe uerenninr. 
CAnrifthtgofa WardM. -Miflei-, and Work- tion of all Differences betweerr thrm ro Sir 
trs. Co^t^)ler, Affay-Mafter, Andlters, Ckrijtrphtr iFrtf, Kniaht, Lord Chief Jif. 
and Snvcyor of rbr- Mrldn^, with maAy ff ice of Engltmd ; Sir Edwiwi Mdirfm, 
oth«r inferior Offiocri, at Weighort, Teh Knight, Lord ChitfJolVice of the Cmmt** 
len, Gravert, Enginacrs,^^ The Warden PU*i; and Sir OiMrrt Cimrd, Knight, Mi- 
ofthcMfait is ufnallr a Perfbn of Quality fter of tbe Rolls. Tbefc Pcrfens oiled the 

L ' ■ lien- 



fc L O ND'O N. 

Lieiiceaiot ind the Co«ip1«inmtf b<fMe Several t^tKimm'f Mid Manttmftm ef - 
xhtat, ind b*vin§- iMftid lad ^unwdd ibe Chiurtori >rKl Otc4t awdeti^d doM beCv* - 
Contraverfies oo bs^h Sid<i,'M(CiMiW]iae tb« Cfti4Ma;()K4l wd CAMnAsbetfMMB 
^hey Touad, and g**e th«ir Qfuniaiisto tier Etity ind Ptrryfjind ,tW jiAfiftlbUkm^n . 
M'jcfty'f Cosacil, wbe tbtii, ftn'ed ilw of ill the @fic«i ia llKNaaoii} tbcMeW- 
M»cer in DilpuKi in4 B«uiidt of ril^xhc PoMft* in M at lt tw d j 

i^Ttiit taucbiiig.rucb-Libcrti«>- u the wuh cborevMil4i)4««0>(dH'«Il)|btt vf t^ - 
L^uieiMHt 'ClaiiDAth for the OSctn muI }ithfb«riiK( therriB, tSU> CwaWin vf Pf 
Artendints ofihe nMr,-ih^tboB(()Mt|iC: ftonr (^^ba^dsi aM(iy otW ft(t¥ilcfn 
fucb Pcifunt isferved huM^tfly in fasb and £vklHiF<s wo lofi^.hafetA ftt dwro^. 
Pofit (koHldbcpiWilcged' nocto 1>« wkifih were thoogbc n( fttii faifarNnfo 
iltetttd agpninviCaBtplfint inLtm(lmibut. iHCitotly, dwt the CnaMOai, of Ma fi m d >fc 
for Wticf of &Kciiti«Q, tai the lika, if {coiUmI in PtrliaMcm 4£-fiiAM»i' UbiCall > 
WW. their. Opi,aioa ih»t tbey oughc c»' then ■ (ifipctwl Frbof'of cv«ry Mfs'f 
b4ve no Puvilcge. . ; RigliE wUboBf wbicb'-ao^HiBory of cb» 

1. Tkit cop£enii|g,ProtcSii9nigf*ii|od Nition o*n be.wtuita. 
by thaLtEt».«Mntf<Mfucbw pre condemn- All ibe R^Uc frOD-KlM^iMeo tbc Se- 
ed in tba TumvCoiut to go it l«rga. lad ginniog «f the ttt^gm of Kiag Rkhtrd IIL' 
not to be irrefUd-by -My.Procaft out of ire nfofkuiiit iifiytli<-Plm* In Wei** - 
the Queen's bigb Coam n.WytMwejSi*, ot fitU-Ttw^t tbs leC %n beptic ilie fteJb^ia 
etrcwheie, tbeyttwDgbc if'ag«inft:berAf*J CJtfmnryU^W- TM .CbancM md Gr«an - 
jefty's Liwf end Dignity- • ^ tbc -^m^wifHit of' Abbeys. end «b*e 

3. Tbutbe i^cvtenMi af4he,.to reRiMi rcligioui HoB&Si m.aUo tbo.Recoftkcoiw 
e¥c(|r IHhim , C»rt^. om pfeoy CoHrt m ciWiog tbe'Diftilnw* of -tbo^ Atbeyt, . 
t^Mhpr, Co u tbc JuOicei before wbom ind tbo-DoKMraac of the Landr -wbicb ■»- 
it ii rerdtntd nuy deliver the ft>dy m Jfc »J famitiei »te or were pofleflird of, u« c 
ftie^lb«^(^<niite- ttMltad^n ibaRvUs- AUb, 

'. ^^^MtilK'^'i^Mtho.UeBtffMlik . .ThBiTwiHCf •fal)theUrd(iiifii«i«P^ . 
dLoUi cl^ a M?erry jf lay I^rfen, pri«t' witb-'a Sw^ey of .lb*- Mtaoti, tbt'Ortglnal . 
lagcd ill ibn- n««^ be- acrcAed in ImiAmi of alt o«t Levi and Statewe, ihfrpnairm ■. 
cciokcvftitBatt^iizeB. if be cooKt wicbia on of tbe BWifi Smi. ill Le4gitei-«Bd .: 
[lie tibetciei of tbc, ri«(r, and keep him Treatlei. with- foreign PeincMt «U tb» At^ 
fi'tCuicT till tbe other be delivered, tbey . sfaieveniMU of chic Nitioa in A'mm*, Ktd -. 
(bought, ilhe faofe to b> altogetbfT tgitnft- other fercigii Patlti .fit our Kingt Grams - 
i))c t^iuis of the Rdalm. Tbii DFTcrmin*-. to their SubpiQa, i^e Dependencci of Araf- 
tio^ ihe Loida of tbtiiCouneil ordcied and Uwd upott b%!rwd ; tlia SetitecSfiK of Jr*. ■ 
decreed (bould from dteocclbdh flind and Uud, as to Lnr and Dominivn 1 the Piivi- 
remain for Rulei and R«foluttont, and a fi- legci and Itnmiinuics grimed to Cities 
ml Dcciiion and .Cooclnlton for fo mocb and CorporatiDna,--«i*.~of Fain, Miikew, 
■^ To naoy of tfaePamtfinControvcrfy, CouK-Leeu, Eftrayt,- W«i£i, &t^- Tbelc 
as iPcre contained in tbe Schedule laid be- Recordi are ill icppliiyd hv-a Plafc called - 
f*ft them by the Mayor and Citizeiu 10 be fVtk-fitU Tkwar. mbactt » ncai the tUtdj 
fer ever hcieafrer duly obfcrved and hepc, Ttwr. Any PeiAm may Itave Iribeny to 

Here is tbe Office for keeping of the Rf VUiiCr. thele Rollt and.. Recordi upon lUift - 
cordi of Ea^nd, an Office oF very venera- Snbjeft for a YcarJvr 10/. Tbit OSite is . 
ble Aotimiixy, of which the Keeper it digr open (even Hours in « Day all the Vcar 
itificd with a Ipcicial Trull. lie is rccom- tmt Dmmti',- 3mt^ «ni' ^humj,- Tbc 
mended to tbe Kins or Qntep by the Ma> Timt which contrina *U tbtfc OSices i^ To 
fter of the Rolls, and if he be found .fitW. enlarged with Bbitdingii that it apfieiis as - 

?;aalified to ezecme fo great a Tiod, be is a Town, and ii furrouodcd with a Wall 
worn by rbefiid Mafier, and coofirmad by sndDitcb, whkb. ii in tome Plaoa ■ hur- .. 
the King's, or Qaeen's Leiters>Patcnt. died .and twenty Eooc broad. The vhole 
Thcte Records are undu tbc Cyejod-kecp* is governed by a Conftable, Licuteoanr, 
ing. of ihii Officer, vix. . £}c[luty>Lx»'-eoaat)«ii(l GeotleiDan Porter, 

C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

Under whom tkere are forty Wttdert for rhe chief OAlfert boli thtir Ptice.i by'P^i.. 
dw better Piefimtioa not only oF rhe Knt(nintbr%'tiiBiDdthctcf\$f6»fpbiriv 
Jeweh, ^icorAs, Migizinei, P]»te tnd Mo- eW try » Wdriftt "ftbiil theCorl Hi'gh:!'!'!)-^ 
aey -. bat Ufo j< OcciAon fervef, of-tbit fiirer. . . , . • . ' t 

kft «rbraitirfai«de, ' ' j. Tk Cha/elies tn thif Wvd.'vT, i., 

9. APrifba, uid ar Cucft it-iiOMofthc' .Mb^!rtwt,'SMi»g, tirade tietttfteEtfl-Eui. 
moK Hideicitt SigJW, ind indirpdttbly, of XjrtM nmtrjntt, it it'tn in'CKnt Bvili-' 
rlw moft bODMtnUe ; for few Ctimintli ing; for wefind chjt H-tttg Rtch»rdl. builc 
Jun tlrt PMoor to be here imprifoned bbC a'nir ChipcT on the North Side, wticre' 
cfccNdUHty orMcQiberiDf rhe Honfe of fome fty hli Heut wis buried nndcr'the' 
ComaOBS, wfto for hlgll Mirdbjneiaofs Hfgfi Altkr, ind thitlCIng £(i>»«r^ f.. con- 
are ke^ in ftfe Coftady by ihr-0(der«f firmed md awrtnetited it. K.\ni'ed»^d. 
their own HnQfe; ind In'-fueh (Sfet tbs IV. give Lictnle la^An £»] ofWir(epi,,\ 
'Ucmcnaiit 'Il»Tbefe'Ft:ei,V(x. (gr « OkIu To fouoS ia ir I'Braitierhood for ■ Mifti^r. 
toai^' for Ml inr&tior Peer icof. knd for 4 ind Brethren, to wtiom he give therdoiy 
CoouBooer ;c/ In the Abfencc of fh^ 0f "nn'a^iiti irtd'^he ASvOwton of^trtcj^^m 
' LmKeiunrtbe Deputy flipplll's b?! 'nice/ in ^arr^, with allthlb ^Altpurtirnince^. *nd 
n4'Tte<S«arIeBl«a. Porter hlceiCire Of the I'ppointcd ic ro be ctllcd cbc Cbip'rl 'ofSt. 
Cites tO' i^ecbem evened jnd lacked; be. i^rj oi'Btrktiig King RieimrJ IXT- nen 
(tttfc «Ub rfaeCDnmnid of the Warden «p- bailr h, ind founded therein 1 College 
onOoey; end upon the Commimunt of of P/iefk, which wai fopprqlfcd in i^^S. 
■ ffVffiifier beluthfoi: h'li Pcctfiefcifoncr's w HmthlVL ettd wimoc longifeti'put^' 
wpferGfnBentf.or-coatfnaoitiofif'it-'iol.: ed dawii, md Storehotrfet for Herch*nu' 
■for a-Peer, and fl. for cKhodfir. The, biri*t4rf the' Phce " fblii the Church re-' 
Wrtien, who itRitd 'k itie'im^r 6«r«' muned only, «iul it now mide PuachUl 
tea by Diy aod two by Night, »re to It bu been ftveril Tlmei ^epii^ed lince 
gBBrdtbe fridntn tfait >ie CoSutirtCed for the Ite form* tion, bat wis njoft bemtifglly 
any-Ciines or MUBemeniDiitt wM Cbe reeiired indidorned in 170!, The Bene- 
GoyemixicnT, wbich -^llBws ■ fiidi rrifener*. ftaicai to rbii Piiifh imouiit toftteinnuJ 
«te * Doke .4 /. -Lordii /. 4/. >1 md Reab of 40/. bcfldes/forae Gi^ts 6t' &!<>•. 
Knrglrtt md -Gthckmcn i ] 1. .4V i.Wceli neVjad P1*te. 
■Iiifc cfccy ire confined. T%e MeiniimefTW fift rtie Deid *«rrti' 

». The Coftom-hotife-ftr the tort of OMerrjtitfn in tbij Church »re thefe: 
fM^M, • very Iptdotu, comtnodioa*, and i-'For If^Qimit Armmrir, Efq; Cloiih- 
hmdfoaie Buildiag, ere&e<d by ftlnc. Ctarbr woricer, Gorernour of the Pjges of Hoaanr, ' 
H. Aitm 166% end coft roooo/. Here ire ind Mifter of the Hinccmen, Servant tA' 
inanaged sti the Affiiri rclaring to the Ex- iL\TigV*iir^'VM\.mi'id»»i'Vl. uidQitM. 
pottt and loioom of iWi 'Opulent City, i» ^<ry, Inined H i ^dtt. ' 
cotdfaiK ro the Impofitioo of Pirtiiment. 1. Pbr 7«r»i ZMf^iN^, Secretary to the 
In tUiOfGce are eirnteyed ■grOc'Nufnber 'tarrma AmbifTador then reliding'in Eif- 
of Oflicors, of which diven are Perfontof Imi. 

confidenhte Qoailty and AWrhy^ ks tiitt, j. For Ttw* #)f*7, »ho"J 
the CsniniilSanerj, -who hsretbe whole died 0«*t»«r i. 14IJ. | *,,.r,.. 

ttarge and Management of aH theCnfloms' 4. For W**./<^ Brmtf^m, I p™'!* "^'" 
ofWfairf.dhePetiy-FtrmionlyeiCTited) who died ,#«. ii.i+itf. v.""'!J'J^ 
and Nkewife the Otreriigbt of iH rhe Oifi- J. For R«/f* D*-fcwi, wbo !*'"""'"• 

cert thereaato belonging, who ireofisany died OSt^. 9. ijoo. , , *.' '■ . , 

Sor«,ajSccrcteri«,-Rceei»en General, -Ac «. For 7A«.« C»i^, who """» """" 
eomptantj Gcner*]. ■ Cootrbller, Search- ; died ft*. &. t^jf. ^"' •"" "^ 

en, Sarveyorr, Kingi «rid'Tlde«i'attefs; f^c. '7. For Jcfie rWr, who di- l "" * 
T6eftgre« Ofliccra *t«fe»ea in Number,' tO »>wn»i*. to 1(6). j',' ' .' 

and in etch of tbcm allowed loooi. fit S. For Htwy ftlliti, fife]-, and j^-ti bit . 
Am Tbefe Commiflteiimaod ftvcril of Wife, wbijh Hmrj dieJ Dt.*7«i»r i«, i %^n. 

"Li ■ -He 


84 LO'^Dd'M 

He WIS * confidenble Beneftaor t» the' to Fr*»R»iSsm in S^tli, wber« be liei ho- 
PoacofthuPUce.'iDd hii Wifelcftthcai novrably tnlerr'd. lie was tbe.fidl of the 
tt, I] I. 4<'-f ^torvn, ,. Kobility wno wjs noted for fau ]^«rni|)g 

9. 1'or Mr. 7«bi JCrffiflM^ Mioifter of ind Knowledge of divert Lfngiuget. -j, 
CtliJUM in JPH'mitifiirt, who died ^i7 la. Arcbbifliop i.M4, who wij bclieadcd in the 
t^i MtM. t^i. He will very pioQsMin, fime Place, Jmutrj 10, J(t44.. .Hii Body 
■nd wrote feveral artful Trifti ; but was fo lay buried in the Chancel of thii Ch«cii 
unhappy at not to fall in with theRevolu- till 1 65]. when it wat removed to St.yijn^t 
tion, and conform to the Governmeat. CqTIigc at Otftrtt, /cid de^lj^ed in «,rui»« 

I o. For J*mit Hiikfiii, Efq; who died ^wit able Monqmcnt to hii VioiijiMad O^t^Cfi 
16. 1689- He founded, a School in Plmgfi' This Living it an Impio^/iatioa l(| ch^ 
T*ri, in this PariQi, for the educating of Gift of the King, but the Vicar tiu all the 
twenty poor Children, giving to the Head- Tithes, paying Awm. into the £«• 
Mafter 30 / fir jtfm. 1 Direlling-HoDfe, and thiavr. In thii Chuich wcxc, in the Tiraei 
two Chaldron of Sea>Coal yearly ; lod to 4 ofPopery, two Chiuntriei ; the pne'foapd* 
Writing-Maiter 8 /. a'Ycar. td\>y AtUm Bl^lmj in nfi^.»nd.3tkiCn^ 

II. For Frtwti Ctvtl, Citizen and Sliin> tfidgi, which wit a'agmenred^ by. Q»dwi» 
tieio^Limlm, wholivedfifcy-two Years in Tiiru, to pray for the SouU of the faid 
ibis Parilh, and forty<two of tbeni with Founders, u4*" the Faithful dcceafed and 
hii Wife. He difd 5«f ramifr 37. 161$. He buried in that Church: Another by yilm, 
gave at his Death Cloathing ^ the Poor Crtljt, Efq; and Titmai fj^t-i as tite DneAv 
of tbi; Parilh for ever, Hii Wife ootliveil the SouTofSir7*jhi Kifiley. Tbe Vicarage.- 
hint nineteen Years, and left alio a.Lcga- Hoofe of this PirL^ wai burnt dewpby. 
cy to the Poor. thereat FlfB,«f Um/im, ch'o' t£e Qracch 

1 1. For WiSimu Ttiim, Ef<]; one of the was not ; but was rebuilt by Dofior t«/- 
MaftcrsoftheHoalhold toKingf/rHf^Vni. fiiU, then Vicar, iipon a Lcafe of foriy 

13. For Giln tjttttt,Utt nfStrMffird Lmii' YcArt, to IjijSoo Do&or Charltt L^ifM 
t£«ntin thi CQUhiy oTC/tx, £(4; who died. .3. ^. C^.f«t% Umrt^ritt, {Vaodiiig ,^t the 
^■ipj! II, ilSjptf. £ut £}.JFle wai.theiirft End o(_Cr*iihiJ-FritTf. ^ 9t oUvt, at vibom. 
Controller-General of the Cuftom* cff^-.'. it ii dedicfited , was King .of tiirtu^ via 
hmi, «nd of all the Miittip> Colonies o{Jmt- hiving taken upon htm the ProiefCooof the 
rf(«. He fervcd King fFiSism in all his Ghriftiao Relijiion, and cndcivonring to 
Wail with A-Mrr, and died in the Squadron win his Subjefii over to ir, with gK*t 
of Admiral Hivil of that fatal Sickncls Zeal they roo^ up Aims tgainftbim, and- 
^hich took off ib many brave Men, bv the AQiftince of King CJirafa/, then K. 

14. Foi£«U<K« H«as(f, pofiorofPhyfick, ot EnilMiid tai Dammrt, oveicimt him ind 
who afiei he hid lived fome Time in the murrbered him j^ loiS He was eves 
Cl*f of Wif/tMfjr'f Cotirt,.cii]w 10 LwWw, after eftecmcd a Martyr, and having been 
and J^rsQIfed hii Art forty-two Ynri> and- tn Ei^Umi to aOift the People tbqre agaioft- 
died in 154a. £lsl. 73. . the Dtnii, who were expelled for a Time by. 

If, Here were alfo interred fome other his Help in King £<£(/^«/iI>ayf, they had. 
Ferfoni ofconliderablc.Note and QuaJiiy; a great Veneraiion for hii Pieiy and 
bnc ao Monnmenu were ercAcd for them, Goodn^, atid ded|cued fcreal Churches- 
wis I. DoSor 7*1^ ''j^r, Bifhop of Rttht- to him. 

ptr, who was beheaded on TtvtrHii,Jmt WhenthiiChurcb wtsbuiltiinotkflowRf 
11, rj3$- for denying the Supremacy of hut that ir u pretty ancient appears from a. 
King Hf*^ VIH' in things Eccleliaftical : old Mo^umwit. .(t^r R*itrt ^iht. Wool* 
Hii Head was fet on LmrfMBru/jr. but his paclcer, wbo; wis bur^d there ^»* M^' 
Body was laid in this Chsrch Yard. a. It ia 10 good' Repair, hindroinelir Aced 
i!fn>7 BmW, titular Earl of Awnr, being a and gil'cryV, and ,^oriicd wicb. a rirn 
Doke's eldeft Son, who was beheaded on Almncry for the Pooi'i tiread. In it is a 
Timir HiUfftnafy ijii ir4£* He was buri- fair Table of Fees, and another with the 
<4 in this Ghaich^but wcrward remorcd Namei of fuch Beiicf>Qors who hare gives 




L6 ND O N. 


nyjcttly RevcnBct to miinnin the Poor, 
at ^MtBrl; Sermons, which BmDant to 
kVont 40!. 

The Mommentf wor'tli oar Obfervatioa 
itt tbit Church ire, for 

I. nUhmi ind Affrri <%, princtpit Sutl* 
4eTS*ai Bcnefiftors ro thij Church. 

3. DoSor IVU'Mi Tamrr, to ^mincnr Di- 
vine ai well H Vhyficiin, Dein of mii, 
who Ailoufly op^ufed the Growth of Po^ 
pwy. He died J*Iy 7. ij68. 

'3. Sir JtbtHtnti, M'ter of the Horfc 
to King 7mm I King ci»rUi I. ind II ind 
Tice-Admir*], > great TiivcDer ind Mer- 
chant, who died Fth-uty iS. id7a .AdT. 73, 

4. Sir A^v 9.i(fri, Giirernour of tfa« 
Mfp-uba Compiny, whicb ercfted him ■ 
QucioDi white- mi rttic Manumenr. He di- 
eil St*^M 6. 1571 MUt. 68' 

5. 3»bM IHiUtrd, ofLtain, SkiniMr,who 
j«vc 4a (. yeirly for ever to be bellowed in 
Wfw-C-jSfc Ci>»I for cbe Rtlief of the Poor 
ofeUkParifr He died JEtst.'is. 

6. PSimr ym Wilniin, Efgi Mudcian, 
kxA one of the PrivyChimber to Kins 
Bimj VIIL and King IdwMrd VI. He died 

Here He ilfo divers Monumeots for fer 
wnl of the noble ftrnWy of the R^dtUffn, 
andencJy Earli of Smfiu, is Sir 7«bi i{«^ 
dift. Son of R(hn Eirl of '£«A«, ind Jnt 

his Wift. er*. 

The Living here ii 1 Rrfiory, ind >p. 
peart ro be of old in the Pitron*ge of the 
Funify of rhe Ktviri, from fbom it pifs- 
e^ to RUhard Cify 1 bo ve mentioned, in 
whofe Fimily it continued eight Ycirj, or 
ibereabihut ; from then ir wis conveyed 
to the noble ftm'tly of the Ifiwdfiri, in 
whidi it remained near *s 'ong, but wis 
in Sir jimdrrm Ritfardtv hii T^ttxh, ind wis 
brUfWiDinvHi.d in five Gentlemen of 
rhe Pirifh, is T'ntctt, to prcfcnc on my 
Vieincy diKing rhe Minority offciiSon, 
IS. we hive been inTormed. 

J. St. Cwfian':! in the F.t^i, fituired be^ 
twcen Ti»mit,tnA,Tr»irjtre,t Iriifo 
called to diflinguilli itffom ino[her Church 
d^dicifcd to th; Ttmv Siint, binding \a 
fiin ftrttt, tr>a ZiWtA St. DunJIani tn the 
»>j». This Siint WIS * -itmiffiijhiu Mwi, 
brought up in the Mnni^cry fifGl'finiwf, 
wiwie if(ci«Uid be bccime a Monb, liid 

wu fo fimout &r hit Aallcritiet md Hi^ 
linefs that he wis it length tilien out of tlw 
Mooaflery and mide fbcceflively Biihop of 
Wwt»fitT and iMdM, and lillly Archbiihop- 
of Csntertarf. He died tUj 19. ^86, and 
being (one time after canonized, wit bad 
in great Honour by the SagUli Papifli^ who- 
dedicited many Churcbet to bini in City 
and Country. 

h it not known by whom, thii Chorch 
wu firft fbanded ; bat the Dediciiion 
prove* it to be above 700 Years old. It 
was ilmoft quite demoliOied by the greif 
Fire of iMdm in 166S. but two Veirs after 
reftored, and ilmofi new built by ibc L)dy 
Din^0 Wit0u^n, Grind •Daughter of Him 
fhwd atlei, Efqi of Halu-HmBia the Coua< 
ty ofl^ifilk. It it avery fair Pirifh-Chorch 
well pewed and wiinfcotted nine Foot 
high. It it called in fame old Rfecords St^. 
t>mfi»» 0d Ikrrim, i. e. St: tim^mft by th^ . 
Trwtr in ItHdtm. 

!In the Ve&ry of this Church is ■ Frame 
contaioing the Nimcs of all the Benefi- 
Eton who hive given any annual Rents rp 
the Church ino Poor, which amount to 
1S6I. a t. bat imong thefe the Lidy tKBU 
nn/M it not named, vho give ^ooo L to 
the Building of the Chutd^ 

The Monumenii of Note ia tbiiCbnrcb 
are thefe, V(&. For 

I. Sir Btrtinltmn Jwmti, Cord Mayor .a^' 
iMdwm, who |ive 6Ufir A«m for ever to 
this Parifh. ' He died in 1479. 

3. Sit AiVi6iir^Ci"««pin, nhogave 8/.^ 
.Awn*. HcdiedOi^i'ir. ]o. 1561. , 

}. Hnrf. Hrrdfiw, Alderman, wJxOcig^n- 

4, Sir mA'M H«ri*<, Lord MiyorofLi^ 
itffn in 1481. who give i^t /*^^Aww, and> 
WIS buried in ■ fair Chapel built by hin- 
felf in this Chu(cb /*»•. 1 5 17, 

f. Sw tfriJf'M If'tU, Lord Mayor of b» 
^Min 1^9 1' who died I'Ift- 1599- In bis 
Miyorilty the 7^sn(r wu ilmofldeftirote 
of Witer for two Days, 

6. SinthmH0vkint,ftmoai{nnatEiiglifit 
tliftory for his Difcoveries of foreign Cooo- 
tries, pwticulirly the tf^jkJwiui. Ue lived 
at leJQ thirty Ycirs in ihisPitiOi. ind tbo' 
he died in the fTtfi-It^Ut. Ktvt»iir i>. 
1 fa$. ind his Body r^own the Sei in . 
1 Coffin, yet bis Lady Ufg^rtt erefted m. 



;8S ^.Q.N^Dp-If 

the North Side of the Chmcel of this Hill it beituifnl ind pretty Iw(f>'. 

Church I fiir Monmnent in ihe Wall, to it the fttthcr End the FiSbure tX , . 

. hit Memory, with ■ lirge Iufcfiption, gi- Mot, whom chey nil the Pihon oJ^cHf 

- vii^ tn Account of hii Liffind Death. Compiny, and thit ofj^tiftice. UiiSe^fhe 

7. Rithtri Halt; Efq; thcG'ind-facher of Hill it an hindf^me L'outt Room, »iw •- 
i.4h« Lady tfHSmfm abavcmcnrinned, who bove it a Gtinary, and by it aXiccbuifiif- 

was (a great a BenefaQrefs ro this Church niflieil with ill proper Inftriuncntt. Twi 

iribuiiding of it. He died in ttito. ' ii the ninetcenrh Company. 

8. PorSfr 7«ifiMi«F.', Knighr, fome time a, Cltth vtrktrt Hill: Thli is > noil 
-..Lord Mayor aC LtndM, one of the Re^te- Company, and wa» incorpor«[ad iboDC tbf, 
i-ifentatives.of thifCity tn Parliinent, and ¥«r r j»b, Ij is cotApolled of i. Miftcr. 

Prtfident of Cbrifi Chureh Hofpital. He fcur Watdeni, fury A(fiftaot», and yS6 ad 

^■4ot his gtttr and exemplary Lbyil(y vA the Liveiy,' trelrdes the Commonalty, fi ij 

-«Kowed by.King Chartii H- to bear on 1 one of the twelve Companies, and theie 

•;'C»ntnn one of the Liom ofJCnj^'Mi/ is m hive been thirnen Lord Mayors of . ir. 

A-Ai]£mer>raiion of his Arms. He fqundc^ Their Hill it a ]afcy Room, well watn- 

. ind endon-rd a Frte-ScMol V Affhbtt \n Fcocc'ejl and painted. The, Weft. Hnilt i§ 

, ttitfjlfrfl)irt,his nirivc Coant^y, md wis 1 idorncd wfrhthcFjgur^iof King Jsmnt. 

good 6i:ncfiaer to rhr SrKVr'i Company, and King Chtrlet,rved as big as the 

• to fcve'ral Hofpttilc in the City, and to Life, in their Robes, >nd with their Rut- 
V this Piriib in ptrriculn. He died 7«M 1. tin iTI gilt; it ilfs that of Sir Jti* RiSm* 
-,r7oi. jfif«r>'li. , fin, Liearenant of the 7ki»fr, and Lf»d 

9. For Cliwna Ttwn, who iieS fuer. Mayor in i6tf]. who fc^pt bis Mayoralty in 

i^Xfpon wh^fe Monoment Va rupetrciibcd his this Half, where ht entertained tbair' Ma- 

•:o^it fhall for' ever be obrerved in this jtttin King Cbarlh H hU-Queen, and Mor 

■ChoKh, ar-J hii Mils always upon the Day tber, and the Duke and Dutchclj of ntk, 

* following, whofe Sotit, and bis two Wives Mid conCf'buted largely to tbe rebiiiMiog 
-■Souh EiUthrth tndSizthtb, and alt their of this Hall afrer the Fire. In the Wio- 

Childfeni Sou)f,JcA]| dows are painted thcArjns of Sir 7*^i H%. 

Here was* Chantry fotmdedfdrthe'SoDls fi'w/ni, Kni^hr, one of King Cbvlti IPs. 

■r of7(fai7«fi'M ind'^'» his Wife, and the Privy Council and Secretary of State, Ma- 

>Soulof7*fai Pit/w. It wai nfaally called fter of tbij Company in 1671$, and a aoble 

"-^'ttyK't Chantry. ' 3enef»fior^ SmmMtl ftfyt, Efq; Ma&er in 

TbisChnrcb is a Rrftory in the Pat ro- ifi??. and a Sencfadnri Wiaum Biwm; 

nage and Gift of the Archbifh,opof Cxnrn*- Mailer in t^fSj. and a Benef^Qor ; itid in 

M*7, amortg whofe Peculiars (which are two other Windows the Arms of ibe pity 

thiiteeo in Number in this City) this Pa- of Lrndtn, and ihofe of the Company. The 

rlfli is one. It wisoriginilly in the Gift out Side is adorned wiih curiout £rick> 

'. af ibc Prior and Ch'ipter trfc»nttj4»rr, who fluted Columns, with CtTiaibiM Capitals of 

„, gfifnted it tn SImtir tjltf, the Arefabifliop of Stone, in this Ward were aociently two 

rhai See, and hir SnceelTors for ever, upon Nohkmens Houfes, vn. Lumlij KM WmI- 

the Confide ration of bit RcO it at too of yfif^^baw Hoafei. 

. ZM^f and MMdrMTothem. 

In thts'Wird an two Hallt of Compl- 3. Mgtt Ward. 
r)tei,iiiK. r.'B*i#rf Htll, litoated on rhe 

Eaft Side of Htf'l^nt, This Company This Ward talcet its Name from tbe 

wa« incoiporated aboat Aim 1707. and Gate, called properly tslgtu, or &ig»i*, 

V eonfiftt of a Milter, foar Wardens, thirty now Mg»ti, frotn its Antiquity; for tho' 

AfGAintS, and 149 on the Livery, beltdes we find not when it wai ere&cd, yet by 

< He Commonalty. ALivery-Manmay take oar Hiltories we are informed that it w» 

t. TWO Apprentic<(,and thereftbutone jthey in being in the Reign of King SJisr^Jmi* 

Jiive ijnryorlnqaeft ofthirteen, who fit ,960. and {((vingflood about £50 Years, was 

. n hni ^nd redreft Grievances. Their becwsc fo ninotuby Time, that it was 



^■iu pidlad Jovn ia 9^*7. and 1 new bm that ic is of Fame Ai'iriguity ippttn 
One Craa ifcer ere&cil. tn digging for ihc fttim hence, Tfiit when the Priory of thd ~ 
FoaodfttiOa of this new Gue, divers linci- "'fr lyivicj vt^dHTolvti, tnd given to tha . 
«nt.Picca (tC Roman Coin were found, two Lord jlnMif. who pulled down tbe Prioiy- . 
of ' wktch, «u. of TVii/M and DiuU^Mw. Mr. Cbuicb ind Srecple, and turned ihe Moiii' 
Uwria Smu^ odc of the Suivcyori of the l^cry ioco an H«birition for himfelf, fuch ■ 
yVatk, caii£d to be carved in the Stoaes Pcrlbnt *s hid Houftti whbin the Pncj'r.Qi 
ofwUcfcit wai baili, and placed on either of the Atonillery f which wis foon ifcur 
Side tbe Gatci; the refi were feaX by the «lled DuktiPUct ; beciufe tht Vud Jh4- 
£(trd Mayor Sir Hnrj <Rt», ind Aldermen, '9*1 Heiicfi inirrird to Thmtt Oiike of - 
toGmU-B*i. The Foundation of it vii Ktrfiik, who bad alfo his Rafidcnce there) ■ 
Ind (iucea Foot deep aad eight Foot broad, rcforted tothiiCbmch for divJrfe Service, 
The Erft Stone was liid by thetboVDmeo- and receiving Sacrimenti,- but with fame 
tioncd Mr. &W, ao^-^he whole is built Uneifinefs to themfelves » well n DiHilce- 
aJTbciTB Stooe, which tho' ic be defaced of tbepirifbioncrtofCrii Cfa(r>4, which tht - 
wacb the Weather, looks very firong and former perceiving, got a Church of [heir 
omMiarau\ at wiU appear by a fbOfc De^ own builr, as Iball hereafter be Aiewn. 
fcdption of it. Thepiefcnt Struflnrc, (v^bich 'lii pro- - 

Tbe £a& Side is ademed wkh tbe Figure bable wis raifcd upon fuch Dcciys of iba 
tSSia^Jm»ei I. aad a Cbiplet is beldover old Cfiureh as made it dangeroui to feive 
bit Head by two O^rdJi Higb^r »< two God in ir) was .built in i5^a. inij cnnfccra> 
Qcaii-figaret of Men, one holdiog in his trd by DoQfi^ LMi, whrn be'Wis Bifbopof - 
Hmd • Gl(^ iotimciDglhe-gKat Power £aMlm,and having tfcaptd the hti; Fire, wit' 
oftbeKiiW aod Trade of the City in the rtpalrcd and beautified it the Parifii 'Charge, . 
WorldTwhich is illuflritcd by the Figure* '^■"■« i6i6. Ic is butic of Stone, and ii as 
of twB HeadL all which are placed under Arong and firm ai any cm be fuppofcd that 
tbcEigwH ofAawt fet U(f in a Nkb. Ott bath been To long ercfled. Ir is welt' pew. 
Cbc Weft Side are the King'a.Arms, witJ| ed and wainfcotted, and has 1 fmill Organ 
the Enrtchmenci of the Figure .of fuw, in it, and fi^ve Bdls. Tbe Bcntfiftioni of' 
Cktri^,. tad ^imm, looking toward tbe annual Rents amount to about ito/. and the 
City, and indftuiing the Happinefs of ir, Money given at Times to tfoo / or near ; .. 
wlnle tbe Inhabitants lire in Peace aad the Names of the p*rtic)i)ir Scnefifiois 
Lotc.- Lower i* (bit -lafcripiioii ■■ ne written in gold Letceri on two Tables^ . 

and l)Ung on tbe Nocih Side of the Church, 
SENATVS. P OPVLVSaVE The Mnnurncnti for the Dead in this , 
LONDINENSIS FECIT, AN- Church of Note are, fir 
NO MDCIX HVMPHREY WELO, i. Ritbsri Sf,wir, EJq; a Torkj-Mer- 
MIL. MAYOR. chant, who died S</>r>**rr V itf«7'^'«t ;o. . 

1 A large old Piece of Fainting upon the 
Tbia W^rd is governed by an Alderman, Wall, like- that in ABhsBiw thtGrmi, and 
who isac tbit Tioie Sir Sttevil stsmir, Knt. fome other Places in Memory .of Qiven - 
aad hit DeiHiry who is Mr. Cr*r» Ifsjlti, Xhtmit.h. 

fix Copinioa-Cotiocil Men, fu CiMiftablcs, 3- Doaor 7*i« THvf , a learned Linguift ~ 
oioe ScavcDgets, eighteen Wardmete<Mea and ' Divine, crcQed by his Admirer ar.d . 
a^ a audita Scholar H % 

. Thingi of greatefl Note in it are, -4 Sir ttiibtUt Thrtinnrtn,- chief Buttler ■ 

1. Three Cburcbes, ins. i,' St. KMbmint- of S^ltMdi one of tbe 'CTtambeeltins r^f the 
Oripclmnt, or as it u commooly called Furfifmir, and Leiget AmbalMor to Qfteen > 
dmXimrtk. It ta£ea its Nime from Sc. Eiix^ittii whoiitd Ftimirj ti. tjjo.igti . 
XMhmim the Virgin and Maityr. and the f?. 

UooaSerir of Tiimtr tArifiClmreh, in The Living is an IiBproprtattOn, firlT ap..> 
wlufe Cemetoiy or Yard it was. built., propriated to tbefr4bry t>( Fi»p*f Chrifi' 
Uawloogatkaabeentre&eduDotkiwwn, Ghrait; bat being giyea to tbe Lord ^Bd't 



S8 LO ND O N. 

hj, mc dcvifiid by bin in hii lifi Will to 

tbe Miftcr ind Fellows of Usgd»t,m College Fir m thifi ttrw, tht GMi, th Ught.tSt Htm, 
in Otmiridgt, tad their SucceObrf, who ^t sS uu Sim : St tbrti Mt Gul ttK^luu, 
Ie>lingth« Umc to (bme of ibe PirifliIoa> 

ersfortRentof 15 ' ^ <fcMw,haregr>nc- And in other Pliees of tbe Ciitircb Mid 
ed tliein • Cortniat, Thit it (hill be Iiw. Windowi irc rbe Armi of Iisim, the Sng^i; 
ful for the Ltfleef,- idcI the reft of the Pi- Sir Ed»»rd BtrkhMt's, who wm it the 
rilhtOMrt to hive the Nomtnilion iiul Cbirge of sUziiig rhe grc» Eift Wioiow 
£ledion of their Minifter foi the Supply ■»(] Iodic btheri. Beaefiaion lai) Montf- 
of the Cure from Time'to Ti^ic ■* often mend here ire none byt tor J mmeleft 
u occiiiDn reqtures, which Ciiricy is to be Child born detd; 

liccnfcd by the BiDiop of LniUn, who The Living is in Improprittion In t6e 
dierebj commiti the C»ra guimMrtm to him. Gift of the Lord Miyor, Alderisfcd, ind 
Hiviog above fpoken of the Inhibitmrs Commonitty of this Ctty, who are Lords of 
of Daibi-P/M( retorting to this Charcii with the Minor The Uiriifter receives ij/. 
foiBG UDeiriDcf* to thcmfelves «nd the Pi- 61. t d. ant of the Chamber of 'rri'rr 
rilhioncff , heie we fhill fiicw how the^ y^i'ly, ind tlie 'reft Of kit Miinftnince »• 
come tohiveaChutch of thciraWD.rho' It liTes fiam Contribniionr ind Perqaifitts, 
be I PrccinA of it felf, and not reckoned which were fbrowrly very confiderabte, be> 
a P»c of Mftt Wird. They hid always ciufe being eftcemcd 1 Liberty oaf of the 
vicsot Groond enough) ind wercverydcR. Bifhop of Ltndm's Jai'MlQioa, the Mini*' 
rom of hiving a Church, but winted A- fter fare Licenfcsio mrry.whicfa brought 
bility and Means to effeQ it ; however, it confideribte Numbers to be mirricd there 
length finding that there was ■ Dcfiga to either for Piivacy orCheipneTs. 
build private HaaTcs upon the Ground, 3 St. Aulm Vmdt^sfi, To called to dl* 
which they had allotted in their Tfaooghti Itirgoilb it from other Charchu in th(i 
for I Church, foBie of the moft connderate City dedioted to the Apofile St. jMrttf. 
unong liiein ventured by their Petition to The Rcif«n of the Addition pf Umlirfluft 
fbllicit the Lord Arcbbilhop of C/mttrimy was this : It was * Cuflom in old Ticne up* 
to mike their Dcfire known to his Maicfty, on Mar Dej m the Morning every 7ear, in 
that a Cbnrch might be bnilc in fome Place thit Pirith, to fet up )n fiigh Shi^,orMiy- 
wbere the MonaRery had flood for the Ser- pole in the midft of the Street ovcrigiinft 
vice of God, which the King much Itkihg the South Door of this Church, whicb wii 
»f and commendioK, the Lord Mayor Sir higher than the Sterple. ThisPnOtce con-i 
f/sMfiSMrifr*!*. ind Aldermen, undertook tinned till Evil Msj- Day ia ipj.when 
it, ind in 1 fmill Timebuiltihcrea goodly there was an lofBrrcQion of t^e Aporcn- 
PatiOt-Cburch out of the Rnioi of the de- ticES and other young Peifons, agiinit the 
Cayed Priory, dedicitiog it to St. Jamtt, in Foreigners, who hid iiifolred Tome Citizens, 
Memory of King Jamtt I. who was the and much harmed them. After this the 
niiin Cinfe of the bBi'dingit. I r was con- Shift was never ereded. but wu.Iaid up 
fccrated Jamury a. itfii. by Doftor Gitrgi over the Doors of one Row of Hoofes in 
Mtwttiipffhtn BIOiop of Ltiidtm, aod efca- in ^t^ Gite, ciltnt from ii iSafiAtij. 
ped the Confligaiion of Utidtn in ■ 666 ' Here it lay many Years till one Si: StffBn^ 
ThisChurch is it now (linds is band- CmtKof St Ktii'rintCbnfi cbnrth.preKh* 
fomly wainfcotted aod pewed, but has ing- it St. FtuT^ Cnfi, (aid, Zhmt th sBtft 
fen or nope other Oinnncoti, lave that on mr mtat »u,ld*Hy »*mng t'iChirth »f St. 
the Sound ing- Board of the Pulpit there if Andrew p*m it. This Sermon had furh tn- 
■■Glory painted in the In/ide, and another fluenceupon the InhabltTnts of The HooTes 
at the End of the Chincel, where Mr. S(t» over whofc Doors rt lay,' that in tfie Af- 
fays wai at the firft building of it in attifi- temoon of the fime Smday >h*t the Sermon 
ciil Son ingenioudy formed, to teprefenc Wat preached, they hwe& the Shal in Pieces, 
tbeUoly Ttuity,aailiiaderittb<rc vcilli: and divided it among them -. but tho' rhe 
Shift was defireyed, the Nime hat conti> 

I „ _,. ,t<_iOOglC 

LO N r> ON. '89 

mttA ner fincc, wftboat inySalpician of Ho died jiftil s, iSof. Anm jCtsth Sa. . 

IdoUcry, being nfcd only » 1 Nime of S'MMSmtM, Citizen, md Wax-Ctiindler 

'DiBin&ion. of Lmt/m one of the Governors of Sr. !*«. 

This Chnteh wkf newbnflt tfter thU, n"*'! Horpit»l,indiCbmmon-CounciI-Min 

hnag b^lgaa by Sttfbtn Jnmwgt, Merchint. of chis Wird 19 Vein. He w«threecimei 

Taylor, ind rome time Mayor of LmJm, Mifter of his Compiny, ind died M»y sj, 

who baik tbe North-Side, indtbcNorth' jIkw* Dam. issj-Mtatkij, Hegtve tfea- 

Side of the Choir i bat lie dying in 1614, fion of i /. 11/. ftr Am. to the Poor of 

the Work wm neglefied 1 wfajle, but being this PiriOi. 

refimed by Wlitmm ftn mtisnu, Shertlf Sir Hagb HamtrJItj, Lard Miyi^r of Lnnttn 

of L§»dm in i$o6, *nA ifterwird of the }n ifSs;, Cotonel of the City Militii, Pit. 

the Coancil to King tlttay the Stfr, wis com- fidcnt of chrifi^i Hofpital, ind of the Artil- 

plettly finifted in I53i> Neir in hundred 'cry Gifden, Governor of the RnJ^m Corh- 

Yein after, ic being fallen into Deciy, it piny, &e. He died OS.b.r 19, i6]<I, An* 

'Wai repaired at the Charge 6f thePariflii Mtttm 71. 

and fisee, «/s. in 1704, vt< new- wiinfcot* J*^ J'S^'", Ef^; a Welchmin by Birth, 

ted, pemd and paved at the Pin'fh-ChtVge. but by Education a Citizen of l.*nit», an 

The Palpit is finely finniered and' carved, eminent Merchant, aod Loyalilt, who died 

and on the Sooth-Pane) there ii ■ Glory, Mv- s- 16S8, Amni Mtm. 74. 

the Rayi whereof arc particularly corioua, Qhsilit Thtftld, Efg; Faiherof Sir C&^rbr 

and the reftofii it adorned withCh«rabin», Thtrtid now or lite Aldermin ofCiri^mnu- 

Flowen, Pruit, Leaves, Books difplayed, ^inrt Ward, who died Krariai^. ij, ttfpl, 

Gff'. in great Pcrfe&ion. JEtat. 71. 

The Beneftftori to'the Poor, and Mini- The Parllh Church here ii in the Gift 6f 

fiers for Sennoni and reading Prayers eve- the Difhop of LmJ*n, for the Time being. 

ry Moraiog are many, and the Annual In the Year ijiJi, the Parifh Church of St. 

Sums given amount to 5)) I. f}!. E»elide) fe- Mary the Virgin, S. Vifils, and the tioco 

Veral Sums of Money, which we know not Virgins, hot commonly called S Mtrj tt 

bonr they arfc managed, bnt hnow them to *^* Amt, (or M Naw, as it is fbond'in {onte 

fa£ preJerved and improved itn the Ufet in- Records; frotn the Sign of the Az, over «. 

tended. ^giinll the End of ir, or S. M«7 ftWtftt, be> 

- Tile MonantenCf in thtl Charch are three ciofe ir ftood near a Parcel of Ground b^ 

of Note. For- longing to the Skinners Company, wac e> 

Sir ThnuM O^fy, Kt and Alderman of nited and tnnrxed 10 rhts Church of St. A- 

. LaaAM ; he was Lord Mty«r' ih 1 % 6, md ■^^a* Unitrfhtft, by Edm»»d Qrindal Biffaop of 

was remarkable fdr his greii Charity ; for L-iim. This Church fo annexed, was for 

be gave half of hit Goods to the Poor; tho' 'feme Time converted to prophaneUfcs, hoc 

not (o thofe of this Parifh Hedied-- at length the Parifhioners having built a 

D( BmKfbrtj B'-i*. Fellow of the Col- Chamber over the lower Pare of ir, obtain* 

Icdgeof Pbylirf*ns,LMi*«. He died — ed of BiOiop 7MrM, that the lower Pare 

■ Mr. 3Ma sr«w, the leirned Ant^ulry, to fhould foe made a Boriit-place for the Pa- 

whole Labotirs LaM^M is Co much indebted tilhioners, and that the upper Part be a 

"fvttbt ACcotmt of bcr ancient Grandeur, Grimmar-School, the Mafter to be nomi< 

in hit Book, entitoled, lU SMrvtj tf LriQ- nated bjr the Redor and PariQiioner*, and 

don, (which has been a Very great Hi^lp ro licenfcd by the BiOlop, and to teach four 

US inthis Work ) His Bffigie ii carved on poor Children of the Padlh grOaF, for the 

hi* Monament' fining at Study, and over Ufe of the School. 

his Head i^e riiefe Words in golden Let- The Patronage of thisChurcb of Sf. M47 

ten upon Bhtk, J»t belonged to ihe PriorelTe «nd Convent 

of St. HtUm, till the DilTolution of that 

A*t SeritnJa Ant trgtwd» Nunnery by King Hf'y S. aftet which it 

/•gfiv, ' StnUn. remiined in the Crown ; and King E.dwM%d 

VI. prefented once to it ; but ever fince the 

M UniDo, 


^ :^0 ]S7> OB 

TWe, fipoo.effaiy Vacuicy>.h««ed ,Ba4er;vtucti^M<heC»Un^, 
to »..«*#«. t/iirfn]|L>/f, with. tbe Chinch ELIZABiTH, bte (^teen.'VfHMplNl', 
•f'M. Mv^-mAi tbetMaCo loooKd. fAt.cbe ■ihfw>t4K.fiaRKC»l)i«C|o»Dft99»cciga*d 
Uoionof thc£i Cbwcbei, Qkca^iu'o'* .^Y«ut, >nd iltpcia.^e Lwd.Afci»fcH* 
SMntcd the GbiuclbjriEd pC^r. Mi'^forthc .^6ox. 

' baryio| of the JDcad, and. alL the HtwJct, Mwy-Dattgktcn -btve i4om RittBwdy, 
'^audicgfaDd.Rcnti beloi^ii^gitD cbe uid t)jit't^ttCaHv4aiu«fttI)eTD.aU- 
Chntcb, to the Refior and ChucchvardcAt 

ef cb« Picilb of j^ '^i^v*, mi ibcir Sac* .tauORId {kmm^ ot„^mm) > muaUd. 
eaffanbit ever, to the. Ufe, SuBiiaing and ,LtS. 

RepaiMion of the CtH Chnicb of St. Aa- 

irtm. This Chsrchof <f.J<rr..«(ilgod.on TbfriwftfciiarkaUa MoaaHMCi.o£this 
the WeOdida of <r. -UmyftrM in Umftrut Church ire, for 
Ward. !Si*z<ii«b,the,Wi6o£Jib«t7[aWPWl7.0Be 

AaiiN4 the ficftvi oftbii- Pauth Vftfiod of the Q/ma't Majafty't CiAMauaia the 
;Dr.0«M(/7kMr;ia, a learned Oxf*ri Mas'i Port of &«■*», who datd Aw Ma*. 1579. 
> be bath wiitteo very Icuoed Commeata up* JmIj 99. 

oa the Cretd, Lord'a Pr#]rar and Tea Ow- Orrt* Chi/hfim Sti^im^ sf (MkWW. 
.msdiiMiita. a- Knight of rwww* in Ct^ iawiy, daJeradtd 

j.^t. Awikn'M Cabmn, fi> called ficotn of the MieuocaM Mble.FMnU]r of,<lie.o> 
the Vicinity taa great HaW'yard.or Gar- 'jI<riM/,whadicdMv. ai, i6]<> 
den.ca1^d, CatnMwHM: TbiiChuicbii The Lidy We?, Wif«o<SillU«hr^'Hl^ 
.veryancieitt. bvinf fiwftfed.tobe bniltia hmtdi fejf*il«»4atb«CiMiwy«fit4fanKc. 
«r:befbto tiSa. Bip-iiwi* i> which ia one oCtbe-iGendanKi PeuGmen ia OhIu 

S«^rcd.froin.*he Ditceatvedon aPqwin nary Atnodaocc to Kiof Ckmlti hwba 
e Chtireh, nur tbe.Chiocelj hoc ith« dicdOA. 17, jffgA. 
-been .cnkrged and repaired fivcral ttmH ft«tirr iniwW,Citi»Ot' «nd-<FMflRiaa of 
jince, .«^»..The SoaihUle saiballtby Sif Imdn, • Pv(«i< vary MiUtwy 
jr>JK«aiJfi;ht#,Dr/per,ia f4S9,it waijgaiD J3iiaf1^p», aaA(miomSaHWM.\9nmtKtt 
tfipaiifd apd.eoI>rgcd in KSiOraadfitKber Kiog7'"W'L Prince Kfle?, and K. c^iWL 
tepiircd wd beautified in 1630, and agiio . «fa» prtfiHred fain-with the Office «f tbs 
in itf34 the Vcflry wai hailt, and a Galle> Armory. He died 7mh if, Jmn>im.*S^, 
ry ereAed new for the Poor of the Pariih JUm. tfs. 

to fit in, and it wai hll repiirtd in 170], Sir HmyBMiftt^, Kt. vbo ancip^t, 

having efcaped the rpreading Flimcs.of -ibrtb* Relief of the Poor of tbia Puilb. 

1666. The Pulpit and Pe tea are pbiobot bat not ipaldDf- bia Eyea Omleera, and bia 

neat { the only Ornanent in it ii the Four- Hindi EBCcotora, the Poor are deprived of 

mittue of Kiag Ci«rlit the Firfl tt bii De- it. He died M*. >>, 1606. ■ Ik-lies by hU 

v9fion, holding a Scrole in bit Htnd, on Lady £iiwkrjt, «bodiedJe^s9»i577. 

wliicfaare thefe Wordt, Chrifi*T^a*^ aad Mra. iUrf KVyisiMWt-who.paKbafid a 

. under his Feet Vault in 1074, for barfelf^ hecFatber, itei 

btn WtfmAmH of ItitmhiL in ibe Cnnsty 

. Msf^SfeascwlmmJig- of tfiff*^ Gent, and her Uotber, with their 

1^ mut,.»4 ^mi rtffi- Rshtieni. On theNorth Side of tbit Cbarcb> 

CAROWs I. QN ( 1 <i«f Draw tftri fiu are two fpasions Tablei in Goldoi L«crert» 

OTKHN Agios >< imuwtw Fir fvtk containing the Names of iwb pieut Beoe- 

OKOSMOS. I J «M mali fwiinS UBmtt, ai have given soy annnal Reus or 

jC ttmftfitm. aim, dt Money, for the Benefit of tbc Gbnich or 

Prtv. t, ^, Poor, The annsal Renu amonnttoaboBC 

Here 11 alio in Memory of Queen £&w The Patnoage of tbia Chorebof Old,wat 
h'h, Che Armt of tMilni and ¥rmt que- in the Dc«i of &h Mmtim U Qmi, imlm 


Mi fe um i h Ww I.' tigJBii'Htwy^fce vn. tinr Liawtb«f«; TlilrWkri b ray finm, 
aooMH thM'IC£K|lMa'tUw,'sad4riu A^ bivtogna whol* PkrHhia ir, but fanll 
tmtmtltk»'wtb&AMeforw^hi^,ia tonioiaoaif of t#e Pirftbcf. «*&.». P«. 
otfcJiteiwMrinea'tigQWrti-Wtfy.'aJlw; ■. '<n, £«r«M;^ in4'«#. JUi^ Avm. it irn- 
^Matt' ^ lMik, with' otk^f 'Ghbrebtr in chit vtrnedbran AMenmn, who irat pnfent 
Cinr,> ts-dBnObpofLteAitiuid hb Sne- Sir Kthrt mtthtnft, md hii Deptitr, wta 
OHort AfcMT, uSc iMlwcMriaMf. if'nwMr: LsmuIh skimitr, Smt Coauaoa- 

TkHV^re-ia tMrWard tfnwHiHfftr CoandUtfeo, ftnf Conftablet, tm So- 
GMBpMbt,- vAc* r. BKcUtyert H^l, fin± veofcMvnd >-Bfetdk. Ttiewit Hpretcnt 
«« oM»'igtiofr-«< nrMrdM-OfccWdV no-CMrcbnor tbB' of' aay-Cbaipiiif in 
tnis CtMAaflywtt'iitcorpAnKtf'^MM-iitfS, chU Wird. Them were mcienilr «ro 
aad- CMiflWNK 0^ XlKflkr, tvo Wardrai, Cfimchet in thir Wird, vix. i. St. JAvy 
Cwcnty ABAbtt' >n4'£iV«ityH|bl ontha ^ or U: MmyPiKfw. wMclr wu mnex. 
Uvdy-. 3. Pfetdieri, whb'w«fe,- 'tU pro- ad'hyBfOiop Qriwdal ro jf. 4mlnmOadtf* 
biMfc, « •DtiefK' a'CompAir u tfa« Otnr. /k^; it I hare (hewed in fpeikbr of thK 
yerti Otteweroiitew pu ntetf iir igi«: Ther Chireh in- the fonntr Wird : Ahd't. <f. 
Mb-gttvtm^d' 1^ two WivtUnii em AI&^ -av^Mw nf^, dcilM becrafe itwn •!• 
Wmet, antcUtettioii'tftfe Liveryt j.Iron* lowed by King ffMrr Vt: to the Srethrea 
uDMgttT Hm^ ti an hindfbnM BttiMing, li. «ftbf ff^?, or|Mor MeOi of^d^iftWnd, 
HMT m^ ttM^mr^firttt, near mBur-lmu of- whom we (h>H gtn m Acwntte io oar 
cod. TBirObmpiUT iltbrcMIi of tboTc BedefiafKcil H\mrj. Thii Chnrch wai 
twelve; oFotfeof^dithellajror Hitt&be palled' down whcntbo- BrodterfaDod wis 
frcfe. Tt^rtfUMbeim afadot 14 Mhjbitof uqipfeOtd bf King RM7 Vflf, aiidHiNifin 
tbbOaatoWiy,' wUch'^vif iotorponeed'ia bi^ia-tliff Pliort To tfaitill-WB meec-witb 
atffk; MiVGoafMWBDWof^oaeMiftti^ two nwouifiUe.erof ikntlqoUr; an, 
VwMtt,' sii aa (htttdrod AEftantf, bebg 

tV tlM' 8M our tlw Livery, uid cIie Yeo> '• A RoyiF Filllce of our K!an,aIM, 

nMtry. nvvmtWr, wflicbwat {oBdingianlBlSnw 

Intttk Ifrafd'afldetitly IZnnlFerfrai ofS^gtfwanf I. borlongftieff grownout' 

oPIVafctlKHtAdr'City.RDaffi^ is9irft-ir. of Khowledn;'; probaWy tarMd idm Mtr- 

Air inMC^^a, F^intipit Secrettiy of State, chants Hooles, whiclr arc here pteottfbl 

tbr AUlDtlt oTBMy at air RoMe ciUrd andlirfc. (ij An HDarcbeloagitig-toths 

catM^ly, Bfr^-flWif, fftr B[k>^M«'l», ffie Lord K^vt^hivtora Ghapdoa the South, 

LorffaM7'B,tRlihinK1n|rH^tteVIir. aoda Gifden on the Wtfr, whMr if iMnr, 

RcMVyWr rtHMJf ir>«f ; cfar Etrf afKfr- f r late wii called, the GrttnttrJ iflMuUm^ 

tm/MMiTa'the ntttt of' St. X^iMnr- HmB. 0.)- A- grear Meflbige calfd, Bm. 

QHlbatt wtltteitr^yPlBtyEirl'of Ifrffcawi. friV/ /w, which R»l^ nUmd, Draper, 

t«tMtPfiTknir thrjid.Ven'oriCtBg'llM- gavt in i4)-s to 7«iH OiA 'be Matter and 

*r^>'bat'wU roBWfinitftfter let to Te- tbr Wardens, and FVitetniry of' Tiylori 

mnCs, who kept Bowliog-Grceiu and IK- and Linen Arfflourerr in I.«n/ni, andthdr 

ciiif fKpdfek initi ahd'S'r T^RMrAr Rjvi.irf Sncctflori f(W ever. This Compmy torn* 

IMib£r,Kt: DtRM fafsMinnbr caned, B/M^i' ed ir inro- Tcnemtnts iij the Reign of King 

j^/ki0} tfUth-Iin oA the Nonh'Aft Cor. £ia>*-^n «nd fold ihcm to s^^Am lbm», 

nerof MWr (ntfw'MM) /4M,' Iirtbirllcigrt ATefcttint-Tiylor md Aldermin, who give 

of ieii4> I/WiM fV. air n^Kerinnkeri, f}itmtai<li<hfhm m*drifi wiih hii Diugh- 

Wtr(*m«Hcrs, and OTfitfr Foreigner* , were ler in Mirriige (t) Ttre Lord ZmwA»'» 

alhtM tO-hff^SKof^'ivtMV Wnor, md FTboft. ^5.) An H-ur^ cillcd, Grrni G«t«/. 

ndrellhrhertf inrfth Crrfor Saborbs.Tliii hald ineiewTv by mebatlpifHf^ 1 luaisri, 

, ii»H w*f And' WWrthour rtetiCff in ritis andifterward by Thitif MjlpM, an Aider. 

Waif, lAtrfo'Wt! Aafl pifl to, marr, wfio wn plondered of his Goodl to * 

great Vi'ne by 7«* CsJr, and his Rebels, 

4. iMiMtt' n^rd. in- the VV*r 1449 King Nlnr; VIII. finding 

Wbtth (Vtetik lA'Niim fh>nr tMnjIfMt, itiirbis Hands by the Seizure of his fi. 

■Mdl was to <ilkd from making and fcl> ther. gave it to 7"^ Mmm^ a fuiubrBtn, 

Ma who 



91 Z.P'3iVZ>0 2V:v 

who hiving tiirboofedin his Ifeul* miiiy Setvice chcreia to fncb Ktrhtt-Veofie ■> 

Fj-encbmen, v^ho calendered Worfli)ds,and would rcpiir^taPriyfff, and la mptt tqgor . 
fcvenl other Thingi, ct«Hary ta,thcF»n> tl)M bni;e every. lYear^.to niakC;a_fojepiil ■ 
cbiics of the Ciiy ) the Apprentices, upon PipcciTion of the ff[ethrefi;u>d.5i%r4. .|ii 
Evil Utydtj >bove mcDtioaed, fpoil'd bis the Veat 14S4. a great Part,orihi|,liiilIt^ . 
Hoofe, and would have cUt off hii He«d, hiirnt dowq f but being again rfpi^ed at > 
if they could have found him. ftf.) A the City's Charge, there wu an Attempt to , 
Houfe called, Tkt LtsJu-Ptreb, and another make it an Exchange for the alTciiibliug. pf' 
large one, wherein Sir Wititm B»wjir and Merchants,, at bad been, accvftomed in . 
sir Hrarr Ha^f^banH kept their Mayoralty, LtrntMrM-firtit i ana oiany Copmon Caun> 
this latter ^tim§ 1146. cilf weie held about iC, but it was atlall 

(7.) L*Mdtn-b»U, which «as a Manor- refolved, That the Eicbange thoold coiiti- 
Houfe, belonging to Sir Hugh Ntml, Kx. nijc in LtmhMrdfinit, tt it had long^ beeo j 
in i }oj)i with diverfe Laodi, and the Ad> and To the H'll wii put for fome Time to 
vowfoni of Si- Pittri Qtmhil, St. M»rg»»t thefe Ufes, vit.. On tbe Eafl-Side of the 
Prnt/tmi, and other Churches.. About 50 North Gate were tbe common Beams for 
Yeirsafier.the faid Sir /Jagi fold them to weighing Wool and other Waresj and on 
' Bichsri Earl of J^Mwdtl and Swrriji t but the Wtu-Si'de of it the Scales to weigb 
he kept them nor long, for we 6ad ttimm Mealj and the other ihree Sides were re- . 
C»£jh»i, Uxmfkrtf BtbiM, £irl of Htrtfvd^ fcrved for miking and laying up the Page- 
■nd RtiiTt Rilidtw, a Gentleman of EfiK, ants fliewed at Uidjkmmtr in the Watch; 
in PofTclIIon of them, within Htile more The other Quadrants were employ^il for ■ 
than 40 Vesrs,and the lad of them in 140ft, the Stowage of Wool-Sacks ; the Lo^s 4' 
fold them to Riibtrd Ifbittii^tntai certain bijve were ufed by the Painters of the Pi- . 
Citixens of I«»iM, who, in 14I tjcoofirm'd geioti, and let out to Merchants, as Wool* 
them to the' Mayor and Commonalty of winders ud Packets. It is at prefcot thus 
that City for ever. Being thus fenleit in ufed ; Pan of it is mide into a WarehooTe 
in the City, Sihuk Eyrt, a Citizen of LaWav, for the Etjl-Mis Coatptny, and another 
■moog bis Works of Piety, built a certain Pitt of it. which it called the B»j hmB, is 
Gtinary for the common Profit of the faid u^ed as ■ Warebonfc for C^hifitr Bays, 
City, upon the faid Manor with fqoared apd is open every Tburfjtj tad Fridnj from 
Stone, and a fiir large Chapel on the Eaft nine i-clock to eleven in the Morning, and 
Side of the Quadrant, over tbe Door pf from two to four in the Afiernooo, when 
w'Kich he cauUd to be written, there it sgreat Market for, chat Commodi- 

tyi and alfo for Sheeps-Wool and Leather. 
DEXIKtt DOMINI IXJLTAFirME. 60 Tiufdffs tad Md^t »rt Markets for vift 
Qumiities of green Hides; and on Mm^afj, 
HediedS«/r, 18, 14^9, and was buried H'tdntCdty), Pfid»yt, and £<Mri/m for Fle(h, 
intbe Church of St-Msty mh»ib, in Laws. FiOi, Herbs, and »I1 Manner of other Food 
hsrdfirtit, and give three thoufind Marks simoft. 

to the Drapers Company, of which he wai, In the Year IJ75. 1 Water-Pump wu 
upon Condition that they fbould eftablifli a raifed in the high Street ofUmtJirttt Ward, 
Mifs, five feculir Priefts, Rx Clerks, and and in digging there was found an Hearth 
two Choirifters in his Chapel of Liadtn. made of Bi-iiijb or R»i»*» Tiles, each of 
Han, to fing Divine Service by Note daily them half » Yird-fquire, and about two 
for ever, and a Grammar School ; but this Inches thick, aod fome Coils opon th« 
was r)Ot performed : Whereupon, WiBitm Heirih. Riihsnl Earl of Oxftrd, had alfo a 
Rtaff, J»bm Rubf, »nd TbiMM ^by, Priefts, Iirge Me/Tuige built of Stone and Timber 
founded a Fraternity of the Trinity for 60 in this Ward 4 Htn. V. bnt if defcending 
Priells, befides other Brethren ind Siflert to female Heiri, one of which 'married to 

in the fame Chipel, appointing one or o- Sir fVingfild of Sufilk, and carri- 

ther of them, every Uarket-Day in the ed this Houfe to him, his Heir Sir B»*«r» 
Forenoon, to celebrtte Diirine Seirice mrgfitld Soli it to Mr. Eilvtrd ctki. Actor. 

My- . 

Dyrzco ,*^iOOglC 

De;-G«o«ral -to Qoefp sa^^iith, bn Htet- Neir this Gitc f Ays Mr. Iftsvtr) wm bot 
ward the famo^U Lord Chi«f Jvfiiqe oft'lie' risd AEnmW/iI)* Smi of Htfy, Brother to LMd 
KM^i^acbj, whom Sit Hmj sitJfsmetOi. to4 <:;«#'*<;#>,■ JKioRs of shmJit, who in >, 
Ltgii w^rf rri*W*ri«/. ft G^. TliU-Houfc.- fuigle Coinbtl-nitfc ^'>» C«;i^ took iwjy 
a. tiom .d't&lvcd into jatuiy fta^ HonJ^i l^t^voti, >»diiude bim fly, and killed tbe 
tod TtDcmcDt). Tbu is ul wq fiod re*; Rwm» Z.«^i>mm ihucwith, hiofclf dying o£ 
■ntrktbk ia this lictle Wird,' ind fb wc hie Wounds. 
pilj to This Ward it Put within and Part witb- 

OOt tbe Gate, and ii govenied by one AU 
i< ^fi^&ff' Ward. dcTOinn SWaMrtf Swfar, Elq; two Depnriea. 

twE.ooc for tbe Part! within, Mr. S t m mk 
^Tbit Wjird U fo called from ibe Gate ^9mdi\ and >aother for the Parn with- 
ftaoding almoft in the Middle of the Ward, oat the. Gate, Mr. Jtht HmA; eigbt Cotn- 
cellcd Bifitf^stt i b«ciur« it la fnppofed to mon Coiucilisen in that wiifain, and thrco- 
hare been ereSed by one of our, BiQiopi, without tbe Gate ; feven Conftiblei, feren 
(oat of Charity^ for the Convenience of. Scavengeri, thirteen . Wardmou Men, aiid> 
TnTclIen into tbe Eaft. and by Northern a Beadle. 

Parts of tMgLmi, who before were forced The Renwikablcs in tbli Ward arc. i-- 
to get into thole Roads by talcing ■ Com- Chorchei. s. Halli for Conpaoiw, j- 
pafs by BtdnaB Grttm, orjUirJiait. How long Maoy other Things, 
this Gate has been built we find not ; all -, i. The Cburdies are St. BU^h Blflitff- 
ve ciD difcoverofiti Antiquity is, That gMt, St. Ethttmgks, and great St. Ikhm 
it was a Gate in mo. by a Owd ofSale i. St. B*tt^ BiJbtfJgM*. Thii Church^ 
from WtMiMM BttKd, SberilF of LtaJm, to ftands a little without tbe Gate, and hath a 
Sirlt mrttr, &c. and by the Chirteri of tbe fjir Chnrch-Yird bclongiog to it, incktfed. 
Fonodatiims of .Sr. Usry Sfittit tod B*iUibtm with a brick Wall, whica was repaired by 
Hofpitals in the tenth of Kiog BJwtrd Ih Sir WillUm JBn, who was Miyor in int.^ 
Reign, it was found thai the Meicbautsof becaufebo waa born in thii Pari&. It ■ I an- 
the Btmfi who bad an Houfe here called .old Churthbnilt of Bitick and Steni^reo-. 
GW'U^ib nWMrirarKv.wiih certain Libertiei dered over, well pewed and gallericd. The 
aod Privileges which King AfMr}> HI. liisFa- Pulpit ii old, but faindlvniet tbepigaresof 
ther had confirmed CO them, were of Right Faicbt Hope, and Chittry, aod an holy- 
to ophold and repair this Gate, which ac- Limb being carved on the feveral Panels 
cordiogly they did for many Years, and par* of it, and tbe Altar-piece very (inc ; aod at> 
cicalarly when ,G(rW M*rM wat Alder.., a further Oinamentio this Church there it- 
man of the A<ia/e,' thev fpeni sio Marki painted King OlMfifi I. in his Roya) Robet, .- 
fierliflg upon jt ; biit this not with Handing at his Devotion, with his right Hand on hia 
it became To ruinous by Time, that the Bceift, and in bit left Hind holdang a* 
HMft Merchants in 1479. pulled it dowa Crownof Thorns, and ■ Scrole with thefe 
and rebuilt' it; bnt it not being either fo Words, on it, Chrifi* tr»a»i and by bis-. 
Ilrong or beauiifol as ihey defigoed, they Crowa, which ]!<« at bis Feet, this Sentence^ 
in the Tear I 5f I. baring, prepared Scoae, ; iHuJd ^laffhtdiJfUM'tgtMiMta, in a BoolLr 
canfed a new Gate to be framed, there to lying open before him are^tba^e Woidt -.. 
be dt Up, but their Libetticr, at the earnell A vtria tut,, on the left Hand Page, and 
SotC of the LtnJtM Merchants, beingfeized fftt mis, on the right. Above bim is a. 
into the King's Handi, the new Gate was Glory darting oo his Maiefty's Head, and. 
never creSed, but the former wailefc ftand- thefe Words, ^ffft*^ Z4«Ma-^ and in tbft.- 
ing. *Tif probable, thit it is the veiy Gate Kty Cttli fft9: At the Bottom ofihcPt*-. 
that remaioeth (o this Day, iC being very ^iirc ia LetCUS-of Gffld art writtUi^ 
old and weacber'-beaterv ai appears chiefly 
firom the two Figures of tbe Billiopoo cacb~ 
Sde the Gate, aod the Qiattered Remains of. 0*v 

Toateotbalmtsa fcircc diAiaCtly vUibl«. - 


- PM^t, i^e^bCnftnArUGSl' 1& <1M Mb- 

' .^tatf Oi»,> OMjtfiM of StirXWrtGimr of 
\/ Mtf<«riJMI^(MM-' HMnM^tri'lh theXohhtyofmbfVirlf.Knt. 
J^ fiim.Stn.-drPnv-.t.t:' tltt Wift af>S{t rimlDi'Oftf'of AidUMtfIa 
ScMiM^.Bironct: She left IfTue two Oiti^> 
On ■DOtfitT'Rty ikiBifl^^ofeM'tMeSllclil ten, Eliztitti muiiti to Rithtti Ewrmrd, 
pwCT'o^ MtHeid^Jicb theft Wwa§, CbirttH- Efq; eldcft Son af^hRidil^Si^M^ Bf 
tTmOriti BMadhit^VkifStiifteSlia' toaiti^ti$th.fF*lthmmiaBffi*,wboiiiQr»ad. 
on tbc Sti^'by fevAil-StMwt, infl^'tMft'i Can' $)t THihiiiU' EiittH i( n6#' Uftb]^ it 
Werdt. JlriMfr- irtM^ffttk wi(iyl*fift BrMff/i-in the' frid Cotih^i «nd' jVintt/,' 

InthitOirirdi in^iVmMtthftilteHtf^oP in tbtfCttuM^r of f*^< SNe'dftHl'Mi^ ]*: 
lAriclitWiiieft noted' irrfhr ifffT! 

J«<h( XaAmv, who died Mr i. ifsj.-snl .A»'»*I^A'4M.'Efq; whbbrhit W!I^ d«-' 
7nhi H(li%/ Whs'dted Sifnmtr iff n-yo. *Ifta'l6 thcClitiirclinFkrdini'lflt^'OrtMi'en 
fteaon bPthh PirHH. oPth'rt PiAOirind't^r Secttflort fbt eVir: 

Mri. 7M»wffW, a UrKBtAcfkffrtfl to- *II hii AfeffiitiUj Teftenr^ntl, irid^GrAboa 
■K? MRiMlrir.'ChtMIi, and'Paar,«tt'.''totlle ia'G^flMI Alky 'in ibii PiHfh; to difnfi 
MMfttrftr t'SeiitMi oA^Mt^iMmtt'Dif twtlve «bor Men', and if irimy'pdorWff. 
ia>.t«d a irieirlf>Allo<rfelMe%d^. Te'ttiff ttien-of tfae CitoUVttMhyHifyfitetifi 
ChtltTM.StwlrfAT>[e(imingiiticeftJllittbAI aitd tlK'OVer'plnii if anrie, co1>«'dftidi)l' 
lit B^itMf AUtii-tAStbthK-VMriol: e^BiHy tmoiie'tbeW. Hi ikd JSm iq. 
arUe^Piimtil,'' a'f.' iftAiyit^rirUd, a^" it^ti'.^JSa^ 6l: Hti^tt^ Wvet £UUi<t»- 
l/. a VetriiI'Moiwy, blefid»<^ottef'Grt{ti' anAi-MtliebyUVn.' 
fiir frichdlf' M{kFnit«<oPlH PHifl^AfftHf OtbetB«n«(ia6fsto tbePbdi'aird'Cltbrefa' 
aad-fqr'tM PCfadtbAflbtf loT t&S'PlrlOr. of>tbit>Pinai artf; 

Sbe'dted'MMfMfc^ aT' idM. 7*Mr'a^«M; Cititip aM'^AIdbHUkif of' 

Umttili h ThU', a AMcMn/: irbb'W>iy IjUW/wW bf hir Will aivc tWetity.fiVe 
firft bDrtedtflthantwCbiiyeli-Vtrd^NHrt^ QiMHJ^larCbircoil' ytarly-To' be deliver. 
cd^th<JCify'tc»ibil'Pnrift"ib'ttfr5. iHa- ed^by tlfti'Ccnilitirfy'ofTanb^'-ChiltHldltiri 
comcrated in-itfl?. T'I'V'SxAirtaildChf/hlln Dity^arly, 

BN^i' ^M«i/»i»f, a ' PffftUf TSkttiitii', VtMtt tb^ PeniNV' of ir/.' tfale fitft '(^ar- 
whotiibt<6r^ wlcfa tbi nJ^WAtMtAlTatfe^ te^, arid dotible'iRtrtrird. 
Mtii^^ns^luAkdheYe'Mfi^iliiiS. b/bis^ 7iM Br/ff ct; Cttlzfen MS TootWin^lm, 
own'Soti' (Out'of Uur'CbriOhif Bdir]tl)'WhD gird fot evef it bjUf- rififlvf Sttks of Cbir- 
read' ctfftaKi Fnjreri, irt8iifid'oth»Cdre- c^ tO tbe'PotihoPtbIt Pif^ oUf nf twb 
moiiielactofdlhi^'Kf tK*" Onflbrti of bii' Tenef^tiUHn theStfuthSHeof'BifJ!lry. 
own Coturtfyi Mofmn^ aM' EfHtaffgtH' a- Mrs, MHi- t^lthfi* alrt'oitt of t»6 fiV 
wbflW Mrfntb ifhif hif liUNkT HH SBIr' HMfcl iri- Sf. fi,ti;stMlt; ftur Loid' of 
1jtd'i'S'tdne'0*fcrhifnvfth'' an UCiSnptTeH, li^ty'Qdlrteri ofChirCbil; bi>f in kI^M 
(Wewinj;Tbif M wU tfiiRing.'of fi(^r **"»rid-h»tf in I>re»MW^ ofdSfing thitt'fen' 
chief Stt^jlf fcr (wMity Yirirf; in* dtffi.- SirlcJ ofit of elch' Goiff^ bir ni^frt' to" ihk 
rihttll Prf-ZA/thrt-fte irtdfpriy for birfi', Fdrft oFrbe' PVectfi'ft- of tttrfUiFiljlrttr. 

Slf PMvhMi^^Kw^J^mffl. Ernfc»ri<f^ Sir H^i!^MVAWgV9e jo/ ;tf ..«nMM to' 
lo'lbtTW**/* Bmrfcl-cr iff i6lr' tna-flint" ba diftVibnrta inibA'g' thb' ¥oor in' Bre»d' 
Years RrRdeHT. He wii' trf InhiHitHit o* yidrlV for eviff. ro'bi piid'by'thi!'Conip»«x 
this PiriO) cwenty.rix Yeirt, and * bounii- oTIrtrMifthgtViii^ did »\{isii'SHfttd'Sfi'A>- 
fbl BcnefaQor. He died ^^^ >>• «^f°- "Ar'^stj I. yearly fot eVtfl', tob^'tAid^bytUe' 
■f*a S^Ytui. CoiAt)M^4( Vlritnm. 



I. Ei4n.l)Rik^Bi%it.ntw,iHtd.J- .(Miime ,n PtMtkiatM, :(bMbe, Relief 

.FtWf«,M4.0llUaa«f6ri»ftii.V<Imi;i*.?>na jrafve. «UlFr>( ud Sot the bMHf 
tfUb, t w i>i fc ri 'th> C <miii ii w » n TT»M» with <FTa<cnuRW(bo£il3MicuKl ifawnKHftlo^cuy 
.«,lMe.Cw|«t-Of'«)KrifNno Velvet,, ABdLi .tUift.Uve- 

.^^Ue-GlotkoffifieiCiitilviGk. SlMtl- , .XiiUCbKrcb ii alUftuy. tixllut all. ■- 
.(Q^fe mifacCkNKbaCMatirtafeSiitipIicc ,ipo^ib**aia.the.Giftti%b9BiO»? ofXM- 
.ibrcke/arGM'i Ufe,. wda.Hw .wuiafcot -<^<qnWc Vt(iutu(a,flooe itufubioft^ 

^rhif -Puifti Inbnidcrer, .iBibroulci«d,.t;fce .litU)P>nu,Miid u Iwli.)* fo. be:KCf]iMd' 
.KipflVAnu .OD cbe . PoloifrClMtb, ia bxtfae. Piifiia. ud^t^e Pi(i|hi«n«i^ l«d 
.ThjnkAUMfi to God is leftoriiigkiai to durged by tbtoKo. |U OfS«et, Piywenc^ 
iiu JotnercHeebh Uter i J«h Siakoefi, lod Tithes, ex^pC to the Ghar«b-Cliirk,<h, Life «*u dclpilredof in. the but the M«fter end Bntlueii ftall^rcchs 
.Tmt i6iS,.'f^Kahe bid bnried liU',WUii Xn«]| TitlKt.uJruig, within their. Piecinfi*. 
■miAwtlofbuBataidf. p>yim thsiuaor i],/..^^^ et.f^lfr ud 

fMr..|lM»|»£i>*^o*Md Bnwer.jHctfaB ,4fflAwW.i«d aoe Moiety of f be BbeUs 
Tcaw-SeH to tbii Cburcb, •fld,iiii»d ic in their Chipe],,lf:Fanflikuert, .bnttbe 
nftj. finiirf-t •'r" if any Perfon, who -W^hola fthU iiooi af elJ atbafi ■ 
.hMl lind well and, bom .an {Mice in tho , la W'lfUm : ^icy in thii EtnOi ii the 
PariAfibot tbtiMfb iny^MliRittiina.wH 'WorJk>Hoiil*|bi thtPooi et tbiitCify. ^ 
ftlTa in(O.Dcfiy,ithia«fl)As^tDll'.fbc i^P^dtabUbadby ^Ad oTPvImowb^i}. 
jMi'wilhont payMfri«rCaa>orOBCaei,to & 24C«r..3. coibt. gRvanxd J>y xbe Latd 
jiJks Cbwcb.a flkaiitabk'jAfi,. a« .it.nui Miyor, AUacnea, wd Sfty-twoiyherCit^ 
xhm ibopfbr. MOf , wbct an Bude a Corpw atisQ fot «iin 

■,H,tiAal^-fMm, Cittzen«Bd Onncr.of <)l9iripg the Poocia <be &id Ci^, aad au- 
firry- "t- Aldttona&'i. Sttpatv «f tbit ib«iB«l <o ippnhud JlfigW(.-,Vagrutt. 
iW«d,i9n«t«th«.Poar«f ihirfWiariAail wd .fiwdy B«uv>i wd |c«4«n lo.wwk 
<wb«^Tni iO'Bmdjcmy-.Me^vi jj» wibcCity'iCairse,iail>UMrcd.n,Mnin 
.1Cicar'»tti(..crcrv-w)'dt- Cr«daindXtiwai«ittjK>tewM4ing»Mol. 
fitifawiitg a.iworBeny wneatcn Lsaf^.to f ^n». To thii .Woik-UosTe tb«re baa 
j|artMa.poDrP«(«le. been cktemby.lcxeral Bcneft&arvfmK of^ 

jadwfaf BMW, aTSoriwHr ja 'C'^K^ th«n aaknown, in .Jtlbwy tb«:ftii&Af 
{whole Eatfcei.wM CkHc of tbitTTParilh) M*/. lad .opwadf. Tb" ChJdr«n n. 
MFtbyhis'lffl Will-4oei. 5/.>t»poachiie caired intoit are Vagiinci,Pirilb-Cbildten^ 
Ludftwhb^ind tbc IUnTS<toii>e.eaiploy< ftod ruch.a* aicTept by.Bfcnefa&ori i diey 
«d fi>r the -Benefit iDftheToor. Landaio ve Mfuid eloatbed, and when- fi^ pat one 
the Valoe of i j I; fv^Jmum . wercpaicha* Apprentice. Tliey e«rn om Yur with aoo> 
M widi thia Money at Smi^vd-UBtm^ iher 700/: which it Uid oBtnpoathMDtM^ 
«tliich tfhedt i. great Relief - to < the faid cheiSaiUiagf. Tbeir Employnwot ii-to^ 
goor. ffin Woal and EUx, few, fcoit, wind. Silk, 

tfiM^m, Bu\ol D »v ^ n,.Jmt 10. iStA. laake Cloatfac tod^Shoet ;..tittt they, are alGi' 

' dicf] at ftwa^ ft fr* Honft wicboot>«i' read,amce, and 01ft Aoca|int. 

]kif{^«r4, gave 10.0/. to the Poar.of tbia Tbsfturdy Vagrtnts areemplayed inbaa^. 

Parift forever, ao^&rit the Chnrehwar> ing Hanipi and picking Oaknin, if Men;, 

deoa five sxwooenay wbeatcn Loaf to ^ Mid- in iewing and walbing, if- Women. 

■ n __•_ .• I ' I"!.- r>t.:ij .J :...j r-__ v 

«MO poor People every Simif- The- Children .are admitnd itfeveo Veari^ 

tnMimmjlKim waa born iatnit P^riflinear and p«t oat M fbnrteen, or a little btfere;;!. 

fliiiw^'ii llnnir Hr.wu.s Scig^Pkycr, and Men, if able, pnt into rbs King'a Seiw. 

and Ixiag eMsUeBt in bta Way, ^ot a ve> *ice. All are well lodged, dieted, and kept 

a great Eftaie, and ia his old Age taking in good Order, and htw daa Cire taken of.' 

rift's Direfiiona to ntke himleif Fritmdt tbcm fictor WcU». 

f llj If Mill /"'if' ■_f^f- ■"■'- iiut 



X N'H O N. 

A. st.Stbiliurg', To otkd fttlin the Di- -but Who thitlrit' if nbftiiawi?. I^ism 

dtcidonofit to chat Stint, fli«WM ia«KM tbe Son'of VjeAmt tW GfliifmMt,' to- iHhom 

-Queecf, Wife to htiy Sdmin, K.\ni of JTw. -'(btfDeiii^aftd GhlptevAfWPmri bid^inc- 

-thwmttrlMd. Mid DiughKr of AMffrt, King e4 the Pstrofivgfr uf t%if4)htireli, bbtainAl 

of Ktnt. HEr Huibind being <1> in in ■ iGnnt tlCocf themiObBHdvNiihnery id. 

-fiitcle with ptiii» King oi Mirti; ind C«- joiaing to it, tad iCcordingly did about 

^m»^ theSrtrjjw, Who joined together to -*n»iaia'. WHU»m Bifing. one oftheShe- 

■ make War againft thi*CMftiin King', fbe rifiVof Z.«A», 'i fii-U'.Wis a great Bereft. 

'fled into Kint, her naitt^ Country, and b«> dor to rilit Priory, 4[]«reiling both' the Re. 

ving built ■ Nunnery ac Liimiig, tbak -tbe vcnMsand Bnildingi, After cb« Diflblot;. 

Veil heifclf, and rpent her Days in SoUtodc on efthiaNt]ancry,ifae Ohorch -became a- 

.and Devotion ; from which Adion her Me- gain Parochial^ and the T-irbei being appro- 

mory became To venerable, that (he wai priued t»tfce Church of ».i>#«ft, tbe Deia 

accounted a Saint, and many Churches de- *nd Chapter prefenc to the Vicirage. The 

-dicaced to her. We find not when or by Jlans'ilall, and fome other Houfes-belftng- 

whom it Wat buUt, btx it ist:ertaInSy Very ing to it, were pQrcttafdd by tbe Company 

-ancient. It waa repaired and'b«Mtiffed in of Leather<(iUeK, aifd ia^> now the Commca 

-itfia. and the Steeple built in' itfao. It 'H»U toV tbeit Aftmbliec. - 

efcaped the dreidfnl Conflagration of Ln- ■ This Chorch cfttped the great- Corifli- 

'iAk in i6iSfi. and fince the Steeple wai rr- ^''■'■■"I'n i^'^''-'*"'* ''■vi'^ hid large Sontf 

fnired and beauriRed in 1^4. and tbe of Mone^ laid out in repiiiin^ Mid bciati. 

tChwehin 1701. It is a rmaltChitTCb, bet fytng it in tbe Ytars'itfS}. and in 1669. 

has f <vo convenient Galleries, ^nd if Xnell when the Toaret- -wtt-^bailr, \t a neat and 

■enough pewed and wainrcotted. liandfbme Building. -fsMa waU pawed and 

Tbe BenefiQors ta the Church or Poor wainfeotted, and on the Nortb^idc there 

are but few t Their Names arc writtsn en a are Scats made for the Children', and otberi 

Table witfa gold Letters, and hung Up in belongrnjr to the Wodt-Hdafe in Blfbr^mtt- 

' the Church on the North-Kde. Their an- fntt. Htre it noTabkof Benefaaorr ftc 

nual Gifts amount to about i j or 14 /. ^ op. " in fomo oihcr Cfaarchet ; bat we 

..AnraN. There is but one remarkable Mo- 'find thefeinMr.Snwi vik. Mr; 7a^a XaMafaa, 

numcnt, and that is for- a^Mercbanc of the Staple md Alderman. 

7ai« CarM/iMt Lintbiftt, Merchant, who who gavezr. to be diftribited every Sa«> 

-died in hii grand cltmaderical Year fijcty- itj among the Poor in £read ; ami Mr. 

three, Stftt»itr 3a. 166^. leaving behind Stiii, who gave r t. in like Manner. Sir 

^im a Wife and three 5on>. ' ' Mtrtiu Lmmiif, gave alfo 1^ Iftr itn.. far a 

The Patronage'of this Chorch belonged Wii\cer>Le3ui-e,: and to the Poor $ 1. fir 

of old to ihe Piiory Ind Convent of Si. N«^ ^a. for ever. Sir Jthn Cnikf al&, Wool. 

itiu, (which flood near it) till tbe Diflbln- man and Grocer.gtve towards the a«forming 

tion, when it wtt given to the Biffaop of of the Chureh (which is irregular, and 

£niAa, ind his Succcirors, who have prelenf- feemi to have been two Churches; ;•• 

ed to it ever fince. -Here was a Chintry Maibs. There arc many fine MonumenA 

fbtKided foriheSouli nf-Ofihrt Mtrgm* md iti it, which are very omanenta),' wis.-for 

CbriftiM hit Wi&. 7*ba Urth, MiniAcr of jMiim Ad*lm»r; alias CWin-, Knight, DoOor 

thii PariQi was much in Favour with Sir of borb Laws, and Judge rf the Coutt of 

TUm»t Mtri, Lord Chancellor of Engltrnd, Admiralty to Queen tUizMhrh, and a Privy 

who prcfented him to the Church of CJ&(if<7, Counfcllor to King ^mki I. C'r.wbodicd 

and waa attainted for high Treafon, ar-tiis FiirusTj t^.idjf. 

Parron was for- denying the King's {Snry Sir '?ai» Sfttctr, Kniebt, Citizen and Al> 
VIHch's) Supremacy, and war for thatRca> dermio.^LMa/fa, whole only. Daughter JU 
fon eiecuted at T^tara, M<r(£ 9, i;]^. Uxjiktb was married to tfiSidm Lord CaM> 

3. St. HtUmi qhmrih, fo called from Hr^f- ptM, He died Martb 30. i£o9. 
■ns, ihe Mother of CmftaMiiiM ibi Gnmt, to Raih,l dtmitrUiw, the Wife bf Cktrltt 
-whom it was dedicated by the Founder j Ci«n(rrUx,££q;Aldariiujior-ibis City, and 

1 her 


toyow^ Ik agh tw m^, wbit^M »m. ''■' «. Tbe Hvlh fbr -CoaptDtei iti this 
xt.vai. .'■. ■ .^ Wlrd »fit, ^.Tfce-HiHforiheCompinyof 
Sit IK*» WJiri^B, tb* BifclMr, XnM>» 'Pt'ii^-CIWfct^-wVo'nrde.incoritorticd' ^w 
MmVU wA Sic WWio fta#*jt ^hfc 8W. 't^]r> •nd confirmed 'fa^ (VvenliCinKi fines. 
who fcmd. fasr Princet, ««t. Kilt; /fcil^ They canfift erf ■ Mithr,' two Wirdcni, 
,V1Q. u I Siddtfr,- Bdwtri Vi. ir ad Ent. irrf f«vei)t«n' AffiftiRftt (us Gorernouii) 
■luflidartofi'OTM, Quwa M«7 11 ifliBnvoy befidet >n ii|r otbcrt, idmitting one lo 
iuw Crma^t tfid Queh Ibs«M> i« ^ff. ^dh Pt^, mbfch t»il| qoc mflte up 't» 
'ni-QScM>«C-I*p*nMM>.:'iTlM'' KHm- •Tfttiiy itKgtthcr. Tbe^ PuWitTi the ^nCi 
died M7 J9. fflfi.'cbeSofl<AMn'4.-tff4. ' of Mernlltj-ireekTr. 'w|iicfa give 'm Ac- 
Sir I*Mwr-Gr0^AgcAt'^ta'Qaetn eft- Gobnt efiD' tht Bumtf tnt^ CbiYHningsin 
<j^>i «1m> gMd hu .Htiaf9'-(now ailed ttw Cfty'irid Sulntrbi. m^ ttt jcHvercd to 
■Crt^t«w ftHyj fiw lh« pTOoWfing fiTera) fabfcnbers *t' 1 /. £ «i ■ Yifir; indtttbe 
IbmofLcHniag, HHlcTBloindtMRnden End of every Yeiribotit CirtJImti, they 
or PxafcSwt tfith. foil > fci^ ^Kh 1 iaii| (dtf 1 yeirh Bill, contiinlflg ■ Reheirril (tf* 
■Cimht HJafiiUiftri tteiKoTil 8«d«ry fn 'iH che^rnli, Chriftningt, ClfViItic), Di. 

■<hU Cattigc s JttWMl A te i t uM w In Bn*i. ' " ".^ _. . 

^hmi,-%aAA* BMffl ^KthM^f. iiU- dM ] 

^5jp. ____,. 

mUtm timbi Bfi|: and- fibjttr ttu Wife, ' a. CeatBe^^e]]efl HiH, which wii m is 

wb9 'ted the PBP-J w ay 17. itfyi. tfco «• '•boveTitd, the Hilt md fome other BuiU- 

ther AC^^ii.iS?]. ■--■--• ' -irtigf of rii» Nm» of Sr. H»/« It his^thc 

AldecoiMiJaRlC'^ 'MenhiM'AdvrMonjIr, -bdl Jtn'rrtntnd Phi(hiers.Work in ictbic - 

trhb wu inoft C w abwrixt hU Tn^'fer hli oh IbOIfee, tonfldeting the Antiquity of 

Mfttt AdVBttifc* both by ^nl and Sea. the Building } the Screen ii migniflccnr, 

He AM Ug 30. ■$76.' adoroed with 6x Colnmni of the Imt^ 

UMtte BM,(heSoii of the faU:mfi'«a^ Order, Enricfamemi, &t ind the. Cie]|ng 

Sbcrif alidJUdeTaMD(rf=CMito,:Wbci««»a «4lti Prelwork, ' They art the fifteenth 

Capaio in isU. ai lU t a r y oawpy ibd nL Gompitiy'of tmiJttutr, irid wcf£ ihcprpa> 

■UUMdthe'diief CaptaJnoffheCiay Trlftr> rtted/MM t)&i/ and have been' Anc^ con. 

Baadi 10 hii Oeitb. He wm a Me(tltall^ flrmbd by ItVertI Kinji- They uc a Ma. 

Advcatnrcr, lod dkd in M^ nftMb DmHii fi«r, three Wardenr, tventy-rn AfliDincs, 

]tf4]. MiM.ii. . and fff? An-thel.ivcry: There Ire 

Sir ^l»dMm Jnd, who boik AlAii-hoalei - )• Birtn orh«r thing* memarible in thit 

r Tfi an "<e sunaii, ^nrinningi, i.|i(nt[ie), u^ 
tdi. feafta, Vt. which TitVe hipjMTnfd the fgr*- 
I Ih ftiing Year, whicl|-th«y prefcnt 16 the 

fof (is Poor .Aim-People maaithitiCinr^, Wi.rd, » ,1.. fifrjUiim,. or E/dlm liijiitil 
•od pre Land) *». the Skinneri Cbavpiny; ftande'dby '{/mm /Vf£-]tfa7, SheriffAt tw- 
dut they might pay 4f,.avq|y. Wock n A«- in 114$, togethei' with a Priory c 

dafixpoor Ahoi-Peopl*, «»». 8 / i-(»ece, Canbni, by the Nime oFSr. M^r^ of BrrUi- 

aadatf.1 Year itfCoaltforcKr. -Ha died ■fcw.Toprayfpr hriown Sonl/ind the Soola 

io i4fi- of bit Predeceflbri (nd SuccefTori, hit Fa. 

Thcffl are diMrs'dthcr Moni'menci and ihcr, Mmhcr, and Frjendi. ' Upnn (he'DjA 

Crave^onet of'la&Ndu^'wbicb'-foi'Bfe- foletidn df the tA6niittttUt fbc City of 

riry'a Sake we/dimt. LMntepA^fiifcd'the 'Pnronage and the 

The LiaiDg ii> a Vicarage in the DeaM Lfndl of thii Priory," md the 'King Hmw 

a«d Chapter of St. ^MTtGift. towhon the VIIl give them the Hofpital to b« Dill 

Vicar payi a Poolisti oi6t. 8d. yeariy, cantinned'for tbeUfe md BeneRf of poor 

andataachtotheirCDmnifiiiyvand there* diftrafted Perfons. In Queen Elii^iiVt 

fore it exempted from piying firfl FrBita, Reign -the Church and Chip^t of tfiePrinrjr 

Taathi,iBdTfB»rKioiia. ' DpSdr tAmmt wkspulIbd-dowH, "ind Hofifea Wing built 

il)MM,,wbawaifiKiMiMeM>aertiffijMMA iip«rt the Groonrf, rfie Precinfl of Bttb!*. 

C»ttg*,C*i^ridgf. and bat written an Expo- him wk added to BiJT)t^|^rt(Piri[lL In the 

Mion upon' HawMR VUL was Vieii of ntatn Time the Hofpitil gttw very loiiv 

tliii Cbtrah. fWt' wNb Age,- md bein^ too finiTI 40 ac- 



comawitt* fy fKitNtwkcn, Ar wbon 5. %MJt4a*U>, »» ifl | >A J imtwifc. 

AppricttiBot «ere mifc, f^ City of !•»• JU^ which being broken op in iffif. tat 

dtm gnnted to Ae Gorernean of ibi fM Si"! M artki. bid^ diwAi ' Vmt tHrt 

Holpitil Ground on tbe Sottb-Sdc of feand fiin«C.*Aas «4 fawat«oiM«,«ii. 

ibwHMi, a Siraition mocli laatt <am- «f Jl«MMinktMtiiif lMi»ibaBt,wbo£>tak 

jnodioui for the Air, tft. foi tbs Bcaefit rie4 AcifDni. Incvery wHof tke FM> 

of the Lonatickc; uid accordingly a mw »«e faaod affaesnf BrafilX^ia, wMti* 

Stm&urc wai ereSed i^ itfjtf. imt^Cune JbiibriftiM •£ the Bo^etw- thM ratoiiiag, 

fsrpofe, and beaiiof the fuoe NaoH, i$dmmKxhiem'mtnvSX Jm i au ,P\^iim, 

whictt being ia iDOCbcf Ward, are Ihdl n- Mr*, dlKwiw tim, Tt^, tai oiitflf. 

ftr oar further Dificooriit of ic thither. Tbace .wers- aUb ^tvat Awn Viab and 

s. Fiflnri IW!^ DOW or late D$wm ^ othw faBntDcd Glafii^ ENftei aad Om 

UM/f. Ic WM • large aqd beantifial Baili- vf rcd-eokatad ^tidii dlwa CoCm •( 

ing, with (SirdAiu, Bowlittg-AUqw, &ti- StfWl O0DTaiaiiU| thoSoneeaf Men,^<e. 

frefied by Jsfitr ffjW, oacoffhe OeriMitf IwcmvtbeA FsMive all leniM, and 

Chaacefy^Hd ijul^ce oFPeaqeibfit bcwg Snih hM iiii KiiiHi Cmm^ whMrs dmM 

oroogreit Wealth to anTwtt to ^bacfei^ Wmrert mA ttdae^ Arciibe«, wb» imA 

Ueawotfc, it vu called ¥ifimt*f»tf. It to ih« Otr*Shapt uAo great enridriagaf 

1KU after made the Eiil of OijfWi Plat* tlwafiilffMuidotlMn,thir the btinfiag^ 

orSeat. and QaMa£/<««Mhwaa«iitcftafai- arCaliDONudt*iNr8nAb«ftfSi4anp- 

«d and lodged m it. The EarlofiSwvM^^ iad o«ri]«ne-Tnii^«lMdMWea*«Mlii*« 

•t length purebifed it, aodhadil for hit beconeeflateleditMiiiaodtvihiiliatjbK 

Citr-Hoare (at a Tiovf bat bos {ci> ^ h^nd tb» pM&ric PuliUMU hN ^ro> 

convened into $uccn and Covitl of ftaCilT Tided aa toBag ft H Wdf. 

Buildingi. 4. Owfawai^.batlcof SMMwd Hm. 

3. Alar^ Clofe anciently called tb« Jtt. her, verr lam and bnvtJttifbj Sir 3^ 

ulCbfi, beiag only a Plaotatioa for T»uk Crtuif, Sheriff and AJdennaD, who died 

for the Ufe oftbe CUst^ wtr^tn 1 b«t no« in 1*71. Rtikard IMn of Cl m^ then 

twins ioclofcd vtth a Brick-W«l^ it ii o- Lord Profifior, and ifterwaida IB^ vaa 

fed for an ArtiUeiy-Gionad to. which the ontctvrined md lo^ei in tfaii HobIc. Dt- 

Gonnert of the nmr do rtptir iKeUy OB mt Enthaladort were aid eaaeitainod ia 

Tkitrptff, to try their Artillery by Ihootii^ it, u Hof JUMtaar, GbanctUor of On^ 

them at Bntn of Eartb'caft ap foa tbac mark, from trtitridt IL tad tOMbn fiom 

Fufpofe. The Cff^JUUirU often an exer^- Jfrawtf ] Sf y<he I^anr, AMonnan, kept bit 

circd in ic. ' ' Mayocaln >b it, &*, TUi it all wt have 

4 St. iiMTf. stiittt, afr UoQ>it>l long fioCi ob&md to llria WM oott fc y otw NHfer. 

ditfolvcd. and many fan Hoqlei built hi Andfi»4re goKx 

the RooiQ of it, yet in a Pan oftht lar^e 

Chnrch-Vard renuinii^tbcre wai a Pol|Pi*. f. amd-pM Ward. 

Crofi left (landing, in which there wii ■ 

Co&flm from the RefoeaMtion todieYMr Tliit Ward takes It* Naine frtm >»•«<- 
1(41. rh«t a miho^ a Dean, and 1 DeiSor /r«*t inckBcty-thcahitf Stfcec in that 
of Dirtnity preached each a Sermon npon Ward, and it governed by an AUetman, 
the Rerarre&ioB upoa iih^ff, Tt^Ujy tnd «bo i) at prercot Sir Gar«ri Caofm, Kftighc, 
Wtdw^i^ in tttBtr-mikf and there w«« end hit Deputy Mr. OiNtr P>y§, nine Cm*. 
Honlei ercQed conveoicnt for tbe Biflwpi, naon Conncilnen, fen CoBABblei,aiglKSce. 

Lord Mayor, Aldermen, wdothcHtju Well vengert, thirteen Wardmote-Men, end 

IddiecaiGcntlcilicn toheer. IntfaegrMtd Beulo. 

RebclUoo rfie Polpit wu btobeo aow». .. XheiUflga rentibibleoftbti Word arc, 

■ .t— /^^A- Jir, ^ J . I m _i. " u-mi r *» ■ — 

and the Caftom difcontintied } bofC opoB 1. Chnrohei. 3. Halta-of GoiiifeaiH; ]. 
King Chm^*l If. Rflftaradon it wu ravivod. Of divert Kind*. 

bat the Sfittli-S i rmmi ue ttTsally preached i. Of Cbnicbct there are St, we. ^M- 
at Sr. Br/^tf*^ « St. SHdi'tCtntk. mv ksBtmi im tht Wai, fo called, bKMlb it ii 
Huftfrtt^ dedicated to 4i^SmiUf aod iifiiMte on 




i C^)mi>"0"2V!l -99 

tkc Nof«bVmi«PlMAir,illtdbbftwwd Bllh,«ia Aid- ui CScf. ifed^ he Bi. the 
«( wWkwHb/^Mf (bovniMntimwil. Tbii 7» Veftra. Tbejr Son ftfip «^ ffn-b, Conn- 
CImtch AiOdt in tfait Ward, boithe Pirt^ Alter to the Bliaor PtHtttm, ereacd it to 
tv «UA h MoBgt Hei iotbe Wtrit « ttwlr MMUKy. 

mrMifirnt^tlfi»l&^, uaUmpntr. Wr ' T&Ii Cliiir«h if t H«ewT, lod the Prtrtf* 
Arf not wfccD Ir wat fmoftd nor by mgetlKreof wu aodmtTy ia ibe Priory 
wfc— ,- hR k WW Kptlred in itfif. aad >BdCoavaM6f<belb^niw-rr, £Mtet bac 
feennOM la itfp^. tc the Charge of the fpM tb* Dillblatloo of ihit Houfe ic 
hriflL |ti| oMaw) tb*Waiiifcixbncia- came to th* Crown, and ,ba|b ever &ice 
iMfcrait,- yet h ll wvV- p*»eJ, aqd ttn Th«. mmlfteil ia H) Ae' Lprd CbaoceHor or 
Altar-piece iia Rcanin of Anriqaitr, b^ iEe«pcipfi>rtb«TbiiBbcbig,p^crenringtoit. 

a (be tt» CoBimawhiean u iq oh Qia« Tlio Natiber t$ HouTm ia tfait Ward be> 
IT io a niambt Pnn* D«ar Ijn Fo0t iMi^gte lUtParilb tre 114, 
bU, vitbGliuibcfiimfcein. t. S(. .Anjfiw Jt-lm, a Cborcb giKn 

Oto tboMirthSMe pT the Chtnth hi » tho IMfl ^fatioa ibr a FreacSing. 
lu^TMhlECiftvniti-CzVwipAaontotke Pl*ce ip ijio. aa k coariann ^ ttus 
Imr, w^ »n fmni Soon of Motwy, D>r- It belong t*~ the Mamflery of 
ftvof tAecilBfitInii^l.atidilunynaie. ^t't^i»t'W»t t^ the Drfblotioo, wbca 
CMe by tUa TabI* Ir a very litg« heet thae Mooa^eiv being given coSir WUitm 
■if PriPQli|ai|OBChathia aflrong Frame. A*Ar, Eord lYetforer of awlM< he poRed 
dM Bffgiei ^ Qaaen EKt^ttth, lyiqg m dowa the Efoqft sod bnih himftlf ■ S(it, 
iHrTBnb, ntd *nrafoMM (.loiu, one u hat Itft the Church flandii^; tad haring 
ker HH4»aodtbf«herachn:F<ct, vhlch partAttbe Steeple, ({OTtc, otd Sidc-Ifle« iit- 
ftev i^MC^ thorf iq Memory of that f>>BMatethe Qoire, frontbe Weft-End, ' 
^l ee a , whc^ when aKve, wai a otirfing bV an ineleftire, be D»de theiQ lAra a Gra- 
Mocher to riiit and all otber Pronftinc '■■T *nd Roon (or Coalf and other Honf- 
GbwdM. trwlarfti*a Copy ofVorfti, hoM-Ufti; Hit Son^theMarqaeri ofirAr- 
cainMriivher witbth«QaecnoF3M«fi)r 'H'o'tftridcheNobleflMntMoooaiennand 
Wiflonii fnditk for Conrtge, fMw-^i for Pavin^ftmie whleh hit Father hfd not 
Vtmc, Md IHhr for her dingeio«i Undec- mwred, and ttimed Pire of what bu Pa. 
trtjofl to defiTcr her People^ and eoaeliH ^" had t^en *at of the Chorch into Sra. 
dbgthqt.- Ueilbr hb Hgcfts. The Weft-Part^ not 

y«c profiBc4> wai framed to the Omtk, ta 
Gkt^ tstrmp if tnt Rdiput^ 1* »&rerafd. Wo have Oo Accoont of the 

tm eaarf m SoiMt, i» Hri4 m Amuoo ; Monl uu ent* Mitch Mr. Sttm fiyicoB ms. 
abrnm im lift, Afhnd Mt btrDuth', ny^ogfindf, beceaft they were fold aod 

Sbrb -mm tm waf g r ah td Elizabeth. dempHfted before bii Time [ bot be gim 

• Ejft of the NoMeoMti and Womeo,' 
~ — Jkmisit^. l5KciC(w4.44Vcar>. Kn^tv, Gentlemen ind Ladies, who »en 
■^tjAw l5lt.S Ibied jtm» i<fos. bnncd there eo the Nnoiber of near an 
haodre^, mong whom b Rithstdtlu-^H% 
la Alt (Aorcb Mr. StM tneDtkot only Bar4 of JrmM, who wai e«cnied on 
Sfwur AwHfi^ Efoi and mstwnhn Wife | ^mmt Bii for a pretended Canfpiraey with 
■ad Jtalwt Am/, nq; boned in iffei, and' Ttmm Dnfce t^ Qlme^, toihpofe Kii^ 
•no remtrhiUe Monantent, which by our TLftk^fill. Ajid fo w« kire tbii Chatch* 
kce A^remnit ia not now ftanditig, Wte.Fot and proeeed to 

Om Uwit mtt Bids, icrmed noble dcftend- V *. Vtttr U pmr, which b fltsite ia 
■< of u aockot knightfy Fatqily in Sm. ^^td-ftrm. Tbit Chorch ir c^cd ». A- 
idbrr, who being forced to ktva his Cono- ><rr, beeanfe at in Coaftcrarion ii wa* dfr 
try for hit BeJig>m>> retired hitQ tmfuMil, dic^ St. Ptttr the Apol^K *!><) heiin 
and ^ndberc twctity-foin Yetrr, oiins oneoftbefirft that followed Chriff, and 
ji^l s9. rtfeS. Near Mm Res hii wift' ofoally pnt befim the other Apofile* in 
mtU wko tccooptiikd hha In bb the Catalognt, clthnfiif hit Age orZoal 


m the Fiirii, Wfi tlwiyt b»d la |pMt V«- . SvJfSMmm San-jpy. - G*ta«l Mtl Nriet tbe ChriftiMt Cbartli on miueb one of (he Burgeflci ^P«rltunent for i^it. 
Account miny Cbutcluc ia «lt Nitiatas. City, wlto boitt i^q^.kfi: Wing of Um- 
hive been dcdiCitcd to him. TbcLAddiU-: Gbuteh, (u »Giie{u^)_ioa die4 Uf*<9^ 

on af'/« Pht it put toidifiii^gpilb it fVoni 3.S. i£>5. JS/^i-U. 
other Cbuiches djsdicated lo .tbe r«m« Apo- '■ J*k» iMtm of V. :f«iMVPifib beCdc C4- 
(tie in this City ; but tbe Rcifon of it i> ttf^^tr, Ef^; Miftef of Raqucil* coKiogU* 
not very cletr, tW fome f*y 'cwifbccture «i«r^VI. who died ofl«far itf. i5jtf, aoilbjr' 
'twu thcQ I poor PtriOi ( and otbwi, be-, him .liei. hii Pn^itcc MMgttt%t toe Win. 
ciureiic adiained .cm tbei ^H^^'^-^M'h- of Or. Fitn^_ ■ PJ^yHciuv Who dwl, Mwmp-. 
who piofcfM tbemfcluw p«oi ) ^b may ^.ijt i^Bj,. . . , 
be .true, bccMiirii tho' tl>e Mpnlti vofelTcd Sir Timn.'lnn, Mayor of IWnr^wbo 
Poveity, yet they bad nfyally; by tbeir.. died io ttf J4- tod fomc othen. 
Fonnditioa fotqe Allovtnw to be given Thii Liviog is « ReSoif io ibe Co1Iki> , 
to tbe Poor, who for thic, RcIflQ floclted- on. of tbe Dean in4 Clupter of ScPmCi, 
sbDUi NfoniQeries.'. '■ , , . , lod ^Jo&ot titUfwtrti w'ai ReCtoi of it io 

This Church himng*l<M«4<^ l?irev>nL itffl^.wbea the Rcbslliao beg^ bat vu 
i6S6. remtiu wptd. Sttv^iftc «i>4'roBie-. ftguefired from it» >nd beiog Dluidend*' 
vi^bat dark and. tlpveD'y* la i6is- it wai wu impitfaocd in i^HMfi. He «■■ be-, 
eolirged eigbt-Foot on tbe North Side. H fore Mifler af Eaumd-Cti^t, C«nMi%v,^ 
tbe Charge ol Si/ ffiSHum amrswtr, aid in Archdeacon of Mnrtiiv^) >>ad ProfeSbr os- 
i<i6, AF«.KWed ; and tbe Eaft-Window Diviniiy jja ^tJbtm-CMit. Being fee i£. 
eali'is^ Ib iff)?- ibaRoof andlaiidP'Of Mberty in iS^j' he attended bii Mi[ft*r- 
the C^ii^cb wcr« beautified, and to itf>9-' iCing Ci«r/(/I. iahiiaffli&ed Candifioaat. 
aoi-^Hio. tbe Steeple fva^ new biii^,.fhc HMmfin Cmri and the IQe of ff^fi^ and) 
Balls, new caft, and a Gallery piK spat the having at length Iceo bil King ia"^t*d> 
Weft End at tbe Chaige of the Paria i b.Bt died loon after, vtz. ^i^;»fl 2a. 1649. and . 
Time baa much defaced it, aod' it nuda . Wttbtuied in thiiChnrcb from wbenn^ie. 
beiuti^ing, if not repairing. tL^e^ iMlIy be h(d been ejeded. 

done. It if pewed, and in fome Placu; Oo&or Jtia £mi alio, tbe AAtbor.ofthe 
wainfcottcd i but tbe QrnamenK tre but- Ci>n/JM L^f, and fevtral other karoed , 
neio, and thofc 11 well ai-thciMopuiwi»tf-: IJifcourfes and Sermons in Printr was Re-, 
badly kept i for iboat ten yean fince the 3or of thit Pari(h. He wat a^Krine in* 
Creed and Lord'i Friyer, which flood on ferior to nan& 

the North Side ware not kgible by KtM v ''' '"''fiw Ott/mtk, pr Omtwitk, Co 
fan of OhO, tjr/. called from ita Dedication to.St. Msrtim, 

There tie 00 Charities Get op in the.. Bifhop of Thar/ in SrjuUf who Wat bmed 
Cbnr(%, la ii coinnui^ab^y done in fone in theChiucb for convertiAg hia Mother to 
otjurit but Mr. jraw mcntioBi about ij/. Cbrifiianity.'and doingoiany Miracki,Bnd 

Sr .^ttw given to tbe Poor of thia PariOi from fbnr Brother* of, the Nune of OU>- 
y the Ladici P^tM and tM>Ah Mia. wtVft, who were the Co-fbundera of it, and 
^0r!ti, Ui>j,tfti tofoe otbeif. ThcMo-, were interred in it. It it an crfd Cbivch f 
mime nti are for .. - for we Cin'tfindthat any of thefe. Ow-, 

Riti*rd FitxmBiMU, Mcichaatr Taylor, wiVkr were alive fa late at ijyj, bectnfe 
who WIS buried in i;ao. Jtbu Ckovihnu.tbeo'Misior or£Mini,aQ^, 

Sir WSBiam Rah, Mayori who,WW bwkd ed aa their TmOee ia giving (be Advpw. 
here in 1540. . Ion of this Church, four Meflaagei, fevcn* 

Sk Jtbm Btlit, % ksincd Lawyer, Anti-- teen Sbops.and.tbeir Apjpiftejiuicucodie. 
mt*n snd Lingoifl, who died Xkuwbr UtriiMt.T»jl§r' t Company, for the Uic oC 
a^. I57,>' the Poor ofrhii Paiiih. 

. AkrfiB C«EtV^ MQ9ri W^ VIS inuicd. This Church wa* not at all d^u£ed by. 

h|rc io- IfSI. the Fire of Ltfdm,^ and UviM been lately 

fCBiitco *ad bcfutified iS'liMWiBteMng^ 


L-.ONM.O N. loi 

cnMcfias tbt Attttqabr. Ic ii mtofcMw be eai|>Ioy«(l for t&e Relief of tbe poor 

ltd ud p««*d. and thfi Altiiwpme buh Brctbren atti Siftert. Gmf* GarJtntf, D. 
tkt ConstuidiiMMi dcpiOed witb blick D..DRinorNr»>'«bia ijtl md Ooftor Jt/< 

Lcctcik oa Gojd botwecA ibe Positruti of tiMrd Vddm; Bilbop of Bttk mi mtt in 

MfM uid .<i«ria, u ftrenl of Aa forBMc ' itf^i. were botb RcQori of thii Oiuch. 
u^ foUowugCkiiicfaei lure. Before llw f. St. Bmdi0, vulgarly criled Bamtt- 

ComiDBotoo^TabkicehlKkMirUeTonb' AMI. Tbit Cbtireb » rittute ia 7*n«dhw- 

fione, Boder «bkb ii • Vault whereiit lie dbjrtti, not fiir from tbe R*jmI Emhm%t. 

dw Bodiei of Jiis Ti^t, wbo died Uf- It it dedicated to St. BntdW the Abbot, 

tmhr 9. 1^99. Hi»iiiih bit Wife, the wbo wai the Fonoder of tbe Order of B(^ 

Danghter of jtim JiMjf, E(« wbo died 0B$- mtHMim Monkf, and with the Addition of 

iir 3o. 16S7. aad Jiln a^^ tbcii eldeft /Aif, becinfe one Aatrr* Hi^ who dw«lc 

Son, who died Offdir 30. iCSj. agid fife fa Sc. Jwir'i Parilb, wu the Foolider, if 

Tcart ; thm robfatbcd, Ommt nimmttgmm. called for Difiinfiion from other Cborchei 

The Chariuca^ven to tbe Pooroftblt In thii City dedicated to St. SmtA'S, Bnm** 

P.uilb are not putisuUrly known: Sir Bn> JtaA, The old Chnrcb which hid bee« r«* 

2r Raw, Kft; hub ^ren ii. fir Jmmm kn paired and bcaoiified in t6]j, wai^eftroy. 

reai^and lAa.U»tht^ jo/. Mr*. Jte.' od by the drcidfol Fire io iM<. hot is 

fjn/ i>r^,(cveialTfnemeBtf inBuMMn/j linoe rebuilt, and WH finiflicd in 167}. Ir' 

^tj. Tbe other Beoc&fior*, which were ii bnilt of Stone, and b t fiaa Piece of- 

aboBC twenty, hare fivcn feveral Soma of Arcbitc&are, being within of an elillticl^ 

Moae7i..bat nMeaboTe le/. Tbe bkA Figure, oaoft cooimodtoni for in Auditory,> 

aoted MoDDOicat* which have any thing fn* Ui« well wainfcocted andpewcd, and batlr ■ 

peclcribcd befidea- tha Nimei and Diy of anfaaftdfome PDlpit- The Font ia ef Man» 

jDath,aK£Qr ble very beaatiful, and in one «f the Sooth-- 

Hr. 9iiAmi Suftr, an Alderman ck£b- Windowa b a Kal luely pitotid with- -■ 

whowutbe greateft Merchant of hta Time, this Motto onder it. 
and die chicfeft A&or id dUcmreriog the 

nrifr and £4!^iNU«Tiadea, who died 7M. SIN'E LVMINE U«AN<£.- 
30. t6o8. 

Mr. GMT/r SMtitrtm, twice ParlianeO' In the- Entrance into tbe Chancel of this". 

Man for thit City, and AlaQef of die Alir- Ghnich haoga a Tabic of fhe BeiKfiElori, 

th^Kt-Tsjl^i Coiupany, who died Map 34. which are Gt-gt Bt l mm, ETqi who gavoi 

1599. CJiitKiMA. hit wife, wbo died i</ftM-f i«o«/. toward the Building oftheCborch, 

ifr IP. and .Gtaqt xhtii Son, who died ytnw tho* a Rmnin Catholick, and offered to* • 

I. ifiia..Shegirc the 50f..abovefiid tothe fire tbe PariOi *n Orgao, bm-tfaey tcfb-- 

Poor. led'to- iccept ir, 'ai fane fayr- upon tb*^ - 

7«cai Fsiim, TrMfutcr and- chief Caun- Aceonnt oFlfia Charga of taitntaining it y 

fcllonr of Zilmtd, wbo died 7nk 9>.i<Se3. but oihen, that they liked not inch a Me-- 

Sft lody in Divine Service ; bowevtn. thit be,. . 

Tbu Living ii a Rcfiojy, and was an- the good Glntlemo is dead-, and they are 
cicnily in tbe Gif't ofyaiv Eail Af.ifjrrra never Jibe to meet with Tucb another' Of*' ' 
and £<(^<7,. ia theR<iga» of ibe Kingi Ei- tct. Mr. ^mir*fi ^tmui^I fmAinttm fo^ 
wwdLil. «nd in. Ha dying witbant!*W', ever* .JHa ^ai* Ah'rjrf .mI to be diSribo* 
fial Iirae,.l(f[ fuaLiiids.^«ith diii Adv^w- ted yrarly on St'lAaaacrVDay, Mr. ?*£»■- - 
fan to t^ Crown, froni.wlucb it was pai- Jftt^ward- loo/, to be dtftribitted'in Dread; 
cbafcl by 3ib»CkKrckm»m for WiUtmm and. every ind^Y*^^ Mrs. AM TUfimfi too K^ . 
7*b 0-i»itl), and by tbem it was given to to- puichtCt Landt-rs put out Apptenticet ; . 
the KtniMf-Tijl»rt- Cmnpany, wbo now and fome-oabeii ofhSx Nbce: Tbe Mo- 
ve the Patrons oSit; Rp^a tbeJOtlTolBrien nnoieua ofxbis-Cborch we»e fivobcfor^' - 
of the Guild and FiaieiDityofScyifceBaf-. the Fire) and then only one oF Note, vim.', 
tifi in LMul0n, ftonii whom lod their Sac* for tha Lady ^mu Jmufhtm, Wtfe of Sir- 
tsSoti it jKtf giif ii^io..PVpenul vAlau J* Vdm ^rn^furn »f JfiitwmJi ut^ihe Coonty: 


«f I^M^tm, wbo fivc'f'i to tlis Poor of tarkd. mi UnfT- Ae Wife # ftf 9Uli» 
djt PHiA. Sb* died OMmfcv >}. i«i). l« ff <n p i« ftimided ■ ClMiilrrtee i« si 
l^cfc are iM»c fifice. Ate. 4, and vrubwrM intfacGblircfe. Mr^' 
The Living ii a Cartcy in (b« GiA «C M^, attiriff of SMilHknn a Cu Jfffc' 
the Qtad and Chipiar of mm^. The iMfiwmownvlM ^rMckcdly-fDwfto'r of 
lieAaty wu (netentlf in tlw QifpcAl of DMinity dponChriO^ Pftfioliifhimltefr- 
ib* PiMily of the Ktvib, who gwe it w eltdtto eiftMl* tb»Afk«rA(>M,.rftaM 149^ 
ttw HoTpiialcf St. ^tku^ oSntmu,wiath h w*s bornt iMra is tht kic dnadlU Rfc 
WU near tUt Piiiflb btMOiifar*, Bilbop i4M. and nbiMt ia ftfT?- 
of IWm, ^iprapHatad tiMTiihai (• tho - ThU Ctiorcli i* ftrmglv buMtj hMdeMB«> 
liid Iior(Hf«l, upon the Coitditio* that chef IfwainfMmd'MipewM. Oo the Altn^ 
AffwU «Kft lad naloiam a Hrtt-Scbisol MMt il a IpactelM ISIory peiotld oa l%e 
vithbtheProeiDfit ofit AftartheSnp- Hgire <if a facftfioti Ija».SHn, toftev 
pnOoa this Hofpitil, whfa tO itt Ajmtr- thee aw W^ Meft, the timb of God, 
teaanofli, *•■ given to the Dun >nd Cbap- baib oCsted fateifeir* Saetf ee for a*> 1^ 
MtolKfiwdfir, and their SococlbM ibrevcr Potpit li eaffod Md flniend vidi En* 
in pare wid perpctoal Aim*; by Reiftm of ikwBMHi of ChwoMfiH, 4v. Hen {( IM 
which Ooaacioo tho Advowlon of tbt* TiMe tf BMtMort, nor MMORteint 

(Smicb faith eni fin£c been i a thctn ; aod Am^ cb« Fire, whkb eoDnmed or deftnr- 
oae of Ihe CaMOf of It^mffir, Itccnred hj ed aH tbH weie l« it befbra ( yet becndb 
die BiOop of Lmdm, or Ui Chincetlor, if Mr. Jam kach preftnred tbe M^mofy of 

•Ivraya the Cutate, le whom the lahibir«(if» tbcot, wa Oiall radK them fbr otbcrt £■■ 

make it worth 100/. ftn Aamm. Mr. S** anpki vte< 

■wi/Clerft,the Writer of the Lires of mi' Sir9ii»nw^, tnd MMgnyt lui Oin|^er, 

Sf d^ij/b and foreign Dlvinet, wtthflHnjF the Wife of Sr yafce L^ f lmf im , wb»iSBad» 

9am hUbricat isd ptadical Trad*, was ed tfc« Cktauy AoftrntB a aoti in ai Af- 

Minifter of thia Parilh till he w*s cjeded mard IV. 

for Non-Conformity in i6£i. Jtmm IPI^M, Taylor* end Sheriff of £,«»■ 

6. St. Bmfhltmtm KKtbMgt, orliitU ; G- dm, who fijoodcd the Ottd-Mtby Semmn 

nuteatthe Endof An-fMrnrw-il^w. It it afbrefiid. 

To ealledbeanfoir it dedicated totheApo. 9•«l•■n^<',Mercb8o^Taylor, AMenmOx 

Ofa St. BwlMnMw, whomfomc think to wbowacboriwlhi 1^44. 

lu«l been Niftha«Ml I aod tht Additioa of SEr^Mw 0i^d, i/Uyof ta i5ro> nd 

Cm'mv >* given it 10 diftlngoiOi it frooi' Sir Gtoxf Btrm, Mayor in 1 j ;s. 

the ChiiKhea of cbe fame Dedicniofl in thia MM Ctv trd aU, Biuop of Imtfr, en whofo 

Cityi beanfe it ftindi ortr*agiinfl the Tomb were grsvco eight VerTea, Ibewinjg 

■tttfal tmkm^t. The Foundation of thia bii Dignity, vlrtiu, Baaiflunent for Reh'gi- 

Curcbit not known, when, or by wboa on in Queen JMaPT** Retgn, and Age eighty 

bid 1 bm (bat it w*i an anctsst Chvrch ap. Yean k hU Deet h. 

peuafirom tfaii. That there waa • Chantry 7«fa Z>mf , a Merchant, who being cboTe 

fiawided io it in KiiM timmi flTf Reign, Sheriff and AUkftMO, flaed fcr the (ane, 

who died 1)77. for theSonI of mdwri d» tad ptbl fbr his lift Koe teoo Maiftt to> 

Nr/Iir, Dean of ih« Arcbei, Imdmi and wird the Repair of Chrift'a Hofpiul, Im^ 

then it feenw to have been m old Orarcb, dm. Hi died Ofnwtar to. i j p$. aged <]. 

and (bon after to nnieh dnayed, that Mr. 34mm» QhmA, Qtizen and Draper of 

tkmKM Pjh, Alderman, with the Alfiftaaeo Lmdm, who died .^ipifi >C. itfi& Mitt- 5f • 

of MrMar IW, one of (he Sherifik, new Upon wboTe Tomb wat grtvcn 
Inilt it in f43t. Sir mUmm Gipfi, wboftiF* 

fcr'd fbmocb by Cw/Wand p&dtif to the * AgoodLilebaA tbcEleyflmunher'd; 

Rrign of King Bmf VII. and wai the Aa- * But a Med Name •odnret (or ever. 
ceAor of the noble Family of the Earlt of 

t^tx, added ■ Chapel to tUi Chnrch on tbe The Llvinf it a RtQory : The Fiiro- 

Scntb-Siila, wbrie be aqd «Af C<f«f who ll*|« of it wv, m Ugh M we cm find, in 


LONDON: loj 

•MMMM«ift»,CHlWMiOMfH>oriM. «MrAttKA4NIMSpHl4«Al9tft|t»||te 
riM| bM «ft*v.thB fbwiteg ani w ifcwiM Chmcfc-wKdMtArLiflhti; i: md n At 
«f tbeAMeyor aMWr Mir tha ZtMr sf i^»or }/: ^ Ai.fcr«Wr. UmA ■*< 4. 
lAriw, ftl of King Mwmj m. k wu ia tber Cluntiti ire ftt np ia ■ Table itt «hb 
«he Abbot nd Convent of tbtt Mondhiy Veft^'. «'«• of Mr. atmti» IMmt 41 f, Mr 
tfHA«niblKioD.wiKoicwHfttlM ia .•*ik Mr. Mmw Mr^ 4 /. ^ Jta. Mr. 
th« Cr0it% Mid fau cntiaBed then e*«r Mmmt ArMM r J Mr. hmw Jb HaHr f f. 
Aim. The VakH of it br Aa of hWi*. Mr.lmir •/ and Mr.Mifir } il^y U 
««ot 93 Car. «. a. If . it iM>/. ^ A*. .AM. Bafidw fboife vtbar AuHGiAt. 
lriUnibt<»(be irorthunnch. Tfca ^oawMOtBorNataiBtUiOai^ 

7. Jr. dri/ffan C***t. fb -MtM from ue tMe, at Mr. JMW ftti cbe« intra. P«t 
A» Mrteai Stint CMIyibr, L «, Cbrifi'l XAfavW AkrA^pas, who gm Landt w 
Ovrior, to wbom it u dedicated. By a tU( Chwsb, and died in i]^. 
RaMfaaa^ag orcrthe Veftrr-Daerve n» The Ladjr JMgmr Jhi^ whodMUi 
datftend, that tbii Cbnch of cihftml via iteC 

fcifci il Jta* l4tfi. aa wei fboad in an old 7*^ Ciewr fa y, who gave fiaodk I* ttM 
Moamneoi in a Glift-Wiodow of the Ve- Chwcb.Hiddicdin ifir. 
ihyj^mtS9». Here wu Ihea two Chao' 7aia(M>9,Or^r and Mapw, i^ka* 
erica, the CM for the Seal of Thmm Ugg, viog nwrrM the Widow oF tlatm l^t^ 
and the Mhcf fbr 7*1m WWMf . It wm re* hte. Mayor, whicb Widow Iwd tAea tha 
•rfiad, (fiya M* Mw) ior itfii. and bca«i> Miatle and Riag, and vowed Ctuilty to 
Bed «c the Owrge oftbe Parilb, aad being; God dvriag her Mlowing Life, »u wUt 
Iho^ sec batot dawB by the tee dreidfal hie Wife troabled bj; the Cboidi, ud one 
VitCt Jtt vary nmefa damiged in all in to Penaoce for their Mirritge,. and btf- 
Pnci. wet inmediatelv repaired for a ren. BrvKh of Vow, They did their PeMeca- 

tat 11 

., Ule,aodwuagiinbeiittifiediii 1^6, 
tat it fecau the Bolldiag wm not Htm, miUm Omtfttu, hlayer, who Wai a greil^ 
aad cfaerefoae it tru lamy taken dawa, Veae&aor to tbii Chwch, <ad glezidfoflBa 
aod built a-acw at the Charge orrfie Parifli. of the H^iadowa. 

OBtheSoatb>Sideof diif Cbnrefa hingi ierf»r*Ifci>a,. who died la If j». fcoA JM*/ 
ai Hucbfltettc given by the Lidy Ktihfimi Un^iikt who died OtMwier jo, itfiA. gotb- 
ia Metnoiy of the late Qoeao Muy, Cbn- neotiwied above ai great Bcncrafton t* 
fort to King mBmm Ul. CDatnnmg her Ma- lUv Pirilk. 

|rfly*i Amtt, an Imperial Crown, aad this Sir fair U limn, Knt who died in 1*3 u 
Infoription: A"- }>• 

^tmm-A^itt, E^ wh« ditfd Jfril if.. 
M»^m^*mjt«pi0ifim0SfMmfmigbt£Htii»^ iTi. and wai bid in Kii owa Venlc in tUa 
MARIA, mtftt frmrnttmS, Decemb. Church villi hii Aticrflon, who had lireA> 
it. 1^4. Call HaUit^t long ia tbia Parilb when he wi* bora there. 

KMharim Gmm, the Wife (tf 7*ia ONf^ 
TUiPirlfo and Chmrh hath had TiveMl Cenb who ditd NHw«br j. i(f$6. his two 
Wtt BcBcfitert, whoA Memory oaght to Diuubtcn jhtiht aod UntaitU, and Tecond . 
I prclenrcd for ever, VM. Mr. AttrnTlmiu, Wife S^mm, who died OOiitrt^. 1700. 
who gave 4441 /. to pieni Vtu. Thtt Cbnrch.i) ■ Rcdory, and huh been . 

Mr. 7*h» Kn^itk, Dnper, who, amoog. in theCollMion of (he Bilhopt of /.oarfm for- 
acbcr immenre Ciiirittes (mounting in the joo.Yeirri but before thit it ftems ro bira. 
wbele to jiityl.^ give ta the CoiKe of been In the noUe ftmity of the KnUij by 
thi* Pirifli for reading. Pnyefi ic fix *• otie of whoei 'tis probible it wm given . 
dock every 'Morning in theMannerithat' to the Bilhept of Lm^ Tij of the year- 
was then tifcd- in ilie Olapet <rf the griaely Viloeof f>a/ frr^hs. by the Aft of - 
NorTh-GateofSt.raari UaAaaol-^Wa*. Parliament, beMs* the Glebe wSich ii a. 
lb the Oeih-eBd Sexton yoLCtth for. hove j^l. /» jtm. ia Gnnuid.Renti fot> 




be prcl 

fo^ LO N R O H 

liovfci Wik. M it, tiA wiU h* mqeti mue Keatdiaily dld^ idA. is ilt MMM Jrfl F«L 

-.FIiw. ttMi' Lcifi» of fpfty Vein fireffl low>Monu of iiui«lering-djvcn of tb4r 

itfTi..ire cspiiedt uolelj igtin icoewod for ^Br«tbI«1,,;■Dd comisittuig Sodony, Xi«ik 

Pints. fon, and miny pUicrgrieveiitCTuna, aad 

4qi«iif the ReAoti of tkis PuiA we fiQBnedttoa ttic Door efSi.PMTiCbiiKli, 

find Ita? C4(/^, ali** AitSmart, »n Di^W ihu be oiigfat Ihiaie iiu Order the mort^ 

P|D6(OT,(birdi»oa.of C^«^.D«/w«riw.kniJ«i- Hc,wi£p(au3ed by divert of gf<K Kuw 

4««:Phfjici«n to QU'^eh W«|! ind ^ctA uA Power. 

iltz^a, iSir Jnltm fi^ffr, MaAtr «f .dK . i- Tbe Ihlli in tHu Wird iw, i,Ca*f««. 

JtollVbeiflf ,biisld$ftfi(0(b«ri*nd IVb. 7^ tiri.HsS, ficuite in JhrtMdMMdlt-firm, . 09 

fMT, * ^uoa of the I«ifef«r, bis fccond) tbe Sontb Side ptLadtn-W^, ilinnft 'tgtioft 

Hf |r>* *: Pr«t>eful4ry and Uetn. njffdr.'id tbe EtQ-End of B*thUbtm. It it Tafy.^nk^ 

died 7nM >}. .iiS}i. tged 7a Vcurt. H« ■nentiUf builc of Timber. Tbcy i»ercia< 

nVi <0 34«' CoHegF An. 9«v^ft!f<.rwo Pel- coiporMcd or ni*dp > Cocopuy /Im i^tf. 

iDwOitpt of It I ftr /ti». and five SchD^irr *nd confill of ■ MifVcr, tbree Wudma^ 

9^s/ffil..l^ JfM-iaf CchoJirt, elcQei Afiiftinu of an uacecttin NumU^j $99 9a 

from the Kiag's FrccSahool u.Efy- ; xbe Ltvery, bclidei Ycqmsnry.' 

. jMta Orf^ird hid it in T643. by tbe Se- . 3. D'tfri-HiS Atoite 9Dtbe North,-Sid« 

gneAr'tioB .of Mf. tianJUy, tti^ died in f^TbrMt^mmitnfimt. ,lt'\i ■ very fptciooj 

057, He.vpi ■ piiofot I'reicher, tbo' ■ ind aobk Buildiog, containiog the fonc 

Piei^yvriio, ■ good Linguill, Scboolmin, Sidci ofi Qoidrtogle, cacb Side cIevMn| 

and Diyine. Hit Son Jamu Of»^%rd fuc- onf^olamos which conQitate PiizzaV To 

ccfded hiQ), bqt cimc off from hit Ft- it betongt a large ud pleafaat Garden wicti 

i)«*i Principlcf. Wilkt. .The Hall U adorned with a lUte* 

poftor 7«m Ftarfm, Mafter of Trmty. ly Skreeo, Earichmeoti, tod fine Wamlcot, 

C»ikg*, and Bifkop of Cl>tfi*r, wat firS and then are Csveral large Roomi^ weU 
Preisber ac St. Cltmnt injltktsf, and then wainfcocted. It wai anciently tfaeUoufe of 
collated to tbii ReQory. He vat a moft the Lord Cnmwti, Earl of-f/tN, Victr-Gc- 
eminently learned Man, lod i| particuUrlf neral, and Lord Cbimberlain to Z.iag^Htmj) 
faniDilt for bit Expofition oa tbe Creed, VIIL which &e built in tbe Place of Teveral 
which wai fitft delivered in Scrmont, in Tenementa which he pulled down. Tiw 
one or both thofe Placet. Dr^rt of Lndm bought it and made ic 
In ihit Church Fftip P«t^«;, an .^IVayfiM their Common Hall. Thi( Company are 
Frier, and tbe Pope'a Chaplain, being a Pa- rich, and were incorporated by King Htary 
voarer of mtkUff"-, Do&rtne, and forfaUng VI. Jim i^jS. Tbey confift of one Ma- 
hit private Profcffioot preached t^ainft .(lis fter, four Watdeos, thirty Afliftantt, and 
own Order, and inveighed agamll their 178 on the Livery. Tbey are tbe third 
horrible Crimes, which fame of tbe Monks Company of the twelve, of one of which 
being informed of, while he wax doing !t, the Lord Mayor mu& be free.' There have 
twelve of them tulhed into the Church, been Mayort of thii Company 119 Yeari, 
and one of them openly contradi&ed him, the firft of them beiog Anffy fit*,-jll9im, a 
which gave fuch Offence to the Consre- Perlbn noble by Birth. Tae bKOcd Vir> 
cation, many of tbcm being of WltkUff't gin it their Patiooefs. 
Judgment, that the People beat him, threat* y UwAmfnyUri-lUt, fitnate on tb« 
ened to kill him, and burn tbe Houfe Soath-Sada of 7inaJmttiU-pTt.4, which wat 
of fuch Sodomltea and Trayton, aad had anciently tbe EAate of fiwndCrr^, Lord 
done it hid not DoQor jfiitmn, and another Cnftm, and wai fold to the Kiog't Pavilioo- 
Monk. Men of good Repore, pcrfwided Maker 7*fa of Tkiiin.for the Ufe of that 
them to fpare both, and the SherifTa of OM^ny, then held by Sir Oiiyir tmiamt 
£(n/M difperfed th«m. P«r(^«/ being thut KOC. ^Am ij}!. 6 Bd». UL Thii Hall 
defended and maintained, wai delired by wai for a Time after it wai puichtfed, call- 
rhe Hearert to (ei down in Writing what ed theMrw-HnI, or Tl/ltnb>m,to diflinguifli 
he wai about to have delivered, which be ii firom their old tiill which ftood in S«Hc- 

LONDON. 105 

f^M in Ctr^hMfmn-fiH0 Wart. It li a j. TUogi (cmnltitle ef fiven Sorti. 
eapKloiis Mall^ Mlvracd vithia witfa HMf *■ Gn^M* Cdkft, a noble Md ancinn StriK 
li^ wUcb, tho* old, in rahiiUc for tbrtr ftore, tbe DweintsgHauCt <a Sir 7bmm 
CarimAiA- They eoboia tha Ififtixy of 'fc^li t bat ghm fey Ua ce umin Tm- 
tbcif WCfOli Sc.7*i« lif A AMt for rkt Advinccacnt of l^iriiing 

' The MiAer and Wttitot of tbia Compa- altar tliii Mamicr. Hiving foimdnl tbe 
«]rtfaBacalladr<>r<in, and Ummt- jt immm i tl^H.EmikMgt In ttdS. be give half tb« 
were tbe Kctoan of tba GvIM and Prater- Pnfin of it to the Miyor and Comnwnilty 
BinrofSt. Tiiii thet^fftni to tbam at oflbe Oxfei IMhm, and tbeW SncceObrt 
ShA mUrnm and ;•!« OmpM, by ■ Lieaoce tot ertt, ia tttf , Thit ibey flmtkl pro. 
«fKiiM| HaryW.Rtg, 6. gavt tbt Patrtc vide tour inll'^iHRed ?enoni to read 
aage sf ifce ChnTch called iOMim Ottwitk, Leaoret of Dtrifiity,- Geometry. Malick, 
who tbereoponbniltfevcnAliiia-boaftafor aaid Aftroaeoiy, trtrtrin hii lata Dwellinf* 
ftveopoor Mcfl of their CMi^ny, and hoafe, aDcwbg each «f tbetf fo /. ftr 
•MrWivBt-(if ifccy have any) to whom itaaMjaAd tbr other Moiety ts tha Mtr- 
at fiift ihty allowed only 14 A a Week | MrrConpany, that th^y mlgbf find three 
iMt new tba Stipend it aofiMfKed by the Reader^ mfu. of Civil-Law, Phyfick, and 
ftid MaAcr and Wardcoi to a /. Mr Week KketOricfc, payinf each of them alfe jo I: 
•nch, bcfldet Coab, to which Mr. WMw ff ^m bcfidea which he appdotod each' 
ftp, fiMDCtfine Mafttr of the Compray, of them handCiiiK Lodglngt. Theft Lc- 
MM tbe Qaeea'a Taylor hath added i«f. ftwae were hegun to lyp?. and wei« or- 
•i^oar to each of them. detcd to be read weekly, ai tbcy have eon- 

Thi* Company iavery aaetcn^ and tho* tiaaad ahnoft ever flnce in tbti Order; 
We know oet ezaQly the Ttma of tbair Ii^ Tho Dlvinhy Leaore,'; o.-*. • . .. i 
eoipoiatiOB, yet we find tbeTe Evidencet of oo Maad!^. the CiviU Pff^"'*^* *.' / 
it,iim.Vhmi^wmrdtttv >t. eoofirmed Law I^etare, onlKd? j "j , ,„ ,\f'^ 
thit GaiuBy the Name of T^^t aod tAa. The Aftronony Lcdare. 1 '^J^'^-lT'Cr* 
«..i*MaN>7aad2*ntbemiaAi»hortcy <« mb^^- Tho Geo!^;V?^^" ■°>* 
MJV^lbWwarDaytochoofetbffmtfMaAt^ nmj UetQn,mnmf.\"^\P'i''^_^ 
aMlwltdeniiwhereapMiupDa JU!f4h-aHr *r- The Rhetorick t» t ;. "r„,^r?7n rh. 
Bay i3oo.lbtyckale!^^J9«j2tobe ft>K.(»M^.TbePh^ i^'^H^i^' '"'''* 
A^ Klgria, (for fo the MaBer of thii lkkaiidMaiid,oi] mW. j T»m.Time. 
Myftery wntbenealkdj and four Wankoi Theft Roadera ddivcr rtcir Lcftoici In 
fwea cuM Pnrveyoon of tbemj beeauft tbe Moraing In K^U/k, and in tbe After* 
dwy w«ta lb long ar the Guild and Fnitr- oooa ia LMa, (neept tha MoGcbUndn-j 
nitT of St. 7tim Stfiifi b^ fof wboalwaya reads ia »^) and all Vh. 
and gather tm the fkttu for die poor Br«> caodai U9 fnppticd by the City and 
thrcDaadfiftm JiwwrOpmpani.accoidiiig to theoti^oal 

The ratcot for tha Arms of thit Cmapo* CodKratte*. 
ay waa granted jfeae 1480. 10 Xdw. IV. bat Thit Cotl^ b boilt TBond a Court of 
KiaV mmj Wn. hecanft divin of ddi 144 Foot fqaare, with Brick, and Avend- 
Fraternity bad beea grfeN Mcrchaoti, and with Slate, and eoDtaina an ffail, a Repoll-- 
oarticd divert fortt of Gooda into ftveral tory, Ltbrary, *«d ftvcral Lodglnga fo^ 
IWts of the World, to tbe gfoat Hoaenr tbe ProfdEm. At tbe Soudienity Cormr 
of tfce Kingi of tMt Realm, aod rmit of of tha Qoadraagle of thit Ccdiege do nwct 
tbe Sabfea, and had eicreiftd tbe Riybig eoery mdai/daf, about three a- clock in th«' 
and Seliiog of Woonen-ClDth aod other Afternoon, tbe Royal Soeiavy, who are a 
WareBthreDghib«wboleRealRiof*V''*'i Corporation of the grtneft Proficienta in' 
ar>d cbicfly in thi* City, hia Maiefty wu all kind of Learning, and efpeciilly in na-t 
pleafed to change and trantfer thftf G«iM, ttiral and experinkntal Knowledge, in' 
and incorporate them by the Name of the which they have made a very great Prt». 
MrnlMarf Mii tr«nfau ^ ik MmiaW.X^r ficjency. The Beginning of thit Society^ 
tftbt f¥ttmmtf^ St John Bapdft bt tin waitbott A few pfiiloropbtcalGinrtemeit 
City ff London. metacRilbop If^e's Lodgii^i at Wi^&«« 



lod LP N^D O M 

C*lfe(e in Oi^d, mhUh in a linl* Tine Mbcr Me*b«M of the B««Mty, eisb caa> 
f* iocNifed, tbiC two Vur« bclitr* itw R&i tribiulng anp of wImc tbvy wrifc aad fiib> 
ftoruioa rhey mat at GftJiMt'Cti^t. *n4- k& t» cbn Uxiry, wt)«ck, villi (ha 
bfgan to ba* fi> fanoni tbti King Glurtti Trwifiiffiant vf cl)« Socieiy, vUiili an 
II. in iif4]. <**■ ioduud tp g»nt tfaem* daily almoft paWiUnff will iii*k« k in 
Chantr t^ lacorpotacion dft j^ni aa. Tka* tba MM OKS^aat tttfnm of thic 
wherein thit Kiag having ftylcd (uAlalf ki«l i* the WorM. tku $oc^y caitfia* 
tbeir Fouflder, Patron, a«d Compwiont. aepfcrtnt of 174. F«llowi, bafidit tbe fre- 
cofiftiratd tWm Iht lUfal Snnifi- and fidcnt) who 1> to ba bimliilf, or bit Oe^- 
granti the*) tbaic PfiTilogfi, w*.. n b« ty, at every MaetinK, to put fwh QoAlU* 
compoTiid of a Prafideat, twcaty Council' ont, afed f ropoiMd fucfa Subjeda aa afc pr^ 
and FeUoir*, wiih a TMiCirer, SecMtirKi* ptr far <b«tr BatcrtiimntM, and urdarfii* 
andCuiacora, to pwcbift Landi, bars » perintnta then under ConliUeraiioa, to W 
Cocimon Seal, pnnc tbeir Proaedinfi^ brong^ before th«m '-, ih« Trea&ftr .«b* 
liccnfc Sooks, ulee Bodtca of Makfc&ort xccdvct and pay* all IUo*cy iceordtaf m 
for AtiUony, make By-LMai and Oideia their Rulct lod Ordefif two SaQrelaries, 
aod for tbeir Arnu tbe three Lawi of c».^ who acqnaiM fbe Society whb fnch li»> 
fian^r with Sup^rtera two boniMgUoBadt* Cbromiont, Lattery RcplicatioM) ite. a* 
Vf. wltb ibia Motto t totes to then oa their Accohm; itgiPer 

ExMfimMta and all ProMeding* at tb»U 
NVLLIVS IN VERBA* Maetiogt, and canft tbeir TraoAeioM to 

be printed ; and inC^eraiei.wbopeovidca 
Tba Repofitory la m tbe Nortb SU* of Mmm/or Eiparimoti, Oumt tbe il^ 
tbe Qnadraiigkt and CMtaiiu a carioot «a*, &t. 

ColleSioa of the ProduOa ef NaAwe and On the lad-Part of thia College tbe 
Art, not onlyof hu(MAeRodiea,bw Beafta, Aim geooroaa Pafoti Sir Tiimm Gt^m 
Serpent^Bitdv, thtirBggiandNcftiiPilbei bath foBoded eight Almt-hmMi fiK eight 
viviftaroui and D«iparous feiled aad ei. decayed Citiwai of LW**^ nbo be<idc» 
aoguiout, with whole, double, ud iin^e ihefr OwelUng f "v. reeaira. fi>t Ikeir 
Shelb \ lnCt8t% watb naked and fli«atha4t SafteMtariDn 6L ■) «. 4 J. ftr .«a«. 9Uh, 
Wingi, and cre^ing 1 Wood^BraKbei and paid to tbtn qtiartCTly by efliil Poitioiw 
Learn i Frniti bf le««ial hindi, ti Pcan, out of tbe Cbtmber of LatAe t illb a Load 
AppUi^ PhinM, Otaagae, CalibaBiei, Ban- of Coala yearly) and a Gowa oatc in Iwv 
luM, and Ganipatt I Niitf, Beariet, Conea, Yean. 

Lobei, Slalka, MofTea, Miribiooiiu, $«a. . >. In tbii Ward w«i alio . aniiantly a 
plana, aad Sponm.; aairaal Bodiea)Ktrl> large Hoale belanging to the Abbot of 
ficd, Stonct, Coral, and oibcr like laarino St. <^f«u.' Aod, 

Prad a Siow ; Genu, and atfaer irtagiilar ] A fa moos Frce-ScboBl bdo^ing to 
Stonei ; Gold, Silver, and Coppea, Tin. tbe Golkga or Hofpital »f S* mkmf of 
Lead, and koa i AminMny, Ucrcnry, and Wie w* ; b«t they are now dcaM>Iilhed. 
wbcr metallick Badier; Saltr, Si^htva,! 4. The chief Office for tbf PeMy-Pefl- 
Eanha, Oili, pbtlabpbicb, matbemaiick, \% hept in BftU-firttt in tbia Ward, the o-. 
and niocbaakk Boginec, &«. anowiting 10 tber five, wbo have the whole City diw>- 
■beNnmber of jaj. ded w them are in Siwttn't-ynd'Mij mF». 

The Library which ia 144 Foot long, tv^Utfitr^Rtm, in CkidHjIt^Rtwti in CbMwe* 
•od fiftoBB bread, and very fpaciaua, coi^ *f-L»m, in St. Mttrtw-Um, ia Gnt» Dimgm 
ratal in it fortp-foar Pu&s of Booki, ba- Omt neat Se^ S0vi»mr't-CbMck in jaer^ari. 
viagin ibeai'^ooo VoIuoMiiii divers Lan- aad en UHb nmr-Hrj: By this oilcfa) Vn- 
goagea and PacnlEtci, efpecially relating to dtrtaking, tbo' but a late ProjcA, Letibra 
iMntal Pbilofopby. About thirty-five of are fant enJ received with sreatSifety and. 
tbemwere given by the late .Duke ofVtr. Quicknaft to any Pan of the Citiei of. 
fiU, and broaght hiiher in 1679. from LimJm and Wtfii^ir, for 1^. paidV tb« 
^ w d i i Ib r^ fr ^ tbe tefl bavebeao given by Seadar^andfor &fccaa Mi.'WiWibereafaeuta, 


C;|,zco ,*^-,OOglC 

LaNDO-N. 107 

fbf id,tnna tbe Sender, md mother from Mr. 9mm, vmimtm, tnd iaipaRiag, Tk«t 
ihc Recetnr ) yet if ibrt hft itnit m Ai» 'f*w CirijW 179. LMtim the Aril Cntiftiaa 
iWer. he tl^ne mys the ^rnny. Ac the fime King nf thii L*<m1 feundwt th» fiHI Cluircll 
Rim pMceh alfo are CMivvyed, proTtdcd in timtdm, Md *i*d« k *n Arehbifliop's Srv^ 
they excatd not 10/. Viltir, tndi/ Weighr. » it conHiwed foo-YMrf, tthrii ika«M»> 
This- foil goci to 38a Towni in the C«un- 'r>g of .AywjfAw the Mttnk, «rka lenvved 
rrj, andfficllevenQeaf ittOtheIUn|,cIcif the MctrOpalitm See roLMr*«4<*7, where 
•fill Cfcirgci, h 4^0'' '* reniHm 10 tbii 0«y, md nide Uilit^ 

This is tn -wi find immorible ia tbh the Monk, 8rft BiOiop oF iMte, &c. Bat 
VCiritt and fo we go TO Mr. SrivpnuIaciRg the Aniltority of ether 

H'ftwriaat t* coniridia thi« RcUtioN, ■■ 
7. OratiT Wird. Art of ^t/ta of Anrrf, wke Oft it wu 

ZArar, ArohUfliap of Lttdm, ttut wtrb th« 
Thit WiH tiket in tftme fiom On. Hel^ of Vf^i Kins Lm1«'i diitf Builer, 
iti, tbe chief Street in it, which h«d iri built ir, end tbit Simm, the focond .Vdi' 
Deoomuiatioa from > Corp Marker, inc!« biftop, builf ihcLibnry adjoMngM 19; 
«Otly kept there, ft begim tf th« Weft- Hid rhx 't(-wm»mfUfHfia, whviiof Oft. 
Enj ^ L r mii Hu lItB, *pA iifcing in fcilf of nion thit it was St, Pitir'i-Clmrtlt at W^ 1 
Wlwit*-tam, ni h maeh' of WrtUkL^ minfiw, md not fhn tint KiartMhitb>ilt. 
iae«dowa tffnwt Sfwb-Mprbr. Itltgo- We ball infer nonorc fton the wbelt 
veraed by an AUenniq Stt Thmmm $Mwt»^ Accoanc itnii chat it ii a nry entiear 
Kor. aod hb DqnitT Mr. Jtftfcinf Chmitj^ Chtirch; pcrhipi m anclme as any in A- 
Sve Comanit CoBncibBen, ftar Confla- S^'*^, »nS mtach the •Weft in ibis City, 
Mes, fcor !)ea«rager>,'nn^ Wardoote. TU* Cbuieh »h btrtni dowa in the Km 
Men,'an4 a 'fieadh. Tbe Muker. which in i66i. but wu again Mly raMft ••> 
was fbroKrly here, at welt for Fifc mtf itij. ft it balk all oF Scene, ekoept 
PUi, It Ibr Cbro, wat it knyth removed ftt of the Soiith'Side and the Tower \ «• . 
i'ntB Ltaidtrlh^ wherein hir 'contlotttif Dome and Sflre It comptfikl ofTiHber, 
errr JSnce, tfto' trt hee (ittle oriM Com n eovend with Leal. Ic ti wiloftwted ton 
foM there, b ii memerabre thaewMfc the- Rxx Ugh,' the Chenoel if ftpamed Awn 
Markei V'( in CmAig, it was cnaAcd, the CbaMfl whb a Skreea of nrtd Pf Um, 
That no Bntcbflr flionld feR Beef Ibr abore Arehet, and fc«r lhrg« Pibften^ The •!#' 
an Half-penny a Poiutd, ind Mqnon for IHcripnoa befctcBWrtttowe^ the'df a*- 
HaWpeony bitf-fiirthing, which wti eer- graet Aathorifyt yet li ftflt iboaghc t« 
ninly iotcndcdibr tb* Benefit of the Pra. wofrlb u w fii navh to the Honour efthM 
|ffc ; bat it proved the contrary, (or the Cbarch, that )f barb been rene««d Mid 
Cinzien hnowing whit their Beafti woofd fet Op In the new-bnik Cbarch. 
weigh, .raircd the Price of them, which The Ltbraiy, whMi WHonccheav, Hr. 
obliged the Barcbera to do the Hhe, and fo Stww glf « m (hi* AceiMnt of ir, vit,. That 
trboreasthePcopIeconld hivethreePonnda wichia ftrenty Yean finTn the Tiim h* 
or betrrr of Beef for a Penny, the Price wmt» hif Snrvay ; J*hu Ui»»i viewtd Ir, ' 
brr'trtif near doable. and comnended the Bsok* ; hot now tb« 

The molt remnhibh tbbigt itf Art Book* are gme, and the Place is pofifled 
Ward are, i.TbeChnrcbei. s. ThcRifaf tf the fchooi-maftcr and bis U(ker for -i 
fwbian. 3. Of divert Kindt* Tliere ft mmber of ScholA's, who are leimlng 
00 Uau of any Company lo tbft Ward. their GraaoMrRnlei, CTt. 'Tis pr»bab^ 
I. Of the Cbarcbet mere ate bat two. the Giemmar-Scbool, wUch wai one •£ 
t. 5r. Pifrp'f.<;hrr*, To called, hecasfr at ttt thiftftttlcd In £«Am by Aftof Parltamenc 
C9nffcrati9a it wu dedicated to the Ap^ sf Vra. VI. and w*s k^ In femt other ' 
fS^tt^farr. TtilsChorch'iiofverygrett Platteof tUlFari&attbatTiBM, Wat retti» 
Antraoity, \i we iniy bcKeve a Writing v*d hither. 

■a a Tabk, which before the Fire War fitft Tba ChirMet In iMi ParM are not fet ' 
chaiAetf to tW S9ntb.Pilhr, truiftftted ly ii|^ in tbia Cfcaroh, »o4 porhtpt Msrw 

O s the 




ibe man n be tilMn NudcA ■>. m find Aned tlw MeiMfT af 6wt] befidw what 
tbm fit d*wii in Mr. Sirm, «0b ytai ihoKoiciinoiied iMOOf tbe Cbiritic^ 

IKHMi Kti^fmt, FilMwn|ef, fwbo (tve w'b Hubtlm Prifitt, Meteer ind AMsriwnf 
Ccmin TcitMBcau ulfcd ths Ar/#.wrJ in tMhrndlUmkai, ifpj. Tifci IMf l«(i^ Poolr 
Om^ GImtkfimt to tUi Chwvb in *hi^ terer, in 1410. Sir If7a>«« Bnv^tp, Major* 
bawMboricd aboai rbn Ycir 1198. Sir Hm; Hvbrtifnf, Miyor, 114^. Sic 

Mr. ritir Mi/m, Tiylor, gare 10 tUt Ckrifl»fhtr UiHu, ULt^xt-Ganott of tg^mid 
Cluuch 7 1 ftecling ■ Vear for ever oat of to King amy VIII. I^wr^ limf^M, ETib 
<«<uo TeomieaM in CabXtertI Pattft. cUcf B«kr to KiBg SrfMirf VI. Sir fffjk* 
Us diad abom \\\6. mm Bn*ff*>, Lord of the Adiniraltj, wbo 

Lmt^lkt rnf fm, Draper, wbo wat buried died <i^/aa. 1(4^ and WilU*m Ihfi and 
in ibi* Cbarc^ gave ao L fw ^ yearly JwUm hii Wife, with ^mia oibera i Gnce 
Breacbing of mw Semooi liU tbc Money tbe Pift tbcte ii only one -Moanawnt in 
ftell be fillly ontr and moregvcf gave McMon of tbspiotttaad leimedDr. Vm» 
lool. to tk OnjMra-Coinpaiff io Tmftk Vik^ >loine rimeRc&or oftbliPaiifli, «ba 
that tbey fcorid allow yearly fbr ever fL died in 168^ 

b.yeif totbePooroftniaPuiib- fbc Jlrtad Tbe AdfOwCm ofthiiCborcb bitb aQ 
•nd Coak. along paOed witb iMjM-Bsllrom tbe f*. 

Mr. Jenfl^ ntmtf/tn 4ff» a-year fcr miit by Itmm C^gf^^Omfhy d» aikmt. 
1ms Stmacm, and thirtetn Pewiy l«ava Birl or Hin^ir^ and otbcn^ t* the Mayor 
M tbe fvet of this ^ifr To leof at th* and CoMMWialty of the City of Imdm, who- 
LeaTo of, the Mnaatf is OvnM; (then • have pre&Mcd. n kcver Ooee 1419. Tbt 
Tanra)> fttti) eodoni bw tbac le loaf ScttlaawntiMde by Aft of PuUaaeM in- 
teeeetpiped. He mi barkd is cbiira- Itea of TiibH 190a the Mioifter oftUe 
ai4 HtnM7 ]. 1606. Fui& ia aioi ^ Am aod tbe Gkbe 

Ayennaa WtblnA, wbo *ei bwied bi b let at !• 1. fw ^m 
■bit Cborcb iftn^w t. t4o& gave fto & w Mrt. IJay fdp, in tbe Yeac i6)«. fliv» 
Ibe Stock, of tbb Parilbi fcrty Marbi for nU tbii Ghwcbitada^ 
fbfcy SfcnDB*. cs be pmcbad in tbil noinced tbu aoJi, flMuU be paid t« the 
Charcb). aooAto be lew m te» yowf Lefiimr, a« /. 10 the Poor, tf a. > A to the 
Mea ctUiof and dwcWog ia tbe hfilb, deik, and it.^d. to the Sexton crery 
^MwItaCeieaiSecwky.lbf JbvYeart,pay* Year. Sir Bn^mmm Ttweafaa^ Knt. aa«- 
mm aKh of riuaiijj. 4/ yeaily for tbe Aldermu, ia iMi. bitfit Shops at tbe 
Beoefcef ibeEMr fbr Brwd andCoabt WeO-Ead ortbaCbntthYaid, and fcttfedi 
akl ) r. ftutf. X9 the Cbofchwardeni an* then npea tbe Parilk for the Malotcnaan. 
Over fecrs to fte hir Will nerfotawdt of tbe Orgu and Orfaoift, to piqr «n all. 

Mr. R»ttn WfM^a, Poyliercr, wbo wai Smdmn and UoHdaya. The Shi^ are kc. 
boried in tbil Chvwh IJ^«N«i^ il. 1609. wt t^t-t*" ^*''- 

Kt ontef a Meffiiige ia Kfhi^Mt.KrHtt Jtim futm SoaaAtA a Cbaatry ia thit. 
fathb Paiilh il. and. iii. -yearly for Chorcb, and itihrr diU IfyA, anoibrrfor 
cref,'.«i«, f 1 ft far wbeitcn Bread, to be a Prieft to pray fiar his Soul for aver, to 
diftriboted every Seo^«fui*ii^ toihepoer, which the Doan of St. ^mTi prtfcntcd in. 
aad lOr. for two Scfnem to beprcacheil- ijal. King Bmy IV. it/i 4. . cQiblillMc) 
yearly to the Company of Poak«i4ra, 4 1 afCi a Qoiid . or Bretfaerhood «f St. Pttir in 
to ibe CIcibi and t r. to the Sexton fmt this Cbofchi to mlirclt t|ie Chantry of Jiba. 
AKeadaoee. Axr**' ibovclud was annexed, both to be 

Mr. y*lm UsHmt a PhyMai^ giva 4*4. per&rmcd u tbe Altar of St, amgt. The 
r»the Poor,of thiaPariflvtohediAribiieed Redor of thu Paiilb, and the l^atdeni of. 
R>:tbeni onAi^^ Morningt For evar. He- the Aid Chaorriei^.wcrePuro/il. 
vai buried in thhCbnich Mtf if. i6t^- -Dr, >fa r«r/*r,Maa«r.of St. 7* Vi Col- 
Thc old Monumenti of this Chwchwcrc . lege in Ctw^iriJii, aod. CDDfcciiied Kftop, 
demoKflied, and totally coaTonnd by the etU»ulm iq ifjj. was Re&or bf^tbii Pa- 
, ktedrndfUEmfhiic Mr. ffw-Int prft ilA> UaffasoneoCtfatCeflil^cni of ou^ 


L N.J>0 N:: 109 

UtHW itt U^%fWmtMJmtr4\UOf 4«M foi tfcTi umudt tUKcpincioa of 
4w> kU had Eln]^ 10 Sit* ban grcKly tb« Chvcb, btit ibcy mvot bad it, <icb«r 
(iahUiA fof nfofing to liatr Mifi »bea chfoogb bit EicciKon frtodahw cooccal* 
QjMMk H«7 L CHH to tbt Crivd, bai iig it, w tbcic own Nsfligeoct in sot in- 
pnvmsdilby tSickatftroCwIuchhsdi. ^mting ibmr ic ■ 
M. frUlHw Mi^ wbo w«* dcprivad for fUA/ a«(ff<,AUen»aaof tfabCity^m 
hi* Loyalty in 1042. Dr. B»4go, Dua of two Scnsoat y*iily for evsr, «iw oa cb* 
MMnfirdf tM Dti Snwrf^p, tb* lata pk>ui fifiwnth.Day of Mwi*,Md tb* ocb*r on 
and kirotd BUNw of Su -4^, wtr* R*. Cbe fiftawithDay ofAK^afir; uiaoniTa- 
aars of tbilP*Hll. ■ UaiEtfaa Weft-EodtiDderib<.BelftMr, M* 
s. •.JKdMira-CinWcAMvfr, fo Cilleil thafaBcasfiiaaci towudi tbe rafaoUding 
fiooi Sc.' M(W lb* Afcbiogtli wbo wa> *nd beiMifyiog th* Cbnrcb, i<m.- Sir 9fA* 
C^wiaoltbdcbbM Ai^iib»iiiioftVi> £««*«, Kat.g»e 500/. Sit^4i^ri«Ri««r^ 
ftnry ovtr tho Dci^l *• coamaiwratc «« laol. 7#m cMfariw, Ifft 50 i. TtatM o- 


Jl^Wi) ia. mfw#w^, wbo gtwmd it . IjpMMr.CnpyM', E^ gtv« by UiWill lA 
- *■ |a>«.* '■ ~ ■ 

Lodi^f» S«it. Waw. aKtPiw* abta Iw . Tb*MaMnteM>ofNMd wUcbMr.Avw. 

utft, on t*r ^m. to bt difliibgtcd in Braul every 
fiift imd^ ia th* MoKb,.'tiiuug the Poor 
«f tUaPviftfcr^ttr, ^m \6rt. 

$ m mttr tf. aoowl^ b. ia aa aoeieat riwn >o I, cash, by which tod ether kfler 

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tti« ..*«lw A* Prieft. gwc it to lb* Ab> th* Aflof PatliaDMBli tbeCborah wm 

&Maml Coawatof C(vJMw,Cil.aia«klb« aiftcd ia 167^ af/afMa. 
Mw^mi) ia< mmfm^t «ha itaatad it ~ ~ 
unt aciia to ooe ^f«ta« a 7u*ft, on 
GooditHa that b* flwnld y«aily far • 
Mark to th* bid AbhM. aod &mk\km 
L«d^f» Salt. Water, aaAPiw*:»hta b* 

Mmig to ItHd m .. Thiaya* dwialaiiH. Mid Mleei. hon anfemd tiw -Rekw^ 

TUaChvGhwMV^daawUAai iby di* bnaca «f-(tbo* deqwiiftad by tha lit* 

Fin aflmdmiK t^M-cacMtba To*«»t Pirc) aad lanwdy ia thii Chatsh, ar*! Mr. 

hm. «a* afiia nbnilt aadfluftcd b itfja. -JtifcM AMml who wnco-cod yd>lifliitd * 

and mantd aad bnatlfied ta jjai. Tbii .Qaooiafc-of ag / **d aed JimMi- b cwa 

Cbnfim'u biih«dUyof Itoas, (lM;Roff .Ram< K.Sran*w>r tatUor^llwyllL t. 

i* avctated, aal tb* (loer ii aaiaittpa .Va#ai KD^■fimlmdl. ta KSnf Biarr VIL 

aba** the Sti«iC. h ii aafetl with St«M, .CirdiMl inftr «aeU.all hiaBooki -cbaiba 

and the Cbaac«l,.the awft JPirt, «idi Uat. Maid: aw .** W bOairt, bBcaii&- they dS.- 

bk.. TbePtwa an 0*h. with ' which aUo cavand tb* peifji'i Faal» too ^ialf. 

tb* Chorch ia waioTcoctcd eight Fmi bigb. Jla vti an Aldani**, aqd awi bi)ri«d m . 

Tbcr* w«r* bBftmtte Pin t^ Velli ia.lHi 4bUChatcfa -in ijtiv Ab. lMa*aGnad&- 

Charcb, bat now thci* ia wily onci I 4b*r In ifldL'>a«d Eathtrlo Hf9- -- 

Tbv UtotMbom to tbU ?ttifih t» Mr. ■ AUarmaM Htir.ttm^htim, W» gavateaV,' 

Sfiw ndtca (beai) ««* lifWMa8«A JMfRir .ta ibofiMrHol^tal^ of rbSi CitTr t» bo 

Aife. May4*, who gm la thir tl^i- lajl MluUjft divided hotwcen tbeto, and 4M/. 

a«o SUfta, and 100 Gcwoa. Hit Widow 10 .tb* Groavrt- Coo^ny, tD>fao kot to - 

£» auiTHd Mdhnrd- Qftf, VMnmDi £^. cigbt yoaof .Men of the fane Compiay 

r gavcMjL ia Mqa^ t* «b* HemcifyiM ^Mii bt two Yoaaa.. GokMlBai^, Sir 

«r tfia OoMb I aod-W MaftagM wbkb MtlM £nv^« £at aadiBaranct. Sir £rf. 

waa fargy, wa* affivad Q> lb« Mv»» tai .9iir4iC«^,-Jbir^ lod tarn* atboct of Ma ■ 

Chatchwardm^ »oA ^r ^a«c«lLia.jbr Not*. 

«ycr, wholet it fot't'i)-iWh4W, ^u ajn Tb* Li»ii4 heat ii a RiOm]^ aaaicntry 

aa taa S*pprefli«a tbe Paimioaai* rafigo* m- the Puroaiigr of ^he Abboe - and Coi^ 

.adiCMCbiniry-Lan^aioliitbeKio^tEbaclp -veot- pf IvrA*M.'tbiMr(iaid^ aB^conttnaad* 

la tbcir own' vtonii wd l^>ic f bpth i».tb«M(»;cb* Vcar-J^J^-wbeoiiKy pafi'd 

Jitrflrit Hoibaiid.«ni Pm «cw bvi^. In ;-)<■ oRci. to> tkt MaQcv, .Wirdao, Vae- 

jtlwCbofcb, H»in!i^fli,^e in -aficAc ) ,iV«'»*a*.'Siflt«r»'Of rba Fr«fthiiiy efoor- 

. AdaMwfr AldwrpMhiliital^Miiiewin tlf0(^.|k*dyi>of.Ort|Mid, aiK* have ewr 

Jfcif PJtiA <^ Mm SMMft a»il CJinrfibaac. ftoK WttibMd. th* f atrau jA k,. Tb*- 
, Tithaa. 

C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

Tith«aflbc|iaiiNhM;bvAa.or Pijh both Sides M^intfedMMbVtlMtevn**! 

MimrBi EDtde of ib« yetiJy Vilucaf i4»i^i CeUir«, id wbich wi* noc longJiHciiiMtf* 

bclidcJ fer^ificsi «ad -Glebo wDrct^.-noM •(Mtciu^Reau nwr |«oq/. < Wiriun 4lM 

Scrmofii belonging to chit-Cfaaiah,^ crakip Hoot/ loKg^, nid. i if IxoaJ) *« CtetStr* 

Ic^repfc^cbc^siwity indfytai'lijiiiitj- itl^bvnd .fet'tlK' MkrfltMn'nr Wfliictin to 

Mcuing ^C fii i.cfedi, -&]([ th*. MimK' IttekM' them'ftdcn t&c. W'ckther, On^tho 

uncd of which Stfim-Mtyk^, E£|ii&tc -of Udet of cti*<lHiWnes-«bovcfbt Otoidois 

tbt ConfUDy^of -Di-ifKrt, {twe 40 J: t-ynt »f« CK>*My-fit«( Nictilt) «^^tMfl of wlticli 

fef C«H cA'bci [nid'byi ttHfliComfitfiy. ^It ire lepleniOied with ilM^SttkaHl'et^niir 

i««IitttStJ u4>bn'0«rMta Houfiiti itflOMfti Kth'|l*nll QwMmt.-tii^WnfiiHi atlAM"*!. 

dmrthfirm . . ;; ' f . - :■. . tnd eAi<ng'iMtbha/ci«An«*M*fty IGnd 

t Th€ RiyMltifhmige, tim maUktwm^ Owrgr, VicMf4M/bii^l«f(Yor:|bcb<A;»;3 

b1. At«ng, 1(4 t*Mly Balldws of in |Mfed^ w tlw'StnctHlM*, «i«.'Miig¥IMi 

Iliad in the Uninrfe. It .km tftAei tf. ivIV. U»MtII. JtM^wi ir.^d-' Sir^MMM 

<ar tku Mtiu»r:.Tbe fiKtHing» in tim. 6^|ljNrf'i £ficici iMbirfVl^ap ki i Hkh 

kiri^t^t bdUg fojMid iBCNfrdnicM, Sir onclervtM' 9it*c«^ «»d ibof4 iMtM^-Th* 

Tbai«r Grtjbam, * OvfitlMiM) of a p«blldt ArM ef lltt.Ovwt'isipWedWitll ffiiM Pt^ 

Spirit, iptt a graoi ifrcfaiM«» «f C^iiy Ue.FiM'iM MlW''CaM«r'«p«n' a'MaiW*.Nt. 

■ml Lcaming, o&ni the City tv buil4 it&tl *■ • StWw of Kiflg Ql«r/w II- JftUr* 

then ■. WOK coDwuMiovs one, it Aaj titwitia'a RfMMiHibit by the Hind tt 

would praand« biM i fit -SitvitiiM, vfccNb Mw ftiganloM Mr.'6i^<eMGwt ■■ tU 

'Upon Rtd. Lord^Mlyoraod AkMoHi^ m Cbi«gii»f A«'M•nfaiB^XAv«m«^<», ,JhM 

-tba Nkne'af tkt Citf, psMtiiM cigtuy (414. i-Tba RM>f witbant la'fthotil -witk 

|]4>ii(«% ^idi.-thayfuVciljdDivBi'.aiwI 4ilLIi ini^linHtora, 4fMt>«*4rtitrt i» •dwAaj 

biViftf. iMdkd tba GroaaA'wbtnoaibc :wMf flrMOnk^ MA Oml-Vir|ltM lb* S«{k 
bhIoiic E^cbaagsfliKltt gave -MRflM-tif fArtcn-oTtba Amm of ihe utT- •nit''Uai>- 

<iltoSfr7SkaMvGf^«»M-f9£il,7'JtIia.'iAb ««n CdAptny. TW'Tbvct, iiid.TtirrM 

iaKiii<liat^nreNt«baM^eftMdfnf ttf-ft, '«r >L«i)thMW U h?* ]>aM M|b, bavMC 

litd tbcBovndiuiM ibt9NM^7:, folI<Mtaj^, '>iMt1tini4't«tlM tmibk ■•K^an4 aCtoct 

KidbidtbflT*ncfmtA«dini^%wiMiwr:kj«^. wltfc'<3llae«) Mlicb Wat iwt thtm cveiy 

It was bnikwiib Bricb, aW MVMid mkh Vif M^Rlb^ t'iretva, tfctta, •hi Cit a-clwb; 

Slala^ and ?««aay a?. 'i^7». Qaawi M te aiiat ahd «n-tb« iliriUran- ftwr' Clock-IXab 
«*iiM n fn' », ind eMrrUg'in ar ihe fkoMi«K tbd fear Cwdlmt ^Mnn of tba 
So«tb.gata^ canfad' it'lQ 'b« iwiMMtied by ^laarnw, Erflt^V«ii,Narthj*fid9a<Dtb. 

an Herald ac Aru^'ittd. 8«iuid •f'TnAK j Otber^iog* tf aU wt pnfmi re- 
pat Ikt Rtjal Ktu hm ^ .-ra' b» itt-Kame imrkfeble in thia Wa^dtte^ 1. A Stutdird 
•nrtfttti bnt ibia flinihU^ >lttii^ d«- 'flf 1«M» MM*, riiM by ni(» Ml*r/r»» k 
ftaayad bytbaFirein (4S<. 'wat''f«-«3lM btrmw, win bf iB arriKtal -f orrier cmi- 
mnd) more ftic«iT tban^bM, -^ ibcCt^ veiwd' it M Pipw over the Sreaple of Sh 
aad Meiceit Conpaiiy, oT Pmumd ^ine tbffm't Cbuircb w tbc htgl)'^ Gmnd of 
- wUUtt aad.wNhdbt, 'With cmloW' ArtAJ. aUcbe- Cit;, »b«i«-lbc mam Kpei rifing 
uanco at tba fixpenn of jvMo #^ KfAg '1ttt»Tbl«9fe*Ab*'4, pttittifii)t7-6rvcd tbe 
ClurkiU. laid tbe fi«a StBoe, and i^ wits Inbabkanh adj«ihi%- and' elerttfcd cite 
filuaied.A*ti6tfo. A SfreMl'-a; TRe'^r'a PHlbn boilc flif 

Tbiicnriou f abrick ii ibu coninred Srmio b/ Ontrf WtKi, Lord Mn«r, A* 
•and adoraed. Above Slain aft WaHii 'I<n|btWt1^eft and wfacr iaf^teRiaf P«i>- 
>faawltt«itbiMacaooSbepa,foneVean»> fena. h watffeeaHedi bocioft ifwdkolte 
I go fiiU of eboke Conmoditiu for MM and 'ihBoA ie 'tbc Pl<bi<Niwr« T%A fel an Edd. 
Woiaou Afpirel} UiftifaoTrld« bvre'ii •Tldl'Prti!M-*i»'>ETM%ird<on<«Trtd' to • 
-'aightilyabiiKdof 1tts,;fothaciiMB]p$ba^ CoHMtia 1401. ind Ir <iis«ftt«pbn k 
■ra cimty. Below 5Mr> aUb a^e feveiil %kh*nMrfAitHhT6^'rf»i*ltteer}x- 
Shopi^oag tbi ClbiAm, MdPoilioo on Iflg lNMfht<t#it-m-lMdliDK^iN»i4»- 


D,;,rzco.,*<_-.OOglC ' 

Meicbaadlzei of 4ll4bft&l)(q9ghi bitiB-be* Au orPi'dimont.iotiiiy aemolilhed^ ao4 
joad 9i:«, were wci|tK<) M;-.(he KiBg'i ibc Site. t/iJrrJBf'lfiif. 19 (he Street ;, but tbe 
Beam. Tkis HqbIc kid ■ KMtcT, ■(m1 on* Pirilh wii Annexed ro St. UtrgMrti fattMf 
det him fm MiAer-Ptjinrf, who had o- *nd boib made oF' (be }'Mrl)r Viloe of 
tfacr Pornxoodef iheif, ind.* (koogCiiC Ho/, to tht lacombebtt in lit d of Titbesi 
wirfc ib«r HotCm |o feicb ao{l cairy tb«^ a. It. i?*!;^* Swi cWfi, fo c*Ued hwa 
WarecfrfMB and totbeMcMhannUoara^iO; '>fn;(/&i^ t{i« .^*(^^'(*,. who bei^g cor.^ 
ibe Beini. 4 A ^ulpir.Croli ert&ci ky. vtited by St.'piul,^6f 17. *it. wis la^i<^ 
Sir ?•*■ AHI^M*) I'Onl ' V*rar> iv'Sc. «*■ BjQup of .**«/, *od foffiircd MtWrdwi 
•bacTa ChurchVird, b« ouch unlil(f tbic there under Dt^iiism.. Anfl tha Additiea 
is St. Pmmf% Cfaufcbi-yfer4 f. tlie Fo^')-. oO^clmtb ii nude, beetuCe. ii (Ws * 
Heed Tavaroi which with the Building MfxXt^ \i»(kmiiA tf am Ftvhwttb-^ttt, to di. 
near it« wh aocieailr. the Scit offoaa, Oioguilh it from inocbcr Ctturcb th«t froon 
s>r«*c Mui. or rather the ^«Uce of oei thMSurm^ Tbit Church ^'ii uew-boilrja 
Kbi^t ae may eppoer from thTArmi graven the Aci^B ^f Kiog Hinrj Vt wbeu ^Ahi- 
OS it, vi^ three Iffopiidi paOiiit B*rdwr, ^Hl't ETq; ana Alaermiiif aad jtba O^fy. 
wbicb wiitfae wb»le Armsof Aifiam/, till, fu Mr. ft^ infornu «i) cbbtributcd largely 
King SJwarJlU, qmitercd ibem with tb« to it. U wit burnt down in i6t6. bat wa» 
AroM of framw. Thcfe ax allibf ttingf rebuilt in 1474. but the Steeple was noc 
OnHI Ward i^iids DI rcniiktblc [ fo V* fiaiihed tiH tea Veart after. It ii builr 
proceed to partly of Stone and $(kk, htod^wuly 

. , - ■ watn^tfd jod pewed, life Pulpit carrpd 

Ward* - end finicr^, th^ AltV-p'CBe wcllidororf 

ed, ni the Font of Mirbte, pliced dircAlu 
Thb Ward tihci k* Nane (tool a ItKt oppofiie ts the CotnuMuioo* fable k t^ 
»an,«Brftok, Wii«hrilnglaAw«Mi». WcA^nd. . , , . . 

firW, nn fiMD thence into Umfrndfiftit tn T^f fiwi^^'t O t^ finilaiag , £atdi>' 
the 5». Me^ fMMti'a Chorcb', iagp^ind adorning of t^iilbh»fch.a«e e^ 
where ii toraad and dividipg. into ^vertli hibjted in, ■ prin^d Li(lv*ail>r» Ihtruay 
Gull Sircani, r»n^iriia*waifarw.Laaete- , that it.woald be tedioai to recitetheia, 
to the a*mtt. The chief S^eati ff -thii their <;oniubudoa* being moS of then 
Wirdire MntA»nJkfrn* prti Umitri-firtu. ' fi9«ll| ftr tbere verc lixty-fewen tbeecor^ 
k ii g«vcrnad by ai)> Ak^ermw .Si^ ^tf < tiib^tcd .f« {^^dli, CJo<i, end t4»\ i. fif- 
Dt^tJLor- «>>d hi^rCMpiKy !>»■>, H <wii .» ». 1 ty-eiftbp tbwanfathePautingofdisCiiui^. 
(7, cigbr Cannoil £oitiicilm*i 4fte«» ^ ToeQrnfpie^njiUVhaddiyertCoiiiribiiEoie, 
Coo&iblci^ Moe -Sotnngcri, kvmitma- ai one a Pulpu'Culhioh, aabiher .^ Carpet 
Wtrdmote-MM, indaS^^e^.. :.. :, , ft^ t^e.Cofnqiuqtpa-Tiblef Q-a. T&e hit* 
ThetU(if»reti*il|aW«n fhii Ward arj^ ing Charitiei ire thefe, «au Sir R»iirt 3tf> 
I. The ftireral<ViMfchoh-«>lh>i.M J^-<J^;gin fbrxtading ^raye*«,for erpt xmi„ 
and *. Qdriil gm€hi,Tih, wfitct) fttni->e,ii?i»/-*M, ,M^. tif^^-%1. u/. Mr. 7(k 
fort abe f ii» bf htf^i^ rhp.dMft «&.4r ham, 5 '-' 4 '- Sir R*i»rt cim\, 1 £ Mr. ^fc. 
Street fo called, whi«^ -tpolft '#aK.tfiiiifl:!,r^r..^fi^,-7{fc,|i^, Lttty ■ami tft per 
froDT t^ Fbfwy GeilMll «*4e^M4»Mir» Jtm. ind fevcral o'thers of lelfer ffote. 
or Brvok aMiMineM)«llc4-V*<wi» AhuMla- • (Nl(«4ipw njemkiAl thefe Peifon* bttrted 
It. k WN » finall; Otmiish. l4l)» wwtUjfr' in this Cburclb «^i Mf. Bigf^ai Ntr. Dar^ 
t^mted Ad fceKitiM-'-'M<MffaiggMy..-^.MhftLtdr ;f<:i«k,^ Widow of Jfty^ (f'iciv 
fi% gi*e In Hftsfeamt, Cardet>~ft»«hii. /oW0'"ft'Ma)|or>.*f Uadm, who give Lmds 
CkpTch, 49 E^ ni.-k}r;>-trbe-£iiA)-itolbe-a'ifot,Sermoqi {.HeJ«rr/i^fr, Sherif in i$o6.- 
PuSMMgbfjBalc fer-tb* fteaMV hnktlM r<SiaI>«MH'0vr>/, Miyor in i^n; Sii7anra< 
•tkir aCbatclvrerd. Thi* CtiMoh Aiffi»- iH^w^, Mayor in kf>i..ind Sir CiaarWO^ 
*d the connon Fate with manjiortw* rn hrW, Mayor, buried in 1^91. And two- 
the CoofligrataOD of laaaba, and apoathc Mm a Bt tott arc fof Mn. JBuhMrmt^ttdwardt 
■, aodi 



ma Mr/7rW<ir*fr,tl^Benefiftttr abov^. aeftroycdtb£iamrcl],uait]iyloB)[infie; 
faranoiwd, wiio Hei m ytfy j. i^«a.- Wfft| not rribnife till 11S04. n»r thirty 
' MomBients tn ihii Cfanreh pur up' fioqe YnrffjImtiMMr itbive^lpiciouiChDrcb,' 
tft^^Eirc *re for wdl wiuirconed mi pnred, the Pnlpic 

Mr. PhOtf LadttH, Mcrebaot! 6t Qp by SmIj' cirred and fiaiertd, and (be Altar- 
bb Wif« EHzakth \a i6Z6. ^ttt vny %oe, ind itthe Weft End U m 

Mr. 7mM' W-* tai sHmOttl hn WHe, bindloDie Gdlerr add Orgaa, a Font, tml 
wlio died, lie ^ ttf. 17001, Bie, OSMar 17; Caver ■domed with Fignret and Enrkb- 
iMoi ■ dwnti. 

■^\i MMr ht^mmiVLM SfKiifb Mtttiant, The BencftOon to tfah Cliarcfa art bat 
whodledSilpftiafcr IX. itfSi.indneirhhn fe*r. Mrj Siiw mentions the Pcwterere 

.AM i'p'tm hit Lady, who died JWarcA CompaBy to be Benefiaors to the North 
99. 1701: and Hrnnsk tbelr Danghfcr, who Ifle when the tflmmi boilt it, and we ind 
died Mm I. i4$9], - more lately that Mr. 7t«M«r7narj> give Mf. 

DMrffl Xn>/A^, VIntDer, bis Wife Mar. ' ibd there are nineteen Mheri of tcfi Note 
;arit\ eldcfl Son ZWwt^ and tWO Daugbtcff fctnp In tbfrVeftrrOn a Table. The Moan* 
Mbtmhti tni iktrf. tUMl rifo art oflittJBNote 1' Mr' «trw 

Sir Rthn fi^i^i, Knt. and AMenn«D, telli oi that there were theft is hi* Tine, 
once Lord Mayor, Prefideot of the Hof^t- «/«. Ac 

tall of tridtwtl and ■iiiimm, &c. who died - The two Wamr$, and Tilm ITtUm, a 
fttrwpjF 16. 1705. and PtrtiU* bli tadV, who '■ Drapw-. 
d>e40M(^i6,itf7r. - CMIhftir ViUtrmj and S^sm bit Wife, 

Thfr Chair^ ti aReftory, nitd oUfr of who died, he Jmufj 9. itfii. and (he, 
the thinveh Pccnliarabeloiigiiif to tfap M«wi ao. followinf .- 
Archbibop of Cumttrbtry. Tb» Fatreoau JlrfMr« Criff*, Wih of fR(itl«r Cn]^, 
was ofotdiD tbe^orandCinpterof tb. Merchant, and Daughter of fthn Pstt of. 
Chanh'^Cmtrhfyf but after the l»fl^' *M«t|f>W tn the OMnty of 1^, whored- 
Inrion Wiuol^it Vis ti^en to' dw Ilean . ^fh/'i?. MPr^.^bofcdiftitaillta. The' iMM Bml^, Dnpet and SWlff in 
Titbef b* Aa-of Parhimefltaie'ra'oV. >ir ' ijryi. wImt kft 4/. 4/. to tbt l^rift year. 
.4w belidet the GUbs and Peroaifitea. ' ly far h««, -to bf dUblbated -every Ana^ 

t7r fTaiWp. Biftep iDf Rwiiihr, borb in ta the f oOf !• Brwd, and oa St. Thm*)'» 

King <!k0rUt I'a Rdcn, in which be IMb'd 0*y it A In Money, iBd to the Clerk 
taneh forhh Loyilry and a»raOer, and ' ijr< 4 d. nd n tb* SeiEoa 61. S tl. for 
n King C*«rffr B's, the Fooftder of »waabr At F^ y aa t af whtah Ml Sow Wititm fe& 

Alms^honfei for twenty MtniflertWidowf, tied 'Mi Hooft in «ardin-idlly in antt-- 
at aei >ff j«w each, was luaor of thia A m^ Jt r m . Hi Atd 7mw7 14. ifei. 
Parilb, and giVft'a''ycaTtyPeaSod to thli ^ed (evenn>fin V<m. 
OiarcS by hH Wift Owto IPIMt ar Ummii, a ^ttvMM Mi- 

Dr^Oinb, Dem 9^ nxAqffp, «od Ar^ trao, who daai Mm* y. 1613. aged fiix*. 
dc*COn.ofZ/»ff,'4[Utiro'Rtaorhettf; Al fixnan. 
wit alTo -rt liaai KMIw, GHMn and Viatoef, who 

n. CityMM', Prdeaida^ 6f JvMfl^ ahil 'A*' 3UMiaiy >{. 11,9^ 
Salithrj. And ' -Thk LIviM ii a RaaMy, and the Pa- 

Dr. CfjVMM, who fbeoetfded'D''. Hhwla t i tmg s «ai in tb* Prftr ami Chapter of 
tbsDcanrry of IUrbjf(riQr«74. Ca w w i iay iW chB Diflblotiaa in 1^40. 

3; M-hsbmt, tnAm^i'fTHt, ft -«iHad ' -wbm they beta^ ejcttid, and a Dean and 
from its Dedtcatioil ro AB-imiatt. Mr AW 'fMlA PrriMndariea placed lo the -Room, 
telh ill that - i*b» WWatr, AnmttMf and 'thia'^ihttflfa Wn jntt bito ibeir Gift, 'at it 
Grbcer, SherifPin 1494. bmhthe Soetb Ifla fUS bAiihiaaa.' K tt ane of the thinc«n ' 
in ihiiChorcb, and bii Sob RafM liniflkd PecaBart whfeh belong to jkt ArcbbUbop ' 
il in \ji6. and To bqiltriie whole a-new af & ■ » *■ / . 
between them, THe late Fitfr of i#*toi' • - ■ ■ ) 

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^ 4. N. ■ Wi wa .-ins ,l«i(^ It ««c4 Horn A JU*«MC«M^, CM fcitb'aHb j1. 

MiHi^* l^^^tH wtB-ltitu mhv m Hm Pmi> oac oP *ii Hoafr oltcd 

vttttbiasCkriftiwH w«fuf-t»I>Mtt iu.k *^f ii^BfralM-CMf, to b« diltribated hi 

ewJ Minw u fcyi<i» b wril M i Auw. M Brtad, or fatio wife, » J; 14*. oat of wfiicfa 

iBfi HMifMr tn* AiMwi' -He ««>' mmtynd kit* Ch«rchi»n>dkDs in tUoirtil rs ^. each 

««;tfkiti»MJvfUt« Uu iftirkirBb^Wik for (IwipCm. ' - 

>MWV«d to atwHliar Vown i« tha faMe :Mi« Ah>, Cftinit tnAMtrcK, kitfcgins 

Cb«Mf,-«b«r«ui gmr CImiiefa bting tni^c lonB poor Poofie of rhti Pavift > Penn)r< 

in J i Miior t«W«, riie tliw wav uittd «. L«af wafy t«Mf*f ycirly far t^ti, ptyibjt- 

Ji^mmdi Bwt^i iMV* Ufl?. |t^ !» frObaUa o«t of his Hoofe in thii PiriOi. 

ttm^Chmtak ^i» buUb balWc rteDMISl». ' MAmi wV*"b»h given <^^ tofcede- 

Ifai 9f Aa SanaHapMHby, tho* waeiitlt ^iMMiouf to the Pom of itiiv PariHi in 

'fix k ia wAtt Yeir, nor t^ wtiom i<bat Vt^ad) or ottiarwtfe, and \)tii one of his 

tewavcf tbm b^ ie fbU tiiid«r tte-Deiroh- DwrlKng'Houft in Sc> C^cmVL^m. 

tiiB of thc'I'tMi in ttfM. and waa mfculle Tiw Monunienta of Non, n Mr. Sfff 

te i4^ aiiltbapMi<b-Cfa«Mh Tifv;Jfti4»- fltt tkctn down to «t> are fbr ' 

iw»^4wM nnitid' ^o-it 4)y Ad of M(ll*>- «ir jbi* »>if«i>«v,' OttpA^ Maytfr, who 

«Maia ' ■ '■ '' 4e(%«M!ife^ hartal' bfEUmi T*** imd 

TbaiClinraft Islblutfc, tkit ttia^grtiidl D*in» Mkr^mi; bit nv6 VTillay, ttn4ef a 

Icogdl it ttam- North to Sowh, Mtd fbe Tomb of limtk. 

Altar-piece u at tbaNarth-End^aMnmry fir Kttaaa t ?fa| li » , Dnpcf, Mayor in 

Cbfitioa to otker CbiMiMtt, ^taib (tt* whjt '>';<o>'i*ithfalaWi*et^«inoHBKsAfict!(l*it.' 

flaafin war know' KOI.' 'liiiwoll bdite'Of ' (ir-eM^«M«, MtjOtiifiifiV.'' ' 

-Cbom, vei7 wvllMitfcd tai- wtinfbonofi, -' yifcnIlMj MiMr-Stafdcr, i<^. Sf. H«^. 

Im- ■ B«>r little Oif^, Gill«ry<, a fttpit ' Vhlf^LiVitig'lf kRaatirr^, tWd thir' Ad- 

-fioatf-orM^ aiul a-marfakftiit, aitd'ffd- vowAft'wii' ineiMtly in ttie Prior aod 

■km Altar piMo. On tHe WeftiSM* «f CtumR-of tile mly'ti^laiff, OhHpcimrth, 

«is Cbawhr^n tbt Kiny'k Ar*ii, Md-'^ UmAw^ In *lieiB it oonttnoed tfit Aelt 

flivepudltliain •ntkc Baft^dcaA H*n1t> SspprdEon, and then it reinaliied in rSe 

MpKwitliifM ftmaArmt> t«d SobperM* <ftoimrfcr'Aaft'fflKir£nme'j Cn'twaanioa 

iKMatnwr ot Qatetl JUmt UJ »i& thift gniuod't^ Ac AtdlbtftDp' of Omn-^, 

Woidt ondarit. ' - ' ^M liti 9iiECtfffitr«, iriwboin it Km cooti- 
nmil over fiHcK . By dH AA of Pirfhmettt 

• A> iiiwrtaw Jht!»Mh* & aMfW/JhM for the (eitlins the Renonea of the U- 

R^piaiie MARIJE, aairw f n mm tri , OH. vibge of tbil Gltr iMt ji vilaed it liof, , 

*«. 11^. Cadb jMdMA ' ' ■ t^ *»= hefidn the Glabe aod-Pfcfqiilfifn. 
.' There 'We#r incicntly two perfietti^l 

TlaOwiicSetlfHn'io thit Cbnrcb, A Oiiorriet fbbnded ift thta Charchi the mib 

«B Gad dMnl» Mr. fnwire, hv the 8«1 of KJr*«rtf Ttkj. the other ^e- 

' Mr. KfcfMarf 3Mf, SwfoaBt at La<r> barti dicated to St. 7*i«, St. Pttfr, and 9t. 2Smi« 

■iveo to-tbaTooff ofltliit-Farift, to b« di. the Martyr, by Htild* at Fmm, tbeKdift 

SHfrirtKd ia Bflead^ Coilt, or ocbemfft afyttmst R^t,\amijti. 

yearly fbr ever a I. { J. ^fhaim (%!;*#, Mfniifter of this Parift 

'Mm. ^m Immm. Of IbiuMiM la 'the above "^mw Yeara, iiri Very tsM, ftTlinf 

" J id, Widow; bitb'-|ivM- tta into the- rnelKbifa Tiitieawaifbiinolcftrd 

fevdiiMbaced totMittenfoorFaoptaov^ andtroobled^by tb^EnemiKortheCfaurdti, 

ly *md^ In hnny-LMvea i H ti r. rtat -be' Mcerlv for Qgietneft Silic left als 

Mat 7aiMn*te««afhAbateglMnya«4y l>Mn^ ind retired to Dtftj*r* in Mm, 

§m4im ^L ' ttf-bc di%oA< -atf tbc'PbOt- where be fpehc hir olA' Aec'-in ^eat 02> 

Ji^MAl,'*r -«fbat«fM wbolpatd by tftfe '•b^M'^ml' fletTrednta, dyirn ip '4»n; 

iM» Md:>W;iidMioMMk»ili^i«{n- itf47- -^ '' ' " '" 

MMiiininit«f'lb»ifiktacnlt»iifirf(twtria \f. >ftn•ftv^jr<•MA%'o/'Sf«rr1:£•r«tfb 

IJKlflf|>r- ■ - '■■ •■ ' •«Md'fi*nr-itl DediCMiOo to Wff.i«Airr, aiYd 

■•■'■'•' '••■:' 'i ■ -I P asimvi, 


j}4 LMN.D.OlN. 

titbthitititStmClmrtht to differ ic tana aStSt, }«hi.qmI«W,rricft tAS.'bkiag «e 
other Cliurcbei of ihe fuiw Dedieiriooi kagth giren tetbe Abboy ofGrMSf, vu 
beciufe wh«KU they HrerebmltofTimber, appropHtttd to tiM Abbot ud Coiuwiic 
.thil frit built of Stttnpi which tfu aottb sicnof by Simm i M w u Bifcop of iMte 
coinn)on,ia tborciriCttntTuoet. We find jb i|<f. lad-theirSuecflba forcroTyUiMa 
"not how long this Charch bit beeo bnitc, £ondttiitn[(htE a Monk' 6f tbcir Hmb 
but IF) pec«y bdifMaki it to be vciy old t fluisld fnpply cbo Cure, ot thit tbcy woaM 
for iho' it cfciped tbe grut Fire, it fell |irovide % fcotlK 'Piiclt to- do Jt, m4 r» 
dovn of it felf ihree Year^ tfter, and «u tcririiig .to-himfclf •■> .aoBlill feofioa «f 
foon rebuilt. 6%. 8^ ntdiD tha-Chtpeerof £r AMTj^jk 

Tbii Church ii very phin barb witboDt 4i<.'aml. tbe.Sttcceflbn of.teth. for even. 
ind within, but is well wainfcottcd «nd Aftci the Diiraluttao''ibii.RcAot]r «■ 
pewed, the Altir-piece ii old Paiating op- griQted to Gnr$i Bitigl^, end his Hsusi to 
on Cloith, Hid in the Eift-Wtndov oror bo-bcld^f thcCrown in Soc*ge, who gave 
it ire the Queen's Armi very lirge'ind in -h to tbs Gfoccn Company, who airs 
fine Colonn neiled, and oa eachSide tfa been tbpftii'oiiJ ever firtce, b itaCbiaojr 
Grocers and Lady sUtf't, .'mha gtrc the «t Donttivq, but it. it by. the Jaic Afi-aiif 
Window to this Ghufcb,: The ^igbt of Pirliament converted in a Mmner into. * 
thit Cbnrchii tventy-foar Foot* and of Re&ory, the whole Titbes fceiagi^'paid to 
the Tower feventy. ribe locumbent foi hit own Ulc^ and vib 

The thia Chnreh and Poor lixA tt jimmm. ■ 

UK hung op in a Table iMbeWefl-Eod of : 6. St. Mmj HV^tb, (6 called from its 

tbe Cburcfi, -w'^ 7*«J> .C^i^t Girdfor, who Dedicatioa co the firgtnUtiy, bat » to tM 

died in 1144. gav4. 9n('.ofic«(ninTene> Addiilpo Mr. jr«w.ity^ lb«'Cin'i'find:itllls 

ineot»ian hundred Quartefs of Cbarcoal to Reaftn-of k.. St. uirf.WnMmtti,: wbitk 

be. diftribated yeirly-among the Poor. fiood in WMrMk Waid by Sttthi-Hmriu^ ii 

fAt.3tk»Mmti Praptr, gave toward dw onitcd'to tfati Church (ince rhe ,¥i[c of 

R^airingof thit Ghtircb 1D«/, fac;diod in Xmdm, -The Reafon ^ thij Additioo Mc; 

ldi$. 'h . ;■■ »«wfty», WM,' becaure.lJipre w(» aiBeam 

Mrs. W^ SnKfM Mvo. I /. s/i»yea[fbr •lived in :theChurcb> Yard fortbcwaigk 

CVtr. whicb.ia^diftnJMiced 0;. it>Ml>9.. ', in0of.W«o].|nd tfacff: t^d till MniCi*ai»- 

Ciptiu fkrvii hai givpn 4«V. Ithc msn removed it to WhI kij iletTtbfi CuAoU^ 

Church war deatt topiy yearly to ten poor boufe, then boildiog by him 6 Ritk, II. 

Widowi. TUt Chorch Was bOllf by Sir Ut^h arkt^ 

Here ire Bo Monwnenti of Not« put Goldfmith and Keeper ef tbe-Kang'a'fix- 

■pliaca tbciebuildipgoftbeChurcb(Wbca change, <^r. w bo died in. 1494. ind.wat 

tbf oldgOncf were either demoUth^d or fo rebuilt in 1 £10. It ii bailt of $tone, and 

4afic«d,>th^rihey, were :not legible i but ^e Sid« next i.f«»«n^>^ itwIryWrtti. 

Mr. ^fiw bath pirftrvcd the NaiDeiof fucb ^1, but the Steeple if vi^y ofdef* latclf 

^ hid Monumcnlfl in> tUa Church ' in bb Cfefled. :The [olule.«)ntstMiatif^ing;')'et 

TimejWx. , bath a good Gallery,- bmdfbiOB PiUpit, and 

Sir 1*bm Tifi, a Knighc of tbc.lioly: S«> Pcwt, « dccqiit Altar-fltCfi: abd-.geod 

pulcbre.'pbo died about \^6. Organ. 1 -^ W .; t 1 . -' r 

Sit Jtim it.m»'d, and bit Lady ^Hht. , The nM«faa>r«Elo ilii«o.Cbii[«t ai^tr 

Mr.Rii«rf ^aM.and^ibrajfiM, ET^t ., Simm E»», whofiMTheXnetflcilled tfib 

Mt.Chtifittbir Hilt; % Clerk in the Co- Cm-dnuh 1hiti^iAmitr.4Jhta,-fi4b*Tfm^ 

ftom-honre, uponwhofc TombwiiiloOg mentt idjtdning, ani th». Altey ^rlMiXM*> 

Epitaph engraven io Slv'>>h Vcrtc, Aewing Jlarii/vMtoC«r«i|iltiQd-tbciAp|lll|tentlKe's, 

Ike Place of bisNativity, &t. . Mmrdt. (1^ Miii4W(iHK^«f .tbs. BfMbrft- 

■ Sir Af{Wi(7«fr,Emb*iridor:tO:Kif>gAf- bM)od«r»af,L»dy9caj|bItiMtfi4U.Cb«ch. 

7 VIII. who wai buried in ijj^. .. $lr M«pV/« Ai»n lAtiMUlAv* wtutm 

This Church was-aReaoryofoldio the Landa fw -the Oiiflharg^ |Of ; tb« wWlw 

Tatronagie of tbe IFttbJumi, »ad. afitr theqi Ward from the Payment of FftettftbrgiVMt 

the tbe FarliimertL Sim. 

c J, ICC .X^OOg[Q • 

to N DAN- tis 

Sil 9*fcl fMrttnU, lad bicLxIr, "c* thiicommpn Hill ntitb ■GirdM ancl Cx 

«ottb<f BcaebSon to thit Cl^rcb. Their Tcoemeius tlwreiv»o \ma\ag by bii WiU 

Wills and Sir iUrtin S*«r ■» UKfully diced A»g»p i\. 1^87. Tbcy were iocoiw 

\t^\ in thit Cbarch in ftiir Tiblet. poritcd \a t4.Sa. and were appointed to 

Ttk* fn^m, G(occr> Mayor ia ■ 504. g«K aive one MaOer, tvo Wardeni, twenty. 

Money and Plate. eight AfliAantt, and laj on the Livery, be. 

Sir Rithmrd Siww, one of th? Shtri£ io. 'ide the Cominooaky. They arc the iuf 

ijcf. w» agreat Benc^Sor.' teenth CbmjiaBy. 

loe Moaament* OMntioned ^^ Mi.5f*» 3. The Gftral Pifi-O^t a Ctnate on the 
tre fbrSir Or^i Sr/», abovemcntioQed,ind South-Side of Litahnd firitt, and in this 
G^ »■/», clie Lady Ptttb, Ibmsf iainkti. Ward ; thit Office it in the Hindi of ths 
Draper ; y«<ht t^gtr, Pewterer, ancT Aww, King, and executed by tiro Poftimaflerj 
hii Wifcj Sir j(i« F«r«'V«/, abovemcntion- Genera), who areatpiefcnC in 17x1. the 
ed, nm s $ Rstb, and '^mdrtw hStbttl, Vint- Honourable Edv»ri CsTttrtt, Efq; and 
nets, aiid7««i their Wifcj mtsmHUtm^ Gsifridm K^fclt, Gfq; who have a Salary 
Xaylor to King Hno? VJII. who wai bnri. of looo L pr M ti n i fm. . It if divided into 
ia ifi;. Rittrt ^rmnliii Mafter oF the two Pirti, ins. The inland and foreign Of- 
Eing's Jewell j Sir Htrtim B*mi, abore> licei, 10 which IfSVtett being pat, ire fent 
mentioned, and SitThnut R*mfiy, Otheri. abroad and received rrom all Parti thus; 
now Sanding are for Sir jUmm P^itr^ ered- Every Um^/ to n-tuft, lt»lf, Sf»in,^Mt. 
ed ia 167^. and .aqocher for iiii Son- Tiif dn, afrmMji,.Swtilin, Dinitrk, axrwicb, 
mm ^wr,Er^ who died tiWustj x. t666. KiM, iad.the Awa; ; every TUESt>j/r 
St f^ilitm Tkift, Kat. tiovernow of W*^-, to the united UtihtrUnd/, Qirmtaj, ^wtdat^ 
dmfitt near ltt».E»iUmd, who died hhrnmy DnmMrt, and to all Pictt of Engltni, Si»t- 
iS- <$94- Unii tad inUmJ. Every WtDSLSDAr 

This Church ii a ReOoiy, and the Ad< to H»rwieb, Knt„ and the Dtwnt ; ey^ry 
vowfon wai ill along iii the Gift of the.' TliVS.SDAT to, Fr^Mtt, S/fsn, Bfijf,'.tifi^ 
Priorefi and Cony.ent of> Sr. ^ba«,Xf>iMi ; ' atJ Pins of Et^gUiU apd Setlndl eve^y^ 
liU it wai'dilTulytd 1^ King Hrw; V^L . FRlDJT tp the St/milb and am^ed A-h 
who gave it Rrj. 31 10 Sir Marfi* Bni>, a-, tbtrUvdi, Gtrmmf,Sviilitt,D€iimarJi, Hkrw/^, 
fiirefiid, in whole Family the. Pitromge Kiia,tndtbe Dttmi. And every SATUR.. 
hn cnntinu'd ett lince. By t^e Union of £> ^ r, to all Parts of lugiami, Sinttmdi mu^ 
St. tUry Wttianrdi 's, tbii, (he TilKe^ by Irtlnd. This Poft ilfo.'goci every Day^ 
A& o. Pifliai^ent lie iVttJtd J^c. 1^0/. fir to t)ie. PJictf wh^K the (jotut ireGdfi, ^, 
^m. Here Were ancimrly tw.u jKrptuiJ) the Rindfzvpui of bii Nfnelly^t Fleet, and^ 
Cbantriet in thit Qia ch, the adc kirrhe' UninW;*,' during the Seiloa (H druibiig. 
SouU uf Grtitry dt Rtkifift, Miyor 0} t«»>,, the VVaicis. Thli OiEcc ii mamged by^i 
af«M, fom 1171, to uSa ind ,^ifi« hi^ reventy-revcn Perfbn*, who giv» their con* 
Wift, of which tlic PiriQiinncn wen: Pi '. ftanr Attendance) .aad, i9i t>£ptKy-P(ift> 
rron* ;,t/ic .other ,fpr the $9ul,; of'.rt#w« ; Mift^rs. ^' . / . 

M^ujkts, ■ hii Brotdcr ^-f/ify, «n3 -their - Thc^ Onfcr and Chir|e oF Jending tiet> 
'Wive*, and other "Rchiit^na, of which the ten and.Picketi, accordins to the AGa ot 
tioo% of CittttwmiJ were' Tatrfliis The Parliament made in King U^rirrtl'i Reign 
Site of the Cbateb agd.Cntirehrlvd ofSt. and her'Iate Mijelly QuefD ASNS,\ ia 
U*fy ft^tlthmrtb is iiid to Sittkt ntrht, as followeth: * Letter, containing a whole 
, a. Pawterer^ hindropie I|iTge Sheet of Pa^r, ii conveyed- eighty Miles 
F1«ce "fitn a Parlour^nrf Couit-^qom. Jd- for 3 d. two Sheets S dt^^ad ao.-Ounce .1 ». 
orned with Wiinfcot, Haogin^, and the, Above eighty Nb lei, a ittigleLcuer u^d. 
Pi&ire b{ lAi^ifii'*^ SvStftd, whowis a double one 8.W. and m Ounce a'i 4^., 
MaRcr of this Compiny, i tttn.VW. and Packet* other thin Letters ir> j^d- ptr 
gave to the Society of the lUtifter,. Wartleni, ' Ounce, and to B«r»i<i about \ t. and this 
snd .Common a^y of the.^mpinyjjf Pew*,, ii Derformed with fuch. Exp^itipp, the 
nreritZm'Mt.Vid ^"i ^vcCj^ors for .ever P6» genfiraUjfi'goj^g,/ :o ,Milci ewry^wen- ' 

■ -. . . . ... ; P', ■ ■ ■■ - ■ [y. 



tig id j^JBiO'Zi 

Afthrcffnihttw Writtr. And 'tf «iiypea- mil i ft!«dh. IRwaitfftittciiithaMc-tMiig) 
tlemtn (Mfrtt A> rich Poft to any Tatnt in it *re, 

of fc*ffiAi ofNtfTB, rnft-Htrrfes tn Vlwiys r- Tfc« Chorelitt whiefa »rt, "i. fr. Om^ ( 
in ■ RciWeft, (with (he Cmirent vf Ac B»t»lfbi-Ltn, (b oiled from C/wy» ■ tLitat. 
Owner) it' the ft«te of ) V. iwr -MHe, md Jtti^-, who bciJif 'tinliied tip ih tnWdil Af- 
4^. every Sxtge to thePofKBoy Ytfi ctmi fiiri under phnr/Sm, 'tttl Uftdb aTribtme, 
dvfting. The Remnie ijf tffis OfficcTo ihe Aid thm i btmtt or GoUtrt of the tSmfiire | 
Oown (all ChiTgct dedcacd to Oficert, bet t^rrring ChrifKin, md Uioiitig ihe 
Poft-miftcrti ind Pickft'Ibm, which ire Bmprt«r ¥^ hii ftirlnmi Uf^^i 5f Aft 
thirtKn) ti iccooDted ireeso/. f«- jWm. CImAitm, he wwhihifelf (rfed is crnelfy, 
Wc find nothing more obfernUie In thi^ betnc tprn'wfih Hm^* linked with Bin 
Wird, md C6,\n proceed tp ' «lJd.9worih; kaa'nhft'MinA^tl J^tM^j. 

. - ' ' litis '^nr h peealifi]y ifiatumi by this 

u rifo of the noble Order erf fte 'Gtner. 
Thil Wtrd nktslnNiiM fotbthe Gite His Heirt iifiiS to he buriad in tfO^g't 
ftbokrally fnd to 1w biriTc 1>y Brhmr, * Chipd in Vhulfir. Vliny ChttrAuire dedf- 
Bnttijk King long before the Incimitisn bf ckwo t* him Jn B^£nMf,'ii fhitif, ifhd ttie 
Chrift, whieh PopYider ff we rejcEt, -^t AdiHtion h tftei froDi the SihilClM in ' 
nhft hi tohtented to be igoortnt of iny, Bt'thh-I^ni. Tfaif Cfaardi w«t EnnAVo^ 
ooMi Mr inw's CenTcfiine wiH be icco in the dieilAil Firckc'wii htfgff. afftj|plt> 
pt^, Thn h toolc its Nine fron one fii>M^«nr, which ophn the rcMMfiiy of 
Blll^g, Or ifitftg, totae littr Owner irf it, is theo) wpt« nnited, and (be Rvvemie to tbw 
ti^»m' Kff, 9tc do. It i( tiow ■ Kind of Minifter by AA of Ptrfiataeat made ifioJ. 
a^quitetiod b» near it 1 ODatnbdioQi ftr4liin»m.' 

n»n f or H<>f * mM other VcAVlf, widch TbbChtitA il Boilt of S^oDe, and 1^ 
brtfliBM¥ifti,Si1ti,Oringr^.0Hitfnt,F(0in pnttf, thb* fnikll. TVOstfide b'banS-' 
anir (Tbrn of all Sort). Here by Stit. to Cf Ibme, and' Tnlide WeD idbroed. It it well 
t^'Oa.j.t.i^.isnMttktt'kfpttveTyViY, pewed md wainfcotted, the PnlpU neat^ 
Kr f ifb,.iTtd in; Perfon tniy bay or fell idorned with Cberubiini, &t. ind tbeGal- 
FiDt thertln, fin Selten pfyinf only for lery very convenient ; the Altir-pteee it 
■My yttUt Wh ^rfc-filb itj i I Voylgc, decent, artd over the CommandRicnrS b ilw 
«td sj a Diy {froundiee, and fbr Lt)b- . Qt)een*t Arml f ilt andjiainted. UV find 
fter^Boatt, Velleh with "im Sea-fifc inA no BencraObn to rMi Church, and at to 
Deggen or SimAs ij /. i Vayige, and MMmmenti, t6o*'Mr. sttw mentioita (ev^ 
] i. Groondige, arid fbr Oyfter-VeBel* rd wb'ich hid for above aeo~ Yeart beeii 
ij'' «Vbyagto,ind ai.a Day Gnwndage, prcftrved from Ruin, li ffVttMi Cmitt, 
the Monex to be difpa&d of ai. the Lord «%0 giVe 40 I ti'wardf the Wo4i ' of tbif ' 
Mlyt)r'^n«Cbi^tt>7A)debueii]hil)direa..CNvrch. Kitlnri tnUni, Bf^; who was. 
Mr. 9t*» telU ua tbit ihfi Plan -wis ip- . Sretunl tff the Hodftold to am^h; Duke . 
pAinttd to theEHigs of thi) Reafn to be of »Mttjhr,\(i U%^. m«mm yimtfwi, 
the eotyPOrt ofrach'ri>rt«rMerchandius Sargeoo to King nWyVfll. who wn bo- 
inftead 6f ^n-Jlbti, TO prevent the poTT. ried lo t;r4«- md Ktgir PriiAm, wbo 
ing op oFthe D,riwbrid^e on ttHiM-hridgt folded a Chtntiy in E^,yeC it oferebc. 
fo often. Hfr'-alfo glvn tu ^nAccnam of. we find only iwtt, one for Dmi^ Wi/^MSt 
the CbAmm'whieh every Shifi p«id there' Kferehtm. yhodte4M«nit iS, itfdt. and 
fbrits$tftii9ige,&c wbichVonTe wc fa^ DMttl tlht, who Wii Cleik t^thbCharcb 
pofe nr be Ung firice either altered or lofl. thirty Years, and died oa DMmitr Z- 160^ 
we Ihall not tronble our Ittider wjth them. Mr. Sttm giving an Aocoonc of A. Bn- 
Thil Wird fa governed by an Ali^e^nim ,n^ Iiifwftjtv-cM-fil, tefb at many^D- 
KUm 1h)Pm», Efcii md hii Depifty Mr. Mt bf Note vtn bHrM tine, wd hid 


L .0 ND O M ifr 

MoMW&tl, tht^ «iai^ «r tfcc«j #ere ie- thn no Cburcfa miaht be &Qtlt r(ere, anj 
ftatAmiWte,'oilt.VkM»i3mmn,wteot ft betfi rothe MiniTtirr iri; aoo/ ftrjttm. 
the Shtiifi af X>«»A», Am ^43}, $/^p*r* Tilt BuFtding ef this ^iilirch )i of Srane, 
Ptfitr, M«fMi* f^fSf. moMM B-iim. one of Md ifi Hie Middle ii in h«ndroine Cupiilo. 
the StMnffi In I^'Sb. 4Pf««*'ftjnn», 'F{flt> The . Ornimcflts ire igrec*b)y ncu, th« 
nMnycf, Nhy9t in i^i5. who give ■ Stone- Pulpit enrichcdvUbChcrtihiaii, nd finicr- 
/ft»rc *dfMtalnf to' (he Ch«>ch fov i Vcfhy ed on the fimadttis Bbird, tai tfa« wliolf 
Am- ev«^ Mid«elNiA Ltndk tnd TtAemetin Inlide well .pcwcd and wtiiilcttWi. Tile' 
to diCchttfc the Wntit of BiHtg^af, Dtwmi AlnrpteCe il of-Min»«f Oik, tnd n^n Ibt 
X<tv, ind Jft4[*fvoT*Il KrceenthiMd «poa Pediment ire the Qateo i Armt. There 
ibeM by P»fli«inent,it lUoCotfie Sxtbri/ntr tn no Beori^ftort fant tolbeOrglB. Xht 
lo I ftr Jm, to 'dtMiMrge tlie Sbertfii of oM Mofnuneati which Mr. itm bith {>[»• 
^cir Finn «f Si M w m k, A tftit ill Verfbiu ferfnl the NiiSe of were for VitMt ixtm^ 
DtighicaiTie-e-id go T-Afl.frM.iad tf. Ehotv Miyor in i)97 Itttlsm tMmkiif.'tStyor la 
to The SlKriir>, ttHt th«)rtaM)ht n«t firbrr 1410. WiKam PkiHf, $ltigt%ot v Arkns iflt 
them, >iid if tftere vcfe tny Overphnlte 147J. Rrfi^i Itniti, ibofementioncJ ; li'<<ii' 
ordered riie oii« half tb'M liM Oat taflore' m« ftrftuiipM, Miyor in IjSo, Sit Titmm' 
the Gfinniei df the City With Corn for Bimk§, Uiyor in i$8i vpan whofe Tomb 
(he Poor, md theorberto cfe*r the A«Mf if cngriTcn ■ Utte ttlglifitLp\t»fb,ind At 
fram lit Shelve* afid eAer Stoppigei of Ttqm ofhli Deinoq OAt«' 18 Am 15S8; 
tke Sa'dingi Vt. Tht Lidy Btei<, who died fttnUrj i , jaS. 

Thii Church ■»,! Rdry, formerly in Sir ItrfoY Hm/^, Knc. and irtlluiriit hil 
tI>ePMrofi*Se'of'rhe AMxrt md Convent. Lidy, with fame otben. T&e MonunKnta' 
of U. s»vMf ht^M^i^, ind To tootinnfad that tre now in thii Charch art only thefe, 
till the DifltHution ^ K!t>g Ibwy VHT. fie- For Mr M« »m9, who died Dffito, 
when it WM feiied by the Ctawv, and i>. lyoo. and Mr. 7Ww« :>km), Meichint. 
bA tontifiued in tt fever Knee *, fcflt (b)» and Ami hii Wife, 'who died in 1700. and 
tfw XWoB «f«. Ut^Bilkl^fiMH, •Ftttiitfa Mr. 7ift« »M. a Dlftitler, who ftvid forty 
rbe Oean Mid Chipt«f of il. PMiTt wtre Pa- Yeira in this Parib, tod dic4 fhwrnttr, 
troftf, w« fiad thefe laft |Mfented oRe 3. itfji. 

7%rn after tbe Uninn, ihd the Ring ttie The Pamnqe orthu Charcli Wkt lor mi- 
laft. and To wc miy )ndge that they are il- iiy Yeirt in the Hands of privaPs Patroni, 
Iwwed in ilpemtte Prcfentirion by the bnt of lite the perpctiul Advowfbn biib. 
Crown. Tbe Sin and Cburehyird'ofthi* beea parehafed by the PiriOucneri, who 
]aft<Gbttttb ta now oTed billy is lBtarial> have yteftoted fbtrt Turni. flere is a Lc- 
place for th» Pkrift. Qntt preached every Tim-fdsy Ebnnded by 

- a. U, Mary u (or m) tU Bit, lb eilled Sir 7fm tmn, who give 40 /. f*r Ann. for 
fircna in Sitoitidtt opon tlienill, ki we if- the Miinteoance of it. la tbii Church. 
cendfrem Bifi%£f<to fpuktrth ftrut, lod incifentty were two Mrpetvil Cliintfici, the 
Cbc DedteitiM to the r»tln tttwy. It ii one fotmded by Ktfi dtWt^i^.in 13)0. t« 
pVebaHe tbK it wis an intlfent Chflrch ; be Aid at the Artar of 3# UmiaJ, and th^ 
McaaftltWM lebtlilt in i^tn-Bmch-drtbe other itoiitKftihwilriftcigh.fbr the Souls 
Cbarge being bora b} R*fir*ilfw/,Efq;for>> of >hi 4f N^e«, bit Pitbef md Mother, 
■Bcrl^ SberUT itr ZMdM. In laying the and all the ftit&ral decCifed, of borh which 
FDVMttien of tkSa CbttrA the Body of the ReOtv and Ptvithioners being Pitroiu, 
Mn* jAkvHMbi^ watfbttnd with a whole tht Lands, alter the DilToliition, were gl- 
9Wa widBbnM, bet Mrrap-cd, imd ht'r' vn tticiti, and they hive employed tbeot 
JofDRpIiaM^ (w1>ythe TpfCriprionoFber 10 buy the Advowjofi, pew, and'retMic tlx 
"pDnrii he had %eia batied. '50 Ydri', Gbnrah, and now f*y fht OrgmlA witj^ 
Thif GhtKA wasbornt down by iHe riging Part of the Rents In this Church there is 
PladieS 'of ttfStf^ btit was reboilt at tb« ■ folemn and char^bte Onftom npon Mii- 
Cfaitfv «f Ae Pvblkk in 1071. the Parilk >wiMr D>y yearly, That the Cooipiny of 
«i St. -M"» BMmi Mpg voited u It, PbRn come tWthef ib the Moising, and 

■ wbiia 




wbilll ttu PAIm in Ktiiae, g« two by cd t.trnnj $4. t6^. JbM. ;«, UrA flii 

two up to che CoEUAiinion-Tible, where 'V^'ifc,bo^D it /pfWiWbodUd It^rth 4.iffftf« 
ftind BifoQS fet on Porporc, ind tnikc St»i. 6j. Ftttr tbe Son of Giln, I frcM 
their Ofienagt, md To rctuin to their Scan, Mcrchinr, who fytkc auay LuigiuBcs, lod 
which done, the tnhibitints there prefent, i\td fthruMj lo. i66B.Jit0t. 57. 7«w hU 
both Men and Wives do the fime, uid the Wife md feveo Children) who died A. 
Money thns offi:rcd is giren to the poot ir»Mj 5, 1671. ^tMt. jj. and looiher (i^ 
decrepid Porceis. Edw»rd Uttltr, who died in itf;^. lod bit 

]. St. U*ri*m Ptttni,Soti\Ud(iamat' Wife, who died in i59f. 
M«^/ar«t, in holy Virgin ind Mirtyr in. ThiiChurch is ■ ReQory worth no/. 
tbe Reign of the Emperor Ditltu, and tba'ar to [he Minifter lince the Union of 
Addition eomei, at ii fuppofed, from the ic With St. Gshitl FtmkMnk. The Advow> 
Trade of Patten -ma king Qfcd in that tine fon of it wai in old Time io the Family of 
moch about tbe Time it waibiiiJt, to dillir- the W.«iif, from which it pafled to Mr* 
guilh it from ocber Chnrcoei' in thitCity, RiMm of Sfim, who fold ic with ttsdm- -, 
0V/7iiu'irjfar,Scc dedicated totbe fame Saint, rial Manor to the Mayor, Aldermen, and 
Sf.C«^i(/AiK<fa(rrit ii nnited to thia Farilb. Commonalty orthe City of £aiia», who havc- 
This Church was rebuilt in ijjS. by tbe prefenied to iicver (ince. In this Chorcfa 
Help of a Rood fet in this Chuich yard, were anciently federal Cbantriii for the 
while it waa pulled down and building, [he Family of tbe Jivhui, apd otbett, which 
People miking their Oblationt to it } bat were celebrated at tbe Altar of the Bk£d 
as {oon as ic was ftnifbcd, tbe Rood was in Virgin* 

the Night broken all to pieces. From Dr. 7*j&x Mt/mard, Chaplain to King yMW 
thence the Lane was called Rttd-Ltnt. I. who was the Atlthor of Jsui't D»j >f 

This Church was involved in the fatal TrmiU s»d DtliVirmKt, preached at St. pam^s 
Overthrow of the City by Fire in \666. Cr*fi, 4»s4 f. ido?- upon bis Majefly's 
and was again rebnilt; but it was above Deliverance from the Confpiracy of die 
twenty Years afrer, «<'c. in \6%t. It itnow Gawrjai, was then Reftor of this Parifh-. ; 
a plcafaot Ctinrch, built Pkc of Scone and immtt Mtgt'^- A.RcQor of tfait P<iri(b, 
Part of Bri£tc. The Steeple ii very lofcy : was for his Loyalty plundered, imprifooed 
It it well pewed and wainfcotted, and bath' in tijHtnft and firquclired by che Rebels io 
a neatGiUcry on tbeNoitbSide. The Al- 1541 bu- lived 10 be redorcd in 1660. 
car-piece is of Carved Wainfcot, and the s Inlhs Ward ati $*Mfjjr(y, and 5>««rrr, 
Foot-ptce of black and white Marble. B»t»lfb-tflt»rf,u\i.i Bntifhi GurinWitiam 

The BencFiflors to this Cburcb and Poor ib» vSmfiUT.r* Days, and tdwtrd- tkt Cta- 
are fet up in an handfome, fpicioui Ta- jtjfuU. We proceed next to 
ble on the North Side of the Church, md 

are Mrt> Jtm Cillitr, who give 5 Axtt- 10. 9n»t* Ward Wtthim 

for ever for Coals. For a Sermon al. and 

to the Poor for Bread 3 /, in Money. Sir Tbts Ward is fo cillcdfroa thcBridge 
pilar ymiitfM tool. Mr. Rithnd Csmdtu, over the TIimh/, where it begtris ,at the. 
30/. for the Repairs, of the Steeple* and South End, fndgoes into .the City op Fijb-- 
6fteen more of leflcr Note. fintt-HiS to the Notcb Corner of Cr«#> 

The Monument! prcferved by Mr. Sttm tharth. This Ward is goveined by an AI* 
were for R-ginatJ Wifi, B. D. Pirfon of this derman Sir Gttrgt Mtrtimt, Knt. and hit De- 
Parifli, who died ca»btr 1. i ;<!}. litmm puty Mr, msiam Pantt, fourteen CommOQ 
Gtljm and jMt bisWife, who AiKaStttemhr Coundlmen, fifteen t^opflablef, luc Scaven* 
ifi. ijtf). Rir£«r'^G;KW, Citizen and Pew. cers, lixteeo Wardmote A(ca and a Beadle, 
tcrer, twice Mailer of bis Company, and The moft remarkable,,things. an this Ward 
one of the common Council of tbe City, ate, 1' Tbe Bridge, which claims tbe Pre* 
who died 'AjVj! iti. itfi5, Thefewercde- ferencei becaufe tt gtvct Name tp tbe 
fttoycd by the Fire, thofe that arc now flaod- Ward. a. Tbe Churflfe). ]. The Halii. 4, 
ing are only (or Gt'hi P-ndifat, born at OfdircnforU, 
j^rvrf^P, but a Merchant of LniiKt,' who di- 

3 t. Of 



L O^N D 0,N. 119 

1. OftheBddgii^tfctlviiftiatbeWodd Dud to hurt btta &»taed ia nJUwd, utt 
Ukai in >U Itt.DiineiiUoat. Tbe firft aot to htva > Niil in U. Ic ii cilled the 
fomidMioii of k wu tbii: Here mt a Hm futk-Hmft. For tbe better Pitrerrttion 
But} kept for fbme Agei, lad the Ferry- of this Bridge in food Repiir, ibere u a 
nun growing rich, left ibc Fciry and all £• Controller, two 8ridge>M*ucif lod fcmal 
iiad to hii oolj D>«ghter. wbp iocreafiog Officers under them, ind mioy Ycirt therf 
ber (VcalthliydKFcrijribuilca foiallNiin- are ]o*s/. fpetit npoo it, which ii defrajr- 
ncry near the Place where the Eafi-Eod of cd oat of the Gionnd Renti of the HotUg 
St. Mmrj Ovmjfa Chnrch Qindctb, and at on tbe Bridge, Finet, Beoefafiioos, Qro 
her Death gave the Ferry to bcr Nunt^ who Their Office ii kept at tbe Bridge-HoDle in 
beld it till they were difplfced, and their "nA-^ttt. 

Honfe ^oged into a College of PricOf, Here it a Gate called tridgt QMt, b^ 
Tbde growing rich by the Ferry, built a which alone Lmulm u iMclIikte by Laod o« 
Taoiber-Biidge fome Time before the Year Jtw^vM-i Side. It vii one 01 the foar 
* 990. as appears from the Siese laid to tbis w\nz\f*\ Gatet of the City long before the 
City £»««,Kiag otDnmsrk, who tonqueft. It ftinds now near the Sonib> 
■neciiogwitha flout Oppofition fram the End of the Bridge, opening towards tb« 
Cjrixen^ lofi many of bii Men for want City, wberejsa flrongPortcul]if,andoatho 
of laktog heed of the Bridge. In the Year Sooth-Side it ii adorned with the KingV 
ii3tf. this Bridge wis^aite barntdawn ) Arms, and the Rennini of cwo bumana 
boi being repaired and patched up for a Figures, and on tbe North'Side are th« was new built by Ptttn-ittdhrch, City-Arms. Here are Witer-woiks, fome 
PrieS and Chaplain. la all (bis Time it wji contrived by Mr. Utrrit bcfbremeQtJoiied- 
repaired by the Reveonea of certain Lands long liacc, others by Mr. StnaU, whereby 
giren for that Purpofe, as tbe Liberality of the TiMUt Water is raifed from the Nortt* 
divers Paffoni, and cenain Taxes laid up- End of the Bridge to a very great Altitude, 
on dtveri Shires. by which Means miny Parts of tbe City, 

The Timber Bridce being continually but chiefly Gtidmmt'i FSiUt, the MtMriV/, 
decayir^, and /ubicS to miny Cafiialties, UnmdifA, Whitt-Cbaftt, and ahthin-lmu are 
ftttr Ctlftkmvk-ait^noo% to build another reiVed. wirhrt«w» Water, private HoDfeS 
Bridge near it ;a)Cb Stone, in which being for ao/. a-yeir, and Brew-houfes accordiiitf 
a£ftcd by King-iiwy II. and Rititrd Arch- to tbeir Confompiion j the Engines are lo 
bilhoi>.nfCM<frto7, (who gave looe Miiks in genioufly contrived that they will work 
towards iO ho proceeded lo vigoroufly that " well at tbe ReSux at Flux of the Water, 
tho* he died iiej. and was buried in the To tbe Proprietors of tfaefe Workt belonjg 
Chapel 00 tbe Bridge, be left the Csre of thole it BrJunWlurf, for which they pay 
it iofncb Hands, «><■ Strlt Uirtir*,tKiism Sir Bnjtmi* ^Ufi, or bis Aligns, j;t,Lftr 
jtlmiriwt, anri BtmiiB BtttmhN, Merchants, ^m. and the City-Conduit Witei-;. fo^ 
k1u< it Wis luiilhcd in 1109. hiving been which they psy tool, fir ^n. The who Id 
tfcsrry*thrM Years in building.' It is a vo> it managed by a CommitttK of three or 

Z' firMg Work, confiftiog of ntneiceo more, a Supervifer, Btiok^eeper, fbnr Col.' 
rcbes with SpHlingi to defend tbe Pil. leflors, sod three Turncocks, &t. Thcic 
Ikn on each Sideof them. A Mafonwho Stock is divided into ifae.SlurcSieuh va- 
wu a Miller. Workman.- in building tbi* lued at looi. a Share. 
Bridge. firfi buitt a Chapel upon it for two The River lliamtt, over which tbii.won* 
Pssefts. four Clerks, ^t. bcfides Chantries j derfnl Bridge it boilt. is of in exrriordina> 
■oAa&eitbis fuodiy Houfcs were ert&ed ry Nature. Iris perhaps tbe moftfimoui- 
dn ic bccaime full like a Street on both River in tbe World for its Breidih, Deptb^ 
Sadcf, except at the Oraw-Bridge. It is even Courfe.wborerome Waters, and con- 
t20o Foot loBg, and ibout> twenty Foot fisnt Tides, which render it ibe moft comv 
wide between the Houfea i but forn Fdoc modiout for Nivigition of any River we 
wbov there 4rc nooel One of tbe HouTes read of. Ic irifei in CittelktU-tlii, i littlcL. 
wUfhhtd aa.At«bcio^ tbeBridfe, is ibore IPIwi^SRf , Om, where it was anci- 

C;|,zco ,*^iOOglC 

tutlr (bmj l]t( t t(tRj4lnItir«!ilLriieff(l TlmrtootrSMtm W^MyteotMUvb 
vnThuKt it Dtrthpir, ttAtn&iiTBjSimt wFrereef> eyctT MelA"i(- «<««- Incftet- «ij 
Wti»m/ft.^ich.Gff Bte*itjli oaw etTf- 1it<f'biotdi>or nAattt HetV.^Mmiytf^ 
ift1StMt,itidf6^iaTaiY.ktMlttg,lt'im/Jir, Vrf Trtty be dtflreiM,>« ahd {MurilK Oft 
Sr'dMil&Crto E»0i(M^triSbttbtttcMt\af^ AoArt iiftbey tHiilk-fir. »:'Ta«Anft 
io tb^ ^afrtceivcl bcrldcl dWettKiftAtn, itiir IftVcr «f 'iimoytaf; itsprsr Htrtcher, 
t&« ifiJ'ifjft > c«nliifirr<t>k mvtir, whtcK dmstrAur m- Piflitniets, wd'- d cftm a We m 
tri!ffiflr«^ni(,»ndii flfflotuftr rfW Dock 'flf rtrf*ry mil FiOKnrenr fiFcti. ] T* hinv 
c'^jhiM, «^ich. frindt up<UTlr, uit U du Arthe Ereftionof Hiy Wnter.RidiKes, or 
ilfyiTHifhfrdr for^tKtv^ Rojiil. Big^ifw, or knocting in oiPtny itiftr.'^ilcs-, 

^.Tha Sei ^owt-np chii JUver ne»f ojhty orftifci- which miy Wmiei t*t Snrtm or 
i^iteii ^c- u V' ki iCt^Ofrnfi wMch by NivSg>tibii, and'piiH tEretn' nir. if ilrtsdj 
Wrfcrlj twentf'Wile* ibdVfl tnije^ and doa<r, trU punift tHe OffeBdeirj ami to 
fcnderi ii'n»vig»blefor.Uie greMCtf rtrt (tf th»C End die Lord Mayor; xridi TBtneBftiij 
Ifce Wiy forSMpJOfgwit BotJen, ind on Brethren tftc- AWertnen- di* fcwierfy; if 
the reft foT Bitget itti LifltizA'i, wfureby (ftcy dir irot it (>reftnr, fie eigkt ftvnil 
rt«Crty is'notorily.ftrftlfficd'wiiRiUToTrS Time* yejrfy in MriWa^, *erfr, »», md 
df Coin, Filb, Coitsj d*'- bot tbe wholq tgir; wmtilM iRquilitidnaRci' allOffmcei 
^tidn wiiH *n AliunJtrice uF illlbrti or etrnhnitre* upon riteftrver, md Kivefewer 
'Merchandize from *rmofl' ^H ftia «f tbe toin^puier Tories', and pitnilh eccording to 
'World. Bbiidcs ibcA pabllck Advinngei rbcir VerdrQ facb n mnrgreft any of their 
it i> (he SopporC Vnd Miinrenance of great Order*. The immediate Care oF tbeHWet 
NiitnBcrs of ElOiermen 'nd Warermcn, It tc Hreik nrtieafirs bchmgirh t» tht 
-who by theit^ofldnual Attendinee wirb ^b <x>aCttt,ntrr, WtiKrVtiPf, and otfcer 
tlKirBoafsitthefcVeritHytbc(,Clocks,and rnbotdinat*- OfflctT*. 

landing Placet, arc ofgrcKUftfor carry- . Oa CMfimm'Daf, 1-394: a DttlpSini fen 
titg Pauengeri, Pf AvMiont, tt'f. to and from Foot long, a moii&roiis grown Fitt, tatot 
fbcCinupon (he AfiCoiuir o£ ,TVade and &<nB the fea up ttiir Kiver ai ftr n Iwrfia, 
BiiGbf u, by which they get tbeiiifcTVet and wherebeing efp)ei|by (bno CitiMnt; Ik wa 

Siifiiiy s good Livenbood, ai the fbrmef with much ado ukeo. Ift Wh thongbr Iqr 
B>y their fifliing, the River afibriiag ■ ki* ONning fofkrin Lanttirird tv^mAcw 
^«t Variety of ekcelletir Pifil, and paiti- the fltrmry and mnpcSbaat'WeiikcrwbiA 
cuTarly inc<mparable SaTmon- happened a- Week or tkcRftbowt aficr. 

lite Lord Mayo^oF £««&«, ibrtBe Time 1. Of the Chnrcbct, wliicfc were tbai 
ieijiL and hlsSuCccRbrt. fi)r ever in that before the Ftra; <v/e. 9t- M^M* at tte 
t^tSvf^ bav* die chief Aarborlty and Jo. 1^'^ Jbf, and- «». Jta|r«rtt Jfrw iTfk-tfhwt 
sRiQlihi svilr tbi'i River ttom Stmur-aHit$ hit tbii ftrter- h united' with the fenneiv 
Wefttrirdi as fir tt tmii^, Dr ThOn, and ff^. L«««an< Etftcbtaf, and K 0nrMr-«>MN 
die River M^«r. The Lofd Htgh Admt- liwtifr, bnt the fermer of fhefe it vblted tn 
fal hai anciently diFpotcd thii Power of th« htter,and fothera arebm two'PariA* 
the tord Mayor, but opoo a fair Trtri tbs C^borchei in tbit Ward/vsc. jr. Ift^w» and 
Lord^Mayor was adjudged the Confervatot 9t, Bnmt tSrna-amk. ^ < 

oftbe7t«0»r. B'y Virtue 0f this Right fa r tt.M»gmt h firaire mtbeEtfSdis 
cleired and determined, the Lord. Mayor <tadNoTrb*Bnd«f £a*^»44». leitcdU 
and the Aldermen bis Brethren hare Tow. ed from St, MHpnr, or Mma/, « beanrifbl 

9 niHntain the Rifeht of the River in Vlntth of Jn^iw*, vfao hanng fufinvd 

a fevcul PirtifolKi : i.Toopfaold a MntyrdAm fortbeCbriltian ReTigion,w«f 

fbgular and ardcrW Manner of MJi^; and efteenred a Siinr^and CbnrcbM werv dedi- 

thele fevculP 

ibgular and arderiy nianiwr vi auui^, ina «M»iuni ■ oiiDi, ana c.aincnei were seat— 

prtivent the OtQmSioa of . tbe yoQng eitc4 tokrm. The oMCfittrtbofXa.Mtigw 

prtivent tAe Ut^mttioa 01. tne young citc« tonnn. The oMCAttrtbofXa.Mtigw 

Brood, o( Fry of Fi(b. by toonnanding *» >•( *n KamHbrae Boilditot, fccpt ta 

that hq fiilfti«i» ilialT be taken fr^m the ^ed Rephir, >nd weH betotiMi bot bew 

Nativity of ooi Lidy anio St. MtrtiM's Day, nw' dtoKrttOud by tbe^ Hre In itfM. it if 

W mj nkerel lefs [ban'trii locficMobg) nboik ofSftftB-veij •ktificfillr,«idi4oni> 


L-0.ndo:n. Ill 

cdontlwOdlMciHilb ■'I>a(U^uft, Mda bay 'ia^-zperpsnul ReoiMBbnQce tlmcef; 
carraoi Dul, hiving. tfae.'Figorei o( St. wiili fucb in U&itpuDn «* the Mtyoraiid 
t^gmm iUrgMra,Stc opon k richly cdred Couitsf AldetBcn AoaldmtbitBehjIf <li-: 
and gilr, aod on the lofidc with Pcwi, icQ. Upoa which tW Site of this Church 
IVainfcot, i Falpit, Doof'CafM, and an Al< *nd Church yard wu Oiida choko of, aad 
t«T>pi(ceGMiy wrgaghi and carved.' a Pillar ereflcd accordingly,' built mignifi. 

The Beotfaaort let up in a Tabic, oa cently .with Ptritmd- Scone, caUcd IBS 
the I9i»th.£de of tfaii Chntck are^ Mn. UONI/USiJr. Icitfa Tound. Rillir loi 
^mmt Tetml, who gave by .fan Will daied Fool jilgb frooi Jhs Gtound, tbiiHcighe 
Am i6jj. tool, the L)dy Philifi.hy b^ being ilcligned to Ihew the cxi3 Dinanoa 
Will dared in itfTiI. io« I. Sir CbMrltt Diai- b«tweca tfae PJace whate. thb I'ita ^gm, 
t*m^,Kat, 4nd Alderman,, the Qlock and uid where tfait Pillar flaods: . ,i 
Dial which cod 4S ' ^'•^'i- and ten o- The PiUar it fifteto Postio tfa& Daamew 
then of lefs Note, who gave the Brancher, \tr, ftutding oU * Pcdefial forty Footihi^ 
KvngV Arms, Font, &<; aad twciityxone Pobtfqaarc; ind-widiia ift 

Tbe Monuments of Note pVefcrPed iy it aftir winding StMicafc-wi<b.lrobR«ili 
Mr A«w, arefor^tjbn Bind, Mayor in 1)07. Uf to the Top, and graced wiih a fair Bib 
£nr7 rm/. Pree-Mafba to King Um^ J cony round tbe Pillar. Oo tile OstfiJc th^ 
UI. Ritksrd II. and iUmy IV. who died in Front it idomed with iogepioni Emblems 
1400 7MfcwMe&</, Mayor ; JtlnFrntby^eom, iftfi«fi Athn*.. The North and Soo^biSiilc* 
man of tl»e Crown to King Huv/ IV , Sir of the Pedeftil Aire etch a Citinliflcripili 
tiih»rd MvfM, Chief Jilftiat «f ibe Cow on; [h« ooc.dUcjihitig tbc)i>iif9Jatiafa-0f 
men Pleat in 1516. Mmmtt CR^jb, Bifivop the. City* and the wbcr ici glorious Ro. 
a( tt»eh4fi^ in 1^59. Sir mSiam Qttrudy ftoration.' In tha ConCludon of tlu fiiA of 
Mayor in ry 5^. he waa an Inhibiriot pf St. tfacfe are thafe IVorda : \,i*4 fi'»r Ptfifiiam 
Cbnft»^ri Pattfli, but being btirn in this. yW tmm Mir* fiiTa-mt,madnmrtfihgnit»r, u 
wat boried here in -if?r. There isoow cv £ut the Papinickljlagtl,: which C9aian&* 
but one nodern MoDUOKDt, vi'k. forMr. Dadfucb htrrid'diin|t,-isjn«.yci quancki 
»«warC«^x, Dipufy'ofthis WarditwentyV cdj which. W.orda sairefb-muc^.OfftiK* 
eight Veirs. He died 'iS^rmitfr ia. ire3> lo .King 7mih It's Reign, that'they wera 
Mtt.ti. Mr. JiffWBientionsanold Mdnu> naz'd at bji Accefllon to tba Crowdf b«e 
meiK fbond in St .mftg»ttt Htw Fifit firm, werq again infcnb«d upon the Rcvolntion 
far Mr. yiiw Cafgtybtff, (riw ]died in i]84. u they now retbain' ; 1. 

9 itir.JI. He by iMiderainitfbltfStOBe in; On the Eaft Side «f the Ftjellil li ,aJCv 
theWindow by St; P^t^'f Altar ontbe aa Infcriptipn, eipreQinff the >Tirnes ^il' 
Nonfa.jlids of.ihcChaicb.: Thi^ Church, vhicb thirPlUai.wai bqguti,v4£.Slf'RiciMr^ 
being near PmUing ^m, Where the dreadi- Ari being Mayor in lijt- Continued and 
fill Fice began SifMmttr .1- it^. wji the brttoght to Periit&tob, viz^ Sir IktrnM thti 
61& ilw was bamt dow*. and never' was' vio being Mayor in. 1 677- the intermediate 
bnilt agHD, being iDited: in SI. Mtfmit. ji. Lord, Mayor* carrying tbe Ayork on wlcJi' 
itabovemtnlioaed.asdthvGToAnd whore- aUduo Appticatioo Wd Car4- -And boowfb 
on-itfiood tbwdi^vArdsof. ' tbi« dieadfa) Pb^wu fiid to t>%,coQtrive(l 

In ibc nineteenth Vs» of- King Chwrin and curiid on b]l f hePopilk Pany, the finii' 
U. when tbe AQ of Faflitmcfit was made it exprelTcd ig.£i«^ rimnd the Pcdcftal ho. 
for tbe rebnitdinpafth^ City ofLaM^M, it der tbe Taid lafcriptiofli in tlie fojjowing 
wii thongbt .'Bsocflary rfaat fome MRna< Worda: ' 
nenc' flieald be eroded to prcfci've tbs' 

Memocy of. tfaii Vifttition , nrd tbeivitpon , ' Thit Pillar wii-fif ;up ipi pe^enif 1 Ko^' 
it waa-ihen ^kd<:d, Th>t • Column or. ''.mcmbraQCfof'ihc mpft DJIE ADE V[, 
PiHar ef Brafa or Stone, Ifaould: be crcded ' 6VRNIN0 oflbia ancient CITY, 
<m. onat new w the Ptese «bete the fiid- '- begun and carried on by the Tmcbery 8c 
Eirennbapptly- began, atfonVenieBtly might '; Malice-ivfthi PopiQi FifUon, in ciw b^gin* ' 
■ ■ ■ ■ -J ■ .■• ;' . . . [.. '.■:.. Q . ■ J. .•.■,..■■.■, 1 ' nifl* 


Ill laMDON: 

t aio^of SifMMfarIa Ck Veu of flOf Lvrd MbwM*- JUMLhn ^w&rMl, tfhkfa aw 
1 i6S6. in oriki en Ibqii ew7iD|m ib«ir Ibr Mr. 3»im il«>yiji{|^ SUiw, wbo dwd in 
•■ hoHidPhufor uurpitiudicfrKaftsnf ifyi. Afr. Jtfa snif mi^ H*f>«r4>lliM aoA- 

4 rroduciof Popery ud Sluwry. Cm-jSm, a fUnmiM ind fiMM» Mcrcbaoe, 
who diod in iifoo. Mr. Wnhmt mcDCion* 

Thit In&riptioii w>i ilfonaBd oHtbtr tbt n bifcriptioR in tbu Chsrcfa r«ii»rfc>b]e 

Order of ihs ' late King Jwmu H. kat bu for the Maontr of writing in iboft Tiaxes, 

been again mived fiocc tlw lats Ibevoli- which w« dMrcfiim offer t* tbi citraaa* 

(ion. Keadcf> 

ThtlC:biirdiofi*.MvM* is a ReOory 

AicU Notu o. rW Bodi of M. wu liinl. ^***^ **« ■^' RKCCCLXXXXL 
flci.of chit hriflt. fiww Yoara ) hut wu •-' 

leOed for kit Non^onferaity. Thia Chorch 1* ■ Refior jr \a. the Gift wC 

ft. at. Btw t kft oa n — w ap«t»-cAw*i(s ««•>. ihtOatitmiCb*pxmofS$.PMtts,»adbith 

^atly caHed Giw^afanl^ bMnih of lli» been b for may Agc« > ft>r Aoa ve Bad 

HiA>Mirkaf kcpc mm it, and dadicaMd m it in riw Ragifttr of Ra^ it Biff, whm 

(be Ahboc Brndta. TU* Chnrcb wu d»- waa oade Dean tiStt. fimtt in iiSt. ifaac 

aMmbedb]r^|raabKrt,indre-c4ifiediM imtifiH.amJsat.«m^kartk i^Cmm^mm, 

itf8j< and beaanfaj i» i4f j^ k ia w«ll Sic. Knc* tbff Uaaon of it with St. Imm^ 

wainftolttd aad bm^ntely ptwad, tbfr Btfik^ it ia worth i^ofc a yaar to rbt le- 

Bolpil wy woU inieni earfed, anA ad- owsboM. b dtit Charch wa- fbnnded a* 

•rood with Cberabini» d^ ••< tbo Altar* the Altw of the ffirtim iUtf aad ft. XMtim. 

ffeco wry ^acioiu ain fiite< Uoroidlfo rtMaptrpttBil Chantry for the Sool of tbr 

» onrtfliia Sent of Im cmrcd Wock-, and Lady yiMilaf^ to maintMn which Ike fa«a. 

KNind the Conr. theb Woidt, adfirthtliu •«■ Tcncin^ »ndthcAfpwtenancet;bB» 

th CtiUMu M «Mw ■>» aat, Mirf fitkd thtm the DMbhitioa of the Ahbiea tsking awa« 

at* I fir rffiKb it tifJOgjim if OfJ. Thi» the Cbamrici^ the Rwa and Piofita of kf 

Coot was given by Mr- AaAvf Mkv^t who. an fittM^ TraSeca w bo coapWycd (^ 

Se^bwicduitlteNOftb-UBofthlsUtaroh. wirdi tbeftopatnof the Cbaich, and if 

Tbefi i* mdjF ooo BeacfiAor to tb* ibei e be any Oveiylat, m be laid ont apr 

ikKtr-efdri»Pl*Ub,aad tbatU Mr. Oarwt, on fticb good and godly Uba u theyanA 

wbt bit 1*6 dtem sJ!: a>{ear fbr evet^ m tbe Gbarchwardenf ftalt tbiak fit. 

biqribMiCo)4t)bw«beMact(woorck(eo }. Of tke Ualli tbefoitbst one ia thi» 

VaaefiaanwibeBuiklh^ pfthaChwcb Wkj, and that isViftaongan. Tbnrwcro- 
and AfiniAcn^vA. Mr- TMnt "ho by hi» anciwtly of cwolbrts, «'«, atock-Fiflnaoa^ 

WfU bu gives «o lie mtttat Mtt Cbarcfc- gn» aiiA Sdi.FilbiMB|era, tad both oP- 

waydew aTancawari (h« Piofics of ic to them lud' no left than fia UaBi> «*• two- 

b* ooploycd fbr die faftkhiiitg tbe Wotb. ia Skawajlwtft two ia Jftw K/b^ntt, aad 

OniiaKiici, and otbar Bordaw of the 1^ twoin«UA|/b/r«if;. and than tbey were ft- 

liakGbatGbfbr emv Mrs. Day bu aMe Ameas » Cooipaoy tbac tbcro were fixt 

^ento the Miniftcr |;o (. a-year fbr one Mayovi obofbnoatof tkei»iDtwency.foBr 
Jor bii bmer kfaintenance, provided he Years ; bac imo tbe Complaint of Stofai Jft 

be Refidcar. Mts. turn- MwHa lias given « b i hm fi m , Hfcyor, and a great IVt of- dw 

^o 4o/.}|ff .Am. (bra LeAarcooSMN^, CMnnoncfS oftbeCity,to-tbe'Perba«Mn» 

and the Lady Hr«r» 40 £ for a Sermon on fittfaig in 1 f$*. tbar they -afid gieoc D^ 

fiiMaiw.I]itft[, and a Chaldron ofCedi to he eeicin feHbig tbeir Rftr !■ «s» cnaded, 

dfftribaitd yearly anoog the Poor of this Tbsb fbt the fimHo aoa* af thic Coaipto. 

laUk> Hne awm other MoBDOMats bat dj Amid be sdnimdMaxoi.eE this City ; 


liQt tli<7 tntSe fachTnterefi the nrn Teir, wben now ammH^rut It. ^U Ward it 
tb*t the Parliament nttoni ihem to their gDrencd by an Atitcnn<& Sir Tthi w»d, 
«a(»ciitCQ(lom&>o<!t.iberricf. ThcVwere Kat M< kit Ovpsty Cipciln »mtm iksrf, 
naUcd m >siS. 28 sf Ht«7 VIII ma were K*«n Gootmon Ctmncimitn, eiglu Confti- 
•ppDiatedtofctrebucoficHillintheHonfff kict, Az ScirMgOTt) ind > Beiite. Tit* 
«iven 10 them by Sir 1*bM CtnewtV, Lord Ward iru q«itt lleftrond by At Fixe, fwtf 
«w»faf( and AmfikMS in tbc PiriOi of b.' if rebttilc vcrf handfome, and contaim 
mt^td in Cra4ri-L«M, in the Rei^n of tbefe ibifl« remiHhbfe In k,%te. 
fiM^Vfl. Their HtU if now 1 &tcioui •- n. cTnMtMr <4/r««af Ctitircb,foc*ned 
BoiUing. ^aadiag on t^ Sontb Sidr o£ bocauft k it- dedicated h *f. ■Chmtatf rbe 
ftaw/ #ru>, ■ litite IVcftwtrd from VtV apofialkal M&op of ItMw, auntiDned bf: 
fififircit Oii. It till kii bindfome Front' St. Mrf. PML 4. j. H« ia«4i«Hed Biftop 
Wwitds ibe W*ter-Sid«, ud the Kotth Sifc ^M $]. anil itiarrmd by ^i^w in too. 
U adorned with a Piizza. Tbeie tn Gaflc- 'c ll OM Piece of Honoar -bUtowed on 
tics toond th« loliile, and the FigBre of Sir hjna, cfcif tba Cbriftians dtdicmd foow ot 
mtaw WWMrfb, Fifiiffionger, who when' tkairCbtntfaN tft Um. Tba Additfm h 
be vu Lord Mayor flew tfst i^ltr : AIG) 1 '*kn ftwa Ifce SitntdMi near Qmar tt^ 
Skreeo with « golden ffdJIo Dnde'r titt Pe- '**9> Upoa the Mbaildlsg the Ctairefotg' 
dimenc By their Charter they ara at pre. (hit oFW. MwrtoOyarwu luited eophii^ 
but fix Wai dew, (t&e ArR of which it all* tte' tks Parift ii Pkrt ia IrA^t Ward w^t*. 
cd the PriaeJ twenry-cighc AffiUmu, Xit nu aadtbaSittlfttto aMrmada a Btulit 
SB the Livenr. twbdct the CoouiwDalty. nwe» lo the ■nitcd Parilh. It wti cilted 
tlqr are the fodrth of the twdVB Compk- S*- MMMOitw.friib ttnlMicMion of it 
^■i,nd there hire been forty-one of theia v>S*- MarrtebdbreMMMMed fer,attd«iM 
Laid Maroni Thrir Patron bSt-Mf^ *>4w, orOn<(jrw, who^rk tbisOhurcb' 
). lo VBa% Ward ia AMffcjfnir «ib the Mth that of jr. Butft Bipt^ittu) ttf th« 
aU.&M% caUed oT old Ogm, and ttgsu- Ctaaat of «. hnrf'i. Tbii Obaich was hn 
£m^ which it I common Stain Ibr the "B^ before the Kre, but it not ranch eA> 
JanduM PaflcDsera aw} Goods by Water. It^pd Ritce the re-edifying, yet it weB wk 
^mimf, and £>rtMl Mrir Mtf^ in' the cned with good Wainfcot aod anifem' 
Puilb of f Ji«iM. Vbod FSjhltrnt.mBtU l^ews. The Purpii it ftniervd anil clnrT«d, 
lo waa anciently a great tJoufe, baih for rlie the Punt Marbte «rith a Oont &Kly em^ 
Boft. Pare oifSione which belfinged fome bcDitbed, and the Alnrntecr fpacieKt tn4 
Tints to EdmsrJ the blick t>rince, Son of bcMlifbl. Tb«r« it at the WcfrEnd a ncac 
king EJmtrilll- who ^ivelt thi:re •>hl]e ; wtinfooc Gatkry, and on the Norfh-Side 
but after bit Death fMr. Su» ttlfi tn) t( the King'i Arnii caifed in Wood. 
waa tarned into an Inn. biVingxbe Kiuk. 'Ther« #ere rhtfii Mannseate intbit 
B^ Eoi lu Sign. Tbefe ire alTthe thhigi CbtiKiA fn Mr. Jtra>> Time, vi». for Jl-<fanlr 
we find mcmorible in tbii Ward. Where- Bmtum, who died isti- «nd Snr^NV stf.' 
^um «s BBODio ' nMbit Son, both Alderman iWUffMiCAiMib' 

■^ and mm^Ht onwy, who fotindad a Cba«> 
It. CmUMidtt-firut Wari. ' r^y here, bni there being deftroyed by the 

Fin there ii new no Mommientt itt it bat 
Thrt Ward took Its Name tmOi The Tat- fifr-Mri. Uary C*nr, the Wife of Mr. 7**i 
law-Quadkri, who dweit many bf tbeio C'tr, ' of this ParlfB, Mnrdnnt,'wbo died 
together ia tiua Street, and made aadfotd Mrrf t. t<^a< Hire *« 4 Monument in 
Candles, b«th of Wax and taltow. lie Memory oF Qtetn Xliwhti, \rith fttrc 
Screen was called CsmBtwr^ln n well al Part of the Sprtaph (et downtc^Mhw 
C»mJkmJijhuf. »ai both tmfott the tbt. ttefiriM. fitt Benbfaa»ft We fiod oOM. 
hing of Candles. We fioJ no. tbch StrMt TfaisChifrebill titcftory, and wh mi. 
now in [mJm, and therefore f^pote \i ciently ifl th Gfft ct (he AbbM and Coa< ' 
loft rn tba new SuilJtni at the Ci^ .after vent bf.Pn/lmilifiir ; bat biting into rbe 
ib«.Fv«. It i* fofi^ed to hive Weft Kmg'l Hindi lA Ihk Soj^Afioft, k ^vNti* 
Q a aacd 

C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

ii4 i-O.Wij);o.w-. 

nued in tbeCro wit till "Que*!) M«rf, l^(.i. boi rerurn to the Church in iKtngA. M*- 
7kith:otlMr Ghorcttet, give it to th« Bitkof^ rjr jhiMuk 

qf LMiM, Md hitSoccclIaHfor qvrr, whci Thli Church is > wy neit otie, welt 
hiira..cor)liqued ttftorii tyv ltM«.' :Xt>e, built of' Bitck »iiil Srone,' and the Siecpte 
Living liace Oi«Uoioi;-it o))de by ,Ad dS hii *Cu|mio«nJ Spire. The Qrmmenis 
f ktinaiett MoHhli^o l; fv Af to thi In- afc, good Wiinfcoc iboDCthe iitlide Wills, 
cuoibcot. ; There is ilfogivea to (be Mi.; * pretty GilkfV ic [he Weft End, regnlir 
oifter of tliif. Pirifh chrec Tcn^Aieou, vf. Pews, i migoijicent Altir-piece, i CommD- 
laed at the ye*r)y'j Rent of'i8/.,^H' ^m. nion Tib'f linicred, ind binding on » 
by the Wi1lofMc4 7lfVX'ff^&r-i4 l^fltlfti Eoot-ip^e "of ^lick and white /Ulrble, 4. 
tf be preichad evory W4^tM*t ■» -the <\f.4 Pulpit carved with Ch«rtlbinis,anil 1 fpi- 
ianoQaSfaaiUitkuliffi<\iat iM^jdtf^ ,,! cious briGBn^cli-CmdlcRick. Tbc Bf- 

-Qr.M*itf,w)iojttabll(tedtbe'L,i(iirgv', Ca>. nefi&ars to tbis Church stid Pnnrirc.Mr. 
techiToi, I hirt;*ili&e Articles, .3.oolc qt pr-. iihn ffatfin, who besides the rorementioned 
diniiisn, ind dodrinil Points of the Homi* Cindlenick give ^l- fir Aat. for ever. The 
lies into ii^i/K, wjuMini(Urof|htclGtuHpIr,] \^^^,Htkn.Urttth,W)S%-oi^\tl»hf Br^Mtb, 
He is ehoughc to h>n beffr> *f .tbift ^tidli M^yp/. JB>vb tp paor-Msidi-io /'.and to 
out of a pisai ZmI E9 gMn Hofifl))^ torM«, tJi*;qUk<r Poct^ 19;. and tw'pnty-fI)C^'Go<i'ni' 
Mjnajb Confli[utioa ■nM»)S -foccign Coiinii tppoof l^e'n and XVorneo, wirh inaify Le- 
trjet; but he being ^Wid. to fsjltflT, tbs- gicifts. co the City indUniverriti^t. 
30tb Article,' by iMwine-^MKihcfe Wqitd^- .'The Monnmcots oF^This. Church tn Mr. 
B^iit uthfim,S£C i. e. ' Thf) CbpKh ^at^} fiim"s^iffie.wtrefotmSimmUnlkiffm,iiU 
'.Power to apFfiiiliiRitM.i>RiiCefimoBi«iii cj^irm^iyja J5'#i Slr^?*m« ff^ir 'Miyor in, 
'.■nd an Authofidy jin. C|0«tfov((ge*>ofc lij'^Sst 3i^^''»nfJ'ifAf'( 1 ffo whear 
' Fijth, ' Jod'in Otiny.thiBgKiK^ iwly-)n_) a b_]i,zing.$tir yas/cfii; >b«Ve'two Mliiiiths 
rcprcfcfic our ecc1elUnicaiGove([Hiifnfi^ts. every Nighc.' He d'uS Ji^f tj^i 'g<d ^j- 
Book was burnt,' which cuiTed .To grp^^ Vean. "fhen. is.qov I'o tbii Church bnc 
Grief to his Mind; thu be feon after died,' one remarkable Monument, under whiclr 
7Mly y. t6i8. and wis batied in jtiS*i^r. is.^.Vs|ilt fo^' Mr>. Eiw»fi Sin-vfiV wh'o 
t;^tgi.'mOKffrdi . , , - djod '^11 -fmauTj ,i. iSjo iged 6i Years. 

, 3.'Sfi MMy/atbi»ik,,ti\t (S^iow cillcd;'. Mr.'ftmteUs ui, ihitiihirf ind Hwj Eirls - 
but Mr. £(fv 'f>y«;i he h*i found jl wrinco afSuJfixi Wi3i»m BtJwiA, Alderman, who 
/If.thwib, and Ufthttrih ; perhaps becaufc ic died in I J67. and "Jthn Oli^t, Alderman, 
(lands fo much above the H^ufesin Tkmuii. who died in 14)7. and Mri. Elitsiltb lMt»r^ 
fiftit. Since the Eire of Lnrfan rbe PaiiDt ■ niofl ingenioui Gentlewoman, who fpokc , 
of Sr. Lawmct Pttitnty is united to ie b]/: apd writ feverfl Languages, wrote three 
AQ'of Parlitmenr,'and fo it it the only Hind» very well, and pliy'd on theL'otc, - 
Cbitfch to both Parifhei.. Tbii Church 'ft. Vial, snd Virginals at twenty- fe» a Vesrs 
Lmwrttei Wit focalled from its Dedicaiioii o1d,anddied inifjj.weie buried ia jr. 
to. St. L^wrner, Dckcon to Pope Sixtm H.-, LMwrtmtiFnJta^ Church. 
who fate about 160. whom the Emperor y»- Tbit Church is a Refiory, the Pwronase 
iarVM, after much cruel Ufage, caoTcd to . of which wif of old, in, the Prior and Con- 
bff broiled to Deiih; and the Addiiios gi- , vent of St. Marj Oviryu in 5MrhM>r4,'and 
VM it for 1>iftindion was taken from Sir - coptinuid in (hc^i cjjl 145;. when th^ M»- 
7»fei PHiiraf^, Mayor of.LiM^, who made- Iter iiod CbapTiins of the 'College of Cfr/«v 
ic'i College of Jeftit tni CtrfmCbrip, fori C^i/?i near the Church; of 5t. LMwmnFtah- 
Mafter andjwtlvc Chaplains, and h richly - *ij bccime Patrons of it. They held it till 
cnd««f^ that at tbe Diflolution it wis., the Oiffolutiob, wbea it the Cromn, 
vib^d at 91/. i7(- u di when it ,VU,> in . which .it jcyaiintA tm MMttbfmPuritr. 
furnnder'd into Sing £^w<rrf.yrsi Hands ; then Arcbbifhop ef CMttrhtry, procured 
bu[: this CbiKch' being now denioIiOied, ., Quepn Elit^htb, Rtg.^o. to granttbC' per- 
•nd'the Site tntned into « Burying-PIace ~ petual Advowfon of this Cnurch' to Br»- 
tu tbgJuiOit wc. fluU ijy fw more of it, w> Csj^c in CfmhiJgt, who bive been Pe- 



h. O NJ>.0 N, izj; 

ti«BS, lod f rdcnted to it ever finec. Tbii Riehsrd GhfMf, AMermini:asd 4fm .h'u 

Living fince the Union is woith i2» Wife, who di«d, her*^*^ S- H9i, AM. 

^mtm. 71. aod i(be, .^•inj' 3i- i^ia. iC'af. 70. 

. WOxmm Uximtr, Dein of HettritrtMgt, and Tbit Chmch is > Rcdofy, ind wu >»• 

wbo compliined •giioll Bifhop Btwtr, for ciencly in che GiFr of , the Priot ind Con* 

leaving one of bis Sermon it Si, tMud Crtfi vent of Cliri^'t-Chitreh CMMtrimf, lad (o 

the King's Supremacy, for which that Bi- continued till the Virir 140B. but«f<erth4C 

Aop ««] deprived of bit See in if4$>> WM it appem to biva been ia the Atcbbjlb«|| 

h^iotfler of (his Patifh. oi CMtirbMry^ iq whafe SucceSors it hai< 

^- &t, Miihail Cn»ktd-LMtii,^o alitiUom Continued ever lince. The Value of it to- 

its Dedication 10 St. MifbMtl the Afch-Ao- the Incumbent is made by the A& 100 1. 

gel, and its Siiuition in CrtiktJ Lsnt, juft ftr jltm. , . 

bo the carqiog into 5t. Mtt6'(^s Lane, to Dr. Jaihi P(]ityf, firft Bifliop of il«fj&q0«r la- 

didingaib it from the other Churches of if93. and foon after jtranl^tfd to K^A*- 

tbe ^init Dcdicitioo. It was built by »». ;tir, a very learned Man, ms. Minillcr of 

Zj«^m, Stock-fifhoiongcr .and AAayor four ihisPiriQi. He was forcod tp fly i^^nthc 

Times, and a new Quire and Chapel add- Accc(TIon of Qoc^ . U*fy to the Throoft 

id to it by Sir ffiA'«Mffji/w*rt;&, Subfervi- and died at iir»iliia^, Jfril n. Iti6. He 

eiit to the flnut Lord Mayori who aricHed wis the Inventor of a Dial with niiay. 

■nd wounded the Robtl H'tft, TjUr, and Albtions, a great Piece of OMthciiiiticu 

founded ■ College of a Miller, and nine Skifl, which be prefented to . King Hnrf 

l^fiefts in this Cbufcn, in which they both VIII. but bis excellent Sermppi procared- 

lie buried. It wis dc&foycd by'tbe cals' him all his PreJFeiincni. We find nothing 

initous fire of Ltrnttn in 16^6, and fcbuilc more remaikable in this Ward, and fo p^s* 

in i(!BS. but not fully beautified till 11S98. - ^etd to 

The prelenc Church is built all of Stone^ 

adorned with a Cornifk round the Roo^ 11. HWtrtiifc Ward, 
pell pewcd and waiofcotted, the Alta^ 

piece is neat, and under the ten Command- Tbi> Wardtabei its Name frotn^«'Jr«fi} 

ments is written, ' , a conllderable Street between Sntki mMtktt ■ 

\ A WW CuMMMMlmnt I give tmti jtm, that and CMnfirnt, fo called from ■ Brool;, 

jt hvt nt »ii»thtr. which coming out of the Noith-Fi^lds. 

The BencfaOors to tlut Chaccb, befidtl croOed the Wall of Uuda, »nd ran thro* 

tbe Founder abovcffleniioncd, are Mr. A*> this Street into the Ihtmit. This Brool^ 

^r.ito-/b, who gave two Pieces of Ground (as'Mr. 3f«« tells iisj wis fo large tbac 

tot a Cburcb-jard. Mr. ffni/jS, who gave Barges were towed up it as £ir as BMi/iri- 

^L and Mr. If'tVierf gave io/.^/r .iflm. 10 tairrVbuc afterward it was siched over, 

-itlitel)'.. There arenoMonumentsat pre- and Buildings upon it. The Government 

lent in it Mr. Sfav tells ai that there were of this Ward is under an Atderaun Sir 

tbefeinbii "nme, wx "Boi Mt.WiBi»m R»y, GiUirf HiMthettt, tni hi) Deputy Mr, 7*iN 

wbichHr.ff'(«vrr'lildbadthitInrciipiioQ: tf'^< fevep, Common Councilmen, niae 

Conflatilej, Hx Scavengers, thirteen Wird> 

HtM Uttb wrtft i» Gsj, note Men, and a Beadle, Tbe moAobfer- 

n$ Btify )f Williain Ray } . vabic things of this Ward arc,* M mvi t» fyji, I. The Churches, whicb-ire, 1. St.Swiib. , 

I M/ in C^mwiyFr/cr, fo called from tbe Oe- 

UimmVmin, Mayor in i}<S. diction of it to Swihim^ 01 SmiiiMm; Prior 

[ JthmF/mljafSheutCjtmi^iT. of mnilnfiif Abbey fit&, and then Bilhopof 

' Sir Jtin Ptfikiy^Mtyoi in i.f41- be Wat Wi»ibilftr. He wts a Perfon of very ex. 

iMafler of the Tower-Mint. cmpliry Life, and very chasitable to tbe 

Sir Bi»rj jiMt»»n, Alderman and Lord Poor. He died in %6t, and his Reliqusf . 

Mayos«fL«M^ wbodiedAffrMirp 1. 1^74. being found io 970. by £r£r/»«Ii, Bimop • 

and <be Lady 3*M.bii Vi£e, .«4io.die4 ^^ of IKiubtftir, aod enfltrincd, lb many Mira- 

. rnpfarf, f57j. ' ' "v' cleiare faid to be wrought by ibcm, ibK' 




'«.« 10 NDO N. 

6c wii rwerthtti Hft Siint, ani Chnreties Tbtt LiviO^ fs * RrfbiTi *n^ tte Ad- 

wcffl dedieitcd t* him. Thil Cbarcli wu VDwlbn »f it tni of old in tbe Pt'ufr and 

burnt down in t«M. and Wing rebaih by Convent of Ttfi'a^n m the Oiocefs oF Cfttf> 

ttie Aftof Pirliammr, «. MMttBHlmw, or «fc</r, and continued in tbeta to tbtSop- 

A*«Aa*, To called from a ttoii-yird. or prcflron.wlien coming into chcKin|i*tHintf^ 

Mm, »lier« fioiTl wctemida for tneRi«r, it mt grimtd by King firmyVtll M 7«A« 

netr which it flood, wn otAud to h. Eirl ofo^^tfrf, nbofe Son tdwanl fold it to 

Thil of St. SmiiUn was rebnilt in 1^79 Sir 7*fc> Hart, Citizen ind Lord Mayor of 

both Church and Tower *i[h ^tone, the Lt*it», whore eldeft Danehter eirrted it 

Kcof covared with L«ad, rKe whole being with ber by Mirriage to Sir Owfp i»iu, ef 

comniodioai and pkaAnt, tfao' fm*H. It it whofe Oeicendinii theCompiny of Sftnrt 

well wiinfconed ind pewed, the Folpit 'parctnred it, and an ffilltheParroai of it j 

CKped ami fiaiereJ, and tbe Alrirpiece bui Wog united with 3r Iter Barbae 

adorned with a Glory, and the Qiieen'f which wii in the Gift of the Dean and 

Anns io the 'Pediment. Tbe Cbck-Diil Chapter oF Cmittthif, thii Body havtf aa 

'liitb o» it tbe Wt^n of 5f . ^within 4^ '^hernire PnfentKion with the Salterd, and 

and Rindiog on t Pedc(hl. the Site of the Chnrch it flow only mide a 

There ire no Bmdaffimi'tD tUi Clmrcb Buritl-plice For tbe Pariflrion«rr. It b 

Of Poor, fant (evetal Monnmentt, «(k. for now worth I40I. ftt Am. to the Incum- 

MMMfOMffrVfi Merchant, who died Oftnw. bent. Here la 1 Leftore oo t^f Even* 

fn^Mni*,tl. t^ehml\A»%oa,Mt isgi from UUhtdrnm to mdfammtr, fbr 

Dcfuty^imenKnir oFtbeSankoFEaWMt Wfaithitpvtn laf. io/.ptr.«fa. the Gtfc 
■^ attending fcit Mijefty King mum^ oTMr. lAttaf in King 7mn XVt Reign. 

;tfcra tnCltttftcd befetv Kwaan. upon foilie s. to. Suftu ffMltnA, ft> called from in 

■imporUnc Bufind^ was flain by a Cannon- Dedication to si. Strtiiu the Deacon and 

Ball, Jm/f 17. 1691. and hii Body being Proiomirtyr, and rf<i/^i^, to diffingnifli it 

broggbtover, wii boriedliy hii 'Fitber's. Irotti Chorees of the like Dedtcation. 

Mri. Jjpin RtU, Dinghtcr of Jtim tuid, Thii Chorcb wii batlt in 1419. Mr. Ci>^ 

^fqione of hi! Majeftyijndgc) of B^if- rW«y. wbo.KavB the Ground ai \% above- 
ikit, who dicdjMiwrr t. i08j. and by tbe mentioned, Tajiog tbe firft Stone for hiiB> 
Altar-piece there ii an Hitchmeni for Sir felf, »nd the lecond for I^Ui'mi Sraa^a, who 

^jMha Iwfrr, Baronet, who died Mrnvk }. was a great Cootribntor to the bniia tho 
ttflS. Tbe Monitinenta of this Chnroi Honrei on which the Cbutch ftiodl aM the 
weferved by Mr. itwm, are for Mr. Tata Chotch-yird. This Ctrarcfa wai deinoUlb* 
Vnd, Mayor, Sir RaM yarflaw. Mayor ta ed by ine Fire, tnd opon in rehnildlng In 
14S4. 7(m Whht and mtiam t>r*ftr. She- i£>C- the Chnrth of St. BnuM, or bmwt 
irilEl, Sir St^btn 3iMf, tx>rd Mayor io l$9^ lArrf«, or Shmiti wit united to it. Thil 
wbo died in iSoS. Str 7*i> Sarr, Laid Church, which il dedicated to St. Bnwr, 
Mayor in 1589. Sir G/frja Snabr, Lord the Monk befbretnentioned, ii dUttngnlflw 
Mayor in 1607. AtSr Hffy Bub^w. LM- cd freiD tfaeChmchaiOf chcfimeOfdioH- 
eriW ttlitHI, Alderman of the City of Lmi> on by the Natne of the Pmnder, Repairer 
4iK *ho died to I T94 Sir HMry /U% slmt*, or chief Beoeftdw Bmdiff Shmi, or Sim^ 
firft Lord Mayor of Umitu, who wh cboft tig. 

tweacy-foatTitneiafterwardt. fi*h» cb- Tbe Chnrek wii bolTt at tbe ptiUUk 
<<Mry,T:rocer, Lord Mayor in 141a. who Charge, tbe Walh and Tower of Stotae, 
■Moiiited by fail TeftameBt, that on fail arched and covered with Lead, the Wall! 
Virth-Diy a IMooet ftonld be made ftw arc wtiorc*iied it the Charge of the Gra- 
'S400 poor Honlbi^deri of the Ctiy, and cen Company, the weftem Door-ca(e h«> 
every Ferfbn to ban a d. )n Money. He vlng Mr. xAl^tl*j*s Armt over it. The 
■Ifo give a Piece of Groond to build St. Coouminion- Table is a Seffli- circle finely 
tttfima WaUmk Cbnrch on, loS Foot in finiercd. and the Printe carved. ThePgl- 
t.engtfa,nidllxty in Breadth. Herewuilfi) pit iilliofo Wrt>flgbt,indharll(hefinric&» 

'••Kenotapb tot Dacca lSit«>*/*. mtott df ChetobiM, and ciM Foot ii of 


C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

LO N DO 2!^. vej- 

■Uk MktHtt «ba(« Tjpt t» cviMifiy Lum. Thb CMBptny mr incorponted, 
C*(*cd. aod bid tbcirAiini grintcd them byKiac. 

UefCMB no BfeMcfi&sra tipoAJ, b«t r»- A«<7 VIU. Tbey cooliS of ■ MiQer, two 
wil MABaawoin both in tlw old Cbnidi Wiidcsi, itreMy-eiflht AlliQinn, inj 14* 
pcvC:(v<d (o OS by Mr. &«» udintbcncw oa the Liven, be Ra«t Yeomamy. Tlicy 
Cb«ick KM ftuiding- Of ibe &A Sort *re ■ rtcb Comptay, ind the ainih of 
an [fida : Fac>i« Om^jJ; Ma&ci of AQro* ttiofe twelve Compiaief of wbicb the Lotd 
nmmy ssd MuGch* wbo diod in (41). Sir Miyor mull ilwiyi E>e free, and chsichivs 
Sitwlimi BiB, Lotd Miyor in ij^y Hs been tcrt Lord M>yofs of ir. 
ftiundid a Frea-School it DrsHm at Jinf. 3. Uudim-Stmi, whicb (accDidiag to Mr. 
Jbrv.hii MtL** CoiMtry, aod give jool. t« I'm'! Oercriptioo of it) ia ■ great Srone 
ChriA''^ U«i>ia). Sir Jtk* tMu, Lord pjicfacdcdge-rig^t, and £xed deep in the 
M*4F«r i« 1142 Sir 7ifci Krfr, HctchiiK- Gronad, lad wkb Bwi ^Iron, or otbcf. 
T*ylWj. Knt. Dr- 0«n,TbylIciaB to King wiC* r» Arongly fa, ibac it is immove.- 
Um^jYSL and h^rJimmrDQ^ot ttSm- <bl^ tod ifCirtiMawiret dalk agiinll it, 
'«iaini»iM**j>*e,wbadi«d7wid. itfif. itbieikitbeii WbecUiapiecei, TheO^ 
•ad MOM otbcHb «&y chia Srone wu tbcrs &t, wben and- 

0£ iba bie fiwc ar* Maw ittw aH iaa by wbom, we have no ccruia Aecoiuu f. 
3hk t iJ H — ■, Clriwp and Grocer, who <& hottbae it hath been there ever CnceKing 
«d CMhfai ij. t<;8. DmiJ Bnpb, CinaWQ Etbtlfitm, King of the (Tt/.fMMf Diyi, 
Caucahsap (of tbii Wird tnmt]» ippein from ccctaiO' Wrttiogt about tbe- 
T«n, wiw &d OAlar ao. ifiyl. JUw. tf;. Renti and Landa belooging to St. 8»ittm'$. 
MMimidai4tff*«>QKmim P^Scun, who Chwch, wt. Thac t Piml of theoi by- 
died 7m» ie..JMt iMt> twruvtl Oi Umm u , near l«nAm.5mm, and we fimbcr read, tbar 
ObaitfiteApocbcotry, who died DftiHA. i. iaK. stifhn'iKtignjImm 1135. a Hm be> 
ifo^ .414*. 78. Ribff M*nil, D. D. PiftoT gia near tMidn»5f«M, which coafuaied aH > 
aTtUt Chnceh, who died M9 14. ^mm the EiftPirra of the City to .Jt^tf*, && 
l<ap. Aar. 81. and i(w(*«bii Wife. Grr. Tlure ire variotu Confeaves abntt dw. 
aai Am*, who died Mmify iL 1704. and- fettng sp oftfcit StooA Ai i. To be ». 
4*MkM hit Son, who died Jfr^ 169]. Mwk fiu the Middle of the City, f whicb- 

TfeaftChmivh ii a.XeQary, and the Ad- U not probable, for 'tnnearcfl the OhmiJ; 
r^wiiu) of it wu iDCicntly in the Abbot a. To mike or tender Phfmeiua 00 ac- 
audCoovsarof *<3«fo'iiDaU«|lw,^|i«4 'HnM apptdoted, till afterward tbey were 
ginn ts that Maaaftciy by Mtdt, Sewer to moved to the Pont ia Hm^clmrtb. 3. Fnin , 
Bog 009 I. ad tkey piefeated to ii lltt the Peifoa wba fet it op^ who «m na. 
^««i 1441. after which tbc AdeowAoWie ned landrMMMt battUanot beiogafual,, 
fcaad «a be i* the Duke of Bi^M^ bw if iny of tbe£eRiul«ube aood,itflfnftbe 
Imw k eiBc lata Ui Haod* we know net. the middle oae, mmL of tEit tbe lUadec* 
FronUiD it watpiftd ta Sir Jtakrr fffo* maft lodge. 

jM^mb, who g)ve it to Sir tiiAmd In, a ]. Meu-iMrii*, 1 fine Market for Fnut% . 
Grocer by Coa^my, and bit Sea WtiW Room, Hcibi^ &t^ Mr. Srew-giTos. oi tUi 
ftttjed itiadwCompM^of G(«caef,wbo Oeigiaalof it. Hmj WaMk,.\otA M^orr 
hare prdented toicawi fiace; Thcl^ in tt&t. canftd divert Hoofoa fa be boilt 
venae oftlMoaindP«iati*f«ot.Mr Am. toward* the M Awf n an ce of the Bridge is- 
lieta iaaUbioiM* Paalh^eGifrof io»L avoid Place ahioftia the middle of the 
fcyear, by whom end fiir what Porpafb '^Uy> wbart bad fmneily. flood, a Pkir tS-* 
km not llBBw a , aad ilwrcfiMe twu Stock* fof tbe Fnoifltaieflt of Offi^odera, 

^yed partly io repairing tha Cboieb) aod end^appaintad nearthant U<rkB^pllcefoC1 
partly in relicviog tbe Poar. Fifii and VkA^ whicb took iii Nime from ■ 

amfOiikdiy, AicWftap qf da ftr fc wj ^ tbe Stocb once traced. there, an4 wu. 
«u Reftorof tfaisFxilh in ijpd- calhA JTMb-aeanbr. In ijas. 17 Urn. 0, 

1. SiJiBifJMl, fitoate aeo SL tmitthtt a QMree wat made, Tbit none Ibaald fell 
Gfaii^ DO. iba WefleSda of Si. imitlm'* Vi&J>i fffclLbw in tU ipUicb-Mufcettof f 


11-8 LO ND 0T7: 

the City, vhlcb were then bat fear befide* Ifgned Ity tSe gi'eit'AraiiiteQ Sif CinjI«fW" 
this, and tbea this Mtrlcet wu fanned it ifm, u ;noQ of the other Churches «rera 
4^/. 1]^. 4^. ftr ^m. From this Time that Ihil the ftme Fire. Iciibailtof Stone, 
the Miikei grew bigger, ind other Hoofei and h«tb t fqoire'IVver, bat ao Belli rii 
were bnilt iboac it, infomacb that in the it eicept a ftnall one to ring to Prayers. &i, 
Ye«r I ;43. there were fo many Stills and The Ornaments are fiae, 'tis well wainfcot- 
Chambers in and about it at were let it ted and pewed, the Pulpit fiaiered and car- 
Si /. ] /. fir Jwn. vcd, and the Altar-piece and CommnniDO- 

At the Conduit in thii Market is ereaed Table of Marble, 
a Statue of King CHARhtS II, in' Ar>, -The BenefiQors'hsre are not fet op, if 
nanr, withHiis Heid oncovered, allcifved- there beany : Inbimition bis befrici^ed 
in Marble Upon a iirge and lofty PedeAal , us with there: The Lady /Imi Htft, wli»' 
eighteen Foot high, reprefented ciimpling gave lo (. p* Am. for erer, and Mr. Brsr^ 
OR an Enemy with hisHorre'i Feet. The Ctmfieu u much; tM.Jthn Bricklit, Draper, 
Conduit is enriched with his Arm) witfaiu' who was a great Bcrtefafior toihe C&iHch> 
■ Compirrment ofFilhei, and finely cut in" and byhisAVilJ gave certain Tenements c« 
Stone. TheScatoe wasgirenby SirRiierr the Poor; and Mt. Jtlm jtmtid, Re&M of- 
f*fmr. We find nothing more remaiiable this PariSi, who gate fome Tenements in ■ 
■a this Ward, and fa gQ on to , jHl h»l»mt Line Co this PariOi, now rented' 

■t8^, lof. pfr jtmmm. The Moiranwnts< 
tj. Dtvgstt, or Dawi^MeWard. of Notebeforc'the Fire wne (fiys ^mj for 

Dr. mUtm X,i(hfiiU, Keftor of ihli Ghurcb, 

This Ward tikes in Name from the Wa- ' a'greai Student, who csm^led many Bookf 
ter-gite by theTiamrJ Side, to wbicbrhere moral and divine, and among others, n* 
is tconftint'Defccnt ftom the upper Part CtmfUint tf Gtd mtt fii^ml Mm ; and btfidet 
of the Ward down to it. It it governed left in Manufcript }o8j Scnnont' found 
by an' Aldermin Sir frtntit ftrhi, Knt. after hi) Dtith under his own Hand-wii... 
and hit Deputy Mr. ^thtw;/ t*ariuj, five t>ng> He died 0&ii4r 14. 1447; Ne lay 
Common Ceuncilmcn, eight CbnftiMei, under tftfl Cotmn union -Table, and on h\m 
^ve ScaVeiigers, and fourteen Wardmote- Stone wk fixed ■ Idng-Fpitapfa in L«*n^ 
Men, and a Oeadfe. The mod rem likable graven on Brafi, containing his Couinendii* 
things in this Ward are, tion, &c, 

I. One CIiiirch,wi«. jiBhtSiwi tiiGrMi, Mr. Jfhn BnftUi, abovemeationed, wbo 
fo cilled 10 difiingnilb it from i Church died in 1451. there was alfo a large Z^ariw 
of the fime Dedication' in this Ward, na* Epitaph engraven vpon a Siift Piatc Aced 
med JSfhtBiyit tht hji, which wis riever on his Monument. , 

.rebuilt Iince the Fire; which contumed all ' There ^at ■ Momitaeni for Queen -ElU ■ 
ibis Ward, being 'united to this Church, x^htt, adorned with tfacfe Verles uadcT 
and fo they now make but one Parith. b«r. 
There was alfo another Ch'arch called St. _ 

L0wraifi Pnlii^j in this Ward before the ' Ifniir Primctft put »S Prntti itmw, 
fiid Fire, bat is fince unihd to St. M*tj ■ F*r ■^mftruui, Prtwift, PruJinufEqnitri 
■jlhhwrih, flf which we have given- an Ac- ' IffomHnmr mMitbid nut fimtwa, 
connt in CmilewiAi Ward ; fo thit this is ■ Awd Cmrjigi mr dwtb vitb Cltmtmty, 
rhe only Church of this Ward at ihii Time. _ 7iU,thU wMfi*, th^ i» Otffight tfOt^bf 
This Church which wis incicntly called Uvi, piaadi»iTtd,^tmtei\zt\Ktii: . 
^tbsBtwitbt Miri, or AJfrtimniin tin Riftry, Hmj D»»ghiiri k»v* dtnt -mtt, iwt tin and' 
becaufe it ftood ncir to the H»j-m»rkit at I i*fi thtm si, 
Ha^-'mbmf, tai Ropes were made and fold . . , 

in the high Street by it. This wis a fair' On the one Side of her are theie Vcrfeil 
large Church with a Cloifter on the Sodth. ' 

Side before the Fire ; but being then burnt Spain'* RW,Romc'jR«w,Ncthafranii*Rrfir/, 

down, it it rebuilt after 1 new Model,d*. '■Urjvnr o«ae„ &w/*'j 3^, HMd't.-ifmAr; 

Stturii Cbiif. Oa 



3. TkcHdIi Af CampMnei wicUa tUt 

Oatbe.otbetSil«'()f:her» Ward tre 'five, w'c i.Skinoeri.H*)I, • n«. 

,1 . . ■ . -. hit SitaQura on. AeWta-Side t>f DtmgtU' 

■rilWf alrJAH, EngliadVCfAit^; , , Hrf, (Mr. 5fiii>talU ni it «m anCMttdy ciIU 

RO^im'i ^mfi^ »mt Mti't P*fn4mm ' cd C*/ff^ H«J> bnilt wkb fine Brkin, md 

.-' ' jicltljr furniOKd, tbt Hd) wiinfcwted widi 

And «nd« faer tfatfa Wordti fine Oik, aord tli« Pirlitttf nich odorifcrotii 

Cedir. It ii ftid to have coft iSono/. 

1 t09t fitgh imi Btbt^ I ba-at finifiid t^ hmUtngi They were iiie«rpaTitcd by 

CMT/i, &c Kiitg Edmtrdta. ft«. f. and were it firft 

two Bi Dthcrhoodj, «M. one M 5^. Marji 1^- 

Tbe only modcraMviMMMse is of white ijr, and the ether « » Mary Bubhbmiwt^ 

MnblQ in Memory of Jamu J^tibfi*, an out Bifitf^aU; but wcra united by King 

Bmin'^ivr, with lui Arotf,biK noDite. Rith»rd l\. Rig. i8. by the Name of the 

This Living ii a Reftory, aod witinci> Prattni^ tf Cerfm Ctrifii tf skimitri. Oi- 

mtly ioftie Patronige of the L« Difinfn, vers Royil tarCont are nidicd Foundtrs and 

firoQiwfioaiitpafledby theSrJwt«n^/,Eatl$ Brethren of this G)a^Mny, vt's. Ax K>n^i, 

of WarmA, HrviU, Etrls of WarwiA tnA five Quseni, one Prince, nine Dukei, two 

Uttshtrj, CO K. Bnrj VII. and bii SocceAbr Earli, ind one Baron. They are a rich Cont- 

nd Heir K. titw^ VIII. gire it in Exchange pany.and the Hith of the twelve Companies, 

Id the Archbifhop of Canttrimtj, Rrg. j7,in and hMre had twenty-nine Lord Mayor.i of 

wfaofc Sacoei&iTi it harh remained ever them. They cortHfl of a Milter, four 

fince. Since the Union wirb^M4fir»r/ib(Lr/«, Wardens, liity-eight AfliftKits, and 170 cf 

'til made by Aft of Parliament worth 300/. the Livery, Their Patron it the Virgin Mm- 

ptr Amm. to the Minifter. Here were in- rf. The E*fi-lMdi» Ccnnpiny give them f>r 

ciently in this Church two Chintricf, the, the Ufe oftbeit H^II ai a Court-Room, Of- 

oaefiNnded by AichardPrrjfmi'Cttizenaad fices, and Warehoufes about jooi. fir Jm, 

Grocer of Lm d t m , far the Sonls of hia P^' a. The D/en had before the Fire in 

ther. Mother, Wife, and hknrelf, and en- Hall near AUiaMimt tht Qnai Church, boE 

dowed with 10/. ftr Avm. out of cert^ they hive not ert3ed it anew fince ; but 

TeDemenis he had in this PariSi, and the meet at Saltcrs Hall upon all Qufinefa that 

Other for Sir Siehttm L mm, and Dame Afar, concerns the Rrgalaiion of rbeir Company, 

g£fit bis Wife ; bat we find not the Ei- They were incorporated by King Hnrjr VI. 

dowoKiit, Oft. Rtg. 4. and eenfift of one MaAer, one War- 

E^«f^ Jta*^, Klhop itfCarhjk in 14^. den, and aboac ihiny AffiAaats, and 171 

and after of Ciii'ckjfff, wisReftor of this on the Livery. 

PariOi. 3- Tallrtw.Cfaindlert Hall, which is a 

ZmgtDmf, Bilbsp of Cbithifitr, itpuvei large Kindfome Building, Viirh Piazzt'i, ad- 

byKingCMwr^VI. ,,«»• t;5ri and reOo' omed with Columns and Arches of the 

FodbyQaoen Mary in i^f}. was al(b Rt' T^f^n Order. Ttuy were incorporatecl 

Aorbere. He was Brother of mOiam Dijr in 141111 1 Mdmard iV. and confirmed if. 

BUbop of ti'mtbtfitr. terwards by fevetil Kings. They coriHA 

Or. Tk*Mw l^'irra. Chaplain to the Prin- of a Mafter, four Wardens, about forfy 

eeft A«, and made Bi&op of frtn^n»gh Afliilints, and 147 on the Livaiy. 

WKtng ^Mur IL in i68s. wit RtSor of 4. Innholderit Hill, finiarcd nn the [;>(>. 

this Church. He wu deprived faon after Si6c of Ctll'gi-HiS. This Crmpiny w«r In- 

King Jtmti*% Abdication, and lived Tome corporarcd Ami t^or. and his been ran- 

Yeariafiertn a poor Condition. firmed fince. Ic conflEtcof 1 M»f)rr;tVr'p 

Ur, fKliam Carr, the learned Author of Wardens, abnut tirentyfour AfTii)artn,»T'<i 

mtny Mftnricil Bocks, and ifrerward Re- tii on the Livety. 

ftnrofl/rvfrtib in MiV//*/ev, wasReOvr of <;■ Jnyners Hill, which f>indt nr tha 

rtl» Parifii at the Revolution. Sr^ith-Side r>f Tkanrr-fireit, »!moft over- 

sgainll DmgattHit. This Compant 



I JO LO ND'O 2f. 

incorporaied ^*m IJ70. ind confiAiofone j. Merchint-Tiylors Scfaool, fitaate ia 
Miftcr, t«a Wardeni, twtmy-tout Afli. SaglH.Lmi id tba tarilk a(' St.'l0mrtmet 
ftinti, and aLiVery of 190. Their H'lt It P*tltntj, near Cmmmfrtit, ■ commodioaf 
reinarkaMy CDrioDcfor amagnificen^SkKsh large 'Strofture, rebuilt linca ibc Firs of 
K'the entring into ir, haviog Dim\Ut*gpt LtMjmi» t66S, by which ic wai CDnfaiiKd. 
and oFher Variety of Enrichraenrs carved in It wai founded by the Merchant- Taylors 
right Wainfcot.and the great Parlour wain- Company in the Year ijili. after tfaii Ma n- 
fcotied with Cedar. ner : Mr. Riihwd HiSt, fome time Mafter of 

3. Ocher thing! worth Ohfervation *r«, the Company, gave 500 (. tfowaidi the Pn»- 
I. C/^Hdf, belonging to iha Priory of ST. chafe of in Houfc called the Manor af 
Mw; Oftry in S*»ilmtrk, in the Reign of Tb*vnt Rtfi, lome time belonging to the 
^mry I. given to chit Houfe by tVilitm dt Dnke of Ba:ktiighaM, where the Schod wai 
fMtf It Arth, wbofe Minfion-houfe it wit. defigned to be erc£ted. The Merchant. 
a. The Ertar, inhabited by many of the Taylors adding what was deficient to com- 
cbiefeft Noblei oi UgfMii, as Oiergi Duke pleat thii good Dclign, purchafed the fiid 
ofClsrntt. the Ncw/r.Lord R^t and Earit Houfc, and endowed it for a Mafter ni 
of IfMrmick and StlUh^. And laftly, by three UQieri, who He to teach 300 Boyt, 
Sir ^tmtit Drmtt, the fiRioni Navigator. itiK. 100 le 5 r fir Qaarter, loo at ar. 6d. 

3. The Stiljari, ■ FUce for the Grrmtn ftr Qi>*rter, and 100 free from all Tay- 
Merchints, who uf<d to bring in hither tncnts, appointing their Company Tiaftect 
Wheat, Rye, and other Grain ; at alfo Ca- for ever. 

bles, Mafti, Pitch, Tar, Flax, Hemp. Li- S\r Iknn^ Wiitt , Lord Mifor in Iff], 
nen Cloath, and other profitable Merchan- founded St. 7*i»'i College inOx/o-if to I5;7> 
Azea i upon which Acconnt they wereln and appointed this School at a Seminary 
•be Yeariifp.granted aCharteiby K Hivj for it, and from thctice there arc elefttd 
III at the Requed of his Brother Rithsrd^ annually fcveral Scholars to the fiid CoJ- 
fiarl of Crr«w«f, and King of ^Imsia, that' lege, where are forry-lii Fellowlhipt tp* 
tbele Merchant! having an Houfe in L«n- pertaining totfaem. The School wat eo- 
dm called G«'Ua TtmenUtnm, i. e. the firm- lirgtd with the Addition of a new Caere 
■n)b G»iU, tbould be maintained and up- by ArchbiQiop Lnd ; fo chat there are now 
holden through the whole Realm, with all convenient Apirtments for the Habitation 
fscb Freedoms and Liberties at they bad of the Schoolmifter*, and a fine Library for 
enjoyed under his nobli Progenitors, which the Ufe of the School, compofed of clafl 
Charter was cenfinned by King £i»<rrf L ftck Authori, Hiftory, and fome oibcn. 
Thefe Merchants enjoyed thefe Pi ivilegcs Having- finilbed thi* Ward ' we ptft 10 
feveral Reignt, bat being complained of 

by the t^hp> Hmbandmen for brioging in 14. Vimrij Wan). 

abundance of Corn, they were firfl re- 

flrained {rota bringing any when the Quar- This it To called from Vinrnert, and the 
tor of Wheat exceeded nottft. 8/ Rye Fintrj, t Part of the Bank of the River 
At. Barley jf. and afreiwaid upon the Jiamit, where the Merchant! of BwrA«Mt 
Complaint of oar Merchants, thrir Liber, landed thtir Wines, and made Sale of ibtm 
liet were feized into the King Edit»rd VI. within forty Days, till iS Edward I. when 
Hands, Rrf- S- '^"m iSP- and foiiniteloft. the Metcfaints complaining, that (hey conld 
4. CtU Hsrktwr, fometime the Hibitfion not fell their Wines fo foon, obtained Leave 
•f Sir 7«fa> Pnlnuy, four Times Lord May> of that King to baild Hnufes tn lodge 
•r, Bamfbrij 1^1 Btban, Eirl of Htrtftrd tnd their Wines in, cne of which was called 
ffiUfJihti H*S»md, E<rl of Runiivgm, td- the A'latrf;, from which this Ward ii named. 
WMmd Earl of Cfmhidgt, CvUtrt TtnfttB, Bi- Thi^ Ward it governed by an Alderman Sir 
Ihop of D»rh»m. ind the Eirlt of ikuviht. Jthn Eyiti, Baronet, and hit Deputy Lien- 
rj, jhe laft of which palled it down, and tetnnc Colonel WiBiata Ci>»tt\ nine Coi»> 
built divers Houfet in the Place, now let man Councilmen, nine ConAiblet, four 
one for great Renis (fayt Mr. Sfaw), Scarcngers, foiHlcen Waidmotc-Mcn, and 



LaNDO'N. ijx 

ft S«*dle. Th* thing! worth onr OUentm Aldotnun 7Nh( H^A*, Gtisaa md Mcr- 
tton in this Wud ire, ' C«r,gir« in i;;;. ro/ • weekly U£tur« ia 

1. Churches, which we, i. St. Uitistl fhi$ Cliiutb toitvtf, ijl. 6 j. iJ.fy ^ttm. 
Rtytit called in inctent Recoidi Psur.mfitn Tbelii ara hath now cioployni. far a 
Cbnrch inibe Saj'vi. it wm founded, or at '"ctUy Leflate. 

]«aft veboilt and made a coUegiite Ctmrch The Moouracoti orthls Charch piefcrr* 
of St. ^irit \ai Sr mij for a Mailer, fbnr c<i by Mr. Sfw an thcfc, vik For 
Fellowi, f MiOers of Aiu) Clerks, Condnftt, Sir Ritb^rd mitii^m, Thimm m^f*r4, AU 
»ad Cfaorifteii by Sir Ritkmrd Whitiagim, deuaan ia 14IS. 

who httilc near ir thirteen Almihourci ior Hf U^rtmtUsm, Enigbt of the Garter, 
M nuay poor Folk, called Gi>d'i HoBfe, or. ■ great Warrigr in King K«r; V. md VJ.b 
Hofpiitalt aj the former wii afterward ciJU Reign. 7tim»j C*tkh*m. Recorder of Lm- 
•d l*4fir^*« OArf r One of the poor Mrn ^i S'li IViBUm Mhst.Kat 1^60 
was to be Tmor, and hive iiS d fir Week, S>r l»k» r>iwf. Grocer, Knight Sanocfct, 
mdibereft i^i. for ever, with other ne- who wa» Mayor in \^66. 
CB&r7 ProvifioM, GTr They wece boand , f^ham P»fi»r, Clerk of the Crown in 
to prajr for tbe good Eilate ol KJttardWhi. >a ljae< Sir IVtliitm Btitij, Miyof in if 14. 
trmgttm, Mt^ JUt*\u%>fiiUyS\iWih»mtrki' ud Oiioc Kerib^^'M hik IVife, leaving bc- 
MuffM and 3t4M bit Wife, and HMgh ftttr hind iheoi lUteen Children. 
MMrmr, and MWie hii Wifie, the Fiihcrs ind Alderman 3iim Hr/dtm, who gave 10 / ptr 
Mocbcn of the faid HUhtrd and ^tt. The ^"f to the Mcrccrt Compiny to be given 
Liccnfe for thii Foundation wu gtanred by to the Poor ; and Tome ofhtri. 
King Otmry IV. and cooirmed by King If «- I" U. iUriim yiurty was 1 Mmament 
rj VI. hat w» fHppreilcd by King Edwtrd f<it Queen MUx-miab, wih fnch an Encomi* 
VI. ai^ the Alimhaflrci paid by tfc Mrr- Hm of her, at Wc have a'«radv lee dawn at 
cers, only kfr Sanding, wiih the Chwrchr ^llbae»wi tit gnst: Sir Oahint Ht k.t, 
wUch was barnt down at the Co> fligraii. Mayor in itfstf. 

oa ef Ijmdtm ia 1666. .vhb ih« whole - Sir 7*i* Gi/w, Mtyor of LWr^ ^n iii:. 
Ward, which then hadfourChorchw in it, when an Order wat made that Mcrcnau t 
•wiM., St.- lUmMi Apoftle, U.Martri #tolVt Scrangerj (hoa!d rdl tticii Wwci wiri^i > 
and St. iMut Qarlttk Otk, hcGikf (bid forty Uoyt afrcr their Anival, or the fame 
whicfa cwn lafl were only rcbnik, 5r. Uar, fhould bo confircttcd. 

>OT /Va»i7 being united to thii; wdSt, iht- TUmsi Onwaait, SberiS' in rjS^. Jibm 
mm Apofik to St iUfy dUttmary in Cari^ Cwrvmt^u, E,^; in i^jS. Sir RAfh ^rj^ 
w tm i m i i -firut Ward, where welhallgivcan l^'d Mayor in 149]. knig>ited by King 
Account of that Church. fbf7 Vlt who new roofed and glazed the 

ThisCborcb was Goiflied In 1694 The CJrnrch. 
Willi are built of Sione and fbmc Brick, .Thii Living ii ■ Re&ory, and wat in 
the Roof it covered with Lead, the FJoora the Paironigc of the P. lor. and Chapni of 
of the Hlit are ptvcd with fMrhtk Stone, CMUaris^ till the SupprclCon, when it wia 
and rfieAhar witb black and white Marble, given in the Deai^ and Chiper; but tbo 
The OraauwDtiirodcoeat, the WaUi well Advowfon of Sr.A|arUM^ii>rry being in the 
waiolcotted, the Pewi, Pulpit, and Door- BiOtopi of tPtrttfitr, thi: Union of thefe 
cafes ntit, and 1 convenient Gillery h the Churcbei h» mads the Prcfcntation alrer> 
Wefi-Ewt. The Altar-piece, boftdet the nate Tbey are both valued by Ad cfPar- 
Cmn mind men ti, Creed, and Lor d'l Prayer, liinient it '40 / ftr jlmt. Sir Ifiiimm BMylj 
hautheKing'i Arrns carved upoo a Com- above mentioned, founded a Chantry in St. 
fmSs Pediacnt. The BencfaQors which UtbMlf.tad Sit Jtba Cifm founded another 
see fee up ou the North-Side of the Church in St. Mtriimi Knty foii himfclf and tfsiiMs .. 
io an faandfame Table are only thtb, w/«. hit Wifii. 

Mr. 7*io Fimh, Citiun and Clothwork* Ritbtird Smith, the greaull.PIIItr of tho 
er, who gave in If 88. for reading a Divinity Roman Catbolicic Ctow ip. his Time, was 
Leftare ioHUtti^fM College ^tcV^,, 10 JL Minifierof Jt.iAttri<r(itf|*rin Qu^ca W«r . 
ftr.Am^m I, Reign. 

R 1 3. £<: 

C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

iji LONDON. 

a. ». jMm estlid^Wtb, fi) ctiUif frsm nl Priflui lod tW^iol^ who lied ILf 14. 
it) DedicKisn, (11 (B*y moft reifombly b* if 80, 

fuppotinl) te >'"»» the ApoAle, (ho' (hetv ' TliLl Cbuith ii t ReSwr, ind wu for* 
w» *netlte/ u> Apo&olical Mm, BiAop of iMrljr in th« Gift of che Abbot lad Cob. 
Jirnftt4m of thK Sime, (hs fifft wu tbe wnt of Wtfiimimpn\ bat ccmiog Co ids 
Mmyi ncBtioncd ^f k. i. tbe othcf is Crown upon th< Difibluciafi of tliK Abbejr 
mcnnoned ^ff/ if. i). >fld dio' h« u fud WU giTcn by Qace« Mv/t Lnran P*r«nf> 
to be ■ Mirtyt )ikc«4fb, yet it wu tftcr- co the Bifiiop ^LMdm, and Uc SuscdfiMrf 
wird, ind not fron To good Ailtfaoiity % tat over; in w4K>fi CoBitiaa ic y«t c»nti> 
thcAddidon girca ic for DiftlnCKon of dnncf. Tlu RerentH of tc intica efTithti 
thit Chorcb fiom bthcis of tb« (Vme Dedi. is nudo by ttw k& of Parliament joa /. fm 
ctfion in thit City and Stiburbt is thoogbt jtm. befidca lo /. fir ^m. payable ooc of 
to be taken from the landing and felling of tbs Donation (tf Lamrtati Smtik, Citizea 
Garlickat a Market ftill called 0«r&Vt Wf. and Cordwaincr of £MAa. Tbire are alfo 
The firll FoandiiioA of tbis Church is on- certain Lands and Houles given by ytht 
known, Ritbsrd kaiitg. one of the Sherifi RtuUng' of the yearly Vilna of 6S I. and 
of £jHi/Mrin 1311!. dcw btiilt ir, and it was md Mr> Htfwtrd and Mr. jtlmmt of i) JL- 
kept ia good Repair and Order till it wis which areappropciatcd to the Saflentariaa 
dcltroycd by the ConBigrition, but is «gaia and Repair of the PariIh>Chnrch. ■ 
re>c<iified, and was cooipleitly iiotlkea in Dr. Jniv ae/tji;, Re&or of this Charcb, 
I08i. witproiaoMd to the Sec of Bangir liom 

The outward Walls are wdl bnih of hence. He it fjJd to have Ibid five fiii 
Scone, md the Roof ii cotrered with Lead, Brib ont of the Steeple of ht> Cathedral, 
with handfome Door-cafes. The loflde Is and having fien thtoi Aiipped off, u he wai 
aHe idorncd with Wainfcot. neat Pews, ■ reitiming, was fltuck blind, and never fa«v 
Palptt finiered and eniiched, and an Ahai. aftwwaids. 

piece in the, ufu^l Form with the King's s- Halls of Companies, of which dwf* 
Arms in the mtdfl of the Pediment, The mere ive formerly, but now sta hot three 
Foot-pace for the Commnnion-Tibk is of in thit Ward, vik. i. Catlcr* Hall, Mr. SHm 
black and white Mirble. tells us that thit Hall was anciently the 

Here is no Table of Benefadof s, and bat Ho'nfe of L0wn»et Gjf»ri, and ^rTw hi* Son, 
few Monaments. Mr. s$w» gives ot a Ca* and was it length made over to PMlBatJm 
tsfogae of rEvertl. as ofRittmrd RHbiag. the by Rttk^ i* Wilthtlt, for the Vk of thit 
Bttiider; Jtim ofOtmfirJ, Mivor in 1341. Conpany, which than conlifttd of three 
who WIS a conliderable BencfaAor lo the Arts, 01 Ibrts- »/ Workmen; vU. Smiths 
Priory of the HafrTV-ieii/ in LmdM. 3>f- and Forger* of Blades. 9. Mikcrt ofHilte, 
_^ifMM/M, whoin iiS>. founded a Chap- and tiatnilkert oF Blades. And ). Sheath* 
try in this Church, ftlm StMttjr, Lord mJkeri fite Swords and Daggers, who were 
Strang; eldeft Son to che Cirl of Otr^,' in ' altdrawn into one Fraternity or Brother, 
ifo]. RiihMrd Umt, a fimodt Wib'i-Mer. hood, 4 Mntry VI. by the Name of Cutkti ; 
chant and Lanidiry, who wis bchehdeQ-in I andcOfifirmu by feveril Kings liner, and 
Ckttffidi by ITm tyttr. ttii hii Crcw oFRe- ^ pkrtkularly King 7<nMi h in 1607. They 
bell in ijtr. He is dra'wnoit hit Gi'iVe- are r Mener, two Wardens, twcnty>thre« 
ftone In the HibitWDrnirithbR;Di3ft, iiirx, Aflfdlnni and iiinety>^2 on the Livery. 
Short Hiir, a forked Beard, a long Gown, Th'cy arp the twcntyfecond Company. 
and 1 Ftirfe by his right Side, ftfr. TW' ThtfFruiretert before the Fire bad a Part 
Lady SrWcj, Mother to the Lord Strngi f- of Wtrttftr Hmft fat- their Hall, b&t now 
bovefiid. The CountrflEi ofHMrin^tin and ' thry hkve no Hall, but fometime* meet at 
Wkrttfiir. Ritbtri ■FhKt,U ■tfrtWer, who ' the Parilh-CItrki Hall inlTah^^ar. They 
fbapded a Free-School and 1^ Alnnhtjofirl vift incOrporired .^hm 16*4. and confift of 
at ttUatbam in. titrifiri^rt, tn&'eJinmnd a Mifter, two Wardens, abontfeventeenAIV 
Cif^M, Joiner to Qa^cn VtfitA, and a fiftintvand thirty-nine on the Livery* See 
BeacfiaoitflthijP>rrih,iiweUii to fcTC' Fert&i-Oetlu HtU in0<^ic;&<rrs Ward. 



LONDON. ijf 

a. nB«HDen>H*ll, ID faudTaiiK, tho' no pcminiog to rEie Kings of this Realm, buc 
very UrgBRoom, ficutcc in rhe Cheqneh oy whom it tvii built it dorh not ippcar. 
Yaid on che EaO-Side of Dwwi4UHH. ToK. Eilm^rd I'l Reinn, i^ «"» the Tene* 
Tbcit Hkll was incicntly in Jntb r.Lnt, meoc of ^i'mm fi^dviMi, wbechcr he fold U 
and ihcy held it of tbe Vinincd j but this to ihe King wc know not ; but fiiid thit 
is tbeit own, Th<y were incorponied in King Uw»d IIL Rtg. ^6. give ic by rhc 
iffii, uid conlift of i lUiftcr, two Wir< N>me of his Inn, called 7i« B-yl in the 
denf. cvcoty-fbar Afliftants, ind.fifcy-three City ofLnJtn, to bii ColJege ofSc. Siighim 
on the Liveiy. They keep thcmrclvei to >tM>yIi«n(//r} but this notwichftaoding wb 
their ovn Tf>det>aa will admit none of rud.that in tbe Reign of King KiibsrdW, 
other Trades to be free of theirs, nor arc it bore tbe Nime of the Queen's W(id> 
aay of tbsm fice of other Compmies. robe, it wc obferve from this Story : That 
}. Vincncn-Hall, Mr. Sttw givei m this tPktnUr, and bis Fellow Rebels bcfettiog 
AccoBDE of this Compuiy, laa their Hill the Tower of £Wm, and getting PoQeilioii 
Mr, 3*A«5r«/i>, Vintner and Mayor in I] 17, of it, took But of ic what they lifted ^ bat 
|*Te jt«^-L^w, bcfeic he pollened it, called the Princefi-Mother of the King {kithsrd\l.i 
Sfittlt-Lmt, with all the Tenements and i fied, and came to this Tower-Royal, called 
&ir Qaadraat tberein to tbe Vintners, who Tki Sfn^'t Ifurdrih, which feemi to have 
built tfaBm&lvei in Hall, and thirteeo Alms- been then i Place of good Defence, and 
hoofes ^ cfairteen pow People, which were remained ttiers fafe, tho under gific Coa> 
to be kept of Cbarky, Rentfrce. Their cern for her Son, who was gone with hii 
HaU fince the Eire, which conliimed ill Noblei igiinft the Rebels, and Toon te^n- 
this Ward, ii liiiiate on the Sonth-Side of ed to her with Vifiory to her great Joy. 
JtMut-firett near Sf^t^i-fimt. It ii well 'Tii fuppofed that the King dwelt here all, 
built of tfricfc, large, tnd comcnodiout ; be- tlitt Time ; for wc find him not long after, 
iogtbrwSideiof a QDidrangfe. Theflill when belay iniheA*;^/, granting looo^ 
is pivcd wicb Marble, and the Walls rich* a>yctr to Lym King of ^trmnis, who hid 
ly wain&otted and enriched with CarvingT, been drivea out of his Kingdom by the 
with a noble Screen at tbe EiA-End, and on r^rr^r, &c. Imght tidtt-^iut lies neat thia 
the Acrotenihe Figaro of BMcihw, StcThis Tower, and is fo^ofed to have taken its 
Coaipany of Free-Vintneii were incorpora- Name from fncb Knigbti, who being well 
ted by tiie Nameoffniif-n"Mrr about 1340, armed and mounted at the Tower Royal, 
and confiniTcd 1 5 Hnry VI. They conlift rid from thence through tbit Street and 
of a Mafter, three Wardens, Jtxty-two Af^ CrafW. Ljm one at Ln{[«f# towards Sauritjiif/^, 
SSaoti, sod *r] on the Livery. They may where they were to turney, jouft.or other- 
fell Wine wirfain the City and Liberties wife Ihew ASivities before the King and 
thereof witboat Licence, and have many Nobles of the Realm, Thus much of ihi* 
Mbcf Privileges. The^ are tbe twelveib Ward, we proceed to 
Gonpany of one of wbich tbe Lord Mayor 

■soft be fiee, and there have been thirteen if. CttiMtain firttt Wird. 

Mayors of it. Mr, Sttw fbeiking of this 

Company leHs nt, that in tne Reign of K. This Ward takes its Nsme from the chief 

MJm^d III. G^upt WhiM were fold at 4 i. Street in it, called Cardwsintn.firtH ; wbidi 

and RbiMiJb at (Si. the Gallon, and that fai Mr> Srtw tells ui) 'ooh its Namefioot 

ito/w/iy, which wi* the Wine then ufed at the Cordwiinert, $boe*mskcrs, Cnrrieis, 

tbe Sacrunent, was then fold for j d, ^ ftr and Workeri oF Leather that dwelt in it. 

Pint; Sack wis then only ufcd for Me- It bith an Alderman 

ficines^ aud very rarely drank, and none and bis Deputy Mr. Stmntl Rtfrnwrd, eight 

bnt etrnmrnj SsA was fold here. The only Common Councilmen, eight Cooftables, 

thing befide wbicb we find remarkable in eignt Scavengers, fbuiteen Wardmote Men, 

Ais Ward is uid i Beadle. 
]. Tbe Tower Royil, (b called {ts Mr, Tbe icmukable lUogs to tbU W»d are, 

Um tells ns) btcnfe it wh a rot f^oe 





. The Churcbei, wbich ■» three, i. ind ■ Sermon prciclied by fix Ckrgymen, 
51. /MbtwfU, vulgirly called St jfnthilini, who hive tich of thcmibout ii /. ptr ^Am. 
or for Shortnefs &t. jntlini Church, from but they muft pay ihe Reader out ot ic 
its Dcdicitionto St. jlnihtitf, the fjmous This Le&ure wtt founded by the ContrU 
and holy Eccmiie or Hermit, ind Abbot of bution of the Piriifa, ind divers other ploos 
the ^fonks of ^gj!', in the Time of Ctn~ Pcrfons who h»vc given in Muney j-pj I. 
p*ti%i thi GriMl, to whom there wis > Cell 6i. 8 d. and in yearly Rents 61 1, Here is 
foanded by Kir)g Htnry 11, Handing near alfo a Rent-charge of 10/ fir /int. paidio 
this Church, dedicated. Hs was much ce> the Rc£lar on ^t Thimtt't Day, given by 
lebratcd for fais Miracles, living, and for hii one Mr. Parlur, 5 /, to the Clerk, and ; /, 
Holincfs, vhen dead; which was manifefl- to the Poor. 

ed by dedicating Chntches to him. This a. St ti»rj Aldtrm'Tj, To called, becaafc 
Church llinds tn Ctrdwuntri prttt . Ic ww tho' there are many o'hcr Churches dcdi* 
burnt down in \666, ind rebuilt tn itiSi, cited to the firgiH lisry in this Citf and 
and rhe Parifliof sr. 7tfci B4ff/^ addedco it. Suburbf, this is tbe.tfUff-, i. e. the older 
This Church is well built of Scone, and Mtry of tbcm ; but thi« we muS underftand 
covered with Lead, wainfcottcd and pewed, of its original Foundation, and not of cbc 
with a fine Gallery it the Weft-End, the Building creOed by Sii H.nrj KttiU, Gto- 
Pulpit is curioufly finiered and carved, the cer, about the Year i^r 1. foi St. Usrj U 
Altar-piece gilt and carved, with a Glory Bi» will otberwife be the older much ; be- 
■nd the King's Arms above tbeCommana- caufe it was built before the Conqueror's 
mentsi the Communion.Tablc is a large Time. This Church was confumcd by the 
maiblc Slab, placed in ■ carved Frame, late great Fire all bur the Sreeple, which vat 
and the Chnir paved with black and white built fo firmly about cbc Year itfifi, at ■ 
Marble. The BcnefaEtors to this Church i«oo/. Charge, chac^ho' the relR of the 
and Poor are Mr. Hind and C*Btt ; but their Church was dellroyed by the Fire, it ic* 
Gifts are not known, the others have given mained whole as it flill coorinues, and re- 
together <Ioc /. in Money, and 14 I. f<r jAm. built by the Legacy of ifnr^ it^frr, Ef^ 
Mr. £'*» tells us, that the Monument* who having fecn r he Depopulation of this 
in this Church in his Time were for Mr, City, gave f olo I. indefinitely for the re- 
Jhtmm Kwtri*!, who. re-cdifird the Church bulling of fome Church, which Mr. Rtgtrr 
101399, andhilSon 7bw#«,Mr. Hin^abovc- his Eicecutor was prevailed upon to apply 
fiid, Mr, Thtmu IVimUnt, and hii Wife Ks- to this, as an Infctiption over the Weft- 
thar'M ; Mr. Strttt, Mr. C«Ar, Mf- Gr^v- Door tcllitics. St. Timm Apoftle, which 
tbM», and Mr, tJithlar BaB, who founded flood in C»rdwaiiurt-firnt, is by Afi of Par- 
two Chantries ; Mr. WiSi/m Dtuafy, Mercer, liament united to this Church. 
Alderman, and Merchant of the Staple of The Ornaments, viz.. the Wainfcotting 
Cahii', and j<CMr his Wife ; Sir R^n- JUirr- and Pews were ere^d at the Pihlh-CIiarge. 
tin, and Eiashtb hii Lady, wich fome o> The Altar piece with the Rails and Frame 
then of lefi Note, and fome Monuments of the Communion- Tableweregiven by the 
wirhoot Iirilription^. Lady 7«h Smt'r^, Reli& of SirTa^ba Smth, 

This Living is a ReOory, of vhtch the Knight and Alderman of this City, and the 
Dean and Chip'er of St, PsuTtire not on- Whole was beautified and paved by the 
ly patrons, batgive Invitation to it ; ne- Partfliin 170J. 

vertbeltffs the Church of St. Jthm Bafiifi, The Walls of this Cbnrcb are built witb 
which was in the Gift of the King, being Stone, and the Roof being fl)ttifh,i< eover- 
■nneied to it, the twaTatroas prefect at- ed with Lead. It is handfbmely finilbed, 
teroate)y,«/c. the King one Time, and the the Arches arc adorned with the AichbiQiop 
Deaq and Chapter another. Both the Pa. ofCnttrhrj and the Founder's Arms. ' Ic 
riks together are obliged in lieu of all is well pewed and waanfcotted, the Pulpic 
Titbef to pay Hot a_.year to the Minifler carved, the Altar-piece adorned with the 
by the AQ. Id this Church there are King's Arms, carved, gilt, and painted j 
Prayers lead every Morning it Cl a- clock, arul the Comiluution>T«Ue ii a Macblo 
4 Slab 


LONDON. 135 

Stftb, wkk ■ etrftd Fmnc, ioclered with ■ Archet of Stooc, wu Brfl c^Hed Htm r-t»rj 
Rati tod BcniftcT. Church, ind iftcripird St Harj it jtri^ttt. 

The Bcaefiaori of thii Charch bid or b Btm \atfifi-Chi*fiiig,tiStr»if0-d BriJgt 
theit MoDtnncncs btie, md ihereFotc wc being the foft built with Arcbct of Siooc, 
Qull pot them together: Sir Htwt^ KtUt, w«i cillcd Stratftrd Ii B»m, The Cuort of 
who giK iooo /, for die rebuilding of th« Archet, or it Jmhm, ukei iti N«aie front 
Church, died in if iS, Hid wit buried in ■ iti being it tiili ufuitly kept in tliii Cburcb. 
Violcprepued by \i\xate\f ; -Ittmrn lUmm, Divcn AcciJenti made ihii Chnrdiftwra 
who founded » Chintry for the Souls of mcmonble than loy other in l»*dtn, vt'c 
faiiofclf tod his Wife Jwiimt, their Pareati, In the Yeir jcyo, tbe Roof w«i blown off 
Frkndf, &e. Rub^rd Cbawetr, fCuppofcd to by fuch * riolenc Tempefl, ih«t four of the 
be the Fitbtr of Sir Jiff"'} (.ktmnr. Che biggeft Rifcers fu and twenty foot lonf 
Poet) who gave to thii Church hit Taoe- wcte driven into the Ground twenty'two 
ncm ind Tavern, with the Appnrteninccs Foot, ibc Streets of Lndn not being theo. 
■o Rtjslfirut, was buried in 1348. mSUm paved, but dirty ind moorifli. In iiptf, 
Ik^br, who difcbarged the pooi Inhibitinti Wiliam FitK.OiitTt, a fediilout Traitor took 
ofihis Wird of Fifteens, died 14I1. Ci'ir' tbe Steeple and fortified it ; but tie wis 
Blmmt, Lord UmiwtJ»f, who glizcd the E)ft> rnoikcd out of it, and hinged with niiM 
Window, and fevcril others. Since tbe '^^ bis Aflbciites in Smitffoldi yet it may 
Fire thefe M^Miunienti hive been fet up Cetm is tho' (he Steeple wcte fome wiyi 
in thisCborch, viz. for Eltzahtb Hmfim, weikeoed } far in 1171. 1 grett Pirtofic 
Dingbccr of Sir Riiirt Hsnfiw, Knt. and one fell down and killed many, but Wis igain 
ofihe Cobeira of Miebsil Jtnu, Efq; who rebuilt, tho' bat Ilowly j for it doei not ip- 
ditdS^rnv^ 14, iff^o. .^n* Dinghter of peir to be complcitcd till '1469. when ie 
cAarjuand .Aw P^riiai, who died UMtbi6, wit ordiioed by ■ Common Council, Thic 
1C97. JibM mill, five Son) of Tbtmrn and tbe great Bell commonly called B*»-BtB 
EUx*httb IPifr/r, who died "Jvly 11, ijoj, Aoald be rung every Night it nine a-clock, 
■%.t J»ka Smith, Knighi and Aldermin, Son and lUgtMald LngJm gave two Tenements 
of jMmtt Smith ot Fridij firtit, Efq; who for tbe Miintenince of the Ringing, in Hi- 
died^sw 17, ifi?]- fitr-lMK. Thlf Bell founding further than 

This Living ii a Reftory, ind was loci- the Freedom, if ii ■ Proverb for one borti 
cntly io the Patronage of tbe Prior ind in the SuburhsoFLraWM,Dr idjoining Pirir, 
ChiprcT oF Ct%ttTimy, till lUmai J'tadtl, H* mm iira mUbim ibi Stmndrf Btm:B*li. Io 
Archbtlhop of CMrn-fery, did by Indenture, 1187, Lawrnwi Ciitiii, Goldfmttfa, hiving 
bearing Dire 1400. cichinge tbe Advow- dingeioully wounded one JU^ Or^ia ia 
Cm ofthe Cbarcb of Wifiwil in Ktiu, with Wtftbitf fled Into Btm.Clmr(b, which tha 
thePiior Thmm CbiUiwdin, and Convent, for f'id Rtlfb't Friends knowing, got into the 
the Advowfon of Mir m»ry, dom wbich Church in the Night, md htagcA Uimrtnet, 
Time the CoHition of this Church bis yet fo tbat the Jury tbitfiteupon his Bo- 
been and continued in the Archbilbop of dy. gave their Verdia, thit he hinged him- 
Cswtirhttj. The ^arilk of St. Tbtmst Apo- felf, and fo his Body being drawn by the 
file being nnitcd to this lince the Fire, the Feet, was buried in a Ditcbf bat noc 
Reveooe of it by A& of Parliament is now long after a Boy who lay wjtb tbe faid. 
made-uo/. a yiir. Or. T^f be/, the Chap- Lawrrwe in the Church, and hid hid htm. 
hiii^TArchbilhDp Sib(/»it, whom he valued fclffor Fear, informed a Magiftrate, thit 
feaiBcb that he would never part with be wu taariertd by Jtrdam Gtidihetf, Rt^ 
him out of his Houfe, was Reflor of this Crifi*, Giilt't CUri, Jrg'iy Uo'i, and a 
Pitib and Lamttth, that he might be near Womin n 1 me d </!/», who thereupon were 
bin. He died .^*fi so, 167;. iged thir- attainted and hanged all but the Wotnin, 
ty-ieven Yeirs. who wis burnt, the Charch was mterdift. 

J. St. Uiay U Bfw, fa named, becsnfe it ed, the Doors and Windows being flopped 
king the fidl Church that wis built io tb« up with Thorns, and LMtn-tna was tlkcn 
Rcign ofEiDg WiBi»M (bi Cmqntrir, upon up andbnrUd iacbeCbimh-yird. 



I N D O N. 

Tbii old ChuTcti cantinaed in good Re- Ttx OrmnKntf of tfcil Ctmrcti tr« vny 
piir till the Fire of Lndtn, the Steeple be- decent: It is well pewed and WtiofeoneA 
ing igiin repaired in if ii, tintems ind nine Foot high, the Pulpit is finiered ind 
Bowk built of Stone, brought from Ctm carved ; there are handTome Gilleries an 
in tttrwsn^, ind the whole Church being the iratth end fouth Sides, the AInr piece 
new pewed ind beautified in i6\o. but is very neit, not long ego ereficd ind 
tbeConflagritionof t»i(A»l»id thii Charch painted wiib • fpirklnia Glory under thi 
«itbdivert others in thii and otherWitdi Pedtnlent, the Painting being in Imicnion 
near rt in Ruins ; but it was Foon rebuilt, of L»fU L»zvli. 

■nd finiflicd chiefly through the Liberiliry The BcnefaQori to this Church tre none 
of the Lady Diwi WiOi^mfin of Hsltt-H^ befides the foremenrioned Lady WiBi"ufmi. 
in the County of Utrftlk, who give jooo I. The MonVmenis obfi-rved by Mr. Sttw for 
toward the carrying on of thitpiousWoik, Peifonj of Note in the old Chuich are,for 
which was compleited in i<S7j. By the Sir 7»An C»viwtTj, Mayor in 1411. Sir Nltb*. 
Aftof Parliament for rebuilding the City, /* /Hmiw, Mayor in 1499, who give ixd. 
%i& i% C«r. IT. '' If. the two Pariffies of a-piece to jooo peoi People in L»tiJ«ti, and 
St. PsntrM Siffr-lMi, and jlBh»b»i Hwy- the lilce to is many in and aboar Sfldem. 
Lm, both in Qhtaffidi Ward, were united Adt it But* Hutin, who glazed moft Pirt 
to this Church ; and fo tbofe Churches of the Church and a Chapel belonging ro 
were not built. "t. aod a Monument in Memory of Queen 

St. pMWirtt WIS rhe Son of Cltdmim, 1 EUK.»htth. The only late Moninnent is for 
Nobleman of Phrjgim, who being become Mfi. JaUtn M*rjb»l, the Relift of Mr. Jtba 
■ Chriftiati tinder ibe Tuition of hi» Uncle MsrfbtJ of St. OUw Smthmtrk, Wool- Mer- 
Pittij/iiu, went with him to R*Ma, but he chanc.wliodied iF(>ra4r;> 35,i7oi.^rM. 8^. 
dying there, Panersi wis apprrhended for In St. Ptmtrm Church was interred Mr. Jtb* 
b:ing a Chriflian, and carried before the B«rwtr, Mercer, Mayor in 1370, who gaye 
Emperor D/Kh^nn, who by fair Words and 1 Cheft rvtth three Locks, and I060 
hrge Promifri, fought to bring him over Marks in !t to be lent to young Traders 
ro his Idol-Worlhipi but he reBifing, was upon Security, He wis the Founder of 
by The Emperor's Commind, beheaded at St. ThimM Apofllc's Church, 7«ihi Otdlij 
Ktmt; bntbiiBody being ptefervcd by one and R/riin/a#rWi>afr, Mayors, ^r. 
08»viS*, I pious Womani lies buried in ■ This Church is a Re£tory, and hath been 
Church dedicated to him there. ^ >II along tinder the Jurifdidion and Pitro- 

The new Church of St. Mmj b trw is nage of the Archbilltop of Cmrtrhmy, and 
bailt of Brick and fome Srnne, the Roof is the Principal of the thirteen Pecnitars 
arched, the Floor pived with Stone, the of this City that belong to him. The Re* 
Windows handfome and lightfome, and venue of it to the MiniQer (ince the Uni> 
hi the Glafs of the Well-Window irc the on a hove mentioned is aoo /. pir jtam. Sit 
Arms of the Lady Wiffwrn/iii, the grrat Be- J*hn Ctvtvtry, who lies burird in thii 
nefaftrcfs to it, and the Steeple built all Church, founded 1 Chantry in St. KiehtUt't 
of PiriUnd Stone is the moft admirible Chapel, and endowed it with 11 /. pir jhat. 
Piece of ArchiteQiire not to be ptralldled Martin TKhrrhj, who was one of the firC 
by the Steeple of any Piiochial Church in Fellows of Chtlfit-CiBtgt, ind was confe- 
Banpi, having a Balcony adorned with crated Bi&op of 5«i/;^Brj in idiS. wai^Re* 
Arches or Bo"s, ind a Dragon ofpolirhed 3or of this Parilb, as was alfo 
Btifi, about ten Foot long, upon the Top Dr. Samnt Bradftrd, the prcftnt Bifliop of 
inftead of I Weather- cock, which willrarn Ctrlijtt, in the Year 1719. 
with the Ifaft Wind, fo as to (hew very 4 Mr. !:tw» telli nj that there wis ■ 
e»aiy from whit Qmrter it blow*, the Crimmar-Sebnol in this Pirifti, appotnrtd 
whole being defigncd by Sir Cbrif$phrf by the Command of King Hnrj VI. and 
»fVni. In ihis Steeple a'e eight good Bells { kept in a Honfe prrpired for that Purpofe 
bnt there were twelve in the old one. to the Chnrch.yird; but rhe School being 

decayed, ajoihen aboot the City, ilrt 
a Schoa). 



SpWooVlionfc WIS let ont <v a jKu^Jtiat whiiA ^fffened Jtm C^4<-«ft«r mbith &a 
la King Htnrj VlUih Reign far 4 /. a C«U|r wii tiid in gmC VeMriCHHi, ind Cfaurcbei 
s(. ind two Viulu nnacr.dK ttifrcb.far were dedicited to face not odIjt ia (Ui 
IS I. On the Noctb Side cf tliii Church .City !|Dt.m^f P^tf.of the Nation. The 
■Ub vu 1 fail StoDB-bQildiof. called i^ rA^ditfoa of tW Pnttrtj U t>kaB frvm its 
Rccoidt Sildsm, which «H a Sbed iu^lE SiiuMion in that jSUcet, (cbe Hahitttioa of 
hy the Order of King Edwtrd Ijl. foriiim- Poujterer) of ol^ to difitnguilh it Siom 
felf, the QDceOi ana (he other Scatea to other Cbarchei of ths fame Dedication. 
iliodia to behold the JuQingi, and other .TbiiChtirGb wu vfiy ancient, and beiof 
Shews in CbtsffiU 11 their Plcafure. Kiog mnch dec^y^d. wu ^lled down and r»> 
Btwy IV. granted it to StifitM SfUmsm, built by the paifoa and Parifluoner» ua 
and Other), under the I^iOic of the Crnnc ■t^s6, and again repaired and beiUtjfiGd in 
SUd or Sbid, and TMMtriJh'd, to be nlcd aa .1626. It bad of old Time ■ Cbipbl aonex'd 
Sfaopi, &t. Thit it all that tbi* Ward af. -to it, (Iniitt in Cm^htf-LMtt^ dedicated I* 
fordj as worth Obleivatioa. We fluU Cufm chrifii and s*. tUrj, fonnded by otw: 
thcrefbie pais on to Jnmnmm, a CittKca of Im^im, (one Tine 

before iS Sdmmi II. in which wae a Gaild 
itf! (Ataffiii Ward, cr Fratcraity that could dlfpcod ao I. ptr 

Jimh Thia Chapel w» fi^ipr^d by King 
Tbi) Ward taketb its Name from s ikmy VUL and being fold to one Thmm 
Market here kept, called Wtf-fbe^ing. The Mm, wu converted into Shop* and Ware- 
fnitrtj, and the Cantfir there, BMdJm.BMrf, boiUe* wittt Chatnbcn over then cowardg 
SfiM-firta^ anciently , called S*ftn-LMn^, the Street. 

and Ir*mmuftn.t»Mi are the chief Streeu In the Y«r 1194' 7i«Mr {«af, Ccben 

in it. It Bith an AUerman Sir maUm and Scrivaoer of iMdm, gave by Will t 

Kawpb'i7r, Kni^t and Sironer, and bii Imall Teoeoteot over-agaioQ Lm d m-W^ 

. DepntT CajKuo 7«te ^"U ^Ic^'o Coa> near fiii^jIfjM, to ibis Chiucb, umarda the 

moa Councilmm, eleven Conftablet, nine Reparationt of it, and for the Relief of 

Scavengers, twelve Wardmou-Meo, and a the Poor. Here were aUo fbonded twa 

Beadle. . . perpetual Cbaniiiea. the one at the Altac 

Things worthy 00c Obfervition io this of the Blefled Virgin, for the Soul of 5«- 

Ward aro. 1. Cbnrchcf. a. Hallt. 3. Of Umm Lmf»n, Citizen and CiKler of Ij» 

divcn Kinds. im, Jtat ij)?. and tfa* other for tbeSool 

I. Of Chnrchet here were before the of J»hm <pfw», in 1 ]6tf. but tbcy were fooa 

Fire feren, «». Si- MUrti T»*Ur*j, and if. united by the Redor, Cfasrchwaident, and 

Mwy Cttuiarth, which laft Itnce the Fire Parifltioocil, who were the Patrons of 

u united CO lEie former. 3. St. StmutShtr- them. 

Aw>»hich is united now toSt,Sttfbn Wsh- Thit Church whb all tbeWardwac cooTiH 
^*if. 4. S$, tntr»i StftT'Lmu, wbirh is mcd by the dreadful Fire <^ L«»i^ in 166S, 
aaaaei to tt. Utry U Bnv. j. st.UtMiu and being rebuilt, vis by A& of Parliineot 
Jrmmtapn, which ii united- to S*. Oltvti made the Parochial Cbarcb for this and thn 
J*my. And 7 Q*iUi»U Cbipel { To thit Parifli of^. M^fy CtUthtrtk, To called 6:01a 
Cnce the Fire the Charchei are reduced to thcFouHdcr one Mr. C«&. This Chutch 
two and a Chipcl, of which we fliall give y*i ippropriared to the Mafter and Bre- 
tba beS Accoonc we can. thren of St. Tttmtt the Mirryr of AUm^ 

I. St. UiUrti-Pfltrtf, fa named from now. called lArtirt-Chsftt i beciufe apoa 
St. MUrii, a Virgin- Dmghter of Utm^sl- the DilTalntion it was given by KJng Btm^ 
dm, a Prince of Wifi-Uirtim, and Brother of VIII. to che Company of Mcicers, who are 
fMi» the King thetcof. She became .1 now the Impropriaton, and put in a Co- 
Nonfirftjt B»U in Ptntt, and then wis rale to whom they allow 40J. f» Atmm. 
nude Abbeft of the MonaQery built by 7%nMj C*vtwdifl>, fitiztn and Mercer of 
btr Mother 0«w]hMM. in [he lileof 7j&«fr, £m^, founded a pcipctuat Chaatrv ia 
v&ere die lived in rn exemplary Holinefi this Church in i]<i, and by hia wiU 
tod CoDCempt of the World till her Death, aade fome of the Firilhioncri Patram, boc 
S the 



thfrUitioa-bH 'cMbigBiflwd'riftfii Alog*, 'hirttiien»ayizcimnittst.l0»mtift^ 

■ni.wtmQttao^tlrttaAectmtbf St. lit- BfTibo^e, tnd che-Ad^icioa of Jtwn U 

Jrtd fmltrj fince the Fire^ - -nken from riie'Ttvi dwellibg n»r it. TfUi 

Tbii CnuFck WM rebndt ic the poblick 'Gbnrcb «ti batitttniwa hi 1666, lad apon 

Xlur|[e, andfiniflicdby tfcc GontrihattofM AairbniMtastfaePtriflfCfaarchof St.Mmf 

>of the PiriAioMts. It ii bnik of Stone, l^dsltm Uai-pM,wbicb UVntiaCripfti- 

covered with Lctd, OMred with P^trhtk g»tt ind Pirt in Brtsd-jlmt Ward, wai a- 

Stone, lod the Chineel witb that ind bUtk nited cs it, tnd ii fo Rimed for ict Oedtu- 

Mirkl*. It it idotnad with en hindfome tion to St. mtj U^Jtltn, often mentioned 

Gtllery it the Weft- End, and Wiinfcot by in the tiofpel j and the Place where it 

the Willi, and good Pcwi and Pttlpic. fbod called M/t./rrMt, fiom Milk being of 

The Altar-piece 11 the comnoa Ore with old commonly fold there. lo thii Cbutch 

ehe King*! Ansi) and the Comaiuniao-Ti- Mr. Stim ttltt ni were dtren MonttmcnCi 

'fcic fiandt on ■ Foot-pace of black and for feveril Cirizcni, and othen of Nwei 

-«bice Marble railed in. The Bencfafton -but noting remirktWe ii fiid of them, ae 

are all Airly wruten with -ftriden Lettert to their Chaiicy or peifimat' Eminennr, and, 

on a Table hung opbo^ the -Nortti-Stde therefore we ueU Jiroceed to theHinory 

"of ik« Cborebi md ihcir Dotiattoni im6unt of St. LMwrttut'Jtwiy^ 

to aboat tfopf. Mr. nwhai preferved the This Cfaorch wm ( 1617, ihe 

M«m«f of ibefa MonnneDti, «i«, for Mr Chirge ofrfae Wlib bcii^ defriyea out of 

7*k» SMmm, rone Time Pufon of the Pi- the ParUuStock, and rhe fiotihtng ind aj. 

jriOi } Mr. Tiimst'Tkfin the Anthoi of a oming it the Charge of Sir 7nhr Lngbtm, 

poccicil Book of Huibandiy, whd dW m Baronet, ud KJwird IttjmUs, Bilhfip of 

ifto. Tlltmm Aim, SUnner, and tiix^tk MrofVi,w|iogire towardiir, the one ifof. 

■hie Wife, who di^ Mini le, ir$o. with and the other 50J. It wet rtpiired and 

ftveril othert. The Monsmenti now beanrificd io 17011. Tbii Church it well 

-flanding are but two, wk. for JtkmLtrrt- bailt of Stone, covered with Leid, -and 

mr, Er<3-, bi» Wife and two Children, who hi; hindfom^ uniforoi Windowf, Tt !i 

•]ic4n a Vaolt Oiidcr rbc'CofninDnion-Ta. Wdl wainfbotted and pcvrd, the Patpit ii 
' ind Dr. Crvww, oweoF the Fellows of -cirred with Entichmcntt, the Altir-picce 

(he Royal So^fciy, and of -'the Cotlrge of it decenr, and the^ont MubU. Mr. Sitm 
'PkyJiciaM,«ho<rii*d'OS*W 11, 1ISI4. Here gtVEinsa large Account of fncb 11 were 
jvaiiirai mcmoribleMonoaicntereded for buried in the old Chprch, whafe Tomlu 

Qofen SliKainh, after the fame Manner il ire demoliflird and little but their Nittiei 

at MbaStmi ihe Gmt, yet with fome ad- prtferred by him ; bnt there ire feme Ma> 

iiiioml -Veifct. hamcnti now (landing which dcferve oar 

Tbii Church is a RtOory,iod wis inci« Noticr, tJit for 
irnrty'in (be Gift of ihe Prior and Convent Scrjcint Chrifftf^r Qt*ifttt», JnAice ia 

of St. H»y O-wry, bur upon tbe Suppredi the ShcriSf Coutti, who died U»j B, 16^9. 

Onitcamo to the Ciown, ind hich To con. md his Son Jiht Gttiftttw, Efq; City* 

(inued ever liner. Since ike Union it ii Coonci', who died 7uri i£, Mt^, 4$. 
to the Incumbent of the ycn^y Value of Kl.'zshtb Rai^trn, Wife of Sir tfi£»m 

170/. I-ieie WIS the Intefcft of tool: gi. it««jfrm, Shetiff of tniie in ^6^t. who 

Tcn for a Piepiriiion Sermon fbr the Si- died ^i'S''J^ ■4* ''"** '^U* •£"'■ >9- 
OTtmcnt tvery Monih, but il) of it was Mii. Ma'j Bnwning, DtDghter of Jthn 

not paid) and what wii, wm loft ; butibe Brtmting, Efq; Meicbint, vbo died Jn^? 

Panlhallow ] /. fir .Att. out of their Stock, 6, i5j)7. 

•t ilfo-st/ for 1 Ser-mon fo be piejched l>r. £njmin Wkifhuti, Midcr of EnMa- 

flft-N»v*Jfr 17, p»id by the Piiim oF S'. tl ind Kiyii'i College in C»»iriJgi, and Vi- 

m^Cclrtkurih. Other'Munics wtre given cir of ijii) Pnifti ; a Mm ofgreit Leirn- 

fuiSeroiont bn Fill-Diy>, but arr loft ing and Dcvoiicn He died in i6tj. JEi. 74,. 
1. it. lavftnt* Jtigrj ,ia nimt-A from in Arcbbilhop Tillufin, nho hid been a 

Dcditation to St. L»»rintt, of nhom we Prtachci tbcie u (be Ltdurt thirty Years. 




Kb liii no EtteoBtTmtj iectnft ftif rttel*; ^m; tnd «tlea(ih ffftvp ot ct^v. H« 
fcnc SeimODS demonRrufc bii Viftj; E^trn.' ' 6iti 'of tho Stttm it Dr. Titttfift Haoft is ' 
ing. inA Oftbodoxy btyDnj CMntriatOioa. cAiM«»r-L<M, AwMlirr'iyvK!?!. 
Hedied'Ntvmlt^ Icf; tdu. Jgtfi.St,. 3. 0i>^ff«ff<:twtiet,cilM«4cl*ntfy £«»• 

ThitChnrch if nowil^ciVige, Cohrecri. Ait>C«J^, vni founded by M»m Rvm*, 
ted by JtiV&fnf ^ Gniy/ni, Bifliop of £«(/m, ind Htmry tnwiA, (^tttr Pnbrt, (rbo faad 
and the Patronifs of it 11 in B*li*t <^ltgi - iotned »iifa them in tb« IntenrJon lo baiU 
in OKfwd, to which Hn^A iiTitnnt,g*^thc. tc b«in7deid]Citixeni, fqr ■ C«j(«f, orM*> 
Advowfon ofthiiChaieh li S^v«-^1 firon fieri ind four Ch%plffnii miking Witunm 
after it WM bailt by 7ffci BWtW/Fither of ArMifrw'thefirll Cd^Tw. ' IiwucnA&crtndy 
?*fai Ba/<(/ King ot Smi, md DtrvtrfMiSt hf UiiliMlSiMkhiigb,B Aof afZMi6«, (jnl ' 
bit Wife, udttacy hive pre^tedto.itever then didi»ted rorhoHanoor of God, the.- 
fisce.AviDf thuoflitethePirilbUnen by BlelTed Virgin-MMbtr, Sc. Mny Mjjt^tlM^ - 
Virtue of aLcife grmted them of'the im- I'd AH Smhat^ ro celebrare therein Divine 

Eropriate Htbet and Right orPtttonige, | OfBcfeifbr theSootf of RffiriJr Awi(A:ind ■ 
iTc pidcntcd to the Vicinee. It ii wtiiTh * M^^ Rtj Wife, ywhi z*i», iRd J^M*/ Km 
to the Incymbent fines the Union 1 10 / fir ' Wife, PAt*^ FMlmv, Hitktil, Kflmp of Urn- 
^m. Srveral Men of greit Bminency hare dik, Mm, Jttm, AUti, ind 7i<« AnAtlU. and 
been Vicart of thtl Cburcli both befor.e fbrtbeStateand Hcalthof K U»«r^iII. hit 
and fioce the Rebtiilding, vie. Qaeen, and Scmt, Simm Biffltop of Ltadm, 

fiV« d» WtrlMy, who waf the ftcond the Mayan, ^riff>, and Chamberiaini of 
Principal, or Cmfiti of B»litl-Ctttgi; and writ that City, the Poofidera Aiim FhMtii, and - 
aBen^aaor 10 it. Tbe Vteiri£< «u or- ntwy »nHtk, md their Relatlqnt then li- 
dained in hii Time. ' viA'g, and'fbr tttelr Souli whin dead ; at ' 

Dr. td»wd Rfpittdt, Preacher tt i/wa Am. a?fo for the SddI* of thek' Parent* and Re- 
tai,Dne of tbe ^embly of Divinea, Dean lattom already departed, and for the Soulf 
oSchtip-Chm^fb in Oitfm-d, in the Place of of tbe Kingi of MmU, Bllhopi of CmA^ 
Dr. Smmtl T*B ejt&ed, and Vice-Chance]- the Mayori, Sheriffli; and C3iambrrlalii» of' 
lor efthat Unlverlity, the Pride and Glory that Ciry, and' for the Sooli of alJ the 
of the Presbyterian Party, was Vicar of tbit Faitbftil dceeafcd. 

Church of ir.LmvrMM. He was ejeScd ont of' It wat endowed with three Tenementl - 
hb Deanery for refofing to take the Engage- and their Appnitenancet, two oftbem in' 
nentfbat reflored again to it by the bcladed the Parilh of St. rtitfi, iHia A/ftr, and ont 
Membert in itfj$, and conforming, wa in that of CriffUgtti, out oFihe Rtnn of 
elcfied Warden of Mtrton OtBtgt, and foon which tbe fonf Priefti ware to have ren 
af^lDide Dilhop of iTnwi'ct, in whichSee Marjua-pieceyt:arly,and tbeOfjIt/tbirteen. 
be ceotinned till bit Death 7«{r 38, i£7d. The Orerplot of the Rent* to be kept in' 

Dr. Uih Witri, a rnQfl noted Matbema- a Chefl in a Chamber of GuiU-HMll, to be 
rician and Aftronomer in bis Time, foiae laid out from Time to Time apMtbe Re*-* 
Tiau Afironoray-ProfelTor at Onftrd, upon paivi of rba College, and fome otherTfainga 
Dr. RffwiWt Preferment to the See of Ntf' appointed by the Ponnders, ai Hkgtr A*.' 
Mwiiraa admitted Vicar ofthis Church, and mVi's Anniverfary, tW. Tbe Mayor *ih|.. 
about the fame Time became a Member of Chamberlain of LnA«,f9rtheT{nie>beirigy 
tbe Royal Sociery, to which he was a con- being ordained the Sopcrvifors, and tohave 
Gdcrable Benefaaor. From hence he was firr their Troable the one 3 '. ^d and the 
removed to tbe See of S»UiHrj, and died other 6 1. td. 
Jmmmty tf, i(!88. Thii Chipel growing very rainoui by 

Dr. AAi JViOiiut fueceeded him in ihil Titns, rhe Miyor, Aldermen, and Coov . 
Vicarage, a Pnfon eqaally eminent with mons nf Undn-, pafirionedKin^ Uimy Vl,-i 
bit two Predeccflort, but a Covenanter,' and - 1*2 S- to grent tbem hit Licendd fan pnN^ 
one that clofcd with the Pretbyreriiit Par- ing it da^'n and reboildtng it, whkb ba- ' 
t7,aitfaey did. He became a Member' of vrAg 'obtained, they accordingly ere&edit ' . 
tbe Aoyal Society, wat made Dean of nif ■•new; and enlarged it, ind^c-famc i^ii g 
S t ' R^. 



I4P L.O NJfO ■Ml 

Rtg. 17. trknrfld t» the Piri(k-Gledci i« . offici^ed in tbat fialiaelr £)ltv*fix.yetn 

ZJ^ii^»<;aHdt.fat.m*W«fM(WoCb»pT;He,Miiidfit'eWj>eVj;7 I .■ ' 
liins, by them cabc kept i»itiw CtityoJ.of WJi4n,i:[*"'''F",^^ Ald^iW*;! f>f tbe 

S$iMM'f ttMgUtn ncir QmlifUS, wA .K> Cfty of ^MH69)»w|^d'|c^ ^tytMf^ Vi, ilS|f , 
keep fevcn Atolls people. Hfw^ S«rM«, ilfov ji'tUiam Jvtiy'^TE,f^i secretary livf^Cm- 

K<{fr DifiMm, tnd Sif Vt'A'Mt Ua^d, Kn](. trollcx .of tfai; Qty, wbo dje^. ^(frao^ y. . 

h(d ilfo eich a Cllt^iin here 1 (• (hit in i$7i- '."..' 

(he End thif Coilege or Chisel. Iwd *Cfjbf, : . 1. There ire two Hillf in tbii VVarft, vw, 

fevcn Gh^liini, [hree Gleiktt )nd .foyr MBreeM>t^l,w)vch n[itb tb? Qhipcl iikI- 

CboriftcM, tnd die Midori *nd Chtmbw-- Atpbnliitor)^ Weftvi'ird frprB ic ii ^.very. 

Ilia of ZjWm wcfc the PitrMi.Ktd ^e niisoilicciic incl beiuti^il building. The 

Bifliop of Zmi/m Ordioary ; for Bifliop Bm- HiU lod great Parlour ire finely WiioTcot- 

Mf mide thtm theif Sntntei. Thii<Chtpel ted, and (be Piizrt's idjoining are very 

ftll with the other religionj HooTcsKthe flacely. ' lo the Hill are the King't Armi 

IXflolntioDiwhra it wit valued at 11/. iB 1, the City't, aod Court of Al&Hiati. The* 

9^' ftt Jbm, aHd the Site with ill in Ap< Franc towifdi Chuffidt it vety ofnimenn], 

puKenince* given by King iiw^dVl. ta. ChcDoor-Eife being enriched wichCBp/ij,(>rh 

the Mayor ind Commonatty of the City and ibove the Balcony with the FigUrei of 

af Lmdmi, and the ir SttccefTori, to b; held Ftith, iitf4, tni Chtritj. Thit Compiny 

inSoccige of the MtaoT of Ortimfiet, and wit incorporated >CnM ijjil, and confiftiof 

in it Divioe Service it celebrated every four Wardens, about forty ASiftanU, and 

AnuEfXiand upoh other OccifiQDf. 18} on the Livery. Mr. S/tv tells nj, thu 

Tbii Cbi^l «» miKb defaced by the lo early ii 1 7 Richard II. they were enabled 

Kte of ZwdM, tho' not bornt down, hat to purcbalc Landi of the Viipe of 30/ ftr 

i( fioce rebaih, and very hindfome. There Amt. and thic they had rfiree MelTuiget and 

are three Nichci toward GpiU-hMajMrd fill. Shopa in the Parilb of St. Um'Uh ottwiikt 

ed with the Fignrei of A'vjri VI.Queeq for the Sufteniition of (he Poor, and s 

tUx^th, and King 7mm/ I. the Windows Cbintry ; thH King Btmj IV. confirmed to 

fpacioui, %■ Gallery it the Weft-End, (be them the Sim Siid»m 01 Shed, witb ill the 

Walls hang with rlcb Tipeftry, a Covering Shops, Cellars, '&t. ibereanto ip pertaining; 

of Wainfcot over the Aldermen, a piruGB- called CrtvHpd*, robe holden in 3utVg^ 

lir (eit for the Lord Mayor, adorned with is all the City of Ltmdm ii, of the yearly 

Cartonchet, a bindfome wainfcoc Pulpit Value of 7/. ij r. 4W. and (hit King Ktfc 

■nd Dtik, and Alnr-piecc neat, and eodo- rj Wl-Sitg. j. granced ibem to hive tCbap. 

fed with Rtili and 6>nilleTS.> lain, and Brotherhood, for the Relief offuch 

The Monuments which were here be. of ihcir Company as came to Decay by 

tint the Fire, are fo defaced moft of them, Misfortnnet at Sea. To this Company be> 

that they are not difcemible, or demolilh- longs the Hofpitil of St; TiimMi.o! ^Icm, 

ed. Mr Slaw mentions feveril but of lit- now cilled Mirttrt-Chsfil, becaule at the, 

tie Eminency five their Titles, moft of Dinbluiion jo Hnarfi VIII. it wis parchifed 

ibem the Cajhi'i of the College. The Mo- by the Compiny of Mercers. It was foand. 

name nts now flanding ire for ed by Tiimti Thitisld Jt. Hiili. and Agmtt 

fAn. SMh»r^ U$btfHt,x\\e^XiU a! mU his Wife, Sifter to T^bai**/ Srrftr, Arcbbi. 

UtmL^hfMt, one of the four Cteiksof the Ibop of Csnttriurj, who wis born there. 

Lord Mayor'* Couit, who died in Child* They gave to the Miner and Brethren the 

bed, tAntmj 17, \&Ti- Near her lie* Lands of GiJitrt Bnmtiber Father. Ic hid 

fPTAiMa UgHfiit, her Husband, who at a Charnel and Chapel over ic. dedicated, to 

hb Death wai alfo Regifter of the Chgrtn- St. KitUsi and S*. Stiflmi, and at'the DifTo- 

Bm/), who died jMuuty 6, [£99. £tat, £7. lution was valued at 177 /. ftt Atn. The 

V^itim Hmt, Efij; wbo being admitted Mercera. turned ic into a free Grammar- 

Sword>Bearer Co the Lord Mayor in t£j9, School, is it continued to Mr. Sfiw's Time. 

held that Place to his Deith, whisfi hap. Here were miny Monuments remaining 

pcned J^l ]o, I7et< Mt^. 77. bivtog tIt*o» tho' moQ of them defaced, «/«. for 




LONDON. 141 

Jam Iwlfr, E*r1 of O n mm d , and the L«- ■ ntfic^ vith five Kingf. Icnril Pmoccf, 
dy 7wv hi> Covntcri, Off. Mr. Hmm/ kIU eight Pv)tec,.4hrcc EiiU, (nd iwepcy Lotdi, 
SI, th*t there' w(s every Smd*} Moining w^teh faive bteii mule free of it. . The 
thtou^hout the Ycu a Sermoa p re»cfaed ia. Etcrvn ftf it it St. jfMstaji This Coiil{u> 
tbc Jislija Tongue, beginning ibout 10 a ny io the Yeir itflj, fectled rbeir Revc- 
Clock ia thii Chipel. This 'u the BiR of the nuti u- 1 Security tot the due Piynaent of 
11 CoiDpanici, tnd ttkeiFUceofillthercfl^ til Cluritiei given to thtrni, which ii no 
they *re very lich and numcrout, ttke nO' CutllEncoufagement to fuch u . hiv< left, 
Quaneiageof fuch ai are free thereof, and or ara able to leave any Euace to their 
make all publick Feafti at the Chatgc of the Difgofal ; and there ftandi in theii Halt a 
wboIeSocicty.TheirCompMiyispatrDoizcd ntimrrous Catalogue of their BenefaQors, 
by the Virgi(iMary,aDdfcveiaIlCiagi,Princei, done in gold Letter* on black' The Bank 
and Noblemen have been free of ir, and of jEn^/an^ being kept in ihii Hall we Bull 
frooi them bu ihe City had nioety-eigbt give > lliort Account of that. 
Lord Mayors- Thti Company in the Vear 'The Bank of SwgU»i wat cflabliOied by 
1^98, (htled aSSS/. ftr An. %i a Seen. AA of Pirliaoient Aw \6yy,$^6Qmt. 
ilty for the Payment of }o/. ftr Am, du- & Hmt, t, to. for a Loan of laooooeiL 
ring tbe Life of any Widow, wbofe Huf- fub£;ribed and paid to the Govcrnoient at 
band ibbfcribed in hii Health loo i. and fo leveral Timei, toe lotereft being feciucd by 
in Proportion for a greater or IcflcrSuio, an A& laying an additional Duty qpoo 
the vhole of the Subrcriptioa being notv Too&ige, Eictfe, &e. whereupon' toe Go< 
or lately looooai parininttoaProjeQ coo veriionr and Company of the Bank of A»> 
trived by Or. Jjbtti*, for the U&ofCler- gf^ut were incorporated, with ■ Power 10 
gymeiu Widowi, tSt. make By-Lawa, and »& !n all other Relpe^ 
9. Grocers Hall neat the PtaUrj, 1 capt- as ■ legal Corporation for thirteen Years. 
cioBS Biuldiag let out to the Governonr By thii their Charter they were conflitoted 
■od Company of the Bink of £^g/«w/, ha* ■ Governonr,Depnty-GDVtrnour,andtwen- 
ving ■ very ipacious Hall. This Compfnjr nrfoar Direfiors, of which thirteen, tb* 
ciently called Ptfftrirt, from iheir Governour being always one, make I Court, 

IcIIing Pepper chiefly j but facing allowed and were inveftcd with ■ Power of Manages 
hyStfphn d* /tiriwgfmt. Mayor Jm* i^is, menc,ezcept at the four quarterly general 
to feU all fuch S|Hces and other Ware* u Courts. Such asareqnali^ed for aGover- 

Grocers now ufe to fell, they were fome nour matt have 4000!. capital Stock, for 

fears after, -mx- jtimt 1345. incorporated a Deputy Govunoar joooi. and for the 

by the Name of Grattrr, and allowed to eleS Direoors sooo /. and the Officer* are to b> 

a Cejbf or Guardian, and twenty Brethren, chofen by the Majority of bch Members 

wbo having porchafed Ground in Cnybtf- ai had 500/. Stock, and that annaally. 

Z.4M of Jt*ffl4 Lord tiiKwshtn for 3 1« Upon this EQablilhmenc the Bank had 

Marks, bnik them a new Hall there. A& thefe Refltifiions laid on it. i. That none 

cerwaid in 1439, they obtained a Licence fliould fubfcribe above aooool. 3. ThiC 

xapnrchafeLandoftbeValaeoffoo Marks, they Ihonid not borrow above laooooo/. 

and ibme Time after built fevea Almt- 3. That they fltonld not trade u > Car> 

houles near their Hall for feven aged poor poration, neither tbemfelves, or any for 

People of their Companyi to which feve> them, and if they Tcfufe to pay their joll 

ral charitable Perfons, free of the Company, Debts, the Kxthtftr nuApay then out of 

hive given fuch 1 Reveaoe ai b a comp^ the loooool. kept there Mf ay the Intcreft of 

tent Maintenance. the i loooeo L Upon chele Conditiooi theft 

This Company ii governed by four War* Piivil»eR were granted them, viie. i. That 

dcQi, fcveniy Anili ants, and there are about their fealed Noict Ihonid be trantferrahlr. 

Z77 of the Livery, b iithefecood of the 3, That they Qwald have Fbwer to pnr- 

rvelve Companies out of which the Lord chafe Lands, buy Gold and Silver, receive 

Mayor is to be chofen, and there have been Goods s* Security for Money knt, and 

Jo5 Lord Mayori of it. It hii baca dig- fell ikan wbea |oifette4. 3. Tbit their 




• i^ 

to i^DO H 

SikIi Anil oot be tixtUe. 4. BottlKyiBir ro fignHie fteb it I^nd ill to DrankMU^ 
nefotine Bilk of Eic&inge. 5. That rbo oefi tni Gimtoay, mere BcHy-Godi. 
GonrfiDRoc Ikall sin tbcni ■ Veii'r No- 4- Mr. SMwtlHIi iii,tbiR anciently there 
tlce for replying the isooooa/. 6. Tliir «r» ■ Market in CirtfJUi, which he cills 
\t Ai>l] be Felony t« counterfeit thrtr Wtfi'tbttifi and in rhe Eift>P>rt ■ greic 
Nocet, 7. Thit no Perfon that dnli in Conduit of fnreec Water, conveyed by 
thti Stack (hill be a Binkmpc thereby, nor Pipei of Lead tinder Ground from Psding- 
' their Stock liable to foreign Attachment, tm, caftetlated with Stone, and cifterned 
t. That during t ie Continaanc* .of cbN' with Lead bj yet ftanding, but the Stan> 
Sank DO ether fliall be let up by the Par* dard and Crafi fwhicb he fpeaki of) have 
liimenr. ' been long demolilhed. At the Standard it 

;. Titi-igi rtina kable In (hit Ward of wat « Coftom of old to execute Malefi- 
different Kiflda, «/«- i.Theftahty-Ctmfttr, Aon divers Wayi, v/x, three Men for reC. 
a piifon fo called, beeaufe it is litnate in cuing a Prifoner, hid their right Handi cat 
in the Fnhry, LimJm. It bclongi to one offtncre; m/rtrSff^fffia, Bilttop of Extttr, 
of the Sbcrifis of that City, and there not Lord Treifurer in King Mvari U't Reign, 
' only Debtors upon AQioni in the Lord wai beheaded by the BnrgelTea of Lmdtm 
Mayor's and ShetilTi Conrti, bot fuch ai therci at were alio two FiOuBongeri In 
diftorbthe Peace of the City in the Night ijf r, irt. The Crofi waiereSed by King 
are committed. It hitb been a Prifofi for Ed»nd I. in Memory of Qaecn Eltmiv, ■« 
ftme hundred of Yeirt paft, f Mr. srrw fiyi were otheri at IfMbitm, and it wai gilt o- 
benever covldfind oot ibe Original in all ver and made more magnificent it the 
his Reading^ and vight poffiUy be called cominf over of the Emperor ChMrlt$ V. 
Ctmfttr i becaufe'rach as are detained there, f . Bat the moft rcmarlable Building In 
were obliged to give an Account of the thit Ward is 

Caufe of their Commitment before they O IT/ LIXtf«f, wherein nine Coorn for the 
cinhe let at Liberty. City are kept, in'K. 1. The Coart of Com* 

3. CtrnttSiMri, an ancient and firong mon-Cotincil. a. The Lord Miyoi'i and 
Tower of Stone ftanding over agtinft Aldermen. 3. The Uullingi, the princt- 
Bwll».hrf, (fo called for being the Iwanor pal and higBeft Coart in Ltmdmi, front 
■nd Manlion of one Btklt) which Xing li- whence came thii Pirovctb to ezprefa an 
w«r^in. R«. 18. fo named ai tha Kmg's haughty prood Tcoiuer ; Tmmn mSfmtht 
Houle, and appointed it to have bis Ez- Hnmngs, I. e. too nigh for your Birth or 
change there kept, and aftevrirds let it Quality. 4. The Orphan's Court. ; . Th« 
fox ao I. a-year to two Merchants otLate, StierifiV. o. The Court of Wardmote, 7. 
and Toon after fettled it upon his College The Conn of Hall-more, the Meeiuig of 
or free Chapel of St. Stfkat ic Wtjlnipfiir, all the Ciiizena at the pnblick Hall. This 
by the fime Name. Court ought to be diftinguilhed carcfolty 

3. A/m-tJar, which romehivcfappoled from another Court c»\Ui 7ti Rsfy.wurt,i. 
to cake its Name from Soip-making, bat e. the holy Meeting, being a Gour attcienc- 
theyire miltaken; for Soap-making hath It kept on the Lord's-Diijr for regulating 
come into- Bugltnd not above aoe rear*, ftie Alltze of Bread, bat now on the Ttarf- 
when Jthn Lamt ofGrtitthwcb-fntt &t up i*j before St. Himti. 8. The Court of 
a Boiling- houfe; for before the City was Requedi, commonly called rhe CMrr »f 
ferved with white Soap in Cakes; called Ctnfciau*. And 9. The Chimbcrlain^C 
CtfiUSiMf from beyond Sei, and greySoap COait, for making Apprentices free. It is 
from Brilttt at id. a Pound, and black an ancient, fpaciout, and bandfome Stru- 
Soap an half peny ; but it took iff Name &ure, and it faid formerly to have Hood 
ftoai Alta ti. Stftr, ihe Ovntr. In i;t5, in or near i4JirrfaMfcKi7,i.e.the Alderawns 
thit Lane was. inhabited chitfly by F^p- Court, that Street taking it Name from 
pereri, II alfo t;«rr/r /.««(, anciently -inhabi' this Hall there Qanding, and if fo this 
ted by Gold.bcatcrs, from whence this Houfe muft have been founded before the 
Proverb ii taken, ^f^ifii Ami Gutter lane | Year 1 189, when we find the Street To 

a call- 

C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

ctlk'd. Tn> probibli Kini Edmgrd rhe Cinnon, ind iioSti(M)ir<ls,frcimwliicbDe' 
tkNifcffoc lud iconfiderible Hind in rbc feu fclloweil the Redn&ionof ill d^*tMr<. 
Powidmoa «f this Hill, becanf* bit Amt whndn ire Brmph, Jmwttf, and miny 
-Me \a revewl Places of tbil prffent Hill, other grcit Towni. It ii ufcd not only 
«lucli «ti built in i^ji, tt ■ Itctle Oi. ftr the Sefiion of tbe Conni ibovemciiti- 
'flaaec Eraatbc old Hill, being erc&ed at Med, md for feilting tbe King, Prihcei, 
tlw Cfcufe of fcTeral Coivpioiei, ind ex- fctcign Minifteri, Noblemen, Ht. bot for 
fraordiitar)) laipofitioBt for ten Yetrt, be- cboofiog Lord Miyon, Sberifft, Members - 
fides what wu expended ont of Sir A/r&anl of Pirliamsnt, t^t. ic beitig Urge enough 
WtiiHwgtm'i Ellate Ay hii Execator* in to coatiin near 7000 Men. Mr. Ir** tells . 
paring and glazing it nr tbe greateft Parr, m that there wii a fair and Urge Libraiy 

This flately Hall being miKli damnified •dfoiniflg to tbe Soutfa-Side of tbe Chapel, 
fcjr the great Caofligration in \6S6, was fnrniQied with Books appertaining to tbe 
icb^t in iMp, and extreamly well bean- Hall and CoOege; bar being fent for by 
tified and repaired boib inlrde and ont, at tbe Duke of Swrnfit, Lord PioteOar in the 
thvExpenceofiiooi. Two Pignrea ofGi- Reign ofKing InmW Vf.-witb a Protnife 
■DU of agfcat Magnitnde being fct up as to be reftored, they were fent in three 
heibre the Fire; tbe Poruco ti adorned Cart-Ioadi, but never were rerorncd. This 
with a ftite^ Frontifpieoe, enriched with i* ail we meet with obfcrvable in tbit 
the- Ktiig'a Armi. The Apemre is embel- Ward, and To proceed to 
KflKd witb'tbe Anna of tbe twcoty-fonr 

Compaaies finely depifted, at aMb the City ■?■ C*Uwum Jtmt Ward. 

Anna, and the Prgare of li*fa, vri:h the 

two Tablet of tbe Decilcgue, and five This Ward takes its Name from C*/r»«n- 
Niches. Tbe Wall* are adorned it tbe fi^**, which wai fo ealkd, becanfe one 
Wefl-BadwitfaSAv«^cbeCon(eflbr'i Armr, C*ltm»m vu tbe Builder of it. It it go> 
and tbofc q( Englmd ind Fftntt qntrterly, verned by an Alderman Sir Wrttmt tl»t 
and at tbe Eift with (be faid King W»«ri, ftr, Knt. and bis Deputy Mr. Simm <«(- 
hif Qaeen, and the Shield and Crofj of St. ittwi, live Common Council Men, and fbnr 
6m>2(, near which are the Pouriniti of Connabfet, four Scivengen, ibirtecn Ward> 
Qneeo ^mu, and King TiA'aw and Queen mote Men, and a Beadle. 
Wa>7 The InrercolDmni ire imbetlifh'd Whit ti obfervible in it ii reducible to 
with tbe Pifturet of tbe eighteen Judges, our former three Head;, m'c. i. Charchcs. 
who dereimined tbe Differences between a. Halls. And 3. of fcveral kindf: 
Landlord and Tenant in rebuilding the i. The Cbnrchesaf this Ward arethiee. 
Gsf, pat up by the Citizens in Gratitude ■■ Sr H^mtt Lttk^mrj^ To cilled from its 
Ibf that (ignal Service whereby the Ex- Dedication to St. Mm-gsnt before defcrt- 
pencet of many Suits of Law wetefpared. bed, and the Street where Itflandi lukht- 

In Dtttmiir 1706, Qoeen jimn gave to ?> which Mr. Sh» guclTes took its Name 
the Ci'y to be pat Dp in this Hall twenty- mini the toathfome and gnting Noife 
fix Standirdt, and forty-fix Colours ; but which the Founders of Cand)eftick.r, Chi. 
there was Room but for nineteen Standards Ing-dilbes, Mottirs, Cs'f.mikein inrning 
and forty-iix Colours, and one Trophy of tbem to mike them bright ; but others . 
> Kettle- Drum of ttie BIcQor of SMvtriM, more probably fuppafe, that ic is fa deno- 
very rich. Thefe were all t*ken by the minated fror^i one Usdnr LMb, who kept 
Army of her Mijefty and her Allits.un- his Bwyor Coutr here. When thitChurcli 
der the Command of the Duke ofMw/f*. was built, we can't find, but Mr. Shw »C- 
r—gb, at the Batfte of RawiM in Mndtn,- fores us, that it was rebuilt in 1440. forRa-' 
fouebr on Wbitfmi»y 1706, upon a total trrr I^'^rgtrej I towards the btrildingthe 
Defrar of tbe fttmit and Brvsrita ForcOj QoijT, and t^l tdvirdi the ,Omamcnn - 
who , lid leo^o Mrrr kilted, and 6000 Men about thtc Time. It wis repiired ind beuu- 
taken Prifcirrs, with all rbeir Tenrs, Big- cfficd in iSii. but coming within the' 
gage, i,~d Amnaottioii, fifty ooe ficets «f Hescb of the iprrtdi»g Flames of t666,- 

waa . 


144 LONDON. 

wi* quice demoli&ed, yet wis agun f» belonfed to tbeDem tnJ Chapter of A. 

built in 11S90, tDcl bemtified in i7o5.. PatTs, who not Igng ifter coowtyed it 

Tbit Church ii built of fine Stone, and wii^ the Church of St. 0/avt/ Jiwy, to 

hat 1 Steeple with ■ fpicioni Tower. The which it wii ■ Chtpel lancst, to the pit* 

Wills are wainfcotted, the Floor handfom^ or lad Convent of Batlt^ in S*fil/tt >ad 

If pfwed, and the Pulpit finiered. The ^"fjbn «ff Gr«w/i>iti appropriated ii to ifaea. 

Altar-piece is oraamental, and the Font ii In i^sS. it waa made Paiochiil, aad ■ Vi. 

very pretty, the Bilin having thefe Hifto- cirage ordained and endowed by dawav 

rici cut on the Convexity. ^'«^, Bilhop of Utadtn, and then with the 

I. The Garden of t4*», fnd the Fill of Confent of the Prior,J!^oave«t, and Parifiii- 

Min. oncri, it was oiade a Parifli-ChBrch, is it 

1, TheSilvuion ottHuh lod bilFimi* fan continued ever fincc._ Ic wn repiired 

ly in the Ark. at the Charge oF the Parifhioneii in i6ax. 

3. JtbMthi B'#t(^ baptizing our Savior. and afterwardi, hue was reduced toRnioi 

4. St. Pjti/i>GbrifteniogtheEnnnch. by the dreidfnl Fire of UmJm in 1666, 
The Cover is adorned with the Figarei and rebuilt in i6j6. of Scone for the moft 

of St. M»rg»rtt, Faith, Btft, and Chitriiy. Part, with which it ij ilfo paved, 

in tbe Cnorcfa are feveral Branches of The Front of this Church Is adonied 

Brafs Candlellicki, and by tbe Walls feve> with a Coroifli, two Fine-Applei and 

ril Sentences of Scripture in carved FnoMs, the Figure of > Cock haodranie)^ cuvcd. 

and a Table of Fees and [>atiet, with tbe On the Sontb-Oooi leading into th« 

Figure of St. Mtmgtrit. Church-yard, is alXb finely carved an Em* 

Tbe BenefaCtori to the Poor, which are blem of the RefurreCboii. It is well 

expofed on a Table In one Corner of the wiinfcotted and peved, and the Pnlpit U 

Charch, hive given of annual Rent* 30 J. neatly carved, and the Altar-piece adoriH 

lit. Si. and to the Church in Mooey a- ed with tbe King's Arms csrved, gilt aad 

boat ]oo L Mt. Sraw mentions feveral Uo> dcpified. The Foot-pace of the Commit- 

Duments in this Church before the Fire,, nion-Table it black and white Marble in< 

and among dieni one for tUgmtl Cttimam clofcd with a neat Rail and Banifter, and 

the Son of Mtrt Caxlwrn, who died in at the WeA End is «a baodfome Waufcoc 

i4S],ind ia foppofed to be the Boilder Gallery, 

tictlmtm-firtit, where be boilc aCbapel, Tbe Benefidortto this Parifb are very 

ibeo anoexed to St. OUvt ^rmty, tho* confiderable, vjx. in inoaaj Rents s^/.ind 

fina nude 1 Parochial Chtirch, as we Ihall in Money near 3000 /. Mr. £raw bath pre- 

diew 1^ and by. ferved tbe Names of diren Monument) ia 

This Church ii 1 Rtfiory, and was aa> this Church, which were demoliflicd by the 

cieatly in tbe Parronige of the Abbey and Fire, vis. for Sir Ifigiam Ghmr, who died 

Convent of B^-biy, and To continned till Dtttmitr 17, i6oj. Sir msum Dmitl, one 

tbe IXflbltttioo, when it went to the of tbe Judges of the Common Pless, who 

Crown, and has been in ic ever Gnce. It died Miy 19, ttfio. Ttlw TnUr, Citizen and 

wa* bnmt down, but it apin rebnilt and Habcrdalber of Lmdtm, who gave 900 /. to 

made of the yearly Value of 1 oe /. to tbo be lent to Yonng-Men of his Trade, a /. 

Ihcnmbeot. Jnfilm BtdM,J»h» JmUiw, and to be diftributed every Smidn to the Potx 

mStm I^wd had Chantries here. in Bread for ever, and 10 ^ ^1 Sn>ck to 

a. tt. StfMi Oitmrnt-Brttt Chnrcb, buy the Poor Fuel ; 7«i« if jfcirt, who gave 
-^hich Mr.Jfm fays wufomeTirae a Sy- 1 1, a Week for tbe fame Purpofe, and died 
ec<the7n»r, then a Parilh-Cbnrcb, in ift!f, and feme othcra. The Monn. 

■hen a Chapel to St, O/mtu In the Jtwy, till neon now ftanding are for Hnrr FirmtH, 

1 Mdwmd fV. 14^7. when it wu made a £fq; Son ofThtm^ Fmrnm, who died Mw». 

'Parifli-CbBrch again, but this Account we >tr 7,1 tfpi. but liei buried at <4l(^ in ^f«. 

'icao't depend on j bccanfe we do not find Mr. A»tb»^ Utndtg/, by whofe Labonr and 

it in any good Author. The'moft certain Coft srm's Survey of Undm was compleat^ 

Iditioa of it ii thii,«A. Italia till, ic ed, he died ^^(V lo^ itfjj. flerewasal. 
4 fo 

LONDON. 145 

(a a Cfoottpfc in Mtmory of Queco I&m- St. Etbtlivgh't l*«!A in Vpuf^Mtt-firitt ; 

ttth, liie rh*[ *tAUh*llm$. and mother for the Saal of Wibmm enhw, 

. This Living ii « Viurige, tndwu in the to which the BiQiop ai Umin collited in 

Gtfc of [he Piiortnd Convent of Aat^r ■• 1697. Since the Union the Site of rhii 

forclud till the SupprdGoo, when it bting Chnrch it m*de ■ Btirtit-pljice- to ibit Pf 

with tbe Reftory leized by the Crown, liOi. Df. Sfrkt wit ejected ont of (hit 

Qaecn tSt^hth give them both to Sir Chnrcb, >nd phindercd by the Kehclj foi 

WHb^m Damtl, ind other Pirilllioneif, who hit Loyilcy ; but wu refiorcd to ic upon 

holding the impfopritte Reftory in Fte- King Ci«WH II'i Return to the Crown- Ha 

FBrm of the Ctown ire Pitiont of.ihe Vi> is the Author of ■ Book, enriiled, ttiMift 

Cirage, ind htve piefcntcd to it ever lince Alt 'frit ; Much cfteemed by fome People. 

1S97- There were incientty t#0 Cb*n- Si.Olavi% Church, istr now ftindi, 11 

tries in this Church, one of them foandcd bsilc ptrtly with Briclc uid Stone Ficio\ 
fbrihc Soolof (TrfMM Ora^^, ind four of the Roof ii coveted with Lcid, the Stee^ 

hii Children { ind the other for JUffr it ^c, confifiing of in bindrome Towcr ind 

Bmrftr, lod hit Rtlitiont ; but the Revenue Pinniclei is ill Scone, ind the Floor it p>- 

of them being fbnnt) infofficient to miio- ved with HtWik. The Chorch is biod- 

tiin 1 Prieft tor cicb of them, they were fomely pcwcd ind wiiorcotted, the Polpii 

Mniced. The Living fines the Fire is by eniicbea with Carvipgi of Cbeiobims, the 

Afi of PirlianMot mide worth iioi. ftr Ahir-piece tdomcd with the King's ATm^ 

Amm iQ lies of Tithes, bcfidei i / ^.Aw. ind the Comatttnioq-Tible let opon an 

given by the Lidy Wrtth, and Deputy Anattthrum of bUck and white Marble. 

ihfittt. In ihit Cbatch are three fimoui Pjrcet of 

]. St. OUvit Ttmy, (in oli Records call* ' Painting, vie. t. Queen £/iMfftA lying on 

ti St. oImVlI UfMu) Co nimed, becinfe it a fine Tomb, witb her Regalia, ander an 

iidedicered to St.Oltvttit Miff^.Kingof arched Caoopy, on which arc placed ber 

Hhntj befbrementioned, and bnilt in a Ainu. *. The Pidare of King CtarJ^i [. 

Street where anciently mmy Jimi dwelt, in every Refpe£t like that in St. Bttilfi'a 

Tfiit Church wit anciently a Redory, bat Bifh^Jisn Church abovementioned. j. A 

bii for above 300 Years pift been a VI- fpiciou and cnrioui Piece of Painting, in 1 

carage apprnptiired to the Piiory elBatltj flrotig Frame, being the Figaro of Tiaw, 

■aSa^, asii fiid io our Aocount oi St. with Wings dtfpliycd, a Scythe in hit 

«f(rAn'sC*/«M«/rrrr, whowetePatroni of right and an Hour-glafs io hit left Hand, 

it till the SuppteOloD, «hen it wat fciud. at bis Foot a Cnftd doimant, tad Qn^r 

by the Crown, and has continued in the bit Feet ■ Skeleton eight Foot long, and 

Gifc of the Kings and Queens of thii under ill thele Tests, Dtut. ja >y Pnv. 

ReiliDcvMfioGe. Ic was repaiied in itfoS, 17. t. Jaf 17. I(. - 1 

and being rebuilt, was made tl>e Patbchiai Here arc no BeneFiQors fct op in the 

Cbnich for tbit PatiAt, >nd chat of A. W#. Chorch, but among the Monumenrs whith 

/ui*i bmrnugtrLMiu, or Ftmiry, fiom rhe U Mr. Snw hath let them down, are pretty 

Apples th« anciently grew there, its Dc- many. We find thit^laifrf £.«rg(, Meicar, 

dicition to St. tlartt», and Sitnacion in Mayor in 14)9, gin to this Paiilh-ChDrch 

/r»mmi^ir-Lant. aooJ, to poor Hoiilbolde<s looL ind for 

This Church of Sf. Utrtini vx ancient- Maids Marriages is ouch. He died in. 

ly in the Gifc of the Prior and Canons of I440. The MonunMRts now ftindinp in 

St. Btrththmnt in imittfi<U, and fo contt- this Church ire for Efirsim SUmir. King 

noed to the Supprcflion, when it came to Cb»rUs Hi Coflfun at Ltihtrm, who died ot 

the Crown, which has been the Patron of Ifliagtm, tUj 6 167S. and for Sir Smthnmiil 

it ever fince. Htie were anciently t«o J/mw, Alderman tnd Governour of the £«/?■ 

Hhaotriet belonging tn it, vit. One for /nA'« Company, who died ^iHayi 10, i^^^. 

Ilnrrr at Wr^h, Citizen and Chandler of This Church it a Vicange, in the GiVc 

Lm/m*, who save Tix Marks yearly to a Pried of the King, and the Ptofits of ir, » united, 

tu^oificUn ttwoi out of bit great Inn in in Uen of Tithei, ire nadcyeaijy tn.tfae 
T Incum- 

1(^6 LONDON. 

Iswabcflt Mrrii 110/ f«r Jm h^RAu cpcaly fliewcd ; bat R*((rf firtt'M&tr ob" 
KUDc Ground'Rcnti of $ I. fir J»n. upcm Mined it of Kiag ti^md I. to add to bta 
wbicbHonfettre baitcapon Le*resof for- Honfc idjoimnf, tnd To deprived ihetn 
ty Yens, which vtill incrcifc the Rcvtnuu of it. -x. An old Honle rone time belong- 
when expired Here wh mcianrly ■ Chin- ing to one Msmjirt » Jtm, neir th« Sontta- 
try founded by J»bn BfiM, Pirfon of thU wtft Coiner of Bs/hg-Htlfirul, of vhich 
.Cbnrch, t5 E</v. II. who g>vs two McCa. Part wis em pi Med is ■ Mtrket-honTe for 
. tg*s in this PirtAi for the MiiBtenince of Woltan-Siyt, Witmoki, and Pbmielt. 
it. Here it t](o a wevkly Lt&ate tnry Thii it all we think obfcivaUe in this 
WddM*f4*y, founded by cM Lady W*U, Mr. Ward, and fo proceed to 
Fvigh»H, and Sir l*hm Pidtnii§, of the 

yearly Value of 39/. One Mr. Mn/itral. 18. Bt^hsw or Bsfiig fUSWttd. 

, fo his given 40J yearly for a Sereion to 
be preached on SI. ?•«»'( Day, by a nnbe- This Ward takei it( Nime fiom Btffag* 
ii«d Miniftcr in Commemoration of esr H«J,tbe Maitgon or Lordiiip of the B^- 
.ifaiional Dclivciance in if S8, to be paid fiwg'i ■ Family of great Antiquity and Re- 
by the Ironraongeri Compaay. This Ser nown in this Realn, which gives Name 
qion was gttfen to 5r Mftint Ittitmmgtr. mi Street, and that to the Ward, wbicb 
l«w,buciinawprMcbedac£(. O/ava Jvmj. a baitTeryfmiU<yet hath an Alderman Sir 
■HitMai Lyrm, the fioHHit Trwi/b Convert, RMiaZ/i Aif*, Knt and hti Deputy Mr.7«<b) 
wbohadill thiRabbiec at bat Fihgert Bnd^ Crar, four Common Councilmen.twoCoofta- 
vigOfouQy GVnfated his Brscbreo the 7t»r, blcs, cw« Scavengeii, fsventeen Wirdnaocc- 
and wrftte aa iavafaaaUe Conineniuy «a Men, ind a BeidJc. In it there is but one 
tbt Old and New TtOimant, wu bom in Church, but feveral Halls ofCofspaniet, of 
ChisPatilb. He died in 1140, which wt (hall give m Accotrar, with 

>T. Tbf Halk of tbii Ward MC, t. Ar- other Things of Note. The Cborch is 
iraOMeiB, which it fintete near the North< St. mihsil Bsffifbsw, (or rather Btfift- 
End ^ 0tUm*9-Prat. They were made a hutk) fo called from ict Oadication to St. 
Guild or Frateraity of St. Oitrgt, with a Uithjul, of whom lee above in CtrmhiS 
Chiniry in the Chapel of Sc. XhMmm in St. Ward, an^ B«^9b*W| to diOiognifti k from 
KnTs Chofcii,"*H 1413. I HM. VI. which other Cbarcha of the fame Dedication 
King hoooiiMd chcm in being of their in tlii* City. Thit was an ancieai and 
Conlpiny. They are a Mafitr. two War- ^Kcful Church before the Fire, and be> 
dent, twenty-one AfCftantSi and fifty-eight ing decayed by Age, wai rehnilc by Jtk» 
of the Livery, bcfidei Yeonen ; many Bra- tarfw, Mercer, and 4ptt bit Wife, ac »p- 
Jieu ^e of the Company. Tbay are the peats by tbetr Arms in the Roof of <Ae 
•ightcentb Company. middle Ifle and Qatre. h was again bcm- 

1. Poondtrs-Hall fituate in fMw d triCturt tified and repaired in i5]o, but being xt- 
wLnhhrj, a KtatedJOtntlTem the Church, duced toRabbiibin i6£(f,by tbclatettfcad- 
Thii Company was incorposttBd in i5(4, fial Cire, it was agtin new Imtlt in 1679, 
■□d conAft of a Mafter, two Wardeni, and uaw bcantined in t6^T, as it now 
twenty-four Affillaow, and niiMty-fix oC fiandi. 
; rite Livery, E^f. The Nature of thffBailding now ia^ the 

. 3. Thinga reouikMe e( feveril Sortt. Walls arc Brick, the Tower Stone, with 
. I. A.7«p/ Syaagogne, wbieh was defaced which alfoche Floor is paved. The Infide 
by the Citizens of Umdm, after they had is wiiolconed and well pewed, the Pnlfric 
Hain 700 ?fwr, and plundered the Riefiduc bandfiime. Door-cafes ac the North and 
^ their Goods, which Sytttgogue ccftein Sauth-flde fpactont. The Altar-piece it 
Eiiara, entitling theotfclves 9rmnt 4* StuS, graceful, having under the Ponrviitare of 
or it PmiNmfi4 Jtfit, gSC Poflcffion of in Mt/a^ tbefe Words : Tib* Law cm» J^Mofet, 
i^IT. They were a new Order of Friers wmiw Aaron, i«r GraM nd Tmth Sy Ji^ 
never heard of before ; but eflaUilhcd by fj^ifi. Under the LordV Prayer. Ikk mmf 
tfae PupA'j aatheadck BaU^ which Cbcy c»aa a a«« ^»w<t thtt ytkvt mi amtkir, m I 


^jv* Uvtdy itni nnjer the Cned is Tub- by i Mailer,' two WiiJeni, ind (Wenty- 
fcitbediJ tmmtMttt i^r^ tbt Lav tr Prt- five Afliftintf, taA (hcie are fiKCy-Rvc of 
fbtu^hu u fwlpl tb4m. At rbe Well-End is the Livery. They cm take but o^^ ^p- 

■ oeit Table of the cuflomary thingi, and preotice till th^y are chorcn Warden, and 
bo the South fide ■ japan'd Table of the then they may have two. 
Btncfafton in gold Lettcn, wbofe GiCu a. Wcaveri-Hall in B«i^fiSi«jr/rw. It ii 
amount annually to oear 40 /. and io Mo- neatly adorned with Hangings, and a 
ncy above 100 i. befide! Mr. l^i'aCbarity, Skreen. "fhe Compiny conriftt of two 
who gave Cbiifl'i Hofpital jfMwt ijja. a Bailiffi, two Wardens, futteen Altlllintt. 
Maintanance for two pour Childrca ofthii and i8t! of the Livery. They were in- 
Pirifli. eorporated in the Time of Kiftg H«f/ IT. 

The Monuments of chit Cburch prcferv- and cooffroicd by him R-g jr, 1184. 
cd by Mr. Sttw, are for Mr. Barrm, and hi) The* are of feveral Kindi, bat Woollen:. 
Wife, the Founder* ; $ir ytmti Tirftrd, Cloth Weavers are the moft ancient and 
Mercer, Miyor in ifiy.wbo wii baried ia bonoarabte ia tbii Nation. Tbeir Motto . 

■ Chapel bniJt by him on the North-Side ; if. V(«vt Ihak with Trmfi, 

Sir Jthn Grijhgm, who died OStin- 1}, i ^5$, 3. Girdlers Hall ii an handfome Brick- 
Rjfit^d Sdrub, Re&or, &t. Monument) boilding near the North-End of B'Jhghag. 
aaw Suai'iD^ ite iot Sii RnrUni Mjnfwtrth, firui, built Am* i5Si, and il attorned 
aihodied Jmbm? 14, 1701 P»rii and Ell- with right Wiinfcot and a beinnful Skreen. 
tLMhtb SlM^ghter.Mc. EdwmfdSmitb, Redor They ire ■ Mailer, three Wardens, twen- 
tweniy.revtn Veari, a_ conflint Preacher tjr-four Afliftaot*, and eighty-four oa the 
and pioDs Liver. He died 09thi* aa, i7o(. Livery. They were incorporated ^V^ 6* 
Sir teiSimm titdgii, tbct' not baried here, 144S. Their Motto It, Gimlimf/ ttOtlf. 
andBaui HMrm, who died 7"nw7 4, i6qi. Tiiey are the twenty- third Comniny. 

Thit Chnrch was ancierttly in the TiU 4 Blickwell, or Back well> Hall, iflc ten tly 
or and Canons of St . BtrthtUmw in Smith- called B»^g-H«S, at appears ' frbiA tbt 
fitUi bu< after we find a Clerk prefented Arms of the fl«^^/ in fevcral Parrs of It; 
CO it by Htwj Bidjkt a CiTizen of Undm, but it changed its Name by becomrhgthe 
and ab^vc 100 Yciri after another collated Dwelling OtItmM BakewtB, iU'Edtt Ilf. 
by cbe Dean and Chapter of SM>in/'t, from KitharilX. Rig. zo. conveyed this Houlb 
wbicb Time to this pfcfent they have con- to the Mayor and City of Lmi»n for ;o I, 
tinticd Patrons ; but how it came to them to be beld of fbe King In Bargige^. Thit 
wekoownoc The PioScs oFtbisChurcih Hall being thui eftablilfaed in rhe City, 
fettled by the AS (in ce tfaeFirt arB.ijt/. has been for a long Time employed it a 
111. ftr Jkm, Here was a perpetual Chan> weekly Maiket-place for all forti of wool- 
try fonnded by Jibn of Ltadm, and ano- len Cloirhs, broad and narrow, brought 
ther for one Mr. Ihnnn Wtjlinir thereof from all Part) of the Realm to be fold 
which not being fuflicicnt to maintain a there, and by an ASt of the Commoo 
PrielT, they were united. Liml Cr»M^ld, E. Council held ^mgiifl S, i^r^ This was n> 
MidMifiK, and Lord Tieafurer, was bom be the only Market fbr fncb woolten Mt- 
in thliParilh. Hit Seat wis at Ceft h»U\tx nufa&ures, and no Place elfc in Lndtw,tnA 
Iffhf in KpM, and was Ibid by bii Grand, the City of LtndM has given the'profitt 
Too to Sir n»mm WttJIir, BttOMt, who thereof to Chrift's Hofpital, which imntinC 
oow enjoys it. to ■ 100 /. ftr jtwn. at i ^. a CIoatbpiTch* 

a. The Halls are, 1. Marons-Hall, (Ituate ing, and \ refting^fr Week, Stockings and 
in H^ftni'AS^ in %»pKgb»i-prtit. Their Blankets to pay by rhe Pack. Thii Hill 
Company wis incorporated about 1410, was burnt down in thf Fire of Laiuini, and 
hivi.ig been called, Tbt Frci-Utfni; a Fra- is igain built by Chrifl't Hofpitsl. It it • 
ternity of greit Account, who have beett fpscious Bnilding with a (lone Proof, ad. 
hoDoared by feveril Kings, and very ma- orned with Cobimnt, i:fe. 
nj of the Nobility aad Gentry, whohan ;. Coopers.Hall, fituare in bjfaf jhrAjTrwf, 
beea of their Society, Tbey aregorerncd near the Pidage to GikU-AxA. Ic ia bntit 
T 1 of 





of Brkk, ind iK< Hdl ii m biDdfome Tbit Witi) it vety large, and tbo* it ba> 

Roonii wiiiifeoiietl lound, paved with not two Aldermen il the Wardi of firj^# 

Mtible. adorned with jTev^id Co*ti of and Ftrinidi* b>ve, yet for the more coa« 

Arms in the GUfs, and the pooriraiQute venient Govtrnment the Aldemiia of ir, 

or Sii J»b» Flue, Lord M>yor in 169}, and who is Sir IflUum SHwti, Knt. hath for 

of Sir linrj SirtiJ, boch McoAcii uf <hii the moft Part within a Dfpary, who is 

Society, ihe lift uf wham at bis Death in Mr. H'iSi»m PsUiw, and ^ighc Common 

1704, whiMi he WIS Mafter of the Compa. Councilmen, nine Conftablei, twelve Sca- 

ny gave 6fc.W. to build and endow a vcngcrs, fifieen Wardmote-Men, and a Bea- 

Ffce-Scbool at lihtm in tiwrij, and fome die ; and without a Deputy F^b'x Ft»JI, Efq; 

AJmshoulei. ind three Common Councilmen, four Cou- 

This Company conliflt of a MaAer, two ftablea, and ta many Scaveogerf, feventceri 

Warden!, and a Renter, twenty Afliftantt, Ward mote, Men, and 1 Beadle. What oc- 

and ifo on the Livcry. They wereincor. can to a* worthy of Obfervarion in this 

porated in 1500- 16 Hmy VII. Such ai Ward, we Qiall reduce to our ufual Heidi. 

are on the Livery may talie three Appreu- i- Cburcbci in thii Ward are, i, St. lisry 

ticot. -They are the ibirty-fevenih Compa- AUirmaai»j, fo called for its Dedication to 

ny- Tbi) is all ubfervable in ibis Ward, tbc Fitfin Mtj, and for DiAinQion from 

tlie next il the Street where it Qaods, which had its 

Name from the Buiy or Couitof tbeMiyor 

19. CriffhgsH Wild. and Aldermen held there till GmUbaiwtt 

bailiiD tfji.Thii Church wis ancient, and 

Tbif Ward takei its Name fiom the being decayed fo long ago as i^}?, was 

Gate or Pofteio fo csUed, which took its repaired, the Steple new bnilr, and the Bells 

Denoninacloa from ceitiia Cripples who changed for five more tunable ones by Sir 

made it (heir confttnt Place to beg in. mBt»m KtffiiU, Knight of the Bsth, and 

Ic it a very ancient Gate, for we read of it Mayor, who alfo ereQed^ the Conduit in 

Amu loio, near Aity Veart before the this Street near his Dwelling.^ Itwisagain 

Conqneft. It was a Frifon in the Reign of almoQ new bailt at the Patifh Charge in 

King &/■«■> I for Debtors, and fnch other i<)], hut was qoite drmoliSied 1^ the 

Citizens as bad committed any Mifdemea- dreadfiil Fire in iC66, yet it sgaiocicAed 

Bonrs and comnon TteipiITet. It was a> uid was finiOted in id;;. 

itew erc&ed at the Charge «f the Brewcrr The prefent Struftnie of this Charcb is 

of Uwdrn, ^mm 1144. and being again ofSconc, the Roof covered with Lctd, the 

■nnch decayed, was about ijo Years after Floorpived with Stone, and well pcwed. 

Am ifj^i. lebuilt at the Charge of Sir U- the walls valnfcotted, the Pnlpit emiched 

mfi Sksm, or Sb*», who appointed hit with Chetnbimi, the Altarpiece adorned 

fxccuiors, with the Coft of 40s Miika, with Chetabt and the King's Arms, and the 

and the Stuff of the old Gate, to re-edifie it Communion-Table fintercd, ftanding npoti 

^ tbey accordingly did; but Time had s Foot-pace of Marble, and cnclofcd wiih 

fo ruinared it, that in tha Year itid), it was R)iti and Banifters. 

rcnaiicd and bea||iilied, the Tower being We find no Account of the BenefaQon 
built with Stone, and enriched with the to this Church, if there be any. The Mo- 
City- Atns, at this lofcription on tbc Front numencs before the Fire, as we have them 
Ihews: from Mr. JftW, are for Sir ffiSitm EafipU 

befoKtnentioned, who died Ai^fi 14, i43t. 
' This Gau was repaired, beautified, and Jihm UJittUw, Mayoi in t47a. Sir mBUm 
' the Fooi-Pofiern new made at the Charge Srawm, Mayor in t;;;. Stifit* jMrnmgt, 
' of the City of Luidtm, in the XVih Year Mayor, and UMrgtrtt his Wifc,in 151$. the 
' ofsiiT Sovereign Lord King CHARLES Lady Grt/taw in i;i8. TbmM Diggi, t.C%t 
' II. in the Mayoral^ of Sir Jthn RtHnfim, who died Affuft 14, if$i5. Eh*.Mbtth Himi, 
* KQt. and Bar. Lieutenant of the Tower of Diughter of Hinrj Lord Strrii, who died 
' UnJtM, and AlderiDaa of thtt Ward, ^flnw ^'l 18, i^j^. and Rtl^b F'MiaA, AJdtf 
' Dm. itStfj. ' man, who died Siftmhri, i^HS.Mtst. 67, 


L O N D O N. 149 

*ince ttie Fir* rhe annorUl EnCgn* of the Soatb llle, nhish bclong'd tb VJb^ SpitiU 

^Ord Jtf'tfi Son, Baton of fKn ; for Mrt. being prefcivtd, md cunv«rcid latu ■ 

^Sry U'tkt who died Sifttmhr 20, 1704. Churcb, whicb now lenutni. 

^r. Rithm^d Chmtdln, who hid fined for Ic ii 1 very oIJ Building, *nd lo ip. 

KUcnnin, Mid died Ihwmitr 1691. and pctri, rho* ir itm bemclficd at tlie P«iith>* 

bis B'othir Jrim, «rbo died OS»lnr i6%6. Chirge in 1701- AsiciiM prcfent, tbcre is 

D^ftfr^rf, Aldetmtn, who died ^n* 167;. fcirce any thing oWerviblo in ir. Th« 

In thii Cba>cb alio wis 1 mirvellooj old Wiinfcot old, the Pews of m locient Form, 

lofcripnon for "Jthi Cm^«miIim in iiSS. the Palpit pliio, the Altir f icce done in 

This Living is 1 Curacy, anciently in in old Chinftcf, and pitnied apon Cloith, 

tlie E>ean.and Chapter of St, PmI's, who and on chc Noitb Side of the Choir the 

had the Rtfiory, but in 13) ■) they feitled King's Arms piinted in ■ Fritne. The Be* 

it, wi'b theConleut of Ritb-trd d* Gravtftnd, ncftCtorsire fei op in iTibJcon the Noi[h 

upon Elp^ Sfiiilt, of which they wete Pa. Side of (he Charch, ind are Sir fUstUnd 

ttons, upon Condition that they Qiould H*jfw*rd, who give 4/. fir An. to be dj. 

provide a CoriFa to perform all Divine ftubatcd to the Poor every 2h«^j/ 10^ ia 

Office! in ^UnwtsmhuyChirtb, to be appro- Bread. And Sir Jf^^ Swiii.rtni, Knt. L ird 

vedofby the Dean and Chipter of St PoWi, Miyor in ilSii, who give in his Li^Time 

u ir conrinned till the DifTolurion, when 7 ' f '*'"*' 10 be diftriboted every Sumatj 

tie Jtefiory and Advnwfon being graored 10 t&C Poor n, ti d. in Bread with the 

to cemin Perfbns ioTruft for the Piiilhi- Vantage, and' four otbar iinillcr Bentfa- 

onerf, (he Ele&ion of tbcir Miniftcr bu fiors. 

been in Tbcm ever fince ; but he muft be The Monnmentf of Note ih this Church 

Ikenfrd by the Bilbop The Revenue of ate for 

this Coney it fettled by A& of Pirlia- i. Sir R*mlsmt Hffm^d, who was iwlw 

toent Qnce the Fire it ifo / fir Jm. The Lord Miyor, VU. in 1170, and 1^90. thirty 

Impropriaton, who are the Pirifh, pay Ycirs id AldermiDi who died tn great Re- 

Iiim alio id i fir Am Here were aocienily puiitlnn Diamitr f, 1 j$}. ]£ Stig.. 

three Cfaaniriet foQiided by, t. SU H^iSi'sim ' 3. Ritbard Liigk, Efq; Cltrintiax, King 

Es/lfiild, at the Altar of sr. Gt«rjf,oF which of Arms, who died i5$7. 
ttie MerecT* Company were Patrons, a, ] S*i»Mtl Briwir, of the Imur.Ttm fie. Cent. 

Sttfltim >nd WtVi»m Bskiril. 3. Jf-iil, tbe who died M^reb 10, 1684. with thi> Infcd- 

Wife of Stifbtw, K the Altar before the ption, tfirtd siii», Fri.ndi'»dit», Lift ndicw. 

Croft, for bis and her Sog), and their three h' biff's f" » t>ti*r mfur ibii, mlf thrngb 

Children. Hercia a[r(iM/<(i9tcaure,but the Utrits »ml mdiMitn iftmr tUfftd S»v»Mt 

the Maintenance for it is uncertain. ?(/»' Cbrifl. 

1. St.^fybtft, fo cilled from the ^ilnt 4. CbriStfbir St. Ctrmn, who died in 

fo namad, in his Yonth a Monk of the 1S9}- He wis a Perfon linguUtly eminent 

Abbey of ^fi, in the lite of Anbilm in for hit Piety, reading and expounding ■ 

£iw*{«^ir«, after Prior ot GlaSi^nry, and Chipter to his Family every Night, for his 

bleiog had in greit Eftecm for his Holineft, Charity, giving Ctn^lia & auxiliM to his 

irat It length mide Bifhop of tf^inibifiir. People frarit, *nd for his gieit Knowledge, 

and (ben Archhiihnpof CMMfrfary, in which and Abiliiiei, not only in the Civil, Cinon, . 

.See when he hid fit (it Vein, he wis put ind Common Liw, but Scripture as his 

to Death by the Dmhii it Orii»wi(h, Afr. 17, Book Called tita*r md Studint doth te- 

.<«i.ioi4. He WIS buried inSr PinVi Church ; flifie. 

hot ifierwards removed to Cmiriurj by K. ' It it a Reftory, and «M of old in the 

Kntt't Order- He was ifterwirdi fitnted, Gift of the Uaai of St. Muriiu U Grtnd, 

and Cbarchei were ippointed to be confe- n it continued VUI King Hinrj VIT 

en red to bim. Thii prefent Charch is cd thit collegiice Church to ibe Mofaf^c-y 

bat one lile of the old Church of Sf.<f/fi<g( of Ht.PttirWtfminfiir, by Virtue wliEreof 

which WIS pnlled do*o, and midc a Cif the Abbot indConvent there remained ?r~ 

peo:er'l Yard abeat the DilToIutJon, the trons, {^zcept that fnuU Time there w:. > 


Dyrzco ,*^iOOglC 

150 LONDON: 

Blibop of IPffiminJlir) till Quccd Utrj Rtg. dm, nha bid i.Ioog Epinpb in Lsiim upon 
I. by berLecters-Pncnc, gave tbe Advow- tiif Monument. Sir 7*ibM Ciif«l(, Knigbr, 
i'oa of it to EJiBMnd Bumr, Bilhop of £.«ii> School- Mifter to King Edwm-d Vl. who ii^ 
dsn, ind bii SuccefTois in cbacSec forever, ed Stptimhr ij, if}.). Upon bim U > I^- 
in wbom it huh coniiaucd ever fince. tin Epitipb. fi^fAiaw TTiZ/it, >nd his Wife, ' 
ThoReft^nuei recuincd in i<S]6, were 107^. who hive in En^lijb lafcription. ASm 
4/ fir jt»n, betidei ^l /«K^»<Fhe Ground- Dtwnir, who bis 1 L«t/ii Epiitpb, lad Jns 
Rene of the Piironigcr, ivhleb wu burnt, the Wife of Lnwrmti Gitfim, whofe Infcri- 
ind is built upoQ for I Lcife ofRfcjr. Vein, piioa ii both in E^glijh tod Lttin. Mr. 
from i6i6.- Sit» fctt down cbis for 1 Monumeat hcfe. 

Jamil Hflffj, Reflor. of this Church in 
iC]8, wu in the rcbctliou} Timet much ^k >m<( 7ka S£«rr£^, j!iMTomb,jSir Sbeeti. 
ibufed by the Soldiers, bii Cap puUcd off jKm Ricfaet, 

to fee if he wete nvt a {biveo Pried, lod Sf' "vinif fit* Gown, fin Cloak, fiu Shirt, 
being eJcQtd buc of bii Living, died with jEw Breeches. 

Grtdf, and nii buried in ibit Church ia 

14(40: s.Such as are now ftinding, via 1. A ca- 

^. St. Alim Wndfiritt, To cilled from St, tioas white Mirble- Mono meat for Rithmri 
jOl'iiy the firft Mirtyr oiCnai Britsiw, who Hymt of Lmdm, Efq; a. Anocher for Bm- 
fu&red for the Chriftian Fiiih under Dm. jtmi* Ittrvtj, Efi}; late Mijor of the vellow 
r/r/ianj^An }oo. and lies buried It it. ^Ji««4 Regimcot of Tnia'd-Biodt, who by bil 
io Herififdfiart. Tbi« Church ii H U»& » Will give the white mirble Font to thii 
knclent IS King j/ilfinn the Sjxm, who be- Pi riOi' Church, which was fet lip by J^tfk 
:gan f)is Reign in 914, and Tradition ttUs' Rm^ hit Executor. He died DMnwirr 14, 
OS, be hid an Honfc it the Eift-End pf it, 168^. 

the Door of which went out into 1 Street This Pitifh !i 1 RcOoi;;, and was (b me 
carted from him King- Adil firut , but now Time in the Gift of thcAbboc and Coti' 
corroptly Addhjtrit* ; and the Siiuition of vent of It. ^lim in litrtfyrdfitTt ; but wai 
it in GriMt msdfirtit. This Church being exchanged by them for toothct wifh the 
old and fluttered, wat rebuilt in itijf, and Mifter, Brethren, and Siflert of the-Hofpt. 
'being dcmoliflicd by the great Fite of Lm- til of St. Jamii't ocir Jt^iflmw/Iir, in wbom 
Ah, wasagain t^AeQed in ifiS;,aDd made it continued liJl King, fitmj VI hiving 
the Piriw-Chutch of this (Ifce and St, fouiiitA Satm-CiS'it^ it was given to the 
OI0V/ Silvir-ffnt. ProvoQ and FeUowi of it, wlo have pri^ 

The Church ii at prefent 1 neat BuiUing, Tented to it ever liace. It is fiacc the U> 
'fMxh within and witnDut; it it wiinfcotteo, nioa mide by Aft of Parliament woitti to 
liiib a Gallery it tlie Weft-End, and a fpa- the Incumbent 170 /, ftr Jim. 
ciou) Arch under it, the Pulpit finely car,. Dr. Wi'JUm IFstt, in admirable Critick 
ved and eniiched with the Finiref of Fruits and Divine, megtioned ."by nj^nt, with the 
and Flowers, the founding Board in Hex- Title of D^ijp,ntii & cUri(pmM, who had a 
agon, hiving a Cornifli adorned With Ch«- fpecial Hind in Sir atntj Sftlmsn's Gloilary, 
robims, the AltK-pieee is very ornamental, and publiflied Matthew Psrit't Bi/hrim U*jfr, 
and the whole Chutdi well pewed. There in 1C40. wis MiniQerof thii Place in ifi4i, 
ire two large Brafi-Brilicbu hanging in the bat ill his Leirning and Eminency could 
Midft, ind I pretty mirblc Font On the not proteS bim from the Violence of that 
I<{arth-Side is a .Table of the Bcnefaaort, Time ; for be was fi^qucftrcd from his Be- 
who ire in Number rhiiteen, who have nefice, plundered, and bit Wife and Chil* 
given 10 / per Am. ind about loo I in Mo- dren turned out oF Doors, lod foiced to 
nt)/. The Monuments of this Churciiire, five himfelf by Flight. He fled to the 
I. Such is Mr. Sr*« hisprefervedtheMe- King's Side, lirved unJei Prince Rtfrt in 
mory of, v/k. for Sir Rifhird HtBinwtk, ill the Battles he fought igiinft the Pirli. 
Biron of the Bvhtijttr; rtrnxar Catwtrikt ifnent| ind died 1 1 Ki'faliiD tnlspd, wbeo 
Mayor in 1443. "Jthm Cf'wdittl, Miyot in [he Ptince Was blocked up there, jfc»*]649. 
-1 ^D^.WitiMm Dunthwn, Town^CIerk of Ltw 




IQIfJlO.N- i?t 

4. St. tatkMd UM^rut, £} cilUd f(on 

ia Dedication ta A. Mf>«/ the Arcbna- Iw tritf, »f IFmlM u'0 wm /mm^ 

tel, iDd the Place of iti Situation for Di- A {tmi « frjsn, ^fidm Sfun. 

inEtioQ. It ii probable tb«t it i^ ■ very 
ancient ChuTch, beciufc (as Mr. Sttw tellij lo £<■ M«r;' SfWaiiv. there ii one meno. 
Mr, Jtim Ivi, Fairon of this Parifh, Ma '."ble Monument fpr Sir j^-tiiiir f4i'4;«,arfTo 
F(;Ar,GaIdfiaith,aa(l Pu/r Aii(J^i«, T«ylai, w*i ki^igbtcd at C(^(» in jf«h in 1S96, 

«vre two MclTuigej, with Shops, and other being tbcn Generil of her Mijei^y't Foices 
dificei ia this Street and Lddlt-LMtu, to in the Kingdom o( Frtnu, tt the Siege of 
the Reparation! of the Churchy Chviccl, ''"''*', 39 li't.. Colonal, Vice'Trealuicri 
lad other Woiki of Chaiity ja.139a.-1tf Rccciver-Genaraf, and CuunfeUar of SnCa 
Riih. IL Tbii Chuicb wai alfa borni in in htUMl. who died hUrti ij, 1531. 
the late dreadfol Fire, bat ii agaio rebqilt. This Cburcb is a ReQsry, anciently ip ' 
and made the Parochial Church to ihif and the Girc of the Abbot of St. Mm$,, aa ic 
theParitb of £r, tiarj Ssiniitg. continued to the DilToIution, after nbich 

This Cliufcb ii built af Stone, theRoof the Advovfont with the AppottctMnCei, . 
coveitd with Levi, but the Wiifdows ire in ] ^ Stn. VQI. wta fold to WiBitm BwiB, 
only on the South Side and Eall-End, the .and by hini in Qutea tiitsivk't Time tp 
F|oOr paved with Stone, tho. Walll wain- '1^^ and Thtmsi Mdrjb, Ridmrd HMtrnj, and 
Icoited, and the whole handfomety. pewed, ochcrs, w Tinl^ for the PariQi, it it Aill 
the Pulpit fituered and earicbed with Che> lematn*. 

nibimi, and tbe Altar-piece adorned ^ith f. St. Gilii CriffU£Mt4, Co called from its- 
the King's Armi. Here are no BcnifaQofs Dedication to St. Gi/rf, an Atht»i»» by Birth, 
fci up ia view. The MooumCAts preteiv- ,of nohl' and rich Parentage, bat fo cbari. 
cd by Ur. Staw are, for •Jthu BUnt, Cbach. table to the Poor, that be fold ill and eavo 
worker, who died l±^ t, i;99 NithtlM it to them. He went to Cufsrim, Biuop- 
WsMB, Jfrit 19, i4!l4< WiStm HMrvtf.Gra- of ^Iti in Prtvtuti, ud having fiaid witS' 
cer, Depnty-Alderman of ihii Ward with- him two Yeara, he grew weary of Core pa. 
in, who died Srviwhr 16, 1581. and hii ny, and retiring into a Wilderacli dwctc 
SooJblrM, wbodied JAvMtitr^, i£eB. llit in aCivc Cbsrki Umittl, King of B-smi, 
Head of 7m«u IV. King of Stti, who wat as he was hnntiog, found him there, and 
killed in tbe Battle of /M^A'tU, &r/t/sa. underftanding that he retired thither out~ 
^'9. If ij.isbufiedhere. TheMaonerof of Devacion, dbiIc a Moniilery where bis 
its Burial w»c this : His Body being cm* Cave was, by hit G>nt«nt, and made him ' 
baWd, wucsrried lirft to iMatm, and from tbe Abbot of it. Ic was near the City of' 
thence to Shin iit Swrnj, and there buried, Ififmtt, and in it he pfefided fom; Years, 
at was thought { however, after the DilTa- living in gieat Sindiiy and AuAsrity, and 
IwoD, the Body, wra{^d in Lead, war dying .4mw yoch was canoniaed for a Saint, 
founS lying in a walle Room, among old and OifpJtgm is added to difliagutlb it' 
l^obvaDd other Knbbifb, which a Gla-' from other Churches fo dedicated ia thiy- 
zicr ofthisPari(h obreiving, he cut off tbe City and clfewherc. 
Head, and 6nding it dry and caQing a This Church if a very ancient Fonndari; 
fweet SoMlIrba brought it boan^ end ibni. on, bein^ hiiilt by jltfimt, Bilhop of Uadm^. 
time after had it bdtied in this Church. ^^» taio, near forty Years before tbe 
The Glizier'i Name wu LsMtilti na^g^Mtf Conqueror's coming, and tho' it ws» burnt ' 
fier Glazier to Ciweo EtixMittb. Mr. Sful/ down in i $4$, it was again rebuilt, ind by 
will have this Head to be the Laird, of Baita- feveral Additions, became a very m-g^ili- 
i-ar^, but fK«4wr fays, tbere'snodoubt h« cent Church in Appearance j for in 1'-:-. 
he was .buried U 5hi«. Hsre was alfo a the Chancel was repaired, and thi^ I: . 
MoDOmenc in Memory of Qjiecn EUtaiiti, cur ioolly clouded, and in 1619,- lii.' i j 
with a-Jarge Infciiption in her Praife, at tbe Corners were rebuilt, and a f;i. , 
Kiicb if fuftun'ii^ uy. in (wo ofthc Vcilin rctcreffed in the Middle, but tbi> 
that:. >"B* > Cnpulo wai Tk u^ in i 


ijt LO if IX ON. 

viib ■ V«fl« apoa it, u tbere i* tlfo on p<Kir/>rptrtniiipon AB taittt D>]r,«i ibove. 

tfie Spirei. m died Stftwrnitr i2, itfoj. 

The prcrent Chorch Ubuilt of oM Stooe, Mrt. Amt H»r<o»0,WUov>, gire tot. fir 

Boulder, *nd fome Brick finifhcd over. Ic .Am. fur ever, for (be Relief vi poor Wu 

hlifge ind Tpiciutu, ind wiihio plcirinc, dotR't. 

the Roof li flit, flcitly cielcd, ind over the Mr. Riierr Smitk.we jCarfy feur Brblcs 

Altir piinted in Clauds, well pewcd ind wc)l buHed ind bu£d ro four |KKn- Mens 

w*infci)t[ed, ibe Pnlpjt finely cirvnl and Children, wh»lhaU beft deferve them for 

finiered, the Font is tine bloe veined Mar- tbcir leading, and on* Dozen o( Bread 

ble. binding it the Wefi-End diredly op veekly for ever. 

podte to tbe Cooimanioo-Table. the Al- Mr Riihtrd ll u J wry, give fix new Com- 

C(r>piece if very ornamemal, having ovi^r man Pnyer-Boolct, ind fitiy-two Dozen of 

lie Commindments tbefe Words, CW/p<(i« Breid. 

tJhfi Wkrdi. Over the Lord'aPrayer lfht» Mr. Riftr BtHtm, give 19 I. ftr Awn. of 

y* f7< §"]• And over the Creed, 7t* Aft- which 1 o f. it 10 be ffivea veirfy to the Poor 

aUi C'lid, Anil ibc Foot pice of the Com- >t Clwifimai, and the reft to b« referved 

mun ion- Table is paved with fine poliflkd yeirly (O purcbale Lind fbr rheir fitrtber 

white and bUck Marble, encompafled with RelieiF. 

■ Riil and BiniOer. The Mbnaments of this Church arc 

The BcnefaAort of this Parib are Mr. fome of them very obfcrvable, v/x. for 

Thntm Swif, who gave forty Dozen of Mr. Jibn SftM, tbe fimoui Geographer 

whearen Bread and four Loads of Charcoal, Ind Htftorian, Servant to Queen Eliuitik, 

to be dilttibuied yearly to the Poor in this King 7«mfs I and King Ch^rltt I, who died 

Minner,w>& Ten Dozen and a Load ofCoals 7a^ 18, i5i9. aged 77 V<^a's 

ibe Wcti befote jilt SMiMt Day, Htwmiir Mr. JsAi Ftx, the Mirtyiologift, who 

1 and the like Qnanticie* of each in the died AfHt 18, 1587.' ^e«. 7). Dr. Fmatr 

Weeka before Chripmm, Jtnary 15, and tells us of him. That he was fu large a 

Kaftr D»f. Reliever of tbe Poor in his Life ITme, that 

Mr. BUghin, 1 Batcher, gave alio forty 'tis no Wonder that he left no Legacies at 

Dozen of Bread, and two Loads of Charcoal, his Deaifa. He foretold tbe Sftnik Inra- 

to be dtfltibuted at the fame Time and in Iton in 1581, and the Roin of iheir m. 

the fame Proportion. vifuiUt jfrmads, (at they called irj but he 

Mt. Chtrlts Lsnglff gave twenty Gownj, lived not to fee his Piediftion fulfilled, 
twenty Shirts, and as many Smockl for Sir Jilm ff'rii^iijlty. Krtv. Garter, princi- 
twenty poor People of this Parilh, to be pal King at Arms, Grandfather of Ttamav 
dtflrtbuted to them yearly upon At Stimti l**i«tr/«^, Knight ofihe Girier, Lord Chan- 
Day, and a Sermon then to be preached cellor of Itglmni, and Earl of siuthsmftom, 
ro invite others to the like Charity. He Rrfrrr Glrvir, Smtrftt Herald, (»ho ditd 
died 7iMl 8, rtfoi. and is buried here. Afrit jo, 151B. A^tft. 4^. 

Mf. «««■ Mtfn, Vintner, gave aoo/. Mr, Edwnd Rmrwft, in Aldermft's De- 
with which 16 1 purchafed. to, puty, who iiedMsTth 14, idio. and feveial 

K expended in baying ten Gowns of black others. 

Cloath lined, to be given to ten poor Men This Cfaarch was given by Athaw^d the 

of the Freedom of thit Paiilb upon AS. Prieft, to the Church of St. Fsut's, aod the 

Sjimi Diy, at the Difctetion of the Vicar Prebendaries thereof for ever, and the Dean 

and Churchwardens for the Time being, tod Chapter of that Cathedral are Propri- 

He died Sefttmiir ^ l£o}. .Ait. ]7. and etariet tk the ReAory, and Patrons of the 

was buried in this Cfaaich. Vicarage, which is valued to the Incumbent 

Mr. mi'Um Vf, Vintner, gave to the at jaat.fir An». Mr. Sfrfrf trlli as. That 

Poor of rbis Pirilh 80/. with which a Rent ibete was in this Church a Brotherhood de> 

of 61. ftr Aim. \\ boiight and fe'tled for dicated ro St. Uttrj and it Gilii, founded by 
ever, to be beftowed in twelve Coats of Queen Mmi< Wife to K. Hnr; L which 7Ahi 

green Cloatb, to be dtRiibated 10 twelve ftt/M>«rrcpaitedin i}£o,baiMr.£r«winattes 
hiniihe Foooder, Dr. 



LONDON. isi 

^6it, aitd afccrwaidi.truiJbted to ijy 'in .Room ^itii. i , g^acciul .Appttitnn, the 
t6Z7, a Perron of great Guvit)* i>V.alli Brick ^d, Sione Wirdow-Cilcs. It 
ing, ind fo eminent I Preicfier, chic lie wit u finiite'in< d/i^i^itj!r'm. The Comp^h^ 
chofea by King ?««(/ I. to be one of the ^"e incorporarcd in i^i;.' 6 Bivr/ VI. ty 
tdm to ZOBViace the MtiviMf, tndmher Pte{. the ttbme of J*. Usrj tnd £;^ Fi&iin.'!/ /^ 
1>jrteriiii $f«ff,oftbe Excellency oftheGoR. H'rtf^, wbicli w^i cooGrtn'd in 15;^, lo 
flimtion of the Cbarch of Eiigbwd, in theii .'/f'z.. They coi>i;i^ alt, MtHer, [hice Wir- 
Srrinoos before him le HnvfOir Cnw, -wis idensv . twciKyrfpur qcb^. A,[^Q«ait, jn'd 
Vicai hen. 1 ninety on the twry^. 'tcliiijf iYeanuory, 

Dr. mrOttfM fWfp, I Mia fimotti far ill .^<> 
-Uadiof Leimiiig, is welj 11 for hii Pra- . $• Oirrieii-lIilT, lltiutcne;r Zfrt/ra.'tfi^, 
dence and Piety, was Vicir here in 1641, TbiiCompinj wis incorpoiarcd 7m« 11, 
bacbeiagreqiKftrcd, hindered, indejeftcd .ifcf. and.^ave a'Mallcr, two Wiidcni, li^ 
tat hia Loydiy by the. pulitmenury Pon* teen ATtBf ats,. tai lo'a pa chfrLJvcry. (ft-r. 
crs, bo fled to Oxfird, and (laid there till « .lhcir,j\toit<t tt, Sfu .m^t* ptii4',\. e. G«ii U 
-vaa fnrrendBfed, whereupon he retired ta. ^"^ f/*pf., '.^ 

t»nd*M, vhere he lived in Obfcarity to hb - ^■Hitrerd^ Hurreis, Hill, fiinite iii 
Z>rach, which happentd M9 la, itf}^. Maidim-Ltm* neii M'ntd prut. h it 1 good biick 

In Chtny-Jiif in G*ld*»-L»iu in this Pa- jButldiog, ifid rhc Ijill Jj lof^y, paved with 
riOt i> ■ fr4e School for forty Seholars.for Marble and Piiriffl, wainrcotccj^and hung 
inflroaing whomthcMaQcchitital. aYei^ ^ound with tfte {Unii's, 'Ctrx's.'Compiny'i, 
not of tfaeKcQtiof fotieHoarcaiDtbrfiid ^d oiher Aimr. Th'^y Wrrtj incorporited 
Alley, they were mdowed by IF'iiiMi fKn. ^Brotherhood o£ Sc K»ib»*ine, their Pa- 
aw/ io iSig. trone&io 1447. aad veic d nfiimei} 7 f/c«9 

X. The Halli in thli Ward are, VII. Jbn* i foi, and nimcd Mtr(h*»it-H»ie^ 

I. Scrirenen-HaU. an hudfofne Build- dtpurt,. They are a M>ft>^r, four Watdent, 
ing. You cmer the Room calkd the Halt ninety .A(Cll>nta, and ]>9 oo the Livery j 
by A JpacioiuArch to a ftatety Skrecn,;id* They ^ay -take etch of them 1 Apprenticed^ 
oroed with Columnt, ES'r. They were in* They are ch.e eighth of ifw twelve Compir 
ooiporKcd in iilifi, lod confiftofa Mailer, Qibi out of whi<;h the Mayor muR be cbo- 
two Wardens, twenty four Afliftaats, and fen. ind hiyc hjd twcncy-two Miyors free 
Chirtr-eight on the Livery, Qr. of their Gaoipiny. Their Motto is, Strvt 

a. The Bow ycrs -Company bad formerly *«^: aiff. . Mr. W*» fayi,. That (be C»p- 
(at Mr. 3/»icllsns):in .-Hill in this Ward peri and Hic-Mccchaats arc one C?mpan)| 
in MmkrmiSJhat i iitit fince Cbe Fire the y of H'bcrdilhers. Orsr-agaiall thiiHtll W, 
fcave no Hall,, bn't generally meet it a Ta- . 7>Wii-Chfndleri-HalI, fituatein M#iVni- 
wern, or fome pnblick Plice ; they were in- i^M, a pretty tha' fmalt Building. This 
GOiporned in.itfii, but dfiubtleft ware a Compiny wit iooorporatrd 1 A/(;6. Ill '^hw 
Fnteniity I«ng before, ar>d that in great i4S4> and ace 1 Miflcr, two Wardens,' 
Kc^oQ, thcildng.Bow being < 1 chief In* twen[y:ihief AfliSaots, of ili« 
Urnaient of War for many Agts, befofi Livery, ind tli'e whole Company about 
Giuu were invontcd. They arc a Haider, ifoi .Tbcynuy tik» but two Apprentices. - 
two Wardcni, twelve AlEninti, ind thirtf* 3. Oiher things obfcrvahli: of feveiil 
twoboibe Lireryvl^a. ' forts, both new.and old are, 1. SiimCtSext, 

}. Plailleren, anciently Pinners-Hall, &• lltuate in Philif-LMMc na't LmJm WtB, which 
taatcia 'tf^/«/>-nf near P^iVffLM<,>prelty wit moft anciently i Nunnery, afterwird 
Room, adorned with Prct'Work, Srr. They in i^aj, convened into in Ho(pit»l by 
Were incorporated ihouf the Year 1500, tViBUm Rlfitig, ECq-, for iqo blind Men, and 
■nd confift of a Mailer, two WardeRi,ind called glfivg-SpinU. This Houfe he three 
Affidantt nncertaini and eighty*fiz on the Yean ificr changed into 1 Piiory for Ca. 
Livery, &f. nons Reftular, wbo furrendered it to King 

Htwty VIII. Jmit I5JO, Aboat 100 Yesn 
V after 

154 LONDON. 

ifter D-. wfcf^iKeMeMW'yofa*. fMTs by Sr. »««7'« n«^ Sr. AmT*, wWe kc li- 

' f nd Vicif of St. DmiflJm i» i*t Wtf, pur- vej iboat twenty Yciri \ uoleri my of faii 

'Chafed it of Hie Ciovrn for ]ooo /. ind poor Kindred appcfr, who irc ilw^y* firft 

coovcned it into i College for tbc Ufe of to be cearidered by the Etcfiors. Thefe 

the LtudMi-ClirgT, wbo were incorporated Alnu-hoofei fall witbtbe College, indrbs* 

by King Chtriii I. by the Name of the Prt- they wcie tebuik with it (k will ippearj 

fidtHt and Ftlhwt tf Sion-CoUege, far the yet their Allowance, partly by the fajlinf 

Glory ofGod, iheGood of the ChnrchiRe- ofthelCcMf, and p«rtiy fay the (inkinf of 

drefs of Inconventeocci, tnttntiintng Truth the Value of tha Landa, ii fo mocb diini- 

in DoQcine and Love in Converfrtion one nifhed, that they are now paid no more 

with mother, at ibe Dofior't Will inti- than j/. tot. ftr .Jm.hy the Cotlcn. 

'Diitei. It i( gorerned by the Prelidenr, The Relloration of the College loa Hot 

two Deani, and foar Afliftantt, who are p'ual after the Fire wii in this Minncr: 

cleScd every third 7W/V«)> after E«^*r. when The Clergy of ba^ gave and procured 

there ii a Sermon preached it the Chtitch bcb large Contributioni, that the Hill tad 

of St. Alfbagt, in which PiriOi it Hindi, other publick Roomi wicji iIm Chamber*. 

It conUdi of in hindfome Htll, Lodging! &f. were boilt by ihetn at tfae Ezpencc of 

for the Picddenr, aod Chambert far Stn- sooo'. the Libmy and Hofpital were re. 

denti. builtit the Charge of (cvartl worthy Bcn» 

Tbi( wai a great Work for mm Hiii, fa&ert, who laid out ijoo/. abont tbcin. 

(conGderiag the Abu-koolci he alfobnilt The Library iaaill dcfedin of Books, tho^ 

near ic, and endowed, of which we Aill King cimlu U. ia iSjS, after the Popi& 

fpeak prefently) bat the miio thing which Plot, gave many of the JeAict Books^ 

cither he overlooked or fbnnd hinuclf oii< which were leizcd, to it : and oany of cb« 

abl« to do, wai wmting, wluch was a Li- Members of the College give -othcri, at 

brarf ; bnt that wasfoon aOer fupplied by hive alfo the Bailof Bwtir^, Mr. CW/*, &c. 

the Liberility of laother Lmdm NUntfter Whir Booki are now In it miy bereen in 

Mr. 7*^ Sin^fit, Reftor of St. Ohw Hart* blue Pramci at the Bed of each ClaTs t but 

pmt, who at the Charge of looa I. built ■ there are in every one fo mwy Vacancicc 

ftiacioas Room for that End, and fbmifli- that it is ealily difeernable, that it is not 

cd It withPlenty of Booksoif alirorri, for reflorcd any thing nigh it* original Ptrib> 

the Ufe of the Clergy of the City chiefly, AioD. 

not csclnding others. How well cbofcn >. mtd'finH.Ctmfttr, which ir ■ friSaa 

and proper the Booki were, may be feen kept in IFrnd frtu, (fo called from the 

by peinnng the Catilogae of them ptiblilk- ffWr the Owne ri of it) for Debtms and 

edbyMr.Ef(Mtr, the Keeper ofitin iff^7, Nifht Ramblers, diac dillnrk the Pkaco. 

under this Title, Ctttligfit Vmvrrfdii /i- This Prifon had been for mny Veart io 

htrwm w BiUitthtiS OtitgU Sitmi afad Urn. B'lad-Jhut, but wu remove^ Ucber in tho 

Jinmfn, &c. Bat moft of the Books were Year i;5f, by Venue of ao.AQ of Com- 

deftroycd or loft, when the College and mon-Council held S^tmitr 19. i d 4 Ph. 

tibrary were demolifhed by the Fire of & Uitr, This PHfon hath btlonging to it 

iMdM in ii6S. ■ Secondary, Serjeants, and CHerks. 

The Founder Dr. Wtif made this Col. ). In Umtfrnti-firtH in this Ward, (tha* 

lege an Horpitil in Part for ten poor Men, we find no flicfa StnetJMr.Jtaw fays these 

wnoliave tbeirDwelliogi within theGitcs, were twelve Alm^haaCec founded bj Sil 

and ten poor Women, who are to inhibit .dmirifi HltMrn S«b(*', Mayor in 15x5, for 

witboDC them, giving them bcfidei their twelve poor iged People, who be&dei ibeir 

Dwelling 61. ftr On, each* They are to Dwellings Rent-free, weseallowed each tit 

be oominiied tho) ; Four by the City of them 7 i. a Week, five Sacks of Coali, and 

Sriftl, where Dr. Whin was born ; eight by t Qurter of an Hundred of Faggoti. 

the Merchant-Taylor's Compmy, fix by 4. Turning towards Cn/fA.X«f«, juflup* 

the Pirilh of St. DmiJImt /■ iht l^tf, where on Lmdm-W»B. ire other fix Atms-houfes of 

kc WII Miniftcr foitynioe Yeiri ; ind two the Cofi and Gift of Mr. iUirrf Rtfin, Lea- 

LONDaN. 155 

thtffiOer, «bo fcu cadowed them vitb t ch*rfubl» Cidxen, be fm icat / towtrdj 

firfBdcnt MiinmuDce for filch poor P«0' ift provid«d ic were boilt in cbc Sp«M of 

pie u ara lUowed ro 4wel1 in theni> three Ytfra, which tni iccordingly pMx 

f. In Ldttli Iftd-fmi ireinea Alky ft* foKDcd, ina it wm' finiAed in itfi?, Sir' 

vea Ouabcn firaoidwl for ievta |MBr Peo- J«^ £mmmi, Knr. being Miyor. The North-' 

pie fo dwdl in tbem Rcnt-fiee, by Hmj Side of it it edoraed with the Pigarc of 

Bsrfm, ]H>Tor in tf itf. King 7Murf, on Harrebicfc, done in Re- 

6. The 7fW* Gudes, riK only fttce then letvo between two Nicbei, wherein ire 
tHoved tbeiB in Si^JM 10 bury their the Fignrei of the Propfcete 7mmi»k md 
Dead. Smmiii, with Rcfcreneei to yn-, 1 7. 1 j. 1 

7. Dmmy BMjS, oteM T^ffle pertilnlng Ssm, is. i. md on the Sbufh-Sidt it witc- 
to the Abbot of K.0mfif, for hit Lodging ten: 

when be cime to Liuim, bac of lite to Sir 

Drew Dmnj. ' Tfaii Oete wn rrnilrod end beimlfied 

*. In ButkLmm the Drtpen of l*Mb» * ir the fole Cbirge oFihii City, m the Veir 

luve dij^c Almi-bonlei, boilt of Brick and ' of [be Mtyoril^ Af Sit SmmhI S$aHli%; 

Tfanber for eight poor Widows e( their ' Kat AamMi. itfyo. 

I Coapaoy to m there Ben^ftee, ac- 
ling to the r" " ' ' ■ 

cofding to the Gift of the l^iy Atktm, This Wird ii govmied hy m AMeronti 
Widow of Sir Chrip^htr jtliw, Driper, SirfMwrf Qtntrd.txtA hii Deputy AM«ri< ■ 
•ad Mayor in If ]J- U^it, ERi; fbor CommeK CoaocHaw* 

9. la OiUtjy Lmt, Hhhtrd GtHri of within the Giie, and fbur ttkbmt, eifht 
^jfti^rn^Erq; Citizen and P■inte^Oat^er of Ceaftebfcf, nine Sotvengm, fedrioea' 
IiBrfwr, fbanded thiRcen AlilK-hMifei for (b Wirdmote-Meni and a Bnrfe.' 
maoy poor People to Krc in Rent-free, to The thiap thod remarkaMe in rfib Ward 
wlMnn he alfo allowed 1 dL a Weak and a are. 

Laid of Cotli yearly amoog tbem (or ever, t. Tbe.ChnrChei wWch weMMto the 
tyii4 certatnfairLandttn JfTiftMatomaia' greit Fire, t'*. A. 7«jhi Ziki«f^ now oni. 
Cdn this PopDdation. trd to St. .^mift Mtrfgati, 3. St. mmf 

to. The B«rU«M,fociffed, becltifiit&et^ ».risi-tf,H»w»irftfedto Jr Wifst l mt dj mt., 
mcteDdy ftood on the Narth>Slde thereof j. St OUw SihK-fnm.JttMaod to «.if Amr' 
a Boiih-keomog, or Watcb- Tower of the - VM-fiiHi. 4. S». ^tewV^M^f. And, 
Oty, called in fome Lanentge a Bxri/nM. j. St. tti^t Mtr^Mi, hoc now an oaly 
liii Street lately belonged to Hnpimt Sik> two. 
fj, XjoiiwntnMj of ^tth- I- S*.BtltfytwithntjaktfiMf,hetttti 

II. amlrr-plm, an Hoiife betengingM ot St. iM^ ifl Af/^ Smtw, ttmom kr 

St 3tM«« Wtitthtfij, Knt. iffincipil ^nf Piety and Lairoins in the Reign of KiM 

of Anns abovemeniioned. This if all ire Uf'*,. md b«ing in Love with a inonrfKek 

fiikd raemortUe in this Ward, and (hall dcir Life, bnilt a Monaflery ae /(M>*» near Uw 

funty mAt, where he lircd almoft tbirry Years, 

and died in Aa The Race is grown Dp 

to. /Bif^s^ Ward. to a Town, and !s now ciHed Bf/ea, i. e. 

BffA^s Town, %rA'M»rSfH n added for 

'nis Ward takes its Name from the An- , Di^inftion of it from otber Charcbei of 
tiqairy of the Gate, it being one of the the Time Dedieadon. Tn this Church, at di> 
fear Gates thac were tuiilt at the firfl Tet- vers Ttnrct, were fannded two Brother* 
ting Dp of the Wall, and as /6if** f>rOU- hoods, one of St. FmHm and St. itt»jkn, ia 
gaM was fo called fiem its Age, To thti Is the Veir 1J77, 51 lite. FIT. and tbe orber 
from being,the'f/''«^<'(r of thetwa. This in HbnoBroftbe Holy Triniry,}4flha>V^ 
Gate being i^nons, and in Dinger oFflR- ^jt>*TiKj§am^p>ln,R,c»'mui.»niT.Smitk, 
ing, the Lord Iftjyor, Aldermen, ind'Com- for a Mafter, two Wirdena, with Brethren 
mooers rcfolved to pnH It qnite down, and and Sifters, and endowed with more tftia 
baild ieiBtinofebMott*WMimier,whieft 30*. aVearLaitds, which King AAparrfVI. 
htilirkaosrn to Mr. WiBam ?srlur,\ very fupprcfled. 

V » It 


LO :2<rji'j>:M 

'.It it-M t>ldCti«reh, hiving etnfiti tjb«, t9 ftrvs t^. Care, ^t, ir Seciae i Ddni* 
Eireio itf6^ yet w«s Pirt burnt, whicfa is tiv« at Cur«c)', ud fo continned uader- 
fiAC* rfpiirej, ind. tbe whole >itb{l«tcly! revert] Alier*uoiif otdutDtiaeiy, i. By. 
bren' bciutified. It h»iti tw^ G*]lerif<.tw: Kpig, Hn7, VIL wjio,. tpntxed ii to his 
the North and WeA.Sido,'g«>40*lt,PeWi,. Moniftery of St.j;»rtr iii »>j(»/B^,r,, a; By 
■nd • cirvcd Pulpir, ihtt'c ii littl? Orni' King Hi^tj y^II, Kfio^ntnied it u> fhaBi* . 
mcni, the A)rjr-piece ii oM Piiniiag, id-. Qtop of mfimi*firr, whi(.h^cbtd\uc}y con. 
orned with ■ Gltiry.'ind GOO done in verted in«o-'*-!iee.. > liy Queen Msrj I. 
HthtW, Gruk, L^iiWi >nd EKghJb, and Che- who brought H '^ ^foiikt. ■&•!", md con< 
mbims with uiiny ol4 MonuQieBtt neuu, ttnucd it to them. 4' By Queen EliKti*llt,j 

W« fiip, field, qo Benefaftqrt, ia. tbit wbO-tiivingiguTdlTpfficcd rtM<Mmikt,-givc 
Church, Tjivc wbti we find on the Munn- ; thjt Redoi>y and Eiii^-Cburch. do . ths.- 
menu of (ucb is lie baried here, vix.. Tbt- D«iii and Ghipter of K'tfimuilitr, who dava . 
MM* B(ii)«tMk^«ho fDunded^Chttitry iair, pfcrented to it ever Jincc. The Rcflory 
and gave to it the Hilwt, ta Hanfeof his ' here is worth 30a /. ftr 4tm and Curacy 
id C^ra^'jj.^fihi ftsr$fl)tnu, a Setvi^t to i^o I fir jfwm. The ^nropriate Tithes ar« ~ 
King Hnry IV. and otberf pf Jiia ^ifBi.'yr' faid t« ^leafed b^rrl^e laid Otan and Chap, 
who were great Bcnefi&ori to it. The re* lo-jtuhmf.^fii^iif-MjaiChrifiifiirRimif, 
I)idy>AMPMiii^««,whol»iltAln»-bosfea Ef^t. 

war ttfktt-fwjtn Church in flut.firul, who a. St. Jwit within AlJtrfs'.'*; ft* called..- 
iui^*^!^it, n6i CbrifitfbtrTamwmb of becaufe it ii dedicated to 5t. >«aH, Mother. 
Ortff-Aia.ftrqi jphp gave 40^ M<rka to pof- of the Vitgit^ Ma^, by her Huiband 7v- 
cliafii tmntyMaifciamiutl Rents io.Lflod, ' r^«i of [be Tribe of jfulsb, dweHisg. ac 
to maintain lJPi(i*ft to. read Piters every; Hn-artib: But if the Tiadition receiveif ia 
Vtoikwg.OW in the Week' fpr.eviir, and the t'arifli be true, wk. Thai St. jtmu and- 
400/. ro purchare 10/. a Year iri Land, to . St. j^att, two Sifters, built that Churcb, , 
gjve fii-ft^ Men aod font- Widow* 40,^. which is ihctc&rc dedicated to them, , they ■ 
a.Vest ■•picp«. ' Qchft Monwnentt. ihtu- mull be t«o Brkilk or smm» holy Womcn,'^ 
afc for»- - ■ • . , ■. -. .. i »itd AliUrjgM* is added for Diftii'^orvfroai - 

• Or. fiMw<H«WnifrW/.an eaHip««Pliyfic)Uv <>th$r.C<»U[cbes-of the fame D^^dication. 
tBf.wbp'dkd Aimi^fi, t^^g.. % • . i' -:. .■ The Fptmdation o^tlusChgrch ii i^ot dif^. 

•M^nt-. U^ty, uxi'iAMa tiiLWifc>swbp , covf nthle. higher thait- 1 3 T9, 33 Rdp. III. , 
died nU, and weary of Life. -> when a Chantry was given to it. iAi. St$vr , 

William MiS, El'qi of Gnjibm, Clerk, of (vft- it wax burnt down a^ far aa it was 
t^B SW cbfmbir, whadied 3^ i6,t6o.S. combuflible in 154S, but -was Toon repair- . 

JZ/fW, CW> .Miiuftec. V tht»..PsHtfai- e(U iHdio iiIh- b«atitificdi but had 1 gam 
JSf*t, T4. ': the, 1)0 happy Fate to be bu^n^ down in. 

y>fa5<tbrfiii.Birp(kqftb*AK^<fWi«ho.', iS5|Sj It was reboilc in r6So, and beturt- 
di^d- OBdtr i6, 160^. \ fi«d.ia 170]. and,by the ASt of PirJiimcat 

Qr Jtim MifkiliiwJttt, Knt. Phyliciaii to. mtf ij Csr. If. the PiHOi of St. 7>^ji Zs: 
King Ckfhi II »ho died Jm^ 17, ifiSl. ei^<ny in this Ward wai united to it. which 

y»b»tttrttf and tJig^teb bit Wife, who Mr.St*a*rayi wai.a fair Cbiirch,jeba!k by. 
ditd bt, liipmttr_ ao..if8l..iD)*i pmimiif. Sir ItUbtlM Tmifird. 
7i (6oj*-. Thicl^hu'ch is fqwre-, fupporredby four 

Tbt» Chifrch wh ^f old a Rtfiory in the . buidfame Pitlart, well waiarcotted within, , 
Qtft of ihc D;*ii of St MtTlin ItgTMd, but having a good Gallery at the Wcfi-Eod, an 
byitbel.rcc''' Patents of K\*gRubairi U. hindfome Pnlpit, ind an Alcjr-piece. ad- 
witb Uic Conf'i't of R*im Brajknkt, tkea otoed with a fpacioui gilded Scrabbim, 
J^i^poff-Minr, being <pproprtatcd 10 eImC aod a Facitspiece, on wtiich rhe Woid 
cpliegiare f burch upon Cnndition of-cele- .; GOD itdoncin Htirnt^Cui, Uitim, and 
Kaiiig^t perpcrual Anniveifary on 7aHf 7. MngUPfi the Foot-picc, ii of black aiuj 
fqr rli<r King and Quccn, allowing 1 fuf- white Marble, inclorcd.with an handfomo 
fifiiest MviiTei»ace for »Ff (jut^ Ctp*pliia ^ flroos Rul 'ad Awiiflcr. Hcie arc 00 c ha.. 


Lp N.p,<) N. t$j 

riiiet, mil b« (eir Monnmeorf b^Gdei- Lmn TbiiCompmy Wit incorporated in 

what Mr. Sitif has pfelervei], which »c )6 Riehtrd II. 1393. ii (Ke filch of the 

for Mr. lV»hrr Htddn, on 1 Tibic hmif- twelve Comptniei, ind hith hid thirty-lix 

ing in the Quire; Mf. tdwmfi Wmuiia, Mayor i. of ic, of vhich Htmy fitz-jHwm, 

MerccT, ind Miiiunt tiii Wife, ^nw 1571. the dtd M*yor o( Lmdta, who contina:dfo' 

Mr Edmmi- tiirnd-,* hii Son, abo d^ed t^'CR^-four Vein, wm one ; Grv*? ft*h^- 

jtfrii 10, ifpo. Stifiti Bt$iiniiirj .' Gentle- JIgi, chief EfTay-Mifler of ill the King'l 

mm Uthtr to Slog H<»7 VIII. Queen Mo- Minti in Etiglmd, .j Sjas'd III tvii >no- 

f7, King Editmrdyi, and Queen Eliztiith, iher, ind i^iehtlm ttringdn, Aldeimin of 

who died fiirm»rj j, 1 j^j Mr. J»i|i Penttr., Farfngita Wird, and four Timef MiyorwM 

t*, Refior of rhh PariOi, Who died Stfum- , laiither, wiiboiiny ocheii ofNote. They 

itr 13, 1499- In St. 3*iii Z'tts-y's were conftll of ftiqr VfiiAtnt, ninety AlIiflMitl, : 

Mmiumcm* for Sir Vi'tbtlM Twifari, ihe ind 19+ of the Livery. They btvs ». 

PMinder, who died in 135)0, and Sir 7'm(/. Power co examine and try the Goodacfi of 

fmhtrtM, Mayor ia ifiii, and ^icd &tf' Place all over EngUml, and do fit at tttcic 

rmhr 9) 1619 He founded. ■ ftee School Hill to ifTiy the FineneO of Plate every 

at Eiiiifi» in zJwujtiri, and ftive fool, to Tmfi^, Timrfdaj, Hid S'tMrdty, for whicn 

Chrift's Hofpital, <j-f. , Porpofe they have «i Airiy-M»fter, andi 

' Thti CliUTi:^~')f a Rc^orjr', and wis in- of the. Wardens is alwayi prefent. 

dently in ^be Gift of the Dcin of 5t. iur- Their Patron if St. Dmi8am,*gA the Motto - 

Urn ItOrm^, Uadm, 10 which the Advow- of their Arms if, Jafiiiim wrtutmm Rtgiw., 
On continaed till King UinryVtl. gave it 1. Cookes Hill, ficuate on the Eafl Side 

to-lhe Abbey of St. Ptttri in if^tfiMtuftir, of jtUt^Mi-fiuit, over tgtiaflLf tilt BritsM, . 

is vbidi' Charch it continued till Queen This Company wat incorporated by tlw 

turj L gave iT,amDDg ochers, to the tbcrn Ninie of^Mibt or PuJitUrf,- i^z Edturd IW. 

Bitbop ^ Ltwdm, and his SuccelTors for e* 14^1- lod are t.wo Miflcrt, two IVardcoi, ., 

ver, who hive anioyed it ever lince. It ii twenty-five AfTillants, and feventylli of 

iDtde fuicc the Ujiion worth t^i ftr Aim, the Livery, be fides the Commonalty. Tbcy 

to the forambenr, brddes two little Honfes ware confirmed by Qtieen lliittiab, and A • 

ia St. jtamt's Line, u.bich piy 10/. a-year terwird by King 7<«wm I jtmniis. Theic- 

Gronnd'Rcnt ro the ReSor, and Motto ii, ^MlMtrMi atm viSi. 
A«. for a Sermon upon New Tisr't Day, 3. Th in g» remarkable of feven) Ibiti ia ' 

given by on« Mr. Wrigc Heie were an-. ihiiWiid. 

cicntly two perpetual Chtn^ries, the one i Ten Almt-houfef belonging to tlw 

foonded for the Souls of TitmM JuvmmI and HtbcrdaQiers for ten poor People ■ of their 

<A'h his Wife, apd the other by Su WiBi- Company, every one of them to have S J. 

tmGrtity, Miydr' in i^p a Piece evety H'idsji fat ewer, by the Gift^ 

Dti Jthm »ttn, Bifbop af Kifviikirf t ^-^ ^ nf JbtmM Unatln, HiberdaDur in ijiy. 

wnRc&oi of tbis'I^arith in 1547. He held ' Mr, Gur^r a«r» give them lo^a-yeic- 
hit See till Queen tt^ty'i Death, and died more foi ever. 

himfelf fonnafter wasfuppofcd. 2. Prrir'i Hcnfc, (fb called anciently, be- - 

Ritbtrd Out, Reflor of tbii Chnrch, and ciufe it belonged to fomc of the Family of 

AfcbdeiCOD of Uiddlifm, wis fequcnrcd the Ptiui) bur now known bell by the ; 

from ir for bis Loyahy in 1541, and died . Ntmc of Undt»-Ht»ft, iq hindfome brick ■ 

beferc Xing C4«W» II's Retnin. . Building on the Weil-Side of Aldtrjgtt*, , 

3. The Hills in this Ward are, firft, the City Relidence of the Bilhopi oft 
t. GoMfmiths, a proper Houfc (fays Mr. Lnaim, who is at preTcnt Dr. Jtbm KM»fm. , 
ik»} bat notlarge, built by Sir D>rw &*- j, 7i«Mf Hia/r, the City Seat of the righc ■ 
rm ie in 1407- It wasburntin 1666, md honourable he Birl oflbaatt 
is'dnce rebuilt more ftitcty o' Brick ind 4 Liitli bhimiv, thought to be focalled, , 

Stone, hivir,<> in it reTcrai hindfome Apart- becaufe the Dukes ot fin'r^j*. had Temo : 

ments, wirb a fpacious Hall w<:ll finilhcd Ttoie tbcli Rcfidence there. 
«ith Wainfcor, tfu It is ilcuate ia F»fiir. 


158 LONDON. 

UtUim then Bifliop of ZmJik, for fait C>tb«> 

* I, FrntgdiB Vfni iritbin, or Mp«. dril, md befiowed opon the Prior and Ca- 

nonioficthe MtaoiofTfth^ktm in Mjim, 

Tfcu Wui tilwth in Nime from the which flill beloogi to it ; irhumtU, th» 

f»ri9gdimt who were Aldernien of it eigh> third Bifiiop of Lmdn, faeilowed great Coft 

ty^wo Yean, ind citne fjy it thoc WiK- upon the Fabrick Am* 67s, angmcoctng in 

0m F»ringd¥», Goldfmith, one of the Sb«> Revcnuei, aod proctiriiig it aaiple Piivi> 

riffi of Ln4t»in iili. 9 Siw. IL purcbi- kgei, whole Example feveral Kinas aod 

fed illthc Alderminry within the City of piincei, it well it Bilhopt fbllowed } fe 

iMdin and Suburbs of the fame, between that the Revenoet were thereby iocicifcd 

LH^gatt and Viwi»ti, to himfclf and bit to ■ great Balk. 

lieiri, of fLMlph dt fnrt, who had before This flately Pabijck, fat it Wii then ao> 

patchifed it oilUmstdi Aritn, fortwen* counted) did not long fionrilh, before fe. 

ly Mirks in laytf. Sitbilt* Ftni^dn, Gold- veral Misfortonei by Fire bcfel i^ which 

foiith, wu Heir to this fHii«a«, Mayor of began in $tfi,iad fo often iaterrupted tbe 

Lmdtw four Times, and «ti Aldermin of Repairs, that it wit not fully rcEailt till 

chit Ward above fifty Years, by which 1340, when it wit thonght ncccfiir* to 

MeiQt the Wird took the Nim* frnm them, give it a new OcdjcatioD, and after this a'c 

Thit W*rd wa« Tery large during their was farther enlarged, tod a Part called the 

Time, ind after their Death had bkt one Mw-Mtri, (et up chiefly at the Charge of 

AldermtQ till i? Riih^d IL 1394. when Bury dt Lan, Eirl o( Liattlw, and ttsttidt 

by AS of Parliament it wu divided into Bald*A, BUflop of Indrn, which being fi. 

two, by the Names of i*tr» and <Mr«, and nilhed, the Courch wis then mcaforedi aad 

ordered to have two Aldermen, as it con* the Length wis found tocontsin ^goFoo^ 

tinueth to this Day. Tbit Ward >> go- the Breadth i to, the Height iniheWeS- 

verned by in Alderman Rithtrd Br<f«>, BTq) Part loa, and in the Eaft cighty^e^bc the 

and his Deputy (boReen Hei^t of the Tower-Steeple aodSptiB 

C^BMnon Councilmen, fevcDteen Confli. 53oFoot.TbeBa1lat theHeadofthe&i[« 

bles, eighteen ScaveosGf I, eighteen Ward- was fb lane » to hold ten Buihels of Wheat 

mote-Men, and 1 Beadle. and the Crofs above it fifteen Foot biolk 

The thipf I obfcrvable in this Ward are, the Tnveifc being Gz Fooc loaf. 

1. The Cnorchct, which before the late Near 300 Ytart ifiv, w'k. Afnun 1, 

dreadful Fire were ten, v'«- i> St. PduVi 1^4. .the Steeple wis bnroi down by 

Cithedral. 9. St. FtitVt, but thii is (inee Lightning, but ibc Oimige being not ve> 

<be Fire united to, ]■ St. A»giijli»it in nr great, was fooa repaired t but agieatu 

Wtliwg firttt. 4. St. ftttr't Cbttp, united followed in if&i, when being firnl by 

with, J. », UMtihrm frldjiy-ftrut. 6. St. Lightning, the whole Spire and Roof wew 

Vidtfi, alias ^ptrt in Ftfitr-Lsnt, to which coofumed by it. Qitew Elijuhib waa 

7. St. MittMFt Sfitn h anneied. 8. ckrift much tronbled at this Accident, and gave 

Church and Horpittl. 9. St. U»ll» iM/gttt. Order for its fpeedy Reparation, wlu«htv 

so. St. jinm's BUthfrUrt, annexed to St. Jk- her MljeQy'a GeiKioCty, who gave 1000 

drt9lVardntt. So that there are iiow but Mirki in Gold, and looo Loads of Timber, 

fii Churches, 'uTx, aod others Liberality, waa fo fir efiiiQtd 

t. St. FAUL'i Cithedral, fo called from that the Roof wis Gntflicdin if6£,bntt|M 

tbeApoftteSi. P«ef, who propagated the Steeple waj not attempted till Dr. L>nrff«c 

Cofpel among the Gentilet for near thirty- about it in 1631, whichproved toolate, 

one Yeats, and was at laR bebeidcd at Rtmt. for before the Concribuciooi could be BM 

Iiwatboiitby tthlitrt, King of b«, Ant rwetber, and all things fined for itsfin. 

0IO. in or near the Plgce where had been Qion. the Civil Wan began, the Money 

a Temple of Dins, at ippeited from the coUefted for the Repairs, and Mateiiila 

Bones of Bcafis which bad been facrificed provided, were all fcized by Order of Par* 

to that Goddefs, aod were fotrad at dig- liameat, the Croft pulled down, the Revs- 

gingtbeFomditionofir. Hegire it 10 otKioftbeDeantod Chaptecfold.orother. 

4 wife 




LONDON. lyp 

f»I& dUWefrl l^, die StilU takra iwajr, St. Pm/'i CMferfi«a, Qr«. Witkm tii« 
eke nMibk PavcmeBt torn up, tbe Mooa- Chmcb it tbt Choir, which it ill IMv<4 
MMKi 4cftee4, Sawpitt digged ia the with Miible, and within tbeR*ili of tbe 
Cfamrch, ind tamm Pirrt cooveneil into Ahir with fine Porphyry poIiflitd> ttti 
Hart^Qauten for Soldiers, one Pirt only liid in fevcral geometrical Figurai, tb« 
vafWved and lepaiatcd from tbc reQ by a Authubram to tbe Commuaion-Table be- 
WaU fera |w«ebtns Pkcc. ing fifteen Step* higher tban ibe Choir. 

id tUf Coaditiandid tbii flattly Edifice The Altar piece ii adorned with PilaQcra, 
nmua till the Refiaaration of King (J>»lu finely painted lad vained with G<dd, in 
II- when the Preaching* Place was turned Jmiraiion of Lsfk LmmU, The Organ, 
iate a Cbob, till tbe reft of it Owuld be Gallery makes up all ibe Weft-Eod of rbe 
repaired, wbieb waa inteoded with ill con- Quire, tbe O'gtn-Cafe is mignificcBt and 
vcucnc Speed, b«t tbe dreadful Fire of Lae- very ornamental, enriched wiib carved Pi* 
JIm prerented i^ which laid ibac and the f area of Cherubims, and tbe Pipat are ve- 
«sweft Pan of the City in AOim, Stftnm- ry fpaciouf, and gilc with Gold, preftrved 
Mr a, 1666. but this did not quire break off fiom OuA with fiae Safbei ; But that which 
tboCa Pnrpofes { fiir the fame Veir la AGk contributai niDft to the Beaaty of the 
of PiriuRwnt was palled for rebuilding the Choir is the Bithop's Throne and Seat oa 
Gty, and particularly thti Cathedral with tbe South-Side, and tbe Lord Mayor'i oa 
otficr Cbnrches [hen in Ruins, by a Tax the North Side, with tbe Stalk for thirty 
laid opon Cailt, and lecordingly the Prebendaries, and a Dean, every one ftewa 
ftfoadatioo of it was laid in i6jj, and ing in gold Letters the Title of the Pre> 
cho' for fome Year* foo Men at a Time bend or Dignity of their Office, as Arch- 
b»9t been employed id this mighty Work, deacon of LmJm and £^jr, the Precentor^ 
yetlt was not quite fiailhed in thirty-three Chancellor, and Treaforer, and over thcoi 
Years, ai to the ouin and fnbflantiaJ Parti the Galleries where tbeLidiei and Gentle, 
of the Model, and perhaps fottythrce will women are commonly placed at ftdeaiii 
not coinpleat it folly. Tlmea, viz.. the Lord Mayor's Ltdy kni 

This Cknrctt will be, if it is not already, AldenneM Wives, &t. 
OOM of the ooblcft Catbrdrala in tbe World, The Chtpter of this Cathedral confiAt of 
ud would tike up a Volnoie ilmoft to do the Dean and three Refideociirie^ the Deso 
fcribe it in all its Parts. We can only hint hath two Votes, and fo h* and one of tb* 
K fotne Gcnerab, and leave tbe Carious to Relidentitries have a Mijority in ill Ot» 
fifttfietbetorclves by a nearer View. The bates. There are twelve niaor or petty 
Cbaithfibathiglbmefapernnmerary Parts) Canons, of which the Subdean and tw* 
it built ia tbe Porm of a Crob. The out- CiedinaJs arc the chief; they erere fooaded 
fide Walls arc ereSed of fine PtrtUmd Stone, by King khhtrd II. in Hononr of Qae«i 
■domed with two Rugei of Pilaftert and ^tlTSE bit Wifc, A«;. 1 7. InthisCtfbe. 
oehet carioDs Enrichmentf, u Books dit dral there are Pnycrs daily at fix in tbo 
^ayed, Mtops Caps, the Dcin'a Arms, « Morning in tbe Chapel, aodattCD in the 
Cypher of fK JtaM«p, an imperial Crown, Choir, and at three in the Aftetneoa. Tha 
two Rows of Windows, and (brty-tbrce Sermon every Sutultf Morning is pretofaed 
Nichn beiweea them. The ATccot to the by the Appotntmeat of tbe BiQiop of L«a- 
Norch Portico it by twelve Steps of black iae, and the Miniller that prcicbei hath 
Marble, the Dome, of wbicb is fupported 40 s. paid bim immediauly out of the 
by fix very rpaciousCohimne, and over the Chamber of !.•«/«■. This Allowance Wat 
Door tbe King's Arms, with the Regalia, given by fcvarti Perfons, and was ancienc* 
Aipported by two Angels, under whole ly 4^ ' a Sermon. On Swtdty in the After* 
FeetaraaLfoB a ad Unicorn. The Stepe noon the ReMentiinei preach in theii 
(o the Sooth-Pof trco are iwcory-five, in all Tnms. The Dean and Chapter have tba 
•ctier Refpcds it it like tbe North. The Prefentation to all tbe Livings belonging 
WeO^ortico is fupported with twelve Co- to tbe Cathedral, which are not a few. Th« 
Umat, ind is adoroed with tba HiAory of Oeiittry if by nany tkoagbt la be worth 




a6o LONDON. 

yeiily more thm imbI. ind tbeR«fide'n> who faaritigr s conrideriU* KnowWce in 

limes ^os/. The tniHinl Rents of tht Ci-' Medicine, cared fome tfaourindi of tItB 

thednlby L%nit,Le»(cs,&t is n^S^iif. Tttor, ind wis made Ule of by Riof; C^«r/0 

.11^. bcHdes Fines, Reliefs, WoodMs, &t. II Queen fMitniif, and divert Nobles of 

Tbe Monuments of this Church which their Couk. She died Sww^o, iSSS. Sic 

Mr. 5fi» hiiprefervid, were for E^miHid tfifmm, *nd Eliz»ieth hit Wife, 

ErktnvM ibe third Bifhnp of L«»^m, ■ who died, he, li*j t, 1704. (he, DrMwitr 8, 

.gteii Benefifior to this Church, who died 'i^pt' *>xl' Mr- R«i«rf Msriim, in eminent 

..Anw 700. Sii0 or sJi, King of the Ball 5m- 'Bookfeller and Printer to tbe Royal Soci> 

mt, converted by EykinwM'ai 677, buried -etjr. 

in * Stone-Coflin. Eihilrtd, King of rhe 1. St. iitgufiint'iChaiAmWMtUMgfintt, 

Weft SMmir, buried in a n)«iblc Coffin, who « neat Church, (ho* little. It it To crllc4 

-died Am* 1017. from Sc. jhigupint tbe Monk, the ftift Arcb> 

WiBi»m IhrnHit, Bidiop of J^mAk, 'prefer- biihop ofCmittriiirj, afrct the ConvqrfMHi 

red by King EA^rd tbi Ctwfefir, m^ ad- of the Rngijb Simmi, in which, under Go^ 

■Dieted to be of the Council Co King IViBiam be wui chiif Inftiument. Th»e wis a £^ 

itt Cm^Mtrtr, of whom he obtained gr«at inoui Bilhop of that Nime called St- jt»fft- 

Privilege! fcr thij City. He wm Blfliip JJint of nifft in AfritM, who tho' of great 

twenty Years, anil died tliiMt chrtfii 107a. Renown for his Holinefs and Wricing^ 

it-gir Higtr, the learned and pious Bifhop yet not having fo near a Relation to rhis 

of It»to, confecrated la aS, who died'OA- Nation as the former, wd fippofc this 

itr 1141. Cbatch dedicated to faim, who tifiyled-7ii 

7*^ ofGtmt, Duke otUnctfitr, mdUifs -Enghjb JftfiU. It was deftuyed by the Ute 

great Friend, who died in i \^g. Bire, and rebuilt in 16S}, being then made 

Rithard Ntmftrt, Am,* i } r8. 7*&i Cbtflmi, by AS of Parliament the Pari£ Church to 

j*mit 1179 Jibm Elmtr, Ana 1^94. Kiibard St, Fmith's, formerly under St. Pm»1'%. This 

ftaibir. If 96. Mifhtil tTatttr$»ib, Jnaa ij5i. Ssine was an holy Viigin of the City of 

tuitrt Br*lir»skt, jtmt 1404. jwbt Si»ktfl,y, AgtH in Ajititaiti in Fmet, «ad - fuffcrtd 

I ;99. 7«t«JUM;, and many Others, Bilbopi of Martyrdom there under theEiDperwr fiia- 

hndM. eUji»M, becaufolhe being t.Chriftian, wonld 

Jbnmmtnirt, At*»ndtTH*wtB, R*iirt Brrm- notfacrifice to the Uol-Gnds. TbisChutcb 

tr,FaltKtiM Csry, Jtbn Dum, and fome 0- was aader the Choir of .jr. PmkTs Cathedral, 

tbers, Deani of this Church, and was before the Fire ttfcd as a Pariflt* 

WiBUm, Ear] of Ptmirikt, who died Atmi Churclt for the Stationers, and otheri 

1 f 69. the Oatchefs of Btdfird, Sifter to the dwelling in St, Fnl's-Cbrntb Tmd, pMttr- 

Du1ie of Bwrgiuiy. Htwy LMtj, Earl of £r«> »^a- Kaw, aaid tbt Streets and Lanes ad. 

tth. tt»ri»Tit, Countefs of shrmtiinry, who joining. 

died7tM«i4, 14^8. 7«A« N.«(7, Lord Lmti- This Church of St. AtgitJIL»t it built 

aatr, 1J41- with other Nobles of both Sexes, with Stone, and ia well pcwed and wain* 

Sir FTttMtU Walptgbtm, Sir ^tbn WtUty, a fcotied, the PuTpit finely cn^llilbed, and 

PiivyCoancellor, Sir J*b» Cttkam, Alder- the Alcir piece fpicious and beautiful, ba- 

■nan, Sir KtbtUt Btcm Lord-Keeper, 1579. "'"fl peculiar to it 1 winged Heart, afpiring 

Sit Cbrifitfb,r HjtfM, and many other Gen> towards a Glory with this Infcriptlan: 

tlcmen of Note. SVASPM CORDA., i. e. Lift uf ;««■ 

Thechief Monuments found in the Vault f/torrr, atl done in Gold on blue. The 

tinder this Church, which was formerly rhe Benefaflors to this Church and Poor are, 

Parilh-Cbtircb of St. Faitit, are as follow. Mr. W,Bi»m Lttmi, who gaVe Pcnies to all 

For JsM tbe only Diughter of Sir Christ, the Poor, and Bread, enjoining them be* 

fbir Wm, who died Dtttmhr 19, 1702. fore they departed to fay a Patw-w^ar. 

.Aft. a6. Dr. WiBUm Htldtr, Suhdean of Dr.mlhcb, kre Reftor of ic 100 1, to- 

the King's Chapel, and Sub-aimoner of this wards the pewing.of tbe Church, and to 

Chnrch, wbodied 7JWW714. i697> and hir the Poor to/. The Lady AjUf, towards 

Wife the Daughtei of Sir Chrifi^btr mm, the pewiag, too /, 

J Tho 

LONDON. r<Ji; 

The BelK&&ara ia tkif Piiifli of St. fin, tnd Ciptiin Jthi Shifun, giivt the two 

tith\ in all 7»o '■ Bnncbei and Ironi. Mr. |y«f is fljrifd t 

Mr. Htrt give & Sernon CD be prcwbed wordijr Benefitfior, due in whit U not Tiid. 

■DaatUf M>r 14. Mr.5/»»b)ch prefctPcdtOuitbeNimci 

Ht.TivffJ gave Motlier to ba preached of direra Monomentt incicndy in tbif 

ycvlyoQjm^ i,aild toihe p£or al loj. Chnrah, •uia. ftir Rtfrrf 7i£n/ga, Aldeinian ; 

/ff JM. Raifb ^hw, one of tbe Shertfis, wbo died 

Mr. MvtMgive to be wetkly diftribnted in ifftf,J(iM JfaM«,Chiiiiberhiaof £«idtof 

in Bieid ibc Sum of 7/. itf^. Sir MtbiimTmifiril, Mayor, who gave A 

Mr. at»t hacb alfo givqn oDt of th« Lt- this Cbnicb an Houfc, md ill tbe Appar- 

Aj Brnk's Rears it Ktmfiwpm, j I. fr jtun. tenaoce^ called che Grigm and Htft in the 

The Moanmenti prpfcrVed by Mr. Stt» Tame Street, and (omt orheri of Icfs Note, 

ire for Mr. Rt»4 Armourer, one of. the wbicb ire M deniolifiicd by the fire. 

Sheriff^. A*itrt Bii*fifa, Mayor in t^^i. There are now no other Monomenti bac 

Mr. JU^m Ajfei,Rcttornfthi>Piria>,whti one hi lAr. WiUtm l»m, and lUfhttkhiw 

die4 Jb^»fi >6, i^n. Mr. 7«&i £«»#/, Re- Wife, who died be, JffU 11, 16S0. and 

^01, who died jA||ejl tf, i^iS, Mr-Sij^r fhe, Mo-rA ti, l6^y. and another by an 

&wr, wbo died jfffH 9, ]f8£. lod fotne Haichment in Memory of Mr. J^mtt 

fewotberi. Since the Fire there are none. Smth iboretnen tinned, wbo wai buried 

Tbii Cfanrch ia a Reftory, in the Gift of in a Vtulc idjoioitig. 
the Dean and Chapter of St. PtmCt, infl by Thia Church of old wai in the Gift of 
the Union with St. Fdilb't, ii made worth the Abbot and Convent of Wtfiminjitr, and 
to tbe Incanbene annuiUy 170 J. In an- fa continued till (bat Abbey wia diflblvcd 
dent Kecordi it bears the Name of itcUfis by Kim Htnrj VIII. wbo cave k to the K- 
SmSi jtupipiwi »d Ptrtam, becanCe it flood fbop gf fftjlmmfitr, by him nenrjy confti- 
neii the Gate that opened out of iVsHing- titrd ; but thit See being foon diflolnd 1^' 
Jirnt into A. Paul s-CtMrth T^nl. In the King Edward VI. it wii, -aGaong other 
Begionuig of the lite Reb«]Jian Mr. Vdal, tbingc, fettled upon tbe Bifliop of tw^, 
Rc^or «f -this Piri(b wv (eqacftred and and his SucctfTors far e»r, by that Prince,- 
piuadered, and bis Wife an anctent> lime, and being confirmed' by Qaeen M»t^, has 
and bedrid Woman cariied out of Doors, To continiled ever fince. It is a Refloryi 
and left in the Streets. and made by the Ad of Parliament worth 

3. St. tUtthtwi Friitj Ihttt, facilled, be- to the Incumbent of the united Pariffaea 
Ciufe it ii dedicited to tbe Apoftle and ifoJ. a Year. Here were anciently two 
EvangElift St, Mjntbiv, Son of Ltti, a Piib< perpetual Chantries, the one for the Souls ' 
licaD,'or CoftomHovfe Officer to theRa. of jldtm it Bmtlif and A/md bis Wife, and 
>■«■#, and litnatcd at the upper End of F*i- the other for Tb*^tt ttytlyrngmrth, to be 
tlty-fintt neat Chsffidt. This Church wai celebrated at the Altir ot it. Kttigriat, and 
boini down in \666, and being rebuilt, cQdowcd by him with an Houfc in thh 
wjsmide tbe Paiiib-Churcb to St. Pitvi. Street. 

Cbrsf, in old Recoids called, EiiU^» S«nSi Dr. ThtmM GMdtUh, Chancellor snd Bi- 
P4tri di Wtdt-firat I becanfe it ilands at fliDp of £'/, in the Reign of King Hin^ VIII. 
ff%#^^nrr Corner. It i» built of Briok, ve- was RrSot of ihe Parilb of St. PiurChctf, 
ry plain, the Pews handfome, the Pulpit and Mr. Vrtitr was turned «m of it by the 
Anely carved, and Altar-piece full of En- Parliament CommilTionerf. Mr. B»rttn, who - 
ricbments. XbeTabteof Bentfifton Ihews, with Prjn and B*p-mitk was cenfured in the 
Tbu the Chnrch wis built at the publick Sifr-Chtmitr to lofe hit Eats, wis Reftor of 
Charge, and the Pews ere&ed by Rates St. Haithtwt. 

made upon both PariOies; ThitMr. 7«wf/ 4 St. fw**^, ili»! nptr-Chu^tb in Ftfltn. 
Stmib give the AUar-piece, Table, and I»r, fo calird from S«. r«^a/?, or Fi^rr, for- 
Rails; Mr. EdmardoUtkt, md Mr. Thitrm ty Years Ullbop oF jtrrat \n jhitii, (he - 
Smifri-givc the Front oF the Cillery md wis Omous for iiii Devoriau, Ch*riry, Mi. 
tbcK nj^ ArnuEheie, and Mr. Mi7(j tO»- racks, falling, and Praying Hcwaitnade 


1^ L O Z^P O N. 

BiOwip o{ Art by St. Itmif iw BiOwp of The Uring U ■ R«fi«<T ix (l>« Gift of^ 
Rkiimi, ind died in J7a.) iikl ftooi tu Si<- the Archbifliop of C«MrMrf, Kid baeiBfe 
rnition on tbc G*ft-Sulc o£ Sftr- LMk Sf. ttiAs^ AjhTm wm ia th< VatroMf « of 
Thii Church wii demoltflied by the h«r< the Dean lod Chiptcr. of M. Aral's bcfM* 
lid Confiagrition of Ua^ ii «■■ lib St. Ac IMiOd, th«y nsw pf tfciu •Iccrnitcly* 
MtbMl ^fru, or Cof n, To cillid fiom the The- yCKly Vilne it t4o L ft* ^im,. There 
Archiagel MwAm/, to whom it wu dodwi- «u anciently i Cbtnuy in ttvit Ghvrcfa 
ted, and tho Corn-Market there kept, which feintdedfor (be Souli af Jtffrtji *t Ottttf 
IMS corruptly called »t tb* itfMm, foe at the and 7mm, and JUu hii Wives, and otherfc 
Corn, aod by the A& fbr rcbnildiag iha !« the Cbni'ch-yafd is. a free Schaol lately 
City were nottfdi St. fi4»fi'» Chotck be> boite -and endowed by Mr. "jiim Jtlmfim, aa 
iog only buik. Inb^itint of the Ftrilfa, and living fons- 

'Thii Church it well built of Stone, the Vcara afccr this cbaritaUe Woik. 
Roof ii coveted «ith Lead, the Walli wain- ^MmMi St*t, alui Kttbtrsm, which Name 
&ottrd, the Flpor weltpewcd, the Alley it he atlbmed from tLtthwm in lirkfiun, tbe 
£tved with Stone, the Fiil|iit finely camd Place of fc)i Nativity, Archbtlhop of Arl^ 
uid finiered, and tb« Alcar-piccc very curi- who built the Library uid 'G>te to tho 

5 as, It well w magnificent, hiving thefe Schooli at CMahidgt, and gave five Pellow- 
flings peculiar to it, vw. a Gkuy in the fbipi to Linttbi Gtbgt in oii^^, was Redor 
Sorn of an equilateral Triangle, wiriiiN a of tbiiParUb, He died of the PJagoc at 
fpaciout Circle, hiving Tefci I. i. Wrote in Cwtrnd, Uaj 19, ijoo Mttt. fS. 
if in Biinw, Orui, and IMim. TbeCom. 5. Ckrifi'i-chardf, Co caHed from irs Ofr 
' Ipaiuoii-Tabla tl fnpported with tbe Fi> dicition toChrift oar Lord, when it waa 
gurei of four Angela, who ftind upon a made a Paiih-Church at the DilTolucion of 
Eoorpace of Marble, cncompaflcd with theMonafterietby King Brw; VIII. It wat 
Rails and luiiQers. On the Noith Wall before tbe Church of the G'cy Friers, and- 
aiul Eaft- Window are the King's Arms, the two PariAes of St. HitlnUi in the 
Tbe Steeple it ninety Foot high, and bath Sbimblef, and st.Mwitu io if twgt».l^luti 
fii good Bells to be rung in FcaJ. with fo much of the ^rifit of A. fmltbtrt^ 

We find no Bencladori to tlui Church oc St. SfUknu as wis within Stwgau, br- 
9f poor. Tbe Monnmenttprelcrved by Igg united toir, waj made a PiriOi-Chorch 
]^r. U»w-*i*t for Mr. Jafa Ifraw/foN,. one 1^ the Name of CirifiClntth, and fettled 
of the Sheriffi ; 3tim Brawa, Aldcrmao, who upon tbe Mayor, Citizen*, and CommonaK 
died in iicji- '<%"*', Wife toffiti»m Uib ty of the City of LaaiiM, tbetwo Churcbet 
iaanw, Chamberlain of LtuJm, who died in of St. KUbtUs and St. S»nt being ihere- 
ifo*. y»hM Umfirt, Efq; Mailer of the upon dentolilhed. This Church fuffitred 
Mint, who died u»f t.!, ijSj, iSt. Tbe the common Fate with many othere in the 
Monumentl now Handing are for Dr. WiBi- Fire of Lmdm in 1 666, but wai igtin rc> 
«M HiBir, Vicar of St. Qilii CriffUftt, fauit a little more Badwaid in itiS?. and 
firftDcanofC&<;^rr, and afterwards of ZMr- the Pari (h-C hatch of St. Lmurd Stfitr-Lmt- 
him, who died Uty ift, t6s^. Mt»t. 79. united to itby Aft of Parliament. 
Jllr. HtU, Deputy of this Waid, who died This new Church it built with Stono 
Stftimbtr II, idlo. Sir -Jtbrn jik^m, Knt. very llrong, fjMCions, and beautiful, the 
and Alderman, who died OBtbtr 5, i6$S. Roof covered with Lead, and the Spire, 
^M f9, - which was not liniffaed till 1704, of £tK 

In:i». Miebttl Sfun wis busied the ft. Stone, adorned with Vafts Thclnfidcis or- 
mons Antiquary 7iihi ItUwd, who having namentaland ftleafanti at well at very coii> 
a. CammilHon granted him by King Stwrji venienr, the Walh and Pillows wainfcotted, 
VJII. to featch for the Antiquities of fp. with large Galterieton the North* Weft and 
Iffmii and psrufo atl -Libraries, Records, South-Sides, the Pulpit It finely fioicred 
(ft, made ■ very great CollcSion of Anti* and carved, with the Pigurct of our Stvi- 
^ities, and wrote divers Booka of that N>- our and his twelve Apoftlet fvtting ttdieir 
tnre, but falling difiraaed, died it hit lafl Supper, and tbe toor Evangebfti. Tba 
UetUWio thU FaiUh .^/ lit ^f"' iUtti ii fpicioof, «ad the Conoinaioa'Ta-- 





Hb Ha3a ott i nla^»lee oFbhck and MrvM^ ty. Mr. mmlli, 6it Ktvmiir f, 
whiu Mttfclft cMO«piacd witfa hiDdTone t^f R»mftj, on St. Vtftim't Diy, ind Mr. 
Raik nd BMiRcri, Hd the Font i* of ^^**Mf, oa tht Stmltf tfctr ^ifiimjim, aoi. 
wkita Mifbk, OMT^ cjrved in Rcleivo. Mali. 

Tho HoTpitil Rdfointng t« chis Cbarch 5Mi]»yMM», D. D. t famoot PreicheF, 
<«f wUch w£ flnll Tpitk by and fcy) if ifpecillfy agiinft cbe Popilb Dodrinet, 
ioAcad of ^1 Benefiftion*. The Mniti* ctHed therefore the Mm/ ^ Antidtf, wu 
iBcnn, tDoft of tbcin doAcad, (at Mr. Sttm Minifter of thb Piiifli. He w» Ctiipliin 
lays) wen fv many Alt be thon|lit it ((f King ftimrt h and aa ofiial Court 
would be tadian) to bti Reader to fei -Preacher. 

them aH down,' yet menriens fonr Queena, , Mr. ynkhi, the fimout Preiliyteriaii Ml- 
many Dntehcflei, Earb, CountaAet, Kn^htl, nifier, wti Vicar he le ill the Parliament- 
Mayon, Oft. The Monnmenta now iftnd- Ttmei, and eftftcd foi Non-Coaformity ia 
ing are for Umtj, the Wifrof Dr> Stbmii^ l^tfl- 
Ortm, wbo died ,<]>>«) 9, iffSf . Ob^jf*/ Stj^ttt, ti]wti\na to the Chnrcli, 

Mr. frfanW SArmiqri RcAoT cf thii 'nd thence ccmimonly called Chrifi Cbtrtb 
Chnrcb, who dhd in KI90, aged forty- ffff^'fl, wii the Hoofe of the G»y-friiri, 
tif^Ynn. Which coming Into the King's Handi at 

Coionel HiehiiU Rith»rifiw, of the Ifland the SoppreOton, King Uvtrd VI. being 
of j0mMit», win died Dumttr tj, 1703. noved by a Sermon made by BJfliop RiH 
He ordered hii only Son to be edncattd id l9< exhorting the Rich and Great to find 
the Doarim and Difciplin* of the Obarch <*<" *<*■"« Wiyt ta relieve the Poor, calleit 
otU^0md, which, opon ftlll Conl1d«ntloD. «> '■<'» tl>c Mayor, fome Aldermen, and 
he JBdged to bt the heft Church in the Commoners, to take Advice about it. Thrfe^ 
W«rU. *fter Tome Delibcntion, ranked the Poor 

Oplaia rWnuAcr B^'m, who fpent tnoft into three Sortt, 1. By Irnpotency. Aa f. 
ofbU Life in the S^jSAi^rr, and wai there PKhftleri Children. 3. Tile Blind and 
mncb reCpefted by ibe Kingof SMtMM, re- Lame. ). The, Difeafed, ai Lepers, (^r. 1, 
tinning into ByW In i0B8, died Feir*. By Carnaltiet. As 1, Wonnded Saldieri. t, 
*7 If, itfjTf )nll at kiaShip thenew BrrC Decayed Hootholderf. 3. Grievonfly di£. 
I^Ctpkwn »bo«t to fei lai) for thofe Ai "fed. 3. By Un thrift! neft. At 1 The 
Arr Riotooa. 3. The Vagabonds, ]. The I. 

StrnAritf^, KflC.and AMermin, who **«. iaStrnmpet*, 6-t. which being repro. 
ii bsrted' irr a Vault, but in HKcbment is ftnted (o the King, he made this Piovifion 
let over it ia Memory of him. fbr them all by giving 

Tlie Living here it a Vicarage, tbe'im- '• This Hofpital for the Impotent. 3. 
piDpnare Tithes being fettled, as ft above- Sr.TtmM'i far the Wounded, j. BriJivtl 
&1d,in theifay(»r,Cinzt:ns,andConnnoni|. for the Ltty. All which he incorporated 
ry of UKdtm, Governourt of Liitlt Bartht- by the Name of the Msyi^, Ctmmn^Ity mi 
Immrmt Hof|titat, on Condition, thit they dfttjmi tf hoainn, Gtvi^aturi *ftht HtffntiU 
Ctom Time to Time Aootd tinh and fuftiin *f ^'"l Edward Vt We are now only to 
a Vkar. allowing him ynrty the Stipend of fp'sk of the farmer. 

%6I. 111. 4 W. and to ibe Vifitor of Vntptf.'r, This Hofpiiat wia opened in Sttmnitr 
10/ 61c. Tile ReveniH of it fince the 15 5 2» when about 400 Boys, nioft of them 
Union with St, Ltttur/s it 300 /. frr Jn. Orphan), were tilien into it. They were 
biat the Pxronagc of this latter Church be- •* ^rft cioithed with RulTct- Cotton, but thit 
kinging to the Dean and Ctiapter of lf>jt- Hibit wii foan after changed fur Blue, 
■W* j >ar, the Prrfentation tOit is become al- which hii continued ever fi.nce. This 
CErMta,t)i« Gnvetnowrf of rhe Hofpilil pre- Feundatlon had notbeen long liid bffore 
lenttng upon oAe VaCincy, and the Dean "imy well difpofed Perfoni mtde cohf<<Iera- 
•nd ChiptA* apoA' another. Here are fe- bfe AdJttinnj to rhc Revenue the KJng hid 
v«rd Shimmi pveachtd df th< Gil^ of Mr. fetcled on it which was fioo /. a Yeir, Land-, 
Smi) *m9c, MMMm*tX>ijs, fit. Bstmrt 00 for^i'^'Iy belonging- to the Savij HtffHiu, 

' X 1 «(«. 

1(54 LO isl DO N. 

vit,. the City tit Unitit g*VB the DatMi- of Certifieite of the former thinp, ■nd w 
Bltii.»iS Uai for lodging tnd picking Engtgeinenifa difdmre* the Hofpicit tt 
Cloth. Mr. Ci/» AvJ^/ i^oA ;ir .lAM.and them it or bcfoie thp Age4>f fiFtrin, ]f'a 
aooo I in Money, ind lainy ocheri, i^fo. Boy, ind fotirEcen it > dil, which (hill be 
tnucb ihn the Numbei of Children now Itft to the Governoon to do or not. t. 
iniintiincd by the fiid Hofpicil trc ibout Thu no Child (ball be *dinitted that bich 
8ia Boys, and eighty Girls, who ire in- > Brother or Stflcr in the Hcfpitd alretdjr. 
flruacd in Reading, Writing, Dtiwiog, A- 8. Th*t the Children to be. admitted ftull 
tichme[ick,and Navigacion,andfomearercnt beeximined \ty t Commitiee, conliAing of 
to the Univerfities. There are parriculifr the Prclideni, Treafurer, Auditori, ami 
MaAers kept at the Charge of the Hofpiial fooie other Governours, whether they an 
for teaching of thcfe fcveral Atli- The duly qualified according to the fbrmet 
roithematical School was built and en- Rules, and may fufpendAdmifEon till they 
dowcd by King Ch»rlti It. with }7oJ. ^ have full Sittthaion. The Loid Mayor 
Jan for ever, and all the Affiiirs of rhe and Aldeimen prefeot erery Year, ind the 
Holpital are managed by a Prcfideni, and other Govcrnouri in their Tarsi, wUcb 
'Governouri, who arc in Number joo.belidci may happen in three or four Years, 
the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, a 6. St. MsrHa'i Lndi»ti, fo called frooi \t» 
Tteifurer, Sievard, Rrgifler, and two Oedicuion to sr. Mwvte; and to diAinguiOi 
Clerki. it £rom other Cbnrchei of the fame Dedi^ 

Thi« Hofpitil was much damatfied b)[ cation, becaufe it ii litiuted near Lmig*tt, 
ifit Fire io i666, but was foon repaired, which ii faid fay fnnie to have been built 
The new Building is very graceful in the by JCipg LW, a flriVi]fl King, «'ho lived about 
SoAth-Front, having the Figure of King Kd, jlity-fix Years befoie Chrift. I( was repair- 
w«r^ VI. in a Nicb over the Aperture in- td in iiif, beautified in 1360, and ^itc 
to the Cloitlers. The Hall ii a ftately tebuilt -in 1585, and the Imigei of King 
Room fitted with Tables for the Children, Liui, and his Soos Andrtgim, and 7t»»M*>'- 
>nd an Organ « one End to affili at their w Tet up at the Charge of the City. At 
Devotion, and hung about with the Pi- prefent it is rpacinns and ftiong, built of 
Qurcs of divers greai Benefafloii, as King Stone, and in a Nich )l the Figure of 
J4mti II. and his Coort, Sir Jtin Frtimik, Qutten Slitsitth io her Regalia, very welt 
Sir 7*^ Mmt, aod WiBium agrrMmtj, The carved, and above it the King's Arms. Ii 
Schools are near it, and not far off is tbe has a good Foot-Poll ern. Ic wae made a 
Couflting-houfe where the Charge ie given Prifoo for Freemen of the City for DebtSj 
to the Governours at their AdmiHion, over TrefpalTes, Accounts, and Contempts in - 
which ia the Court-Room, curioufly ad- in^i ■"'^ confirmed in ijBa. as it Aill 
orned with PiQuiei, viit. of King Chmrliiy concioaef. 

•ni King?*")"!!. Sir Rieb»rd D$Ht, who This Chnrcb Wis fo ancient that the 
w a) Lord Mayor when the Hofpiral wat Decay* of itcalled for • rebuilding in 1437, 
ftiunded. Sir 7»b» Limn, Sir jimM fimtr, and which Mr- tViSUm- D*wo, then Parfoti 
and many otheri. of it,tfi(;&ed by his Care and InduQry to 

The Children who are capable of being get Conttibutions 1 for he obtained of the 
admitted into tbii Hofpiral are, i. Tbc Mayor and Commonalty of ihisCity a Par- 
Children of Freemen of Ltndtm only. 3. eel of Ground in Length twenty-eight Foot, 
Hot under feren Years old, nor above fif- and Bieadth twenty-four, to cred the Stee- 
teen. ], They mull be Orphans, wanting pie on. It was repaired and beaotilied at 
either Father or Mother, or both. 4. No- the Parifh.Cbarge in itiiA, bst having fuf- 
FoondlinjES, nor fuch as are maintained by &red deeply in the Coofiagitton in 1666, 
the PirilB. 5. Nor aoy that are lame, ic was rebuilt in \6%^> The Church as ir 
crooked, or deformed, have the Evil, ■ now fiands, is of Stone ; but the Roof is- 
Rupture, or any infefiions Difeale, which covered with Tile, and the Floor is three 
if anfwered, yet 'titsRnle ofthisHofpital. Foot above the Street. The Steeple has ■• 
A ■dmicRd witIl(U)(.a doe biadfijms Towtr^. Cppolot mm Spire.. 



£OND(>N. 1(55 

Witbtn it IS -well petvcd tnd wiinfcottcil, wis (ilenceJ for fail Noa>co&fiirmity it 
hiiing i( neit GdlCTjr oil the SoQifa'-Side md i&tfi, after ttbich he held ■ CoD'cnticlB. 
inOrg*n.IlofC at the Wcfi-Bnd. The Put >nd becime Chipliin (t length to ibt 
pit » ftnieced, and ifac Aliir-pice ornimcn- Counccfi of Bttttr, in vjiok SErvIce and 
Til, having the Commindmentt under i HooTe in littlt Britmm he died Utnb 3^, 
Gbiy painted on the Fjgare oF >n holy 1687. 

Laob-ikin, and the Foot-pace of the Can- In KiP{«f('^rv«t in thirWitd i> the A*rr 
■nnnion -Table of blcck and wbitc Maible, »l Btm; * veiy commodioiM Place foe 
teclofed with Railr and Qinifierf, Sweating, Hot-bichinK, and Copping, biu|( 

He are no Molnumenii in ibis Chutchl if'st ihc Tkrt//^ Mo^cl, and hiving c^h* 
The Natnei of ftach af were In ir bcfocg teen Ot:gicei of Heat. The'Ctuige tot 
the Fire, prcfcrved by Mr. Sitw, biu none fweiting, lubbing, cupping, i^e. is 4.^ cicb 
of thetn now remain, are for ' Pejfon. The Dayi for Women aie. Wid- 

W^ti^m Stvmtkt, who wat Mtyor of Ln- nifdtji ind Ssrurdtyi, and for Men the o- 
dw is 1418'. He being born m Sivmtkr in ther four, £«b/«; bring wholly exempted. 
Kret, faunded and endowed a free School a. The HalU of CDQipaaiu ruuaceJDthU 
ud fome Altnt'houlei there. Ward are, 1. Embroideicrt-Hall, Oatidiog 

Sir Stt/htm Planck, who wai Miyor in on the Weft-Side of GumrLMn*, (ai it ia 
iS'iy, the fime Year that Quetn £liK»fttk now commonly called, but Mr. Sitm- lelli' 
wif born tt S^titmitb. us ibe proper Niine i> Cntturuti-L**§, fo- 

Vilt^w lUfr, Regjfter of the Court of denominited from one Gnihiaim, fooa 
Csmitimf. wfaodied Tm* I, ifdo. Time Owner thereof, and that ic wat in- 

Jaffir cMmltj. Cleik of the Recogtii- bibited by Gold- beaten J. Ic it lo hand- 
zancei, and Jafttce of the Peaire and ^a*- fame Building, and wai parcbafed with 
nw, whodicd oaohr 9i,iiS6.i8£/ix. Part of the Money given by Mr. Itbrn- 

Thii Cborch is a RtQory, and was in- Thrrmfinu, Embroiderer lod Sheriff, who 
ciEDcly in the Gift of the Abbot and Con- died in i$i9, leaving 40/. for that Bod. 
vent cf Wtfiminfiir, and fo contiooed till Thii Company wu incoryorued aboo^ 
Queen W'>7, by her Letter* Patent dated titfi, and coriGfVi of two Wirdcni, forty* 
JlarrA j-lt(f. I. gave it, among other thing], five Aflillints, and 144 00 tbe Livery, 
to the Bilhop of Z.naWM, and bii Succeflbrs 1. Sadlert-Hall iituite on the Nortl^StdQ 
jor ever, in whofe Collition ic hat conti- and Weft-End oiCht»fid*, 1 neat Room ad> 
aoed ever lioct. The Revenue of it flncc oroed with Fret-work and Wainfcot. They' 
Che Fire it made by AS of Parliament 160 J, area Company of great Aniiquity, belog^: 
ftr JM Here ire foor Gif^$emont >0* incorporated in the Reign of King Edmtnt 
aotlly at 10 I each. X. and hid many Privileges granted thent- 

TbMTM Lmffif, Rhetorick-Le&orer at Ok- by the fucceediog Kingi, all which wu« 
ftri, in tbe LeAnre of Cardinal Wtlf^'t confirmed to them by lung JiMmu 1. Theyt 
Pooodttion, and Prebendary of Rifttmk'm confift of a Mafter, three Wardens, and 
tbe Qnirch of Sarwm, wat ReQor of this twenty-two AlCftaots, and lixtyfivs onth^ 
Parifh. Sir Tbtmat Mtrt, in an Epiftle tt> Uvery, which they have given and conti- 
fr«/M;, make* honourable mention of him. nued above 400 Years, vik. ever fihcetfa^ 

Jmhm/ PwittM, born it Pmmr», or Hmk- Reign of the fiid King, who died in 1307.. 
tad in £/!«, the Author of divers Book, at 3. Barber-Chiriugeont Hal], a fpaciout- 
i> Hit Piigrimsgi in fbl. a. His Pilgrim), Building of fine Brick and Stone in MmuU 
ia four Pans, fbl. &t. wii ReQor of this wtBfirw, It it a large Room, wjch 1 Pai^ 
PariAi. ' lour, or Conrt-Room adjoining, adorned^ 

Mfc^l 7/niiAt, s piont and learned Man, with tbe R^ret of King HnrjWUl. tn^ 
wai ejeded and fequenrn) from it, and the Court of AlHftantt in one Piece, Kin^ 

Thtmai J»t*mi placed in irby the Pirlii- cbMflii 11. Sir ChtrUt Si»rhrMiibi MActmm- 
ment-Commiffioncrs about 154}. He wat ^fti$, who read and give the MnlcIcLe* 
» religions Presbyterian, and 1 great Affi- Sure, Dr. Grrw, the An a to my- Reader, and 
fliot ia cirryiflg oi tlieif Ciue, tUl be Mr, Hfii, Kiag Chmki U, BuDcr. Nur iV 


m LO N J> a.N. 

U t Tbettn fitttd withSciti, ind tiotn- prcnticci, but dw YeoQun^, ire illu mJ 
«d witfitbeRgnret of the leven Liifr«/5(^ bat One. Tbetr cipital Snck, vliidi i« 
mmt, nrelvt Signi of the ZtiUek, the Sl^- employed in printiac ^mmtki, J, a, <ft 
Iceon of m Ofirith, mi t Biifla of King Primmtrt^ P/i</terf, School'&ooki, lod qihcr 
Chtrhtl. HereiFB ilfa fenril Skeletoni privileged Wires, as ihey ciU tbcm, (l>e> 
•ndSkbnof Men tod Women, ind ■ mum- ciufe they hireiPacent for priating them 
my Skall. Thereueilfo two publick ind ilonc) ii i5ooo<. vbich upon the inaHfl 
•I miny prfvire LeCtntef reid yeirly in it Divirion yicldt iboat t« I. ftr a^t. at nor* 
Opoo the fiodiei of cXeCUCed MiIe&Aoif Pjofit. They give in PcDikins to tbe ^oor 
taea MUtoniized. of their Company iboat taai ftr Mm. ■)■ 

Tbi> Compmy wu firS incorporated !tl lowing to etcb abont^f. Tlu&CompKif 
the ftcoad Ycir of King td9»rd II. Awa h eompofed of Printeis, Book-biiKleni 
l}o8. by the Nime of the fi»iir/Comp*- Bookfcneri^ Lettct-Founderc, C!*'. u well u 
ny ; bnc 31 Hnrj VIII. they were by AS Scitioners. 

Of Pifliiment conftituttd 1 Compiny by j. Thingi of diveri Nxarei, of which 
the Nimc of Sarfcf Ghirargtm ; but with a fcrtl ire. 

Condition thit the Birberi (faould not pii- i. The College of PbyncUot in Warwidt- 
.AiTe Snrgery. Mr. Stm gives ■ cleir dif. !«)», (nhich is To called from ifae Eirlof 
Cerent Aeconnt of the Originil of tbii WarwUi^i Houfe theie). It wis fonaeily 
C«Bpsaf , if/s. That they were incoraari- in KMigh-RiJtn JJrnt,tni ifterwsrd ^taa> 
ted by King Hmtrd IV- lod Aiebtrd Doke vcd to Jmtn Ctnur, but the Eire of Umdtm 
.(rf Olmcifitr; bnt oar modern Hiiloriinl dedroying it, the College crc£Ud the pre* 

dtfillow of it. They confift of ■ Miftcr, feat ftitely Building in idSa. It ii bnilt 
■three Wardens, twenty-fix Aflifttnts, md of Brick ind Stone, of which lift ii the 

l^tf of the Livery, every one 'of which Fromirpicce which Is fpicioni. In tbc 
.any hift three Apprenttcef, and othiri Court over the Door-cifeit the Figur* of 
ibnt two. None cm ufe the Tridei of King Ch^rht U- in a curious Nicb, and cm 
:Birbers or Snrgeoni in this City, but fuch the other Side the Sratue of Sir 7*iEni Ctultr. 

M are free of this Com[nny. In the Infidc ire the Hall where ihey give 

4. Batchers-Htll ficuite in Cbitk-Lsnt, it Advice to the Poor jra*if, ihe Cflmtniiice- 

ii diinded into in upper ind a lower one. Room. tAe Libiiry fiored with Books by 
.and'his aParlont snd feme otberRoomisd> Sir liuJtrt tdajtrnt, and the Mirquis »f 

«'ning, which are finely idorned with Fiet- DtrthtStr. w1ia w>s one of the Fellows^ the 
Drk and Wnnfcoi. This Compartywu great Hill where the Dcdort meet oocc « 
.keorperated ht in itfo^, hiving been a Quaiicr, idornrd with I'iQutes aod Car. 
Fraternity hmg before, and are ■ Matter, vingt, a Map. which 'u a Plan of certain 
leitr Wirdeni, lixreen AffiAints, and ipj Landf in £^x given to the College by Dr. 
«n the Livery. In the Srait-cafc of this ^m^, the Theatre with Seart and Tabid fot 
Hall hangs the Arms of Mr. jMuiJJvtrit Anitonical DitleQioni, a prcpiiingRoom, 
efGrttt CAt{^«, who left $00 i. to the Poor where are tSirteen Tables containing M 
i0f this Comptny. the Mufcks in an haaane Body, and over 

J. Staihiners-Hatl, which wu inciently all Garrets to dry Hcibi for the Ufe of the 
'Che Houfe of the Dnke of Bffttim, then of Dllpcnfary. 

'Kbe EaiU of ftmktkt and ^hrgMiitimf, and This learned Society it conftiiUMd a 8o> 
.-at tenph jpurchifed by thit Compmy. It dy corporate by the AQs of Farliaracot foL 
ii an-bandfonie brick BnHdirg Handing in lowing, 14 (^ i $ Hm. 8. (, j, and ihe )i 
tCttk'Atef-in Uiigtttfrm. Tnty are ma* t 40. of the fame King, 1 Hmr. iff. a- c 9. 
nmotn Company, and confift of a Mailer, i >m s. if. rj Car. a. and oneotK. 7«w» 
two Wardeni, tmrty AinftanTS,and 137 on TI by which tbey are endowed with ibeb 
■he Livery, bcfidei two Renter- Wardens, Powers and Privileges imoog others ; 
wiiD colleS the Qoarterage and treat the i. That ibey be a Body-corporate for tbc 
CoM^y onthc Lord Mayor's Day. Such Praflice of Pfayfick in £4m!w, and wiibig 
•I are on (he livery miy nke tno Ap- feren Mile* rouad, and aoot others (ci* 

J cept 

* T* 

Booits 1 

L O If D' O' m iiSjf 

tiptKccnM fa[ Ami) to prtdile within Four of io]L/«p Jto, eacfc, giwo byt&« 
the fiid Cotnpm; tbitthey hiv« ■ Mrpe* Lord Cfmidiu. Four of 61. 13 /, 4/ ^ 
nil SuceAon and a Common Sea), and .^in*. Mcti, given by the Lfdy tUnh. Fow 
h(*« LAeity to chafe ■ Pfcftdeot, Ccnforf, of 61 jt.firMm.tKb.givmbyoaftMn. 
&'• yearly. RMnfn, and One of ji. ftr Jn. g^vta bj 

a. ThkC Phyficiaot he not finnmoned on one Mrs. B»rrtt. 
Jniicsi b«c rhKthe M*aiftratcs allifttbem All thefs the Company, according toaa 
in the Eaccorion of ihe Powcti given them Order made .<Anai ifipS, beflow Upon qo 
fbr the Punilhtnentof OtTMicos, and in de- Yootbt, but fneh tt have been Scboliii bt' 
ftreyina anwholefoniG Mcdicinet. three Yeiif liQ paft, 

'3. Tnattbey be difcfaiTgifJ finm provi- The Mifters are a]l eI(Qt4 into tfae- 
diflg md bearing Armt or other ''funirion School by iheWirdeni and AfltftanU oFihc 
nirbin tb« City, or fi:TVtng iny Office. By IVercers Company, and' ibe Scbolan ate 
ibeii hd Charter Tbei< Number is not to admitted by the Miftcr upon a Wirragt to - 
cxocmI eighty, and DudiTj who have ta- him dircfted, and (igoed}}y tbf Suiveyoi. 
k«n tbeir Degrees in foreign U iriverlirief. The EteAinn of the Scholar* for the Uni- 
*rc qnalifiirii to be Member) (if this College, veriity ii in Unrth before Lt^-JiMf, uji 
vhereii before none were to be admitted tbey enjoy the Exbihitioos for Uvea Yean, . 
Folfowa bat fuch at were Grtdairei in one nntefi they be provided for foonti:. To 
of w Univerfiriei Tho Cenfon have this belongs a good Library conGftiog. 
Power to fupervife and govern all the Phy. chiefly of clafllck Aothors giv«n by Gen- 
Goiaai in LMd§n\ and tne Compili afoic- tiemen educated therein. The Frontifpieee 
Aid. of it V, /NGASfffRI VT PHOMt- 

The College hath Liberty to t^e Rt CI a t. 

ts ysarty for Anatomy, ptovided tbey 3, The Old Extingt, t, Street to called' 
barytbetn afterwards, and to pttrcitafe loo/, from the King's ExchiDge ftinding tber*, 
Lands a Year The prefent College con- which wii ere&ed for the Rcceit ofBnlli- 
fifh of a President, fcxxi Cenfori, forty- on to be coined. King fbtnj HI. by the 
Arce Pellows, eight Candidites, three ho. Advice of bii Conncil, gave out ■ ProbihiK 
nonry Fellows, and abotu thirty Licenci- tion, That no 2»;/jyi^>»Jn, or Otheri, fltoold 
■tcs. The Lord Chancellor or Keeper, two exchange PlatOi or any other malTy Silver,, 
chiifjallicet, and chief Biron of the £mj6<. bat in this Exchange it Ltnimi, or at 
Mtr, are appointed VTIitors of the fiid Cmttrimj. Ic wai farmed oat totheCiti-- 
Corporation to determine all Matters zeos of Liwdm^ who received the old Suapi 
broiighl before then. or coining Ironi from Time to Tims as 

a. St. PsnTt School built in ipi, by they were worn, and delivered oMV-to »U - 
Dr. ythw C*Ar, Dean of id Faai's, a Citi- the MLnti of Si^imi. 
zea of Lmira by Birth; being the Son of ,, n_. j_fc«# ui.»i 

Sir Btaiy C»Ht, Mercer and Lord Mayor is '*' *" ^^^ *""• ' 

J4I7, and 1491. who endowed it for an This Ward taketfaiti Name from finMl. - 
&i^ Matter, Sub-maller, and Uridermafter fi"'** the chief Street in it, which bath ift - 
tM- i/Aer, with Jarge Stipends fbr the teach- Name from the Market anciently -held hew 
lag of I n poor Mens Children free, who for fefling of Bread ; for it appearcth b]r 
any be of any Conniry in Entftrnt, or any certain Records, that in the Year t joa, 30 - 
other Nation. He committed the Over. £<fei I. the Bikers of Latiina were obligedco - 
figbe of his School to the Malter, Wardens, fell no Bread in their Shops or Houfcs,b«E 
Md Alliftants of the Mtrccrs Company in in the Mirket kept here. This Wardbatk ' ' 
chis City, feirling npoo tfi^m for rhe Pay- an Alderman Rthtrt B»jlii, Efq; and bit Da-' 
inentoftttc M<ftc« Lands of the yearly puty Mr. Smm4l MMrfi, eleven CommtNt 
Vihie sf I i^l- or better, leaving eleven Councilmen, ten Conftabki, eight Scaveibi 
Exhibitions which the Company apply for gers, thirteen of the Warmots io^Oeft, 
the Ufe of the ftme Scbolan at the Uni- and a Beidle. 

veHittea, as they do alfo fome otheis left Things moft oblerrable in tbiiWardar^'. 

to tttc.£chool foitbc faiae PnrppfciVic.. i.The Cburchei. 3. The HtUt «f Coiii»* 

panio. 3. Divert Soni* - 7>Tbo- 

1^8 LONDON: 

i. The Cfanrches bcforetbe Pire wen wha Hxd • Bitelwlor 7"^ to, 1701. .AM. 

faar, vts. 1. itth»B»tn Brttdfinit, 1. St.- eighty. 

J*hn ttie Evingelif^ in Fridty-firin, 3. SC a. Humfhrtf Lfvi'w, Citizen and Grocer, 

Ut'Ii^fi Brttifriit. 4. Sf. Utrttrit hkfii,' Sefcenici ot cfae Xf<w«/ of Utr(b»mttn^in, 

which irtf lihce the Fire reduced to two, who died Jm/^it, i6»i.^Sist. jj. He lies 

the feeond being uniieU to che fir{t, ind lift in the f«mc Urive with his Son Hmmfhriy, 

to the third, by the A£l of Piitlimcnt 11 Mr. Sttv telli O), That upon ^v«jf 17, 

Gf aj C«f. I. for rebiiiiding the Ciiy. ijj». aj Hnwy VIII. two Pciefts quirrelled 

I. j&htBimi Brtfdfiritt, to called from iis in thii Church, ind one of ihcm dreip Blood 

Dedicition to AS-Ssinit, ind its SUuiti- of che other, whereupon the Church wii 

on in Bei^dfirat. The Foundition of fafpended, and no Service perforaied in it 

thil Charch ii not known; but the for » Month after, and the Pricfll being 

Spire which wii ^f Stene being bio- committed to Prifon, were releifcd upon 

ken down by 'Lightning in 15^9, ind di- doing ihii Penance O^ttrr 1 f. They went 

niging the Church, one Mr. Dmjltrgive before the genera] Froceflion btre-headcd^ 

soo/. towardi the repairing of it in lAao, footed, and Jegged, before the Children 

and fettled 11 1, for ever upon if. It wai with Beada and Booki in their Hand> from 

dHlrbyed by the great Fire of LinJtn in St. Pmul's through Cbt*ffiJ», Ctnhil.ifft. 

■166S, but was rebuilt in i6i^. It is 1 plea- St. -Jthm the Evangelift, To called to di- 

fantChnrch With a Steeple eighty-Hs Foot flingoilb it from $i.Jtlm Btflift,tnd ZMksm 

high. It il within handfomely wainCcotted ty in this City, wai hot a fmall Chuicli, 

and pew;£d, the Pulpit finely carved, and yet wa^ well repaired in iSiS, and had a 

the Sdanding.Boari^aicred, a neat Caltc-. handfome Gallery erefted by Mr. Gtdwim,, 

ry kt thd Well End, and a fpictbui Alrar- one of the PariOuoneri. Here wii a per- 

piece well adorned and beautified. Heire petual Chantry, founded by WtBiMrndt Am- 

isnoTable of BenefaQors. . ;rf. Citizen and Matfhal of Lmim, for the 

The Monuments prefcived by Mr. Sr«a>, Sonli of biRifclf and Mmrgtrtt hit Wife, 

which aie for Men of moft t>Iote arc thrfe, ,and of Jiba Klngftnt and his Wife. Since 

1^ For Mr. Tbtm^ BeMMmnd, Salter, Al- the Union, as above, the Site of it ii a bo- 

(lerniin and one of the Sheii^i of I-aM/f" in lying Place oiiJy for the Inbabttmti of tht> 

I441, and hit two Wivei both named Jlie*. PariSi. 

He died Jugull i^, 14s 7. Th^y lie buried in This Church is a Refiory, and wis an* 

a Chapel (called S'Uir'i Ch*ftl)\)\yi\t. by him ciently in the Patronage of the Prior and 

on the South-Side of [he Chancel. Chapter of Cbrijt'i churtb, Canttrbtrj ; bot 

i. For tfiSism i^tnj, Efq; Citizen and by an InHiument dated .tf^ri/ 1,^, 1 36 j that 

Merchant-Taylor, with his two Wives Thi- Advow[bo jif thii Chorcfa, St. F»iitt»i,*nd 

mtfiai, who died Dtctmhtr 15, 1^65. and St. Dv^ani Lndw, were granted to Simen 

3§tM, who died J»lf 7, 1579. He died Fii. JJlit, Archbilhnpof £<nuar^«r)>, and hia Suc- 

a8, isS^.^tst.Bt. The Motto on their cefTots for ever, in Conlideration of the 

Tooib it, R^fiet a friffiti Fintm. Advowfons of £4^7 and Mn^M, which he 

3. for Bnrj St^iUj, one of the SheiiSi had obtained of the King for ihem, and di- 
of Lndn, Citizen and Merchant- Taylor, vers other Bcrufiit, as it fiill eontinnetb. 
who died 7«^ tt, i%€\. He had four The Revenue of it fettled by AQofPatli- 
Wivet, which alllie bnried by him. ament iii^o /.^ir ..Am. 

4. For Rithgrd Ritd, Alderman of £«*• Perfons of EmineocV, who were ReAors 
Van, whoferving the King in his Wart a- of cbefe Parifhesare, i. Of.^f^i>a»/,ffjUM« 
gainft StUtmul, was taken Prlfoner by the Ljmftmdt, Dr. of Laws, who compiled eke 
jaaff, but dying in this PariOi was buried ColleSioos of fuch Conftiiutions at had 
herein 1541. been made by the Archbifliops of CtwfarAnf 

The Monuments now (tanding here, e- tram st'pbtn Ltnigtin, who face in I106, to 

re&ed itnce the Fire are for, Hair^ c£i(i«/'/,whoftte in 14I4. He was Bi- 

I. JrtbwT Bsnn, Efq; a Member of di- ffliopof Sr Dtmdi, aod ItcJ buried to Wtfi- 

vers Societiet ia tfiit Ciiy, * ptudeot Man, mlnptr Aiitj, 

Digitizpfl nvGoogle 


Timts Lmpi»,Vt&opoflfJhithfitt;vho of Hieit'mr Ct iff, Efq; who give tbit WJn- 
ItTc to rtmMU-HmB 'M CfmHJg; wh«re he iif, and bcAdet his Shirt in che Other R«* 
WH fome Time Fellow, i (ivtr Cup double p*in, Tcttled ■} I ftr jtm. t^wn the Cher«h 
pit, wbich weighsd liity-fevcn Ouucet tbrerer. He wjs the Ariceftor of Sir M'> 
wub hiiNimeoa in titlmttaiSit J^bu Ctiff, Bttonttt. Butttiif 

LMwrtmu smuUrt, Dirlnity \jtBmtu in tht Window with the whole Cbnrch w*i con- 
College of Fuhtriagiff, tai MiniAer of fumed by the dicidful Fir* t^ Itrndtm in 
(A^lJmgtm ia liMtimfiUrt, i M*n zeiloni i- - 1666, ind tho' the Church wii rebuilt ind 
(liaft the PopiEh Dodiinei and ErroTi,c- open in i£8], the Window cm never be 
ven in Qneen Usry't Reign, for which he recovered. 

WIS t*kea Cp tnd imprifoned fifteen The Franc of thif Church is built of 
Months, >nd iben being eiimincd, exeoni' free Stone, but the reft ofBtick) the Roof 
HWDiCited, ind degnded, wit fclivervd to is covered with Lcsd, ind the Floor ptved 
tfae leCDlir Power by the BiOiop of Zjm^m, witfa Pwittk Stone. I[ it i neit Cburcb, 
Fitrmmry 4, if5i- tfcer which he wis car- tbo' little, tbe Wills ire well sdoroed with 
ricd down knd hUMt 't' Ctvmtrf, Fitnury the King'i Armt. in a cirved and gUc 
S. following. 1 PranM, &e Ac the Well End is a very 

JtMjfi 5(f4, 1 xealoui Puritan and Re. neit Wiinfcoc Giltery, Clock-Dial, and 
former of the Prophinatfon of tbe Lord's Door-Cife. It is welt pewed, and the Pal- 
Diy, who wrote and pnblifhed feverat pit enricbedt The Alctr-pieceis hindrotne- 
thingt. He died^j/ao, iCid.iadliesbn- iy adorned, and the Communion- Table 
lied in this Church. flsods upon a Footpice of black and wbito 

I. Of St.7«iK theEvangellft, Mr. Ottrgt .Marble inclofed with Rtils and Baniden. 
H^tlktr. 1 learned Man, and Chiplaio to Or. Tbe Bencfadort expofed on a Marble 
AJU, BiOtop of £/)'. tie was an excellent Monument on the Norih>Side of the 
Logician, and a flout Champion for the Pro. Church are thefe : The Lord Trnubswat of 
tcftant Dafirines igainll the popifli Errors, St. M,iw be fore mentioned, 
•s bit Dirpwations with Nirrar a popilh ' Sir Jttm Cbsdwtrib, ot S»imttih, fome 
Pnel>, M)d Fatbtr fiykr the Jefuit, Bicw, .Time Mayor of Lmdm, w bo gave w this 
which are ftubliflied under the Titles of Church a Vcflry, a Patfonage-Honfe, aad a 
7t* 5«w *f » Diffmtmtim ttmm M-. Walker Cburch-yard. He died in 1410. 
ndU'. Smith, (Wim NorriiJ and Fifher's Mr. C^ngtr, and Mr. ThaiMt Lmghtm, 
¥*tj tgfiUtd. Printed in itfaj, and 1634. good .BcnefaQors. 

Dr. ft«r£r^ WIS joined with him in tUi left. The Monument* of this Church pre- 
He wua rigid Puritan, and much imreigh- ferved by Mr. Sitw, are many g but Tew of 
ed agiinft the Prophanation of the Lord's them of NOtc, except ftir theafocefaid Be- 
Diy, ind other PraQifat wbich prooured uefiftors and thefe few fallowing. - 
his Imprironmenr. Mr, Htwry Budgt, wbo founded a Chantrj 

1. U UilJrti ^t»d fiftti; to called from here in (419. 
the bety Virgin St. Mtirtd, of whom we Sir J*bn a'»lm, Clerkj Patron of this Pa* 
Aavefpoken before, and the Sitnition of st rifh, who boilt rhc PirfonagfHourei new 
in BrtmiftrMt. The Lord TrtnthMnt of St. after the ftme had been burnt down, lo- 
jIUmws, is fuppofed to be either the ArA gether with the Parfon and hit Mm, his 
Boilder of this Church, or rhe principal Prcdcceflbr. The Fire happentd in I48^ 
Beoefiaor to it in ijco in which ilfo err. JtlmlriUmJ, Salter, Deputy of thit Wtxi 
cainCsnn^ Gentlemen aflifted in iji-a. In for fifteen Years, and firll Miller of the 
this Cbnrch was i cuh-ius Window in the Company of Sakers, wbodied 'fjtrr'z, itfij. 
Norrfa-Will, which wis buiit in t6i8, aged eighty.tbrce Years. 
vhich had tbefe SroMes painted on fiwe St. Mdrgarrt Mtfii, To called from its. De- 
Lighr*, oi'z r. The Hidory or the Sfmtjb ■ dicition to 6I. Utrxxrit, md pne Mtfit, the 
hivafitn 9. A Monument of Queen £/ic«- Founder of it, which is united rnSc.Afti. 
htth. J. Tbe G«a pawif.r P/it in itio^. 4. drti, hirh Monc menu for ^\t KidtM'dDM:, 
ThePlmiMt'in ifiaj. J. The Pouiiraitute Mayor the Year afrer the ttteat f»c«iiia 
Y . . Si;k- 

Cyrzco ,*^iOOgle 


^kncfi in tin. Sir 7*tM vfAr, M«yor ki .Comfiny. Tbty wen tacMrot^Rd Ah 

t f 99, inAjtim i§tff4r,'TtetCutwr of CMft' 14] t, and b*d their Cbirter sciHfirned in 

Cburih Hafpitti, ind Depniy of ihitWiril ; the fourtb *nd fifth DfQiiMti M«9'i Reign, 

bat thcfe were ill dcmoliflied by the Fire, ind again by Qaecn EUtMih, Rjg 4. tad 

Tbofe now ft*nding in St. ttUrt^t are for King Jsmtt I. They confift of a Maftcr, 

Mr. ihtmM B'i. ind hii Wife, of Umdfiw four WardecM, fiiteUi AfiftiiKs, aod 1*4 

in r»f ;Mr.fl<i!f«N/iiffUi«N/,(hr»Hitcb- on the Livery. Tbcy «ij nk* thrie Ap- 

fficwi in Memory of the Otypi, ind priniicas. 

r4h CtxtH, who died in y«M idg}, hiving I- Thing! of dirtnSatti rtOMiiublt are 

•heir Armi driwn on them, but nothing ihcfe. t-ta. 

elfe memorible. !■ Qtmrdt-H^M, of * bich it il reported, (6r 

Ttie LiWng here it ■ RcAory, ansiently rather fabledj that «■« Ovtrd, a Giant lived 

an the Gift of the Prior md Convent of rberc, ind f bit he wia a Man of that Balk 

9. Man' {Ovtryii) S**tiim»rk, but BtrtMt- and Strength, that ia the W«rt he nfcd 1 

mtm the Prior, With the Confent of his Pole to roa wkhaJ nnr fortr Foot loog, 

Convent, granting the Advowfon to Jihi ind fifteen Inchea round, which flood in the 

amtut ind J*b» Olivtr, Clerks, il piflitd thro' Hall of thii Honfc maay Yi»ri iftcr. his 

n»ny Hands to the Crifft, who hive now Ocith. To mike this Story good, a Wri. 

the Picroni^ of it ; but by iba Reifon of ting is prodoecd of a Tootb of a Man fo 

the Union of St. Utrgarit tttfu with it, big m weighed lo/ Troy-weight, a Skull 

which tho* moft inciently it was in the which held five Pecks of Wheat, and a 

Gift of the Piiory of St. Ttith of Btftfbnm Shift Btine fix Foot long, feond in or neir 

inibeConnty of NirfM, yet hid been in tbii HiIJ, ind qoefiionlcraaitfft belong to 

the Crown eve r Cnce i ] Btf, the Pitronage ihii Giant ; but Mr. jr«w noiaveh all xbia 

now is divided, and the King prcfcnt* one Forgery, and telli nt the Tooth was a Stone, 

Turn, and the Oifki ■notber. The R«v*. and that the Houle wai the Habitatioo of 

nue by Aft of Piriiament ii 1 30 f. ^ ^m. the W/«r/,and front them if conuptly criU 

Piironi of Note miy be cfteemcd Rtitrt ed Cmtdi tor Oiftt'i Htll, tsSkfimt-Imu b 

Cat, who wit bnrnc wtthhiiMinin the cilled a»{tmi-lm, Qutbunm'i Um, Qmtttr. 

Parfbnige'Hotire,andMrrl«/a»fri«4|lww,wlra Ln*, and naoy the like CortvptiMU^ 

wit cwoed by SequeHratioa in the lite c. Tbe CMfUr in attMl-Jtmt, which was 

Rebellion. (he Prifon-honfe for one oftbcSfaeoffi till 

a. The Halli ofComptniu ia thb Wild tbe Year of oar Lord ifis, when k wat 

are, removed ro (fW^rHr upon this Occalion, 

1. Silteri-Hall, binding on tbe Weft-Side One RitAm-d P^Jhiir w» Keeper of thii 

of Sr.SmitUiftLtae. TbltCoapany wat Compter, and dealt very hardW with' the 

incorporated and hid their Arms granted Prifonen, yea lad harboured Tbievet aad 

them by King Htmy VUl They confift of Whoret for four-pence a Night to ftcure 

a Mjflcr, two Wirdenr, twenty-eight Af> them ftom the Sieircfa of the Watch, of 

liftants, ind ifo on the Livery. Tkeyare which being icculed lodlband guilty, be 

an honourable rich Company, and ire the wis laid in Iroiu in Ntwgmt Four Day% 

ninth of tbe twelve, of one of which the md npon his ReJeaie bound in 100 L not to 

Loid Miyor muft be free, and there hive aft fof the future, but obferve tbe Order of 

been ten Lord Mayors of it. Mr. £»« tells Common Council for the Ufageof thcPii- 

■1, that there were fix Alms-hoafes adjoin- foners ; but he being a wilfbl, headArong 

ing to this Hill, fonnded for the Relief of Mm, was not it all amended, whereupon 

the poor decayed Brethren of this Company, the City not being able to difplace him, bc- 

1. Cord wai nert- Hill, fi'Qare at the caufe the Houfe wii his own, provided a 

.Meeting of Grttt and iin/i Df/ir, for Di. C»mfttt in W§td-4rtM, (wbtcb they putcha- 

Jl'f) Lane. It is built of Brick, ind hith fedj and by m Aft of Common Council, 

fcveral hiodromc Rooms in it. The HiU aemoved tbe Prifoiieri thitber, at ic 

it adorned with the PiOwes of King mti. coiitinmt to this Time, leaving tbe Keeper 

Mv and Qvccn Itvy, given by one of the ia hit owo Boufe, depiived of bit Office. 


LONDON. i^i 

TKti,u velltlie ocberCm^frin therif''"?, Ward, bat aov tre niaui Co tlir«e, 
ii ofed for Debtors, Diftncbers of che Peic«, aaoMly, 

&t. Dr. PifufaMT, tlw learned Billiop of , I. It. Ufti^M/ iS5")i-WtW,ro oiled Trom 
SWiiia^, (wbere f» mort ofbim) wn boro in Dedictcion to St. MithMt, ud ici Siiui. 
in [fjtfft^ Jtf<» in chit Ward. Thrie are t'ton ovtt'*§tlnlt Hgtt»-llilkt, or «W A^im 
all the tb'iDg* wonh oar Obfemtion ia Ktgau. It i> writun in »ld RacordtCww- 
tliif Ward, and fo we pif* to the next. ^'t**. Tbe Parifii of Trtmiif tht Itfi ia nni< 

ted f it. The CbarcfaM of botb Parilhei 
3]. StntimHithWud. w«re dcSroved by tbc Pin in idM, aad 

cnljF tbii of St. Mff*«(/ rcbsik ill 1676, and 
ThiiWardtikeiitiNlfflefronithenkbe repaired and bcaotjfied in irof Mtd ifofi. 
or HatboDr for Boiti, Lighters, ma Birges Tbii Cbarcb is an bandAow SrmAun, 
which come thither, at to 1 ])riacij>8l Ha- the Walls bring boilt of Stone, and the 
*cn for landing and unlading orer-i- Roof covered with Tile. The In6de ■« 
gaiaft the Mtdft *nd Hern of tbe City. Il neat and well adorned, the Cbwch beiog 
beaii tbe Nine of S^nn, becanfe it more paved, and tbe Cbancd l-id with MirUe 
particulafly belonged to tbe ancient Qaceot and ftrttik, tbe Pulpit and Pcwi wcH 
ofEigUaJ, who bad the Benefit of all the mottgbt, the Window* ligfac and circular. 
Ton and Caftomi of Vefieli that unladed a pretty GaHcry M (be Wetf-End, and tbe 
Goods there, which were very cooOdeishle Afrar-piece painted in PerfpeAive. wttb« 
wb«a Sbips pifTed ar tbe Dnw-bridge to GIorT over the Decalogue, sod below it 
that Pert, and all Shipa laden with Cora or the Words SfRSPU COKDJ, en- 
Ftftwcrc obliged ro unload there and do ricfcfd with Tefioont, kle. Mr. Sfttrntm 
where cHe. This Hithe was tr ihst Time of that Family in KwfA, banded a Cban- 
fo ft^qaenied with Veflels bringiof Corn try, and wai buried in the Qaire. He wii 
and other Merchindttes thither, that the an Alderman and Cfaimbetlain of tnim, 
Mcctcd and Porters, rhiny.fevea in Nam- and one of the Sherifi io 1404. 
ber, widi tbcir HoffesandClvree of Sacks, The Church of 7>M9 rAe fr/l, tho* it ww 
lived weQ of (heir Labour, thcf they had not rebuilt by the Aft, or etberwift, buc 
ncverabpvc^f^ny a Qaarterformeafnring the ParjQi ii united ai above, yet tbere is 
and Porterige, and fur much but an Hiti. * Church bnih on its Poondatlon by rhe 
peny. It is now a noble MtrketlorMlft LmhirMt, and is comeionly called, Ifn 
atd Meal broHgbt from rhc weflern Co|m> Swtdu churh. TbeTe Forctgneri were In- 
iiici, (tf M^'jr^ is for Wbeit> ThcMar> corporated by King Ctsrlt* R** Letten F>.- 
kct-Dayi ire every Diy, but chiefly JM- tenta, apd tb« old Materiab ffranted them 
d#i lMnfdfjt,iaa frUtjt. It vai form"'- *<> 'wild them ■ Chcicfa to be called, fitr 
ly cill^ UriiiHiiht. TWs Ward is go- 0*«w* ^ ibt Ihfy T^iuitf. Tbe King ap.' , 
vcjncdby in Alderman Sir Jthn f)jtr,Vt- pointed their firn Minilhr, and gave tbem 
laiKt, M Deputy Mr. Ibimsf Sirthri, tod Liberty ever after to choofe their 0*pMt<' 
fix Conson Cooncilmen, nine Conftablet, nifter upon every Vacancy, commanding 
eieht ScavMigert, twelve Wsidmote-Meo, tbe Cord Mayor and Bilhop of Lmit^, and' 
atS a Beadle. their SKCcfibn, to permirtbe tathtrm Con- 

Tbcjnoft pbjTcsvible thing) in trare, i. gregation to enjoy and eiercife their ec> 
TbeChorcbei- a. HaPs.}. Otdiverc^dt.. clefuftic^ H.rte| and DifcipKne trkbooc 
1. Th« Parilb-Chatches of clut Ward anf Let or Moleftation, ahtra*. diftrcnt 
wesc SDciently feven, vi'«. i. Tyintty tit bfi, from tboie of j^he Church of fiiglmid. 
wt^h^ce tbe Fire il united with a St. Mr. 5mv telfso*. That Mr. ^b» gave 
Ifidmi ^tu Jtithi. ]. St.HltM^t Cab. ten MirkicplhisChtrrchofS/. MfiN/,Mr. 
.i^Um, to wbii^ il united f^, St. Sijlhtlm RithMrd Qrif ,^0 1, more, and Mr. j**^ ^/ifia 
<ilfva. f S- $*-.^*'J Stmirfif, to whijcb AldermiCi and Sheriff) wia a Beneftfior rp 
iisnired 6 *»■ JM7 Utwmisw,' And 7. Tt'/nifr Pirifli. LitHy Rifftwi #»!*««, E% 
St pjttrt f^irl^'n< ^^Kb i* united to left ; o /. to tbe Par^ of». Mthfil. Tm 
Sf fttt^ ^Aml'itfhmfiQ Capli-v^ntrd MonaowQU of both tbefe Cbnrcbct were 


ift LO WD K 

tnciently bat tew, and thoK not rcourk' tioCei with Riiti ind BiniUcft. Nlr- Btri 

ible. matd, a Callk Ckik, Mr. Simitffb, Cleik, 

This Living i) a RcQorf, and in the P>- lad Mr. Hfnafff, gave to the Pitfon and 

twnage of tae D«an and Cbtpter of Su Churcbwardeas of thii PiriOt, and their 

i>j«£s. but ihtf Advowfon of the Church of SuccclTaii for cvtri ■ Mt0t»ge idiI Shop 

■ be lltlj Trinitj belonging to [he Dean and with tbcir Appuitenanccs in Oifi'f Lam* 

Chapter of C4ntirimrj, we can't detcimine ard OU Fifit-firttt for the Repintion cf the 

whether tfacy prefenc by Tttini or no, ai Church and Ornaments. Tbefe Houfei 

we find diSctent Patront do in other ih- were borne down by the gieac Firr, boc 

nitcd Cbnrchcs. Mr. Mavawa docs not see fanilc upon a Giound-Kroc of ii I. fir 

inform us in (his Point. The Revenue Aa. which it applied ai deligncd by ibe 

fince the Union is made by the A&of Par. Danorf. 

liamcai iSo I- ftr Mn- to the Incumbent. The MooHtaentl prefcived by Mr. Sirm 

3. St. Hitktlst Ctlt-jlUij, (o called from, are pretty numeroui. but none very re- 
the Dedication to St.HidnUi^ tad its Situ-: matkible, nuill of thetn for Filhmongerf, 
atioB in a cnid PJacc or Bey,' (for Mr... and two of them for RithMrd Ltj tai fffC 
£t«W it. of Opinion, that tc is CorFUpt'>y, '» StwdfmS, Rcflgrs, who died the one in 
turned CiU-iAiry for Cil4-8fj) to dinin-r 144^, and the ocber in 1491. In St. Ni. 
gnifb it from other Cfaiuchas dedicated tbei»i OUw there it, among others of no 
to St. SitMsi- This Church was very Note, a Monument for Iktmmt Ltmim, Iron- 
ancient ; for Mr. Sraw tells u), That the- monger, and one of the SberiSi In if]?. 
Steeple of this Church wtt built in ij77, wiio give hia MelTaage wherein he dwelt, 
1 Ar'fjb. IL by one Mr. BatiUnd, ind the and j^uiteen Tenemeais more in that Pa- 
Church wa( then fo old, that it was intend- ri(h to the Company of Ironmongers, in 
ed ts ha«a been built anew, but that the troft. That they fhoald give Siipeods to 
fame Gentleman icpi^ied ic at his own certain Alms-Peopte inhabiting in live 
Charge. It was- afterwards repiired feve- Alms-houfei built by them in the Church- 
nl Times, but was deftroyed by the de. yard of that Parilh, (which ware in MV. 
vouriogFliOiesof iiS55, and again re-edi- 5»w's Time converted into four) and to 
fied in i6-n, and by A3 of Parliament was fome poor Scholars in OsfarW lad Csmhiigi, 
made the PadOt-Cburch of St, Ktitl»i O- &c. 

JCnvr in this Ward, the Chnrch-yaid was gi- This Church is a RcQory, anciently ia 

yen by Mr, IUihmi Ftn, FiOimonger, con- the Gift of the Dean of St. MMrtin U Grnd, 

Mining Ground about forty Foot in but coming to tbe Crown at the DilTohici- 

Breadth. and eighty-eight in E>eogth. on of tbe Abbey, Queen Ebia^tfi granted 

On tbe Norib-Sideof the oldCbarcb,clofe tbe Advowfon to Thm»t Smw taa Gargt 

tp the Wall was a Ciflcrn of Stone and tvtliB, and their Heiri, from whom it pafs- 
IJeti for the Reecit of 7btmtt. Water,, ed to the Httktrt, of whom Colonel Rn^ 

brought thither in leaden Pipes for tbe tit Hmtkir being executed for High Tresfon, 

Convenience of the FiQimongers and other for commanding the Guard which cnndud> 

Inhabitants in and about Old KJIr-ftrnl. ed King ChMrtn 1. both to his Trial and 

atrti»rd RMMUft, Common Sergeant of the Eiecutton, tbe Advowfon returned to the 

City, gaye ^o»l. in .bi^ Life-Time to eied: Crown, and there has continued ever dncc. 

ic, bai it WH not finifbid till after his Tbe Patronage of St. Nitb§Ist O/^va Wat be- 

Death. He *l(b uvt 700 I. to be laid out fore tbe Fire in the Dein and Chapter of 

in charitible Dee^ in this Parilh and St. St. PnTs.hut whether they are altowcd a 

Umj Uiidslt»'t ad)pinin^. Turn with tbe Crown in piefcnting to the 

. The new Church is bmlt of Stone, with united Church we khqw not. The Reve- 

which the Floor is paved. The In/tde is nae of it to tbe IncoitUient it now by Aft 

adorned with Waiofcot on the Walls, s of Parliament made ijof. a:year.' n this 

4e,cent Pulpit and Pews, a neat Altar-piece, Church there is a weekly LcOure, preiched 

»od the Communion-Tsble flinds do a on every 7ihii;(«(«y Morning at ten a-CIock, 

Fou-gaoe of bkck tad white Muhlcj in* founded by one Mr. B*JUfm, who bath- 




LONDON. ij} 

ckiTged 9e f ftr Jm». npon eeruin Lfndl 3. The Hilli in tbii WirJ ira, 
ia s«jSiA for the Miintcnincc of it, foi ■ i- The Slackfinitbt, fituite on the Welt- 
whicbParpofe itisltillieceivedtnd ipplied', $\Ac tf Ltmhtrt Wl. They hid ■ Chmer 
%f Sr. Mvj Siwiffit, (or (i it wn inci- granted them in i j 77> by Queen E/iMiMifr, 
eniiy called Soi^ftrtHitb, from one £■>»- and confirmed by King Jtmts I. and King 
•MM the Owner of it) is fo called from ici Cbjirlti I. but it it probable they are a 
DedicitiDo to the Virgin Afar;, and Sicui- more ancient Company ; for they hare 
tion near the fiid Hjihe. We find no fame Recordf ai incieni. is King Edm»rd 
Matks of the' Atiiiqaity of tbit Chuch Ilfd'a Time. They are governed by foue 
more ancient than 1J45, cho" there ic no WaTdcoi, twenty-one Amftantr, andliave' 
doubt but It wasoldcr. It was rr]wiTed tn 180 on the Livery. In Old FiJi-JIrtit alfa 
i5t^ and being burnt dawn in 1666, with wai anciently an H<U belonging to the 
the whole Watt^ was rebuilt in i6^$, and Fithmongeri, fwho bad five more in other 
the Pariffl of St. M»tj it IfyMt-AHt, or Placn of the Ci[y) but hath long been 
ifMW&Hf united to it. This lift Church letten out Cor Tenement). 
wu very fmail, being builc as was fiippofed ' 3. Faioter-lHiners Hlllt litufte in7t>W-, 
by the Family of the. Unmthttat^ for theic tj Lsn: Mr. Sttm lelb at, That fiaiuing wit 
private Chipcl, and afterwards made a Pa- oot of Ufe in his Time, and fo they art 
fiflkChorch. The new Church it. built turned into the Company of Painteri, who 
with Stone, and wioct none of the com* have given miny Specimens of their Arc 
mon Ornamenti. in adorning their Hill and Parloor^ the Pan- 

The Monumenti worth onr Notice in neli of the Wiibfcot Md CieHngi beinf 
this Church are, only one prefeived by Mr. imbelliOied with great Variety of Hiftory 
Sttw, VIS. for Mr, RitbMrd RmdMll, one of esquilitely pain[ed,ti/s. The Ponrtniturei 
the Governoura of Chrifl'i Ht]^it*l. and two ofKing Cbarlii II. and Queen KMtharim.hy 
now Rinding for Dr. G)7^rr/7i'*«/^(,.Bi(bop BiM^fmn; the t'ste of Lmdi»,hy MmMifttr^- 
otBrifitt, and tianflited to Hinftrd, who a Piece of Architecture, by 7}-iv/r ; a Land- 
died j^t/1 97, i-joi.JltMt. 69, and M*ry fcape, by .^ui; Mr, CtmUnft Pi&ure, 
tftc tVife of Deputy Tulif, who died C«- with fcveral other Plecei of Fifli, Fowl^ 
timitf 11, 1^95. Her Hniband gave the Birds, Flowers, the Arts, Pame, (^r. TbU 
Font to this Church, and wainfcoitcd the Company was incoffKirattd br the Nimo 
Veftry, which coll him looi. Here was of Psiniir- SiMimtrt in i;8o,and iscompofed' 
before the Fire a Monnmenc in Memory of of Fsce-Piinters, Hiftory-Painren, Atnu< 
Qacen Elixsttik, hot then quite loft. In Palqiers, and Hon fc- Painters. They are » 
SSJtoy MMari««/»Mr.£rneteUf us werebo- Mafter^ two Wirdcrts, twenty<foar Al&i 
rUd JtbmStif, fiiOiop of airiftrdj who died ftanti, and about 13^'oa the Liverr. 
in the Time oFPiHisment in ifJ9j aftd 3. Things notible in this Ward of di- 
Alderman Ghutifttr, who gave SMt-fflurf ittt kindi by the old and at prefent are,. 
for two Chantries to be kept in-thatCharcfa. i. A large Houfe belonging to Jthn of El-- 
He died in ij^f. tbtm, fccond Son of King Edward II. Eart 

This Church it a Redory, and ancient- of ammti, flraate en th^ Eift-Side of TVi-- 
ly Lad srcit Variety of LayPatrbas, but it iU^Lmm. ' 

now with 5(. M»ry Mtmbamtt, fettled in the ' 1. The BlOiop of Hirtflrd'i Hovfe on the 
Bifliopt of Hirtftrd,wh» have beenPitroht tVeft-Side of OU fifb-fimi Hill, built of 
of this lift ever lince ii}8. The Revr- Stone and Timber, and having large Rooms, 
mie of them both it ioa(. fir Jwd. The. formerly- the Minllon of tne Macr^M/r. 
Redors of both thsfe Churches, vix.. Mr. wbo fold it to Rsfyh dt MtidJInu, BiDiop of 
7*hr Cittkt and Mr. TlyMVi li^Mh were ejed. Hh-ifird; who gave it to the See, It wav 
eilin the hteRebellibn.' The'Ibl'ifler out:- much roin'd in Mr. £Av's Time, ud tarn- 
Kr^ the Snrm, and when King Ci»rhtlt. <A inro Tenement!, 
^thi* Kihgdoi^' again, obiaineA his ti- J- Jodge Bilbttti, bid.i fitr Houft iiT 
ving, tlid, fouitcen. or fljaecn St, lUrj MnmthMlt* 
TUui^ 4. Cottft. 

174 LONDON. 

4 CornmiUl-lboatftiMii-HMf, fooae be- Timn wrhteii, St. BMUti OU^, or Ifytig, 
twccB cwo Barges iji Ligh[eri, aod mbeit over-igiinft P»»Ci.fVhMrf, wd roateiintet 
upon one greii Birge ; hut they liAed not Wiii.Whatf) \s €9 cilled fi'diit iti Dcdi- 
lOfig. c«iian to St. BmriiB, or Btv"; 'od ici 

J. A greicBoufe rfSronc.withirched. Sicuirion re»r the Wliirf where Srone 
Gates, bclongiag to ffuih B;itt, ind after- waj Itnded for the Bailding of St. PtMTi. 
ward to Titm^/dt SrtibiTttn.Bul of Mr/r/^ We find nothing of the Anti^D'ty of tfii> 
■od Eirl Miffl»l of Enghnd, by wbofc Churcb but fiom a GMVgftone in it* diied 
Daughter it cime to Jtbn Mmhty, Eirl of 1441. It wai barnt down itx ifi6tf, mth 
Uirf^k her Soa> ' all tbit Ward, ujd bein^ rebailc !□ iiSS], 

C An Engine fiircd by B*vk Bnlmsr, With Brick and Stone, was made tbe Pirifli- 
Gent. for conr<ying and forcing Tttmit Cburcb for thil and tbe Pirilh of St Ptttr'i 
Water to fern the Middle and Weft Parts ftufi-Wbsrf. The new Church » well 
of the City. In Mr. £f«»'i Time ic wit wiinfcotted aod pewcd, and bat very hand* 
converted into a Breif-boare. fomeGalle/ieson ibe North and Wcfi-Side. 

.7. -The Abbot of dkmfg in Symft la tbe Altar-piece, which \% krfry, ji a 

Iqd orHottfe where be lodged, when he &tris, and over the Cotomandmena thels 

repilrcd lo the Gty. TJiii m all we meet Wordic: l%t Law t»mt ly MoTcj, and over 

wi(h obfervalde in this Wwd, and To V* the Creed and Lord's Prayer, Grstt sml 

SuU pafi to l^h if •JtfM drift. The Font it MarUc 

adorned with Cherubimt. 

14. Csfit* BifMtrd Wtti. St. fittm PmmI'm U^nf, or ?«*■««, wu a 

little Cburcb 6tna» on St. Pr/fr't Hill in 

Thit Ward talwi its Name of Synurd. ^mmtitVftid, yet hidrbit^cDlijr ta 
C^jflr, flandisg npoa tbe Bank of the Rirej it, and much for itt GJoiy, That for fonie 
Tlumts, fo -cilkdfrDm one Btjutnt a Noble. Yeiri before the ReSoratioQ of K. (Jtmrht 
man, -ibat came in wicb the Conqaeror, If the Common Prayor wai mucb uC:d 
add the* bllilt it. Jf^'«>«B«7Wn/forreited therein, and the £acriinent idcniniilred 
bis Bar 01^ ibr.Felaqy, tosetfaei with thit according to the Liturgy of the Chtir^ of 
Caflle io lii 1, wd. the King gave it to ti^*Mi, which brought ■ great Concowle 
Aii/H EarlofcWf, by whple Daughter it of the Nobiliry and Gentry to it, who 
Otme to SjAttt Fitt-wAtr, in wbofe Pofle. hung the Gillcrict where they fate with 
rity it continued for fwne Time, but_ at Turkyworlt Carpets. Sirvce thel/nioo the 
length it «me torbc Crown, and Kinji Sit« it made • Burial place for the Parilb. 
tkKjf VI. gave ic to Rithtfi Duke of Ttrk The Bcnefaftorf to tbe Church ud Poot 
iri i4.;7. King X/Wm/ IV. the Farlof \a St. Bttmti ?Mti'tn»Tf tit, 
Marth, lodged -to thii&QIe when he wat Bimm-d Rsndtl, £% wbo^ve }J. ler. 
eleOcd Kiiig of MMglnud, and went fibni f 'dtm- Tor ever ptid by the Ironmoogcn 
hcsce to mjlmiuftiT to be crowntd. Ri- Company. 

4b*rd\ll took upon htm the Title of King DtvidSmfh, whogaveif/ ftr Am, and 
■lb in tbit Place, bwing been cleQcd by ece&cd fir Alau-bouftf onftrtr'tHiU. 
fbe Noblet and Commont in GuHiJUU. Klr.Ttmti Ptradim, who j(ive ; I. fir- 
ffMTjr V'll jtc|iaifed ir,- andJiun* Tive re- Amiim 

fided tber/ wicb hit iQuctt^ and Qhcib Mr WiSiMwi Smith, <»lhog^VK xL ptr ^m. 
Uan SHI eleEled he^e b^f the Noblci, who p)id by thcEnUiroiderersCotnpany. 
hadbefoce Uded with -Queen J»nt, Tbit ' Mrt. ftfi, who gave 1/, id/, ftr .Am. 
fViid is gavetnod by an Aldermaa Sir^ l^i. 7t*ai» BrM^ffjnl, whogtve 1 1, fir An. 
^iMlsm Ltwiw,Sat .h'u De[Uity Mr.^fi«i(;«', Mr. ./><•);, who gave 1/. fir An. To bexli. 
MJa ThKliitfia, «in« ComndaCofincilmen^ ftribpted to tfie^pobt Widows of th^AImi- 
ten ConClablef, feven Scaveii^cj.-frtUFretn bsufe> '','.'< 

ofthe Wardmote,4nfac'll,.aNd a B<|Ule. ' ~ ' There Ss allo,aSum' o^ear 30* inMp* 

The Thingi of Note are, ney^^iven by (everaj Beeefaftort. 

. I. The Chnrchei of this Ward are three', ' The 'Monuments {Iccrerved to at by 'Mr. 
I. S-. BAnifi PMuTt-U'hff, for a* it it foine »«« are, 

I I. For 



LONDON. 175 

1. For Mr. BmviJ Smith ttefbreoKOtioD'd. Thert ate Rkob coaCdenble BeacfaOorf 
who died ^aagmfi 1587. MT.3smu.^JHmJ»ft to tbii Cbucli, v/«. Mr. 7*K Itlfi, wbo 
Wid bu WU«, MMt H^li*m thek oalv SoQ. bis giyen ioiptrJnw.Mn.ff'Mflttn HottTc 
He dwd in itfoi. ar,fi4 UtfJ, OoOor of rcotcj i[ 8 / ^\Aa. .cletr. Mr.'jcM GUtit 
L4«,wlvDdie(i»WMi«ratf,i58«.Mr.7fAa in Breid wnkly a I l6i. Juftke R**/»r, 
Bar, ind ^j> hk Wit«, be died Jtmtry .3 '■ piid by the Churcbwirdcns of St. Bm> 
ifi»7. The MDoamrnu io tbc new Cbiudi ""• Midtm Ftrsdin, j f. paid by ttu H«- 
■r« far berdiQiers Compiny. lod Mr. C*r^r a /. by 

1. SirR«l«rt Wifimm, fcvanth SwofSir the Cookt. 
Thmm Wiftmtm of Kt'wtw/ i;i B^in, Advo- The MonaiUfnti preferved by Mr.' SUm 
utc i* tlw Cviut ai Arcbat, ind Vicu- "« but fetv, batihoTein Bistk IHtitven 
Geoeril of tbc Arcbbilhop of CMttriwf, n^^y. the tnoH rcmirkible of both' ire Mr. 
Vbodied i«V>jf 17, I0S4- ^'''"* ^thlfn, ■ Benef<Sor to thit 

a Vrfhv firtM of uiUMfF^ \a Ok- Church ind other chiritible Ufei { Mfiy^. 
S»^r,, Dr. of Uwi, who dkd f»ir««7 4, »'• Qaeeo of Snr/ ; Bagb 4i Ewrgb, Eirl of 
iMS. '»'> A>Jn-i ''« 'J««t.ff, &rl of BiBtmm;. 

]. Sirftjiit^ri Lted, Dr.irfUw, Oificiil I^««Jr'A, the Wife of ^«li>m Sc^nm, £ir| of 
in tbe Court of Admkalty, and Chiocel- tftribMrnPitg ; tbe Eirli of Mirib ind Hiu- 
ktt of Dmbsm tad Umdtf,- wbo died /"^> *i>ii miay oifaer Noblei ind Gentry, 
^M i9, 1686. JbM. ft. Tbe Llvifljg is ( Reftory anciently io the 

This Living is a Reaory in the Gift of PHronige ofLhe Lords Fitx. wt^trt, and if. 
tbe Omd and Cfwpter of <'• Pmr$, a«d ter that Family was eitina,[he Lords B<fi* 
Bfoa the Uoioa is Blade by Aft of Pirlit- {'/"'ere inPoOeilion.of it,and tioce them 
ant wof lb yearly ra tbe locunbtnt 100/. >t has piSedihroucti many Hiodt, both of 
Here was of old a perpetaal Chantry foaad- che Nobility aod Gentrv, and is now (citled 
«d For the StuI of Sir It^iUmmWtflim, Km. l'^ ^^^ Crown, vbich oai prcfented twice 
1. St. JKilnw tfdrdrtit, Co celled from itt if not more. St. Ainu BUAfn^rf, which it 
Dediuciori to Si. Amhtm tke ApoSle be- united to tt is a Curacy, and had no Tiihci 
fbremeotioocd, and iti Siiaation near an bclongiog to i^ but tbe Inhabitants miin- 
Houfs wbeie the King's great Wardrobe Uintd a Preacher till the Fire, when thefe 
Was kept in 1300. Tbe NuMti Hill kept Churches were anitcd, and l^o/./r'/Aw. 
np by iFmrMt-CMri, wbere oace it fteod. fcKlcd by AA of Parliament upon ih* lo- 
Icwas deftroyed in the f r«t Coofligrati. combenc in lies of Tithes. 
oo ia itidtf, and being re-edified if) itfi, i- St.Utiy U^d*liMOU-Fipi.firfit,bctJl. 
it was by AS of Ptrliamut made tJw r|- *^ f">'ii it* Oedication to St. Mfj ifgdtbr, 
ri&Chwch for thfllahabiantaof ». j«(ta meotioned lJu S. 1. and the Street near 
£IniI J»/*-r ia rtrhgdm Ward w'tAin. ^^^ it flaadt. Ic is judged, chit this 

Tbia aew Churrh ispkifaiitlycsocrivetf, Cnurcb was ancient by i Monument in ic 
bat ia OnMnciHa add moeh 10 iti Peft. <l*ted i^^e, and Mc. Snm fays. That there 
Afon. Tbe Roof ia adoraed with Pisc- **s i^ /. beAowcd upon it in repiir>ng in 
wwk of Flawert, Fmiir, (SV. the Pewa aw '^3o<> It was burnt down in §666, and le. 
VBTT nnt, and the Walla twU waiQfoocted, buik io i6i$. Ii i* cioftly built wltji . 
witti two handfasie Galleries the Pulpit pt^ooe, aud hith Rails and Baniflers. about 
carved, and Soaodiftg' board fioieMd, 4iid >t iaAeid of Battlement*. The Infide is 
(be Ahar-pieca very cotnpleK. Tbe Poet ^ell adorned with two neat wainfcoc Gal- 
doc to tbe Reaor,Parilh-Cleik .and Sexion krief , the King's Amu, fuUlantial Pews 
by tbelobabttintiof each Parilk, are favng ><>d Waiofcot.Ae Pnlpic of curious Woik- 
pp io tbe Chorch, Aewing wbat every ooe aaanOiip. and the Akar-piece e^nal to thcfo 
t* to pay for Marriages, Bniiili in tke -^the beft Gharches. 

Church, Cburchyird, and Vaults, Iwr fane* ^*- Gr'iu} by St. Patft, fo cilled from St. - 
raJSenn'ce, and to Bearers, Mafont, Ringer, (•'^■7 the Great, BtOiop of Aawr in 590,, 
tt. if fach • Caftom were fet up in all «bo fent Jkyv^n the Monk and other pi- 
Cbsrches ic would prevent man; DiTpnies. ens and Icaraed Men into SuglmU, to con* 


C;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 



Terc the Smmm to tSe Chriftiin Fiich, aad TtrJ, in the Plice where Prttrt'C*S^i dooi, 

it if tdded b^ St, Poa/'s, bcciuic it Dood on but this Utrer wit tnnovtJ fitfl to' «Ainc 

the Soatb-Side new the Weft-End oT St. Ctnur, ind now-ftKidjin Cfdt-^A^ in Ltg- 

PmJ's. Thti Cbuich 14 Hmry VI. wis ip- j«f( firttt, tni the fiVh we fuppafe w»i ne- 

propriiied to the College of the cweive ver built Unce the late Fire it it were ap- 

pettyCinoni of £t. P«si'i Church for ihelt held fo long ; for Wefind no Acconntof it. 

better Sqppott, ind they weie the Pirfont 3. Thingi worthy of Notiee of divers 

sttd Prt>prietors of Jt till the greit Fire of forti in tbii Wird both tncient ind pre&nt. 

Ijadwin 1666, when thii Pirifh wts uni- i. 5msm«w'i /n, 1 greit Houfe belong- 

ted to St. Mary Utidflin ahaveltii, but the jhg to the tntient Fifflily of the B*Mmmi>ii\ 

PetcyXineai ire by the Aft of 11 &> 13 30 U»»rd IV. >nd ibont twoTein iftcr 

Cw. 1. to receive ind enjoy ill the Tithe*, by ihii Prince given to mjfMt Hojf/tyr, 

Oblitlon*, ind Dutiei it before, ind the Lord Chimberliin, ind Mifterof the Mint, 

Patilhioneri obliged to piy their Quoti of bat in Mr- Slip's Time it belang'd to the 

1 10 J, fettled upoa the Incutnbenc of S^ Eirh of H»iitirgAii, tnd wis ailed H»mtii^. 
Msry U»gd»lcw. .'in Vtuft. It ftond in Tkmmu-firut, where w» 

There ii one BenefiOor to the Poor bf ilfo ButUj Htafi, belonging to Sir Stmtm 

St. M'Tji tlMgJiln.vho hli gitren tWcIVc Skt/^, Knight bf (he Gtrter. 

Peny Loires, to be difiitbutcd every Sn- s. The prior of OkthtMm m mbjbirit 

dty to twelve poor People for ever, which Honfe, where he dwelt when he came to 

he calh ■ fmill Gift, bat his Nime it not L*ndtn. It wis fettled" by Htnty VI with 

Icnown, He died in t %i6, and his Gift is other Lindi belonging to tbH Moniflery, 

tttlX continued. Among the Monsments 'which hii Ftthcr Btwj V. had appoiatnl 

prererved by Mr. ittw,\iar there, ire none is 1 Priory-alien, Upon Kiv^i Calg* in Cam. 

in the hew ChnrchJ there is one for Qaeen bridgt ; it ftood in Cafili-Lam near Biatk. 

FAizalith, fucft in one is w»i in jlSbafftmi friart. 

tht Gnat, Doftor W(J(««« D«7, Judge of 3 Bvkltyt hm belonging to the Lord 

the Prerogitive Court, fet' it up in i5ii. Birklty in jddlt /Irift. 

RanJtlfh Barwrd beforemcntioned, who died ^. The Hentdt CnllcgA or Office, liiuite 

Jlmgafl 7 , I $8], ind. g*vc 1 1 ftr Am. to thii on the E>ft Side of St. Bttmtt't Hill over. 

1*«ri(h, inJ 6cc/. to the Poor of the Wards agiinft D.8»n Cammu. It vaf anciently 

of ^Mn Hitbi ind Ct^li-Baynard ; and Gitrgt called Dirij Hw/r ; liecinfe it wis built U 

aUmM, who lived it Calaii when the bouT t^jo, by Jhrmai Sianlty, Eirl of i7rri^, 

JWwi tookit by Sarprizein >;j8,inddied who mirried King ^^7 Vllrh Mother, 

in i5oo, jEtai. jj. In St. Grtgtrft were Qaeen Mary, by the Ptocnrement of the 

Monuments for.llfri. ..fJi/iii Rtriat, wbodi- Dufce of MrfWifc, who ixchm^cd Lindi far 

ed Afril i5, iffi j. Mt«. fmbi, the Wife nf -it wrth the 'Crown, give this tionfe with 

Dr. Ftrtht, whn' died H»vn*(rr i£,' 1589, 'he A^pimcnincel to <rtld three .Kingi it 

taA Edward B»ktr, Efq; who died in ttioi.' Armf, Q*Hrf, Clartttitmx, ^ *Tti Nimy, ind 

This Living ii 1 ReQory in the Gift of the other Herildt and Paifcraots it Arms, 

the Dcm ind Chipter of Sr. Paul'i, ind by and to their SncceAbrs fbr ever, tbit they 

the Aft of Pirliiment is midt of rh^c -.might dwell there together, and iitc»nv«- 

yeirly Vilue of no I inLieti of iHTlthe^, Hient Times meet imd confer imon^ rheoi- 

The Churchyird fnr this Pirith'i* fituire in reive* ibOue the g«6dGovemd^ent oftheir 

Lamitrt- HIS Line, and join'i tn Blicltfmiths Ficalry, add keep their' Records therein 

Hill. 'Tis clofed with I brick Wall, ind fifely, n which Ufe it hat been apfriied 

was given the Pirifh for the Bnriil of their ever fincc. It is 1 fpicions Building, with 

I>eid by Jtha J'*rty, *t} Officer of the&t a Coort in the middle, and ott the North- 

rifj«fr,i8 HflwrVI .rfiow 1448. -Side l»i Con't-Rootn where the Eirl M*r> 

3. Alto the Hillsnf Companies Mr .sr«w -flial fits to heir ill Ciales ibont Honoor 

tells us, that the Woudmongers hid one -and CoKs of Arm*, (frr. The piincipil O^ 

nrir St. Pauls lAarf, and Sti'inneis ano. ficer il the Earl MirOitl, which Honour is 

iher on the North Side of ». Pnl'tChKreH. hereditary to the Dobe of Wr/Wt. Thenrxt 

3' Of. 

I „ _,. ,t<_iOOglC 

L O N-D O n iyj 

Officers ire OMrm ting it Anns, wbol« Nine, ind not in ih* King'i, ts they ip 
BttGfteft ic is BO tttcnd It rha InfttlhncM of in the Common 'L**-CoDnl. ThiiCourc 
the KiUBhts of [he Girtcr, to cirrjr rhe wn ereSed iboDc die Yeir i6ts, md iii i? 
Gtner to foreign Princes, mnftil the So- ill Aflions proceed by Libelj *nd (he Pl*ln- 
IcmniMesitf the CoroBstioii, Fancrili,^;. tiffgivei Cintion to piofecuTe hit Sutr, ted 
of the Kings, Qweni, mil NofctUty. King piy Chargei if he be ciff t bm in crimin*! 
tUmj V. inlHtDted bim. Gifcs, u Piriciet, &i the Piocefi bjr the 
a. C|lMwriM«,ro celled from the Doke of StatuteofK Hmt* VIII. if to be by judge; 
tlsTBttt, Brother of King idwtrd fV. who Jury, and Witnefles, ind by ■ IpecitTCoai. 
loftitaced thisOfficei Hit BtriincA is ta ffltffion from the King to the rltgh-Admt: 
mirlhal the SolefflnitieS'of Fuiimls.&c. «f r*l, wherein one of tntf (adgei is to ilHft. 
fueli'Perfsns «i iie nnder the Drgree cff All Proceedingt in this Court in Civil Mir> 
Peers Soarhwird ef the Rivcr-TVMr, ii lenireiccordingtotbe CivilLiw; bccitfe 
3. thrr^ it to do the like for ill on the the Set is otit ofibe Limits of tlic Common 
Noitb-Side of thst River. They were Law. The CuHotnt and former Decrees of 
mide ■ Corporation by the Clnrter of Rii chit Court sre of Force Tor deciding pre* 
ibard III. but' their Prirlkges wereiiRich f^ni Concrovei lies. Under this Court is ■ 
enUrfcdbyKiog-UM'-i'VI. is to befrce Court of decide Diflerencei that 
from SabTidies, snd >D trotibtefome Offices happen betwaen Merchants. 
ti tiw KtogdoBi. By the Uoion-Tresty 3. The Court of Delegates, who ire 
-t^m, iUog of Arms in smUmd, n feeiMid Commiilioners under fhe great Seal, fltring 
Kjag a Arnu ip Gritt BriMm, and takes apon an Appeaf to the King in the CooK 
Flace inmediitcfy •fnrGtrtit; There are OtChaneeiy, from the Sentence given by 
befidei the Kings at Arms fii Heralds, the Archbiihop, or bis Official, or the 
ftne Timet calld Dukes st Arms, dtflin- Court of Admiralty. It it fa called, be- 
gnifte^ by riM Namei of L*mf/7rp, ciijhr, ctnfe 'tis delegated or appointed by the 
Wim^tr, Smtrfit, 3Vl, sod RithwnJ, He- King's Commilllon. This ii the highcft 
raids i fen' Pnrfnivmts, called Aw M«f/«, Court for Tuch Civil ASiin aS concern ths 
rwttmtii, Jb^i OM'Jr, and A*<yf DrugM,' Cbarch, from which there if no Appeal, 
wbofc Place is to proclaim War snd Pea;^ etcept a Commifliort of Review be granted, 
at the Rtmmi An'Wrf did, &t. and other which is vtryfeldom. The Court is corn- 
Officers extrsordinary, viz.. UmirajHrrBU, pofed of 'BiSiopi, Judges, Do&ors of (he 
MlMuh-Lym, and Rr^i-R»fi, feven Proaori, Civil Law, &t. appointed erpecialty for 
sod a Mstflial of the Uiiirt. The Coar^ that Porpofe. The Citations and Decrees 
Room is entbelifhed with tbe PiOuret of ran in the King's Name, and the Courc 
King t^Ui n. two Dukes of NffftA, and is kept in the Common Hall. 
the Duke of SwinykaM, who waa killed by ]. The Conn of Arches, which'ii rhe 
AA««. Here is a nest omimental Library, prineipil and ancienteft Conliftory belong- 
to wUch Rs^ ahMm, E% snd others in iog to the ArcbbiOiop of Cattriiuji. The 
iSS^ were BenefaAors. - Judge of this Court ii called the Dim rfthe 
J. DtStrt^imm mi , or the College of Ci- ^ihit, and his Jurirdidion cxrendi it felf 
vilians in Lndtw, litQsre on the Wcft>Side ihroDg^h the whole Province of Ctnttriurj, 
of BMnaS/ tat, where feVcral learned and sod upon any Appeal he forthwith fends 
grave Cviltans are rdident, Ind dwell In 1 out his Citation to rhe Appellee. To bim 
< o'legiste Manner. It is ths chief Place in ii ieined a Peculiar JurifdiAion of thirteen 
tbe King's DOmitiivM for the PiadiCe of Parifhes in Uadn, called the Dttntry, »• 
TbcCiviiLaw. Here it held - tmpt from the Amhority of the Bifhop* 
t^ The high Court of Admiralty, where of Lmilm, vii St. Mmij I* S«w, from 
tbe Lord High Admiral, or. hit Lieu ten mt. whence thlt Court of Arches or Bows< 
wlm IS ulfrd Julfd of ibt AdmJTilty, and rikes its Ni4ie,'becaure'i( i»at rnciently kept 
factmmOftly fliBM DeQor of the Clt'^Law' in. (6)1 Church ft -firft built on ^rn-hes u 
ef great' L*irnsnK, fits' chief Jddg«, and now It'ijf hut noWk^pt here :■ AShtltiti, 
tl! PrtKtieS and PfoCBedJogk rttn' In bit Lf^trd^tn; Su 'H.\rj /Mrnuiy ; St Pm> 
Z trsr. 


178 , Z. ON & O N. 

ttM, Stffr.Ltm ; Jlhttwi, tfttd-prut ; St. pea&cnwf are grMted «» mmj witb|M» 
3*lm tifttfl \ St. Dmafiam im iht E»fi ( StMan Bins, to mt ^kft on Dm {trobiUKd, |o 
^fl«Vi St.ftimfi,n F^trii 5t.Dinjft,B»a* huTc two or more Btne^ei incoapctibla, 
Chttb; St. Uitkmil, OttkiJ-LMM ; it. Ln- for > SoQ lO fiwceed bi* EMber to • Bene. 
mtri, EMfthtsf i tniit Miihttl fuyml. To fic«, u by tbc SiHUU of Kiaf Hmjt VUL 
riiif Court belong the DoSoit of the CifU Jim- 35. «. zi. Tbcn » « M*fic( of tbit- 
L>v, Advocate*/ lod Prodoii of the Com- Office. 

feOBf. 7. SiemMJjm (or ftkr«wMKr»l4Nr, be- 

4. The PrerogitiYe-C(mrt,beaUed ftom fjpft hen dwelt fltcb. it cvt uid rMUtdcA- 
(hePierogiuve of theArdihwiodof Ctfwrr. tbe Plitei to tw ooioed ot fbinped iaco 
117 throughout bis Provioce, to jndge of $«trliaBPw«(,fbf cbc A^Uat wis tbcq k ttw 
ERitct fjillen by Will, (in Ct(c of Cootcn- OU luthnft near co tbe Aid L*m. 
tien) where the Ptrty hid f i. or spwtidi 9. Tbe Bilbo^i Pcbce on tbe Norcb. 
ic (he Time of bii or her Death, o«t of Weft Side of tt. fimTt sJmrtknrd, where 
ihe OiocoTc nhere he or fke died^ except divers Kiogy bfir« been lodged, ud grcir 
k be ochcrwife igreedby GompoutiOB be- H>o£ilKiPM|| bid dU tic Bilbop's Rave- 
twc«n tb* Archbiffiop >nd Bilhqpi, m it is dbc* were lefbiiid, M Wcen by tbe grcic 
in Lndm Dioccfe it lol ^ .*■. Thia Hall. Tbe Ho«^ for the Deaa and Pre- 
Wit once a rpacioui Houle belonging to ft- bcnderiMwweovcfigiiinfitbc Faltcc. TbLa 
fMurf, and kc to the Lord Mwu)? ; next to u all «• fiod Bofhla ia tbu Ward, and- 
ibmc College it) Cs»4ri4t*, From which K fe we ptfcecd to 
pifTed to the Oo&Qii. of tbe GvU Liw^ 

frbo there commoned togethe/. It via an. fa fr ngdw V/uA wilfcoob 

burnt down ini6f^ and till it wisbuik 

agiii^fwhich wai not till 1673 J the Civ^ TbU Waid- ubei its Naow fnm thc- 
liipt bad Roomi in Entin-Hti^ Tha ftM^Jmt-, wwe have bid above in ipoak-- 
Buildiflgj are fpuiaiia and comnladioa^ ing of tbe other Wnd of tba Itne NaiQ» 
Thefe Coarri hitve Jvdget, Doftoti, and Nitaher u. Tlus di&ri froi* tbt other 
EroAorr,.who aie ttv^^^^$ ready to pre* in tbii, that ifae fiumec liet all within, bnc 
pare Pleading*, ^t. T» Dodort ire al. chii witbeot tbe Walla of ibe City, coin. 
kwed, fay tiUog the ArcUnlbop'j Bm, juid prehcndiag the Sticct* and Lmm between, 
tbe Oithi of jylegitnco and Sopremacy, ifnag*" aw tfae |«n in St, jalm'tSmu and- 
toprt^irc immediate^. The Dofieit ace Htlimm, ud.betWfico LmdgMi and Timf^ 
in Nimber tbirty>foue, and ibc Fro&ort Ai*:.fothit it it one of ibe latyA Wards 
tbcreiboBt. ,Tbe Caofei tried in tbcCi oftbeCitr. It waafoauPartbamtdowD 
Conrta Rlitc to Blafpbeiny, Apoftacyi. by ibcfiiiein i6£d, andbiaao AUmnaa 
'm, loftitutitHit and Ordina* Sir Xai«rf CUldi ICot. Mid bit Dc 

Adulteries, Mortuariet, WilJt and TeOa. Here aM many thingt of Note, wbicb. 

meats, and (be like. we flball briefly defctibe in sor fonncr Me- 

J, Tbe Preroutive-Ofice near Dodar thod, bcginoiDg with the Ghorcbe^ «m. 

Couimoiu, wbicD it kept in Otmr-Ctm*, bb t. Tbe Chufchet of this Waid are four, 

tbe Nortb>Side of Grf<ifbrf«>-LM«, where. «t»^ i. St. St/Mltttnt. 1 St. JlaAiwt tttU 

in the Bufiaeri- relaring to tbe Prerogitin imrw. j^ St. Dmifimu fa Hm M'tfi. 4. »i 

Coarti it difpatcbed, and Wills regiitred t Bn^ft'tiComaMMilycalMsr.B'idr^CbtH'cb. 

fer which l^aipobtber* are lixQetb. t. ». AqMatra't Cborcb, To called, be- 

6. The Facolty-Oflice which ii kept ia caufc ic was dcdicatid to the MenMrv ef- 

GtdUmMhprttt by. Gartrr-iMM, where BoTi- ow Saviooi'a Sepulchre at Jmifmrm, wbacb- 

Mfi relating to tbe Conrt of Paooltiaa it was bad ia fncb Rcvcfence ancienUy, that 

difpatcbed. Tbis Comt bdongt to tbe Cad^ dt »atm ieflitBCad an Order oS^ 

AlsUiftopof CwMr^.iodilTitaliaf^ KuillU of tbttMy Saeotchie, wfaoft Of; 




lle« It wu to gHwA it* Tbe firS Foiinda> BaMe fiftean Sacks of Cbarcaal |^v«f 

tion cf tbii Cbaich U oot known, bat wf ^y one Mr> Ctftrv. 

Itoct it wu near built ^n» iMO. >nd o'n^ ' The Manumcpti of tkii CEiBrcIi pre* 

of tfce Pi^MUL CbmccUof of KmuaMJf. f'ivtihy fiHt. Stiwhwv wthing aieiaor»> 

•ndTreifurcroftBcHoulholiltoKio^&mi^ tile, tnote notr flindiog worth Botiaf 

VI. wu I great Sailder in itj for beere^ arq for Air. Kithari fUnw, Son of Mr.Xa- 

cd a ftirQiipet on the South-Side of the t" f-»*v», who died -^ajf ti, 1701. H9 

Qoire, aad a liir Porch toward the Soi)th', wai a great BencfaAor to the poof Cfaildrea 

■s his Arms and other Monuoicnu on tb^ of thr« Pariili, and tho' be died Injhe fiuya 

GlaTs-Wiodows, and hii Image over the third Vetr of bit Age, he law twent]f>onft 

Porch, tho* KiDch defaced ia Ht.' SUw't of Gis Children, and foctf'thrce Grand. 

Ximc, do prove. children. 

This Church wu not bnmt down hy the a, Edwsrd Jrrk, Ela; who gave to tbe 

great Fire in t66S, bat wai very mach Snrgeona Company joT^r^n.foria Ana- 

dimnified, only the outward Willt.and tomy-Leftive, ^^l. ftr Jm.toSt. B»rth- 

Tower being left Rand jog, which contri-; Umn^% Hofpital, 100/. to driS'i^ckurth- 

bnted much however to tbe RcbaiUiogi Hofpita], and jcl tuwardt the Kehaildiog 

fb that the whole was repaired and re-cdiS- thii Church. He died Mij it, liijS, /Stst. 

cd ia 1(70. The new Cnorch ii built with >;• 

Iqaare Stone and Boulder, and fome Bricli; ]• ^limff Biwlm,Tn^antofSt.B4rtit- 
Qrengtbcned with Battreflef, tha Roof U l*mnf't Hofpital, a Porfoa infl and ebarrt^ 
covered with Lead, and tbe Tower it b1e> who died Kivtminr ; , itf?!, 
Stone. aDd hath at each Angle t^ the Top Dr. Bti, ReSor of this PariQ), who died 
(our ftnaJI Spires, and in it ten tunable Belli, 7*^ 'St ltf>]>8cG, 
"■ TI " ■ 

(whercu before ihe Fire it had but IikJ Tb<s Living here is > Vicarage, th« 
wbich make a pleiftint Harmony wheo Tirhei bctag •ncieotly appropriate to the 
rang in a Peal | there are Chimes opoa Prior and Convent of St. BtrtlMlimat, and 

^rti, which go dairy at the Hours of nur, a perpetual VicarageordaiMd^ of which ths 

etfbt, and twelve, and wichtbem maybe Prior and Convent were Patrons^cil) th* 

mog jtfalSoo changes. And bcl)desuid[q SopprelCon, whenbqtlf of t&eoi qtnu to 

there is another Bel] uPtd or)ly to to]) wbc^ the Crown, and tbefe reOMuicd till l^iag 

(be Pritbners oondcouicd arc carried from Jamti I At; 7. gave the Re^ry aid the 

Siwfsttxo be czecuccd at TUwv, to jperpe* Advowfon of the Vicarage to Mr. f^Mtm 

ttute wbicfa one Mr. ftttrrr o«w ha« tpiticd Philui, and othert, ^bo Ibid the ReQory 

50 J. The Inlide ii adorned with WfinTeor, to the Pirilhioneri, to hoM of the Crown 

Gilltiics, a neat Pulpit, ipd Door>cilc, AI- at a ocnun Fi;c-Fir[)i Rant, and the Vi. 

nr-pioce and Cnmniun ion-Table ftaoduiv oarage to the Prefidrnt and Pellowa of st, 

00 polilhed Marble blKk md white,' in- 7«(" B»rHjl's College in Oa/tri, who con. 

cloud with Raits and Baniflers. . tioua Patrons of it M this Tine. Tbs 

The SciKfa&ori to the Church and Revenue of this Church ii retried by Aft 

Poor ofihisl^rilh arc very conGderablc,' of Parliimeiu at 100/. ^ur i«Im to the In* 

we. cumbrni. Here is 19/ fir Ak*. receivi^d 

For the Repairs lod M|tnreoiaoe of tbs &«m ^ IrnkfjUr yearly, whereof i^i. is 

CluTcb yearly for ever 1,^51/. for daily Morning-Prayer. Here ue alfo 

To (he Parilh iadelioiiely, HUH by M. divers Gifi-^triBOJiit upon let Oay« gitrea 

i^tntt, lately dead, 100 /. by Dr. ^ . 

Tothe Poof for Brcld, B3)les, and othcf Dr. R'ttUnd z.«,.CoinmilIary General xa 

Ulei,ajo/. . . CaidiMi ff<//i7,wb«nhe vifiwd allf^/^^ 

Pars Stock QfM'oney(()r(hc\PoDr'f'Ure in isi9*aad' ifterm'ade BiCbop of UttfiSiM 

by divers Peifuni, {po A for tt)e manySsrviocahe dad .Hat'Onf 

Perpetual AnnDKiei by ftveral Men, f;/. Vni- one ofwhich was the ma/Zyiog of 

Money to provide Coala and Fuel for him to Jam Bute, wu Ri:^r of this Pii- 

tie Poor yearly. ntU 15/. rilh. 

Z a Mr. 


Mr. TitmM .Gmgif wbon^ Aicbbilhop TiP cxcellcM Wtinfciat twelve F«et l)!yk|Q*b' 
Ufi» in the ScrmDh prexcfied . ai bit Vv^e, leriet ill round, ■ fine Org»a, * Ij)^ Al- 
nl, To highly comineiid* for hii Piety Vnd tir-picce wiih tbtrc Wordj^bovc ihe Conir 
Ctniity^ vM Vicir of tbis P*(iQi froiq rn)ndmcnci:^£>f itH i» Rtmimir»Bt* tf mt : ' 
Td^S t6 1661, wbetf he watcje&cd forfiil ttea^iti Ptvfi, t PulpJc curioufiy wrooghr, 
T<on coAfarmit^;.bUt tris fo [e'nd<;rof the > iiQe Mktble Pont with • c*rvcd w^inicot ' 
eftiblifbed Cfamch, ^hit is he limented the Cpvrr, tnd.iwo b«ndfome brift Bfincbci o£- 
obftintte ScfaiCn mjintttMd by. Diflencen Cindknickt. 
«Fill Sotti, fa he forebore preicbiog o^ The SenefiStflas of this PirlDi to the- 

¥rhering * Congrtsicion himfelf, fiying^ ChnV'ch ind Poor ire v«ry conlidci»b1c,tn's. 
here wai no' need olhim in £jWm,' where In Money by fcvenl Hands, 1198/. 
There were f6 miny worthy Minidcri, yet Aanni) Rehti by diVen Perfons, lal f, 
fer himfelf to do 11. much Good it he t»;. 

could otherwiyi, by inlHufiing, poor tSr BcGdet thitty Sickl of Cbircoal giveo 
norint Children, glving-them Bjblef, and ercrv Vear by Mr* RtiSsrd Matt. 
relieving thcjr Pirc'nti. The liQ Pait of The Monuments of Note in ihit Chmcb 
bis Life hcfjient in prbraoting tin KnowT worthy our Oblervitlon * re for 
ledge of TbeGofpelin U'atiri, and 10 that ' Ut. Rstfb Rekilj.RiR J^iWaw of LiMt^ni. 
End procured 1 new Impreffinn of the Bi> im, and Mafier of St. Kttharm*i, who gave 
ble and Litorgy of the Church at S»gl»ml to the frifons o( Umlm, CbrifiU 0>artb,tnd.- 
to be printed in the Ifiiji Tongue, the Pr*, Gritwmieh-Ji»ffiiali, poor Scholar! of C«>*< 
Sift rf P'"ft the fntli Duty ■/ Mm,' tha frn^t and O^trd, and the poor Brotberf 
cimtMMtA.ifiino be irinnited into thari and SiQcri of Sf. c*iisriwtt, near laooL. 
Tttngue, and difperfed through all Part* of He died Jma t^, 1 jffS. ' 
W$hi, moft uren to the Poor, and. the reft Mitbttl Umkt Btqi Reader of Gr^i-lMt. 
fold at low Rates to tbe better Sort; and who died 1^84. 

tbo' he wai old, y^t bemtde a Progrelsin- Mr. TtaMwrtarMy, who give 10/. ptr 
to thitCountry once ortwice a Vear,tofee jImk. for ever to tbit Parilli, .and died 7«M'- 
what good Effefi his Charity bad, and fa 4, j6i^ 

Air tbe People up to make good Ufe of the Mr.Gitrgi Hsn^,v>ho gave to the Poor 
Books be gave them or fent among them : of thii Parifli twcnty>three Gowot one 
He obtiijied 1 Lfceoce of the Klhops con> Year, and if many Shifta another, and two 
ci;med to preach among them, hoping to Loadsof Coal for forty-fix Yeiri after hii^ 
do them the more Gom that WayV be* Qeceale, wliich happened 
catife they had fucb a deep Senfc of hit The Monofflenti of late fet op, bare 
Gbatity to them while be was in tutdn, nothing remarkable in them, 
wilere bit chief Rtfidence was : He for fc- Ttaii Chnich ii i Rt&«ry, wat ancient- 
vera] of the laft Ynrs of hii Life keptclofe lyjothe Patronage of the Abbot and Con- 
to the Communion of the Church of £*• vent-of BviMMajS' io Simijt. and fo cooti- 
glMd, and declared, That be thoagfat hioi' nued till the Dilfalotion, after which King 
leif bound in Confcience lb to do. All Htmy Vftt. granted it to Thn»Mi Lord HHr. 
£jr»ntina. MiniBera wotild do well to fol- ttitpij, afterwardt created Eat) of Stnth- 
low hh Example. ai^ttm, in whole Family it remained till 

a. St. jMdnwtHtHtnt^ot (h Mr. 5muaIIi Unut, late Earl ofStmbm^tm. dying wrthi 
It, Oldhm), fo called nom ttj Dedication ont Helri male, hit Eftatc dcfcended to hii 
aljovementioned to Sr. ^airtm .the Apollle, Daushteri and CobeirrllcCt of which one 
and the Street where it Jlandeth, which be- of them being marripd to tuAfb, Lord M«»- 
ing m this Ward, la called thcLiberty of £aii- t^N of tiitm, the prefent Duke of Mwi^gM 
A"*ai.tbe reft-oftbat Pirilhis, r. The Li- claimi the Patronage of ^.tbo* he hsi uc- 
bcrty above the Bin. And 1. Tbe Liber- ver prtlettted to it ; becmfc the RcCtort . 
ty at S/fffrm-Wt, Thii Church wii re- ever lince Dr. itiBbigflttt, (who was pre- 
WUt in itfS?, and is 1 very pleafmt and fenced by the Eirl of SM'bf^Hn) have been 
/paci.o.i|a Bniljding. It ii well adoriied wiib. promoted tO' B|Ibop(ickf. by the Crown, 



LONDON. i«x 

Dtprcftnted two *i rba UA, wdl carvei on Wo*d, Mid 

Tutu. ThU Ltviat >> two^t to be ptinrtd «icta JuiHty Clab* intlwtrHinis 

woitb 40a / ftr Jnt. .Here ir« tbrcc Gift- utiks the Qdineti, nac only tbrir Huidi, 

Sermonr, one giveq by Rithard Btiim of bat ifa«f Hcadi mowinf it every Blovr, to 

Sieflt-bB.ETq; to bt picitbcd . on ihc ft- tbcgieit Adminrioo of tbe fopubec; %nA 

coad ammiaf in £«(}*■ Term, for whicb the in tbe Infide with wetofcAttcd Willi, Gel> 

RcQor is to receive t^ t/ ^d. Hid two by leriei, Pulpii, and Alur- piece, as in the 

^Uxmadtr stMgtri, Efq; »bo give by bii lajt befl ChordK*. 

Will =0 (. for ever for two Scrmooi, enc Benefiftoti to the Chnrcb and Poor of 

of tbcm in Eafitr-WtA, aod the other in this Parilh are many, «/s. 

lAichstlm^ TernK Annuil Rents given by f«veril Peifon^ 

Tb*mm dt CMtimg^amf ReAor of (hit Pa- iCyJ^ o r. ^.4. 

riOt, w*s Keeper of the great Sea] in ij^g. In Money by divers Perfbnl for diffi:. 

Dr. aMtrt fnrtbhgttm, a famoni Prcaclw rent PurpolW near 3e*ei. 

cr, and eminently holy, wtt Re&or is 1441. Befidei one Loaf and three Qairtefl of 

0(. Jsmti LMmi, made Rcaor of this-. Cbarcoal given by Mr. tOuf, and Mr. 2^. 

Church It the RcQontion, was an acate MonnmeDK prefirvcd by Mr. Sitw, but 

Preicbef, ikilful in the Oriental Ton gnea, not ftinding, are for MrftiV^iNw^, Ci' 

He died HfUtmhr 5, i6t^. tiZen and one of tbe ShcriA of LtaJt», irho 

Dr. EJmtrd sUi^fi*t, K*QoT of tbiff died timtk i), 14S0. Rigir tkrtm, one of 

Pirilll, was Dean of St. feW's, and after tbeJnfHce* of the King'i Bench, who died ' 

BiAop of )fvM/«r, one of ibe Wosders of ^>«Vetr. 143). nMt«P*sili, Chrk of the 

the World far Learning, at tbe- reverat OoWn, and one of the (i* Cler&i of tbe 

Sooki of bii io-Print fuStieotly tefiifittj in High Court of Obadcery, who died Jmn- 

vbicb not to owotien Ebe-Xitks too nu- stf, 1601. iViiiwm-Crtath,- Cuittn and Mer> 

mcroas for this Place, be ftewe bis Z4il cer of I.mdim,- wbo give to I. fir Ami,- i<r 

Cot Chriflianify and Onbodoiy sgiinft Aa-^ tbe Poor for ever, ind died Jffil itf, ttfo^,' 

■i^ Catbdictt^Socfaiios, and Seairiet of &c. Here wu alfoi Mtmnment (w Qourt 

all Sort^ with fncb JadgoMntand Ckaraels, SUzshtb, mueb tbe fame with that it jtB*' 

ihu 16 jBOch Learning, emild soi heve fak kmSwrnt tit OMtt' , Tbe Montuacnts nooK 

ka into a better Hand to menaga it fiMlbe' QMiding..ire for Sir RtAkirW fMraa, Jodge 

commoa Good ^nd Chatcb's CauTe. of tbe Common Pleas, «bo died tttwmat y ■ 

Dr: MarJateBiOiopofffrtandDrf MM- i<, i£)S: The honourable the Lid y itew 

MwAeii, now Bilhop..of CUthtftf, were gttttTsUtt, who died M»rth ji, itfio. ^. 

both ReQori of ibis CbtKch. itrtmi Otb* SUmtim, a GtmM Phyfician n 

Dt. SMthtvtrtl it the prelent RcQor. King Charbt II. who died Jm£»JI ij, itfgf. 

l^Sr. Daafimtt in tht Wtfi, fo eillcd from Sir WiSimm Ptrtmn, Lord chief Jnftlce of 

St. Dmpm a canonized Arcbbilbop of Cm- ExgUnd, in tbe Reign of King PkiUf and 

(erfary. of which fee more io £/. Dtnijf<«>M m Queen M«rf, who died fthn^ •%, i-^j;.' 

tHijifia nmtr-JImt Wui, and from its Sir Rthrf HnvAhm, a Judge ofthcCbmmoa 

SitDstioo WeAward in the City. This Plesi in Kiag J*mtt Tt Days, who died 

Chsrcb, tho* wc find not tbe Tim* of its jlte^ ;,- 1 148.- Edrntrd tttrfisl, Efq; and 

&a baildiag, is at Icafi joo Yeiri old, ti >^m Ui Son, both Mafler-Mifoni to King 

appears from a Honament for Mr Otile) Cfaw/r/ II. woo gave to /. ftr Jm. to thil 

dated 1431, yet not older than 7i8>'be. Churcb-fbr the Keadiog'Of Divine Service 

caDfeibenSt.ilM/fMdied. Itwaiallalong fbrever. The Father died in ^6^%, ind 

%. fair bcantifBl Church, attd tho' it ebipad the Son in ifirS, -with fome others of' 00 

dw Firerf^M * *. irbu been fo mnch te> Note, 

oaired and beao^fied in this Century, diat This Chnrcb !* a Vicarage, anciently ni 

It appears slmofi new.,. It it built of Brick the Patronage of tbe Abbot and Convent 

and Stone, covered' with a fioilhing, and of AlmUA, in the County o( Nmba m ttrtnd j 

adorned on the Ontfide with 1 Dial and and Diocefc ot DMrktm, the Monks fupply- 

Clocl-Bcll, on -wbicbjwo Siragei 11. big ing tbe Care till • perpefiuJ -Vinrage wif - 


■q0(|nn4. vkea t)>«y rcoiilBed PtfioM of rf CbMtaban to i6i ArriKerr OiBiptny, 
tl|« Viev»§* lUl the SnppreCan by Kini- tmi. ftr Am n tho ^or of tniiPsrilk for 
^fTf VUL irb» utKcd « to tiM Lara trnwy-ont Ymiv, ^t. 
QnU^.fiwnnrbsrcHmUy ithMlMkgJbwe. Mf. Umard Tfwgil, wbo died 7h« 19, 
pnSvd byiM«yR«ai(»Mtotlwa*iMtf,«ho itfij. Now ftindiDS, for 
now i» Ovncn boih of che: Reaory and nMi^ tlw Wife ef Dr. 0*vf, Rcftor of 
'%^r^r. Jht HemUKAf it h computed tkiiPcnfb, whs died fammmy t», itfrS. 
at ]oo /. ftr Am. but Dr. Dh oi*de 448 i. Or. J»jfir tfadktm, wbo died Offifar 3 1^ 
Htrc if iSi. givan fw ■ <LtQaic to be i<t9. .Ajt. f 7. 

, preached every Smtjtf tod TbrnfiUgr in the Mr. 7jmr Mrfew, Matter in Sorgery, and 
.^^rooon, ftom tke BsginsiDg of MtiMf- Do&or of PhyCuk, Savtnt t>) KioECb^rttt 
■mm Tern, to theEnd ef n-iatf; Term by: II- and King 7«w/ II. wttoTe Family was 
Dr. Mil*) aad 7/. 6 i 8^. for other Sor> long fimoot for Surgery. Hedied Rimm. 
taaoM. Here were atfo revenlChinrrie*. ry i6t6, 

4,. S$. Biadgmt, or (as it i* caamionly call- T htm M fUmmt, the Poet, wai aMb (mri. 
cdj A. fln/«f.Ci«wb, lb called froni -its Di> ed faero anumg hit RelatioRi. 
dicition to St. Bri^t, an boly Virgin and )1k Church here <rii anciently ■ Re&oiy 
Difciplc of St. 'Pstritk, hmoas tot many in the PaiTMige of Che Abbot lod Coit- 
Mirackf dim* by ber in ber Life-tima, ana vent of iftfimimfitr, who fopplied chn 
Cflebratedfw faetSanOity after bar Death, Core, bat it bring at length ipprnpriated 
^bith bippaMd in fif. TbisChaFch at to tint Abbey, a Vicarage was ordained, 
in fipft FonndMiMi «u but fball, bm and tba Abbot and (invent prttfent- 
4m]ttAey««r i4S«t wii enlarged byW/. ad to it till the DiObhttiM, whrn King 
li«ip;W> E(^f MaAor oTths Mm, with a Htmj VHI. g*n thera to tbe BiOioiHrick 
^tCioaf Body lod Uc* lowvd tbt WeQ } wMch be then ereOed ; bnt Cog idmard 
3«hi THfimf, and otbari, foqndad fewrat VI. diflblved rhit Soe, and mroed h incs 
Cbafltrief in it- It wat burnt do«> in a colleglaM Cbnreh) which Queen cAk«- 
1,664, »<ti KfimAtm iMo. Ititaflrong, f«r^ rcuored after Queen JMk7's Oeith who 
pktfagtt Md well biuli Chuich, wain£w«* h(d r«-«ftaUia»d the Abbey, and Tcctlcd 
Md rosnd. Rsadf pcVed, haviog Galktiaa the RaA«y and Vicanga on tbe Dean and 
«■ all Sidct tut ike Weft, where there it a Cbipcer, who have pfclentcd to it ever 
laif^ Dpar-C4re with this laTcription over linee. The Rcvanve of it by Aft' of Par- 
it, P O M fj DA/ undec a Seraph. The Hamcnt ii made no /. ftr Ami, Here are 
Altit^pJAce i* h^tatifol and magoifioeM, difco Otft-Se*nton« 10/. each, 
•qd ovcE (b« Window it a Rapmeataclon The RcQora of Nok in thii Pirtfli are, 
oftbf Chctch irionphant abOMtbcCloadf. 1. Mr.7(io Tmylm, MnCtfJmJur, arfto wirh 
Ttw 0(|pn ia very litie, and ii ei eded in a Tafa (fare, Upholfterer, wis buntt in Smit h- 
CDtioM carved Cafa. jfaW for bia Religion, Utfjo, i$lj. 

tSke Bco«&A«n to tbe Chnrtb and Pa«f Timmst Pitlmiw, UqmtShed for hh Lo]r*Tty 

ef^MPMift are wanhy of Rcmenabiaoca, in 1^41, who buih ar>d endowed a neat 

The wnoal Reaii of Landi and Hesfcl Almt-hoafe in WJmiwjItr. Dr. AAr fayi, 

J 'men by divert PatfiMia 6% I. be£de« an He fbsnd more Ourity ia thia one fe^ne* 
^IW'hMil* HJVBM by MraL j^m Rj^mmd Ared Minifter than in many wbo enjoyed 
fr eight Wid»«t, aod five OhaMrtiu of otber IMcna SeqwArtttom. 
Cori* ffWea by Mai. Bmhmt skmf, to b« Or. ttr^m, Bifltop otOi^mid, (wfieic Tee 
diOribqted aviong tbooa. More ef him) waa bom inthia Phri&i. He^ 

Monty giveia i^ bwral Pnfimi fbi the awwng otbar Work*, ftated the Pepe'i Sn- 
Benelit of the Poor 1000/. premacy infaarSennoM.tyr.fflelenlymd 

Uooty |i«m by divers Peafc ai fbe tbe weH, that the Jtiw> Party bare never 
Support of the GJnirflb, iiooi. tbeoght fit to anfwertt. 

MmWmW in thai Oiarcb pia&eved by 1. There are »• Halb of Companief iri 
Mt Slavk *n far ibia Ward, bat here are other Building* of 

ftu Jtm't JEbww^Cidacn and Cutaaanr, tqaal or greater Note, «te. i. The two 
Vho died Dtamhr 19, itfr;. He-garc-for* Trw^. And 2. Seveq Inu of Chanoery, 



LOHDerjs: i«j 

«^B. fimw^att.lm, «t#lf mm, »murA-am, «• TkM dl tliit bin Cfcaaikn be dUi^ 
7im^4f-lm, CUgmdt'im, Strgttmr-^m, Htm- §ei to faj Sot their CoMmont •bout lo *. 
JKM, »( «U«b it it occcflary » %in t ftwC ■ Week for a Fortnighi aveiy Tarn, md 
Accpo t . do cxcfcift linaffa.lH(M befoft thtjr ba 

>. CK tbi «M »^^^, aacHAliF tbe oiM to the Ear. 
Dwelling itf two rcligwiM Oi4t$t &r* of- 5- ParliiOKnn, by vhich clit grand. Ccil- 
rbe Xmigktt'T*mfltn, from nbeace they took cuM of this Uoiia are BMoagcdt an com- 
tbait Naioe, "id after ibcir DMIbtetien. t^ mamiy Mi bare aboot twice eMijr Tenll. 
dac J&g fc* HifftMlm of M. 74* of Tm^ Here tbe Boildinf of any m« Cbat^m » 
Kw, CO whon a(l ibeir Lmrfa M<t PoUediaa* l"t tot two LitFci aTually, thi tm AffgM- 
wevB gi«<:Q by the CeutTcil of ntMe-. ■• menr, ao4tfae UabicKiMi of ibiM fat oa» 
ijM* Thefc ilo^it«lc9nha4i|ie»r HeeA- lift. 

HoaTcfof M^tUad in m^.tmHifiM, and Tbc Oficcn gf iMt Uodc are t TmA- 
becHire they <l*i imi want (o larg< flui}^ rer, Steward, head Biider, bead and onder 
iM^thcy snuntd tbeiB for a ccitaw Rmt Cuek, tbrae PoReu, Girdtocr, &t. The 
of lol. ftr Jm. lo «be Scndcnti of tbe iwldiefj are oeK and coamodieiif, diTo> 
Cmmmo Lawe of Ak'**^ *^ baf« bcU (M iato Averal CoMa, tbe HtU fptcioM^ 
ibea ever finoe. ThajF wate tben divided bmg abo« with the Pidurei of many 
ioie three rarti. a. Tbe 1mm.Tmtii, bv NoblcoKn, and tbe Garden ii my pfeaOhoc, 
cwie it waa failed within TrnfU-Bm. a. bciag kepi in good Order. Md adoma^ 
The Middb-XM^, bieisfe Jt WMfitaafeb» with FlBwer.rHcGrceni, C^afi-Plm.Tel- 
twaaa the former. Aod 3. Tfat Qmmt^ rift aod gravri Walka by ibe Bank ^ tbe 
SMla, wUcIt ftood withow tbe Bar, wm KtMr Thamm. 

cwMnediofD ■NoUc«iin*aHairfe,caUtd >. The MlW^»wfJI^ wbiefc m it bad tbt 
i^m-Bmfo, which waa ^ed 4ow«, and it Aoh Original with tbe Jmur.Tim/k, lo it 
■ow bandlbnaiy bwit into Sirecu, ceUed bath many of the fttne Cafienio, aad ODch 
|jfi»jltwi; 8|c The Stndeati bare •»«•» the £une Goveramcnt, what it peanfiaf t» 
ly tite Immr toi UMt-Timk. it'tt, 

t. The MMT^nai^, which a&aftbeSi^ i. Tb« tbe Tnafortr, who it eBnailly. 
nnflkwi of the Hofftialen ih^ bald oT chotiui ow *f the Benobaie^ ie the |ufaxi- 
rfMCM<ni,tiil Kisg Jmoul: granted (d pal Officer of ibiaUonre, aad hath Power 
the Treafiwer, Beocben, and Stiideiita the to admit whom he thinbi fit into tbe Soci- 
Balidtala 01 MefliMa* of tbo /mtr-T^m/k, «y. ff>ying 1 '■ <w tbeir Adnittaau; at 
aod their AffigM m ever, for the Lod|^ flgn ihcM ChambaM, leeeive Renii, aM^- 
Ibm, BdHcetioa, and Rcoapiian of tbe Pn^ all other Monayt, aiid iiCfoti of ihaoi 10 . 
^Tf attd Stodcnu of-tba Lmw of tbe be (mj OccaOoa, for the Ban«6c of ifac 
Kaahn, yielding and paying 10 the faid Uoulii, andpay Salaviei tl>Saevaan,(^4.' 
iCitV Md hie Siuotfliira yeaily, ftr the ai ThacaU ruch aaareadeaittedintotU* 
Manfieoef the Aiwr-naapl' loJ. and fbf Society, be peilbaally prefent at the two 
■iHtaf the MMI^rM^ lo'. attbcFtaO* firft grand Vacatioaie in Um, aod in » ■—■> ; - 
of tr. jfl a ta Jind trty,r-y and tbe two fitft C i r i ff mu't afm their 

Tbe Orden of thii Ho«& are, GomiBg. 

I. Thar ooae be adailtad bat fncb aa- ^^TbH tboSlttdeMs evfty .Df in cbe- 
•»■ of good Parentage Md Bdwvionr* for Term ftootd nropoft and plead in Law* • 
which tbey are ttvpay ] i. < r. t d. and a> Francfa fomc Point of I.t)r, wbkb Iball bo 
ban i| a. 4d- mnea in Faoa. enlarged npon by an ttftir Barrifier, aod - 

1. TfaatoiMehoMltedmtbeBar, or- be the Ban«bcratkea declare their Miada i* 
NOiiKd aaHLjM»Ba»tfterbeCmbahe B«rt/b.> A«*llb 

' ~ ' ' ' ' 4. That the SttMUnct of iboiHo^ b»- 

iBMined by-rho whole Baachf tb« Qwckl 4- That the SttMUnct of lbe>Hoafa bo-~ 
B^rd May bo Mk ofV tbaoi £h cheat ing nat in-tha Hall d» fic^togatbcr by. 
tiwaiui- three, and one of rbini pi^ofiag ■ LMr> 



tiwahig- thriw, and one of rbini M^ofiag 

I. TbatBoMlow of ibt Hnfe cam taTaitbeoker two Aalf atne tSereapoD, 
fatotbe Hall with any Waepon mndi* ibt . mJ tlwn he that pn^gnodad the Qqiflio* 
Kwby of fof&itiDg fife Foottdf. Out 


L O NT) N. 

bill dcclsn hii OptnioD, tud trbere ibe Me 'tit well tdarned, betog btnUbmcTy 

Cife ii to be foaad. Thii Cafhrn U pawed ind wtinfcotted, the Ah»-ptece 

coDtinned (lill.ind pridifed wery Dty (ex- ricbly cirved, li » iMbthe Palpit. It bach 

cept FedivtU) farttie ImproveDKMt of the fivelflct, end cheTemplerilit,tbc^eof tbe 

Stodentt in the Knowledge of che Conunon Mtddlt-limfit on the Sooth Side, ind thofe 

Liw. of tfae bmtr on tbc Nonh Side of the middle 

f . The Scndenti of thii Hovlc miift do Ue. 

Esercire tweaty-eight Tome before they . Tiiat ere oiiny Mamnnents in this 

■aie jollified for the Btr, and if tbey hive Cbarcb vory remirbblc, the moll tncient 

never been bi Commons, they ere obliged «f which ire thofe nine tbighi'TtrntUrt, 

topiy for two Veirt Common!, bot cbii it mcloicd within'tronRtilt, fire in one A- 

not nfuilly done; bectafe foch n come MfmKM, Mid four in the other, drawn ie 

noc to Commoni, cbufe nthei to pty half Marble K their fiill Proporrioo, lix of them 

every Term. crofrlegged, *> having vowed to go co the 

6. The Boildiogi here ire cqoally mig- holy Lain, to fight againft the Jtrnt and In* 

trifiaeac with the tmur.nmfU, but excelt k fideli, or having been cticfe ; and lame of 

■in Itf Gate, which hai a nob)e PfBniill>iece, thtm levcn Foot and ■ Mflong Four of 

and in a good Library near che StefM of At them are laid to be three nirfbib, Earli 

Hall, (which it adorned with the Coatt of of Pimittii, and R$tirt K«if>, ■ Tcmpler. 

Armi of many Noblemen, Heidcra, and The other Monoment* of Note are, for Sir 

Benchers) to which Sir Bunbtitrntw Sbntr, Wilttm Mmtm, one of >h« Judgei of the 

and ottien, have given many Boolu, It it Common Plen in King Ch^Hn li'a Kergn, 

open for ill Perfon* abont fix Hourt every who dien Sifttmhr i], if;*. Sir J*Im Vmt. 

Day. The Sobje&i of them are chitfly glM, Knt. Chief JofKce of tha Common 

Ltw, HiClery, and Langaaget. There it Pleat, who diad Ofwwto- lo, t&%^ Jmmtt 

an Infcripcion over the Door ia theft Am0, Gfqi HiftorirwraphcT to the King, 

Wordt : who died in i5tf6. Sir Gm%t TMy, Lord 
Chief JuRice of the Common n«Bf, who 

AS SO DOUl SI 1697. died fiwiai^ i ), in 1 700, Edmm.d Pitmin, 

OiUmhtu mut» & Jhtffs, f*tmft» Efqia great Liwycr, » hit Writings Ihew, 

" ' who died/^irtMty 6, 1584. Sir Ttaaafb Liu 
tUt9», a Baron of (he Aw^ywr, who died in 
i«48. Sir 3Am Kitig, one of King Ciarfrf 
ll'a Connlel, and SoIlicitor^General to the 

JfcrgM, Thtfm 

There !i bm one Chtirch to both thefe 
IkwfJaf, which is f> wnveniently fouated 

diat it ic eqnitly ufeliil to them both. It -Dake of npft, who died y«M la, i<77. Mr. 

Wli fonndtd by x\t9 Kdghlt-TtmfSmi ia jAnStUtn, the Glory of oar dv/i/i Nation 

1185, and dedicated to the BlcOed Virgin (aiGrariw ciUt himj ind thit worrhily, fst 

Mary. The prefcot Struflure ii thought he had great Skill in both divine and hn> 

CO have been built in 1 140, when it wat mine Liwt, and wai an expert Philofbphcr, 

again dedicated. How the former Boild* Antiquary, Herald, Lingnift, Poet, Statef- 

ing cime fo foon ro -decay it not-known, man, ^t. He wat 1 Bnrgefi in fevcra? P»r>- 

Tnii Charch hith been feVeril Timet beau* liamenta, where he fl>cwed himfetf an Bne> 

tifiedand repaired, bot m»fi fubftantially my to the Prerogative; and a Member of 

vd wellin i7o((, when it wat rtew white- the Aflembly of wiiichheloved 

wifhed and painted, the Pilliri of thermind topntzle ibofe Proftllbnof Divinity and 

Tower wainfcotted, new S'ttlettenri and Reformer*. He bath many karned TriQt 

Buttrcfles erefied, and tbc Fignrei of the \n Print. He died Dtti^tr 14, 16J4. Dr. 

Xnigbti-Tipifltri cleaned and painted, and fUlfh Brwtmrii, BiQiop of Smm*, in which 

the Iron-work inclofing them gilt. It ia be waa fcarce warm, bat be wai dMpliced 

built ifier tfae Gttbitk Order, the Walb io 1649, whcrmpon bt became rbc Preach. 

Stone, ftrengtbened with Buttreflei, and er to ihit Society, which Place heboid nine. 

bit a treble Roof covcrtd with Lead, and teen Veatt to hii Dcarh^ wlich happened 

fupportcd with marble Pilliri, which with CUfmitr 7, itfyy, ^t. ' 
Stooe the whole Floor if paved. In the Io> j . Tkii 


TUt CtaKll «ru it &ft fapplied fay • Aniiiuif.iM ud 7ft«l7/>Mi Waa|iflg M " 
Mift«i, *nd fourftrpendiirr Pflefti, wttb a XiMtAH.ia*. j 

Ctnk, wfaofe AllowinotwM'giMn' riwa - The Degrcoi nken. by ibefe comqiDa' 
Mt of Ae Re«enttBi of ibe Hnpiol' of St. Ltwjrcn arc, 

9«fai nF j^mfaUm in Bugimii but fines tbc - i. ficncbtn, wbo are Sigca <if th« Liw 
DiflokitionofrfaeMoiHflarktit iafnpplyM io each Society, who govern and m»ntgn 
la otbar Ctrarchca , iH'ft. By a Mnufter (^ tbe Affiiua of it. They can mriie no Lawa 
proved by tbe Bancbera of both Honfef, (not iMing inoorporacrd) but by Cuftoot 
and prcfitnted hy Patent from ibe Ciovn, tfaeir Order* have obtained a tegil Force 
«rho U at thii Tins Dn Ibaaw Siiritei. to oblige their lafptftiire Societiet to ob« 
t>ttn ot CUtkt/ltr, he. &oa of Dr. mUmt ftrre tben. . 

MbtrltA, Dean of ». rMTr'-Cfaehte Mini- • i. Uttir Birrifteri, wko from thei^ 
fter or Mafter,>M hs ii idoaDy -ciUed. Hit Standiiw and Eipericnce do argue donbc- 
Stipend ia from the Crnwn > 3) /. 8 r. I dL Ail Calct before the Benchc". which ii 
far Jm. Fiev^ift from tbt Immr-nrnfU Called ttHiiwg. Tbey Are aMowed to talcs 
io«I. fton tfae«MUb'7k«f:r 70/. befideaa ■pan then the Man^gemenu of Cli- 
(ood Hoi^e far tbe Ufa of bifliffllf and eati -Cafe* ovc of tbe nonlca ac the B«rf 
Faio^. TbeLcOaiVT if appointed by <bc » Wtprntt^w-HsM at Aflisca, and there- 
TKalorcrs ef each Honft in their Tome, fere tare called Ouccr fiarriflcn, to diHio- 
and baa ^ (. far hii Sennon •■ Ibon at be t*ifl> them from 

bupreacoad it,' and tbe Reader w6o readc ). Inner Barriftert, wbo are obliged for 
Ftiycn taricc « Day at eighcaDdthree,'is three Yeara ia tbe Lmt, and temafr Vtcita* 
cbtHra by the Bendtrrs, . 001, after Chey are called to tbe Bar, to it- 

In B apa C i T near the MiidU TkMJr, ie lend their Esercife, , repeat by Hetrt the 
kept ibe Chirograpberi-Offioe, whoto Ba^- Pleadioga of the Moot-Ofet in Frtnth, ono 
GkA vt-'a n engrofa Fioea acknowledged caking tbe Part of Plaintiff, and tbe other 
in the Common rleai, and deliver the In- of Defendant. 

dentnret to the ParCtei, and proclaim Finei To thefe Innt of Court mull of rbe, 
an tbe CoBTt in TeTn»>Time. . principal Gentry of the Kingdonu of £>;•- 

Tbefe./n^fy being the firft nf the Inn* iw*^ and lr$ltnd fend their Soni after they 
•f Couic, which comai in the Way of onr bive been at the UaivcrlUiei to leirn Lo- 
Hiftory, it may not. be amilt to treat a side and Ahetorick, that they mty under- 
little of their Name, and fome Gencnlitiea ttand not only the Law in the moft regular 
common to them all. Tbey are called Way ofSmdy, but other Arts by Conver- 
Imu of CotiTtSr dthei .bccaofe tbey were fation vith the logeniom. No Nt'rinn in. 
tedrailyibe Qty-HoDfct of tbeCoitrtierar the Woild can produce fuch ample Uni- 
^tber Lay-Nohlea or Bifliopf, 11 Uar*/e/> verfities for their Lawi ai (hefc four Soci- 
Ae of the Bilhops of iMaafa t and Grryr. eties ire, being computed optfaidi of Jooo 
Jm, ef the Lorda Qrtf of fTilMti ; or be- (belidei the loot of Serjeants and Chance- 
caii& the Stndenn in their Delign by their ry) all under certain Kulet of Government. 
Knowiedgc of tlie Law to qnaKfie them- Z. SirjtMnr/bmi, the one in Flnt fimt 
ftim to r<(tro the King aa-.Mcmbera «f over-igaind Fuiir.Ltni, and the other in 
lu(Caart,or to plead aC the Ban of the Cimurjr-LMU atJjnnfng to diSwdt- Hm. 
CoDrti' at tnpmmfilf. They are for tbe Ufe of the Judg», and lo 

Tbefc Inni ofXmTt, wMcb are bcfides many of the Serjeant) *( there ii Room for. 
(betwofta^to, Ziiertfaf and Gnydnni, are' The grft CQntaini a whole Houfe to each ' 
acoOMted aa ancient aa King idm^d I. Jndge, the other hith only Chambers, moll 
Tbcjr ban eigbc lani of Chancery belong- of them newly ereQtd, and to each of 
' g to them, Cbe^ci tvoSt^ijiMtt »;) vt*., them ia an handfome liallt where they'dine 
imimt. Cl^irdt, and I^iw Inni belonging in Tertn-Time, and a Chapel adjoining, _ 
^.the iMur-Traf&j Mw, ahd fr>Tnerimes Mbere the Serjeir)ts in thrir Tu'ns provide 
Jlv«ii> Irta, belonging CO the WiWf-rrw^a I Ofie to preach every Swd»y. "thcfe Ser> 
IMtojfpwr^IanftwIoMitig tV Omt^bm t matt may plead tq all Courts, and non* 
Aa ■ " bM 

Dyrzco ,*^iOOglC 

»«t thtf 1* At Cmmmw HrM. TU •r»i«M9 4^»«K.,Ck!sf* *n4 Hcrcn ef 
Jud|e* sK afnilly chofe out ■*' iLml iMnfai, vl)i> 1^ au tf^fl, to tke Besck- 
Tbej He ulkd co Uh* konowtbk Dc wiof Maanhr./mt a«4 ncit SvcciObfi^ 
gree bf the King*! Mandiie, whicfa is 4i wfiQ d«n^4ici« ifct-.^iHuci^ti and FcU 
icAcd fo fbch onlf u tlicji>dge> Dec«in> lowi •! <ftU fckuft ^ st 4'- t<'. fir 
amd tf wsrthy of it. an«d«( > |>eM Pe- ^hm wvhilie Uwv PfivtlaifQ of Ad«^<M 
S*}ry of leoe I. T6ey ate cenltitutcd wifh « t fwmptifW* T^ CoadanHn heie 
•Kieh CcKinony,ttke tn OMb«t theChia. Keio ticisCiaiinoai ctnlXty* in ifia*faJ« 
eery Btr. ind give Kif)|i' to ctic Kiogt Tomf. Md Mi<A»«ttwn • Wnk, fw p«)[ 
Queen, Prmcc, Lord K«pM, GS'fc Tfa'f fcr ■ Wc«k. Thef iiMHi Moatingkosui* 
Weir Coifi ind Pirty-colcured Govn* fof MQ¥ir»f«. . , 

Diftiiiffion Tbct ■[•ii(MY«M»ftMdifi^. . f. C/tfl>^ ioa, A C4Ue4 frm the FmUjl 
X: Tke Inn* of ChiMwy ■• thu- Wm*! af iIm Ql^mU., cq wkqsi it btm (rtotcd ky 
ire, K(iK A^wWK. Iivu tka Howfckcferc 

t. rwwi^hhm, fe ulled fi«a tte Latdf af tufmlKK d% Btritjt, and alakc4tc4 to tba 
Jfenu««A, who4« Ho«re kWM,.eDd^ bf Crgvn in KmgfibMndl. R«|fl foi a cciw 
wkom It WM letengtb let oat to ikc Law- but fMtidutfiwkttm (ii. tt^^taktt- f4i4, 
Ten- Tkb Sociatj h> (MkhkA by ono tka Widsa a§ Ktkm,CltM4 i«t Uufc bet 
ninctptl ■ad'twaWAmmaH' Tb«Liw> HmiA t* ek &«d«att at tke LaarJkr lol 
Jen belonging to thii Hamtt avc oblige^ Mniul Reni-, tk Mb. IIL bgt tftwward 
to be in Goramons » Kntrnght i* cvvry firid ic lo ibe Pitneipal and &m1«u of ii 
Ternt, or ptf a / Tk*y h^a Hi Halt imI fiir 6m> /. ia Moaey, mmI b Rqat 0(4/ t 
a Girden, TcH rhtir Cbamttcu fcr Lib, amti Year, ai ii now coaCMDw*^ Tbia Sttcjety 
frivc hii no Mooring* ht«ly> Th» Office' it goMrtied m the &rai«c tka GMtleincii 
ef B*ib ind Pt/hm, which btlMgt mtho net okbgad ta ke in Cammoni a. FooniBht 
CoBtt of Kmg*( Bench, i»kE-pi in tbitltHi. dnry Tnat, or pay ^t.ftwV/nk, Tbaf 

3. StfU-Imi. So called, bccinfe it wm kwe Maotii^. 
inciently an Hall for the MtKhawra of the 6- tkm Aw, fo nUed, ill Oppolkioa to 
Sraph, i.(. great Oealeilin Wool, to awiM the oM Ion, hehingang ta tkis Socie^ 
inj but hirb been tnlooof Cbinccry cvet ia fr«aMJ £,awt, wti«h facing gaettly de* 
ffnce 141;, K oor longer. It wm b«ti^t uy*d, and ftandiag i«iiiote:&ani oriuirt of 
by the Bcnchcn niGrtji iMof Mr XtogifM rfait ftxifitftanf they piocurid > ConuiKMi 
and kit Wtft. The Governnent and Cn- In*, called iMdf bm, irf Sir Jab Jhmmi^ 
fiomi of tfaifc Hoofi are nack kke (ke for- Loid chief Joftice of iho King'i Beodi, fat 
mei. » Kefli of SL ftf jmm. and ibey Tan«ac« 

]. BfrmtnTs Am, tnctenrir ailed M»A u tkew own WiM, whick kitk coadaiied 
•irtVt'hM, brciD& it was (be HoaTo of over fine e. They ate governad byaTrea* 
TTibi Maitmtrth, Dtrta of Ltntth, ■nd by fonr and t«chr« Anctsiict. Atltfaa Mcai* 
him given to che Pte>fz(fott tif the Law. I>eri moft bv in CaiMmom one Weak ovory 
Tbey lie governed as tht firft, »'e obliged Tern, or p*y, Tbcy hive Moociagi oac* 
to b< in Commons two Wecki, two or twice every Term. To liiis loo wbick 
Termt, and ten Day* the other, and piy jvtnt to rebmmU'lwn, bclaaa plealauC 
yr ^f Week if they are abfent. At th<rir W«lk> ■ndCMikns 

Commons thty appear iH in ikeir Gowna ] Things Trmtikablt of -jiwre fartt. 
and knit Cs[», as at all (he left of the I. IKJt SmitbfM, m anciont Rccorda csIL 
Inni of Chinceiy. They hive bid no ed fbrf, p„t ; brcaufe it wm a large W^ 
Moorings of lite. tor, and Hniln weie conMlonly braogfcff 

4. 7b§iyi's-Im, to Citlcd from one Mr. thirhcr to drii.k. Near ir gacw muy Cisq. 
Jtbn Timvj, whofe Houle if wis in (he Trcrs, by which wis ibc Phc« for caeca-' 
Reign of King I^«-rf HI and by him let rliig Otf'endctl. Afrer ikic tltfi Foot wa» 
one fer an Hoflel or Inn for the Apprm- frll^d up, ind it w<s awle a' grten Ficht 
ticci of the Law, is they ire catleJ in his aid kvef, from whence Mr. ifivfappnres 
Win. ItcaoKsftnwtnliDiothcfBftfiao il wok its M«bm» te8ifi-AiJ» , vmt^rXy 


i^ONtiO It 

now called Smltl^U. It wit from h«necJ 
forch mtde Ufe of ftr Joftfiigi, fAtnt- 
menn, »nd TVnimphu whrch ifert ttreTe 
{»e(foimtid' before -nuny of mn ftin^i, 
Fr"m«s, Nohlcj, »^t 11 win II VoitigMtsl 
Mirkett tlfo Were kcpr here fi)r HAilvf 
■ nd ofhc Cittel. I- WM p»ire(l rt the Re- 
^nelt of King Jmmti I; nrd the M>rk<il ir^ 
much Mcrcilcd by thjr Mciits ; for here jt 
tiverrfO^'fthietitltftbtgittTttt Mtiktt 
fcr Cirrle oi >1l thro, in ti^-itj, Ifid enry 
Tktfirni.TU-fitj. ind iJTvri,^ for Hiy >ti(l 
Stow 5f B'^hittmfi't frtaty and Htrfpirtl 
ftood ncir thit Field, ind beingin their De- 
mtCiC, K A'M- tl. grkmdlfhemthePih'ilfg'e 
oft Pmterennitlceve.D/y'irtd'MirrbW 
of &. tjnMiMfW. 1c wij It Arft tnocK 
fie^oenrcd by CIo'llicTi tni) D/iperi, bur 
oov ii bmoui furCittcI chi.Sy, *nd tbo* 
famnrlj h Isftcd * Fortnight for Drolti, 
Ped)«rL |W> yet being foontl tO fend tO 
Lcvdncfi and O^hmt^rf, it hii of )*te 
ken confined toihrce Diyi, beginoiAfn 
tfcir Pttit. 

s The Prior of tmpr/h^ljwS Inn or O- 
tf-hoafe in C^ri^i or Ctm Lmm Between 
nil fiace tud A». Srf^tbrtt Church li ■ 
Lane thit bj( no Outlet, 4ni it therefore 
Cil/cd nrsaj«/a £mu. from «hence hx i 
froverb arifcn, Hf miffiM ttm m «twfe ill 
Tarntgiln Line ; t<> cspiefs i M> . iit bti 
Comrcl, "WMch win be his Deftrudioa ex- 
cept he rcfcxdl. 

J ttf Brt^», ibc City Houf* of ihe tl- 
&api of 1/7 (i»cti rbeA by iCiJt'M jT* LK^^i 
Btlhop of £^ in' i ig^, wirti f:6'ndiMon, ihif 
hiiocxtSocCclfirln >utd fettle looo Maikf 
upon tbrn ChipUiht to fcrve in the Ch- 
pel tbn*. 7*MM ^HWfrf. Bilhnp of tfy, 
np*hed it ind cnlirgtd it with k grcit 
Gite-herie mil ncit FiMit tOM-krdi th« 
Strtft. apon which hit Anns w^f^ontlo g 
fiace vikbU.' In this Hou&, VcibtVi' w<k 
htgt and bad Very eofflrtiodt'iii Ko<Mni| 
ibt Serfe«nt|uL*wk<ptthcirPe<fti twite, 
oncofwbicb ii mfciborable for iti mighty 
iiirtifiOfi. viz. Tw*nty-fotir jreat Otetj, 
iibAc Sheet*, ^•we {teat ve«K, tMrty- 
feitrPorkt, ninet'y-ooe ^gi, tc6.0'ien>f 
Gtpouof Omt*, nin*Oo±tn irfd half 4f 

bjieiu of Eiwt. nineteea Dozen of CDOrfe 
6p«Ki letfca Doxeti and ntoe Cocki, fonr. 
kd Dtara and eigbt of catuft Cock*,' 


thtrty-feveit OoiM iff Vtgion», fetrrteen 
Dotvn of SwKnt, 340 Doeen vf Larki, bc« 
6tf«> TarM, Pye«, and Swnrmevrt. 

4' 5<lmc<^H•^, Orttn SefBoni-Hmifefii 
the Old Buff , where (he Seflioni are helJ 
*tghc Timei a Year for^dcrcmifning 'criOii- 
Aal Ciufn comtnitted wirhio the City of 
Undtm and Cotinry of MW/ffin. In ibii 
C*>orf the Ltori M»yor fin m Judge witli 
the Rrcorder, bur oine or tnore rf rtrt 
tVel»eJtfdgei,»nd/uBi« of rhcFeaCe Mt 
CbBifironly tm the Smch. Tlie Crrminih 
are rried bjr 1 Jury of fwrt»e indiSereiA 
Perlimi, and being condcinnrd, %tn all 
rAigfnable Ctft xAcn to prtpire them fat 
tftcir Deaths, for which titry bave tfa*fif 
ten Oayi i;iven thetn. and the MinlfteT 
inilM theO^Jmmy ^ftemprt, ti appoint^ 
ed to aflift Tbcfn. The Solemnity fyt 
tbeir Eiecution begini about IVIidnfght fcc^ 
fore tbey are to foKr, «-bm ■ Peifpii, (ft 
ibe dearing of rtic condemnM MalefiQor^ 
tMi»rpe»k«ln theCtie-wiy: 

• Yftu Fiifoneri wirbin wbo ftr yxfot 
' Wtcktdneri and Sin are to b« put tft - 

* D-ith (00 morrow in the Pntenoon. gir* 
' cir ind underftind, Thit in the MorA. 

* i^S at Tra the b^ggelt Bell of St. iifiili, 
' tkfu P.itlhftiU toll for yoo tn maimet 
' of 1 P.I& .g Bell, to the Gnd (hit all gnA- 
' ly People kflfWinf that yOB ttie go!n^ 
' to yoor Deaths nny piy to -God fof 

* Mercy for you ; but feeing the Praytft 

* of orheri will do yon nc> gtxd. unkfl 

* yoo hcar'ity hmenr >0Dt Mm, and pray 
' wirfc rhtiti 1 btPttb »ntr *li,tr,d t»« 
' ry nhf to krep rhii Ngtitin' w«tctif j 
' and hearty Priver to Gnd h>r the SMt. 
' tioo nf yoti. Soil!., wbile theic ia Tim« 
' and Pt)ce fbr Mercy, at knowinB >hae 
' fb-moirow y.n moft apfieaT Drfnre 
'•God'ajudgmenr-Vit; Sti ihe totdhjw 
' Metcy Dpnn yOD alt, «nd give yon' an 
' «nfeigned Itepcntance. 

A» the Priftfti-fs are drawn by 1-. S'fMl' 
t\rit.Limfi%T>rd, tbefe tVordt are fpi ken 
to theifi: * AM gted People p'ly heiicil^' 
' to God for thcfe poor Sinners gnihft >o* 

* their Oearbs, fir whoa thti great ^^ll 

* doth toll 1 and you th/r ire how goinil; 

* to your EiecntiOn, repent yoUr felres' 

* with lamentable Tekrs, and *A MetCy of 
' Chs Lord fbt tbe SaI«ttioa it your own 

Ala ' Souls, 


i88 LONiy.ON. 

' Soalt, through the Meriu, Death, ind Rolk in Chinctiy, inJ hit Socccflbrt for 

' Pillion of JcfBiChuD, yow only Mcdir cvcr^for tbsCa&ody of the Aid Rotl» oc 

* nor ind Redeemer: So Lord bive Mer>^ Rccoids, ai it hith cootinneiLevier llnce. 

* cy upon you, Lord hive Mercy oa you 7. friWawtf, of old Time the King'i Pt. 

* ill. ' lice, wbere th« Court wii kept rill 9 Hra. 

5. The FUU-Mfi*, fo called from tha IIL but aftetwud it removed into BUti~ 

Brook or Fleei-Wirer that rum by ii^ it ff-Mrr, yet King|Itin7 VIII. eatertained the 

M an lacieat G10I j for wc find that King EmjKror CA»rJu V. there, and the Nobles 

BJti^rd I. Rtg. i.^^atiiSgu coafirmed to at the fame Tims lodged in if, chat King 

Oitiri, htoibcT of meiMm UwgcbtMft, then btmrelf upon the Qccalton of the Padi*- 

fbancetlor of Engbmik, and Eleft of Elf, iaeaCt meeting in Btadt-PngM, tcllding 

«nd his Heria fer ever, the Cuftody of hil there, when be alfp created Btwry C*»tmiy, 

ttUn at JVtfimiMfitr,. and Gaol or the FUa Mail of DtVK, Marqaefi of Extttr j Btnrj, 

Mt Lmi-t; at alfoKing Jthm Ac;. ;. to tha Ar«M/M,Ear] of LnKaiti tU WMMri,Lord 

Ai<;hdeaconof(f'4&. TbiiPrifonia afligii. JU/f,E*rlof/lw/«U) Sa Htwry Cliftrd,En\ 

*d for ibc keeping of Debtors fropi any of CumiirUnii ; wid Sir Rihrt tuutliff, Vih 

fart of thi) . Kingdom, ai t\ta for fuch m count Fiitwbtr ; Cafdind Gaipftm was 

fpeak any thing M CoAtcmpt of the Chan, brought to King Htmy VIII. here, »qi 

cei y 9t CommDn Pleu. The Rules or Queen SMiimriwr, then bis Confort, lodged 

Libcriies of this Prifon extend from th« here, when the Qneflion about her.Qtvorct 

fhit Canal to l/adi'ttHiB, uid from theuco Wai argued in BltkrMMi. 

to Ctfl-Mij^ the OU-B^lj, and flitttUM. Tbii Hoiife King Sdtt^d VI. Rtg. 7. 

3t hMb pfeaTaat Gardens belonging to ir, giretoSir GHCfrBitrM, Miyor ofthe City 

and-ii- fo peat and cooveoient ifl. it ftl^ of tmulM, the Citizen* and CommODalry 

jhat many Debtors giv« Money te be turn- thereof, to be a Woik-boofe for tb* poor 

cd over to it. ^^'"1 ^ho wrote that ex* and. idle Pcrfoni . of the City, vtltk 70a 

ccllent Boolt oftbe Common Laws of £»' Marks in Land, lite the polTcIGoni of the. 

£ImJ, which soft under that Name, was HofpiraLin the S»v*^, and all the Bedding 

coilimitted to tnis Prilbo, and compiled it iiid Earaituie of the faid Hprpitil ^r tho 

Khert whila he riicopfinei], and five lb Majntciiaiice sf the faid Workhoufe, and 

that Name on that Account. He lived . •• the Holpital of St, Titms^ la SmfitiMrjL 

Iwiit tht Begjianing of King Edmsrd Ur» This Gift King £i«f reconfirmed by bis. 

Reiga. Charter ^«M 26, if5j. and Sir mOsm 

tf. Tb« Riii-Chfftl, which 9tp fomo Go-Wtook FolTeQioaof it in t;rf^^y tha 

Time tbe Houfe of the conrerced 7»v ^oacefQoa ofQusen tt*^!. -^ 

fimnded by Kip^ Hfl) a Place whero - TbisPriibn and Houfe of CorrcQton U- 

a 7na had forfeited his Cdate totheCrowiti t very fpacipu and commtidioas Building, 

bt tijj.Rigi 17. la this Houfe all 7«a>i)b> with Roomi and Houfes proper for tbe Ufe 

Converts and Inlidels . who had embra-. it is put to. The Hill is noble, adorned 

ced the Cbriftian Fiitb^ had l fnfficienC' with the PiOarei qf King BJtMrd VT. ^ni 

Maintenance appointed .themj. nodec in< hit Council, KingsCA«r/»an^7Mwr 11,^^ 

fcooeftRiile of Uviog, which had fo goqd' ^C ^^as burnt, and rebuilt in 

VI Efleft, that a great ^nmbei , of them> tS6i. In it idle Vagrants, loofc and dijor- 

trtM convened and baptized, and b<it]A< dcrly Servants, Night. ivilkeu„ Simlnpet^. 

fiuriwr inQonded in tbe Chriftian Rcligt- &t, are Ut %o baKt Lfbou^ aod ponded 

on, Gved under a^ learned Preftdem, but according to tbfir D«fer(t, but have Cloatbt 

it happening about. the Year 1290, thM all and Diet during their ImpnfoameDt at the 

the 3t»' in SJigl*Md \K^re bapifhed out (ff Cbirgeof thsHouK. 

ibc. Realm, whereby it came to pifs that . - It ii an Hofpitil. alfe foi^ indigentPer- 

io about fifty ot, fifty Yens fear of fbns» and.twcnty Arr-mafteii (jt they ar«. 

the CenVerti were left, this Houfe was,, called} being decayed Tradcn, have Hbofts^ 

with tbe Church '■■ - • . . - . .. .- 

ch or Cb^l granted byPa>, and ire allowed Servants and Ap^nti£cs, 
HifaM, Cluk> Keeper of tha . (which, ia lU' fiwKtitaiei amooat to 140) 


wbo tu- conked It th« Chirge of <ba tfrnj VIII. to grant it tbem, bat were d«- 

HduIc, wtiich prove* fn much lo their Ad- nied, rill ibcy rertetvcd ibcir Pciiitan to bit 

Tinnge often, thit the M>ileri idvinca Son King idmturd Vt. who it length in 

tbcir torronei, *n<l the Boyi, who ifihry Conltdcniion of 1I47 /. n. li did give 

fetvc ihtir Time fiithfully, (re allowed la L and gcint to the fiid May ar, Commonalty, 

each to cirry on their icfpcdive Tndes, end Cinz^os hit LocdOiip >nd Minnr of 

fijve fotne of (hem fo proQiercd in the S»Hihrt»rk, with divcn MrlTiiigei, Lindt 

WoiM, *i to become Gove rnouT> of it. and Tenemen»,a!l WilTt ind Stiiyt, Trea- 

Tile ASJirt of both lie minajfed by a Pic- fure-trove, Trtitort Goods, &t. the Tifta 

(tJent. Alderman, and jjo Governoura, and Adize of Bread, Ale, and Seer, a Fair 

vbo are commonly fome of th« moft fub^ on the fcventh, cighrh.and ninth Diyi of 

flantitland reparable Citizeiu, and meet Stftmitr, as alfo all Manne> of Pleat, A£ti- 

every J^rVf in the CoDlt-Room, to deter- onSf Plainit and Su*Ki wirbin the faid Prt* 

fliiqe about the CotrcQion of the Ciimt- cinQi whatfoever, of which the Inhalutant* 

Dilf, aitd ordering other Matteri relating to of the Borough may implead each other, and 

the UoDfe uulefs any cztri ordinary Afiiiri beimj^eided in (be Ciry of £m)^m, to chafe 

binder. In this Room are Seatt for the two Coroneri, bold, u^, and enjoy all the 

Prc/ideot and the GovemtMirt, and the TaU, Tallage, Picage,.aad all otbcf ibc faid 

Walb are adorned with Tables -of the Be- King's JariHiaiont,Franchirei, and Privi- 

nefafiorj depenfUled in^olden Leiieri, who tege> within the Prccin&l of tbe faid Bo* 

have given many thonund Pouod* in Mo-. . tough ofSMtiwtrk. 
oey aod bondredi in Ltnds. AboiU a Month after this Grant wu 

S Sfliikny CtMr$f anciently the City- made aiid confirmed to tbe Mayor, Citizens, 

HouCa or Inn of the Bilhopt of Sslmhrj to and Commonalty of LmWrn, a Cowt ww 

icGde in at fbch Titoei as they were fum- faoldcn before Sir Rtmlnitt HiB, Km. then 

moiMd to coiae to Farliamant,or wereob- Cord Mayor of LcHii»] and the Alder mao 

liged to titcad tbeir other Biiliaefs in ot ofttteboieinGMUibaf, and tbe ftidTowa 

near the Ciry', It became at %ngth the or BoroDgb of £iarih»«ri was admitted into 

DwelliogOf Sir Rrrib«riSi«i«i7f, and after- tbe Freedom of the faid City, and named 

ward of Sir tt««« his Son, wbovrasouds tb» WMd of Srt'ilEr Ward witboiu» ^r 7*faB 

tord Treafurer and ffiron- Batkhvr^, He ^^ft, Knt Citizen and Barber* So rgeoa 

nncb enlarged it witli flately Buildingi, being ele^cd by the Tame Coort Alderman 

wbich are oow divided wto fmaller pwcil* of the fame Ward, to have tbe Rule an^ 

ibgi, and nude a Court. Thus bare we fi. Government of the Inhabitants of tbe faid. 

oi&cd thia Watd, and Oiall fiow proceed to' Boroogh, and be numbered ai one of the 

Aldermen of tbe faid: City. 
sS. And laS, Briigi Ward without. Sir Titmu jthtj^ Knt. is Alderman of 

this Ward in r7aa. 
Tbil Ward takes it* Name firom the f** This Boroogh being tbns made a PartoC 

tnou Bridge of Lmdm, at JUdgf Ward tbe City of Uuin, tho' jying in the Coon* 

within, Number ten above mentioned, does, ty of S^rrij, it is proper to defcribc it here. 

but it is called withoar,,becailA the Bridge It coaftQetb of divers Streets,' Ways, aiid 

mniTbepaflcd over'to it. llie noble Ri- Winding-Lanea, all full of Buildings welt- 

ver liawr/ fcparatcirThis Ward from the inhabated. The chief Streets are $rO/«vz^^ 

City of Umtn and Connty a! MiidUftn, Zjn-Smabrntrk, B»f»sfy,St, TUltfi, Btnmmdfify 

hot not from the Freedom which it ob* and KiwHjh Srreeii. The things in this Bo-, 

taioed after (his Manner: After the Diflo*' roagh moft remarkable are. i.TheCburch* 

hribn of the Abbiet, the Mayor, Com* t*. a. Prifons. 3. Of divers forts.- 
mondty^ artd Citizens of L*aJfm coaCiitt-' . j. Of tbeCharchei, they were anciently, 

rnghow-commodions it would be for their lis, but now are only five, iiix. i.Sr, Umtj^ 

City M have the Borough of jtMrftiMrl, Mtgdahn Bimudftj.i. st-MarjOvtiyv. ^ 

(which, was ihea wholly in the . King*s St. ihtrntt ^. St ol»vn. And j . St. ai§rgt't^ 

&ndsj aaoexed to it, iit& petitioned King All which we tball give a brief Dercripcion. 

of. i. SK 




t. St. Mrj tUgisitn Bmnudfif, liratis in its )D:>aty,' is the Ezpenn the f irithtonert 

B»mstj firm. Ic ii Co called ffom it. Mtj were at in 170], to repair and beiuttli? ir, 

of MagJuU, Sifter of LMurm, to whom tt when they hid it [biouehonc wiib S'Oim, 

ii dedicatei), and the Manor oF Btmnulff new pcwcd and gillcry'd it on the Weft, 

nn whicb it flandt. It if thought ro hive Noitb, and Sooth Side*, ercded a Sm 

been firft bailt by mBif Rb/w, whogivc it Al-».piece tod Pulpir, railed in the Con>< 

to the Abbey of 5r S«vi«ii' /, which being munion-Tiblc, and let itupon a Foot-paes 

diflolved by King Hn7 VIII. it became a of blick and white MiibK-, iocloi^d tba 

farilh-Chuicb. Ic w*t enlirgcd with the Choir wi<h Gatci, eoUrgrd the South anj 

Addition of a Somh-Iflc in idto, and a Wcft-lVinduWi, new gl*zcd thco) ill, add- 

Turret in itfip, but afrctwitd the o)d ed two BJIt, cltanfcd and wbire-wilhcd 

Building filling into D'-ciy, the whole was the whole ; fo thir ir it now, >ha' an ol4 

taken down and (e-cdiGed at the Parilh> Building, one of the finrQ i> well as ffioft 

Charge in ififlo, Ipaciout Chu'Ches of the City. 

The prefcntSrruaute ii B'ick, rendred The Bcnefjft >rt in. Rmts and Mwiief 

over wich ftnifhing, the Windows and hive given to thit Pi ifh and the foot 

Doors are Stone, and the Roof is tiled, thereof, annually, to be dillTibuted among 

The Infide ii paved with Brick in the lUet, rbrm 9I / 1>rf!dea (he Lady cloria, who 

and Altar wiih black and white Marble, g)ve the Communion Tible and Caipctt, 

tfee Walls are wainfcotted, the Pulpit and and Mr Auffiv and hi'. Wifr. whn gave 

Pews are near, sad there ate Gillefiei on two Silver PNgom, 1 Silver Dilb and Ch** 

tbe North^idc and Weft-End. On the lice for th^ C«mmunir«n B'tad and Wine. 

South-Side if a TahleofBenefa&ors whole Tf>ere are many McHiamenti in (his 

mnnil Gifts amount to 17 I. bcfides an Church, of which the oioftrcnitikable uo 

Houre and Garden. The Manumcnti of for 

Note are for iMifitm Prtmfl, Shrive, or l- LMmtt'U Jtubtmt, BIQiop of f^ittbtfltr 

Dnmefdiy-Man of I.a«/M, Ha^'tiM, Barnn 1 renownejP'el'^c, «'hodied ida6 .At. 71. 

of (he Extttfwtt, Sir jUmsf Piitw*rth, Sir )■ jMfi, L>dy CJ>ri(, Widow of SirR*. 

Kithl^* Blmitf, Mr. C»flt!, a gie<t Ship- ttrt Clirki, B'fon of the £avtafB«r, who di- 

wrighr, much in Fivoar with King CLn-hr ed in itf id. 

fr. who died yaw itf, i5Si. Mr WhitAn, J. 3»b» Brii^iMm ind PHtr OmUt, two 

who died 7Mse i, tllj4. The Living is a Benefaftois to the Poor. 

Refioryin theCift oFMr. IV^frof Jaarry, 4.7*^1 T^mhtnt, Gcnilemui Porter Cl> 

and js reputird to be worth an ijo/ par King 7<""(' f. 

.A*, the Parifii having io ic ffod dwelling i- 7«A» Qtmtr, ■ noMe Poet and Bene- 

BouTcs. faOor to this Church io the Times of Ji> 

a. St. tUry Ovnyit, or Ovtrrti, 1. e. over witri f II. and ktthard lit. 

the River, which it added to diftingnilh it 6 Mr. Ridtard Utrtim, Minifter of tbit 

fnni othet Chorehcs of the City dedicated Church, and Prebendary of IK/wi«tt'r, and 

10 St- JWary. This Chtirch wii founded by Chaplain to the third Troopof GuHdi, who 

anc Umy a Virgin, long before the Con> died JlpH il, 1 701. 

queror,fortheUleofa Monafteiy ofNunt, 7. Mr. Sjtimu, who gave tl (ir Amt, to 

ro whom the gave the Profits of the Ferry the Pooi fur ever. Ha died Jt^i^ so, 

ever the River before the Bridge was built. i6t%. 

thn Hoolc was afterward converted into S. WiKtm of fffrUauat, the learned tod 

a College of Pricftt and then of Canons charitabU Bi&op of WiiAtpw, who died 

Regular, as It licnMined to the Soppreflion, 7«w 11, ifpf. WiBitm Lord ifUi^ anJ 

when it was porcbarcd of the King by the' fTtJ^M Bail of fr«rmL Mr. jttwfiystfaere 

Inhabitants of the Borotigh, and celled St. great Men were interred In this Chorcb, 

<a«tawf, and foon after confirmed to them but thcrs is noMonunwau flaodiog fot 

by Ad of Pirliamnit, Ic has been feve- them. 

ral Timet fioce rrpaired and enlarged, but The Living is itnproptiate, thi Church* 

tliit which nukes this Charch admired for waidem taking the Tithu till tlw Year 

4 «7«» 


L ONDO H 191 

i^«, *1mi riw fuHh oFCbriaVCIiBrcli . The Uvifif ii in T(npro|»iiriaa in cb« 
Vw^ vkua OIK of k, th« Ticbw ccifedi Gift of St. TitmM\ HalfiUi, who 
ao4 • Eivciuie oqc axciediag ]6(i I ^ one ode ofcbelwo, wtucb the PtiiOnc- 
.^hH. C«nWd •pooibii tuifk, thai co ^ 'Pf turm to tbe Gorcmoura, Tbi Revenue ii 
•lied, viik icqJ!. each to euro pieickinf do/- f(r ^m. pud by tbe Ciid HolpiciL 
Miiu0«(t, lo-l. ff 'Am- (o tba Mafkrt of Tbe PiciOi concaini ibow jqo Uuufci. 
sIm FfW-Scboo), «iMi (hq rtA 10 ba hid , 4 <'■ 0/«w'* SMUbmt'k, lb cJllcd froa 
out in (he Xep*ri[ion of tba Chorch. Tbff >t> Dcdicauon to St- O/^w •bovtneortoiw 
MimAc'k biv* tbe SiMplicf(«c». cd, lad iit Sirauioa in citii Uarougb. Tbii 

Chfi^fCllmtk >lrovciiKtitiH<4» WH Cbsrcb H bgilc of Stone tni Brick, t^ 
fc«>dcd bf Mr 7«An "f^ai, who Isttled Hoof is flu. It kuh fuar Ifles, wbich ire 
6oi. f^ Jnt. apoa iIm Miaificf, tnd t1i« pivcd with Stone, 1 acii Utgin Lof^ toi 
PMiftcsMMitf the Libtity of PtfMt tf«n^ Gtlleriei 00 the North >tid South-Sidei. 
Tfa* Chuicih U vrell baik o< Buck, and the Pew* ate convcnjcnti Pulpit caivcd, 
Vithin it veil wtinfaottsd ami pawad Tbe AItu piece piutcd in Ped'pefiivc, aa4 
QaUary k tbe Waft-find was hoUt by Mc and Com mnnion- Table QantU on a Footw 
Aitlmd Iftm In ibe Wia^wi ate tbt ptce of bl*ck Maible and fw^td StotUy 
Kixgi, Bifcop oFWia(*tJffl''»an^Mf. M«r- iodofcd with Rtiti and Baniftcri. Oo the 
^1 A/ott. Tbaie aia fevval Places of North Side ii tbe Pidure of King Ck^ln 
Cctiptafc wrilten upo* the Walli by the !• paiotad as at ^, »*t^i$ Bt^i^t/gtat, and 
Pllpk aod chriftning Pew. Tbe Scnt&ftf- lona other Cburcfacs. 
MS tmaoMt M 1 5 A p > <*» There is but Tba BeiMf*ftioiu of this Parifc arc cob* 
«•« McMwneiKia tkis Church, mim. Sat lulerablei amouating aonaalhr to ifo/.aod 
Ml* Pmbwg. *ho dwd My t^. id^. npwardt, and u Moaies Qh Csati and 

Tha L>na| is a ReOory in.iheGUt of DiSiibtttioas at cwtaia Tinwi fobt an4 
ihiMata Tton«et. opvatdt. Mf. £»«» aKotioM Several ars. 

}• UiXhMMH, (» CsUed from its DediCfc cient Monnmeot* Ainding here to hia 
tioa to St. Tbmm the Apeftle', at foMe Titae, ««•. fat Sir fttiM Bmrttttgr, Enc 
iWok, biirethaaaatnfepr«babl)> fo ii)ePo> who died in !«<&• Ifitum J«sf«, whia died 
fUkStmt 7tm^ Bui^ AxcUtA^oiCm^ ia v6»y ni*bm*d ehitif, who died ^il ta., 
Sfio^wbtrfe Traaflationin i»io,b>ppcii,'d MH, &C. But there are no Remains of 
shew the Tmm this Chiuck «m fcnnded. them n*w. Tbefa which now are SsikU 
ItwiesastetMlyaPiaoeof Worflupfor tbe i«f are on) p a fptcioaf painted Keuotiph 
Goovetu aod Pooi of the Hofpin) of Sr.Tka for Queen tbmsitti in bar Robtl of Srsce 
■iwfwfcided by IUtk0rd?,ior ofBm-mmJ fijh «i'h her Regalia » Mr. JiJm Itsmfi/, Mr. 
bMthoHD^ieal beinv WtandiCft to King Gmi» Rmit, and Mi. Amm* Malaifa; btt 
Mcwy VM- in I y?I, the Citiaens of U m d m nobhwc rci|>ih*b)c in ilw Inftfiptioaa. 
InapriroCKanB XAmtiI VI. and nude Tbe Living is a Rr^ory ia tbe Gift of 
h agaia an Hotftul for paw and lame ^he King, and the ParilL coataitu abooc 
IWi^te^ ^ it coMinoea to this Day) and >oo lioules. 

cataoeetcdiheCbarchiiiroaPBiifli OinKh, 5* SH.amfgt\ Chartk, Co alki fron Sl 
vMcfc bcaof geowD <4d aod decsftcd was G^fV. n> whom it ic dedicated, of whoa 
MbaUeIn 'fea. -we have fpokea aboe e. It is of so incieac 

The CA«i«ll I* batii of. Btich, the Roof Foandaiion, and bctnnged (» Mr. Jlt*w tells 
is coveted withLced/andthe f-lani f»wed aa) to the Prioiy of BrmmJfij to whom it 
with Stonct beiaf eight Sr«p« aboKc rhc wai given by Tttmti j*-tUni, and bis Sa» 
SiTscr. Within iri^watofcontd and hand> H«a**a in ma. ,It was beaatified, new 
fmdr pcwcdi the Pn^^ fiaiercd, as ii p^wcd aed galkry'd, and tbe South-Ifte 
life the- COniiMin{on-Tsble, wfcicli Arnds added by tbe Parilhioacis in i6»fi, aod a* 
•oaPoMpacc ^blaclt and wWte Marble^ ptn repirred aod braiuifisd ia itfti. If 
hdlafsdaiM^ Rattaai jttaMfteir. Hir* are if an old Building, bat is plcslsot and pret* 
SB Irncfftiv*; aoooxy IWeiw m iart t i btU ty fpactoni, hath sgotd Orgao, aod AItap» 
iPrp^fi of Queen Ein»ttth\ vtWiJtmt» ptcee, tolmUy waiolcotted and pewedk 
h t£A tb» SUoi% AtB« Deal 'm. Ia the Window M the Weft-Cud are the 

^'"^ King'* 



191 L O ]^D O M 

Ktng*sAniu pitntfi in tbe Glirt, >nd in ttieMiffltil't Conrt for Debt and Dimiget. 

tb» of the Nofch Side the Aim) of twen- Tbii Conrt is kept in the f nfon, and wit 

ty •one Com pin tea, whogtve 156A lowud at lirft inteiKlcd fer detennining Cinfek 

tbe Rcpttr of theChareh- and Oiffercncei imong the King's menial 

The Bencfiftors to tbii Cbnrch and Setvints, held under [be Knfgbt-lMaTfiii^ 

Poorirefistup in ijapin'd Tible,eRdtheir whofe Stewitd it Judge of thii Cooft, to 

innn*) Benefifiions amonnt to 113/. whicb belong alfo four CoDniellon, end 

The Monamentl of Note are for fii Atiorniei. 

Mr.- Jami SMVMgi, who give 5 1 ftr Jbn. <f> The Xnv'/ Bmb PHfoo, fo «iHed, be. 

for ever to this Paiifli, who died in i{8B. Ctnte it is the proper Pliceof Cenfioemenc 

gtinUrtd, Wife of Sir Omti* Rtput, Knt. in all Cifef triable in the King'i len^ 

MirAil of the King's Bench, who died in Court, whether for Debt, Dimagei, Tree. 

I £18. fon, or Murder. Itf Rnlet are ofaconG- 

Mr. tFiiiam Oomm, *ho gm to tbe ilerable Extent, and the Allowinoe better 

Poor of thia Parilh 1 r. a tmuUf to be di> thu in eooiinoa Gtolt, for whicb Reilbn 

ftribmed among rtient in Bread. He died amj Driwora, which ire elfcwbere conA- 

ji^j }9, >T9o> <>CtM. £7. ncd,do by Etohu Ctr^reaove tfacmlclvee 

Mr. EdwsrJ Ctktr, tbe bmoiti Aritfame- to tbii Frilon. Tbe Governoar of tbii 

ticiin. Frifiu is called the Marlhi) of ibo King'a 

Mr. Jthm BawkDit, an ingenioni Matbc- Bench, a Pbce of good Profit, foe whiclibc 

miticiin and Writing Miner, who it th« gives good Stctuiiy. 

Aathor of Cbwir CimmtrtH. and divcn o- 5* ffHttitpm Giol, fo cilbd, becanft 

tber Tr>6h. He died in ttfy; . froo a comoon Inn it wu conrertcd in- 

The rimoui Bitbop JliMMr, who died in to a Pri&n, and made a G«oI for the Conn, 

the M^rfittlfiM, ii fiid to hire been tmried ty cfSwrtj. Itis-now an Houfe of Cor. 

in tbisChnrch.Vard, ondei the Eeft.Win> reaion or aridtwtB for tho Aid Cotttttr; 

dow in I ^69. Ic i* Gtnate between tbe Kin^a Beach Pri* 

The Living is * ReQory la tbe '<Sft of fin and 5(. awg»''t Choreb. 

the King, valued^m. Tbe P»- 3. Tbingiof Note both ancient and ao- 

riOi contiini in it abooc 74) Direlling. dam,oflcv<ral Kiodafonod in tbii Ward, 

Houfes. «A. 

3. TbePriront inthiiWard are, 1. Two Beac-Girdena, thooldand new, 

i.ThtCliiA, the GmI or Prifon fiir tht where were kept Bears, ■■lis, ud other 

Trefciflers in thefe Parrt,«te. for fncb aa BeiAito be baited, and Maflivea .in Ken- 

Taifcd Drawli and Friysi or Breakers of neli to bait ihcm. 

Peace upon the Bank of tbe River on this 1. Bordello's, Sttwa, or Pbccs then privi. 

Side, or in the Brotbel-bonfei, which in leged for incontinent Men to repair to t!w 

ancient Times were allowed and adjoined like Women. Tbe Prows of Aadrrrfini^ 

wit. ' cdthcin, they were at fell eighteen Hm^, 

a. The Ctrnftir in Smbwnk, which was bat confined in King Mnry VII. Reign to 

anciently a Part of tbe Chnrch called SI. twelve. The fingle Women that inhibi. 

ItMrgtTit M rie Hit. fthc other Pai t being ted them were forbidden the Ritee of thn 

made > Sclfiona HoDfe, where the Affizea Chnrch, while they lived in their Sm^ and 

were kept, and rhe Conrt of Admiralry denied Ouifiisn Bnrii), if tbey wvro not 

fate) after the Firifh was united to St, Hmy recoociled to tbe CbBrdi bcforo tbek 

OvtTja. Dead), and for .thefe there was a Burial* 

5. Ihe Marfh»lf*m, a Gaol or Prilbn bo> plice appointed called tbe fiogle Womeat 

longing of old to the Marlbilt of EMgUnJ, Cborcb-Yird. There were many -Rcgo. 

■nd-by them rethovetble at Pleafiire, but lattons «f rbem made ^ ^ PaTlttmeoc^ 

bath brea fettled here ever lince tjy?. It which need notbe r^peand ; becaofecbofft 

is now tbe^Ccunty'Ganl for Felona, rhe Stews Hare been long finle |iat down ha 

Admiralty- Gtol -fcr Piracy, and other Of. King Bimj VIA in -sj^fi. it^. |<. : 
fencci^committed-^t Sci, and tbe Giol of 

■■■".«■.. J. u. 


3. In tt>uW<TJdireriNoSt»inil great. ^ittS'Srldgt, lyrng over i Witer-conrff 

Men bid tfieir Chy-Hoofes vix the Bi- tKit ciine out Qi ffie ThMmttt ,,. ■. ,,, . 
fli6p" of WHuhfiir, thc'Sittdji ^f '^iii"M, ^^'He ^"jfc/Cya^Pjiia'ciftd.VcjiBtibi 

tlui' /tbbb^ bCJ^af/r//, the TJdle pr Jirfo/i^ & « ■■Stdre^fioufe 'foY Stone, Tjffie^, .pnq 

irtitch codri/iK'iiiro tJic' tCing'i HmSi, wit^ othtr M«|em]i «e(UJOfiKj<;o,"tie koilding 

CO cfae See of }>-i in R^compence foi Tiri- biyc beeo. ercQxd. and tet VjMit:fo^. tbjj 

IIm/% nkea froin thic See by ber Fiftier. Ure evet (tncc the Riidge vu' built, wttk 

ArChMftop'HiMft. fbld it to cErdiii. Mc- Tinbei'. ft itjiijdi 91 ^nl>Mf :iF|<>t, of 

clianci '*Ht> tarnei}'' Ic tnuj^ l^eneme^fi Gcoiutd, i%JluouiM dJrcMiaigs Bai)f)> 

wIiicheheyleeBrgftirfcri'fi.",The Aj<;b~ ihgi for thieUfe. Jqu »flo f «c 'fqrr^^^ 

Inltiop boflglit tttr-diih Biuji ncir 'Aiarm^. Ty diveri Grimtiei far liyjnKvpof Wi»^ 

Crrft with the Money; ind fettled it on his «ad otbcr Grain, for the Serrice of (li« 

See. The Ahboz ot BUi' axit tPiMihtfitr, City ; is ilfo ten Oveni, wkcregf Gx wefa 

the Abljoe of 'ti»i irt iytjf" *^ Abkpt.M »"y Urge,^«nd fti|jr,9ot,»bowe lM|f- -*/ itiJA 

St: itf j»A> «« d-ji/4a,^tfe^ Ma^if7i^,i«,%fe,,to^ifov?iiai p«w 

Aita^l,'wbou AbbeY'Ei^i^ag'CirqtindifTDcre' CiEizetLf,>,49Sfei4^aid ^r*qTuii«f>^ 

abon^ cbey. .miint^ia^^ * P'f^MP cflkd Scirtii^' •;'.,' .1 -. - j 

I '^te ^iVer dfiBmlainii, to be fb mqcb 

tftfnnjcr'thy mtke 1 confidenlile Pifitb' ■ 
' ite fach, A& of Pirliimeot wit pifTed . _ 
iWi, but Mir. 10 fe pi rite it from St. Utry WhiifChtm 

the Wirds t'h_ ind conQiiute^t * ^irilh of it (clF. orr 
ItPflviicEej' diiriiDe this,Ctup^,'t(^ ie their P«r(icii»r- 
A Sobb^bi/ Cburcfij/by thcNime of i^r. 7«£ffir«Wi^.j 

le ^ity, and Thu Cfiurch m of. the rifi^ ia\ .nw.- 

I will begin dern ihtlitk Orders, tbe'WiIli. buck, taa 

Ths^t, *nd the Roof covered with Tile., well pcwcd, 

r.poftcTn and hiving an bandrotne Vulpit, a pretty 

I. or. _ ^, _. ied'from 5/. Gillcry, ind a great and fpicioas Altif; 

y^htB^i^i lad itt 1 Street piece. The.Cbaritiei in tEif Churcli t^o 

aIfcdfK7//)i/,'hiKie|]tfy"beIonging to tlie about 90 /• in. Money, and abniit }4 f ^i^ 

PiriTh df St. tttri Vhid Chtfil. Ir vit it Ann. in Regis, befldeilhe ttiird Part of cerr 

fitft t Cbipel built by the Cire ind Pro- tiin Rents in U^itt-CbtpU, Mn. Bmki\ i. 

cQrement of McfHenrt Ctjlmin, B»wrn, and a>weeki and 1 d. oat of every Shiltiog gt> 

Mm), wiib ibc AfnftiDce of Mr. X»Wi renit the Sicraoientit V^('»-Cjb«^/Chnrcb. 

iti^9iA,'*^nA other P^riQiioneis, to be a The Monuments of tbi; Chm^h ve for 

Wice of Divine Worlfp for th« Part of David Dtnifm, ard hii Wife 7M»*, wKo 

llie Parifh, which Wis neir h'llf in Extent, died (he, M*r;£ jr, itiff.'he 7a^ 17, i66u 

■bd Id full of fca-fiTing Men at to be 1. Mtrthm, the Wife of Cipt lin WiSi*m ihnfi- 
bore in People. The ttiOiop of Im^M, who f/n, who died "<■/ 10, i6St. Nithtlm Brsd.. 
vti [hen Dr. 3»i» ii^, CDnfecrated it, aad ly, who died Fdnurj a£, i6ij. 


154 Lp,Nip.CKM 

it if I RefioTyin the Gift of tli« Bilfaop, fettled; in ,ibe lUni* of fi^tfcen. Traflce* 

'•f.LM^*«,oFrhe yeirly'Viliie of I'jo/'. be* foi ever. 'Tbe Revenue of tlicai beinc 
fidct fergqifiitei, which lie ctwliiiciihle, evg^racnfc^ bv'.(he*l)oRni,eiitioi)«d Giff oT 
Veciofc the Pirflb il popn1ow,'fcrfhtUnfh^ ipoo7.'^ Mi^r h npw *Ilowc^ }c i,ftf 
rtyiHvuU*. '' *Aw. for icicbing IiittK'Boyi,'and the Mi- 

. 3. TheAhbtTofGrsufannitAhyKiae Kteb lol. fgrindnifiingforrr Girli. Here 
td-Mird III. end of £«/ M'Kjbp, (ii Mf. £>«■ «re alfo tWo Alms-honfci, the one founded 
«rrf in ibc liA of the fime King, f. lit. by WiBi»m l*£gt, Efqi ibovementioiied, on 
jKlb m) of whick we Ihall fiy more in oat the Snntb-Side of ihe !>treet, ,beinf fix 
^clefiwic^ Hiftory. Kerpiiij the Wilt Apirtmentf,'<:o^tiiniii| twelve ^It^ou' for 
m tbc EefrSide we cbnie to 'M^ttt m'ith- Aw fline Numlier yf.poor widowi of tbii 
mu, which beybad rbe Barr ihcie it in dtb P>rilh| «'bo ire-dlowie^ eicb (J, 141. ptr 
Sublirbi. Aim. lod one Childion of Coals ; the oibet 

' ]. The Pirilh itid Chorcli of St. Mttj it over-agatoft it, and w»' founded by 
iarfihM, or Wkittthtfit, fo called frvm it) Gmgt Citrij Vintner. It ^nraiai: ejgbc 
Oediatiort to the Virgin Mmt, but why Abarta)ftirt,ibt (ktaia^ po^Feppfe jpba> 
^inffA* it'>dae9.W>c>hn'«i:ftHl. It wu hiVe.tlfleh'pwelliitip (Ure. ^otAO Atloir. 
kXbapel of Eaft ttr Sfrfntf, ihd'' probabl]; ence txcipt Q'aiaTfaePeML^' 
being bnltt with Stone and white Phifter^ Tlit Mooufflehtl (if tbfi Canrch «rt;"for 
WBi called ff^fK-CAi^i: Whcoitwuftpa* Mr. miiMm Mnt'. nd Jwdith bii Wife. 
rated from Sttf^, and made e diSind Pi- who died, he, Mmth to, if 10. end fhc, Fihm- 
rUb-Chwchr KckaoK net. T bo E —Kde. .«y -»»,.i«o.^><*. •f . -Mr.»l* W » w JiCTT^ 
tion of this Church ia not difcovcrable, buc their Son, who wu the Bentfa&or to tta* 
jt appear! to have been in ij]£, from the Choreb ibovomentioned, who died tUj stt, 
Prefentarion of a Clerk to this.Chfpel by itf^S. Captaia n-^N«r U^nmd, •and hit two 
rhe BiOiop of .Jfh, Caxdiaa^ antt ihep Pi^- Sow.. f1bdf<d04tMM4)ff,'if^5^-Mf.2W. 
loo of Stfuti bow lonf-'befcre it 4ai -«A>f ArAlk/ flif'* Wife, nix Soni, and one 
built we cannot find. It wh enlarged in Danghcer. He died ^%»f % iM*. and 
i59i,and well repaired ia {6j}, bat iiot< Oic, M9;i|Sf ,ijStJ,fH '- ' ;,.:- ci-'J' 
irithBindins fliii >i) about fony years it The Living li a 'RaAory,ifLtV,Gi9'«f 
Wcanielif decayed and rDinAns, that the t}ie ITord fff the Mapor lOf ^^fMrf, wBo U 
ParHbiidneTt were fbrced to pull ii'dowa or lately wai one of the F^ntMirrsF'anihr.' 
and rebuild it, being enconrigcd to it by b i* valned at 309 /.■ fir jAm. the Parilk 
tiie liberal "CbntribfitJons of divers pioui containing 1X76 Hpqfes.. In«hif Street ir 
ferfons, and 'cfpccialiy mAi^ Mtgii, Efq: alfo a Cc^irt, ^tS^A :^«r ttf^Mj '&if* Q 
TThe EtiilSingof tUisChnVdiiiofBiick; Rttnd fv fir ««»if a/,M^nm," of-w^ic^ 
hrBCtbeQfatiinSjH'indow-nfes.andStecpIe ,.".'-' . it StevarJL; pn Jbe Kqrtb-i 
cf Stone, vlthwhicb' alfo it u'pav'edwitiu Side'alfb of ttwi Street il 1 frilonCsr tlie 
In'" Ttve Pcwi arc well made, and the Debtors in the Manor of Safoq' under 5 i; 
Waliidccefltlr wainfcotted, having Gille- Thcfe Saburbt extend to iheb witKouc 
riea on the North, Weft, and South Sidei j the Freedom near piJktA'"' ""fi^^ «« QI>- 
the AltKr^pitcc il enriched wirh Xhrvingt, ferve, . ;,, ', ' - 

and in the Peditntnc are the King's Arm) 4. Htftm tUgMU, a very' fpictoni Street 
Wllhthfe Hcldie^i Creff, and Supporreri between BijUJgMti ,ini Sitrtditth, it "is a 

Slacrd. tiett ii one great bur namelcft Liberty belonging to the Dean and ChaptC' 
enefa&or, who hat given 1000 /. for the of St. PMnPt, near which was . 
maintaining andedncating pDorChiJdrrnit ;. The Nunnery of Jr. Ta^^o BsfiiJItti 
the twoFrce-Schooliin thiiParifb. ThcTe Hj/ftfr?, of which w« (hall ^Ksk in bur 
Schooli, i*hich are both kept in. bne Eccleri'iftitial HiQory more fully, and in 
Honfe, were cre&ed and cndowrd at rhe HtlimiMfirttl now cilled Sbiriditib. 
Coft and CfaarCe bf Mr. Rslfh Dtvtntn, 6. Si.Ltmtrd't Church, to ,c>tled from 
IsteRefiorof inii Pariih, who dird Fttm- an holy Monk St, Littrd, who died in 
«7 itf, )6lo. todihe Manigemcntoftbtm $10, «)d after his Death was bad in fo 




frcit Vcoerition^ thtX tniny Chorchci in linJ, *ni two Soat,ind MOiMiy DtDgbten 
tbft-Singdoin wcl-ededlciicd to1itiit.'.Th« of Jlitmsf Etil of HMti^fd ; the I>idy o£ 
ScTMi uciUcd Sfitriditth, atu tipai' thK'Pi- Jtbn iiuy, Bil1)&p> pf Htrtft^d, wbo ^Icd in 
fcle vFSte.'Sltirv, biic framib&'Tjrfiily of mljmll. M»ieb 8, 1591. Uirgsnt, the Wife 
«lM(^fW, the Lord! oMc. ThisCburcb of Sir ^^/fxra^n- ^i.?.^, Kflt. Son of 0/i. 
is ta old Bailding of Brick ind Sionc, ind ivr Lord St. Jtb* of siif/M, «l)o died ..Ai. 
is covered with Tile i but being repaired t^'fi ^Ti i^S^- 7*^ Sj''^', Aldermin, tad 
and bcastified in i?;]^, is Very decenr, tii. £>«Mf jt^ bii Wife, who died in i66f. and 
*ing good Pewf, a cedar' I'ulpir, 1 tieat Tbimfi ind ?*£« Jufii* oS Unabn- hn. 
4Lli<r-piece, and CotDmonion-T'ble erii The Living li in rmpropiiatioci uumk. 
•Mod with Rub and BaDifteii, aoda'Cil* ed to the Arcbdeicoary of Undm, and a 
knU the Wcft*End, Vicxnge is ordained, to wbich tbe Arcb- 

Tb« BenefiQort to the Chuicb and Poor deacon for the Time being, hath alwayt 
cf tbii PariSi are very conlldcnble, vix,. prefeDted from Time irQawmoriaL 
Id Mood Rents for ever by diven Pctrsw,' 7,, iine-Fiilds, fo called from the moor-' 
107I, to'.' In Money by diven pioui iOi and fenny Ground of which they coti-' 
Ferton near 400 /. Belidea x\\* Gift o^ fifted, ihd from which (11 Mr. st*w teUi 
Mr. WiBam Tmntim, who gave the MinifTcr n* from Fi:^Snfbtm) a runoug Water or 
a D«cUio^.boDlc, and the Parifh a Tene- Brook pifTed iuta the City. Thefa Fielda 
flwnr for ever, and walled tbe Weft Side of were wallc and unprofitabk for a long 
tbe Cbocclward with Brick in ijrSi. la Time, bring let b^t £or fboi Marka <-year, 
CU* Partb tab nen Huan.siiMri, which i< fill Tiimtt F^innir^ Lord Mayor, built tha 
« Frcbend behMingto St. Fja/*!, are Pofterb c«Iled UnrgMt in 141;, and ha- 
twdvc AUu-bOnfei'&aod&d by Judge fW- fing drained the Ground, made CatuTeyifor 
hr, hot repaired by tbe Parlfli for the poor the Citlzeni to walk on and take the Air ; 
Widow* of it who are each of them paid but dill there remained nanieoaa Poodt 
4 L y«t- jtm. and allowed a Sack of Coala. and. Poeli befides them, till by the Car« of. 
Here are alio other A1m*>hoDfea of feverar Riim ^pchljn. Lord Mayor, and Sir ZiOTMv 
^ooodartoaf, «is. Si;a with Wtln ftoomi StftM—r in the fame Dignity, they were by' 
fer (welvo Weaven WidoArti whd hive Dirchei and SIiKct fo drained, that they! 
tai. a Qiuncr conflantly paid them, and became folid Groood, oonriOung a p/eilaiit 
Ibr Wiocerfiring tweaty-tbu'r Boftela fif verdant Grafi.inficad of FIaga,Scdgef, and 
C«alf racli Tbey were ereOed by the Rufhei, with which before it was over- 
Wcaven Conpany fiir tb; Bcneflt of tbeir' grown. Now they are pleafanC Wflka Vi4i 
-Po«r i boc ^Mr. mUsm W*tf*m was a chief green' Pliti, and Fields of firm Land very, 
Beocnfiorio ifTo- 1 advintag^oaifottheCicizenito refrtOiaad 

9. Etght-Almahobfet for eight poor Wi> d!vcit tocmfelvea in. . 

towsoTtbis ParitlL who are allowed 5/. In tbcfc Fieldi, ai a very fuirable Plaer, 
- ■■— ^ and half a Gbatdron of Coili did the City of Inim permit tbe Gover- 

year^, they were erefied- about i£;8, by nonrt of the Hofpiral of Btthlthm, Ibltod- 
the Charge aad Appointment Qf Mr. jtfof ed for poor diflrafted V^tloas, altd aaitcd' 
VMr«r, Draper. ro'theTanfli of BiJlM/fgMtt, to removptbati. 

3 M«ar tbc.Weav^ Almi-haoresarefix Hofpi^al grown old and rainoiu, and too' 

Awis hmfea- for ai many poor Men and fmall to bold thofc Numbcra for which it' 

their Wives of tbia Parili, who are allowed wai neeeflary, and build a new Holpjtiil. 

far aai. ftf J0IM beltdes their Dwelling, for the Benefit of Lanaticki, which waf 

ttey Were birilt md endowed by Mr. '^ftfte beenn iti 1^75, and ffnifhcd in 167^. It 11 . 

lA^<'',.>*n* ifi9S. a Ipicionf SFroSure built of Brtcl ana 

4. Not far fromibefV in a Lane North* Stone, hindfoiqclyido'rned with ihcCing*i' 

wd, are two Alrti-ttouftt "built by Mr. Armi and other Ornamenti, as' Carvings, , 

lamiri^ bat not aayet endowed. the City Arms, !?(. Ic is i aS Foot. Ipog^: 

Tbe Monontents of tMt Church moft and thirty broad, Jiiving Ap*nmettts for' 

temirkaUe ara-fir fnicLtdies,- the Wife ijoLbnidcks. , ,-. 

iii'£fdaAuM'9ttyhf^t<>e<mfm>h'- -Bb»"' ' ' ' ■ ■ ' TfcV 

Dyrzco ,*^iOOglC 


19^ . L^ChM^^CtiH 

The Method er.entertibing, conttmii^ who lived bpthiulie IJngYAntu- . 1 
ins, and curing thefe tuhippy PerToni is 'tn^itnt]^ it]h6 Britfiajlfi ft ftjx^jhp^ 
thlf: WheniDV P«rfon woBlil get »ny Re- of*w"i««, who lived tpewt |.)';i*'' ■" 
htion or Frteim into this flo^ia], he muQ lo. In rliii Snhtf^I) j^t' M^.-Ji/w tellt u0 
procorevCerTtficite Agned by [heChurcb- wis lo HQi^ic'tl for cbe Foor,' but being* 
wirdehs df the Pirifii where the Lnnitick ClanUek Pnory, and fo ilien, it 7^1 Oi^ 
Tivei.ind other reparable Peffoni whnlinow prefTcd by King Btnry V. who give it with 
him or her, and then hivine obtiined of the Linds, *nd Goodi ta the PaiiQ^ of St. 
ontrofthe G6vtmo\iTs to prelent it'to the B>(tlfb, and '1^ &;.achfrboQd of fhe Tri^ 
Committer, wMch ftci weclly irl. the Taid wat there fou[)de3>.vvhi»''wi(.r[][^(^t^ 
Hofpital, if ii -U ippi-oved by'ttle. Prefi- 6* King Hwjj Vttl. 01 ^toa i/WriVl. 
dent and Govcrnours then ilTembled, ic i> Queen' tMbarint, Confort of Kiog Bnuj 
entered in a Book* and an Order granted VIU. boik 1 Chapel upon'in Hill whmjt t 
ftir their receiving them into the HouCo^ WindofilJ hid Qood ia (bjf f^iftr.jeBd 
apon a Vacin'cyin theit Tii{n|. wbete tHe ninjed it SfcHHf O/'^f 17, ! but Jiwfg-iffmg 
ConatTckiifciroinmodared W)ib'a ItoWio VIIl. afier, her Dlvor^. ' pnllc^ ji; d.owa 
i^'bbd Ai', IjJitable Medicioef aq^ Ditt), ai^d^c.iip'ahQAer Win^i^^ Jt».^CA. 
ititfranc'lny Chirgc. . ■ j^,,^,^^ thefe'Siiour^ wc" gp' ajong-witk 

' There ii alfb Care taken thit no diSrifi. the Wall, and come to the Subnrbc .with- 
ed PcrCon be abf fed by the Servants of the out Mwf^friln which V4 Sad. many [ti{ni^ 
Houfc, who attend them according to their worthy of ffffr Notica^iit ' , ' 

Sc!fes,Men'Seryantf the Men,.aQd Women- ', uTbe'c^ir/frj^Kft, toveaily \iq^H-iim- 
^tyiaa the women,' ind no Ibore Per^du; /(/^ Monafiery, founded by Sif ffWiM i^m. 
is'luflbrcd ^ abide, If,' Yior any SpeQitori, w/ in 1371. but tieingopqinth.ti^i/^litioii 
ti come In after Snn-^tting, ind the Ser- of the Abbici fcizcd into King Hmy Vni. 
VantI are piitKalarlyenjoincd to keep good Handt, and given by him to Sii Tttmst 
IJours. ThePerfonj who are alw^yt to ^ttdltj his Chancellor, it palTcd in Marri^ 

.*. » ._ ._ _ « . ._i . .. .L r. . ._L _.ji. L-j jj^jjjjjj^ jyi^^^^ tapamM 

Jit deft^ndtd 
froqi. bijb was 

.. iien thePeople called Himtrd Hmift- Thtm^i Sifttm, Efq-, 

are cared, fat there ne lieir fifty yearly} being no Ic& charitable thas vallly rich, 
tbey ire fent to th^ PiriCb or Perfons who, wit about thitlpiiiie dE%aipg tOf rcfl and 
(fetitioned for their AdmilHoni ■»d^li4!'c' endos^ in[lofpitalfor (he go^IpOrufiioa 
]tf6nd td receive the'm bicic, whichjis il-, of the Yqons, and StjU^efinciOn of^die CUd| 
Ways d^r^'e; in.d no Tickets given the Per. and pitchciTtipon H'A'ujsnr .^)»tvfi<irj. in 
jlinrcartd. Is ii pirttended. The Gover^^ ^fo; Juit .heacing.thittoit nonic waf:tO 
nopri.are. the fame a^ thofe of Bridtw^U. be Ibid, which be knew not only to-b«i 
Following the Wall we cofne to Cn^^/Q«rf, feated ii^ \ good Air, hot bf^wt'fitd ;watl| 
wbcfe'we find nothing tneniorible in the fpaciout Gardeqs, \yalkf, ^od., Qrcljardf , 
Suburbs hat ' 4 ' . ; and contains foui or five/ large Con^, ic 

'-jt witild aliA Utit.rrtrc ^Fr^^Pa liarfft nf ram* mm hrc X^in^ pKiV>hic Hnn/i. ^nnU 

tjours. Thererroni who are always to yntiltj bis Chancellor, it pat 

xifiie'in if t'^'* Steward, who ittbcS.u* age with bit Daugt>^ JU>a2: 

l^srii^irdrj to; fee thiit a]J good Orders .ji're Diifce t^ Strftll, i'rqm whom 

ki^tj'a'Miiron, * N^rfcj, three M^nian^ tpJhm»i%t4.ofSnfiJk. tpA 

llSr£d\)Polnen Servants,' When thePeople called nimtrd imfi- litmfi 

h, "^hiiA and^ Riif.^Crajj Streets, both of. came into bis Min^, that thit^ofp woqlt^ 
ttirp tiking theif Names from CroffeiJct* vety wcU fuit^hu now, la.t^ncioii, and 
up in tfaeAi*s w'asufuallyin Pop! fli Timet thereupon at.t)ie, Cbar^ of 
in Multitudes of Places. Xn the former jjoool. ibif g, i6j.i. ■ <. ■ 

Ring' Wiiry 'V. founded * Rrotheihood of Having thus altered his Itfbd >ti tp t 
Sf.Gf/t;. who *tu likely. fft bp the Ccofs Place, be prQC) which be fc 
tHcre, .From Cnfif/cf^ff the W^ill, leads to. gotten for HMSitigiury to., be ctumcod. 
MtrjAti, in the Suburbs of which we.find, Himard'Unifi, wb^bm^,GCuifim>ed by A 

a Litib, Briltin, famouf for Bookfellert ' of Pailiiment, j Cst. L Mr. Jii^ni; 

in Multitudes of Placet. Xn the former jjoool. ibif g, i6j.i. ■ .. ■ 

Ring' Wiiry 'V. founded * Rrotheihood of Having thus altered his Itfbd >ii tp th« 

Sf.Gf/fj^who *tu likely. fft bp the Ccofs Place, be procured. hitQ^ant. which beh*4i 

■ ■ ■ '^iS 

'9 L'ltiU. Britain, famouf tor Sookfellert of Pailiiment, j C«-. L Mr. ^aft^m; m- 

mo dealt chitfly for many Years in old hii Life-Timefettlcd tl^piai|iClirth<)f tbU 

BtKikt; by rfhich ibjTie of them' were fo en- great Charity, i. At to the OoTcrnnirnc 

rithcd.thitlhey 'gotgreat EftV'S, and par* or Managenen^ pf.Jt, aj^inting^ Iffteco. 

*i.ffbrly Mr. Uttlthirf sad J&t.Mehlfiii, Cwfcaonrv wbcm A«LMiiM4>.!atM|Arh 

' * , Preacher, 



J U&er, 9ti#ifi t. "thtfrionvi bf if. Jtimet'JtrMfatm, 

ttf ahb i^oHti* Vhideito, Mtndplc; Re> and if. Jiki Onkamtl, which belqitg to 

■iftet.Xedtivcrar^AiMUiflri; s. ThflP«r- oar Bcdefiifllcil Biflory, t« whRth'we 

^s to be puintuoed by iv «fa. et|(Ky tbercfere nfer them. 

Mfit ga»faB»»Qaoti w iefa. byOaftiM^ «d j. Qrtji-tmi,(o called, beci'atb It wipllht 

SB Povertfi Soldicrf, nd Mnchanu im- City-bonlc of the noble Pimtly of tht 

poTcrifhed bf-MuftinDBerud nonoto b* Gn^/, from the litnr Bitd of (he 

lefs th«a fifty. S'cara oM, «c»ik mitiDed Reign of King nnrri> VlliiOtlt'ij probibb 

Soldianv- vftfi -"■■y ba.idnoiBM^ at fbity tbcy had for lame Time <l}fdfed it, or haj 

'%t:itt..fM-;'*ukbny B^vok lader tea brat erher Honft in th^ 'City, bccaafe wt 

Yein old «t their Adniittance, nor abon btr« good Proof that the Srtfdent^ of the 

fbnrtoen. ]• Tbe-Efiacfewhicbiitoniafai- Law held thia HooTe by LeaJTe under tbe 

tua aU iheie Pctfbnt, «». Tw*nty good Lord Qrtj of mbm from King U«jri RTf 

Manors in tfim, li u a l i fiir t, mbfiin, Cm» Time, and cvbr fince ; for rtm' it WM fold 

k u fpfi in Bud idiM^-, bat bo did not totheMonka of SlMrfboritfcer, yet they 

Kvo to fee ihv'roor Brother* an* Boys in coniinttcd the tcM'd arthe R^dc of([/. iji. 

Foflebn 0f 4t^ yet fab.WiH »ai at&tf ^ xM DmbldtiAn'rw'ben'co, 

{otGlled by bit Sacwton- Mr. tUthtri 5M> Aiibg td tHc -•Cro*n, King' ffWr' VIIL 

tm and k^ JW* !>«»■ The RneoM fct< granted it to th?raid Stttdeuti in' (ec-Ekrin 

tkd ipoo tUi Houfi) bifidee the P«i<cMtr at' the Time Rent, whtth it ^aid yearly iot^ 
I ftfMA the. EwAmut It ttiis Diy. ,' ' 

Lu. f.i' latt " •TIL-. -C:.f f%_jj i-r i.t.tiHm,i..r^-'-' 

Moacy »fco>e»a ati oo*J, ii ffM / 

tadtlucwMiMtiBhisW«»ltb,fortiei «y : t%e c^ief Ord^ra^ tbjrS|tfuf« in, ., 
bicMTillj gaire nmy in l«gitie» tff-fcverif i: That nbne be ddmltted-'oif tbitSpcio* 

Uatitn* aad.BriBdt i4tfi*A How bo ty btrt Gentlefaieti by Dtfb'ent,' ud t&ilf- 

«rriT»d aC fnch ■ vaft Eftice concernt not not till ibey hire paid 'all Oariea whicb- 

■>.to onquan, yet if we confider wliat amouitt in alt to about tfL lof. 
MMt Place* b» bad, what advantigeooi 3. That fiicb ai are admitted to Cjiiaato 

KoplayiBOEi ba-Mgaged if), and bow ben take them (or twenry^d'eY'VsVI^ 

gt^caMMobttiBsnd Oeelip be wat, rhU built, and fifcy-oDe if tobebailqed. ' .^ . 
ouing allhuGainawiththegrettcftTbrifti j Moots'to be held thieo' lAyi cV4ty' 

«£diaiFbegladbcgMfo-iimcli w&o W Week except Holldiyi. 

tibnKdii'fQ-wclI. 4. Thu if any Gcrt(enaia.:be ^^^11^ 

The Chipet to tbh Hol^tal wai barlt the Honl«, he BiaU not be rutdt^itced 'Itot 

•Mf Ht.amift 'Dmh, tbo^ trirti bit bv tbe Order oftbe Pcnfion (^rPaifiaiaeiti); 

IBsaey^ fiv b«gm ifoaorfi>rtheBiiiI3k and ny 40/.'for Re-admitiaocc. „ 

wm it;-tn^tb0 oikt'VAi'of hia-FfcTiKtali ' 7-, Tbat none be called to'th^ BarVUl fw- 

b% taMt «f Brick lioAf irith WUitftJit; bis been fevea Xetxt .^AtfiiiKS, vxcfiiy 

pM«dwMiTiM|p*iMd*)tb'0«k, Kathitl Terms in Conitnona, have a'C^himber m. 

Orgait, the Arm* of Mr.' Mfao in tm.of his own Right, and done all tb^Ezercue^, 

lbe-Wi4h4'i,''an tianAbMio A)tar</pieccaod Ai to the Bailding, it conUlla ^f {ottt 

Goamaaion-Tabla^AClefe'd witljitaill ind Conrti, m& i. CawjCMrV 'ji'^ht 'npMp. 

Bioifkrf. Uii. Si<(rM''sT»tnbia Very ibm. Square of jiobTe 'SuUdiri^.. ,'3. '^tj^^. 

Iftpmis, having coA 15010/. it fttntfliii cKc ctmn^ on'the ^ou,r^.,Si je' btltbe "HflL' j. . 

li«rrii^ftA*g1eoftb0Giiip«t, irt which ruUCtw^, between V^a^id^i-Awt/ andtbe 

«re other Minamcnrsfbr J)-«iir* BMvwMr, Wilhi. 4.. Chaftl'Citmt, bf^^fen, .C«og> 

BfeihtoMafterj M^. £*w, one ofMr. sm. Cawt and [lie Chapel, which ^andaon'tbc 

*MbftKe«t«rf, «nd Dr. Pttriti, tbe Preach- ScmrtCSide. ^ 'U. This, /t^f^d fjiiikliqg 

«rt««nty-fttar'VtaT»:H(Teaf«iPrayerSf]aily which wat beW^fic^ and'rqwr«i ia.4<!^, 

HvtM anhfi,- af ten in tbe Morning all the Ii 1 decen'c P^au ^ni' ^iy^o^ J^Oi^iRt'ItPtf 

TMt, and atlwd }» Winter, and fin in hith bcJOngiii'ftita it alV^ue/ wbp i^ al> 

SoBitMr in tbe AfcCraoon. Mr.'$iffmr lowed ^uiftcrly 49I.DV tbe Tr«fiiirer. 

Biarriadjbfgc Papift<i»'| Dragbtnr,' and' bid a. A Leaurci^ wba'ji* piif lo^ a'^wUfr 

■mtbbH-M«fi«A ' by Ibe FiiaGBcf, aad aKudir, «h'a reads . 

■* Prayer* 

I „ ,. .,t<_iOOglC 


L 0:N\I>.0 N. 

Pityets evtiy Diy It •Icven •■clotl vid pli«t, tU tbe P/cfplin potnftng ■ t^nri ts» 
three. The Hill ii a noble Biitldins, ha. vttA the JHorixon, (iid iJiUm ibe Frophcr, 
ying > Roof frimcil Jika Wilfmimfiir. HdJl, hoiding ■ Book in Us. iighr,'a»d Stv io' 
. indidorncd iriih Muliitadeiof NobleaicGU hit lefi Hwid.' "* ' -. 
Aftrn. The Giiden it very Ipacivus, uid 4, Ofljbe $oiirhJBaft,die'Wuidaw which- 
the Walks airy and plcifanc, contains fbar Ligbti, has Cb« PiSarei of 

4. LmtlKfJim, dtiute on- the Well-Sida St. P«tf- wttb ■ Key in-hii right Hand t Sr. 
-Of ChMwtnj 1^4, built t>y the BiQiop of jUmr with as oaea Baob io hit right 
Xihithifitr tUtlfb tftvil, but coming into ,ihe Hand ; Jamn the Greit,- ud St. Ma the 
PoOcmoii. of Btmy iMj, Earl of linitlm, b« Apoflle and £ruigeKa| wftb « Cnp ia hit 
-nude Rbii Inn 01 City-Houfe-ior a white, kit Hand* 

bVt iboot ijio, introtliiced the Studenu ' J. Tbe Middk Winfcw oa the Soocli* 
cf the Law, 'ili prohablc, for his Leire on< Side bath the Pourtfaitaret of ScPibii^ witb 
ly, which he hidof the Bilhop of cfa'tAi^/ri » Crofi in fail right Hind, and aBookio 
for'wa pad that the Studenti after Ibnw hit left, indoearic the RgnnSofAMiod 
Timetopk tLttCt o( tttim slKrknrn,.Bi' U^*; Suam*iilmtw,St. Mmhimi and cha 
ftop of dbitlHJItr fo( 99 Ycartr and t^t- Hgurci of AmJEnm and Jratlt, and Sir 
wild aim^tm inothei Btlhop . of the bate lUmm With a Spear in faiiiHind. 
Sec, ia Confidcration of a Fine of 5110I. tf. The Weft Window M the Soath-Si^ 
conrcyed to tbe Bcncheit this Houfe, 61;^ vUc^i biHi >tfo faac Ltshti, contafau the 
deo, ist m Pee. . ■ &tSu of Jamit the Leu, with a Book ta 

At to tbe Baildingi of tbi< Hoaft they sac Hud md a Poller'i Clabia the other t 
conflll ti five Courti, Wk Siartt-Umt, a St. JtifiM ) Sc.Tk^, boUiogaBook'clbfed, 
fine pew S^niTij with .very pleafant t^bain- and St. MMthm with an Az in hii righc 
fcert'in the Middk of which it a Fountain, Hind. 

which haiaCIocfc with three Diala 00 the 7. The Weft Window cpntdoi the CqAi 
Top. and it inclofcd witb iron Raili and of Btiwr l»9, Eirl of L bmh, from whoa 
Baaiften, and four other Courts withoMt thia Hooft ,hu in NaoMi kDd-fiMt^*ftvea 
iiny'plfticoUr Namat. The moft remark- Gentlemen who fain been Rndert 10 riib 
able Part of all th,c Buildingt it the Cbipel, Socienr. 

Which ill ftrong and neii Edifice fo cle- I The Eift Window bpdnted with cW 
vavd upon Pillars and Arches that it af- Kin^i Anns aiiK Foot fqium, ligned IR 
Strdt open Waiki nnderoeith. TbeOma. R. and the Coats of twenty-oncGcndemea 
mcms are the fame 11 it nfiiil in C^urche^ who have beeb Treatfarera Snce the tJix^ 
tKttthe Wjndowi wichtbeircuTtpns paint- den {uye been difcoociooed. ; Under tbe 
ed Glifs itc cktiaoxdiniry, anddeierv* a Fignrea of dieMbei Windows an the 
brief Dtfcription. >- Arms and Namci-iirthgfcaentIenK4 who 

I. The Nofth<We{l Window contains were at the Charge of cbeoi, wbo wefc ■!• 
Ibni Lights^ Ind in them the Poattraitnrc moft at many ai Lights. 
•f Mr»h*m liying bis Hiod on his Son In the Cloifitr uder thict^bapd an !•• 
9««'iHciiI| M/if with two Tables of the veral Gentlemen baried . 
'tea Commandnientt if\ liis Hand written Tbe Pfeicherof tttis Hon&hai 31 /.cTe> 
-athrgC) St. 7«ia bjtfi^ and St. P«iii. ry Term, and Prayers ire r^ here daily 

9. The middle Window' on the North- at eleven a>cIoek in tbeMominf, and fivo 
"Side hath tlfo four Lights, and io them the in the Afternoon. 

-Effigies of Jtnmith, with a Staff in bis The Gentlenen npon their Admittanee 
Yight ind Bottle io bii left ^f^i i l^tul into thit Iloofe pay for all Fees j I. Mod do* 
in the Dibit of a Prieft with a Church in his tag their Ewrcife, are called to theBai ia Jo> 
Hand'; jtBottht Prophet in a Shepherd's venYearsafter. They arc tol>e)BCoiuiion« 
<Habit, vnd Ztdtrfsi the Prophet. a Fortnight every Term, or pay 18 «. fM a 

■ 3; The Nbnh-£ifi Window contains il- Licence. Here are pleafatu Walb end 
-lb fonr Lishtf, in which are the Figoret of Girdeni, and in the BenclKri Garden ia a 
AniirfplaymgoohisHirpt P«i^thBpro> Fonntiin, with the Figqre of a Mcm>id. 


LONDON. 19^ 

«t of « MmA in wWc right Huid iBun ber, bctag ■ Carpantio*, wwng -wfaoia tba 

■ Uige Stream, w&ich ifcendi ^ confide-. Conntiet of ^Imi ire divided. Ic it. 

ribleH«|^E, tad auy Iwiliiri^uBlei- their iudioels to iQ*|ie oiut all original 

(ve ; ki atra the Figurei of/jiffaw flandug Wnti isio the Conniy, far wliic^ tbcjr' 

On a ?edcfl«l bolcUy cnr, and HmaUi can- arc Culitort, and. tiiii i*-. the geocral Offic* 

ouUy lepicfeued in Stone. And in Uamto^- fbrall of th'in ^ boc the Cniiitor foilm^ 

Am Walki ire tbe Stitoct of Jalim and Aa lad MitUafin hualToio Office in *w 

J^tf^ Qtftrtt rtmftf ind Mart AfibHgr aMn^ An. 

«'uh a I>>gBFV ^■''■- wbiq|i'.bc,lUw hioip. 6. aUikfrltrtta BtHm neat tht OUnm- 

1UE| placed fiadrihgDlfily. . Jib, which wu their fir^Hotire in ifaU Ci* 

I . CvjCriri <^(, fitiute in the Eift-Side ty, but aftei removed to a. bcw UonA 

of Cfcw w ry-L— « near Cufitws-JlB^ whicb bailt for than nut Uh((M< io itjtf, which 

taket the Nime from that Offict. The Cor- tbo' now fappreflcd, gave Nkme to the 

fiton (or Clerfci of Conrfe ai they are call- Street io called at the Dv,_ of which wo 

«d U.I^m^-an iw*aKf4oiut'M Nwa- Ikallfi^ aore in Tmr trrlafiiftinl Hifcry, 

i ' ,i,,1 ".. ■■ ;• V, '/ , 

HEN ChciftiMify n* poblicUy 7;. Stf^^am 
iKnvttd in tUf..J%«4iWrewetCi ..H.-f 

W. _-__,.., -..„.-.- 

fat CwniT-Mbe:,ttir<n)pal. ,«e«a^';o¥«i , 9^ Vui dmm uP 

wluc^ Jiff fidcd;:tbicf ArcbhilhApi, 9ri,^. n>o.,lWiT4w. , 

flfciKi; "id i;foilp...Tlie Province |ofr«*, i\.Wimm -. .; : 

Rwlfiirdie Northern Paru. of W''*' tBd . IV■VLMfim^lt » iiMrrled- M«a, BUhop lo- 
all Itmumdf p. Davii't the wbo|e ppmiqi- Britva, who fohftribtd flu l><xtte$ of ibo- 
an ofifMW, ffirfw the retvaniog . Pafii of Copocil Qt-jUtt mi** Cm0tmi»$, Cm/lm*' 
m in^ . '..,.', a , '.•-.!..,- '■'•#'« Son. ^C 3^0. When, ha rerau'd'. 

Vchncopt] ) peiicQ <fil,tt3p|^mM^kw hopne be.bronght with him the Ctnonf o^ 
ArnlH4M>p«:0C CfiiMi'|ia-cp9fcltd» IHf thiaCmwfiil^pne of which ia mentiftoedi 
Coce ia-Uiflor]) jaa ibmi; w^ nfnV ft ^'.BmI*,. vim. KDeacpni declare it tfaeii., 
their Namcfi wa Ikill mrntion whit we Qrduiiiion ibeir Intention to m^ry* ic: 
ind raouifcaUeceoceraiM them. ,,And ., {jfU be lawAiI for them fotodo, aadjec 

J. 2Sv«MV, ('tif fiid) ifliftjrd by Cf-rnaw, raraain in their Office. 
Cop-bearcjr » iUng Litcitw, bnili Sii Hittr'%, 13. <awfrA'«aw.,VVbo'> the Jbwflif,, tired) 
Orarch ioCmt^'^ and iherc liit ha Ar- with the lacurlfqoi of the« imt ^ad.PiB), 
chiepifcepal See. lefttbif Kingdom^- thiiBUhop haftened as. 

a. tlMmm ww fi<* SncccfTor, who wa* fall at he could into LitiU Br/taiw, and. 
brought np at the College of jHlio, and pcrfwidrd King /^tamto fend hit.Bx<K. 
fcDt by ijin'w with tn EmbitTy to Pope therC*>/fMi/af with an Army, thither, who - 
Mk^crimt 'Tit f^id he built a Library eipell'd thole Eoicigpert lod ^uietef fho-i 
near J*. Ariir't CftTi'h'ff. and converged msoy' Kingdom. . , . ' - .- 

•f the Drmidt. to the ChiiAiio Faith. 14. Fifidiut, mrnticncd by Gtwiaiiit, ia' 

). CadM. hii Cacaiogoe of Wocthici, whoullt him \ 

4, otimt, a Bifhop of the Bnrijfc Iflaodi, Ha flon- 

5. Cmmw. ■ riOlcd in the Tin' of HiMriut and 7btti$p9i,.. 
4> pMbdhm, . about tbe Ycarof OQr LjOid ^im wien th«„ 

Stlte of ttie 'BfflMrf Wh ftry irifidT de- Aterig 'Ae'Re^nit oP^tfli titi^c' B»itm, 

dining. •■ »■,..._■,: mi UkJtK ;\t ■Uiixa bwt^ bld'-iif SiSiimt 

'tilth<>b«fie'byrti<>'(Ct*Hti^virr«e'>6f:Hi^<:;ff TtMte ^f^JlMM'tllfe Mt^^^lr Wjs fen? 

ftW*in«'»frte?»«#«;^Hrte,'becinft'htfor-; hi(HerVt'T*pe.*^*iy,T'Tlert*U only Wis 

Htt of hihder'd the Mifriige'of Fttigtrn of Atfc ArchbiOtopi fneatiaaed fcy om 

-Kffl|^of tifc'-finffiw with RnN»*«, Hatgif^s Hiftorhm,- tnd riiic wts ' 

DiuEhter, who wisicthic Time > married "i5. T^twA, «bo Was firftSiAmoffiAi. 

NFgh: V^C. 4^.'^ ATVer'the'JWKW'hid g^ itffrr, ind'trinfiteV Itt LmMTJ^'C. 'm. 

P6%:igdn' of rtH^iKinedoni; i=^ VeOptetbiE'- In tbe.rf>i,of otrUiit' $^^ is Uia 

i^^e'Enemft^QHie'CmffKin^elfsiOff.riifc. fnve fled iftto[r<fr/, witlr ■«(,&!« CIkJt, 

th(fr WoTlfi)pt^&Ba' wis &i]] prefcrvtd rcqsether Witb YlAtfanv' ArcbbULb'p oTlH. 

„_„„„ 'Tltf Tiilliftfie t\P \, < \t\A<VC\ - . 

ATTGR Sr. AM Whtt dp mctn- > Piit:«f iti-wd Mri|Aed rtARwf of tk 

Gty *nd ScidLof'cIl^ 'Kfn'gi-af JUft^findA-^ Thil CgSrifi^C^ fiii^e aXiSeni by tb 
whofe Empire were tbc petty Kinn of cbc Aid Kins IrMI«rf, who endowed ^ VBh 
Sonthern uid Bift J^IMw. It fcem'd idvife- the Manor of ftAif|fcMi in Mgim. lad feniil 
«ble to conftinite i Bifkop of tMGty A Urn- titbcr Bftftei. "VUittm 'wa ekpiMti Irom Ut 
'ifai.tbe noble Mirt of the whole Iflkbd) And Dloceft "by tbe Som of Sthtt: wfaotebpOd 
no Body wm I v ill ft^^ rifcJfB pttWtf ihia ihto P^nfTm; Mt iM»#Mvd Uffte li 
I. MAW, Abbot of a'Mbmnfcry><B sktn, md^n|ion tMs Oeafh' of iHlMrrhi 
Jti^, whp wfi ren,tover with dtrert ^ Akonk he wty ri^iHliMdWriifaSM «fC» 
titer) to pliMt Ctirlffllmirtr.i)f''thu IftMd, >iMw7,"wher«'hociichaiiii=Di7t<' Bem 
He'wi{'confecrited>f.O eoif,' Aitf-ilhttted fnccccdtd'hy 

t\A whtilefEingdoih of the EttiSiatMi^ «i». a. C'Md, iftev tfle-Ghartl^{l*d''b(Hl *» 
c|e>Gr^qf£n|Umi(id(hfetCourl(iri-'dl'«MJ= cint and deftitnte of ■ Btlhop ibostWnf 
JmV.Mht.Vndfhe Deiftejyof »4**<iwitt^ Yeai^.eWfn t6'tU Tlald'bf V". S#%>*^ 
ri^^ffiiKf6^b'isl>iodere-H^'ftbh'#(e[r| if* «^4trt«a-T0'ChiMHM^llV'l^,C 
i^9einidK.'Mmto'{Se<^nt»hPitt6^ht«; of f W tJt tonfo fntf. ihd 'ty^M* ftirjci U 
ilXtHto he'the Pmrnder Of ^e Gburch of' placed clri^ in thiiSee* 'He waitlcira' 
^tfiminjItr'i'iTri to btrr ded)ciKd--it-to-Sr>' ed end-picmi fiifiiop; «n(f liebmd btmltlf 

iHeit^d^lc to St. pM, 'wU^b wui «n1iit«d he wu tiken with ■ m«Iighint'Dilhiipt<[ 
liy ' tfthip trktmr*M, a'ntl otheri { and i- lllit there raged, of which Vk m&, u ^^ 
bbtir'j^o Yeara after waa burnt down, ahnoft ail the Monb he bad foft pl'^d 
Uakriti, Bifhop of Unim, began to rebqild there. He died oa*itr *6, SS^- ind vu 
irftonithfeflroondiwHich itfTime.andby burfed in tii Moniftery at I>^*«« *'* 
the Care and Induftry of fe«r»l BiflH^i, fa'yia^eiit dealof thiJBi^bopi^■hhE«'^■ 
eftw to'tVit greatMagnificcn*^ tndSplen. . GaflicalHiftory: I.3.*,-aa 8f aj. 
dor tqat ><ry fen in Chriftendon exceed- 3. Wim» fuccecded him, who ibovt tmi 
tiM\ bm in the Vch if£i, the Steeple, Time happened to have a Difference vrftn 
which wi! nf ■ tter^ ^reat Height, wii fet rbe King of the WeA Sskm, and W)i fi"<» 
oA Fife by Ll^httainf, whkih bomt great to leave the -Bilhopiicfc he hidthere-* ^« 

Dyrzco ,*^iOOglC 

LONDON. lor 

Aod to tft^frw ICng of tbrti*, of whem i ?• XrM//iu, iliij Cmt*^. He (Dade hit 

*d>'fiM bsbosgbtttioBilhoprkJi of £i»- PreicttiaB to Cubatk, Arcbbilliop of Cm. 

4fai. Ub is tlia fiift Sintooitcil BKkop I '»-^. 

noocfldMr ui HiftofT. W&n aad where - i8. QmtMfiii. He fabfcitlwd the Cbir- 

he died doc> not ippeir; boritiieeaua ter ofCnwUni, and lived Jknw BSi. 

hd wu elfii KOiop of Wimhtfitr, and thee 19. l^fimi. He Jived .^km Stfo. 

lie ifiere»ubaricd. Next to him wis xo> Wilfiju, He fubfcribed the Royal 

4. aHummU, San of Of« King of the Chirteit giren the MonaQery of Bidt ac 

Baft SNMM, h Man fanoiu fbi Rety and Wimehtfiir, Jbm poo. 

Learoing. Hb fpecit biiwhok Patrimony ai- EfMwtnin. 

io botldtog and endowing of Monafteries. as* ^Cm>> He died ai ibme &id in 9ftt 

He bnib one fbr Monkt at Clnnfy, and a. or at otfam 900. 

notber for Nam at ^tkim, and made bia . >]• Tbttirtdiu,iaTnua*Atht&*it Affcc 

Sfin- Edrl tmf the AUeTi. He liid out a tl>e dcmoHQiiog of the wooden Chapel ia 

gml deal of Monay ob Jul Cbarcb of Jf. the Plice where St. Edmmd wit buried, he 

PaeT^ enlarged itt Revenoea very mneb, laid the Foniiditian of a noble Church, 

mdi obtained gnit PiiTtlegei of the wbich afterwards he feems to have finiflif d* 

Cron for it. He died -aboot the Year He wai buried in an high Tomb near th* 

6ti, when be hid late eleven Years, and Window of the Chnrch called before cbe 

WIS fwatcd after his Death. Hia Body Fire St. Watth't, . 

WM inslofed is a very rich Coffin, and fet af- Watftant, 

190B the high Altar of Iris ownChorch, af- firt(i<VM. He fal^eifbed tbeQuftef 

where it remained till witfaTa theft eighty of ^%dm, and died Aam pf 9. 

Yearfc .-After bin the fi>Uowiag Bi&ipt alf. Of^ttmt. He was iranllatcd tQ Cum- 

foeeecdcd in Order, '""^"V, Am»^Si. (^wbom yoo may fee 

%.WUkmm, ntention'd by »^. Zcr/. more onder that Tide. 
JDJ. i.4.c. ir.-Heisfiid tobaveinnftod . 37- ^6ffmmi. He wu Billiop from dmn 
SMi, IJDgof the Baft amum, wiifa the P^f «> 99tf, whep he rnbrcribed the Char. 
MoaiceHiUc' :- ' - ' Ur o£ ffOwrbtrnftm, b« died that Ypar. 

8. Jtn'Mli 'Mfa't Contenporanr. He : 3». inJffMmj. He fabfciited the Cbartec 
wu one iof.i^ Bilhopr tbrt conwcnted of Btdnfiir, jhm p9«. 
r«iwui'ATchhi{bopef ]>ri. .19. Mmmu. He was Preceptor to King 

7. Jfc M ^fce. mamthitg calls him Mgtal- BthtUnft Children Umti and jifrtd., and 
^, BUbop; jofi the Eift Angles, who was ifcnt with them into Mpwjm//, Awm loi]. 
preftnt at thrOnmCil of DMiUtrr, AfehU>, )«■ ^Wfi He fubfcribed two of C«mr»r'« 
ihwef c aw r fftyy,- itcfcw|Ka,i. e. Mi^ttm, Charten,«fft. to the Mooki of £>, and thofe 
BfMf , j^m 747. of CMttrfory. 

S. im^tJ. 31. E^wsnlM, or MwtrdM, Abbot of S< 

9. Udkngfft. vijbum i he held his Abbey with chit Bt* 
. lo. l%ir. He WH-Witaeft to King flioprick by C^moui't Bivoar. When he 

(tf«'s Cfaaiter given to the Cfaorch of R§. grew old, he had i Mind to leave his See 

tt(ffitr. ind live among hit Monks at Emfium ; but 

J f ■ Mumubhm. ■■ . they would not receive him. At which he 

13. EudMdm. bFOBghc biEk again a great many Books and 
I}. Btttttt, alrai HtmMtrt»$. He died Churcb-Ornimentt, that he had defigned 

Jmt So*. to hare given them, and gave them to the 

14. OfmtaJM, aliai Qfwjwa$. He lived <4ii> Monaflary of Rumjij, where he died Jmfy 
m ■}]. 15, 10^4.- and lies buried. 

If. Eiiihtthui He was preleot tt the 31. Rthrt, ■ Mmuv, who witmadeby 
Council of Ctkutb, Am* tuS. the Fivonr of Kiog Ed-m»rd. He wis trtn< 

iS. CtMtrtmt. He wu confecrated by flatedto the ArchbiOiopnck of C«tf<rj»y,y. 

V'^j^i^ArchbiQiapofCMtrrhe;; before Sao. io;o. After which Traidlition SftvhiM. 

ftat, Abbot ofJiit^dM, was ooniiMted to 

Cc be 


101 LO ND O N. 

b* bis Stioull^.'lm tBe Kinf vatM ttot Awn'd to site but fmil] Prognft in di» 
Jet Um be eoaftcnttd : And tberdfore Srat Wgik, tbo' be amnded it with 40 
an* ■ tbm DUt^nfle ami pniper Medwdi he waa 

13. ir/l^^ Wiimidt Btdurp.'HeWMft iWe. U* died Ifm^rrttf, 1107, He ww 

iviTMK ■Ifo, «iid eimc toco &»(«' "irt f»cce«*ed ojr . 

Xm* the King'i Mother. He bid ftaiw i<. *ft**rf A *•»*, by fbow alM 

Mioycd his Biflioprick two Vein bat Birl R»fiu. He wu « great FiVDometif ft^pr 

•f/»n, and hb Soiw, were t^en into Pu ttmtimaj. Earl of Sskf, and by bit 

venr. and 1 sreit miny Mrffmn tboogfat It Muoa wu mida Bilbop of LmJm, and 

fife for tbcm to go oat of B«i«»', among wm eonfceratad at #^^ *w iioS. H« 

vilaabkOtuIitie* v.— „ . . - . -. •- ,...-- 

Creie Advantage of bii Diocefe. Fop be Hoofti tbat Aood near it, and latd tbi 

obtain'd tbe CoBfinnition of the antiem Area of tbem m tbe Cbnrebyardi (bond 

Privilegei snnted Iqf former King* from which be btslt ao bigb WpU. Ha waa Bl- 

mUMUbi Cmfutw, to the Cmwta of JM- (bop Dcar twenty Yeirt, as wai hb rnsd* 

An, In Metnery of ffbich tbey baiit bin csOor, and all that Time fpent tbe Re«e- 

a ramptooui Tomb in tbe Mid^ of the me ofbitBiibeprick npoo theCbntb, but 

Vtwts of his OiDrcb, it which they oom- at laft grew tired of fo iameaTe and tediow 

menwrited' th(^r Benef laor dKry Year, is » Charge, and rcfotved to tnra hii Libera 

may be feen In the Infcriptton: He wai Hty awM^er Way. By tbe Change of bi» 

Klbon twenty Tetrti and died .AC. I oyo. Minor of bM^^Mrt*. be prDcnred ch» 

Vpon bit Death Pl«« «'*ed « OJJ'*. •»* t^" Iw* • 

44. ttugi dtWv»m,\ N*rwM,wai made MoaaOenr for Canooi regolar, vilocd it 

It&bphy rnhMm tk OmfMrw, who foOn AeDiflbbtion at 7I«i S '- **,^l*!l» 

iftetftlliotoaLeprofie, and fbrthit, by Monejs or aja* »«* Crowofc He par. 

tbe ftdvite of hh f hyfieimt, he wis geltj powd to reCgn hu Se^ and In* or mbn 

hR hit EnmKhifm would not fare bii Life ; » die. a Ctoob of this »lai»K% Ar be. 

He dJed7MMn 13, letg. u^ takenwitha Pdfiehe fcand ho eosld 

re. M'vrffter.ChiplaiD totbeKiag »»• notliw long^ and whifcbebmctfbieDo. 

aam Jh CMMwrtr, nid afterwards hii Chin- fign firom Day to Day^ he died hefirirc he 

•dlor, WIS conficratrdKlhop of LmJm, A atmuA it on jmm>y>iA, iiay. and war 

mSr. A Man riot ofthebeA Morab, b&t boned at ». O^fc Afltrhhii. ' 
worthy of OUT Notice, fof bis brinstng bis 17- <M*w»>a CaneB of Lfeu, w« made 

Church of «. P««rs to tbe BigiKn it wu Bilhop, who for bii great Variety Of Learn* 

before the Fire. It hippeAed that great ing is called by f:«M#, EfWtwjt/*.. *pnwte> 

Firt of the City of Indn wis borat in tha' mgfniafi cilia him »ery good ind very 

Yeirio80,iod imong the reft tbe Church ancieni^otbera give, bim thii CbaraOer, 

of ^ raa/'s, built by Bfkmimtk This B(> That be was egreaieufly rich, covetout, and 

AopliidtbeFooodition ofi newChmrcb,. leirned. He died ai he was f oing to S«m 

fo large ir>d fyicioiu thit every Body look- j« the Vear iij^ Tbey will certaioly e- 

•d upon it II I Tifh Undertiking, to begin Aeem him a Bilhop net of the lowdl Ranfa 

> Buiiding which rhey 1I) ftid would ne- that reid bu Epiaici to St. ArurA Af. 

vti be ftntOied. He beggll of tbe King ter the Death ofOMtrt, ^fib», Abbot of 

the Rclicks of the greH Tower that ftood' Bm-g was cbofeii BiOiop by tbe Chapter, 

in the PliDc, where aftetwarde Atchbjfltop hot flich Crimes were ohJFaed to hioa, that 

KiAMf*»rbuiIt his Monifteryfor D*minit»»r, be wis thoogbt noe only incipi&le of thiv 

to whkh the King added ilfo the Ciflle at but of hii Abbey too. The King wii an- 

»mfir(i; mi the FariM thatbelong'd roifr fry withhiiEleftonfcrnot reeemng one 

towirds hit Buildings Yet notwithlhnd<- be hid a Mind to pot apoo theiD, and eon> 

ii?S &i tbe twntj lEcari be nu Btlbop ba fio'd. tfacu Wim» tiU thej bad nade bim 



AtotKOum for thetr MtTdemeuior. Wbeact 
*titpl|io, the Clergy hti Wirn rill the 
TioK df ^ij^Ma. TbeCborch in th« incaa 
Time «•■ wiAoQE « Kthep fina Yeirs. 
Ar. lift by d» Comniind oi Nmf rlw Em- 
p«^ who K tiiat l^tDe lud ulnm Kinv 
jR^iM frifoncr, ind ciO'il berfelf Mi&teB 
of tbe 1I«A>. 

38. IttUrt di Siptt, Abbot of RiMUng, 
«r >■ otben, Arcbdetcon of Umdm, wii e> 
loQed tod confecrited .Am ii40> In t 
Year or two tfier King aitfkm^t Freedom, 
fcewunlnoinhltHoiireM Mfcmbjroaa 
6«9U <b Wmbmft, ooe of King Sttfhm'i 
Ctpuloc, and wMfivced to redeem bioi< 
fiV lAtk a large Riafonw. He wai BiOmp 
ten Tcirt, or riKreaboaD. St. Btnurd ia 
U> E|u01e CO top* ^m m l in hti Behalf. 
edb Dtm bit old rriewl, bii faitbfal Ser^ 
not, hit devoted Son. If. nt- 

]jK Mcfari bMMt, Archdeacon of Mid. 
i^tK, Nepbew to the iboveoHnriond R'- 
(t«rrfB(MW, oncttf thoTe marry'd Cinoni 
jiift Dov meationed, wu ebofeo Biflwp of 
i.MiwiboDt tbe End of OAfar 1151. and 
AitAAtmiiSi. He wu facceeda^by 

40. CfOfrt JWiw, Abbotof QlHwydr.orat 
S«fr, Abbot of Uiitfttr. He wii made Bl- 
Bop of mnfifd jMu 11^9. where he pre« 
fid^ twelve ycirt, and by the King'i Im- 
pernnlry be wu tranflited to Z^ste, Aum 
ii((i. Fn alt the Contenrio'ni aod Qn"* 
reb between the King and Bttktt, he fiood 
ontbeKioift Side, he faithfully and con> 
ftuuly attended hii Cooncil^ whicb angsi. 
ed tbe Pope^ and was the Cinfe of his M- 
iog twice caconimunicited '■ Firft, for gi- 
tbwing the Reventiet of T^naw Bitki^tAA- 
btnmtl, who were baniSied, aod cirryiog 
them into the King'i Treifury : And tbea 
(at betog fufpedcd to be the Kiiv'i Advi- 
fir is the Death of B.tkii. He died Rhu-- 
mj iS, I tt?. He .was a very prudent, and 
at'^meitbea went, a learned Man, ai hit 
Writingi, fee down by Ba/(, prove. The. 
next to him w*t 

4I. |tiri«n<N%'Au,SontoKr;r7wBi[hop 
of lly, who waj Nephew to «fj«r Bi (hop of 
SslMivy. His Father had purcbafed ofMtn- 
Tj ir. tbe Place of chief Treifurcr for 400 . 
Marks for him, which he difchirged with 
(o mach Skill md Fiithfulnefi, that atthe 
Ciog'i Death he bad locooa Maiki in'tbe 


Treafory, which erny Bothr tbottght by 
the continual Wan, ui wbicb that King 
kis engaged, wis totally Ahiafted. Foe 
which the King, who did not live long 
after it, got bin cbofeU* Bilbop of Umitm^ 
and he was conlacrited,DMnarp ]i, iiSo. 
He hid out a great Deal oFMoney apon hii 
Church, (where he founded two Chintric^ 
one at the Ahtr of St. ThmMt the other of 
Afwrff) aod Palace. He filled the CbiU 
nine Yeira, aod died Stftimhr 10, 1198. 

43. tnUMm di_Sma* Umim, Canon of 
3t. Pnffi, Secretary to King Ritisrd I. wit 
confecrated Bifhop Tan si, 1 rjp. He w» 
one of tbofit Bifhopi, ibat in tbe Pope> 
Name ioterdiaed tl^e whole Kinsdooii an4 
^onottnced the Bxcommonication againS 
King JaJw, who for that Reafon baoifbed 
bim fire Years, and demotlOied the Caftio 
of Stenfird, which' fFTfi'Mr ttt Cmfurte 
ga«e to tbeSee of £«n^' Am iiti. Hi 
left fail Bilhoprick of hii own AccorJj 7«- 
Hi«7 ztf, i>3i. And 

4]. XM/f»tim dc RneMfn'i^f vat cbolea 
by the Canons AMuTf If. following, and 
conftcrated at Wkfiimnfin jtfml if, iiii. 
In hti Time there wai a CoptroverCe be> 
tween hit Canons and the Monks of fVtJI- 
«rs)frr, and 'twas determined that th4 
Monks fiioald be ezanpt ftota theJuriCli* 
Alon oFthe Biftop of £«aite, and enjoy the 
Chntbof««a«»:'But the Canons of St. 
^Ml*t to hart tho Manor and Church, of 
Smh^. Before his Ordioaiioa tmlbithn 
was one of the Jadges, Chancellbr of tbe 
Ezchemier, Treaflirer, and twice Emhaffi. 
dor to n'MVi.' He was a great BenefiQor to 
hit Cbncch, and there lies buried. He 
died oOAtr ]i, 1118. He wu fiicceeded 

44. Rv"*, furnamcd NctfiArchdeicon of 
CtUhiptr, who was confecrated togerfaec 
with Rittivd Archbifliop of Cmittrb%rj, and 
lAya, Bifliop of tij, by imljn Bilhop of 
BMh, on 7bm 10, being Trinitj-SMudt^, J*m» 
1319. Parijialit gives him the ChiraSer 
of a very wotthy Man, famooi for his Di> 
ligence, his Eloquence in Prcacjitng, hi* 
HoTpitality, Kindnefi, and good Temper, 
to which we miy add his Courage and 
Grearnefs of Mind. Aa Inflince of which 
was his oppofing the Demands of the Pope 
by RajfanAu, hit NUDCID in a Synod held 

Cc ■ ift 



104 L O.N DON. 

ia umin, la which none of rite other Bt> up«n OcciSoo gina him in ebe Synod 

fhopi dircd ^pe«, infbmuch that hcciu- of ImJm, held Am iifi. he inveisbed a- 

fed the Nuncio to go home without giio* giinfi cbe Avince gf the Pontifical ^ower, 

ing Jiii £nd. Rigtr for this fuffci'd very ind declared he would fooncr lofe his 

much; for he was fooa after accufcd o( Head cbm bring a Burden upoa his Cooa- 

frivojoua and falfe Crimes, wai convea'd to try info p portable. At which the ISng. 

Rtmi; but after a long Time and at a wai very angry, aad told him h« wa« k 

![reat Expeoce did at lifl extricate himfelC Traytor, and came of a triiterons Family : 

rom that Difficolty. He ezconmnnicated To which he aoTwered, That the Pope 

alfo the Kingi MiniRers for ftopping the and the Krog could take away hu Mitre 

Pillage of If^tlUr UtUtltritmi, Bilhop of C»r- «nd Crown, but they could not tike «way 

ii/li, wbo waj going beyond Sei, and when hit Shield and his Sward. This coaraf^i* 

lie bad done, went and told the King whu ous Prelate died of a peftileotial Difeale, 

he had done, and publilhed the Sentence and was buried in his own Cbucch, tdty 

of Excommunication even at the Court, if, iijS. and wit fucceeded by 

And anbtbcT InQance was* Thac whereat 4& Htvy Ji WvtbMt, Chancellor of Sm- 


«nt of Favour with the Kiogi woo wai re. Martini, and twice EmbilTador to Frmut. 

folved to get him into bis Cnflody, and Herefufed the BiQioprick af tfimhifia'^hK' 

he fbr Ui Kefogc fled to fome Church in caufe it that Time it was under f«vcral 

ljli», where he wai found by the Kiag'i Controverliet and Difpatci t but accepted 

iSelungen, and taken away by Violence Lmdm, and wai coofecrited in 7«m, and 

with the Crofi in one Haod, and the Wafer died 7«^ 13, nCi. and was buutd near 

in the other, and carried to the Tower. Biihop Fvutaitiigt. He fonaded a Cfaan- 

The Bilbap look'd upon this u an ininri- try oftwoPrieA< in bis Caibedril, it the 

Mil Wiy of proceeding, ai>d would not let Altir of St. UJthttl, to pny fbr his SouL 

the King alone till he bad fent him back Their Maintenance to be received yearly 

M the Place whence he was taken. Which out of the Church of Great W^hrii^ {ty 

•mu lobk'd upon to be a Meaos of the Pre. ^ttt, by the Abbot of Bitiiih. Uf on hU 

firvation ofthe Liberty and Lifcofthe laid Death 

Barl, who had deferved well of the King- 47. Rithtrd Tutht, Dein of St. Ftmft^ 

doin. He was afterwards rcfiored to Fa> . wii clcQed and confirmed Bilhop Sffttmktr- 

vour, and to lU hiaHononis. itigo- died 10, lafii.bnt was not confecratcd ; fbr be 

at BifbtfSb^B in the PariOi oC Suftnbtmtk, died a few Oaya before MiciM/our follow- 

Stfttmiir 19, 13^1, others fay Dtctmbtr ), iog. And 

11^}. The InKri^tion upon bit Tomb aX- Ntnry dt Stmlwick, Archdeacon of 
feemi lo determine it to ii4«> AboDt the Oa/v-i, wis conlccraced BiQiop of Ltiidm 
End of DtttMitr following, at Cm$iriurj, by Jthm BiOiop of ifHnthtfitr, 
4^ A/m B4fn, Dean of 7>ri, wischofen together with the Bilhop of SMliihrj. He 
into the See otLnJtM, but wu notconfc- is fi id to beexcommanicatcdby Otrtiis, the 
crated till Offfttr 1344. becaufe the King Pope's Legate, for iflllling the Buoni a. 
had I Mind to prefer Prrrr BiOiop of Hrr*. giinft ibeir lawful Kin£> He went to 
ftrd to chit Bimoprick, He wisBrotber to R4mt to obtain Abfolution, wbecc he flaid. 
Baron Gilitrt, who wai killed by a Fill from almofl feven Years before he coold get out * 
hii Horfe in hunting, and wbo left one of the Pope's Clutches. He died Stfifmitr^ 
Son that died foon after, ind fo the Eftite tS, 117]. and was buried in bit own 
cime ra A/cj Btgit, jtmu 1 141. He is Church. And wis fucceeded by 
blamed by our Hiftotims for not Gding 49. 7«£« chrijhtll, Dean of St. fnti, 
with the Barons, othetwife be was efleem. and fome Time Archdeacon of LnJin, af- 
<d 1 good, pitidenc. piout, and vigilant terwaids Keeper of the Great Scil, and 
Paflor ; faithful 10 his King, and tho' he then Treafurer of iDgUnd. He wis con- 
was igainft the Birons in their Warl, it is fzctveA ylfril ig, ^i-j^. mi died Rtruar^ 
BOt to be imputed (o his Cowtrdice { for to, U79- In his Time the new Woib ac 


L „.;. ,*<_iOOglC 

LO<N.D O N.- lof 

ikc Eift End o£tt. pjvj's nisiiuilt ind it- in St. Gngiry'i EpilMe to Sc. AjfiH, ff. 7)-' 

dictted to the Virgin tiMry, it whoCe Alttr This Bifbop wu bioogbt up u AbrtM Cif- 

b tbc Nwc of the Church he fbuniled a 1*$* in Ot^trd, ind died it Sttfnty, JmIj 14. . 

ChtQtry, tnd endowed ic with 401. to be ijij. ind if buried in St.Mttrthe Virgiaf 

piid onthe Diy. of huOliVeut of the Vi-- Cfupel, nad«r ■ Marble. Ue founded > 

cinge of B*i^iii in fjftJf. . tMft* ItviS wit, Chintry for tik Pnefts it the Alar of Sr, 

then eleOed but renotuiced it, ind-lcrt it to ErktrnttU. After bkn 
50, Rifhardit OrtmfnU, Arcbdeicon of 53. Gilitri Stgravt, of the Dohle Fimiljf 

Archbiinop at CMtirin^, Mt Cwniry Jm- /ir^ and Prccvntor of fit.fMrf's, wiicoofe- 
i»Sia,i2Si. This Bi(hop bei;tg impt^- ciated Bilhop of £«wta, KriMsWr 15, ijlj, 
cd by the K10& EJw»ri I, u bis Embiaa. He foDoded tbc Shrine of St KrkmmtU, 
dor ID Frmut, the ArchbilliDp iHigned the >»d liid the firfl Stooe of it himfel^ 
Dcm and Treifnrer of &*• P»ul'$ to be hit ind in the n«w Eibrick built fereril Alurt. 
Coidjator. He firfl inflitoicd the Office He wii a Man of Leuning, a* tht Tefli- 
of Sob- Dean inbiiGaihedrtl, andorderfd monietef it he hai loft behind him. prort*- 
Au the Chatuclkir of it Dionld rud a pi« H« enjoyed thi* See abovt tbice Years. 
vioity-LeSaie; and for thit Reafon tbit. 53. RiikMrd Ktmftrt, Archdeacon of Mfd- 
nooe flkoiild bear that Office bat a DoQor dhfix, wii then cooUcrKcd in hi* RooiOr-- 
or BatchcJor of Divinity. He in bif hfl kUrtk atf, 1)17. and died Angufi a^, 131S. 
Will gave 10 Lpir Jww. for ■ Chantry for And 

bii Soq]| and keeping bii Anniverfiry. 14. tUfhm if Cr>iw/W wii conlecratei 
He was a.BcnefiSor to the Univerfity of Jwmurf i^. following, and preCded in this 
Cstftrii^t. Be fovnded the Monallcry of . See abouc twenty Vears. He brively op* 
C«niw/t(M^t liMiw,.*ni died at Fe/j«M,i pefed the Aitcmptaiideby the Arebbiftop. 
Dtitmhr 9, 1303. and wis bnrted in hii to enlarge hii Anthoriiy, tho' he had. the 
own Church. And npon St. Uttthim't P<tpe's fpeciil Licence, bat wai fofced ft. 
Day nat following : length to fubmit j but thtj did not difnay ' 

ji. iLtiUtbm^ Hi 4jU«I, Dcia of St. faifflro,botfaefoand cheMookiofCMrfriw- 
pM/'s, was .choieti'e Confer of the. r* to yield to the Compofiiioa ofcfaaGnc 
whole Qup[c/i but oil Confecratten was the Deaa of the Province in the Vacancjr 
deferred iipop the Account of his being of the mctfopolkicil See. He openly op- 
fummboed to Atmt at the Piotcnatisn of pofed thedepofing of King £Auri II. lad 
three CiQoot, fwho hiving been fuTpeaded lefufed for a Time to fwcar to his Soa 
by tbc Afchlufliop were denied their Vote) Sdmmi III. He wu accnfed and cooviQ. 
agiinft' his' Ele&ion ; b^t he was it lifi ed of an Attempt to releib King Mdmwd 
coiiucrM|0 ,by Pitrmi Hi^nm. tCirdioiI II. from hii loipriroofflent, bnt pardoned 
at ijim^^ the Command of Pope Climnt He died at SHrtfwi, md was baned by fair 
V. on i»mury ](), i]oj. He appropiiated Uncle RithMrd in biiown Cathedra), ^Ifnt- 
the Church of Titiwi in UidJttfiii, to the . 37, J}}8. 

Chucellor of St. pZdi, ippoioting 10/. JS- ^Mbard Biatatrik, Of WM»mb,Cta 
to be paid to » Vicar pir Aai for fapplying non of ^t, pMCt wii cbofen, and cooGrm- 
the Cure. He wis not an unlearned Man .- ed M'ji 13, ijjK. and WW confecrated ae 
He wrote the Annals ^f- Sa^hud, , uii a Lsmiuh, by the Biftop of ChUhtfiw. H» 
Book of the Statutes and Cuftoms of hit wis Chancellor of EngUwd, and died £)«■ 
Cfamch. He gave aoo Mirks in hit Life- tiiaitr I, ijj^i He wis locceeded by. 
Time towards the Building tbe EiA-End 5tf. Rn^Srat/W, Cinon Df5t^.pWs,in<l 
of bii Church, and a great deal more at bis Nephew to AicbbiOiop Str^fird, who wa» 
Death. 'Tis obferviblc. that in the liying confecrated at QMilniMty MTch ii, 1339. 
the Foandation were found a great Number according to ouf Account. He boaghc • . 
of Ox-heids, whence the learned Can^i* . Piece of Land near 5aiitj&;{(U,cilli:d MMir/^ 
conjiSuieiftbic [he. Temple of IKiwAnod and made it a burying Place. He was 
thcrciboDtt, which agtees with a PilTjgc born at jct/n-tfopon jtnav,* . 


2o6 L ND O'N. 

dictied 1 Cbipcl to St.Tttmsf. la htsTinw dttntxtter t>{ Eif^timt in Stttmltr feHov. 

the Roof of St. Pm/i was burnt by Light- in^ but held aottbit Plice itwrs half a 

fling. He died at Sttftnhimb, when ho btd Ynr. He ordiined tfiit St. PMuTt Couvcr. 

iize about fonrteao Yean. Next to him fion and Gomtneinoration flionlil be cele* 

it. UitlMtllltrikimt,'Do€iorQfLtw,wti brited ibroD^out bis ITiocefe with tm 

choien 7<m«7, ijif. After he wii confe- amck Solemoitr ai the gmtcQ Feftiral^ 

' crated, he gave loooi, toward) a Moaafte- and that the Clergy of hta Diocefc ShwM 

ly (ei CMihjlMt H Lmdm, which wii laid attend the Proceffioa of chofe Dayi in thric 

out and finiflied by Sir W^ttr Mijnf,jlKi» canonical Robet; he Qoited federal Cban- 

1-J70. who beAowed much of kia own E- tries In hit Cathedral, beciaTe the M^o. 

flate upon it. He did at Ctftfird \a Bgh, tenance of them Angle wai iafofScietir; be 

Stfttmitri, ijfii. (ctreRcbed tfie estraordhftfy^^'tuv of 

, {8. SIMM Sadt^, aliu 7If<*U, fiKCMded Che Cinont Refidentitry, and obuined oF 

him, heairo waiDoAor of Law, He found* the King that ReRdence in hi* Chorcb 

cd a CoU^e to St. Grvgmjr at SMdhtj in flioald be obArred according to tbe Ufa of 

Sufilk, hia native Place, from whence he the Choreh of J^m. He dted 4m^ ay. 

Cook bis Name. Abost fifteen Veara after 1404. and w*i buried ip St. ttarj't Chapel, 

be was tranflated to CsMffftmy, $ai left bta ^is Body af^er the late Pira of ZmAm in 

Bifliopdck to t666, was dog up, whole and uncorropr, 

f 9. fMim Cnrtmf, tifkop «f tUnftri, at if it had been lately buried : It was 

who alfo faeeeeded him in CMtwiary, jHk* very light and hid Hair on the Paco, and 

i^Si. He was Son of thgi Cawtaay, Earl it now buried in the Wallt of the new 

of I:mm^ and give hifaTelf to the Scndy of ChniEh. It. wat fecn by many "with Ad- 

the Law. After be went Inta Ordera he miration. TheCaiionttheqchofeoneAa- 

bad given him three Prebendt, vie. of Cm- mat Lnghj to he their Siffiop, OflWw 10, 

$tr,offngt, and IVi, then the Bilhopriclci bat the Pope nominated 

of Otr^trd, tjflMd*w, aadOmUfrtmy. Hb 61. ft«arlffiUm, at tfaeReqaefiof Arch. 

chief AQiMU, while he wac in thii See, biOiop ^naJiS, mi he wat made Bifbop 

wcrei be hindered the Clergy from graniiog Dmmttr 10, 1404. Scarce aity- Body ever 

the King a Snbfidy in a Synod at LawJhM) uoderweiic fo maoyVfei^adct of Fortune 

be toobiftily foblifted the Butt efPose aa thiaMin- Froma nrytow aqd pooi 

Gf^try If. agalnft the Fttrntinu at tt. PMiTt Condition, he wu made Oean ' of Ttrl, and 

Cnfi, witbosc acqoainting the King, vt*. Trcafnrer of €■£*«. the KIng*t Secretary^ 

Edmttrd III. who fe highly refmccd it, tho* and high Treafbrer, and tbea Arcbbifiiop 

be alledged the Pope's Command, tbit be of CMt«ii^, in The Rqpiii of . Jttmm 

wii forced to revoke thofe Words by ano- Jlrndit, wTid wis' binimed; .bn Kinj[ 

rbci's Movth, and was hardly excnfed do- Riektrd It. being depordd ' wttNfn two 

ing it with bit own. He convened 3tb» Yean Time he wat deprived of all, and 

ftSehfft by the Pope's Order in St. PspTt was a Blfliop without a Bilboprtck ; for a- 

Church, but wit fo overawed by Jibm tf bout fiveTeart when Ttemtt jtnmdtl being 

OM*r, Duke of Ltntafitr, and other great rc&orcd by King Btttrj IV. procured thit 

Men, that he did nothing bn enjoin him Biihoprick by the Pope's Provifioa fer 

Silence end alt his Follaweft. The Dske him, but he would net accept of ic till 

'reviled the Bifliop tt tbit Meeting, which be had the King't Licenfe, but be cnjoy- 

fo incenfed tbe-Cirizens that they had torn ed it but a Year, and died in 140$. He 

the Duke to pieces, hid not the BiAiop liei buried in the Piiory of A. BaMMiHww 

interceded for him. He was made a Cii- near Smithf!t!d. 

dinal in 137B. according to W»Sfmgh»m. 61. MtWa^ Paiwaf* waithen confecrated 

He was tranflated from (his See in ijjj, into this See it J*frf«*, 5*fr»**frifi, ijoff. 

and died J»iij 3 1, I39^- ^° *"** fucceed* by Virtue of the Pope's Provision, and foon 

«d here by after declared Treafurer of ti^Uaii. He wat 

60, Utttri arfjtrfk, who was confecra- tranflited hence to SslM%ry, Atgtfi ji, 

«ed ?anM7 5, ijSi, iwl nai appointed 1407. and then to Bah,oa*itr 5. 

5 6y. M- 


L-o ND on: 107 

«y. Kidmrd Wfiri wii mtd< Bilki»p ll barkd nnder ■ Uubte netr tfce BiSiop'i 
dF BMfc Am- I4»i. by the Pope^ Pro- Throae in Sr. fMri't, Ait<r liiin 
vilb, but becaafe t(i* King wu igiinft ffr. Il4t)4 OilitH, OoQor of Divinity, 
kf b* ftticufed bk Cldn, aad wit imdc uid De(ii of r^rk, Abfler of Jto«m c*Aj« 
Sihep of mrmjhtt wber* be f*» (ix yeirf, in Oxftri, wh by the Pope't Prorifion pro- 
wafkwuihtatnnO»ixitoLMJm,oatitr fh noted to ihi*5ee,aiid confurated ^ i^jf, 
■407. Ib tlie Year 1414, be prcKhed in uid died in the Beginning of 7*4 144S. 
Utim betere the Eapcror >nd Caidiaali at €». Thmm gtmf, Ncpbew co tbe Arcbbi- 
tbe CooDcil af C4»llmm, wbsrc Ordiml ftop Cj«f, om pf tbe Piodon ja ibeVoi- 
OteMa, (wJk eftrr ki> EleOtm tflbm'd tttOtj ofOKfwd, nn tbco mule Bifliop by 
tbe Naoc oT M««te V,> «■* declared ibk F^ MiAt*I» V- H« wai confecnted i» 
aad Dae Pofe,be gtve tba firft Vvtn ftr tbe Palica of tbe ArcbUAop of ntk ai 
bin. In tbii CModl tUi 7 Elefton of a WjImMr', bjr hit Uaele ^d« JEaiy, tbea 
Pope wete added 19 the CiMtnaltrOfwbich tbe Pt^eflof , Mrmr *> i449- Heetiji^. 
Mitiwd a^irdwu mas.>He intbeO^ni* ed titf Sc« fimy Veui, uid died mmvA al» 
QS of fbtiM wai deflgMd fcr Fop*. Ho h')' He »<■ botied between two Pillai» 
(an [ooo Miriu to ne poor Scbolaif of ta toe Nave of hit Charch. He btrilt tb* 
BamFa-bm, afterwird &0B1 this Bilbdp'i Polpftat ntwTt-Cr^u uid hid oac a grear 
Gift ealUd U aJ m-Otigi ia OafirJ. He dealofMooey vpontbeDiTinity-SebooIa* 
chained the CeMmtion of Irvine Service o<W, faid to be built by Hmpfcw DDk» 
A^Mt/aNA'PMJ/. into tbatofiheCbnrcb of<^mt*fltr. He fonoded and endowed » 
•f Zmwm. He died ^e|> joi-tAii. and CbiiAry fbr«oePrieft m tbe Altar oftb» 
WW baried betweM' Sr Etinrmttt Sbrtae Holy Trinity, and tbe Offin of ^niitori* 
and Sir ChHftfiir titum, Cbinecaor of tty, to which be itnited tbi Cfanrch o0 
amifmd, Ci^a io Efim, and tbe Prabeod of Sr^ 

t^ Jilm Xmf ruececded him : He w>t fmtrai for ever. He wisfiioceeded by 
firft ^bop of RMtMfr, ibea of OUd^ftr, 69. BJthwd tU, who wat cbolbn by th» 
anil tbcB Kfcop 01 tnAw, afcawy 17, Caaoai ^ma/^ ifc 1489* cooTccratcd A* 
1411. Biom btMc be waa cranfUted to' wmiir if. foflowuig, aad flte about 6m 
>M,.Aai i4af.Mid wH made Caidioat of Yaan.Hidif bariadondar a Marble latfafr 
St. JUat, and after twiaty-ri^bt Vearv Middiaof tbeNaVBof bit Chnreb towardv 
went to Caarffiwy, trbera he fate bat •- the Nonh. He had a loiig Controrerfir 
Tew and half befora be'died, wbidi hap- with Tai* AfMaa, Aicbbi&oe of Gatfwfca^ 
ptnedMaMAsB, i4f>, Hagivc seo Macfca limMpTaviiigtba ^iUl of fncbat K tbctr 
» th* ttnaky-Sebaok at OufMi Tba Death bid Goodi ia divan Dioeaftf, binr 
aett in Ordar waa .' • - |,a3.[||f ,pgrj} of it, ibc JUtbbilltop t^ 

4t. mSiaa &^ DoSbt of Lan^ Dean tsining hii Prerogative. The» 

•flWi,aMdalilbopofL«ftebytb«EinB*a 70. Tfaww ssvsgt, born of • kntghtfyt 

Conraand, vitboot the Pope* CoofeDf, FinOy in Cb*Jttrt, and edoaatad atCia»- 

M7 id, i43<. Andflron tbence triaflafed MJgt^ w*t tranflited fiiom RMk^trhitbtt 

to ImdK Jmm 14^1. Wbila be ana U-- by papal ProvHioo, jttm i4$r6, and fwB» 

Oap af £Mi<ia, ha reAorM tba CoBage of bMce retnovad 10 IM, Aa» tsou H» 

Ztt« oi BmtfkrdltUn fbr 1 Maftct and foor nnch enlargcdand endowed tbe Cborch of 

Cmom, and m^a it a Cetl toUfitg-Sfinh, MtiAfiiU, the Placa ti€ hit Nativity, inA 

ZaoAn His SocteTor wii founded and endowed a College of ftenhr' 

€6. Jtitrrf K/a-'^fi', Ooftor of Liw, Prieitt on tbe Sontb^Side of ir.. Hi*. 

Afcfadeacon of Htfihamftm, twice Enbaf- HSirt waa bitriedin 1 Chtpel of tboChardk' 

Ador ia OmmMf, once to the Pop& H« bailt by him. To him focceadad- 

waa confceraccd stfttmite 16, 14)1. In fi. mMam Wtrhsm,- DoAor of Lawa^ 

»434t ba Wat ienr by King HiaryVI. t» who was coareCritcd Bifbop of frnMlna in. ' 

abe CoaocU of B«jil, and Coon after hit the Beginning of tbe Veir i5oa,ia wbicb- 

Retamwat eteQed Bi(ho[^ of Ify, bat di- be ippt opriited the Chnreh of Wtthtri^Ui 

ad fttddaaljr K St. op^ r^umttr >z. and ift Efi*^ to tba colfcgUsa Ctivcb of Uikm 



io8 h O N-D.OM 

by C/4»v, and It the Gad of - 1^04, wu mira tatht panrWty, mi. wufTeUnti 

tranQared to Cnrtrfu-jr, after .wbkh be wu oy Crtmw4& bitaftlt. He wn AtckdtKOa 

tnide Keeper of the Greit Sell; arid Lord of Liiitfitri CotaJniSiry or- Dclegite ia 

Cfatnceltor of: twglrmd, wliicti greit Otfics AichbiOiDp Crmjimir's. Gonre, uxi Bifltop pf 

be held ^welTcYctrs. He was A re fab lOi Dp Hirtftrd.tnd tbcncc he wifniade BiAop of 

twenty-eight Years, and died /A^fajf 31, Umd*a; before bii Coofecrition to tint 

JJ3S. - ■ Sec ^pr»7 J, 1J40. He wroie i P/efice,4» 

71. Wi8i*m.B0nKi, or Oirtu, Cufiti HHu- Girdina'a Otttioa it Ftri OhJitwaj, ia 

Uriim, broDghc np at Ow/ari^, fiieceeded him, .toklsfa he coDdeomed tbt Paiibacy.Af tfae 

. and wuco^ecratedBilhop«f£«ni/tif aiiEhc Pope', ipprared the Divame^ and, prftooiiB' 

BeginMDg of 150;, and died aboac At ud tbct'Vowa'.of MOnka to Ik fnpcAiti. 

End offhe£aine Year. And out- .After the Death of the King be be. 

- 7j. aJtbtrd nifx-7iifMf , Doflor of L^w^ htved. fatnrdf. Y9ty rcmilj, acgligeody, 
and BlOtop (rf Ohifhifiir, focceeded bim. and Augg^y. injy Mitten of Refbrou* 
Ha wi(.Df:a noble Vuiuiy.iaSimfrfi^^i tiob.'iad^ Wiia.tAenTridinani0t«(l of it by 
tAazAcAtt UtrtnCiU gfiiihiOai*rd, ^tta tlM Kh^I CAi|)&|liiri...i And. being' to 
he wif Mifter, and bnilt a b and bme' Lodger pteaoh' U ^nFt^pt^^, be did it. b^caUlj, 
fcr bimlbtf and hii Succeflbii. He was and omitted what he waa cfaie^y ordered 
made Bifhop oiltKbiJItr to 1496, of Cbi- to dwclLupon, fn tfaat he wis imptlfon'd 
tiijtir in. 1504, and removed hither in and deprived, o^«^ i, 1549. Upon the 
x;o5. lie laid out t great deal«f Money ActtlGoa of Queen .i^ry be ViaYeAoicd, 
in. repairing M. Jtfarr't in OxfarW, and StA and by. bfr,:ioadB Miflfcr of the Slaughter' 
Pmil't m LndiM, and wasi Cofonnder witK bnpfe, in wiiich be aeqoitled bkoOrlf fo 
hii BrotherSir7«faiR'»-7MHJ>oftbeSch'aok well< c&tf 'licoh&MUbU.heordir'd mbrs 
boufe flf Brtwtn in Stmtrfttfbirt. He died to be burnt in bit Diocefe than all tha 
in the Year ijar, and it buried in hiaown BiAopi iiiSnglmtbuA donot And fi»»f€T, 
Catbednls between two Pi lU is under a T>ho iccufedbinito -tha King'* CottofilMrSt 
ACuUe Dtac the bUreyUowardi tfe6> t^aft^flwntfcre'hfi.tbcjfir^ofthciD. TUs 
North, deftroyed by tbefiilria i^^h .- blnitiy flasgavm fufir!(inMhing-i* Qdmu 

74. CaMarf rMfWr, Ooftor Of Law*, edn*' Vsat'^it'i TiBie.bwfht.Lo^-ofihtsBubip. 

cated at C^Miri^f, C»^tMtM*nni; and Of liok: For in that be was icnpcHbh'd, it on. 

the Privy Seal, Was coorecrated in the J y prefer vcd biia from being ilooed ai be 

Room of Richtri Fitt'Jitmi, oStitr 19. weat iJoog .(h« Streets : Neither iodeed 

)$13; and was tranflated to Dmh*m, Mfrtk «luld it be^UVl Imprilbnfflen'r. fince he 

35, if)e. He wots ivefyfamoDsMiafbr Kved uweUas.QVer, aftd-had Gardena. and 

hi* .Skill in the learned' Ltngaigaf and Orchirdt to walk in. Ho died Stfttmht 

Mathcmarick»„iad was a piolbnnd Divine. ;, iftfp; aad wMfbiiried itnong Thievca 

He wa* fuocteded by. ' aod Cotthroati in BMrkii^.Chuich Yard. 

- 7S,- J»b* Stakijlty, edacated at Jtf^/a/ta- . 77. <%V«i RiJiij', otie QftbePomntiffi- 
<t*B^* in Oxfirrf, who being rerarncd froin onen thit deprived him thcfirfiTime, wit 
Afw, whether he bad been feni; Emhillidor aiVDinted.SaW&'Succc^iinbiifirft Do* 
ritooc the Kieg's.Di»otccs hadtbit BiOiflp* priva^n. He waa of an :io«aot»nl o*. 
lick beSowed on bim. Ha was enthrontd Me Family ia .KmkMmltrJtmd', bred ii(i at 
«n J»lf rp, i5]o and was baried in St.- School at KtmeaftU, fenc from thence to 
Mmt/i Chapel, Neit to him comes \C4mhiJgt, where he wai made Doi^w of 

■j6. EJmwul BtwMtr, that bloody Perftcu- Divinity, and Mafler of fnakrtki-Hag, knd 

tar, aeho in the Reign of Queen Msry, BiOiOp q{ Rttitfiv ia the fuU of Edmnd VI. 
burnt fo many ^ous and holyPerTons of. on Uftmitr 5. '54T< He i«as airo'fome 

boihSexei. .He ia laid tobea Baftird by Time Fellow of Vr(iw/(r.Ci<?v# in 0«/~«rA 

one ftavagi a Prieft, and another Man's After SMMtr'* Depiivaiion he.wunnltidkily 

Wife. He wai of Biw^ttt-Hti in Oxfcrd, tnollaied from Rtibtfiir ^to Lmidtn. Upon 

where he wis m*ie Do&tr. At the Be* Queen Mvfi coming to the Crown, in 

giiuiing of the Rcbimatioi ^e fcem'd iu»t tliit BiO*} bid leaepnd ibc Place of tha 

r be. 



LONDON. 109 

Moved Bmhmt, and of bi* own Aectwd re* tj96. He fell into the Qaeen*i Dilplea. 

Muely mpo&d Qsem Usrft Title, <^(. fare by mirrying ■ fecond Wife the tt6y 

'T«ii retoivcd, tbic. &ii^ nnft foffer. B«if, und i* fiid to hire died in 1 Oif- 

And tccoidingit ifter ■ long and leirned content by fmoking Tobacco immoderite- 

Difp«ktiDD»Cw/W-<inwhictili»(tfcnuonf^ ly- He w*b buried ia his own Church. 

lydeftnlcdiheOoarine of Chrllt, hewn The next Bifhap was 

bunil tt.Oaftrd with IMimtr, OBtttr itf, 9x. RishMrdhmtr^l , D. D, of 

ijjj. in C*Mir(ii{t(, preferred to the Sec of Lnitm, 

jt. UmrnU Oriiiia, opon the fteond and confecntcd tUf g, 1^97. wt^t made.* 

.Dcpriv*t>oa of Bmnt ', w« mtfc Biibop of F-rivy CaDnfellor to King J»r»ti, and Chiil- 

'uti»m by Qtieed EJtzMiui. He was a Ni< cellar of O^fwrd. He was a Man of finga* 

live of St* Brta in Cmmivliid, and a Sta- lar Wifdom, and very zeiloni in the De* 

dent of 'M«fc«^-M«i? ia CMkfrial;<, where be fence both of Cburch-Liberciet, and Dif. 

«» Fellow, Prodor, and Mafler. He cipliae. He wis tranilated to CMtiriutj, 

wu Chaplain to KCkop ni^^, and then to l>tfmkir i5o4, md died of the Stone, ';^*r 

the iUog. In QiMcn iffi Reign he was vmrfn- 3, iSia. And 

a voluoury Exile in Gifwumj, but open Sj. RUhm'd fTtrngin fucceeded him ia 

Queeo Ilis^i*ili'i AcceOioa obtiin'd this LuhUm. He wiiDoftor of Divinity, Bifhop 

fiilbopritk. He was cdflfecriccd tb the See of B«4"-, then of Clufitr, and then of Ln. 

oflmdm, DKtfmitr %t, i${9. tianfiited to dm, •Jmmtary i6a^. He died Marti jo, ifioy. 

Jirk, Maji 10, If 70. and thence to CMTsria- and was baried in Th»m»i Ktmf't Chapel, 

17, Neu to him in chit See was - one of his Predeceflbrs. He was Chtpliiti 

79' ^V" Smdt, Do&>r of Diviqiry, and Conlici Co Bifiiop Elmtr, a very de- 

Mafler of^Sl. C^tharint-Hmi in C»miTidgt, ferving Afan, and noted for liu Learning, 

and Vicc-Chincellor when Queen y<w( was Readinefs in Preaching, and other Gifts, 

ptoclaimcii, for which he was imprtfoncd j 8^ . 7bm»t R»vts, D. D. Dean of iCbrifl. 

bat by the IntercciEoa of Brianda being Chvtb in oxfird, cooiecrafcd BiAop of 

jeleafed, hcflediAto (hraa^vK, and contioo- QltMufitr, Um'th 17, 1004, wu tranOited to 

ed there all Queen Mark's KeigD. Upon Lndm, iuy 19, 1607. and died Dtttmhr 14, 

bis Recam in Qnecir Eiiz^iU Time he 1(09. and waa bnried acir lina^'t Chapel. 

Was Made Bilhop of Mrttfiir, Dutmttr 3 1, And was fucceeded by 

1T59- and traaflated to uiidtm, 3*k ij, (5. Qitrgt Mtt, 0. D. Dean otfffnei*. 

1570. and 6m. Veara ifier to nri. He Wu P*!"- He wai was fiift Bilhon of Uttl^ld 

Succeeded in tbe Biibopricit of Umdm by and Civattry, and in a Month's Time wav 

80. Jtba El^, defeended of 1 good-Fa> preferred to tbit Cborch about the Gad of 

nilyin SwfM^Do&Qt ofDifiniiy of the ^mmt i<o>. Ncitherdid he /it here, bnc 

Uoivcrfiiy of Cimhidgi, Archdeacon of in ■ Year after wu made ArchbiAop of 

Lmik. He wat cbd&crited itsrth 04, C0ttirhiy. After -hit Tranllation 

tSjS. and made 1 be Queen's Almoner id ' t6. yA» S/ifj, D. D. Stndent, and after. 

iflS. He was a learned and judieioni ward Dean ofChrifiCh»tbm Ogftrd, and 

Man, hot no Lover of the Puritan Fafiion^ Atthdcicen; itf N*tiiagktm, whole Gkand- 

*ba at Utile .a^fied him-- He died j( father wai Raiarf Mag, the firft Bilbop of 

AfiaM, Jwu $, ifP4. aid Wit 'burie& in OnftrJi Brother, wu confecrtted into 

the £^-Partaf his Cborefa. HiiSuocrfbr the See ofUmdm, Stfimitr 8, i£ii. He 

wu ' wat a Man of folid Graviry and Piety, and 

ti.tjtbsrd fltuhtr, D. D. Fellow of of fncb an excellent Volubility of Tongue, 

Cirfw Ckrifii in C^miridp, Dean of Ptitrtt- as well as Invention, that King Jtmtt called 
n^i, Cog's Cbsplaia, sndBilhop otBrifitI, ' bim H)* King »f frt^ibtri. He died lidrnth 

Dtttmitr 14, i!89. From thence be wit 30, i£ii. and was buried in the Souib* 

traaflated to Wwufir, Fthruty 1^93, and Ifleof his Caibedral over-ajiinll the Quire. 

Cwo after hither. He died fuddenly in 8?' Gearzt A'Mfai;;!)*, DoUor of Divinity, 

fait Palace at hn^M; for he wat well and fucceeded him. He wis trinflated from 

dead ta • Qnartcr of an Hoar, 7m» 15, J^iXf/e hither,7K^ 30, iiSai, butcoucioiicd 

D d here 


no . . LO NJ}Q N. 

heie no losgn tlua i<t7. vheft h« wai ^. GMtrt Skddm, IX DAccm^cJ bink 

lemoved to £)«r;b>*M, «nd clu«c Maatbtif- aiHltlM' hems ■ Mmof m generosfSpi- 

ttr io the ArchhiOivprick «f inri, wbew fir, yet fnii(iE»i fo Imlc > while Bt0wp 

be (itc but one Vnr, at tlicruboati, ind of tbii See, tbat be did KtttD reswikiUt, 

rbtn dyiog, give Flice toOi.JMvM/ ftor- .b|» foUowug bis Prednd&r (o Cmn*^, 

^M/. wbere be wu cbQfeo Ounceltgr of Omfni, 

B8. Dr. mBf»m Lfnd, Bilbop of B*th*ni did woadccfiii Tbin|i for cbac Univeirity, 

ViA, fuccecded faint in tbis Dtaccfev in of which fee bii Life imong the Arcb- 

.tirhich wfailt he, prefidcd be wis chofen biSups t£ Cmttt^ntyi HvAtw in this Sn 

CbiBCCtLK. of Ooiftrd, and fwniQied th« Lt< not qnide tfaiee Yean, lad wij tnnflarcd 

br*iy itieie with 1300 Htir49,ArMA, tnA Jagmfi 31, lS6i.toCMtnimJ^. 

rtrfiM MiaHfcripts, tad cboi«« Anti^ni- 91. UampJny li i m lmtm, Bilbep of JjW«. 

cief, procured the Untverlity « iww Chir- tj, gicccadcd bim, and wictboilttbe Amc 

Cer, md campof«d ie > Body of excetleoc Time nude Almoner, and one of bi« Mij*. 

Sntutes. I-k.procared 9f King €k«r/rrl. .fly's Privy Council. He dicdoAfw itf7f.. 

(he Gift of miny loinropiitCiom tn irt- and wii buried in tbo PariBi-Cfaorch of 

/mW. Io Jfijo, be (ct upon the Ikpiit of l-mibtm. He wm for hti WiTdom *nd Pr» 

ff.i>««rs,iilo«ing not only a greitSnmto denos much vWned I^ King CkarUi If.. 

begin it, bnc engaging to pay foe i a-yeir vbofe Elcapc after ibt Battle of Wmt^»,. 

10 the ciiiying it on fo long la he wm be adminbly well -managed, eJpettallf 

fitOiopofiW'M, which happened to be but when hi* Majefty cane in a DUanife near 

•bom foar Vmiv when he w« tcmoved to Stlkiurj. He built tbe Cba|id m the ti- 

the Archbiftoprtck of C wwr fwyt Mnoag Ibep'i Filico in ,JU§ii^»»Jhw*i bow eaHed 

whofe Arcbbilbops yoa may find ■ noic tmiJ*m.Umtfr. 

large Dcftription of him. Hii Soacsflbr . gx. Bmry Ctmftn^ D- D. Bishop of 0». 

Wii pr^, fbcceeded bia. He wm tfetTonngel 

^^ Dr. WiBtm J«m% a CiviGan. Hb Son of apmeff C wa pft w, Earl »fnmhmi^m. 

Waa defied BiAop of Birtfitd, bBl^i»SM He waca. vtrf gn*» and pio«t Perlbn, a 

being vaciM by tbe BroiaotiMi- of Dt. sealdns.PioiBotMof'thBCoHKb'afld €!«■ 

JbMi, Im mu elefled M tfaii Soe bofon hia gy't laterelK He p«lkd down' af iMge- nrin> 

Confccration there. He wu fooH afttr ated Chweh at Htfif in sfha, and built a- 

tatit DM flf bii HaicftyV frirw Conscil, neat ParilkCbarch, largt enougb for riw 

ind n itf3frLnd Treafimi) wfaicb Phcc InfaabitsnK, alawft at bt* own Cberge, led 

ka hdd tUl 1641. when be.fiifired by wi* a gf»t ItiKMtor t* tbe Proitfiant Re^ 

tbe Atbdt u Mbcr BiAopa did; in t&fl; fagceiof Foreign Part*. HtiMnFMum, 

ki attended ftit Mi^efty in his- moft ^t and lies buried under a ^aln Stone ia the 

Koofobte ConditioB^ and- was with him m Cburcb-yeM tbcrA 

the ScaffiiU when he w» beheaded, afiat 93. Or. Tlahi fUM^ fitcecedcA bim. md 

«faiab he rrticed to hia Manor of litiU ia tbe prelent Biftop. He hat already Hf- 

Cnutra in OUanfitrfidrt, where he dwelt for oalized himfblf by feveral Bmbillica into 

■be mnfl Part, ihtf with no IhuU Diftur- tbe Noiehem S3ngdMBs, end for being one 

fcaoer, till (he Rcflorariian of Kng <Atrtn of tbe PleoipotentHriet at the Peace it T% 

tl. when he wai npoflefled of thk Sec trtikt, and it daily renderiug htmrelf more 

tins^iaii'r 30T>Aio. aod wai then tran- naioeM to theCJeigy in general, teA to 

fitted to fwhrA, being ouhIc Arabbiflmp tbeUnimfityof04MinpMticnIar,whicb 

of GAMrfury. miki Um lond and defired. 



^The Mmafierks in and about the City o^ London, 
and the Suburbs thereof 

i>"T^nB Mw^ngii, from wSence tbe Abbey the Name of ffj^niajfc, md ftfcer- 

X Sorect ailed the Miinrftt tikes iCl ward give the Minort of Gravtfnd, t*j* 

NiiiK, being « Moaiffery of Nnoi of tbe Uvrm, lad otberi, with the Advowfoai of 

<Mc( of Sc- Cl«r/, fouoded by Edmmd Earl their Chnrches to it, all ivbicb were, ifiec 

of LamBfitr, ttittStr, and Dtrlj, Brother fome Tiise, confirmed to the faid Abbot 

t* Ung Ed'mtrd {. in 119]. They were and'Monks by King 9.ithti H. R«i 

■ ■ " " ~ " ■ . That ■ - ■' 

brNgfct one of trawM by the lofllgation opoo Coodition, That they (hould pray 

«f tbe Lady >/«w&,Wife to tbefaid £nnrsil for hii Soul alive and dead^ bii Grand-fa- 
Pope B*iitfm€t VIII. by bia BuU exempted, ^ber, C^«. This Uoiife comianed in great 

thu Hanfe from theJnrirdiAlon of the Bi- ProTperity till the DiQolBtion by King Hm- 

&of of Lmdtm, ai it continued toitbe Sup. 7 Vffl. Xiff. ]o, if j^. when it wat far* 

prcSon, wlKn.,D>me SHt^tth Stvsgi, t« rendered to tbe Crown, being then valued 

hi Abbefi of it, fairendKred It to Kins H i^6 I. 4 /. D^J. 601 J. 11 r. toil, fir 

Omij Vlli- Itwii tbennlued at iilT An. Sfiid. 

Bf, ^4. D»gi. 34a I. St. 10 d.i Sfud. tad The Sice oTtbii Abbey wu granted by 

41S I. t: i d-fn Am. Sttw. . King Hit&j ts Sir jtMhar 0»r», Knt. who 

Tbe Site of this Nunnery was by AftoT pulled it quite down ; but of jater Timw 

PirRjmenr, granted [o J An thrii, Bifhop ther,ewat a large Scorebou(«, built for Vi« 

rf" l«(i and Wfb, aod his SnccefTors for. Qoils, jqd coDV«nient Ovens made for b^ 

e*er,cobe:be)d of the Crown by Fealty king of fiiskct for the Royal Navy, tnd ic 

lad 1 Payment of tbe yearly Rent of 4/. cominuci the Vi£hii1ii^- Office for tb* 

it. id. f*r Am. by eqnal Portioof at U- King's Ships to this Day. 

ciM&Mr Mid LUf^lUf into the King'i 3, 7H»itjChnfi-CbMrth within AUgitt, 

Conn of AngmentHiont. Tnis Priory warfounded by Qneen MMif, 

1. Ir, Mmy Or^ta, or Hhi-JHiy. This Cotifort of Kio^ tttnry \. in the Piace wbcro 

Moofe wat fimndcd by King Z&ird III. Si^eist had fome Time before begtn t& 

who having in a TempeA at'ScaVees in utA a Cbarchi 4o Konour of^be Crois ana 

gnit Peril of drowqing, vowed to build a $t.JtiTi Msgd^itm, Aafitm, ArchbiQu^ oC 

Monaftcry to-God and the Lady of Grttt, Cmiinhiiy, by wbofe Advice the (Jocm btd 

if thrgngfa 'God's Grace be cajne fafe to ereQedinii Hoale, wit farther infiruoHii*' 

Land-; «{)tcb accordingly otuatning, he tal in the Endowoienc, and perfwjded bcr 

firaaded ■ IVIonaftery for an Abtot and tlie Grant and Con^rmtKon of. 

Hooks oftheCi;jTmi«(Of^r in the Church- the King, ,ta make tl)l> Church of Chrifi 

yard of tbe Holy Trinicy within Aid£»tt, witFfii> the Witli of I^/o«, to W free and 

firfaidi ^faaCtrM,CIeik, had parchafcd to acquitted fiom [be Subjc£ltontoanyatlier 
bnry tbefainisdied oftbePlajae in 1349.) Perfon or Cfaorch except the Billtop o£ 
and endowed it with all tboie Meltuiges, Lnim, and Church of St. ?'•/, to tbe f](w 
wtA their Appsrt^Hitioes on T*»ir-iUa, nour of. Qod, jnd the Canons Regular, 
which he had horal^nCtrtj, in pure^pd. wliicb (he had eftaUilhed there under Mn-. 
perpetnl Alms- wm»i»^dt 5. Cf«rs,.1ate . »«», the firll Prior, For ever; for the Re- 
Abbot tit Girndm, efibl CiStrsim Order,' demption of their Souls, and of tbeif P»> 
wi] It tbe King's OcCre made the fifft Ab- rente. By the bme Charter that derooc 
bot of tdbnoofe. Tbit Kidggire thit Qaeen gave to the Prior ud Ciaons tht' 
Dd 1 Gat* 

I „ .. A-iOOgn 

zii LONDON, 

Gite called -^Jg'f, ■nd the Soke thereonr Mfrrtr of tftx. Sir F*mtii WtlJinghMm , prin> 
to beioflgingi with *II the CuHomi, as (he cipil Secretiiy of Sttte, Mi. Btrnt of E£i*, 
held, the fime, ind two P>rM of the Re- tnd others. 

venues ind Renti of the Ciiy of Bxrtw, j. s(. M*r; s;i«/,r, ■ Priory ind Hofpirtl 
(which Mr. SitvQiWs ij /. Blinkt; with a founded by iT'/rn- S'im, Sheriff of LonJn, 
CommiDd thic the CanoniDiiII well, pcice- and A*/' bit Wife fur Cinons Resultr of 
RbJy, and freely pofTefs thofe Lindi wlihali St. jUgafm, miiavt of St. Mm-t Church, 
ihcir Cuftomsand Libcrtict. Bifhop of Z>Hd'n, dedicated ic to the Ho- 

This Priory foon after its building be- nonr of Jrfus Chril^, and his Mother the 
cime fo eminent for the &t\& Devoiion of Virgin td*Tj. This ffofpital wis endowed 
the Monkl that not only certain BurgelTet with feveral Landi and Tenemnifs in md 
of Lndm, the Progeny of chofe Knights iboat the Cicy oF Lndm by the Oid Foun* 
which King Edfr had made a Guild, call'd de», und U'tlttr the Aldeiman, JfV&«nt dt 
the Ksithttn Omld, (before fpoken of in the Efy, 3§hn Blnndj, and Wjmailt it Eitt-imtt 
Ptrr/itra WirdJ I'orrendered atl thrir Lands were Bencfi^ors to ic. King Bdwsrdl. 
to it, and became Members of that holy alfo for the Holth of his 5oul gave and 
Society, bm divers Kings, Quceni, Nobles, granted to this H^rpittl two Mcnbages 
and others, endowed it with large PoQefli- and diveri Acres of Land in Sbtfftd, witk 
ons, that it furpifled ill the other Priories the Advowfoni of that Church,and W<ji«- 
in LnAa ind MiddUfis in Lands and Orna- »irfb, Pnttnhtm, and DuMtifitU in the Oio> 
□ienis,and Co continaed to the DifToIstion, c'cfc of IVinthfitr, and give them Lieenle 
when it was furreodeied by the PiiorNt'eit- to apprspciite the faid k^huiches, and hold 
Im HMttck to King Rtwj VIII. by Compo- them to thcmfelves and SuccefTon, ja per> 
lition, (but for bow mnch we find not) petuil Aimn. The Piiors of this Hoofii 
sod given by that Prince with the Church,' were elefied by the BiQiops of Liwim. 
Lands, and Plate to Sir Thmm jMltjr, then The Priory of Byttmtirt, in the Pirifh of 
Lotd Chancellor, and lately created Lord Dm^mry in the County of Rftn, founded 
WtUn. After hit Deitfa this Priory palfcd by King flnN^ II, with the Manor sud- 
by Marriage with M«fS«r(r, theHeirefi of Church, and their Appartemoces, che 
the Ciid Lotd, to Thmsi Duke of KtifiSt, Building being much dcciycd, and the 
who fcfiding in it, ii waa from him called Hottfe defolate, one Canon only being left, 
D»itt Pf»». His Son TimM EtrlofStfftH, was by King Htarji VII. given to the Prior 
by the faid UMrgvit fold it to the Mayor, and Convent of this Hofpital and their Suc> 
Commonalty, and Citizens of Limdm, who cefTors for ever, and Ritbtri FitK-7»mti, 
built the Church there, and continue Ail) BiOtop of Ltndtii, appropriated it to them, 
Lords of the Manor and Pacrona of the upon Condition, that they ihoald ouintain 
Church. one Chaplain, a regohr PrieA, and qnc of 

4. i>«^, a Fraternity or BroEherhood of the Brethren of their own Houfe, who 
St. Ckaritj and St. y*h» the Evangclift, fot Iboold continnaDy refide there, to pray for 

J oor Prielb called P^M, founded in 14)0, the Souls of the Kings 0Mrr II. and VII. 
y WiStm Olivtr, WitUm t»m»^, and Ifba This Houfe was a Place of great Relief 
Stifwi, Chantry-Prieas tn Utdtm, for ■ to the Needy ; for there were ftsndiog at 
Mailer, two Wardens, certain Chaplains, the Sappreflion thereof 180 Beds for the- 
Chintiy-Prieftf, Condufis, and other Brc- Poor well furnifted; but Hofpitals, ttio* 
tbren and Sifters that (hould be admitted in- always nccclTary and commendable among 
to the Church of .Aiga/riMPf^M fjbtiriri. the Reformed is well as Catholieks, fell 
Thefe Brethren being lime and poor, were with the MonaOeriet, and this was dillblved 
allowed Chambers, Bread, Drink, and Coils,, with ethers by King Vntrj VIII. who foaml,. 
and in old Man and hit Wife to fcrve the yearly Value to be 47S /. 6t. 6i.- 
them, and keep the Houfe clean. Thii Dtgi, jijl. 14/. lo^ Sftii. mi^»mMtt*r 
Brotherhood was fupprefied (among others] then Prior, fur rend a red it, and had a Pen> 
in King £^w4riVrs Reign, and their Houfe fion of 80/. p4r Aai. allowed him during 
bcune the Dwctting facceffivtJy of Mr* Lift • King Hmrf ViU. give tike Site of tt» 



wirb ttie Charcti ind alUti Appurtcninccs, cilled K'tfitig if ^»fimii. Tficif Habic 

to Sri^tfli ^«i«M«, Ef^i from Wtwlc family vn ■ long Ggvn wiih broid Steeve;, a 

it p ffc<l by Mtnttgetoibs Si.^timi.EHU fine Cloith Hood, ind under ibcm cither 

otaaA^shMf. bUck or whirc Girmenti, over which tbcy ' 

6. V. mini Pitory, *n Heare|of blick hid a lenhern Girdle ftflenrd wich an 
Nuiif ojBmiiBinii, founded bjr iViitam ivory Clafp This Hoafe wis furrcndered 
Fitt.mili*m, a Goldrmirh, by tbe Licence to King Hinrj VIII. Vtvitmhir ii, Rtg. ■}. 
of'W, Dean of £r PmI'i , and the Chap- »n(t wm then v*)ued ac sjl Stn. ;;/. 
tei of tbe fame Chnrch. who had then che 5 t. ftr Atm, CusJ. 

Patrooige of the Church, to which the Pri< 8. St. jimbitiji'i Hofpical, Tome Time 1 

ory w» ansexcd. WiS/tnu it Bafi»g, one Cell to 5r. Authti^ of Fietmi in Pr»iite, griiit- 

Df the Sberiifi of LWm in 1 Uvtrd I!, ed to them by King Hnrj II. but aficr- 

wua great Bcnela&or to this Prioiy, lug- ward made independent on it, was foand- 

menting both the Revenues and Buildings, ed for ■ Mailer, two Prietls, a School ma- 

RHitMSaawfU, Dean of 5r. fMri, with fier, and twelve poor Men. The Scbool 

bit Chapter, made fevcral CoDfiitutions and Alms-hourci Aood near ir. King Ht«- ■ 

foj tbe Nuoi of this Houfe in 14)9. rj VI, wtt very baantifut to thii Houfe, 

TbeJe Nnus were cajkd ^»ik ; becaafe a:l giving 10 the MiRer (who was then Dr. 

their Habit, vis. a Coat, Cloak, Cowl, and Jthn Ctrftmtr) md his Brethren, and their 

Veil were black. Thii Priory was fur. SuccelTort for ever, the Minor of Piinhif- ■ 

rendered toJCing Hmry VIIL Rig }0. and tta, and certain Penlioni out of Mi'/furif, 

wai then valued- at ]i^'. a /. 6 J. ftf Ami, Simvtrtb,ClitTlt»»,tfiAUfwimh»m\n Hmif- 

Oigd^ijAl. 6 I., ftr jt«w. Sftii. KingHrarj \^/f( towards che Maimenance offiveScho- 

VIII. gave the Sire of this Priory and lirs educated at Emtta and O^nd. King 

Cbarch t9 Rithatd lVilU»mt, alias Cnmwit, £W»«^ IV. granted them a Licence to have ' 

who eichef had ic for ■ Time only, or foe Pro&on, Choriflers , and other Servants, 

Life, which not long after ended ; for King like the Prior and Convent of St. Jnthnf \ 

EiwtriVl. granted it to the Biihop* of of Pjimw, and annexed their Hofpital to 

iMdn, mi Qacen Uary confifucd it ; buc the Chapel of &t. Cnrgi at U^m/fir. This ' 

ic reeou it was not long after granted back Hofpital Waa valaid it the Suppreflion, at ' 
lod fettled on the Dean and Chapter of St. ; j I. Si. I d. nr Otn. i^mdfir-Ctlltgt is faid ' 

PmTs, who are now Patrons of the Church, to have loll by the DrlTDlation of this Houfe 
which is n«w made Pirocbial, and Ordina- looo Marks in the Profit made by St. At' 

riet of tbe Place. The Noni Hall and thmfi Pigt, and the Univerfiry of Oxfiri 

other Houfcs belongiog toit, was piircba> fomc of its bed Scholars by che Decay of 

fed by the LeachertfeJlcis, and i> now tbe School, which was remirkible forfend- 
made their comman Hall. ' ' iog of the riptft Youths to it, of which Sir' 

7. &t. A9gap iMt'sV fiory, founded by Thw- ihtmm httir, and the Archhilfaopt Whitgip- 
ffij dilBikmi, Eirl of Htrtfird and ^m, and BtMlk were. 

.^iai lan- and again rebuilt in ijf 1. by 9. St. L»»rmu Pnmtnij, or Pvihnij, a' 
mother qi bis NauK. He died in i^fiif College of Jifm and C»rf» Cbrijii, 'for a' 
ind wis buried tit tkc Quire- R^niMlCtk- MalVer and twelve Chaplains, founded by- 
jijw was a Benefidtir to tbe Monksof tbii Jih fnltntj. Mayor, mi confimcd by 
Houfe, giving them his MelTuage. Many King Bd»Mrd IIL Kig. ao> who bad the 
Nobles and Pcrfont of Eminence were ba- Year before, viK.JtJj i, i34^granted Li- 
ned in tbis Prioiy-Cfanrcb, of which Mr. cence to the faid 7ifai to give and aflign to' , 
Str» gives at a long Catalogue, The the faid Cs^/tr and Cb%pliins, celebncing' 
Monlu of (his Order, ffays Dr. Ai^) wer« Divine' Service in the Aid Church, the 
cfiecmed great and able Difptuints, att) Advanfonsof tbe Churchesof Aff**, fl^ 
arc flill rBaKD)br«d forthi^ExccMcBcy in Ti^»f,Ciimk,tniSfelh»rft. This College 
Onfird, where iha A& performed by the it the Suppreflion was valued it 97 A 17 r. 
CMdidates foi their Miller's Degree is 11^. fir Awn. being fartcndered to King 

Clyizco ,*^iOOgle 

2;i4 LONDON. 

rd»»ltt'Vl.tai^htCiMK'h^)ll'm%ltSt■^i*ai- to whom he give fevutlUaatst'uiSt.JI. 
iDg was mide FarockUl, ii ic now remains, flitgt, jUamindnty, ta. Tlw ftms IK§h 
to. Jefiti Cemmmi, ■ College of PrieBa mm aftci»aid« tnrmd tliis Hospital ini* t 
Well furokQied with Brifs, Pcwcer, Napery, Priory of Canons Regnlar, and becaiae diB 
and Plate ; as alio with a fair Library well JirftFriorof itfaiafblf. His Son Ii9b««VB 
fiorcd with Bookl ; all which were given ii V. ftr ^tm. to ic for the finding of tbiee 
CO a certain Number of Priefis, that Ihonld Pricfis. The Patronage of it vu to the 
hare their Cominons thcia, and is one left Dein and Chapter of St. FmiTt, who anited 
hii Pface by Death or otherwife, another ihc Church of AUtrwimivj to it, bat op* 
flionld be admitfed into bit Room. But on Conditton thai tbe Oean and Chapter 
this Order (as Mr. Sum tells us) being dit fhsold ptefitr the Re&or oi the Hnrpitrf 
continued for about thirty Years before and firft and fecoad Pricftf. 
he wrote his Survey, the College wis dif- This Hofpital confified it firft ofaRe- 
fotved and tnined into Tenefflent*. This fior end four fecnlar PrieJh, bilidei poot 
College flood near B^iw-L*m la DtwKgti niileraUe People, botaftcrwaidi the »biw 
Ward der, byLioeaoc of the Dean end Cfciptei^ 

1 1 . The Prierf of the Brctbeen. D* P»- and Confaot of the Bifbop of Lmdm, cbaa> 
miitnlid yi(i Chrifii, or ^atrmm d* Suet, ged the faid Jecolar Pripti into Cinom Re- 
fitnate on the Saoch-Side of utbbu^. It golai of St. jti^pMt, to be governed bf 
bad beenformerly a SyaigogBe of the Jtmt, a Prior, who was to prcllde ever five Ca* 
but beii^ defaced by the Lm d m ir t, who non>. mCr'MMGrrf.Bifiiopof £«m(w, wb« 
-riotoufly fell npoo end nprdared -700 of was the Patron and Ordinary mS the Col- 
them for their EzCortioB, theft »»fm 4t legeofrtija in MirrfMyUv, 'con6ftiig Of 
Stta got into Foflefiloii of it. They were a Mailer and four Chaplaini, lindiiv that 
aii Order of begging Friers, derived out of theMiftert of the faid College -bad fuflereil 
the FrsMtifitm. It wai in&itnted for foch mnch of the -Laodi to be loft, obtained ■ 
mauied Perfoni as deCred tp do Penance, Licence of King-H«rj' VI, toaniteic with 
by 5t. JrmwM, and confirmed by Pope JTr- ' ihii^raoiyofE^iy.Sfifiifa, to provide two 
tbtUr IV. They were called Frttw di P^ CaBeni4leg«lai totke Church «fA(/r, mi 
mittntid,9i fstts ; becanfc they wore Sack- three ia cnc fiid Priory, to pray for the 
'Cloaih in Token of Repantaoca. They SobIs of tbe Foondiri. Thk Priory, whitih 
had Wives called Swtm da ftmtntis, bBE vm furrendered 11 On. VIII. was then va> 
were obligfd by their Profcflion Go abftam lued at 193 i. i ; /. ; d. ptr Am, Dmd. 193 ( 
fr.oni them certain Days in every WecJt. i)r. itJ. Sfntt. 'Til now convened ioco 
The& Frieri flourilhed fome Time in At- StmCO^i, whieh fee. 
{l^a^and had many good 'SchoUra, being 13. A. 3^hw/ Ai tb (K*2, a little CeB be- 
«oci)UHged and proteded by King Jtim, longing to the Abbey of GwmAv iaX^*- 
atid CaMfr the Qneen to King Eihnrd I. HjfnjAtra, which fiamMl>ed this. Houfe with 
bnt the Connci) of Lymi having decreed, certain Cfaaplaiai mr of their Monki. fm> 
That there fhonld from thenceforth be but llmmdt I^wata Hernite hers. Hear this 
'four Orderc-of bc^ng Friws, DmMtMu,^ Ccnwat a Wallcallcd Mtwb-ff'f^ 'which 
MUuTiUit<iarm»lim, and ^itgmfifmt; tbs. ftill giTci • KMnaxD]|Mib.^rj^^Dr ai tit 
Frieri of the Sgtk were difc on raged, and now onrivpfly -called ungwa/) Street ntar 
foon came to fioibing, and Aito^ I^rd ItM^ aaff>%ara. Thu Hermitage Was pnr£h»(ei' 
-smAw obtained ofiUnglitfiMr^.I. that tbey oftHngBdmtutVhhymKm L»mi»Gco- 
, might aflign their Hanfe and Chapel to rieman of the King's Chapel, who gave ft 
<lum to join to his Manfioa. with other TcneAieots to the Cloatnworic- 

'11. fi{/!^E-Sf4tl(, wbichAafldyinOaf J^ orcvf iMalna, tokave a MimAer to fiy 
twn, <w{iere of old Time :W>s a- NuMicl'y, (Kvine'Scrrice. They were -rallied then' 
which being much deayed and nninfaabi- at jv /. ftr Ami. He dtad th rf?;. - Prjom 
ted, U^mam Elfiag, Mercer, 'jAn> 1 j 39. laid him it is now called Umit Obi^tl. 
the Foondatron of an Htrfpital in the Place h- S$ -GlUt, a Fraternity Or Brathrrbood 
of it for the SnAeotitioa of rooblindMeni of nu bleOed Lady, Ctrfm chrifii and St. 
' I CiVr/, 

U;|,zco ,*<_iOOglC 

L O N IX }^. 415 

MK^i &naiti Inr Qaetn MmJ, Wifc to Cborchcs in LmJm, fie- Sf. J^^, ^■ 
Kttg amy L tad repaired hf Jttm Miltmtrt J»M'i AUw^att, ind St. Kathmbu* C«^. 
f Umt^ III. In the Chorch of s$. otA/ mmt-f»tit, which Qaern JM^-gire to tft* 
King Bn^ V. fasndad Hiothcr BrorhM' Kflloft of XmAm^ md their Succtifen^ *. 
hood (a Sc. GtjM in MitfCrtft-Jhiit, ta Iks < Mfit/jr C»/mMi)>, which Qaeea Miiuhtk 
Plice «>icTt forcnefly btd been in Hojpinl giv* Mr.~A««( ifld Mr. IwAft; ■nd ehcfr 
of the JlmiA Order of St. Gilii, whicb the Hein ; «. Bwi/f^/ jUirfifstt, lod It. £«Hrtf 
King, irbahid tbcPicronige ofitifupprer ^tt'Lmt, whiek aow ka in (b« Cbnicb 
Cog, give <he Landt bsloofingto ittothe of If tftwiajltr. 

fiid Btoitortioodi feu iIm Rrlief of the i6.:Srf^-»Jn«, or Avw^tM/, fft atOed 
poor. froin tbeir grey Girmeoii wliiofa they 

i^.».»l0rtimiiOMmd,'mAldr-^mt-frim, -ivoYe. Tfiey CMnc^t bf JIM^ in 11*4. (g 
■ fair Iti^ Colhn of ■ Dein and fecBlar ftitrf lU.J and Cm of, then arriving le 
CaMw or Pri«ni, foanded by t^lhitm ImMm, were eoicKtised Tome Time by tbo 
■od lAMnAw, (or Otf»riut) hii Brother, preacliiog Ffiart in O Uh m ■ , and afterward 
Jtm loft, >nd conliftDvd by Witi»m the by 7«ta2V«vm, one of the SheriA of Umm 
Conqaerar, byhi>Ghirtet dittd'i«t)8.R^. Amj in tail own Honft. M length 7«iiv 
>. by which he exerapti them&on ritEe- Mwtm, Mercer, parchafed a toid PIm of- 
ekfiitical and Temporil Jorifdt&ioir, and Gronnd DearSc. ll/rM«'iSh«nbk« in F^ 

S'vet thcn» (be Privilege of Sanftnary to riwgdm Ward wirhkii and wiTh the Help ■ 
M bamlefi anil defend all 0uk Perfona of othn Beoefiaorit ereded then a Frh 
gvilty of Trealbnf, Felonlet, »ty tberc, noft at bb own Ghitge, and 
^ __j, Mtardert,(^. fliDnld flytftitber epproprivting theftma to theComnondty- 
fir ftfety. mmmm of mMMr, BIfltap of of £tarfM, becane him&lf a Lay-Aroiber M 
Mwli^, repaired thii Coltoge at a grcR tr. Qaeen Atog'*''*. Wifb to King Crfaamf 
Eapenca in i)^. Mdrnmi HtMtaMt, Ci- I. tnt a great Beneftdor to chit Priory 
tixw and Mbrcer of CMrfw, fbuilded * ■ndCbarchiU wcraa)fi>7*d»'ifrl>n<^fiarli 
Otanm SB it. KtagHiwjVIf. Rv. it. of a««A> and MtitaM^ and diwri Hayort, 
gm ma Collage or Churcfa ef at. mmim Aldeimeo, and otfwrl. In tba Chnrch at 
withAe Sinflaarjr, and all ict Ptrcbendf, tlrii Menifcrf wen barled' ftar42*een>, . 
AdrowfoD), Cioonries, and all otfler ift fbirtDatcbeS^a, fonrOou^teflet, not Duke,. 
Ctfra to tlw Mootftety of Cfi Pitrn Wtg. r«to Barli, eight Sirooi. idd thfrty><iff« 
■n|hr, to wUchChureb it wtt cOatlnaed Kai^n. At the SapptcBon ft war nhed 
aftei lb* D M uhn i eu of the MonaOeriea, tt %%l. 19 r. totLfer Jm. tfnd. and the -■ 
wbm it mm nnda a Kflwp't See, and af- Chnrch wii made Paroebial. 
•w wfan it'Wai wnrertfd'nice a eoIlegi>- ' tf. Shth^iwrr, fe ciHcd ftonfkeir H%" 
«> Gbareli, ai it now rtahini, and it bir, wblcfr wita bhck |ilaieedClsak wiAA • 
pw fa wd a dlftinft Ltb«r^ within the black- Hood j bat they had three oriter 
Gityof £MHbl^ to «feicb thr SkeriA Powe» Namei, vix. Dn^nitmu, frdm Sb DmiwtO^ 
ananA not; b>c aH PriMicAet cxecoted tbeir Pounder, PrrMMK.M«r/, given them 
tlien^ are dlreacd (O the ConflaUa flf by Pope imucmt III. from ihefr Office, and - 
the DHn and Chapter of mfimtw/hr. In id Awwr, ysethn j becatiTc tbeir firlV Con- 
tbeif Ltfctity of jr. Utrtim tt flrM^i Imnbn. rent wn In St. TMWf'iiSfrwr. They came 
Tkft Liberty brinf withont tbe JarilQidi. iqt* Uifiud aboot jtm riat. betiig twetri 
M of tbn Lord Mfjt&r or SheriA of Im- in Number, Ind had their firs' Houft In 
Jm, the InhabftantiliaTe a Conn of theit' »lf*«PM near tkc Ott TiMi^t ; bnt RifenK/a 
avn witbiti tbeir owb Ptccinds, ofwkicb' wri^, Ardtbifkopof CM(«7Awr, htrii^ab* - 
they havv aSiewerd'flr Jadge, with AcV tained two Lanea near a«;uratr^«j7A, and 
tDniia««(eadtogic,uidaPtifDt),towbich' the Towtr of M a rih fa*. canfid toe fim* 
fiiob ai ara tidnvified or trref^d, are com- cb hfi demolilhea) and witb the Stonci. 
nitted. Pcreignn* tB>7 dwell aiid nfc boilt them a new Cbnreb, to which tbev 
tbtit Tradet ncre. The Deanf of the removed oot of fiMb**. Elflg Bdm»rd 1. 
6aU^im9Mt«lcatIytfae^tr(iH9f tbele mi hit Qneea lfr«np/ were gMit Bene- 


ii<5 LONDON. 

■f»«o»»t!iwB«wtriatdPriory, hy whom Ittii Urge ind fpictom ffniUinz eon. 

it VM la oiDch enlMge3 <kic divers Pir- Hining fcvcnwen Wirdj,eKh of them b». 

Ibwenw, iBil other grett Meeiingi were Ting in them fiom tweUc ti iweiuy-three 

JiofJ«i» in it. This Priorjr enjoyed miny Bedi for diCcjIid People, Ind fach » ire 

■ l"gfl.,Pfi''>IcgM, needltfi here to- reei« ; cut of the Srone. It bu been litely re- 

btc-nfe they ife aboUflied with the diiTot- . piired ind bt»uttfied, with a fine FiontiC 

v<d Ptiory, all bat Frcedotn from ArrcAi f\ecc xowndi Smiit'fi.lJ, having the Ftgnre 

by the Lor<J i>4*yor or Sheriifi sf LwnJtn, of King Htirj VIH. in a Nicb, ind of cwo 

which is retained »f thii Day. It w« v«- Ciippiea on the Pcditnetit- 

1>frd.*t tktSttf^rffion K 10^1. ts IS d. . .19. ^vbiti-rri/n, or CttmiUw, hivine 

ftf ^nn. Sftfd. , ., ; their firft from their Habit, iDd the 

.. («. R B^./i»;»*r«wiPnoty, fiandiog on other -Irom Mount C«r»«/ in Syri*.. where 

-iha JEaft-Side-iOf 0»atJiM io SmtkjhU, they built their fitft Chapel. They caoie 

fouftdcdby one R«i*w, a pleafinc, witty .firft iniTO to^/maf about the Vear ijij md 

Xacatlcqiin, called then the KiwgU UinfiMl, had their firft Nt^aJn in 'xtmt 

Abtmiyimt 1101. for Canons oK Sc ^«(». Sir RwAWGrf;, Knt. Anceflor of the i:,ord 

Jlitu, of wfcom. he became the fiift Prior, Gr^y of Cidnar, foon after built theta > 

■*ndo goKMoed th«in twenty-two Yeart. Priory in ttnrfw on the South-Side of /■&««. 

.Kiag.Hnnf t. granted to R«i«r» and his finit, betwcenihe new timfU tnd SnUtt^f. 

.Ciiwns of (his Church, and to the Poor of Ci»t in F^imgdn Wiid without King- 

the faid Hofpital, many great Privileges Eiwwi I, gave the Ground, and ttiic»Br* 

and Immunicief, and among the reft a Fair mt^, Earl of Dtvn, new bnilt it in iieo. 

upop the Eve, Day, ind Morrow of St. Sir Rihri Ktulin, Anceftor to the E»rl of 

Kirthtlmr»'% FeflivaJ, and confirmed to EmOmy, was a great Builder in this Mone* 

thim ill the Land) uid Churches Dery, and liei buried in the Body of the 

ticin. by other Benefidors. Thif Priory .Chaich, as were alfa Rafn-/ AWrM^ Bilbop 

being lODCfa decayed by Time, wis in 1 of Hn^trd; SttftfiK PMhmpta, BiOiop rf 

Maofier new bailr, and the Offices and St,D^itt; many Nobles, KaigbtL and 

Lodgings repiiied by Prior fit&M, in 1410. Efqaires in Other Paiu.of it. Itwas vali^ 

It i^asfnrrendcred tolCingHnif|7 VIII. K(f. ed at the Supprcffion at jtf/. -t t. *d Mr 

]o. sn'd was then valaed at 6%\U 15 Jinmm. ' ■ f 

-*w.D««i. 7I7(, «'• ^d. Sfitd. and gi. ao. The Ttwfib,' called ia oar Writer* 

yen to RiiiMrd Lord Riib, in free Socage, the NrvTWap/f; becaafe before the boilik 

and to bia Heiri,. which Queen Slitaiitb ing of this Honfc in Ittrtfirttt, the Knisbts 

confirmed to them. Templers had an HouTe ia OJjtfiw built 

KuthMimt, Widow of WiiMm H^riti, , by ai Tome Author! iflVrt, by mUmnUu Dk^ 

the Grant of King Htmj lU. bnilt herfelf pal*, a British King ; but this Si» TtmtU 

a Reclufe or Anchorage near the Chapel of W«s founded by the Knighu TenpIertiB 

thii Pripry twenty Foot fqoare, where Oie the Reign of King Unaj 11. and dedicated 

fpent the reft of her Life in htimble De- to the Virgin by Jbr«cJfw Patriarch of Tfrw. 

Votion and Solitude. /a/rw, in 118;. ,It was «milimy Order 

The Hofpiial belonging to this Priory begun by Hug* it, Pstswir, and eight o-' 

was Tcfoonded by King Bwy VIII. who thers, who haWng mide.theif Vow to the 

£ve foo Mirki fir Jnm. for the Relief of Patriarch ofjtrnPilm, Baidmin Ti. gave tfiem 

:k and infirm Perfons, and by the iddiri. an Houfe near the Temple of Stltmm from 

Qnal Benefaaiont of many charitable Per- whence they took their Name of Tmtktt 

foni, it U now become an excellent Provi. or BMg,hi if tti Tiw^k. It was the Defiai^ 

Son for Gck, wounded, and difeafed Per- of their Iqftitutton to defend i be- Pilgrins 

Tons, which it receives from all parti of who came to viflt Chrift's Sepulchre «nd' 

Emlnd, furniflies with til Neceffaiies fb tjic Temple of 7«r«/y«M from the cro'el In- 

long , as they continue there under Cure, folts and Plunderings of Inlidda Tlicir 

and reftores many to their former Health Habit was ordered by the Cooncil of 7>wri 

spd Strength. We are ioformed that fame in Cbtmftufa to be white, and Pope Iv^^. 

Vcui jbove aooQ bire been focnred. m ordered a red CroA to be fee en their 
•» OiMk*. 




Gloib. Tfcey iiHtrilhed fo mnch itfirft, fin*. I b; bit Cbiner, give tbem tie Chtueh 

thac ibcy hia, in froceri of Time, 5000 of St. Htrgnti'i, SMtbwark, which King 

Boufef or Conrcntt, richlj' endowed, but Siifhm confirmed, and gave them Wiiiam 

by their Piorperinr grovhig tnfolent, tbey ttia A h j^tb't Honfi by Dtwftt. Di- 

lefiiftd to fabmit to the Pitriarcb of 7(nk vert of tbe Fimitiei of the Eirlt of Wtrrm- 

ftltm, plondered the ChriRiini ii well it tnd MtmhMj/t were Bencfiftottto thb Pri* 

toSAth, aod benayed FttitrUk II. into the ory, ind Ciit(j, Conntefs of Htriftrd, avto 

HmhIs of the SonMiD of £17^1 which, them her \4tnA9 it KUtimki. All which 

wirfi other Crime*, being proved igiinft Ktag "}*!>» ind Ritbiri, BiQiopof mwMfr- 

them before Commifioften ippointed bjr corfirmcd. It wif valued it the Sopprtflion 

Bope Cbmat V. end King Pbilii the Fiir, >t £14 /. 5 1 . 6 d. fir am. DuiJsh. 
their wboh Order wii aboli&cd by the 11. 3f. lUmsi'i Hofpittl, fiin founded by 

Coaacil of ^MM) ..Aw ijii. The Great kithtrd, Prior of Biftnnulfij, in the S«£r«r'i 

Matter, Jtwut Mm wasbmnt it Ptfh, and GrwaW, iipinfl the Will of tbe Monillery, 

ffivera others of them were ciecated in inis-i). He mmed it an Almeiyi or Alxns* 

fithcr Place*; bnt all denied the Crimes houfe, for Convrni md poor Children {. 

laid to their Charge; and JU*/*( with hii bwPiUrdtRafihi,Bilkopofmwtii/ltr,Mmi 

lift Breath cited the Pope to appear before laifi converted it into a Priory for Canons 

God'f Tribana) within 4P Days, to tofwer Regular, and fo iocreaAd the Rent*, tbac ' 

ibr thtt Action ) which aecordingly htp- they amounted to 144 / jfir am. yet rohold 

peoed. Thit Order berenpoo wi* dif- of the Abbot of S(m«n^/, at it continued' . 

annulled in IvJlW; and tbe Knights of to the Year 1418; at which Time the Ma- 

thia Hoofe being cimd em ned to perpetual fler of the Hofpiial made an Agreement - 

penance, were fent into Monajleries, where with the Abbot for all hit Lands to be in- 

tbcy behaved themfelvei modeHIy. This dependent at a certain Rervt. Thi*Horpi»' 

Uoolc, with all the Land* belonging to it tal wat furrendercd to King Nimy.Vllh'' 

fai the City end Snborbf, wis given to ji»- Rtpt. jo. when the Vifitors found the Va< 

mir dt FtioKf, Etfi a( Pmirtki, by Eimmrd IsetobeiSA/ 1 7 r . 6 i f rr •»«**, 
II. with Remainder to the King and hit King idwtrdVl. give tbii deciyM Hof' 

Hcirtj by which Entail it came again to pttal to the Mayor, Afdetmen, and Com>-- 

Ktng Edwsrd III. who gave it to the monalt^ of the City of Lm^Mi whobegan 

Knights Hofpitallen of Jr. yai* Ai^ff|f of to repair it in 7i<{)r, 1551, for poor, impo- 

Jtr^Um, as the faid Coancil had ordered, tent, lime, and difeafcd People; and it 

Theft Knight! foon after granted the faid wu fitted Dp with fuch Eipedition, that in 

Hoofe to tbe Studenti of the Common Kmrnitr following the Sick and Poor wert 

Law, whobtve held it ever (1 nee, ai we admitted. It it mofl of it new bnilCj and - 

kin ftewn above. contains three quidringabrConitt in one, 

31. St, Uny OvtTftt, It Inn an Houfe of which has three Wards, tn'». Ljdimt, held- 

ffBcrs, founded by a Maiden, named Ms- ing t] Beds, Sifun*iW»rd 17, i^w Warrf, 

9ft who left them for their Maintenance a}; another, which has H'^ufciand Apart- 

dle Pfofits of the Ferry over 'he 7tnui mentt for the Minillert, Treafur'tri, Stew. 

Wfoie tbe Bridge was built. This Houfe ard. Cook, and Butkr ; the third a great 

Sat Women wai iftcrwardi convened into Square, in rlie Middle of which ftlndtthe - 

«.CbIJege of Priefti by a noble Lady, na- Figure of Sir Rtitrr Qhpm, who was tho 

med SmitUa. They built a Wooden Bridge InUrumcnt of repairing the Buildingi- la 

•rer the TiMwtu, md kept it in Repair, tbit Courtars eight Wardt for thclnfirni, 

rin a BenefiQor was found, who built an- 1. ;/i>0r's Ward. a. Jtuft. \. "Jib's. ^.7»- 

other of Stone. In 1 1 e^ this Church was iiai't. $ KtMh's. 6.Jmai's. j. King's. And 

turned inro s Monillery ofCinnnt Regnltr S. AhrMlttni, having in them ill about 180 

hyWiH^mPMtAhATtbmiWiBitmDntnn^ Beda. Nearthis, in a little Courr, are th& 

tlmmM» Knigbts I but they were hardly Salivating Wardr, LMt.trvi'% tai SaftuuM't, 

bttUi, when MrJ/4M Giftrd, fiilhop of hiving in them 33 Brdt. tmi Culling Waid, 

RffiHMfr, bfODgbtioSccuIuCinoati King (whcie ii the Room for Cutting of tha 

£«■ Stone; 


ii8 LONDON. 

Stone) with feven Bfdt. Tho Governori ^n, bnc ooc knAwO wbb, ' &r Nmit, of 

of (hii Hofpiiil lie the LoidMiyor, Aldcf' ilie Order of Si, BimdiB. It cocIe i» 

men, »nd »so others, Nihn from i Well of fweet Witer, witb> 

aj. Birt<u*iftj, > Montftery of CUniuki, in the Compifs Bf it, which being in Re- 

dcdiuted to St. Stvisur, foonded by Alwin pute imong the comtnoo People fot in 

CJ'i/'/, Citizen of tiniM, in loSi.Miny were Virue, wit Cilled HAwtO. Tbcfe Nans 

the Bcnefiftofs to thti Houfe ; King Hnrj wete endowed with Luidt given them by 

I. »nnt 1117, give to the Monki here Che divert Benefi&ort, wbicb King Riibsrdl. 

Minors of BtriMndftj, Kub.rith, ind Diil- confirmed to them. Sttfbtn dt Gr»vifml, Bi> 

with, ihe Hide oi St^tbwtrk, ind other Qto^ai Lcnden, in Iji8, Wit • greit Bso^ 

L'nd], ind ff^i'ir/niw M<>Bi»r give them 1 fidor to chit Honfe, wbicb, being much 

Msiety of ill Grtm»ifb, King Hm II. in deciyed, wii almoQ teboilt in the Reigm 

1 1 jp, confirmed to them the Donation of of King Hnrj VII. ind Villi by Sir Thmm 

divcri Cburchet, k C»mitT»iB tad otberf. Livd, who endowed it with fiir Liadf, 

King Htiry ni. naa iitiS. granted to ihcfe ind iiet buried in 1 Cbipel built by faim 

Monks « Market every Miw^«/, at their Mi- for chit Purpore. In the Gl>£( Windowi 

nor ofCh»rltiB in Ktni, ind > Fair on TVini- of thii Houfe were curiouQy piinted, ind 

ly Sandtj yeirly. The Manor of Btrmtndfij not long Race legible, faith Mr. H^t/tvtr, 
Wit Ancient Demefne of the Crown, ind aH jt Niat tf H^WvtW, 
ill the Lands ind Tenements belonging to Prtj ftr ihi Snl t/ SirThorou Lovcl. 

it were imp'eidable in this Court only. This Houfe was furreadcred to King Mrw^ 

■rid not It the Common Law C»miiftnB, Rt- in i;}9) 3' ifr" VIII ind then vilued ic 

tl:iriih,xhcH\AtDiSwihw»Tk,0*laieh,K'ji. 39] A 10/. ind j 1^ fir mm, Wimvir. 791 1. 

^*M ind Rr;it«n>, with chiirAppurtcnincci, Sitw. 347/. it ^ d. Sfiid, And the Site 

■ te to this Mannr. The P:ioi- of Charitf in wii given Rtg. 36. to Hmy Iftii. 
'trtnti hiving appointed the firft Prior of s6 St Jchn if JmtfmUm it Clirk'i-IFa, 

this Houfe, this Priory becime 1 Cell to (Fm Cliriaram) now CUrkiHwtt, 1 Na» 

(hat, and fo was accoiinced I Priory Alien, nery, founded by Jwrdsnm Bnfit, Biioo, 

Bat in ijSo, 4 RiV. :. this Priory was made and Mitriil, hit W^ife. It wis dedicit«d to 

Denizen for lob Mai Its paid to the King, God, St. M"y, and ill theSiinn, uid given 

ind <fnWf«rra;ib became the firft Abbot of to R>itri, his Chaplain, in Alms, with t^ 

it. This Houfe, when it was furrendered Acres of Land, difchitged from ill Cliinu 

to King Htmrj VIII. in i;;9, wis vilurd ic of the HofpttiUers of St.Jtba gf ftn/iiiw, 

474 t T4 I. ^d, i fir nnMm, Stiw. Dagd. that he might build ■ religtons Houfe, u 

24. Crulib i frivf, 01 Crifid FrUrt, ia h; fiw lit, for God's Service, which hiving 

JjitiH, fraira S'TiBsOMcii, fo called, be. done, he pliced Kunt in it. UttiU» d§ tttt, 

ciufeit their firft Inflitution they ufually RUhardmA Gtrsrd di C»w»li, Umuf ii tfim, 

carried 1 Crofs in their Hindi, which wis md others were Benefi&on to it, ind R.i- 

ifter made of Scirlet Cloath, and fiied up- r^'pi,BiQiop afLtndtn, confirm'd their Gift^ 

«n their Hibit, which wis blue, on the mrat 1194, is did ilfo the Heiri General of 

Breift, iccording to Pope rfHrtl.'s Appoint- the Founder, who give them other Lindf, 

mcnt in the Council of Mmth. This Or- lying round their Nnnnciyf which Kit^ 

der litll came into EngUmd \a 1*44, and Utnrj II. confirmed. Il wis Vilucd U' the 

hid their firft Cloifler at CiUbifltr in K^k : SupprefTion it afii /, t? 1. fir am. 
Out their greateft Monaflcry wis in this 37. The Hofpitil of S'. Gt'frr >'« rA« fifUf, 

City, in tJart-fimt, near Tiwir bii. It fur. without the Bin of the Old Temple, tM> 

rendered H»v. iX. }o Htnr. VIII. ind wit d*», founded by Udmd, Queen to King Htw 

then Valned it fif. i] t. 4/ fir «m. end ryl- for Lepers, and endowed with 3 

the Site wis given ro Sir Tbtmai Wfst, two «»»■». Ic wis ■ Cell to SwtM-£.«uri of ?«■ 

Yeiri after. The Statutes by which this rufjUm in LtitifiirPun At this Holititil 

Frtternicy wit governed, ire ftill cxtinc. . the Prifoners, going to their Gwcntion, 

35. St. Jibn Bsftifi of H*h»tB, fliuate were prefented witfa 1 greit Bowl of Ale, 

iKir to the Liberty of Kintii Filgati, in Bi- to drink of it is they pTcifed, for their lift 

fi*ffi*** If"**t founded by a Bilbop of Lan* Rcfrelhment in chit Lire. 

4 Itl 


LONDON. 119 

The MARTYRS of this City. 

MANY of the Mircyrs, who were weit not cinnfubftintiared tnu tha vetf 
lababitinti of other CoaoHei, being Body of Chrift, fo thit the Nitnre of Bteid 
_tic np to Ltmdn, to be tried ind exi- ceifeih ? To thit Qaellion, often arged» 
miiK^ bjr Arcbbifliop ^mir/, Bilbop Otfr- he RnfireTCd » length, Tfait ifter Confe- 
rfiwr, Btmur, ind others, *o<l executed in cratioii remtined very Sreid, ind the feoW 
SautkfitU, Imdm, we Qiould not only be Brcid which wii before the Wordt pro- 
obliged to repcK much of whit we hive nonaced. Thit Anfwer dif^eafed the Arch- 
lehted in other Connties, but be too eo- biffliop, who idvifed him to fobmit tO' tb» 
pioo* io ihii, if we Ibould fpeik here of Judgment of the Church, lod receive Ca> 
•Ilrhe Martyri who foAcred in ihii City; tholick iDformiiian j but be refnline to re> 
§ai therefore we lh*l] confine our felves vtrfce hii Opinion, Sentence w« pilled n{K 
to give ap Acctuit)! here of fuch Maityri on him jndiciilly, is Ruilty of the Criow 
only, M ^erc Inhibicinis 11 welJiiditd in of Herefy, ind in Heretick ConviQ | 
thit City, unltfi wc cm ^d na otbtr Plicc whereupon being degnded from hirPrieft- 
10 mention them in, ind chit ii briefly ii hood, be wiibornt in5iaf(A>I(U,ftl.i8.i4*o. 
we can, tiking them in Order of Time. Tbti wu the firft- Mirtyr thiC fofiered for 
mai»m S»i,tr4, 01 Civtrit, PinOi Prieft of mitlif'sDoiinnes, 1 little kfter the A& iir 
the Church of St. 0(7(£r, or Sr/riwf, thsVir- lUrtiUi ctimturMA vik m»ie, but before it 

{ID, in LtmJtu, u'li iccof^d before Aich- wit in I-orce Renerally ^ for Mr. F*k feemf ' 

tikof ^midiU, of holding ititle Conchi> to iotimite,. thit 1 Ipcciil Decree of King 

fions. ws. Tbit he would not worfliip the lod P«rliiment wii procured by the Im- 

Croff on which Cbrift fufFcred, but Chrilt portunity of the Oergy for his Execution. 
tbit fuffered on it. 3. That 1 Min, who 7(6m Aii^, inArtificer tn S/<>ri-A'i«rr,LM»t' 

hid mide « Vow ro vifit the Shrioet of St. /(■, wit nincyriri after this iccufe J •fHere- 

fttiT tod Sc PMni, 01 the Tomb of Ittmsi Ar, ind being eximio'd fay A^rchbithspvAwiAf 

Buitt, &t. wit not bound .to keey hitVow, iboot hit Opinion in the Sicrament, whicb 

but might diAribote the Eipences nf hit vna fild to be, thK f he Breid, iftM Con- 

Vow to the Poor. 3. That 1 Pried or fecration ii nor the true Body of Chrifh- 

Deicen it more bound to preich the Word he anfweTed.Thit ic wit impoffible thiraof 

of God than (iy the Cinooici] Houii. 4. Prieft could make the Body of Chrift a& 

That after Conlccrition, the Bread in the he believed, and could never do otberwifr- 

Sacrament remiins of the fame Nature it while he lived. Miny Argumcnti vero 

WII before, ind did not ceife to be Broad, ufed by the Atchbilhop 10 peifwide him ' 

Appearing before the- fiid Archbilhop, he. to recant thii Opinion : but he refufed; 

wat cliicfly examined about the SKrimenc and argued igiinfl ir, That there wii ttnr 

of the Altar, Whether, after Coofecrition, One God in Trinity, but if every confe- 

th^re remiined very miteriil Bread or not? crited Holt were the Lord's Body, there 

To n'hicbQoenion he irtrwered Ibmcthing were twenty thoufand Gods in B^gimti^ 

waveringly awhile, and faid, Thar it ceifcd Whereupon the Aichbilhop befought bini> 

to be Bread limply, yet remained Bread ho- in the Boweli of Jrfm Chrifl, to forfake hir 

1y and true; for it wit Bread of Lire, and Opinion!, and cleave to the Do£hine of- 

ihe very Body of Chtid. Out thii Anfwer the Church: But he not fubmitting, vrtr 

notfititfying the Aichblfhop, hewatpref- pronounced an open and publick Her eric k; 

hi by him to anlvrr, Wheibti the Bread and being foon after delivered to the S«- 
E e 3 colar, 


210 1.DND0.N. 

culiT Power, wii burnt in > Pipe or Tun were ihe Scribes inJ Pbtrlfeet tbit erttcify^ 

in Smithfiild (■ Ceremony of Ciaelty pecu- OiriQ ; tnd cb*t they ire Preicbers but ao 

liar (o him only.J Tbe Sttiate, called Tbe •OMnoftfaeLtw. j.Thitbebtd infaifPo& 

Stiruie Ex Ogiiit, ordering and ippointing fellion divert Booki prohibited by the LiWi 

the BiHiop of the Diocefe, or hisCommil- ii the Gofpeh. Epiftlei, and Revelacioni tn 

Tiry, to *rrc{t or detain in.Prifgnfcfroai tagUfb,WUhtifft'tAmaeA'Wotks, ^c. WhlC 

furp-ftE^d of Herefy, till they Yec^m Or Anfwer Hfw* give co thefe Arciclei we 

renounce their Opinions; and in Cafe they find not ; but after he was remanded to 

refufe, to call in the Afliftance of the Piiron, he had not been there above.tWQ 

Sheriffv, to execute the Sentence proDoon- Nights but he wis found hanged in bis 

ccd upon them by the Ordinary or Com- Chamber by the Sumner's Boy, who urually 

milTaiy, WIS made iboot thii Time. carried him Meat; the Boy, and (bme o> 

Rithtrd Ibiiidtn. Wooltrinder and Citi- thersthat vrcre with him, Teemed furprize4 

xcn of Undt; a FoIIanrer ofWiAlifft, wu it thit Accident, and went prefently to ic< 

qu«ftioned forbis Opiniont, andbetngby quaint Dr.Btrfiy, the Bifiiop'i Chancellor, 

noPerfwafidnl to be won from them, he was with it, who prcfentiy getting his Officer! 

by rhe Rulers of the Church condemned andServantsabont bim, went tothePrifon 

for Herefy, ind burned hard by the Tower to fee whit was done, ittd fbribwith fpread 

of taaolrf, oinra 14^0 it abroad among tbe People, That Rir£«rtf 

. Ja^n Bm^btM, Widow, ind Mother of TTim* hid defperitely hinged Mmfelf : The 

the Lady^Ttanf; (he was above eighty Citcxens of LmJn knowing the Honeltr 

Years of Age, and held eight of the ten and Goodnefi of the Mw, vehemently Cat 

Opinions of IFieilrff*, whom fhe accounted pefied fome foul Deitings, and iberenpDn 

a Saint, fo pioufly, that all tbe Doftors of caufed the Coroner to fanmon a Jury, 

LmJu conld not turn her from them, or feircb the Body, and eiimine ftrtffiy into 

■oy one of them : Some of her Friends the Matter, which they Kcordingly did, 

and Neighboors ufed to tell her, that Ihe and found, by good and fuRicient Evi- 

"Would be burnt far her OblKntcy and falle dence, that Or. Hai/f^, the Chancellor, 

Belief i but (he valued not facb menacing Cbsrltt Jififb, the Sumner, and 7«hi jf^«U. 

Words, but Uefy'd them ; faying, That (he lag, the BcHringer, bad privily tnd miliei- 

was fo beloved of God ind bit holy An* oufly committed tbit Murder, ind indifled 

tels, that (be was not ifraid of the Fire, them as malicious Morderen, ind they were 

be WIS tfcertvard burnt in SmllifieU, Affli tried as (ticb { but by Cardinal HVfij^ In. 

38 1494, and in the midft of the Fire teretl with the King were ptrdoned ; yet 

cry*d out CO God to take her Soul into bts thus fir Kquitting thnrnt Of hit Self^Mnr- 

Handi. The Night after (he wis burnt der, that hitGoods fto the Vllueof tjoo A) 

moft of her Alhes were tiken awiy by the were leflored to hia Children, 
'l^veri of the Ooftrioe (he fufFered for. Thmtt Bilwy, who for ■ Sermon, whicb 

Ritbsrd Itomr) Merchtnt-Tiylor of Lm- be preached at St, Hi^nu's Chnreb in Whit- 

dm. md Freeman of the fame, who hiving /•■ Week, inijo7,wis chirged with theft 

had I Controverfy with the Pirfbn of ». ind the Kke Articles i. Thit Cbrifliitn 

Mtji M'tjCfas fnow ft^iu Ch^l) about the ought to worlhip God only, lod no Saints. 

3earing Sheet which covered bii Child at a- Sec up no Lights 4Mfore their ImigOl. 

its Burial, ind was clitmrd by the fiid Nor, 3. Mike any Pilgrimages to them. 4. 

Parfon for a Mortuary, boc denied by Mmmm, That Kings and Princes fhould deAroy the 

was in Revenge iccufcd of Herefy, and be- Images of Saints, is Hntkitf did the Sraiea 

ing ippreheoded and irrrpnfoned in the L^. Serpent, j. That there hid been no good 

lardtTtiHr, he]onging to St. Pmtrit wai it Pope thii foo Years. And, 6. Thit the 

length examined by Dr. Fiit-J^mti, Bifliop Preichers before tbit Time have been Anti- 

of LfKiiK, upon thefe Articles, i. Thit he chrifli, Thefe Articles were given to Mr. 

tiaght, that Tithes were not ordained to BHwif, that be might mike Anfwcr to them, 

in due by God's Law. 3. Tbit he obftr* is he accordingly did j but not at all (ati& 

mtely deftoded, Tbit Bilhapi and Piiefti fiCtofY'to the Bilbt^, hit Judges, wbobe- 



lLt> ND ON. izi 

tag tffeaAUi in At Chiptet-baufi: at tPifi- Trutb. /S. Thit Aim 4c{(rv< no Rswtri 

^imfitr, ■dvifed him [o ibjore md [ccanc of God*,:' To which be Taij. |c it true. f% 

bii Opiiiioai ; but he lofwered, tU% Jufii. Thit the SeQj of Monki, Fr^mtifiMm, Dtm 

***, (7<. Lk Jodice indjodgincnc bedone minitmu, &*■ ire d»i]nxble> To tbii h« 

>n the Nimc of the Lord. And, H^ tfi replied, St. P«K/fpe«kiagtinft tbeta. Thtfa 

4/(f, )3t. This ii the Diy thtt the Loid Aofwert the Bi;Oiop reputed co be lUnff, 

bath HUdC) let at rejoice and be glad in in and prayed hjfn (o refoim, and fbiAke hil 

rbe Bifhop of Uaiwn, after Deliberation Brrois). wUch be wie ic length pmrailtd 

bad with hit Brethten, tore op, and pa6> with to reCfnC t but biing encouraged by 

ting off bis Cap, (aid, /nnNiHt, i.e. In the the Conflancji of Ritkiri BsyfiU, who 

Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. about this Tme wai buntc in SnithfiiU^ 

jtfvfK Bxtrgt DM!, Let God itife, and be returned lo his foriiier ProfeQion ; and 

In his Eaemiei be fcittered } and then pro- having new ArficJctobitQad lo him, vit. 

ncranccd Sentence, That Mr. StAprj' is coa- ThiE bii fofjfier Abjuration vit forced. 

via of Herefy ; bat deferring his Condem- s. That he. raad fba Soobl called, 7W 0<<« 

satioa awhile, be was peiforaded by Mr. ditut* tf m ctrifiiMU Mtm, tnd Withd Utm. 

tsmtr and Mr. Dmc»fi*T, hh Friendi, to aata, fince his Abjoratioa. 3. That Cbiill 

recaor, wbiob be accordingly did; bat iia fulScient Mediator, tod ronePrayar* 

wai roon after feized with fuch Trouble of are to he made to S)intf< f. Tbtt there it 

Confiriencc fiirit, thit he wai near ths noPurgatoryafcer this Life, fbrChrift iis 

Point ofDefpair, and continued in fucb. (iifficUAt Purgation to us, ' f. Thic b* 

deep Sorrow for near two Ve'aca, when he^ helicTed that the Bread and Wina in ths 

took ap a Refolution to preach iip the Do-^ Sacrament, after Confccralion, arc not tb« 

Qrtoe he bad renoonced, which having fame Body in Fftfli and Blood, which wa« 

done in fevcral Places, he came at length bom of the Virgin tUty. For thefe Aiti- 

to Laaiaai, where he was apprehended, de- cles be was condemned for an Haretick. 

graded, condemned, and burnt in a Valley and burnt in Smitl^U. Dfttmiir aa,. 1 jiy^ 

vitboat ^fi^fgstt, called, The UB»dhPtt, being the Bveo of St.' 7UmM'4 Day, 
Awift3. ' Jamtt Sa/aA^w, Gent, and Stud cnc of 

7«fai Tiwhbtrtj, Lcatherftller of luuUn : of the Mi'iaJt TimfU, who married Mr. Ai/hr'l 

He was converted by Reading Tiad^t To- Widow. He was a virtuous Mm, and oft 

ftaiuent, and a Boob called, (f7rlri Afanrwas : godlyConverfation.much addified toPrayer, 

Oat of which Bilbop Ctihim Tm^tS, having ■ great Reader pf the Scriptures, and Main- 

{^leSed fcKcral AiTartioni, examined 7V*i/> tamer of thf godly, vifiting Pri&nera, ud 

brry about them, vix. Whether F'icb only giving CenoKl to the Poor without Mosef 

jaftifieth a Mao? To which be anfweied, or Reward. He became flrft ftrpeded by 

That if be fhoatd fEck to be jufiified by his Mirriagr, and was at length iccuftd to 

Woiks, he &oald do wickedly i for Works Sir litmn Mm, the Chincellor, (vba 

follow Faith, aod Chrift redeemed us all ciufed him to be apprehended, and kept 

^itb the Meiiti of bis PiOioo. a- That bim a while a free. Prifoner in his own 

the Law of God fuffcretb 00 Merits. To Houf:, hoping to prcfail witb him to 

which be infwered. That'* plain cnoogb. change hii Optoionst but wbea be law 

|. That tbe Law oif God reqnircs Thit;gs that would not do, be rcafl him into hit 

impoJ^ble of Q<. To this be aorwered, Prifoo, whipped him at the Tree of Trati, 

That tbe Law of God commands OS to love fat it wts called) and (ent him to tbo 

God witli all our Hearts, and our Neigh- Tower to be racked, which wai done till 

kinr Jt our felvei, which no Man could he was almofi lamed 1 after which he wsi 1 

ever do. 4. That there ii no Law but to examined upon eertun Interegatoriet, bj 

him that believech, and it juf^ilied by Jthn Siti^ty, Bilbop of /.aaia*, ibout Por. 

fiicfa. To which be infwered. He found gatory, Priysr to Saints departed, ConfcA 

noDliriit. {. That good Workt moA be fion of Sioi xo a Prieft, ihe Sicraments of 

done witbouc any RefpeS to Profit to be UoOiofi ^ad Marriage, &t To which Iw. 

ild by thera. To wbich h6 (ni, It if lep'j'd, That the Blood of Cbiift purgeth ' 


zzi L O N D N. 

*rom«llSini Th«7(/« is our only Advo- Chorch of SMtw4*.»f .^m/, npwolled 
Can witS thefither, That we mi^ confcfi Uirtin-Cbiifil ; and >i be Wis croQing rbe 
our Sins one to ino[her, ind chit ai many' Street in ■ miftyMorning, tbouC Five of 
■1 repent and are biptized Dii)) be faved, the Clock, v)i fhoc dead : Seveia] Labour- 
and that Mitfimony is a lawful Order of ers, ftinding at the End of Siftr^Lttt, hear J 
Cfarift's Church, nhereby Men take to the Noife of the Gun, but fiw not the 
themftivei Women and fin not. Thefc Pe'fon thu (hot it. For fomt T^me the 
Anfvera fhcwed his Opinion to be contrary Murderer lay hid ; but a[ lengbth. Dr. lm~ 
CO che common Doftrinei of the Ohurcfa, ttnt, pean of St. Ptul'i, being upon his 
ivhich the Bifhopdlflilcing, faitunbnedfalrn Opithbed, confcfTcd, that he had hired an 
■gain before him, and ailccd him, Whether lt»li»n for 60 Crowns to do the Feat, tt^ 
he would perfift in hii former AfTerriom, penting himfclf grejtiy for if. The Oofe 
er reinrn to the Catholick Church ? telling of rhii Hatred to him wai, chit being one 
bim, now wai the Tims to five himfclf or of the BargelTct for the City in Pirli«meor, 
caft himftK aM»y-,- which laft Wonrdj'fo be had fpokerf there fliarpJy of the Cove- 
frighted him, thathsfaid he woold fiibtnic toufncfs and Cruelty of t^e CIei^, who 
fairofelf,; and fohaWng abjured his former' therefore bore hmi ■ (^ciidEe, which Dr. 
Opinion!, and done Pentnce, he wii Ve- Inetui paid him by thus kitling him. 
leafed fromFiifoni but he hid (carcecvn- Mr. CtSini, a Scudeut of the Law in thi« 
tkineii a Moiich, but he much bewailed hli City, who hiving a beautiful, but tinchift 
FaS of Abjurtcion, and could ntver be Wife, which left him to Jive with bet Pi- 

?aiet in hit Confcience till he hid asked rimour, took it fo hearily tbit he nn 

lod and the Congregation Pardon, and mid. In tbis Condition he ome into a' 

Eublickljr declared his Sorrow,' thai be Chntch, where ■ Prieft was faying Maf<, 

■d denied God, in St. jtufl.n^t Church, and according to Cuftom lifted up the Hoft 

•od defired the Congregarion'i Prayers for above his Head ; C»Bint feeing thit, takes 

bim. After this he was foon apprehended, up bis Dog, »nA lifts him up above hii 

and hiving fomeTime been cruelly htndled Heid.'in foriiatron ofhiin, which foin*' 

in Prifon, Iw wn burnt in SmtiftU ; and ger'd the Priefl, that he had him nied ind 

Mr. Am relate! of him, that when half his eiimined for this Mifdemeinor, which wit ' 

Anns and Lcgf were confnmed, he declared adjudged fo gtoft, that he wis condemned 

~ tbil he felt no more Pain in the Fire than to the Fire, and burnt in Smiibjltld with bis 

tfhe were in ■ Bed of Down. PoEi -AatijjS. 

7tis ^'ri, ■ learned and excel tent young 2tht Ptrtir, a lufiy youngMm, and dili. 

Mm, «ne of thole who were fele&ed to gent in reiding the Bible, after it was fct up 

fill Cardinal ;nijit*t New Cdllege it Onfard, '■ in St.'i'M' 1, was impiifoned for expounding 

Imt being fauna by fome Writings and it, by Bifhop Bumir, and died with, cruel 

Confereflcei of hii, that he did not believe Ufige ; ax was alfa tbtmai Sumrntri, 1 Mer< 

Chrift'i Bodily Prefence in the Sacrimenr, chan', in the Tower, for bavins LMhtr't 

nor • Pnrgttory I beciufe Man conlllts but ffooks iirhisPofTcirioniWherehe iTfo died, 
of two Parts, a Soul and Body, the former ^hmtt T»mkiiii, a Weiver in shftdilth, 

of which if purged by the Word of God, being accufed of Herefy ro Snmir, and by 
thro' the Merit of Chrift, and the litter by ' him fcized and imprifoned, where he wai 

Afflidton*; and nnteft Man hit t third very cruelly ufed, was brongfat to Exami* 

Part, he needs no Purgatory. The Bilhapi, nation before the fiid Bifhop, who proda* 

before whom he appeared and was eximi- red a Note under bis Hand, rubfcribed 

ned about thefe Opinion*, idvifed him to with his Nime, to this EfieiS ; That in 

mtiit them; bat he reifnling, the Sen- the Stcriment of the Altir, under' the 

tence of Condemnation was palled on him, Forms of Bread and Wine, there is not the 

and be was burnt in Sw'rV'U, 7*^4. if}3. very Body and Blood of 7(/iir CM/? In Sut>- 

fiUtrt PtikitgtiH, ■ Mercer iaChiSffiit, ftance, but only a RemEmbnnce thereof, 

■ Man of Subftance, and very devout ; for hit very Body and Stood being in Heaven ; 

Ik o&d every Day to go to Fraycri at the and »kcd him, Whetbet be acknowledjted 




rbtrSaMcrl^tieotobehb!' n^Arrtnni'd-h, Hie'TiSif y»ba mm 4i6 own ia4 confeW 

■r.d the Biftiop petr»*d«^ bita to relihquifh Beirig brougtit beFore the Biffaep hi wis ■()• 

thofe Opinions ; btit TtKtini refoRng to re. vlfetf by him to recinC hit Opinioni ; but: 

Toke them, he wti condemned for Herefy, he mfwered, Thit he never would depirt 

■nd executed in SmiitJUId, Mdrtb iS. ijfj. from them, un!efi he verefairy convinced 

Wiham Bmrntrr, in Apprenttcs with I by the Holy ScTiptnre. The Bilbop feeing 

Silk-Wearer in Cfiimn Jiritt, who being chiC neither 'Promife) nor Ttireicningt 

ordtrrd to. rtceive the CoRimnhion it would previil wirh him, p>flVd hiiSentence 

Sirffrr by the Pirifli Prienj ind refniing fa of-<jondentrtitiot), md being delivend tv 

to do. wit delired by hii Miller to letve the Sheiifi, hewn barot with 7*>)i Car/. 

him, lefl he Ihoeld come into Trouble for mdktr, Mty ja. if^r 

him, for he wii vrry much threiten'd to There were mmy other CirlCeni, mi) 

be broogbi before the BiQiop ; whereupon Inhibitinti of Ltnim, who fuflered for th? 

WiEitm retired to bit Pirentt it twntmtti Truth of the Gofpel \ but b«tng miift of 

h) tftti, where being found reiding thcBi- them condemned for their Opinion, con-' 

Ue ip tugUJh in BurniwttJ Chipel, bj (he Ttry tothe reil Prefencetn theSicnmenr, 

Vicit of irnU, they fell into Difcourfe itmty be fufficient for oorPorpoO britfly 

ibour the dtb Cbtpter of Jthn; wherein' to name them only, thit they a*j weac 

the Vicif faid be might fee, thit to the Su the Honour of tbetr Conftincy. 

criment of the Altir itChriU't ntrurfl Bo- Jtb« Is^, in Appreottce to i TiDow* 

dyind Blood; to which (fri^M replied,' Chindler In the Ptrilh of CkriffCtMnk. 

tttit be noderftood tt is the Ctrntl CMper. LmuUn, t youth about ip Vein old; he fuf- 

Mf'm did, who thought Thrift wonM hire fered'with Mr. Brsiftri, of whom we 

piven them bis Flcfh to feed upon ; which Ottll fpeik in fhifiiir*, the Pliee of bit Ni- 

Opinion our Siviour cotreSed, fiying, Tbt livity, beciafe we find not ht> fettled 

Wmdi which IfpiMkmttjut art Sfhit ni Abode. 

Uft. At which Words the Vicir in' 7«im IVrtrf/l«, 6f thePitilk of St. W«^. 

fwcicd, thit be found he wit in Hcretick; ^«rir- iMbittrj, who being KCufed of de- 

■nd fortfitnth inFormcd one Mr. JSnwff, i oy\nt to receive the Sicriment while ho 

Juflice of the Pcice, of him, who Tent liy "ck, wit buried in UrrfitUt iftcr bii 

faim to Bifhop Simrr, by whom, ifter fe- Deith. 

reril Eximtottions - ind Conferencet, he WiUi»m IfVfimsm, Cloathworker of £m. 

WIS condemned for Hcrcfy, ind burnt at ^, who died in the LtUartU^nrntr , Di. 

the End of tb»ToWfl oTfiMMw**^, in-thfl conliri). L;$f. He wu dwogbc tabs 

PUcc where the Buti flood, M«r(A itf, if 55. murdered, ind the Coroner's Inqncfl file 

7*ia IKwv, Upbolflerer, of the PiriQi of on htm ;' but no Stgai of it ippeared ; tai 

WsUrttk, who faidtheie Articlet uhjeOcd tberefort hit Oeith wii genet illy imputed 

CO him, VI&. Thit he did believe Qedfiftly to Fimine ind hird Ufige. 

tbat in the Sicnment 6f the Akir there is tbtmrnt Ann of SC' Bridtt Pirifh in 

not the irnenatoril Body ofoorStviour in Flmfirttt, who being ac A^^'w, was re> 

SobftiQce, but thit the Subflince oF the 'quiredtob: prefcnt it Miff : hatrefoling. 

Bread and Wine remitneth ifiei Confecri' wis fummoned before the Bifhop, co heir 

tion ; ThatiftheCitholickCbiirch believe* the definitive Sentence, wJiich u he wie 

thatin the Mifi there is iSicrifice, rhitPaith ibout to do, he fiid to Bnam, thil he and 

is naught, and igiiofl the Truth of Scripture; .^ii Fellowi reported, thit he fought thelt 

Tliit oaviog a greitShag Spaniel he fliived Blood ; to which 9nwn replied, Thit he il 

hb Held, and hashed it him, - » like ■ indeed 1 Blood fucker, and wi(hed that he 

Pricft; Tftit tilt Ian Lanr he bid not gone bid it much Stood 11 in the Ocean for 

loCtMirch, beird-Kbli, corvfcfled, nor rccei< hint to fiick) whereupon Biwiir proceeded 

ved the Sicnment ; ind, Thit he hid been to condemn him for Herefy -, ind he wu 

foiUerly condemned for HercTy, ind wis burnt irr SMitkfidd, Jmi. 17. it;6. 

pardon'd by Kiiig ffivy VOL but hid not lf»ttl Ftflir, Wife of Jtlm F*fitr, Cntter (rf 

•hiJIgedliu OpiniiMik. AU wbicb Aiticlci the fimt I'lillh ^ fbe wai unprif({ped for 




X KD & i«: 

not comiBg to Cbnrcb, tad pcriUHngialwr 
Opinioiu, oppofite to Popriy, wif coo* 
demned » an Heretick, <nd burnt in Smith- 

Jum l.4fifird, of LiitltjllhMwiiaTinui- 
firtit ; Qtt wai accnfcd of not coming to 
Milit or receiving the Sacramsnt, Di;j>cing 
Coafe&'dibovcaTwelveiiKinth before, Tiy* 
iog tb«t her CoafcieoM waold not fuffcr ^er 
to do otbsrwire. Sbe, being iboat iwentj' 
Vein o!d, wii for thtfe Critnei (ii th<y 
vere tccounted) »k«n ind kept in the 
BiOiop'i Prifon, where Ike wii tempted 
by Promifei and TbrcitaiD{i, to renooncs 
her Opinion!; bat ih» waold nor, and 
wai therenpoil condenined for Herefy, and 
hwnt ia SmitbfitU, Jm. a;. if;6. 

U^Sism Slnli, who being imprifoncd in 
the JCi*f'ABflwi for the Ooftrine of the 
Gofpel and Coafefllon of the Troth, died 
in the Prifon, aed wm buried in thcBack- 
i|de of it. 

LjtM Cmwib, a Broker in Undtw, who fuf. 
Cired with twehra otberi at StrtftrdU bmw. 

Jtim BuHk and CutUtrt Simffm, the Piftor 
ind Deacon of the Proteftint Congregation 
im Lmulm, and Mtrgmt MtMiing, one of 
their Aodicor*. who fufibrcd in 1517. Bm- 
HT-himfelf conld not but own, thai CitfA> 
ivi Simfftm wu a Man of the greateft Piti' 
•oca he ever knew ; for tho' In wai racked 
thrice ia one Day in the Tower, aad en- 

dured- onck Swrsw in bii wmtt HovA, yet 
he nevfi law hii Patience broken^ 

R*4tr ' Hfbwtt, a Merc hint -Taylor of 
Lndui, (erving bis Apprenticefhip in ffst. 
Itmgfirttt. He wai lewd in his Youth, ajid. 
a violent Papifl; but being afterwards coi^ 
vcrced, became zealotufbr theTcarh, and 
being apprehended with fome otheri, wae 
burnt, in SmilbJttU, Hj^ ijfS. Ic Ik vcryre> 
roirkable of him, that before he parted with 
£ma«r,who hid condemned him, ifaat he thoa 
fpaketohim, OtdwiilbtrttufMrHaadifCr*. 
tUf, that jnJIiMintt miltfi hu ChuKh, ami that 
{htrtfy ttt. Ml aU JbgB ftrtJiM, svd tftir ihk^ 
Daf aw jb»]Ht put tt Firt and fjggU. Btmitr 
replied, That he was mad, and in Anger' 
would bethought a railing Piophet; that 
he knew ihii he and all bii Ecllowa would 
gladly fee him hanged, but he tbould live 
to burn, and would burn all of them (hat 
would not worOilp the Sacrament ofihe Al- 
tai: Ail^'sPrcdldion came to pall ; for rhere 
was none aticr him executed in SmittJltU. 

UUhtlm B»rt»»i Citizen and Merchant of 
Lndtn, dwelling in the Parilh of St. B*rth«- 
Itmiw the Lefi, , peaceably following bit 
Bufineli and Trade at C*i*£in Sf^iw, was- 
taken up by Treachery, and put into the. 
IpquiHtion ; where, after moieh cruel U- 
fige, be was pot in PriTon, and being con- 
demoed for Herely, wis Tent to Stvil^ 
and buroc, OBth, 1 517^ 

Vjt^- Charity-schools, of the City of London j with 
tjje Number of Children educattd in themt and Rcr 
venues to mamtain them. 

A UbinowsLonbardfircet 
j\ Allhallows Stuoir^ 

9t. Andrew's Holborn, Cl- 

St. Anne'a Aldertgate, Cl. 

St Anne's Blick-Priars, Cl. 

St Anne's Weftminfter _ ^_ ,_ 

St- Bartholomew the Gretl i so SubTcript-^fr'. 

BiUiogf(«te.Waii i 4». Subftii[>l. 30 f. 







J« . 






Subrcript. 30 I. (HPtl 3 1 5 A . 
A Gift or the GhiAbcx of- 

Gifu}4pi: Slh(ct{pt. 47t/>- 
Sub&ipc. 59 /, Gtf'ti leo /* . 

Giflf 75 ^ 



Digitizpfl nvGoogle 

L O ND O N. 


St. Botolpb AlderfgtM 
St. Bondpb Atdgite within 
Sc. Botonh BilMpftoltt 

St. BrideV 

Bnwdftnet Ward 

C»flk-Ba7iurd Wird 

Sc Cleinciic Oine 

Cm^waiotn Wird 

Cripphgite Ward Within 

Dowgtte Wird 

Sc. uiaftia** in the Weft 

. St. Ednoad the King 

FiringdoD Wud 

St. George Soothvaik 

St. GilesU Cripplegus 

Sc GtT«'t io the Field* 
St. Ueleo*) BUhopTgite 
St. Janet Cletkcnwell 
St.Jamet Weaminftet 

St. Knhtrioe'i by the Tower 
St. Lawrence Ponlrney 
St. Lcourd Sboieditch 
Si' Maty Mtgd, Bermond. 
St. Mary Oveiee 

St Mary Rotheritbe 

Sl Mary WhitcChipel 
St. Micbad CrotAcd-Lane , 
Nonon. FoJgate 
St. Olive Old Jewry . ; 
St. Olave's Soathwaik , 
St. ftal Cavent.Guil<ii 
QocentuEhe Ward 
Si. Scpokhre'i 
St. Thoou Sontbwark 
Tower Ward 
Vintry Ward 









- tf 

















40 . 



















. JO 



















1 ' ■ 




I. I. 

Sabfcript. I Of Glfb ai' . 

SoBftriprrTJ "G!ftt 0i 

•S n b fai pt . *t Gtff* jT - 

Sobrcript. 100 Gift! 7I 

Sabfcripr. 67 Gifta af 

Sabfcript. ap Gifti 6f 

Snbfcrlpc. '97 Gifti 47 

Subfcripc, £0 Gifti 7) 

Subfctipf. I to Gift* tf) 

Subfcript. I JO Giftl 30 

Sabfcript. itfj Gifci lao 

Sabfcript, a; co put out 


Sabfcript. ijo Gifts no. . 

Sabfcript. ' 14 Gifci 40 

Sobfcripc. 54 Gift! 47 

Sabfcript. its Gifti no 

Sabfcript. 150 Gifrt Sjo 

Sabfciipt. 10 Gift* ti$ 

Sabfcript. ico Giftt 30 
,By the Revenues ofthcCha- 

pel and Cifti. 

Sabfcript. 45 GifVs 8; 

Sabfcript. l< Gifts 6a 

SubTcript 41 Gifts tt 

Subfcript. 90 Gifts 10 

SaUcripc loo Gifts itf ' 

Subfciipt. 30 Gifis 40 
Suhfcripc. ]8 Gifct 4; 
Sabfcripr. 19 

Sabfcript. f6 Gifts 7^ 
SubTcript. ti7 Gifts 6t 
Gift* 94 
Subfciipt. 230 Gifts 60 
Snblcript. 6 Gifts xf 
Subfcript, a J 
Subfcript, 100 
Subfcripi. 8g 

Gifts 39 
Gifts 49$ 

F f 


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ESTMtVSTEK. U t4iti'm& ciltd h divided into ninrW^irdt, xthicH 
City frtsm Lmdni, and flood ire i goi><erned by Tevfri Btirselleir Tbe 
inciently 11 Mile diflint from Wirdtue, i. ftttr-firtU, tai t-tUtBrnKk, 
it, but nov eneads ki Sab- or ibe Btrfi-Firry, wbich hive but one Bar- 
urbs To clofe to Ltuim, thit geft. ;. S)n&a>ry *nd Ottnttj. 4. X^fptr 
il ftemstobe iPirc of it, Ic Wis inci<tnc> Kiifflriu. ;. L*»tr Kingfhtt*. ' iS. Ww />«. 
ly ciiled Ihtrnf/, ftaxn the Thorns growing l»f*-T»rt, whicb bive etch sF tlifcm ■ Biir> 
in'iE before the Buildings were fi) macb gcft; tt bith ilfo, 7. C.m^Z7A<«: butt's.' 
enlirged ; but now it ti called ffffimiKfitr Ftlty Ffmti, ind, 9. TutbiBprttt, have bnt 
fromirs Wcflerly Situation on that Side of one Butgefi. The Liberies of WtJUrnnfitf 
twdm, and the fimom Minfter, or great contain, 1. St. tUrHii't in the Fields Pa- 
Church, cilled by tlie Name of St. Pt- riOi, i^hich it divided tnro Ten -Ward*, 
tni- This City is not governed, «i Im- which «re governed by^ three BBrgeAes. 
iM, by a Miyor, Atdernjeji, Sheriff, &e. 1. St. ' Jmiiii't Pai^ft. -»Mch hMh two 
bntby an.High-Sicar«rd,'t>epacy-Stew4rd, BurgelKt. ]. St. .Aa's PariBi, wlhfeb is 
High BailHT, BurgeOec, iSt The Dean knd ruled by two Burgeflcs. 4. Ctvmt-GMrdtm, 
Chapter of St. P.ttr'M, who have a great and itsCiH and Weft [)ivMI«flt. fi. St, Cb> 
Aothority in civil Matters, chafe the High- mnt Dim's. 7. The Dutchy Liberry, in 
StewirJ, who is commonly one of J he which hre four Wardi, the Royal Cfaorcfaj 
chitf N'obtKty, and holds that great Office 'Middle, and Am^^ Wards, which have 
for Life: He chofetb his Deputy, who ii each tUeir Borgedej. 8. St. MttiMit OfMd, 
sincays fofflc emtnen.t Lawyer, at leaft of whEcb,' tho' it be near the Middle of the 
the Dfgree of a Barretter st Law, and fome-' ' City of Ltmlt»i it in ihc Liberty Of Wif- 
times I Serieint, and the High-BailiJF : minjltr, and votes teeor^fngly fbrParlia- 
The. Bnrgelies are chofen by tne feveral men t Men. What it worth Notice in eve. 
Wards- ry^ of them we (hall \n Brief ■ecomc for, 
This City hath properly but one Parifb, oblerving onr former Method in timtinf 
called St. MMrgarit's, bot hath feveral of the Churches £rfl, «nd then of other 
others, which ire reckoned 1 Part of it, Things remirluble in them. Wc fhiJl be- 
called the Liberties of Wtftminptr, of which gin wtA the Gty it felf. 
we fltiU now treat The City, properly fo 


.WIS- TM IJ^ S TE E. > az7 


EXteadt {rots Sugtri-aM^t ilong the vhichftuida the Co(wnoiuoo>T«U« on .> 

Cinal to the Hone>GDird| and (tarn Marble Foofpice. 

thence cn^a the Wiy, half the Gats of The Benefa&iom to the Chnrch and 

•Wkstka. The Nnmbar of Honrea in the .Poor of thia Paiifli are Biaiiy, wrs. An- 

nine Wardi of ic are 3039. The on^ nmlReota, 4fo/. and in Smm of Money 

Choreli is it is near 7000 j. Among the former is a Seitlco 

St. idMrgmrrt't, (o oaUed from in Dedica- ment of 10 iw f mm"". given by King 

tion CO St. UtrimH, an Holy Virgin of CkmrUi II. and payable out of the Exche- 

iQftte) before de&rihed. Thii Chnrch fiood qoer ; and (FBong the Utter Mr. NiihtUt 

•t fiifl io the So«h Ifle of the CHd Abby { BuUr, who give for feveral pious UC;r 

hntvas TBinDTcd by King Ei'viari the Qon- 1490^ and the Dntchefi of SaMr/ft i^ooL. 

6Sar, to the Place «h«e ic novr .ftandt, Hen arc many Moaameots, boconly the£i 

ftf the better Accommadation of the for Peiibu of Note. 1. For the Lady 

, abootiota. This BaiMiog within Billing, Wife of Ste TAmmj BiSini, Lord 

- rixntafo Yean was become fo rninoin, Chief JuAice oi EagUmd; after whom Die 

that the Mcrelunta of the Staple of W§fi. had mother Haiband, ai the h*d one b<- 

"wii^m, toA the. lohabitiott of thePtrilh for«t all Rho& Efligirs are drawn by her 

were obliged to-pnil tc^dow^ and rebnUd oii hej Tomt^ who died U4r(b 14. 145)1^ 

kail fo« the Chancel, which the AbboCi J*im Mttknt, Phylician to King jMmi L 

of ir«|h*i«|f«r took upon chem to re-edify, who died in-ititi. Dr. Lswrtnii K'tmtti, 

About aoe Yen* after, the I<>dy mBing, Bifhop of 6t. pnviii, who died titrih 

Wife of Sir7%*aM( B(<)bv, rebuilt a great ti. itfSf. <fiMt. 7.3. Mr. Emrj H'S, who 

Fmofir, efpeciallythe Sonihlfle; fioce by hii Wit) gave feveril Houfes for 

which it hai been repaired and beau ti Ac d, the Relief of the poor Children in the 

and ffiocb altered, moft at the Charge of King's Almi houfe in mbiB-fiiUt, loot. 

Ptrhnt of Quality, jnd a Sovth Gallery, to build three Alnii>hourei inipiiiy-grsiutt 

hoihactbe CoftofSir7tbiG«tJ<r, Knigbi and j j. t t. fm »im. for the Teaching of 

and Bar. ftr the Poor <rf the PaiiSi. other poor Children of ihii Pariih, and 

This Church it an Old BnUding of 100/. for Coal, for the poor Hourekeepert, 

Sfooe, very omiOiew*)^ having a Aaeious beiidet wh«t he give in other Places foe 

Tower, with Pianaelett the Root deled cbarirable U&a. He died ?■« ar- i£77> 

with Timber, htndfonae GiDcaaes, and Or- U»ry, Lady DndUr. Daughter of WiSi»m 

San-Loft, a Palpitlc«ryed and fioii bred, hotA H»mt»d tA.E^fham, and GfaadchJId 

md the Walts mti^tMtoA Tii. Foobfaigb, ioTbmut Duke of Ktrftik, ,who died Ja- 

n chePawrere, ttadr with Otk. The X4**'- ^i^eo.. Mrs. Jm» Sirott, who be- 

Hottfe of CommoBf, uponiAv.' $. 7a». ]o. flowldwpon twenty poor Wiilowi of this 

Bid the other grest Daqrs come to this (aa Pariih4«/. pmnAa Houfes, to be diAri* 

tte Lt»rds do the Abby) GfaMrch, where if buaedimoi^them quarceily, flte died-M«T 6, 

a Seat prepaced for ahe i>iieaker. Tite 1674- : Mr. R§ytTt: Ptur, Auditor of the 

Ahi>>Picce it ilic Com mndos eats tdeoed Receipt, .nbo gave too/, and Mr. ZJjtsrd 

between the Lord'aPnirei- and 'Creed, and E^M^ who gave tii. fir jm, for ever, 

in the Middle of the Pediment it a Shieldi Iktvfby their Wiveti who alfo gtvejoo/1. 

with the Sacred Word, GOD, dOr>e id for the lame Ufet. Ctmtlin ffndiai.Ytoau^ 

Brim, 6mk, UHm, md BMgUfit, alien, of theGaardto King Mni>7 VIII. King 

dofed mitll Raila sad. Ksiafttn, within CrfMr^ Vi. Queen M«r/, and Queen Eli- 
F ( 1 x.thnb. 



Mhtb, wha batlt twenty Hoaiei for tven- rent, wbleh bid not ftood long before !c 

ty^por Widovj. He died Sfft. 4. 1^77. wu deftroyed by tbe Dsntt, aod lb re. 

<£<«'. 5>4. mained till King ijjf', iftM*^;!, tcftitti 

This Living ii 1 Reftory in tbe Gift of it, ind thmfim pnt in ■ few Mookf. 

tbe Dein ind Chapter of Wifimiupttt ftid Sdmrd the Con&fibr entering upon tbe 

to be worth 400 /. fir mm. In thif P«nflt ii Thro/ie, foond cbit Ghureb ind MooiQery 

I. in Houfe of CorreQion or BridrmtB, moch deciyed, ind being I pioos Prince, 

litaiie It the End of the Green-coit Hofpi- cinfcd tz to be polltid down to the Graond, 

-t>I, which has tbii lofai prion over the and built anew the Church in tbe Form of 

Gite. aCrols, which having called bit Nobility 

to [be Dedication of, he endowed iatbesr 

Here are feVeral Sorrc of Work for Prelence very largely, and granted it great 

the Poor of the PariQi of Sc' tAtf$»- Imm unities, iffc. To be a SanflatTy fiir 

Tit't ffefiminjlir, is alfo CorreSion ever, aConvcntofBenediainesiiBinediMe^ 

according to Law for focb, ai witl under tbe King, and a Repofitory for the 

beg and live idly in this City and Rt^'/m, ai rich Veftmenti, Golden Crown), 

Libeny of Ifffimnftir, Amu t6sS' Sceptrea, iSc. to be ofed it the Cofena> 

tion of Kings and Qaeeni, many of which 

3. An Hofpital, gning by the Name of are faid to be yet in the Caftody of the 

in n«irs(/ Hofpi ral, founded by tbe Lady De«i and Cbafiter ; wbicb be after ratified 

jtrnii Daini, for ten Men and at many by three fereral Chatters King tlMry IIL 

Women, (who have Liberty each of them rebnilt the Chnrcb more fam^oaQy, add* 

to bring up one poor ChildJ of whom, ic- ing 1 Chapel, which be dedicated to tbe 

cording 10 tbe Settlement feventeen are to Blefled Virgin ; but King Hmry VB- poll'd 

be of ihtf Parifh, one~of ni^'j, and two of it down, and boilc a moch more magaifi^ 

€btl/i» i the give too /. fir mm. for their cent one in tbe Place, at tbe Ezpence of 

Maintenance, out of the Minor of SrwM^ 1400/. ordering by bb WiU, that non* 

hirftn xnTirkfliiri, Dit. 17. itfoi. till 1^9 but the Royal Family fbooM be buried in 

Years are expired, and then tbe whole Ma- it. Liltwd lays, That it wu in thofe Days 

nor 11 given to lugmeBl this Foundation, the Wonder of the World. 

which is £00 I. fir Mm. TbeGovernmentoftbiiChnrch wasatfirit 

a. Sc. PKtfr's Chorcb, fo called from the ander Abbots, tillKiagHnrry VIII. uponthe 

Apodle St. Pittr, to whom it was dedicated DiSolntion of tbe Mooafteries pat it under, 

hy Siirrt, King of the £«i> Samtit, who 1. the Ordering of a Dean andPrebendarief, 

wai the Founder of it. A Temple of jt. mUiMm &«•/«, tbe lafiAbbot, being made 

y*A it (aid to have ftood in the fame Place the Arft Dean j but after him in 1540, it 

In tbe Timea of the Pagan Emperors, but was changed into by tbe fame King, ]. an 

(wing demolifhed by an Earth^ike in the Epifcopal Sec, Zinejv Tbirlkf being made 

Times of ..A'ffitM' Pit», King Uuiit built Bifliop of it. He miKb delaptdatcd tbe 

ettt of tbe Ruins .of it a fmall Chiiftian Buildings, and QKiit tbe Reveouet, wUch 

.Chnrch, .Aw ■;□, which was deftroyed in fo di^leaAd King liMrW VI and his 

the Peifecution carried on by DiMtb^M. Conndt that he renwved Tlirltf to Ak^ 

After this, this Pan offngfwie^frUy wafte wkb, and after to Mfy, by hit Lenert 

a long Time, infbnweh that it wai over- Patenra diflolvcd the Bifhoprick, and by 

grown with Bnfhes and Thorns, and being A& of Psrliameni made this ChuKh of Sr. 

tlutolt encompafs'd with tbe TAmm/ and P«*r a Corporation and a Body Politick, 

Umg Ditth, WIS called Thmy'IJUmt. In this «onfiftiag of 4. one Dean and twelra 

Condtiion it co'ntinaed to tbe Year for, Prebendirrec, and named it tbe Dean and 

when S^tfrt-blingconverted to <%riftiaiiity. Chapter of tbe Cathedra) Chorcb of St. At* 

did, by tbe Advice of RtbMtrp, King of ttr, Ifi/hminftr: But this Coaftitatioa wu 

Mtnt, ercft a Cbriftian Church, which he ibon altered by Queen Jtfa>y, who rellored. 

dedicated to St. ?■«(>■; and at the Deltre of 5. the Abbot, and fourteen Monks ia 

MCrw: BiOiDp of £«n^<% foBnded ■ Can* lysS, mtidagJi/m tttknJiKm, Qua of St. 



^tafa, AUeCof it: BaC this ^etlkiiKac dow, ind Uncle to Rtrnf the Stvenrlif 

WM u flioit M the former ; for Queen i^lf, St. BtuMtt's, where lie Dr. BiS, wh» 

Mm) iljiiig in i.-;ft. Queen Elitshtb le- died 1 f6i, and Dr.GH^M«ii, whodied ilSoi, 

fiored, & the I>:>n aod twelve Preben- the two fiift ruccedive Demi of this Charcb 

darieiui 1559, coa&itating it 1 Collegiate in Qoeen Cficcl^tA't Tine ; F^mutt, Cosn* 

Church, and placing therein a School- nUofHtnftrd, AkA i-i^S; SimmLMmgbtm, 

Dufter, brty Scholan, twelve Alou-mcn, Archbifbop of CtMulur/, fame rime Ab> 

I Library •keeper, &e. as it hath continued bot of tbh Place ; tytMi OtwfiiU, Earl 

cverfincef eicept ia the Times of the U- of Miidltfix, and his Lady, ■idj, Sn 

forpation. Edmnd't Chapel ; miiMm of Ftilam, Eirl of 

The Church if • magnificeiit Pile, a- P<i«(r«il(, 6rother-in>Law tn King Hmt^ the 

domed on the Ontllde with the Stacnes aod Third, died 1^04; Edwrd Ttlhit, Earl of- 

Fignrei of all the Princely that caaiiibntcd Sbrtmibn'j, itfi? i Sir Ritb^rd Fmml, Knt, 

towards the Bnilding it, pbced in eighteen and his two Ladiei^ he was Mider of the 

Nichei cat in the ButreiTes, between the Buckhaunds to Queen lliistnh ; Sir Btr. 

Crnfrlfle, and Wefi End of the Church, Msrd Brtegj, Chamberlain to Quren ..Anrr.' 

of which there ire only eight lemaining ; Ritbtrd the Second's Queen ; Jthn Lord 

and the North End of rhe Croft Ifle wai a- Rngil, and hii Daughter Elit^ittb, fiid to 

doroed with the Effigies of the Twelve A- bleed to Death with a Prick of a Needle ; 

pofilei, and eight more, as big is the Lift:, ftmitii HtBii, Son to the Earl otCUrti Li- 

which are all taken away; befides a pro' dy Sitr»Ui, Confin to Queen Elit.»6tlB, 

digions Number of rmill Fignrci. The if 68; LiAy Jmm StymtWiCoaCinto Idrngfi^ 

Infide alio is rery beaDtifui, having tbetheSiith, i;do; Fr»mti, Dntchelt of 

fiacely Pillars and fumptaous Arches, a jajft/i, Mother to the Lidy 7«w Grj^, and 

fefry neat Roof, rich Shrines, ftitely Mo- Daughter to the Ffttik Queen, died i^jj ^ 

anment), and aodent Tomb>, with artful- two Children of XWwsr^thc Third 1 7i£wof 

ly cat Statues of Princes, Noblemen, and tltham. Earl of Caraar^JT, Son to Ei/vsrirhe 

Gcatkmen, a neat Choir, and noble Altar- Firft ; SUnw di Btbm, Datchefi of Clm- 

piece ; the Windowi are many and fpa< ttfltr, WiCetoTttwM of midfi*ik, Uncit 

ootu, anciently adorned with painted to RiVi«r^ rhe Srcond, 13991 t^i^, (^oun- 

Glafi, but miny of them defaced, and the tefa of St*^irW, itfp) ; Rtttrt Iftlijr, Arch* 

Galleries hindfome. The Length of this bHfaopof JVi.died 1399: Dr. Ttrar, Bifliop 

Chiuch, from the Weft End to the Steps oSchtfitr, J*n» t66t; tdngtro, Countefi 

i^cending to litwry the Seventh's Chapel, of Dnijr i^o6,Sic. ^hly, Sc. Sitb*U>'t Oxf 

u )tfo Foot, as Mr Kitf tneafured it ; and pel, in which ire btiried, the Lidy M^mw^ 

the Length of Nrw; the Seventh's Chape] Datcheft of fi«fih)gift«M, Wif^ to £AmW of 

biaaFoot, which added mikes the whole Witdfini^ the Lidy Cmi7, 1^91; Wivifrid,. 

Bitilding 483 Foot long; thcBreadth of Marchioneft of mwtbtflir, tjS6; iiiUrtd, 

theNave isT^Foot. orrhcCrofr i9f, and Lady Bmriigb, and her Daughter jttmt, 

of Hmry the Seventh's Chapel iJi Foot. Counter* of Ox/M, Lady Aw, itSiSt La. 

In this Church are ten Chapels, belidei dy J«» Clgird, Amu 1679 ; another Lkdy 

thofe of Edm0rd the Con&flor, and Hnrjr BlizahtbCidl, ir9> ; Sir Crrxr ''■Arrfand' 

cbe SeircBth, all which are now afed for hN Lady t Sir Ommfbrt^ Sumltj, 1 505 f. 

the Rtfpoliiory of the Dead; Their Names, BiSkop OtJltj of Dwi^m; Kiibthi, Biron 

■s well 11 the Names of thofe, who inhabit c«rrw( Bifhop 5/rat of RK;k^ir, and htf 

tbem, are as fallow, i. St. B^^a'f Chapel, Son, tAt.Tbtmi Sfr»t, ArchdeiCDQ of Ra. 

DOW ofed asa Veftry, in which lies Niefc cfapytw, be. %tbly. In King tfMiy the Se- 

lyttbwgtm, Abbot of Wtfmmfitr, who bailc venlh's Chapel are bu'ied thit King and hi* 

tbo Hall in the. Deanary, the Jtrmfiihm- Quern i Mrjarvr, Countefs of Ritbwnd; 

Chamber, and a large Granary, now ufed UsMother; King £Ww«Vthe Sixth, Qoten 

u a Dormitory for the King's Scholirs ; Mtrjt the Firft ; M*ij, Queen of Sttn, Ma- 

llWar/TWar, a Monk of this Convent, Son iher to King Jtmn v Mtrggrif DtwgUfif. 

of Qfuto MsthMriiu, Hrarji the Fifib'i Wi- Grandmother to King 7«wr(; Queen £AaA 


ifth i King Jimi the Wittt, ind hit Qnam of UUHnHfr. In 'the Chairs' SMrt, Kiag 
^Mtt ;. Bdt^rd ihe Fifth, and hit< Drocbcr, of E0p S»M»ni ; Auu of cbw, Queea ca 
murirt'd in che Tower; Ki'og Cbtrltt the King tfnr; the Eighth; .ap»tr dt FtUm^t, 
Second, King WiBiam, Queen Umj, Prince Brocher>io-Ltw la litmy the Third ; B^U 
Gttrgt o( Dtmi*Tk, Queen 4wm, Gmgi mmU CrMtbh^k, Eirl of L«iw»/er, and his 
rtAm, Duke of BartfigjhiM, Dibb'd it Conntefs ; fTiAm W»r; Abbot of this 
Fw//nMtfr; ui»»itit Sfrt, Dube of Aidfr. Churcfa. Tfieie ere. many mora Perfoiic o£ 
»iMd, Ctefin to King jMmti ; Gsneral Note without MonoincBn, of whom tfa« 
4M>ii fi*vi& aad Mtutapit, botb Mirquef- Plicei, wheie they lie are not known. la 
fes of Hahftti; Mt. MdiftHi the £irl of the CIoyQert lie feveril of the early Abbotl 
SsmJwitht y§hn, Ouke of UvtbtrMigk ; Jtim of thii Chnich. In the Body of the Cfaarcfa 
tbiffitU, late Duke of a^tkinghdm, See »e buried, the Duke and Datchefs of Nn«> 
6ii^. St. PMi's Chapel i LtJtwidi, Lord m^.'<, Sufferert for Kiog Cttrlu ihe FtiA f 
B'urthiir, in U»«r^ tbe Third't Time ; Sir liK Duke of Ntt»tfilt i Sir Giiiirt Lwt Bar. 
kfAorii Ciitivgtta, and his Lady; FrMtn Sir Thmmt Htikti , Hat, Dr. 8b», and Mr. 
CounteCs of SKfiK ; Sit DmdUgiC»rlH*n,i6i I ; Unrj Purttt, knUwn for their exceiknc 
^rjimii FuS-ri*m; S'tt Giiti Omwiny, and Skill in Mnfick ; Dr. HfU». the Cofmo. 
hit Lid y, I {07 ; Sir '/«i6m Pwioii^ i EU»*, gr^phtr ; Admiral fiaiff, Brigadier XiUf* 
Counteh of orai*nd j Mitbstl, Eitliop ;*«», Col B^irtgfiU, die ingcntoui Mr. 
(if Sr, W/';><b ; Ktubarint, Countefi of Mr. Ifbaritm, Publifhcr of the A^b» tmtwm ; 
tbmuitrlnd vblj, St. Jtbn B»ftifi ; mSi. Tbtmsi Tlyimt ESiH Oitrgt StifiMy E&li Dr. 
»m d* Cil'hilltr, attrgt FUtlm, and TtMw Kwipt, Mafter oi Wtfiminfitr School; Slir 
jy^Ai;, Abboty of Uijtmixfitr i Tbtm*t R«- Ciimdi/fy Sbivtl, Tbmst Rstbtrdfin Hfq; Wih 
ib»it Biihop of Dmrb»m ; Lord Umidfd*m, A^nt TbfwHt Efq;. For Hen of Learning 
Cooiia to Qufcn Eli».attthi Col. Ptfbtm ; not yet mcaiianed, of whom fome hive no 
TbtTKM,^ Eltl of EMttr, &c. Sfilj, St. E* MonnnMnn, Mid othert only Conotaphs, 
rsfiumi; ^thn ijltp, AVatt af Wi^^mfit* ; 'ethefe. Dr. Ba/t/, Halter of ftTr/fMn^far 
Sif <.hrifitfhir Hittw, andii>«Lidyj >«i«. School i Dr. jMUib, U^. C<>ot<6a, AorluH- 
Duccl^fi of nnl. 91%, ff^Mri rhe Coil- ofihcSriMau; //W Cm/*^, Dr. Bap. 
fcllbi'i ;. ttnt Prince in a StMtne of curiour raw, the fimoui Mtthematician ^ Dr.. Mw^ 
Workmanfliifi, and his Que«n Editbs ; Hn. mitk, Dr. Swraa, Prebendt of tkis Church ; 
r/ the Third : SivorW the Pi'ft, ■ id .Jhp«r. Manf. «. fwrmM/i And thefe Poet* , Mr. 
tiit Quran ; eJw»rd the Third, and hi< Sptaftr, Mr. Drmyim, Mr priir, Mr. Pki- 
Qifcen; R/<i«ri^theSecond.tnilhii Queen^ lifr, Gifrtj cbtmitr, Atfrnhtm CtmUt, Jthm 
NrarrihaFlfch in a Chapc^I by hinfelf, and Dryd,,,. Sir 7<A« Dawbat, BtnTh,^ Sis 
hii Queen in a Coflia o( Saardi, expofcd Wisi^m njtvmtM, Hr. KaM, and Uh. ab»d- 
to View; tbtmti of WttdPitk, Uncle to w<'' ; To which we may add a Prodigy of 
Ai.btrd the Second, muidercd at C«/w'*, a dif&rBnt Kind, viit 7b*- Pmnr, who Hv'd 
&c. loibfy. In the Chapel of Sr. Jtb» the in ten Kings Reignr, and died >fi)T, iged 
Evvig^eUa, Jtbn Bfitirf. Abbot of V«j««i«' tfi Years. 

ftir; Sir frM^'J ^'*) Knight, General in Thii Church being Collegiate lirtt a 

Queen £A««kii»'s Time ; Jthi HgBtt, BfO' Dcm, who Hat thii p«(mc 171^, Dr; 

ther to the Earl of CJ«r«. ii'£/f, St. Mi- H-mcm ^trrrjw^, Bilhop of Rariv^, Twelve 

rbKiCt; Ltij St. Jtbn of aktfuf i Sir Hdgb Prcbendirirs or Canons, fviir mini>r Ca* 

ymghtn, &c. iVbly, St. j1ndri»\ ( Ed. nont, the fiift of which itCfamttT, twelns 

mmd K'rH», tMtm of Wifimimfitr \ Sir 7aihi Gentlemen of the .Choir, one OfganM, 

Sfffb, Kc ; Sir FrMKii Kirrii, Kt icc- In the eight Chorifterf, and a MaAer over fhcm, 

PjlTige to the Ghapeli ; fir;« at^f*-, Bifhop two Stcrifti, two Vergcraj and four Bell. 

of (Tiari'ffirr ; BifhopBi^, Sit 7*i>( ckF; rtngera. At the Abbey are Preyeit three 

U^iad/n; Pr'iacf 4rtbtt, Ha[chkiRe& of Hi«- Ticnea* Day, «nB. at (Ix and ten in the 

Tifit, Sir Tiitmt Pt/Hs, firiM (f>A*a, Bilbop Morning, and four in the Aftemtton i and 



is ifaunfewflr' are fizBtUc-to heamg lotion, ftiH be iccounKil for ia ill propec 
in PeiL Wh)t coocerni the Abbey, which Place, and in the mean Time we Bull pto> 
wu joiaei to tbh Charch before the Diflb- ceed to 

1. The Liberties of WESTMINSTER. ■ 

S called from tbcireajoyiog iheLiber- Lands not exceeding lao/. ftr Mm. By iha 

oei and Preedoiaqf that Cityit^o* not iame Ad the Rcttor and Iris. Succt don 

yroperiy oF it. They contain theiV Pa« were invented with a' Glebe or Piiccl of 

riflwi and Chqrckei, w*. ' . Ground miingfirMt, tn Length aij Foot, 

I. &...#»•«'*, tnfiMitfitr, ai it ii c«»< and Breadth 40 Foot, with a Power to 

nonly called, to diltingniOi it froa ,iil-- nuke Lei fe a for 41 Ycks, at ^t. /.rFgot 

Wff^M Charch, dedicaud to the fame to boild' on ; and at the Expirition af thq 

Stiat, which fee tbeic. Thii PiriA wtl laid Lcafei lolet theHoufei it 1 reironiUd 

nide fay Ad of ParliimeiM .30 Cm-. >, Renifor the Tenrof^e Yeiti, wiihont tB4 

int<78, indche P»i(h Church waa there- bing any Fine. The PMiih is onder thg 

t^on fM>n a&cr begun to buiU,' .hue wm Jnrifdidion of the BiOiop of Lwdm. The ' 

DM finiflicd till \6i6, in the Rngn of King Church hai a fin* Orgin. and in it Prayers 

7«mhU. Thii Church is pleafintiftdpret- ire »»d fonr Tiioca a Diy, viz,, it Seven 

tylitge and wy well adorned, t^e WiUt and Eleven in tlx Morning, ind Four and 

WHBKMted fonnd and painted. Gillerici Seven in the Afternoon and Evening. 

M the North, WcQ, md Sfmtb Sidcii of th« s. St. iimtim't in tbi Fittdt, romctime* 

Cborch ; the AItir>Piece 11 very haadrMaa, wiitten ia Rcctndi, Su Uwrlitri JMtas Cbm^- 

biriegoneachSideef theConmandfMfitf, rintCrtfi, (b called from !ti being dedica* 

M^/ind .^WM wel) pHQied at fdl Length, tea toSi. Mitim, of whom we faivefpoken < 

and It the Right of the former thii Textt above, and its Siioition in the Fields* - 

i&r. V. 7, 8, Chrtjl tMf P4frotT it, fgtri^ where at the Time of its Buildiog were 

fcti ftr m, thmf0i lii ») kttf thi Fiaji, Ice. bit few Honfet. Tbii Ptrilfa, cbo' three 

And on .rf«rMi'i left Hand this Text j 1 dr. oihen have been lately iiken out of ir, v/c^ 

XV. 10. Ckrifl it rijm frim tb* Dtsd, niit- '. St..^aM'iibovencntioned. >. St.7«M»r 

mmthifrarmutf tbmtbftJUft, ice Wtfhiii^ir, tnA % Si.PsmTi, Ctvft.GtrJtm, 

BenefaSori here are none; bat fomc yet ii nill the oiofi populous PaiiCh, except 

Momimenti may deferve onr Regard, wb. Sttfmy, wiihin the Bills of Mortslity. The 

For, I. The Right flcnouuhle rhe Lady ' Church was bnt foiil], till the Veir 1607, 

Grtu riiTftinr, D'ughrer of Htwy Pitrftlwt, when there wit a new Chincrl built to ic 

Ahr({DiiofZ}*rf£(;f«r,who died in 1703. jfir. by the Enconiigement of King l»mitX.' 

Stf.i.71««^4iw,Suiveyor-GeoeraltoKing and hit Son Prince Hm'/, who were great ' 

Ci»Uill. &Fr. who died in 1687 ; Sir BcnsfiQors to it. 

Tftkr Lmiir, a Lieu ten int- General at the- The Church of thii Piiilh being become- ~ 

RedaQioa of InlMud to King fTiJi'Mand fo decay'd ind ruiooai, thit f notwilhlland- 

Queen tSsry, &c. who died in 1691. irig the many and extraordtniry Sums of ' 

Thii Living Is a ReQory, in the Gift of Money which the Inhibiiintt of this Pi* 

the Bi&op dfuadmi and his SaccelTon for ri(h hid, from Time to Time, nifed and' 

ever; and, according to the h&, it to expended in and iboDt repiiring ind fup- 

bive, befidei the £ccleli»{licil Dutiei and porting the firtte) it was ibrolutely nece& 

Bajfrr Offi:rtngi^ an Annuity or yearly Snm tary to rebuild it, which the Inhibitint* 

of lool. beioE alf» enabled tP pnrchif: were iiniUc co do without the Aid of .m 

■ Aft 5 





Att of P^rlinnent ; therefore upoo their 
bumble Petitioa tbey obuined in AQ, 
which ptft'd in the 6th Year of hisprereat 
Miiefty't Reign, whereby it it eiuCted, 

SiS. I. That the Parilhioneri mty pull 
d»wR their Church, mil rebuiU the fime, 
by laying ta equal Pound-Rate on the In- 
mbitancs, Own'jri, ind Occupiers of Lindi, 
Houfes, Tcnemenit, and Uciedinmenis, 
or any Pecronat EHatc wichin the did 

SiH. 1. Appoints Commifliancn and Su* 
ptrviforf for the faid Church, who fliall 
Continue in Office till the Cbttrch it rebailt 
and paid for. 

Stff. J. Empowers the Commiflionert to 
caufc an Eftimite to be made of the Ex- 
pence of lebuilding the Church, VHhy- 
Room, &f. and of ereSing a Tabernacle 
for the Service of God, during the Re- 
building of the Churchj and may canfe 
the fiid Sum, not exceeding ixooo /. to 
be arEcfi'd and levy'd in five Yean, by ao 
quarterly Paymenti, upon the Inhibitanrs, 
&t, according to an t-quil Pound Rate of 
the yearly Value of the Lands, &t, which 
AITcfimentf are to be allowed and conflrmcd 
by fercn or more of the Conimidioners, 

Std. n. No Tenant, (Te. Hull be riled 
far hit perfooal Eftate, in any one Pay- 
ment, at lefs than a fifth Part afTelTed upon 
the Landlord for the fame. 

SiB. J. If the Eflimate to bs made, is 
■fbrcfiid, be not fufficient to difcbirge the 
whole Sum necclTiry for the Rebailding, 
&t^ the CommKEoncrttniy aflcfi an iddi- 
tionat Sam upon the fiid Inhabitants, &e. 
fa as fuch iddiiinnal Sum, payable by the 
faid twcnry qoarierly Payments, exceed not 
in the Whole the Sum of ,taoo /. 

S»3. 6. The Commiflioners to appoint 
yearly twenty-two or more of the Inhabi- 
tants to be Aff^fTors of the twenty qaar- 
teily Payments; and likewire to appoint 
CoIk&Oti of the AITcfiments, who fhall 
pay the Money by them colleffed to fuch 
Perfoni at the Commitlloners fhall conRi* 
tute by Warrants undi;r their Hands and 
Seals to receive the fame. 

i»a. 7, Perfnns refuting to pay the Af- 
fcfsmert, the ColIrSort, by Wariant under 
the Ilanda and S«alc cf fevrn Cooimif- 
Aoaert, may kvy the fame by Diftiefs and 

Sale, ind nuy call to tlMir AfliRante the 
Shciifi of uMkfi*, tit. and Differcncei 
hippeoing about the taking of foch DU 
fireOei fltall by finally determined by the 

Stff. a. The Tenants of Honfe*, 0* re- 
quired to pay the Sums taxed on their 
Houfes, &i. may dedud the fame out of 
their Rent, and the Landlords AmII allow 
fuch DeduQiOflf. 

Stg. 9, DiSerence* between Landlords 
and Tenants concerning the faid Rates to 
be finally determined by the GommtQioneia; 
■nd Perfons aggrieved may appeal to rb« 
Commillionera, who may give fuch Relief, 
as they Ihall fee Caufe : And if any Aflefa- 
ment (hall be ralfed on Peifbns not of Abi- 
linr to pay,' or upon Houfes that after the 
Allcriinent (hall become void, wheieby tbe 
fame cannot be then collefted ; or if thro* 
any Default of a ColleQor, &t. there be « 
Deficiency in one of the faid quarterly 
Paymeotl, the fame fhall be re-aJTcffed, and 
added to the AfTcffments of the next foc- 
ceeding quarterly Payment; and if there 
be any like Deficiency in the tail of tbo 
twenty quatrerly Paymenti, the fame (ball 
be ilFefTed and levied within three Montltf 
next eAfuing. 

SiS. i«. The Commiflioneri to ciufe ■ 
fufficient Recompence to the AflefToii ; ettd 
to make a moderate Allowance to the 

tta. II. The Commiffioners fliall rake 
Care to' have all the Debts, ContraQs, &e. 
made with Artifieersand Woiltmcn, to be 
fairly entered in Bocks to be kept for that 
Purpofe ^ and (hall pay the faid Artificers, 
(ft. the Money due to them, together 
nith moderate Intcreft for Foibearancc 

St3. II. The Commitlionerf may ist- 
pofe Fines on Colle^art and AflcflbrI re- 
fufing to aft as fuch, or negleftiog their 
Duty, not exceeding ^a t. for any one 
Offence, and caufe the fame to be levied 
by Difttefi and Sale, ^c. 
- ttS. 13. The Commiflioners may im- 
prifon any Collcftor refuling to pay the 
Money by him colIeQed to the Perfons 
appointed to receive the fame, till he Ihall 
have made Paymeat thereof. 


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St8.'n. The Cmitniffianort &all aHor Cotnr, and fach Oivifiop ball bt per. 

(o (be moft noble the Dake of stmr/rr, &* petDi). 

the fime Spice and Propornon of Groord SeS. a i . Providid nerenhelefi. That ibe 

for a Seat in the Lord* Galleiy, and a Pet* Inhibicants of the faid new Parilh Oiill 

in the Qioaiid- Flcor, ts the Anceftura of centribnte towards cbe Tijd Suntof laoeo/. 

(he Dofcheft, Owneri of ■ tttrthmmitrUtid- till the'^me be faUy riUed, wifooneiP' 

HbBfe, have U all Titn6< heretofore btd' Parilh had been Ri«de. 

andefiff^ed.' - / . stS, 11. Nothing berein AmII ettend to 

S*S. 15. The Tabernacle to be ereEted iepiive Ttmmm Grttn, Dofior of Divinity, 

for the fetviee of God, while the Charch the prefent Vicar of St. tiMriin's, fiom r». 

fiiitl be rebnilding, fliill be deemed ■ Pa- cetving all ufual Titbei, Oblitiooit &*• 

rOi Chin-ch. » belong to him ffom the Inbabkaatt of 

StB. 16. PerfontiOed may pl«ad the the Aid ODt-wardc, lad at hs oow co" 

General Iflae,- and givk thit Aft and the foyeih. 

fpecial Matter in Evidenct t Md if tbePlain- Having obtained thii AO of Pailiimenr, 

tiff be Nonfiiit, &t. th» Defisndant (ball the PariOiioDen immfdiiccly began to pat 

recover trtble Coftt. it in Execuiion ;. and in PurfDance thereof 

StS. ry. The Dean and Chapter of H^rft. caufed an Eftimate to be made in Writing 
mnftrr empower'd to All, &e. rho vmd of the wbaleEtpeace, according to whick 
Ground on tlieSinitbSfdooftlf(f>idChtireh they re&Ived to lay a Pound-Rate on aU 
of St. MffVtM'i in the Fieldc 'tO'-fi«rlbiK In the Jnhabftanc* of AEteao Pepqe in tfao 
TniftfortheParlfli and PirifhioncrVimOc Poand, TwalH'pcnee halfpenny whereof 
der to be made Part of the Scire of the to be paid by the Landlotdi, and Two- 
Church to be rebuilt, or to be laid as Part pence half- penny by the Tenants, to be le^ 
of a Chnrebyard thereto, ind for no other vied in five Vears by twenty quarterly Pay- 
Purpofe whatfoever ; teferving the whohi ments, as rbc Aft direfts. Then having 
Rent ai a Quit- Rent for the fame to the pnrchaAd of the Dean and Chapter (fflVifi^ 
laid Dean and Chapter, and their Succef- mafltr a raid Piece of GioDod oa the South 
ftrrs forever. Side of the Church, they built thereon f 

StO^ ifl. The Commiffioneri to mike an very decetit Tabernacle for the Worfliip 

yearly Account till the Chorch, &t. be and Service of God, during the Rebuilding 

folly finilhed, to the Lord Bifhop of Lrm- the laid Church, cipacioils enough iq 

dm for the Time being, whofe Allowance contain almoD, if not full, as many Per- 

thereof Biall he a fijficlent DHilbtrge to fnni at the old Church it felf,' which being 

tbem- demotiOi'd, and the FoondatioR dug foe 

StS. 19. When (be Charch h finilhed, the new one, bit Majefty was pleifcd fthit 

the Tabernacle and Materials Aillbefold being the Parochial Church of his Royal 

by the Commillioners, and the Money ari- Palace of If kiitbsit) to order the Right Re. 

fing spply'd towards the Payment for the verend Father in God, Dr. ^ibtriWiBit, 

fintlbing of the faid Church in Eife of the Bilhop of jaraw, Lord Almoner, to lay tht 

Inhtbicants ; as likewife fuch of the Mitc> lirft Stone thereof, which accordingly thiC 

rials of the old Chnrcb, as Otill not be afed Ptclare did Miarr^ ijK 7tii-s. 

in rebuilding the new. This new Church is fevea Foot and • 

St0, ao. The feveral Parts and IKviliom half longer, and nine Foot and eight Ioch> 

of the faid Parifli of Sr, Martin't in the es wider tbin the old one ) and will. 

Fields, called, Tbi twa Otf-ffar^r (except when finifhed, lie one of the moft flateljr 

Aidi Part thereof, at is cnclofed wttbin St ami magnificent Cbarches in either of thff 

jMw/'a PirkJ immediately after imfir two %tt%tCifKSof LmiUttoiW^mu^n^ 

I^Vi >7i4> or in Cale foch new Cbitrch We may not here omit 1 Benefaftiqp 

ftalintx be fo foonerefted and coijecrii- they haVe already' reeeired from Colonel 

ted, then immediately after t»fiif Day rrmtk Sithi^n, GortmoT tf StatbC/mliuaif 

Tint enfoiag fach Confecrttion, fball he who hat fent tbem a noble Prcfent of Ca- 

detmed a dtftiaft Parilk.ta ill iDtratt-wbafr -dan> Wood, to be amploj'd ia bnildiiig 4a 
Gg Altar 


z^4- WKS"rMJ.NS^EM 

AltM. And fi»<tt*'w« hive tKre4i*d Oeca> ftttuting It «,^Mcbi>l 'Ckircii, -bjr the 

Hon to mention this worihy and pioat Name of St. J»i»ti'$ in the Fietdt. Tb» 

Gentlcmin, we think fie finher to add in Ground, on which u ti built, wkh the 

P»ift of him, that be is now baitding in Church, wii the PcifTrflian of the EicJ of 

tile Province of hit Government ■ new Si. Jlimt, who ((Ggned JC over ia Tfoft 

Chwdl, wholly M hit own Expence. for that Vk, iimI coaurbuted with the 

There were many- Monumenti in the Ptiifbioncri to' the .qreainf of it. Tb^ 

o!d Church, too nnmcrous to mention par- Church ii very f»ir and large, bctog ia 

ticulir^, and therefore we Qiall tike Notice Length ti? Foot, and Breadth 7j. The 

of the n>or« rcmarkibte only, vix. for Eiiim- Wallt arc built wirb Brick, and die Door 

irth DslFfM, cldel> Daughter of Sir n*m»i and Window Cafei of Stonr, It ii well 

BgiMn, whofc Father wai Lord Kixper of beancify'd within, hiving VVaUa neatly 

the Great Seal, who died oati.n. i€u, wainftocted, good Cilleries snd DooT-C*> 

Riitrt Citytm Efq; Fellow of the /mn-rrw. fcs, ■ Marble Font, fioety cirv«l, tad t 

fit, who di(d Diitmiif 14. i6;z. Mrt. coriout and ipacioui Altar-piece, fenced 

ft'Mlut) Jtuit, Daughter of jfrlbtt, Vifcoune in with a fining Rait of white Marble. 

h—ilrngb'. Htnrj Cfomify, $on of Ihimmt The BenefaQions of this Parifli are found 

Lord Otvtntrj, Keeper of (he Great Seal, only upon fome df the Monumeno, which 

Affiba^Tador to divers foreign Princcx, and tn for Utmjr Sitiiuif, fiar] of Rhnw^, Comt 

Secretary of State to King Cbmrltf [[. who lima Lord LtcnWDat of l^imi, who died 

died \6%6, Mt. 70. Dt.-attdBTM l^tftr*, an 1704- /BtMt. tfj. ^g,»hth. Wife of Co). 

eminent Phyfician : Tbtmt Emmi Efqi Mcf' BtnjamiM Ftitthtt, Oovernour of Urm Dr^. 

fenger to the Great Seal thirty Yeifc, who Mr. J*^ Hsimtr, Citizen of LmAm, an4 

gave by hi) Will 50 1, for the Repair of the Governor of BHJtmiS and BttUtbim, who 

Cfanrch, 50/. forrhe Relief of the Poor, gave too/, to the Uleof the Poor of thii 

and 100/. to build Alids-houfei in the Parifh for ever. 

Chnrch yard, who died in itiii : Mr. EJ- This Ghnrcb it a RcQory, appoiMtdbf 

•«rW F'H a great Traveller, who died in the A6t to be ia the alcernate Prefentation 

t666, &>t. of the Bilhop of LnJm, and Tbmsi Lord 

Thii Living wea anciently appropriated ytrwtint, their Succeflbrf and Heiri for ever, 

to the Abbot and Convent of t^fimi*ptr. The Re£tor ii to have the fame Duea from 

knd a Vicarage wis ordained and mdowed, the Precinfb allotted him by AQ of Parlia- 

which Un was given by Queen Man to the ment *| ifae Vicar of St. Ujrti»\, which 

Biflidp oi Lmdm, and Mi Sneceflorc for are laid to be worth 500 1, ^n-^m. The 

ever, who have collated to tc ever llnce; Queen gave an Organ to thit Church, and 

bnE the Impropriate, ReQory, and Tithes the Inhabkiilts fet it Bp. Heiv ate PVoyei* 

Were granted by Queen Eii^aiitb tUg. a. to read daily four Timet. 

the Dean and Chapter of Wr/lmiij^n-. Ther« 4. St. S'Mtrj's Chapel, which wit anciently 

«e feverti Tenements in iheparifll Ewleiig. in Hofpital founded by the Cicizens of Ltt^ 

fng to rbe Vlear, to the Vahae of near Jo I. dm forfihineen SiAeri, Maiden(,.bai Leper*. 

In^^e yearly 4t«n«, which,] withthefmalf fai Miter- Ttnws they increaTed the Reve> 

Tuhei, EccIaHaMcfl Daer, and Xajhr Of- irnea, and added eight Brethren, to mini- 

feitnj|s, are computed to make the LMng fter Divine Service there. This Uofpical 

worn 700 / a year. Here are two Lefin- wai founded fome Time before the Reign 

far*, Aid Prayers read twice a Day all the of King Htmy IJI- but how long we fiod 

Veer ronnd, and thrice <on .Holidaya, not. King Ilew7 VIII. whca he fijpprelTed 

Wedrfefllays, and Fridays. Oat of this P*. the UonaOeriet, feized opoo thisHqfi^tal, 

rift there hive been lately taken two other, then worth. 100L per tm. and-havit^ coi>- 

*«/«. ' ' ~ ' ^onndcd with thefiflvt for certain Pcn- 

' 3. St. f0mn*a HtflmJufiMi; or St. JtHui't !■ ^oni, to be plii them during their Ltvm, 

Ae Fields, fo cilled fVom St. 7«wff the A- built a ^odly Manor Houfe upon the 

•potth, hm with Refpea to King ^eAwr II. Site, and inctofed the Ground about it for 

■who ptficd <ha Aft for iti Breoioa, «m^ «P»k, .uriivutu)ft.t(bc^val59 ^'><*^ 



IH«fiKKriM<Scnlee»''M It ii aM M tbt* sf *he tnnblffeae Tinu, be eotild fwt pia. 

O^ f &-■.:'. - ; . ■. ' .1:. ipu*, tilt tho Yett of King Cim-Ui ihv So- 

TMl Hoii(«,.ffi|iM.lKUf«i>rf wftAlmoff good's RcllorHiu ('tha' in Ordinince of 

rocalf dsfiMlilkd' by Fiwi in 'i<^, is lw> Vulitmmt, I. *■ the Long, w*s nude for 

esm* ibcotflr KMcptioa of .'-- Cmwt, >c, 1(^1) ThisChurch wn built by ihit 

wbcniaTMro.' ii Mr<d aHhet ««« "nd* ftnous Architcd, laigtjfut, indisitrue 

If ao<§oad Apptannee. but towrnds amy Copy from the JisUmi i Tbe Weft End is ■ 

opMbf-jnafBiJictnc^ liit b«iiHi&r RoeoM ftirely Portico, ifcending'by tbree Scept, 

MrfAp w iwaw;' wbieb iffor^ * rotsfibto ("itb fpar Columns fupportingi Sediment, 

AcooabdMioa Ar the Diaoe and Court. 'U <rf Stooi j here ebe Poll Tor Members of 

Nnr tb« HaA-Cvwtd by ihc Ptrk is tba Pir1i4ii>ene 11 genenlly ttken. Under thtt 

AiirnkMhy-Of^, fbitnerlv Billed t^agii^' Fertico arc two Doori, entering imo tbe 

fW^; but de C«arai of Adniratty m Chorcb. Tbe Building it felfis of Brick. 

hM i» J»a w i6> i >wp« r , M 0ib<tveA>d- reudtr'd av«r, hiving three Ifles, pived 
. Ii»ietfaerrt*aThnB4'HtbeSotitbGn^- 9Jth Stone: In the Window u tbe E<Ul 

*fii 1 Canopy svai it, .wli«rc ifie ^log tx. Knd ■■ tho Pi&are of St. P**', fuiely piint- 

Qoacn fit, whtnthvy ire pre&nt ai O^ r^ in GUfs ■■ On the North Side the Ch*o- 

vinc Service, and tbe pnncip*) Ot)icer(tnd Ccl is * flue PiQuce of King Chttltil.Ttntcl- 

tfeCIttik of th* GloAt In Wittiag attend i^, i*ith a Crown of Thornei in his Han^ 

them. It is a Rayal pervliar, axemptci hii Crown and Sceptre lying by, with a 

JraOK all EpircQyalJurirdi<Bion, wbete the ffna Infcription under it. Thii Church 

^ Cka^ijM CD the Kiflg or Qticen preacfai ia gtllery'd lound, vhich cbflrnQs mocb 

ia. xhtit Tmtfm, exoaQi m <>m*. when oer- of tha View. The Pewi are' hmdroma 

tim iefafi PerfoBS tr« appoinied by tbe' Wainfcoc j on the Ea& End is a Dial with 

Lmd €^w\btThin to .preaeb before tbe tbif Infcription. 
King Of Qoeon every &Bmli^, mdmfUj/, 

mi FridMf, vrs. « Bimop, a Dean, and a Ex btt U*mnat JtttrniUt. 
DoOw. Tbe Service of tbii Cbipet it like 

that in Caibedrtfi .; and to :^thK End there Benefifiori to thJt Pinlh. i. Wiffiim 

farioog to it i OcM) Lord ^Imoner. a S^ sBtlun j^ve hJi Houfea and Lindt in Ptr- 

Dean, fofty-cigbt Chipliins, twelve Gen. ktn.l^nt] in Truft, that IS I. yearly Ihontd 

tftmea of the Cbapel, two Otganiflt, tea he laid out to bay twenty Gowni for 

Children, aad a Mafter of cbem, • Serjeant, twenty old Men and Women of the fame 

Yeofnaa, Mid Groom of the Veflry, and a Parifh; 7/. 10/. for ten Gowni far poor 

BeUriate<> Men and Women of St. Marf ix's j %L 1 ; /. 

f. Sr. ^j«£'*,iCtWi«<-C*rV«p,focal}edlTon for fire of tbi; Parifli ; ereCted a School ta 

a Rli^oDt Houfe fometime ftaoding here, Ptrkiri ttnt for Rfry Children, thirty-live 

vbkh, aftei tba DiiflblutioD, wai granted of the Pirifli of £r. Gib/, ten of ».Mn'fJn'f, 

toilK Poke of ««s>(r/rf I after hii Atraioder and five of ihisFarilh; and to each Child 

tB3rKE*'Ie'^fl'^<''Itwasforinar^Ve«rs 6i- yearly for a Coat, and Money to put 

FicUa, vi>^ fmaU Hovela fcattcr'd abnat them forth Apprenticet ; But this Charity 

ir; biiltaSiKttaor of tbatEarlof.MlVa; is faid to come Ihort. a. Mr. 7'^e nrwrf, 

ab«K )4}4,}ib(ok]ng IS improve the Land vho, .lArat 1704, gave tWenry-Gve Four* . 

better, laid it forth into Streets; in the penny Loaf et to twentylve poor People, 

CeiHcr o£ ".which- be. let. out- tha flitcly the'firft Sunday in every Month ; and, af> 

XfDarc, now called C*n^t-Gardtn, {00 Foot t^ hii Wife's Deceafe, two a Week fo^ 

in Length, 400 in Breadth, ind lud four ever, 

fiately Streets into it ; and, intending to Monuments for thi^Chtirch are, ff^AW 

peoctirxfn Ad of Patliiment, to mike it a Sitkcbam, M. D- sUz'buh, Bironefs of 

ieparttt PiriA ffOoi jf Mariw's imtbt EtUit Qr^/UA in Avlawi ;. Sir Pitir LiBy. the fa- 

of witich it WMttKD Pairr, be fet abonc mous Painter; Sir 7t(«5iirirr Kt. SlrTi*. 

building a Chapel for (ha Ufe of his new mw Smiti of cbtjhirt, 1 famons Loyalifl in 

Tenwn, whici^ bow^vcr, through Meapi the Civil Wais,tod Dame Mry, bit Wife.Gf c 
G J a and 


And Matmaiiihi Ctmiey Wq-, 17x7, «bo Co the Poor ; be died fo itfo}. KAMt 
had lerved ihe Court from King j^amts L ^seei Vinmer, Gorenor of BrUMotS, ta 
to his Dc&th; he died purely of old Age, which, uid other Hormuli, he wu « 
being 108 Teart And A}ur Months. ^^' Bene&fior; he died i6i%. Stgir 
The Patronige of (his Church is in the Hfm^», 5eiT»nt to iWert (kdl, Ewrl of 
Duke of Ba^trd ; the Rcflor has 100 /. Saliihmy, Lord TreafuKer, who died in 
ft Tear fettled on three Houfes inCoomt- i6ij. Ed^MtJ Prk*, who gave to the 
GarJtn, where he nuir diftrain ; but fmce Poor of this Parifli ^ L p»r «■» to bajr 
the B.e&or and Churchwardens meet Coals, atxt 10 /. u be lent gMtis two 
Tburfday in Eaper-Wtek, and make an Af- Yeaty* to young Tradefinen ; M died in 
fefsmcnt of ijo I. i jo Augmcnurion to \€ej\ And Blitshetb, his Wife, who gave 
the Redor, jo to the Curate, and 50 20's. yearly to the Minifter, to meatim 
for a Clerk and two Sextons. her Husband't Charity in his Sermon. 
6. St' Clemtnt Danes, called Co from St. ^oh» Aritndtl, BiJhop of £mMr, who di«d. 
CUment, the Bifhop, and the DnHei here in 1 503. Jfobn Ba»lb, Bifliop of Estttr^ 
flain in the Reign of King EthelreJ; or who died in 1478 ; and .titim, the Wife 
as others think, from Harold, a Danifi of Dr. Dmie, Dean of St. P4ilf 's, in 1617. 
King, being here buried, who iirft lay at The Monuments ftanding in the new 
WiftminfitT ; but by HdrJiibiiff* being thrown Church are Jiir Sir Edw»rdLichet a Mft> 
into the Thamtt was by Fifliermen taken fter in Chancery, and Commoner in Par- 
op, and buried in the Churchyard here; Hament, who died in itfjz. RuhmrdSiAf 
others fay, that the Dmiui had here a fin, D. B, ReOor of this Parilh, who w«a 
Place of Worihip. This Church, af- ejcded fevoiitecn Years, but returned to 
icr many iofty Repairs, which (hew his Rcflory at'the Reftoration, and died 
It to have been a lately one, has been inii$78. Mrs.BnNm,whodiedini7(}i ; and 
not many Years fince new buih, and Mr. Cp/*/, Haberdafher, whodied in itfsiy. 
likewife the Steeple, upon which has The Reftory of thi; Church was with 
fince been the Addition of a very hand- other Things given by King Stnrj IL to 
Tome Spire, all at the Charge of the Pa- the Knights Templars; but when they 
rifliioners, and other Benefe^ions. were difTolved, it came to the Qumhii 
It is built of curious Stone both ftrong R^Ur of the Church of the Holy Se- 
and beautiful, and has a Tower, and pulchre in JVarmiek. Thefe Canons ex- 
Turret with two Cupalo's, which, with changed it with the Bifhop of &«(«r, Ibr 
the whole Roof, are covered with Lead, an Advowlbn and Lands in their County, 
and ft circular Portico fronting the and fo it betjame inveAed in the Bifli<^ 
Strand. It is adorned without with a Pe- 6f Exeter, Who held it fill King fifafM^VL 
diment, Cbmlfh, and other Enrich- gave it to Edwrttrd, Duke <rf Sttaerft', 
stents, and within a camerated Roof en- but by his Attainder it canw again to the 
rich'J with Fretworke, Wainfcoi on the Crown, and was granted by Queen Eltza- 
Wftlls,GalIeriesTOund,aPulpiccflrvcdand leth to William Cecil Lord SurgUej, in 
enrich'd with Cherubims, fi^. and on Al- whofe Family it now ts. The Revenue 
tar-piece of carved Wainfcot, andagood of this Living is 400 ft ftr Mumm, ^KGdiea 
Organ. The Chancel is all paved with the Glebe, on whith Eiteter-Gbiiaige How 
Marble. The Leiiech of the Church is Hands. ' ' ■ ■ 
96 Foot, and Breadth tf j. 7. St. Mdry le StratiJi or St. Aftwy U 
The Monumenfi in the old Church, J/itw ; it is diftinguifliM into the Precinft 
preferved by Mr. Stfw, are for Hippotra- of the Jawyjand the Pariftof &t.MafyU 
Ut Ottltn, a Phyfician of Eminency, edu- Strand, each having their diftinft Churcb- 
cated at Matittelier in Famre, whofe Fa- wardens, the Par ifli Church of St. Miiry 
ther was fent fei into Englar.t by Queen h Strand' vm pulled down by the' Duko 
EBzateit, being then the Emperor's Phy- of Somerfet, Uncle to EAcW VI.lobuiM 
fician. He died Wjv. 15. i6ii. Mr. Jfi- his Houfe, fince which the Chapel of St. 
tbard Bedae, one of the Ancients of this fabn Baplijt in the Savoy is appmpriftted 
r«rifli, who left xqI. ter atnmm for ever for that Lfe, ftsd the PariJb is now gene- 



the Pftti 

^ttron SaIdi of the SitmwJ Church, Abbtl, 1597, gave za U and yh for poor 

tbe latter from the famous Palace ODce Maldi Fortunes. 3. Rjchard ^arcbf 1613., 

ftutdlng bere, joundcd bj^ Frter of Sawy 40 1. ftr annum for thirty-tv.'o Tears. M*- 

and R mJh wwJ; Uncle to EU/in«r, Wife to redith Thomas 61. to be lent out to poor 

TTawjrlTT who pnrchafed them of Bryan Artificers. ^nKthSjniib, i6zi. 10/. ycar- 

XjtfZc, andgavo them to the Hofpitalof \j, 10 of whichto thePoor, loforaSer- 

MAmim \ but '^eatnrt Queen to Htniy III, mon. Dame Marearet Walter, jf. j'^ 

porchAled them of theteKnights, for her Btntnt 10 1. Jam Lant 5 /. and. ^1. year- 

Soil Mdimimd, Earl of LmneafitTy ivhofe ly^ for two Sermons. Lord Chief Baron 

Soo Htirry pulled tbcm down, and built in Watur, itijo, so/. Jefm Hw/in J /. yokti 

the Place the faireft Moufe in England : Edward 100 /. Arab^Ua, Countcfs of Na- 

^dmt the R*mb King, lodged there tingbam, i6ii, 20I. ibr a Hafon, and 

in IJ57 and ijtf}. The B.ebels of Xeni loo /. for the Poor of the Prccin^ of th« 

and ^^x bunt it down in ij8i, for the Savoy, the Tntercfi thereof to be diftribu- 

Hatred they bore to John of GMint, Duko ted yearly for ever amongft the laid Poor. 

oS LMttcffitr i but il coming afterwards in- Lord Chief Ju A ice Smith of Ireland 10 f. for 

to Kin^ Se»ry the Seventh's Hands, he Sacrament Plate. J«riiI)« five Guineas' 

Ben built it, and tum'd it into an Hofpi- for the fame, jfinu Fajct gave a Houfe- 

lal of St. Jebn Baptifi in 1509, retclmz William Ptti lol. per annum for ever. 

Lands uf on it ior the Reliefof a hundred Monuments arc for ^4if£<i CounteQ 

poor Children, and Lodging of Pilgrims of Nottingham ; Leviii Durfart, Earl of Fe- 

and Strangers. I^>i>g Hnny VIII. con- verfiam, 1 701) ; Lord Beward of Eferitk ', 

firmed his Father's Gift, and added a y»eafa Af/ley, Daughter of Sir Alan Af(- 

Mafter and ^r Chaplains, to pray for Itj, Kl. Lieutenant of the Tower; Sir 

the Souls of King fi>M7 VIL his Father ; WiUiam Ramfty, 1661 \ Sir Richard Blala^ 

Queen Elizahetb, his Mother ; his Brother and his Wife. The Mafter of the Hofpi- 

.^rdw, bim{elf, and his Wife Queen tal is put in by the Crown ; but the 

CMbariru. Preacher is cholen by the Inhabitants of 

King Edtottrd VL diflblved this Horpi- St. Mary It Strand. 

tal, then valued at 519 /. 5 t. and 5 </. a In this Parish was a famous Afaypole,.' 

little before his Death ; and gave the remarkable for being thought the longcfr 

Beds, Furniture, and Revenues to the Shaft in Eure^e ; but thar decaying, a 

Hofpitals of BridewtU, Chrifi-Churib, and i*w one was cre&ed, which is flncc tt' 

St. TbcBUu'i in Statbofarh. : Queen Mary ken down, and fixed fdr Mr. PuB^rf's Te- 

neif founded and incorporated it making Icfcopical Obfervations, at WanJIed iff 

one J-athfm Mafter 01 it, and fettling Eftx. In the Place of "which, m^. in the 

ether Revenues, upon it ; and that upper Part of the Strand, in an AS of 

it mifrht be reftorcd to its ancient State, Parliament, Amic 11 Anna, far building 

the Ladies and Court Maidi of Honour Afty new Churches in and about the Ct-i 

Sored it with Beds, Bedding, and all other tics of Louden and Wefimijijltr, To much of 

Funiiture, in an ample Manner. Queen the Ground in this walle Place was fet 

Elitabtib diflblved this Hofpital again. afidc, for ere&ing a new Chtirdi, as con- 

The Church appears to be. an ancient lained in Length from Eaft to Weft i;8 

Stm^re ; the Altar ftands at the North, Foot, and in Breadth from Xorth to 

aaditraifed; the Building is of cut Stone South £0 Foot; rhe Way between the 

aad Boulder, with a Tower and Battle- £aft End and Houfes to be 2^ Foot ; the 

nients ; the Roof is corcr'd with Lead ; fame Breadth likewite from the Houfes 

the Roof within is Fretwork ; the Pewj on the North Side, Sfc, Upon which 

'Wainfcotted, in which the Inhabitants of Ground a new Church is accordingly «' - 

the Preciaft fit on the Esfl, and thofe of rcQed, beirg of Stone, ar.d reckoned k 

the Strand on the Weft, for the Lcnerh moft curious Srrufiure; the Ealt End 

is North and South ; at the lower End is fwclls into a half Round, like St' Fakl's;^ 

a Gfillery, on which arc painted the and at the Weft is a ftately Ponito of 

Twelve Apoftlcs. a circular Form, having a Pome fup- 

1 ported. 





ported by ievcral Pillars, snd afccnded before, for in flnfrjr ttie ScTMltfa'i ^i»e, 

by Steps : Tbe Tower is likewife Very Sir TSomw Afo» fta(lie(l here: It has fe- 

h'caotiful, and the Whole eneompafs'd by veral new Buildings added to'it,, fiwnting 

ft Stoiic Wall, aud rail'd with Iron lUils. the Garden, ivhich i^ neatly paJUfiido'd ; 

. This, Aft for Building the fifty new from this there is a P>fla|e mro 
Churches was pafi'd in the jith of the late C/tmuifV/nnjan !nnof Cbancerf,fiti>ttte 

Q^een; and the Intent was to prevent ae».r St.CUmtnt'i CVmrch. Here Students 

the ill Confequenccs, that attended too at Law have hud Lodgtngi ever fines 
imall a Number, v'l^. great Numbers, 1478. There is an Hall and many hafx)- 

who, for Want of Hooni, went to hear fome Chambers buiEt round three Courts, 

amon« the DifTenters; and the Out-Pari- and new Buildings lately added. It is 

jhes being laigc, EniifTai-ies from the governed by a Principal and iblirteen 

Church of Ramt the better concealed Andeots. The Gentlemen are to be a 

themfelve^, and fpread their poilbnous Fortnight in Conlmons every Terin, and 

Tenets without the Rcflors Knowledge, longer in JMichaelmat Terra, and p»y five 

By Virtue of this Afl a Tax was laid up- Shillings a Week, if abfent. They httre 

on Coals of two Shillings prr Chaldron or Meetings Ibmetimes twice in a Term. 
Tun for the firft half Year, and after- 1, Lyons-httt an Inn of Chancery in 

ward to 1714 3 J. ^erChaldron, forBuild- UoUtvitll-fireet, near St. C/cmmf's Church, 

iag, fifty new Churches, or making Cba- and hath been fuch e v er lince 1410, or 

pels already built fuch ; to which End fooner. It is governed by a Treafurer. 

ft Coinmiffion was ifliicd out appointing and twelve Ancients. Tho Gentlemen of 

Com mi (J oners for this Purpofe, which it are obliged to be three Weeks in Com- 

lus been roaew'd by his prelent Alatcfly ; mons in Micl»utm»i Term, aild in the 

tliefe Commiflioners were empower d to other Terms but two, and pav y t, for 

buy Ground for Site, to enquire of the the Reading -weeks, and for the other 

Right of Patronage, and to contrafl for but a j, 6 d. Here are Meetings once in 

ii; to appoint Vcllrymca i thefirilRc&or four Terms, and the Chamben are fold 

of the Parifii, if a Month there before for one, or two Lives : Tho Inn i* very 

Confecration, fliaU be firft Reflor; any fmall and old. 

Matter of Pre fen tation afterwards to be 5. Dttrbant-hmft, anciently belonging to 

decided in the High Court of Chancery ; the Bilhop of Vurbam, bat Seing decay 'd, 

ftnd it is Hkewife taken Care, that thcfe the Earl of £»(«rbuilt an Exchange called 

new RcSors fliall have a Provifion ma'e after his Name. 

for them, without infringing the Rights 4. The Mewi near ChariHg-Crtfi, by 

of the Incumbent of the Pariih, where the Statue, fo called from a Word fig- 

fuch Church is built. nifying Change, becaufe riie King'sHawlu 

In Purfuance of which AS ftveral of were kept here, while they mewed m" 

tbefe new Churches have been begun, changed their Feathers ; and they conti- 

ftnd fome are near fiuilh'd, viz- one at nucd till 28 Henry VIII. when the King's 

Eafi Grienmch, one at Btptferd, one at Stables in Blaomibttfj were burnt down,